Big Brother 15 Episode 14 Recap: The Queen Of Mean Sticks To Her Deal


When Aaryn became the new Big Brother 15 Head of Household Thursday, half of America was sure she’d end up breaking her deal with the house and going after her personal targets Elissa and Candice. But Aaryn surprised everyone Sunday night when she went a long with her deal.

The episode opened up right after Kaitlin’s eviction and Aaryn bragging about how she went from the bottom of the list to the top. And by top, we mean Head of Household. Yes, Queen of the Mean Girls is in charge again and the Houseguests are already starting to wonder what they’ve done.

Elissa is speechless. GinaMarie is happy because her “partner in crime” will help her stay safe this week. Candice wants to throw up and break down. And Helen is left hoping Aaryn hold up her end of the deal they made to keep her before the eviction.

Howard and Candice start figuring one or both of them will be a target. Candice thinks if Aaryn goes back to her catty ways, she’ll nominate Candice and Elissa. Howard tells her to try to make nice and not let that happen. Jessie told Candice about the deal Aaryn made with Helen and Elissa, which is to nominate Howard and Spencer.

Elsewhere, Spencer is asking Aaryn if he’s safe. She says she can’t say that right now because she’s a “slave to the house.” She says she wants to keep him safe and also isn’t interested in nominating Howard.

Helen tells Aaryn that Candice confronted her about the deal they made and they think Elissa leaked the information instead of Jessie, so talk to send Elissa home this week comes up. Helen is mad at Elissa but she isn’t quite ready to turn on Elissa so she tells her to give her time to think on it.

Elissa’s alliance decides that they can’t tell her anything else and Helen says a few more times that they have to get her out.

Spencer decides to talk to Aaryn again about how to keep himself off the block. He tells her that he would not have nominated her. She says you would have had to. He tells her that it’s time for a power shift and tells her that her alliance has been taken out one by one so she needs to make a move.

Howard is up next. He wants to keep his name out of Aaryn’s mouth on nomination day. Aaryn tells Howard that she’s only there because she made a deal with Helen that allows her to make the nominations. “I know you’re bold enough and smart enough to know who is running this house,” Howard tells her. “Shake the game up.” She really wants to make a power move but she seems to still be too afraid to not do what the majority of the house wants her to do.

CBS self-promotion alert: Poppy Montgomery shows up on the screen to announce the Have-Not competition.


At the Have-Not competition, the teams are Purple: Spencer, Howard, Helen, Jessie; Orange: McCrae, Elissa, Andy, Aaryn; Green: Candice, GinaMarie, Judd, Amanda.

The orange team finishes first, purple team second and green team third. The green team members are the have-nots for the week.

It’s back to the Aaryn meetings. This time it’s Candice’s turn. Aaryn tells her that she has to do what the house wants her to do. Candice also throws out the “make a big move” comment. Candice tells her she should break up McCrae and Amanda. Aaryn tells Candice that Amanda has been the one to keep her safe. Aaryn doesn’t take any of it in and continues getting ready for the day.

We get a last-minute editing move to make us wonder if Aaryn will actually nominate Elissa. But she doesn’t.

So what did Aaryn end up doing? She went along with her deal with Helen and nominated Howard and Spencer.

What do you think about Aaryn’s move? Was it smart of her to stick with her deal or should she have satisfied her personal vendetta?


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    • One after the one. They are going to move the show to the comedy category for the next Emmys.

    • It’s like they only hired morons and followers for this season. They all talk about being players, but they do nothing more than pile-on. That last comp showed the Howard is all around weak, thus he’s a wasted eviction. They should now get rid of Amanda this week, then Helen next week.

  1. Someone needs to make a big move and stop “Doing what the house wants” Everyone this season is one big team, that needs to stop!

      • Well after a couple more evictions they will all start turning on each other because the big alliance is all that will be left. I would love to see Amanda, Helen and Elissa on the block together. They all think their in charge let’s see what happens.

    • So true, the only reason Aaryn kept her word is because her original alliance is practically gone. And next week she can’t play in the HOH comp, which leaves her to rely on GM to win HOH (which probably won’t happen). She can’t count on Andy or Jessie because they are useless in comps so far, plus the sway with whichever side has the power. Aaryn knows her best bet is to keep her word and hope to make some deals for her safety next week. But I am so tired of the 9-0-0 evictions. Somebody in the house need to grow a pair please. Amanda should be their target this week. She tries to run every HOH no matter who it is and she hasn’t won squat.

