Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 4 Tuesday Night Highlights


Things went from bad to worse in the Big Brother 15 house Tuesday night as Elissa turned her whole alliance against her and Aaryn somehow now has several allies. It’s Big Brother, so anything can happen! And it has.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feeds highlights below. And remember that you can check out any of these moments by using the Live Feeds flashback/archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, July 23/Wednesday, July 24, 2013

4:52 PM BBT – Helen tells Aaryn that she’s safe this week. Kaitlin is poised for eviction.

5:48 PM BBT – Amanda tells GinaMarie that she won’t get any votes to be evicted this week.

6:10 PM BBT – Elissa questions whether or not Howard’s religion is an act.

7:35 PM BBT – Elissa tells Kaitlin that people are flipping the vote against her because they heard she is in a secret alliance with Howard and Spencer. Aaryn overhears it and tells Amanda, McCrae, Judd, etc.

8:08 PM BBT – Elissa confronts Aaryn. Or Aaryn confronts Elissa. I’m not sure. Regardless, it leads to a group discussion about Kaitlin being in a secret alliance with Spencer and Howard. Elissa wants to know if Kaitlin is in an alliance with Howard and Spencer. Elissa won’t tell them who said it.

8:19 PM BBT – Aaryn tells Elissa that she talks about her a lot. Elissa tells her not to flatter herself.

8:42 PM BBT – Andy to Helen – Elissa is a loose cannon and we need to cut her as soon as possible. Helen is pissed. “She almost ruined everything,” Helen said.

8:46 PM BBT – Helen to McCrae and Amanda about Elissa: “She’s gotta go!” Kaitlin is still going home, Helen says, but they’re all upset that Elissa almost blew their plan.

9:00 PM BBT – Judd is really upset with Elissa saying she threw him under the bus by calling him a liar in front of the others.

9:02 PM BBT – Judd goes downstairs hoping to do some damage control.

10:40 PM BBT – Candice keeps saying Amanda told Elissa about the secret alliance even though it was Helen.

10:53 PM BBT – Amanda asks Jessie if Candice is downstairs pinning all the blame on her (Amanda). Jessie laughs and says yes.

10:55 PM BBT – Amanda wants to confront Candice but McCrae and Jessie stop her. She eventually goes down to smoke and plans to ask her about it.

11:15 PM BBT – Amanda confronts Kaitlin and Candice about them saying she’s the one behind the alliance rumors.

11:35 PM BBT – Amanda says Kaitlin is going home this week and Elissa is out next week.

11:40 PM BBT – Amanda says Candice doesn’t like her because she could get Howard if she wanted. Then she apologizes to McC. He tells her she should get all over Howard.

11:55 PM BBT – Kaitlin wants to be told if she’s going home. McCrae says he would tell her if she was. She is.

12:10 AM BBT – Kaitlin eavesdrops on Amanda, Howard, Spencer, & Andy. Five minutes later Amanda is eavesdropping on the same group now talking with Kaitlin. Amanda is questioning Howard on whether or not he has her back.

12:30 AM BBT – Elissa talking to Candice about Howard swearing on the Bible. She says it’s “unacceptable” and is offended by GM doing it in front of her.

1:15 AM BBT – Candice & Howard trying to sort out the votes. She says they have 3 votes against Aaryn, but they’ll need 2 more.

1:35 AM BBT – Kaitlin talking with Andy about her fears of getting voted out. He knows more than he’s letting on.

2:05 AM BBT – Andy relaying back to the HoH crew what Kaitlin was telling him earlier. Judd tells Amanda she can’t blow up at people like she did tonight.

2:20 AM BBT – Kaitlin says if she stays and gets HoH then she’s going to nominate Amanda & McCrae.

So I think it’s a safe bet to say we’ll be saying goodbye to Kaitlin this week and that Aaryn might just sneak by for several weeks if the majority of the house goes after Elissa and Howard next. Is this the weirdest season ever or what?

