Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 4 Tuesday Daytime Highlights


It’s been a pretty lazy day so far in the Big Brother 15 house, but things are sure to heat up later as Kaitlin will most likely find out that she’s now the main target instead of Aaryn. Or at least we can hope.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feeds highlights below. And remember that you can check out any of these moments by using the Live Feeds flashback/archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, July 23, 2013

9:40 AM BBT – Wake-up time.

10:00 AM BBT – Jessie and Helen talking about the plan to keep Aaryn. Helen says she still wants Aaryn to worry regardless of their plan to keep her.

10:03 AM BBT – Helen asks Judd if he’s working with Spencer. He says no. She asks if he’s just pretending to. She answers herself.

10:20 AM BBT – Judd said he is confused with all the alliances. So are we, Judd. So are we.

10:25 AM BBT – Judd and Andy are talking about how annoying Spencer and Howard are. Judd says Howard needs to go so Spencer is left by himself and scared.

10:35 AM BBT – Judd tells Andy he’s worried with Helen and doesn’t know if he can trust her. Andy assures him she’s loyal.

11:29 AM BBT – Everyone now believes Howard is MVP. Helen says America is voting for him because of all the slurs he’s endured this season.

11:48 AM BBT – Judd leaves the diary room and tells Helen and Andy he now wants to vote out GinaMarie. He’s joking.

12:27 PM BBT – Jessie and Judd find some shirts Nick left behind. Judd says he’s going to wear them (just don’t tell GinaMarie).

12:30 PM BBT – Amanda and Elissa making fun of the Howard, Spencer, GinaMarie and Kaitlin alliance. Elissa says it would be the worst alliance ever.

12:32 PM BBT – Elissa confirms again that she’s on board with keeping Aaryn and sending Katilin home.

12:50 PM BBT – Everyone is talking about how often Howard gets called to the Diary Room, adding to the MVP speculation.

1:28 PM BBT – Andy tells Katilin to not act so cocky because it’s making her look like a threat.

2:30 PM BBT – It’s HOH camera time.

3:00 PM BBT – Amanda tells McCrae she isn’t talking game at all today.

3:05 PM BBT – Candice and Howard are in the Have-Not room talking. Candice says if she wins Head of Household, Amanda and McCrae are going up. Howard says he might do that too if he wins.

3:15 PM BBT – Elissa gets upset and says Howard was using religion to further his game. McC & Andy laugh about something else. Elissa thinks they’re laughing at her. Commence overreaction.

So right now it sounds like the house is still on board for getting Kaitlin out this week. And as the target on Aaryn’s back shrinks, the ones on Howard’s and Spencer’s keeps growing and growing.

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  1. Honestly I have no clue where loyalty really lies at all
    I mean i know mcrae and amanda
    Next closest is spencer, Howard and Candice, but who is howard really loyal to candice or spencer?
    Kaityln GM and Aaryn really have no1, but each other
    The rest of the house i have no clue where they are
    Is andy loyal to Judd? Helen? Amanda?
    Where is Helen at? one day she wants Amanda out next day they are best friends
    Is any1 really allied to ellisa?
    Who is jesse with? Judd?

    • I think Howard is loyal to Spencer. Candice is just a recent development to his game. Andy and Jessie are both floaters. As, I read your post. I have to say I duh know anymore. I was trying to dissect, and write a comment worth reading. Sorry.

      • I think we are all in the same boat. I have never seen a season quite like this. The season of alliances. I even saw when Elissa told Spencer it was a go with his alliance. Of course I don’t know which alliance that would be. lol

    • Like you, I see the same 2 real alliances, but I just lump Candace into a final 3 w Howard & Spencer. It’s a trip watching what happens when only really B-personalities are left to play this game – they play like cowards. Cowards don’t commit. I’m even betting that Elissa/Helen will turn on Helen/Elissa bc both are playing for the money, not some mommy squad moniker.

    • From what I’ve heard (this is all secondhand and may not be accurate), Kaitlin told Amanda and Elissa that she had an abortion prior to coming on the show and then Elissa told Helen and Elissa said, “I can’t believe she’d do something so immoral, I can never look at her the same way.”