      • David was a close vote, a blind slide, Nick was a close vote, a blindside. My god big brother fans are the worse, you guys pray for rain and whine when you get wet. BB super fans are the equivalent of a five year old child.

      • Year after year, you all sound so miserable. This is a good year, minus the racist crap, its a house full of newbies constantly gaming. The David and Nick evictions brilliant. No one saw Nick leaving week two, the way the house flipped near the end was what every BB super fan dreams of. But nope, not good enough. Everyone wanted the girls to stick together and not mindlessly let another bragade from happening, you all whined and moaned about these stupid girls, well they didn’t, welp still not good enough.

    • You mean like blindsiding David and Nick. Like a said, you cannot please BB super fans, you guys sound ridiculous, call a whambulance.

  2. One thing that was clear to me from tonight’s episode is that CBS loves Howard. No complaints, though :)

    • Yeah, because of Howards impending eviction, but they seemed to be focusing on Amanda and McCrae. Honestly, they could win. Few weeks ago they showed us their home town and their family. Tonight, we got to watch a bad porn. lol

  3. Honestly, Spencer is just as homophobic and racist as Aaryn. I dont know why he is getting of the hook so easily

      • Not sure about the racism, but he has called andy kermit the fa* and other various things, and also few inapropriate comments about women including thing jesse would taste/smell like butterscotch down their and yet he has got a very good on show edit

    • Add misogynist to that. He’s well set in his ways, while Aaryn can find redemption. Spencer went to the dark side real early in the show, and takes ever chance to show what a low-rent, characterless individual he is. If he wasn’t in a union job, he would have been fired already.

      • Actually, they put him on unpaid leave pending a hearing when he gets out if the house.

    • It is unfortunate that we are in the position of ranking them all in order of most to least despicable but I guess to each his own. I hear people more against Elissa because she is “fake” than they are against Aaryn who is racist. So I guess there are going to be those in between who put Aaryn ahead of Spencer or Spencer ahead of Aaryn. In the meantime, how about GM? She used the N word to describe welfare!

      • Totally agree Prince. I am no fan of GinaMarie’s character either. She has received a much nicer ‘edit’ than Aaryn so she hasn’t received anywhere near as much hate responses… Where I might disagree with you is associating one’s views of how much they dislike racism, sexism, elitism…etc with the order they want the contestants out. I want ALL people out who haven’t demonstrated any strength of character (or need) for the money. Candice & Judd seem to be the only two people left I’ve seen without major character flaws (or privileged lifestyles)… What do you think?

  4. The MVP twist has been a huge flop LMAO, elissa 3 weeks, then it cant get aaryn when they cope out and give it to us

    side note, congrats to everyone who voted amanda on the block, your the reason howard will go home, shoulda tossed elissa back up

    • I think people voted Amanda just to stir up the house, not necessarily because they thought she’d go home.

      • plan failed. If elissa went up, wed have considerations of a serious bilndside. and the opportunity to have the mvp twist play out as it originally should have

  5. Candice should’ve thrown Jessie under the bus when she had her talk with Aaryn. That might have gotten her attention and changed the way nominations went this week. Not that I’m in Aaryn’s corner or anything, but tonight’s episode was BORING and ANNOYING. Spencer, Howard, and Candice all said the EXACT SAME THING. No wonder Aaryn tuned out Candice – she’d heard it three times all ready!

    • I like Candice but she is a dummy for going to Aaryn like that. Howard didn’t ask her to, but he didn’t discourage her either. He definitely lead her to that decisions and he did it to save himself at her expense. Dumb! Every one cries about going on the block, even if they aren’t the target. Elissa has gone up 3 times and each time she was the original target. Elissa is not a great game player but she gets criticized a lot for the same things the rest of them do.

      • Just watched the footage again… he actually DID say she should go to Aaryn and talk to her. I like Howard for the work he does outside of the house, but INSIDE the house, I am very disappointed by his using of Candice. The one person he should’ve be supporting and helping he instead choose to use for his own advantage. Booo on you Howard!

  6. Helen struts around the house as if she is Queen of the Castle. She tells everyone what to do and, for some reason, they all listen to her. If they don’t evict her in the next few weeks she is going to be the BB15 winner.

    • Exactly…and she tells everyone I’ll protect you. She’s protecting everyone in the house.

      • Geez, Dude! Some of Lavendar’s posts irk me, but I see no need to call her names. Different opinions is one of the things that make this site fun. Why do you care if someone gives you the down arrow? Just shake it off and keep it moving.. no need for us to get personal with each other.