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  1. I guess Elissa flipped because everyone in her alliance have decided it’s better to keep Aaryn over Kaitlin. Andy’s everywhere as usual. Sssssssssss……

    • I am getting pretty disgusted with practically everyone in the Big Brother House. They now want to target Elissa when you still have racists and bullies like Aaryn, Gina Marie and Spencer still in the house? I am assuming Kaitlyn goes this week. Amanda and Helen seems to be coddling Aaryn in addition to her racist allies, Gina Marie and Spencer. If we get the MVP vote again. I will put Aaryn, Gina Marie and Spencer up. I will spread my votes this time out among the three to make sure if one is taken off the block, one of the other two goes up! Elissa gets my MVP vote this week if they revert to the previous format because they will target her and save the racists in the process! And those coddling Aaryn, Gina Marie and Spencer will “never” get my vote for America’s Favorite Player with its cash award.

      • Elissa has no idea how to play this game. She has no concept of stealth at all. She blabs to everyone about everything! Why ask Kaitlyn is she is in an alliance? Does she think she will get an honest answer? And why is she protecting Howard who voted to evict her when even Spencer voted to keep her?

        I can understand why her own alliance wants her gone. Elissa is so obsessed with getting Aaryn out, for emotional reasons, she is screwing up the alliance.

        At the same time, Amanda has a similar obsession with Howard but she is less emotional and more about the game.

      • Yeah but they had all agreed to get rid of Aaryn in the beginning and then formed this secret alliance to get rid of Kaitlin instead. I’d be pissed as well.

      • Amanda’s “obsession” with Howard mirrors his (and Spencer’s) game-long obsession with her.

      • @Richie the racist homophobe things Aryan said doesn’t hurt them personally. candaice and howard are only two people what can they do but go with the mighty majority. am so upset. I have to have a meeting with my kids today to deal with anyone that comes after them because they are black immediately even if it means their death or imprisonment because they will never get justice in this country. am ready to mourn my kids as long as they fought for their honor and life. I will rather they are imprisoned or dead than live like third class citizens in a country they work hard in and pay taxes.

      • keep giving me thumbs down but am saying the truth be careful when you insult or stalk the next black kid out there because they may just be mine and they will be prepared to give you immediately justice before the courts sets you free. be nice to anyone outside cause you may not be as lucky as others who got to court and was set free. good luck guys.

      • Richie, I definitely understand your wanting to give those with racist & sexist tendencies their just desserts, but would you really ignore the flaws of the others just because they haven’t been highlighted on the show? Would you ignore the homophobic comments by Amanda, Spencer & even Howard? Would you ignore the bullying and emotional abuse of other house guests like Elissa? I really only see Candice & Judd as being free from any ‘harmful’ character assaults on the others…

      • If I had my choice, I will boot out all of them en masse and start fresh with 16 new house guests. Unfortunately, it cannot be done! No one is excusing the bad behavior of others but, Aaryn, Gina Marie, Kaitlyn and Spencer is the worst of the lot which is why I put them on the top of the list. I will take what is given to me and try and help Gina Marie, Aaryn and Kaitlyn out of the house first. Then, we can talk about getting rid of the rest.
        We need a triple eviction week then, we can really clean house!

      • Well I’m not sure if I can agree upon which form of hatred is the ”worst”, but I think we both agree this cast needs to all be booted out (along with the casting team)… Maybe we can just fast forward to a final 2 of Candice & Judd.

      • Can someone explain to me why Andy calls one of the rooms ‘ The Colored Room”? Is this meant to be funny, because it is not. I understand Howard called him a prick, but this is not the same using the race card.

      • I agree. But last night Candice was starting a lot of crap. And I want CBS to quit editing to make Elissa look good. Show how they are all acting. Frankly I think Aaryn has been way better since she was called out a couple weeks ago. If we have the MVP vote this week I’m voting for Elissa to go up.

      • OMG you need to watch the feeds. Elissa is crazy. And I mean mentally unstable. She is obsessed with Aaryn and walks around like a friggin princess. She even jumped all over Andy yesterday and went on for hours and you couldn’t even get a word in. Like Andy said it’s like talking to a brick wall. And Aaryn at least has tried to make amends (not saying what she did was right). The last couple of weeks she’s tried to act better but GM is constantly making racist remarks. Just yesterday she was saying all kinds of things about Candice. And Spencer last night was calling Amanda a C***. Even in the house meeting Aaryn was talking calm and acting mature and Elissa acted like a spoiled brat. I just hope CBS shows how all the others are acting instead of being one sided.

    • Well Elissa was actually on board with getting rid of Kaitlin so something must have happened to change her mind.

  2. Oh, what the heck, Elissa. These house guests are making it hard to choose a favorite.

    • Yeah Big Brother didn’t cast any obvious ”heroes” or ”nice guys” this time around. Howard looked like the nice guy until he started fooling around with Candice but won’t acknowledge her. Candice & Judd (for me) are the only two remaining ‘nice’ people who seem fairly untainted by the rest – sadly I’m sure that will change because they are surrounded by nastiness and emotional drama.

      • I would probably add Jessie to that. She seems to be watching the destruction from the sideline.

      • Still dislike her from going from jeremy to nick to now judd and for basically doing nothing all game

      • Good point too. But she might just squeeze thru if she keep quiet like she doing right now.

      • Actually, Jessie who I did not like at first is one of the few left I would consider giving my America’s Favorite Player award. Candace is probably the other one. Howard, Amanda and Helen has been huge disappointments with their coddling of Aaryn among other things so, I will not be voting to give cash awards to any of those guys in addition to the racist bunch of Aaryn, Gina Marie and Spencer!

      • She was originally cast as a self-absorbed villain. ”No man can resist me, because I get anyone I want.” or… ”There’s so many good looking people in this house, but I think I’m still better looking than all the other girls.” So yeah, I can agree she’s laid low, but with that type of personality, I don’t think I want to see her in a power position where that ego comes out again… Candice & Judd really do seem the only two whose niceness out of the house matches their in the house character. :)

      • A few weeks back Candice and Jessie had a really nice talk. And Candice asked Jessie point blank if she ties her self worth to having a man give her attention. And Jessie admitted that she does. It was very telling of Jessie’s true feelings and I think the hotter than everyone was more of an act and the insecure girl hopping from guy to guy is the true Jessie. It makes me feel sorry for her and makes me like Candice for caring about Jessie. And I agree I really do like J-U-Double-D.

      • Jessie has that whole “You guys are just jealous because I’m pretty” BS going on, though.

      • Helen seems all right, or well, she did. Her HoH was effective yet boring. I’ve always liked Candice from the start since she’s from New Orleans (well, currently Houston). Amanda and Elissa sure turned out to be disappointments, though… Judd is all right. I wish Nick had stayed.

      • But Howard is paying for it big time by having to listen to her mindless, meandering, monotonous pillow talk just to keep her semi-happy..

  3. And yeah, Amanda’s flipping again, this time over Candice. Must be because of her life-long mission of evicting Howard. Shizzle’s gone wild!

    • Gotta love her hypocrisy of not wanting McCrae near any of the women, but heck, she can talk about having Howard as much as she wants? McCrae buddy, wake up! This woman is NOT what you’ll want outside the house and you need to stop being flattered…she wants your vote and your money (can’t wait for her to realize you really are a pizza boy)!

      • I don;t think Amanda will want McCrae either once she finds out he really is a pizza delivery boy.

      • Did you hear Amanda’s mom the other night, saying: “I hope he is a secret CEO of a company”. I bruised a rib when I felt to the floor.

      • Yeah… the apple very seldom falls far from the tree. Hatred begets hatred, greed begets greed.

      • I just picture her coming home from a long day of showing those boobies for a listing, and he is on the couch watching live feeds.

      • So funny! I live in an area where I run into people like that everyday. So full of themselves. They would never survive a depression all their money is in the market.

  4. Well atm Judd is still tolerable…
    I used to like Mccrae before Amanda happened so maybe if she leaves he’ll be fine again.
    Sadly Nick, one of the few ppl actually playing the game while being nice and having a real alliance left.

  5. Moderator: you have 8:08 PM BBT –…. “Elissa wants to know if Elissa is in an alliance with Howard and Spencer. Elissa won’t tell them who said it.”

    Do you mean Elissa wants to know if Kaitlin is in an alliance with Howard and Spencer?

  6. I guess the alliance is losing focus on evicting the racists and bullies from the house. If they give us the viewing public the votes again—-I will remember to nominate Aaryn again! These house guests are the absolute worst bunch—-they will keep the bullies and racists in the house while, tearing each other down! Might as well, self evict yourselves and give the $500,000 check to Aaryn and the $50,000 check to Gina Marie. Pretty pathetic bunch! And Howard who with Candace was subjected to repeated racist rants from Aaryn, Gina Marie, Kailtlyn are allied with the racists?