    • Helen is coming off like a low-end Dr. Evil. Obviously production is prompting her, as her delivery on the ego stuff is stilted. Why is it that all the HGs think they are skilled actors.

      Also, the cuts on the couples for the show were creepy. Elissa is also looking like a house should fall on her.

    • I know I wish they would have showed it, I’m sure it has something to do with the racist comments (which she still did) and I can again only assume about her losing her job.

      • Who wants to see my HOH room? Um….let’s see. No one really. They should have boycotted that like Rosa Parks & that bus.

      • Lav hates the real black people and the poor Jews. Rosa was a pioneer and you are mocking. You are simply a forsaken and filthy kunt. And so is your nasty sister on this show. Two peas in the pod.

      • You are a sad troll. It’s disgusting that you feel the need to pretend you’re Black. And get you civil rights history correct.

        Also, look at a map of Manhattan. you’re screwing up on your neighborhoods.

      • Just ignore him. He’s just wasted space and if everyone doesn’t act like he exists maybe he’ll poof…vanish. but if he continues his filthy name calling I hope Matt removes him from this site.

      • In fairness, he seems to have some good comments, it’s just that he returns to the same comments that don’t really help… Sugarfoot on the other hand talking about raising his kids to kill adults in response to injustice. Now THAT is messed up!

      • You have to be ignored you annoying trollop. I compare the gameplay on here to real life situations and you and your stupid minions can’t handle it. That’s really sad. It shows that as a society that we have not grown and we are complacent. This is a free country and can say what the hell I want. If think before you speak more often, you won’t have problems with me.

      • Commenting Rules: Keep the conversation civil and on topic. If your comment does not add to the conversation, it will be removed. Debate intelligently. Insulting the author, Big Brother Network, or other commentators will result in comment removal and possible ban. Any comments with links or flagged words will go into moderation before approval.

    • I heard what it said on BBAD, it was from her sister and she basically said to remember her morals and to be the person she was brought up to be. It didn’t have anything specific about the racist comments.

      • Yes, I understood the letter said that. Then the Candice you got me say that? So, different dialect take on a word. What was the word? Do you remember? Help?

      • Yes. what was on tonight right when Aaryn and everyone piled in the HOH room.

      • She said “axed” instead of “asked” and blamed it all on Candice. It was pathetic.

      • Pretty bad… I am hoping she is out next week (unless people really need her for votes, then I guess I’m hoping she is kept while she is useful then booted)… As a linguist enthusiast, I’m not quite sure I’d agree with aks being a dialect of ask though. Does anyone know if this really is a recognized dialect, or if it is merely slang that has been adapted into a societal context?

      • I think Candice would be the one that knows since she is the speech educator. She did comment on aaryn saying that though.

      • I really wish she would give aaryn speech lessons because her voice -regardless of what’s being said- is very annoying.

      • I’d rather see plastic surgery (or a professional comedian) to remove that permanent scowl on her face! I really dislike people who scowl at others because of the self-entitled superiority it communicates!

      • There’s a difference between a speech pathologist/therapist and a linguist though… that’s why I’m asking. :)

      • It is slang. I have heard the usage of ask to sound like axed or vice a versa. If that helps.

      • Switching of sounds called metathesis. and yes, it’s still being used in several dialects of UK……you can look it up

      • lol… The rest of Canada might not agree or acknowledge it, but yes Toronto is very much in Canada. ;)

      • Perfect! Thanks Cyril, that’s what I was hoping somebody might have some info about… Probably not a correct useage for Candice to say it’s a dialect issue then, but she’s so sweet I can’t help but want to defend her! :)

      • Yeah, I feel bad for her. She was so invested on protecting Howard that she forgot to take care of her own game.

      • Exactly! Sweet & loyal to a fault! Who wouldn’t want her to be the hero of this season?

      • Oh. That is really is beyond pathetic. Oblivious the letter had no impact.

      • Personally, I hate it when people say
        “axed” instead of “asked” under any circumstances.
        We’re talking about a 5-letter word here people! I don’t think it’s a matter of race, it’s a matter of laziness & fitting in with your peer group.
        It ranks right up there with people who say, “ya know” at the end of every sentence …. LOL

      • My pet peeve is people who type LOL after everything. Ohh and how lazy is it to use an ampersand instead of typing a 3-letter word?