    • @Richie thanks for staying focused. am disgusted with the houseguests well I guess people only react when something hurts them personally. good luck racist homophobe Aryan!! its good to be blonde and white and cute.

      • Spencer and GM are the biggest racist. At least Aaryn has stopped making remarks while Spencer and GM continue. Only difference is BB is not airing their behavior. Watch the feeds.

    • You’re forgetting this is big brother and not middle school. Part of the game is taking people you can beat farther along. Nobody in a jury is going to pick Aaryn or Gina Marie as a winner so if you are Howard, you are better off going against them at the end than say Judd or Helen who are actually playing a good social game. I think emotion clouds judgement with this game, which is why this season is getting so weird since there are no strong secret alliances to keep people loyal. It’s almost every man or woman for themselves.

      • It is like putting the cart before the horse. So, Howard is now thinking that he wants Aaryn to the final 2? There are 12 people in the Big Brother House after tomorrow’s eviction of Kaitlyn. That said, chances are pretty good Howard is going to get himself evicted ahead of Aaryn—-so much for that idiotic plan. You have to reach the end before deciding who to take to Final 2. You make that decision when you are down to 3 or 4 people—-not when there are still 12 people in the house!

  7. Gee … I needed to draw up a flow chart to keep up with all the intrigue. Good thing I know how.

  8. I hope Elissa wins HOH next week. . I would love to how many people beg for forgiveness. . Or even Andy. . Or Jessie! If Amanda becomes HOH. . Oh god. Im not sure about that one. . Or if Gina Marie becomes HOH. . O-o; Im kinda hoping for Candice to win. . then she would put up Amanda and McCrae then whoever Mvp is. . could put up aaryn/Gm Then maybe amanda would go home. . So many choices. . as Long as its not Aaryn or Spencer for Hoh. .

  9. Elissa has seriously lost it.
    Though on the bright side, I will love the look on Kaitlin’s face when she is evicted. Moron got all huffy because Elissa was warning her, so it’ll be great to see her realize she could have done more and just didn’t believe the right person.

    • Did Elissa not watch the two seasons her sis was in the house. How could she learn nothing? She can’t keep her mouth shut, is overly sensitive, and is giving GM a run at the crazy tree.

      • She doesn’t have Brendon to smother her with a pillow like Rachel did, to keep her from running her mouth.

  10. I can understand wanting to get Kaitlin out because she poses more of a threat but I would MUCH rather see Aaryn go.

    • The reason I like Aaryn to go is she is being used as a pawn and being coddled by both Amanda and Helen which means she will get deep in the game if it is allowed! She will make more monies from the weekly allowance and keeping her in will strenghten the racist group once again! That is totally unacceptable. You have to thank dummy Howard for aligning himself with the racist bunch! I am still focused on getting Aaryn, Gina Marie and Spencer ouf of the Big Brother House.
      Hopefully, majority of viewers will continue to focus on helping get these racist bunch out for good! Let us do this guys, now is not the time to take it easy—-focus on the job at hand! Use any votes given us to put these guys on the nomination block over and over again!

      • I read that Aaryns mom is trying to do damage control to make sure people change their mind about her…. Maybe Aaryns mom made some kind of deal with BB/CBS to make the HG’s feel sorry for her? Why else would they be treating her like that. Elissa has morals in my opinion and wants to get the trash out, and will not sit by and let her slide. I applaud her for that, but she is now getting on my nerves with all the questions. I liked her better when she was quite. Maybe this is all scripted too, it’s been done before! I agree this is the worst cast in the history of BB, where are the people who cast Howie, Janelle, Memphis, and so on… Hope this casting crew gets the boot so I can watch. It use to be my favorite thing to watch, and call friends and talk about what is going on, this year is just plain stupid, and I just read blogs, and spoilers don’t want to waste my time watching..

  11. All I can saw is WOW! Elissa does not know how to lay low and let things happen. Quiet manipulation is not in her arsenal, is it? She actually managed to get the other house guests feeling sorry for Aaryn last night! She mouthed off to Judd and even Helen. Not very smart because now all she has is Candice to protect her and that is not much protection at all.

    In her defense though, they told her last week that they would evict Aaryn this week after they got rid of Jeremy. Elissa has been looking forward to this for a while because Aaryn is a threat to Elissa if no one else. The rest of the house did not receive the treatment from Aaryn that Elissa did. So it is understandable why she wants Aaryn out so badly. Its the same reason Amanda wants Howard out and Amanda’s obsession with getting Howard out is the same as Elissa’s getting Aaryn out. The difference though is Amanda is smoother with her scheming and plotting. Elissa’s refusal to talk to people is not good play. She needs to remember this is not reality. It is Big Brother where the rules of engagement are very different than in real life.

    • What about Howard’s obsession with getting Amanda out? Since day one. Anytime anybody this season asks Howard he (and his proxies Spencer and Candice) always says Amanda to the exclusion of anybody else.

    • Watching BBAD last night and couldn’t believe how she just put on Judd’s HOH robe without even asking. She assumes to much and we all know what happens when people assume.

      • As much as I dislike the racist in the house I want Amanda out! She is rude, a verbal bully and thinks she is HOH every week. Like J U double D said, if she wants to nominate she needs to win HOH. I hope Candice wins.

      • Not to mention Amanda has said her share of unsavory things (homophobic things, rape jokes, etc).

  12. im not soo outraged with aaryn like everyone had a VERY BAD start but since then hasnt done anything wrong.she was in the right last night in that arguement n if we as a society are going to be mad at racial,stereotypical, homophobic comments lets not forget bout spencer n amanda comments.amanda went off on a huge rant bout candice being dumb in only wanting howard cause he is a rare succesfull black man n stereotyping his napparent huge penis but noone brings that up.

    • Production made a hasty mistake in trying to play the (at the time) slightly outspoken girl into the counter for the racist one. Looks like Amanda is 10 times worse that Aaryn, a real scummy to boo!.

  13. Andy runs his mouth way too much and no one seems to notice. I really wanted Aaryn out, but if America gets MVP again, I may be stuck between him and Amanda. I’d love to see McCrae’s game without her

  14. At this point, i’m done with McCranda, Andy and I hate to say it, Helen. Why did Helen turn on Elissa? No matter what, if she was a true friend in that house, have her back. Andy and McCranda aren’t even playing this game the right way. HOw about one of them win something next week? At this point, Candice or Jessie need to win HoH next week

    • Elissa has been going bonkers the past couple days. She is very unstable. She is also very paranoid that people are making fun of her. She freaked out on McCrae and Andy because they laughed at how loud she is, and she thought they were making fun of her religion. Not to mention how mean she was to Amanda calling her a Spearmint Rhino and chubby stripper.

      • Elissa isn’t being the bad guy though. They haven’t seen the outside world in forever someone is gonna go crazy. but aaryn needs to go this week no question about that.

      • Sorry, but calling someone chubby to their face is being a bad guy. And talking about how ugly production members and their families are is also not something a nice guy does.

      • You need to watch the feeds. Elissa is the queen of the mean girls. She’s rude and very unstable.

      • I hate when feed watchers are like “oh thats your opinion? you must not watch the feeds.” cause I do. Elissa isn’t as mean as Aaryn clearly and isn’t the queen of anything. I don’t think you watch the feeds just off that comment.

      • Sorry watch the feeds and Elissa is not only queen of the mean girls she is also psycho!!!

      • Elissa actually said that Amanda looked like she worked at the Spearmint Rhino, which is a strip club in Vegas, and Amanda was dressed like a stripper. The chubby comment was unwarranted, however.

      • Elissa should talk. She wears that ghastly clown mask around all day. If I saw a woman walking around in public with that hooker makeup on I would be looking around for hidden cameras.

  15. It is probably smart to get Kaitlin out this week over Aaryn, but dang I want her gone!

    Amanda needs to shut it down and stop being so confrontational, she is alienating everyone could be gone next if she doesn’t stop! She really does think she is the queen of the house and she just isn’t!

  16. People can complain about this season all they want. I like it. Don’t know who to pull against, don’t know who to pull for. Don’t know whos gonna nominate who. Its like a Clockwork Orange in there.

    • Lol…one of my favorite movies and a very apt description. I like this season too. The drama has been over the top. These people are unpredictable and change their minds like they do their clothes!

  17. I’m starting to wonder if Aaryn is being kept because everyone is thinking “Final 2” and figure that if Aaryn is still there they can win with her as opposed to anyone else.