      • No Candice does not want to axe. Aaryn was making a dialect joke she thought was amusing about ask…Saying you’all don’t need to “axed” me about whatever you wan to eat in here, was the context.

      • It was “aksed” instead of “asked”. Can’t believe what she said about it. Again, she let her lips loose without her brain. It looked really uncomfortable in that room with everyone else.

      • Aaryn said “aksed” instead of “asked” while in the HOH room with everyone and then she looked at Candice and said “you got me saying “aksed”” and everyone was like just awkwardly sitting. Aaryn kept saying it and Candice just sat there and took it. It’s funny because GM says “aksed” 24/7.

    • Her sister said don’t forget who you are and your morals and values outside the house.

    • Her sister wrote the usual stuff and then told her to stick to her moral values and the way she was brought up.

  7. Let’s set the record straight. Howard is going home because he lack of common sense and overconfidence. The Aryan better kiss and make up with a lot of people in order to stay in the house for another week. Using your heart in some cases along with other people who don’t have your best interest is not the best thing to do. You have listen to the your gut. Elissa (along with Candice, Spence, and Amanda) are gunning for her at the right moment and that will be the downfall of the Aryan empire in the BB House. Karma is something else…I can’t wait for Julie to say this:
    ” Well, Aaryn, not only did you lose Big Brother, but you also lost your job too because of your erratic and racist comments”. I can’t wait to see the tears.

    • Julie is not going to do that. That would come off as a large corporation bullying a little 22 year old for the sake of a few ratings.

      I don’t like their holier-than-thou stance right now. It’s hypocritical. They never addressed it directly with the little girl.

      • I agree with you to a certain extent. However, they will sink that low to achieve what they want and if embarrassing that stupid broad is good for ratings, then so be it.

      • Scotty, you sound like an intelligent guy so you already know that the PR firm Aaryn’s family hired has sent a team of lawyers to limit any derogatory perspectives about Aaryn. Notice how she’s getting a better ”edit” since they’ve hired the PR firm? And truth be told, she may have lost 2 of her modelling contracts, but there’s a whole line of people who will see a pretty face, and tell her that if she issues a well rehearsed apology, they’ll be glad to sign her up to even bigger contracts. When you use terms like Aryan, it only adds to her infamy status – that’s why I’m trying to encourage you to stop the hate circle, and don’t give the little spoiled brat any more attention. If you want what I want (which is for her to be out of the house and no longer significant), then vote her out with the 3rd nom, and let’s not speak her name (or slangs of her name) anymore. Done and over with! :)

      • So many good looking girls are trying to make it in this business. Much more girls stay on the sideline than the one that do something out of this business. To overcome a stain like this you need to have a special talent, something that really demark you from the other. Let say a Kate Upton. Aaryn doesn’t have that, she has no charisma what so ever. She wouldn’t be worth the trouble.

      • Facial recognition (and infamy in this case) will sadly help Aaryn. I think you’re comparing ‘making it in the business’ to the level of ”Supermodel” (to which I agree Aaryn will never be). But will she be financially secure and capitalize on her infamy? Yup, sadly we’ve seen time and time again that people are gullible for whatever a PR firm (or editing) tells them to believe about a person…

      • She signed a contract with CBS, so don’t be ignorant to think that they are threatened by whatever PR her family hired. Get real, I understand why Scotty trolls you all. You F**king deserve it.

      • They do F%@king deserve it Chris. Haters are going to hater. They will never prosper. Just like the Aryan.

  8. I have a question. Why are we voting on what have not’s get to eat, but not seeing our choices anymore after competition on show? I haven’t seen what they get for last two weeks now.

  9. Lavendergirl is really Aryan Aaryn’s sister on here. You really need to focus your time and effort with something else with your life.

    • LOL I thought it was her mother! Two things are very obvious. She hates Elissa and loves Aaryn. I have no idea why but its weird to hate Elissa because she is fake and a real bitch, but lover Aaryn who is a real bitch and also a racist! It sort of leads you to belive there is some personal connection to Aaryn there, doesn’t it?

      • Elissa has said mean things about Amanda and had annoyed her alliance by blabbing her mouth a lot of times. However, how does Aaryn who essentially said so many racist things get a pass? It seems that Elissa is hated because she happens to Rachel’s sister and getting the MVP when she was put on the block 3 times so far! It was like Frank last season who got targeted over and over because he got Mike Boogie as coach and was close to him! Elissa seems to generate more hate on this board than Aaryn. Majority of viewers though, still hate Aaryn. I will never give a racist or bully a pass and most especially an unrepentant one at that! Take note that Jeremy and Kaitlyn has shown no remorse whatsoever in the way they acted in the house by their answers to Julie’s questions. Glad they both got evicted!