    • If you play a good game, you just need a floater at the end to win it. At the rate everyone is playing, Aaryn if she reaches Final 2 can argue that she played the best game because inspite, of her blatant racism—-she survived being evicted by majority of the house guests so, she played the better game! Then, what are they gonna say? With their lame ass play so far, they are going to hand that $500,000 check to Aaryn because of their sheer stupidity!

    • Aaryn is being kept because she isn’t a threat to anyone anymore, and bigger threats keep popping up. Howard(and Spencer) have wanted Amanda out since day 1, Elissa has emerged as a nutjob and totally untrustworthy, so therefore she needs to go. It becomes a game of Whack-a-Mole. Or like fighting a fire, you address the immediate threats as they pop up. If people can stop being stupid, Aaryn will be gone in due time, but she might make jury.

  18. So now we have learned that Candice, Kaitlin, Aaryn, and GM did not have to go through the casting, they were all cast for the show without applying. Can’t we just get people who are fans of the show? Thousands have to have applied, why can’t they choose from the applicants instead of going to talent agencies and casting people in a bar.

    • Sometimes, it’s also best to cast those who are unfamiliar to the game and mix it up with those who are as so many players from recent seasons have long familiarized themselves on how it works to the point that they know what comes next and whatever that it stagnates the game on the long-term.

      It makes Big Brother interesting to watch as we witness different personalities truly clash in an Orwellian setting, for better or for worse.

      Remember, the earlier seasons’ cast have to learn how to play the game from the ground up without the benefit of watching prior seasons to take notes to. They have to find out themselves that manipulation and lies can lead them to half a million smackers.

      • The problem I have with it, is that they seem to cast women based on physical appearance but cast men on game play and being a fan. It automatically makes it impossible for women to form any sort of alliance or have any form a gamesmanship. As a women, I find it irritating. As a man, would you still watch if their were older and less physically appealing women? Just a question because I always wonder why all the girls they cast have to look good but the men don’t.

      • I guess Kassting found out that beautiful-looking men are hard to come by in America these days. As for women, I don’t know.

      • I would watch anyway, but I understand why they try to choose good looking women. It more a Hollywood movie/TV thing.
        But there is plenty of women in their 30’s and 40’s that look great in bikinis. They would probably show more maturity.

      • Re: question. I’d watch how older women would fare in a sea of 20-30 somethings. Helen probably fits the bill as she basically had it all as a 37-year old mom/wife/career woman, including eternal youth which you don’t see very often to other women her age.

        Renny from BB10 also got along even though she’s the only old lady in her season.

      • This is still a production no less. Men are visually wired so, that is why they put beautiful women in. That said, beauty only goes so far. Look how hated Aaryn, Gina Marie and Kaitlyn are! And they are all beautiful on the outside but, rotten on the inside! I watch Big Brother for the game play at the end of the day. I root for the best player be it man or woman. The fact is this bunch is not the best nor the smartest cast. You want to see good strategy and game play—-go see Survivor Season 24. If you have Amazon Prime, it is included free of charge (the whole season). Probably one of the best seasons of Survivor ever!

      • The last two seasons was okay but, I think Season 24 is the best of the last 3 as far as strategy and game play is concerned. The winner completely dominated the game, because there were multiple alliances and the winner used all the alliances for maximum benefit. Something this pathetic bunch of Big Brother house guests can learn from!

  19. The look on Katlins face will tell it all when (if) she is evicted ..Elissa will have the last laugh and hope a smirk because she tried to warn Katlin.. Elissa knows now that nobody has her back not even Helen. Katlin should realize that everybody is avoiding her “talk/questions” about whether she is going home by changing the subject when she brings it up. Katlin should be more savy than that. Elissa is a scapegoat and has been for sometime now. And how can Elissa “NOT” talk about Aaryn when the other HG’s continually put her in conversations and in Elissa’s ear. I want to see Amanda out and if I get to vote for MVP nom I will vote as many times as possible.

    • How can you not see how crazy Elissa has become? All she does is talk about Aaryn. Nobody will even mention Aaryn and then Elissa starts about Aaryn again and again and again. Yawn!!! Then her attacking Andy yesterday about something he didn’t even do, and that’s all she could talk about for hours. She is very unstable and I sure wouldn’t want to sleep in the same room as her. She was even telling Amanda she wanted to self evict because people are attacking her Religion. (which they aren’t). Then she was saying how she is better than all these people. CRAZY!!!

      • She doesn’t want to be in the house, I think the only reason she is staying is because CBS has promised her something, I don’t know what, but I think something is waiting for her on the outside..whenever she leaves. Her behavior in the house the last two days has been way over the top..I didn’t realize until watching the show last night that she treated Amanda and insulted her like she did..she says so many things that hurt someone’s feelings, and she doesn’t even see it, just because she has a good body, she looks down on those who don’t and are jealous of those who do. The bible study blow up with Andy and McCrae was so ridiculous..she made that so much more of an issue than what it needed to be. Then, when someone tries to explain anything to her, she puts up this brick wall like she is not going to give in for nothing, then that little moan that she always does gets on my nerves..I think the HG’s are getting tired of being made to feel as though they have to bow down and kiss her feet. She has to go soon.

    • I wouldn’t call it a bore exactly especially that it’s fun to watch people running around paranoid in the live feeds. But as far as gameplay is concerned, it’s been really weird. And it’s been a little over a month now and they’re still too many housemates in contention.

  20. They’ve all told so many lies, have so many secret alliances that none of them can keep it straight anymore. They’ve all become extremely paranoid of anyone talking to another. They see conspiracy theories when people are making cookies for heaven sakes. I’m wondering if they purposely picked people who are normally paranoid and stupid or what? This season is starting to really get on my nerves. I have the live feeds and I’ve stopped watching them most days. Perhaps it’s time for Big Brother to demolish the house and move out for good.

    • When you are in alliance with six other people, you don’t go blabbing your mouth about information that was told to you in confidence, weather it is true or not, you keep that stuff within the alliance, that is why the three members of the brigade stayed intact until the end, they never ran to the other side with information they knew. You especially don’t go to someone who is already on the block and confront them with your suspicions and then basically tell that person to have a house meeting, and then just wait for your own alliance members to throw themselves under the bus, ain’t gonna happen, that is what an alliance is all about, keeping information, true or not, to yourselves. Not blabbing about it like Elissa did yesterday. She is a loose cannon right now. She is a diva. She has no clue how to play this game. She is vindictive. She expects everyone to bow down and kiss her feet when she thinks they have wronged her. She told blatant lies yesterday, just like everyone else does, but, yet, when she is confronted, she denies everything, Time for her to go. Enough of her saying “this is so stupid,” this is so ridiculous,” “you all are a bunch of liars, which she said about her own alliance members, “this is so funny.” If she doesn’t need the money, and I suspect she doesn’t, maybe she needs it for Brendon and Rachel, who the heck knows, she needs to stop damaging everyone else’s game and just go home. I have had enough of her lately.

  21. BB15 is not boring at all. It’s a funny farm. Picking a favorite player in the nuthouse it’s still hard for me. Ok,..I’m only speaking for my own entertainment, I find myself rooting for Elissa to win HOH, blow up the entire game by nominating Amanda, McCrae or Andy. 3 people that have used her for their own’s more entertaining than that?

    • It seems she is the only one left targeting Aaryn, Gina Marie and Spencer. For that reason, I will gladly give her my MVP votes if they revert to the previous format or nominate Aaryn, Gina Marie and Spencer if they give us the power again this week! This time, I will spread the votes on the three to ensure none of them goes scot free! Amanda and Helen can get themselves evicted while, Aaryn stays in the house because they continue to coddle her! They will look pretty stupid when they get evicted while, the racists stay inside the house!

      • I don’t really care. I thought it would be good for the storyline. I’m not that invested in this season compared to last year with Dan. I was pissed for months with the result. lol

      • Agreed Cyril.

        Although I want Candace to win so Amanda can shut up about her being useless. As if Amanda’s done anything useful this season?

  22. What was Judd looking for under Howard’s bed yesterday? I take it that Judd is on anti-anxiety meds, is that right?

  23. The only reason I would want Kaitlin to stay is so she can put up Mcranda, and get rid of Amanda. Basically everyone in this house is pissing me off right now, I don’t want to see like 80% of them win. They should have re-cast after week one tbh.

  24. I have had more trouble this year with feeds being off time and the things going on in the house not being current. Like it just loops around..anyone else having issues with their feeds?

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