  10. Andy floating in the HOH says Howard needs to go…Howard and Spenser are schemers. Are you kidding me! that “nat” Andy buzzing around, is the schemer! Jessie: oh, I been working with the other side of the house for two weeks, and they have kept me safe. I have a newsflash for Jessie, your are a floater and a waste of game space. Then I have to see the edit of McCrea and Amanda in the tub, she’s checking out her boobs in a lime green bikini top or it could been she skinned Kermit the Frog Ugh! I Amanda killed Kermit and is cover her fake boobs with him! Miss Piggy couldn’t save Kermit…Am I in hell?! I think…wait…oh know, the I love you back and forth, McCrea farting, and then the make out session. Yes, this hell. Thanks BB “sarcastically.”

    • And to make that bathtub scene even more disgusting it was the day he proposed to her. Bahahaha!

      • I think McCrea is cra cra. pun intended. I can’t stop hurling. I had seen that on the live feed and I saw the nightmare again. ahhh my eyes, my ears ahhh!

      • Mine too!! My mom taught me that if I have nothing nice to say then to say nothing…………..

    • Then later Andy is telling Candice he doesn’t want Howard to go. At some point Andy’s lies are going to catch up with him. I hopes its soon. He is one of the people who is making the game boring.

  11. I’m getting tired of Helen. If America gets to vote for a nomination it should be Helen.

      • Hey hey you’re changing again….already? Let’s stay focused here – Elissa out, Aaryn out (then we can move onto Amanda and watch people people realign themselves)…

      • For real? If Amanda doesn’t go asap then she’s got the game. She’s too controlling of the of the other HG’s & they don’t even realize it!

      • Like I said, you can’t control those that don’t follow… Amanda has control over McCrae, but beyond that, the others have every reason to turn on her when the timing suits them…but it doesn’t suit them just yet. :)

      • Matt the time is now. Breaking up her and McCrea huge move for the house, She is aligning with Aaryn. Both need to go. We are dealing with a bunch of dummies in the house, is the problem.

      • You gotta let the players decide when the time is right Emma… Remember, we’re the fans, THEY are the players. As a fan, I hope the next 3 to go after this week (in order) are: Elissa, Aaryn, & Amanda… After that, I’d have to wait and see how people realign themselves.

      • The trick is to keep putting up the house guests over and over again! Someone is going to get evicted and the other house guests need to be targeted too so that, no one feels safe and coddly! For that reason, I will vote for Helen and Judd too in addition to Aaryn and Amanda. Amanda could still go this week the way these house guests have no rhyme or reason to their game play!

      • I know I change my mind everyday. I need to quit watching the live feeds. :-)

      • Especially if you’re going to go ruining my image of the last nice person I like in the house (Candice). I mean the nerve of you! ;)

      • I like how she threw Elissa under the bus for spilling her deal with Aaryn but it turns out it was Jesse who blabbed about it. Maybe she apologized to Elissa, but that doesn’t help put the stuff back in the horse. Who did more damage to whom there?

  12. It is obvious that Howard is going home this week but is there a chance Amanda gets blindsided? If so, how will McCrae’s game change to protect himself.

    Aaryn needs to go as soon as possible. I am tired of her comments with racial overtones.

  13. I really don’t understand why Aaryn is taking all of the blame on being a mean girl. I seems as tho BB network has forgotten a few other girls who have made just as many racial slurs and comments as she has……….. Kaitlin, Amanda, Gina Marie, oh and Candice herself. Playing the race card is a cop-out. Some tactics used by HGs may not be what we would display but by any means are
    NOT as bad as these sites are making them out to be. Don’t forget Spencer and Andy have made many comments themselves not to mention the foul language this season!!!! So put the racial issues to rest, there are bigger issues to address!!

    • Actually, racism is the biggest issue. Using the race card is not a cop-out. You obviously haven’t been racially stereotyped or hated on because of the color of your skin because you’d understand that it’s the worst thing that anyone can say to be mean. Talking bad about the one thing you have no control over.

      You are comparing foul language to racism… they are not even close in comparison. They are on opposite sides of the spectrum. The biggest issue is racism and it is being addressed and will be addressed because people understand that it’s wrong.

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