      Basically, Kaitlin confided in Elissa and Elissa is not only telling other people but being incredibly disrespectful and bitchy in the process.

      • Wow what ever reason if she did, you who never know. Did she even morn the loss of life? Kaitlin got into a showmance with Jeremy too. Makes my stomach upset. What was the point of confiding that to Elissa ( who wears her MOM badge) and Amanda who is selfish and void of emotion.

      • from my understanding kaitlyn said this one of the first few days in the house when she barely knew them

      • Very, also know seems to heard of kaitlyn mentioning it until ellisa until started blabbling about it now. so i see two possibilities: Kaitlyn said it jokingly or ellisa is making up bs

      • either of those too scenarios seem plausible. As for Kaitlyn that is a upsetting senstive sick joke. Ellissa was an easy target to tell, cause of her I am a mom, when she first introduced herself to the house.
        Sorry to say, Elissa has every right to talk about if it is true. But, made up toxic poison about abortion story about another house guest is wrong and demented.

      • Maybe it was a test. To see how much of a blabber mouth Elissa is. If she’s willing to impart such sensitive imformation to someone else then she can’t be trusted with other things – such as keeping loyal to an alliance.

      • these ppl are demented…look at all the comments they have made about ppl. i love this show…but they sure dug the bottom of the barrel for this bunch

      • Maybe CBS had the interns interview the BB guests ;P Obliviously, to be hired for a job in the real world you go through more rigorous hoops than to get on BB.

      • Elissa’s true colors are starting to show. I heard that too when she told Helen about Kaitlin, she never should have repeated that personal information. Elissa acts as if she is doing us and CBS a favor by being in the house. Her holier than thou snobby attitude is showing more and more everyday. She just went off on McCrae and Andy because she thought they were making fun of her when she was talking about doing bible study in the house, they were not. McCrae and Andy apologized to her even though they had nothing to apologize for…her diva attitude is becoming more annoying day by day. Personally, I wish she would go sooner rather than later. If you didn’t know better, you would think that Rachel was back in the house. If she keeps this up, and I am sure she will, my MVP vote for 3rd nominee will be her.

      • I agree her true colors are definitely showing. I didn’t hear Kaitlin tell Elissa or Amanda about the abortion, but even if it’s true that is Kaitlin’s personal information and has nothing to do with the game. I did hear her go off on Andy and McCrae and they did nothing wrong and should not have apologized.

      • Rachel is starting to look good compared to her…she is sooo judgemental…i hate that in ppl…oh dang..guess im judging her now huh. but she is.

      • She’s the number 1 mean girl in the house. When Amanda dressed up for McCrae’s birthday and everyone was having a good time all Elissa did was put Amanda down. From making comments about her 1 piece bathing suit to calling her a stripper to saying she was chubby to saying ewww about McCrae licking whip cream off her. Then she turns it around and blames Aaryn for causing a fight between Amanda and her. And Amanda ends up apologizing when it was Elissas fault.

      • (I totally agree with you-especially cause she went totally crazy right after that too..) But didn’t production tell her to ruin Amanda’s Birthday thing for McCrae? (I thought so, but I could be wrong)

      • That’s what I said a few days ago. Elissas true colors are finally showing. She’s a real bitch. She thinks she’s above everyone else. Yesterday all she did was complain how she needs her sunglasses and she needs perfume and why can’t we have what we want and on and on and on. Give me a friggin break!

    • To get on the show, not sure about that, seems like that is not information you would share to get on TV. Elissa did tell Helen that the other day about Kaitlin.

    • If this is true then Kaitlin is the idiot for sharing it with someone in the Big Brother house where there are not only camera’s 24/7 but MICROPHONES as well. She knew going in there every word would be heard regardless of the topic. If she chose to say it to any HG then she has to deal with it when they give her a bad time. Stupid is as stupid does.

      • Kaitlin already showed she is stupid by having sex so openly in the BB house. no wonder she got an abortion (if that’s true), she is very loose, not because of the abortion but it shows she has sex easily. she only met this Jeremy kid less than a month and she is having sex with him sooooo openly. says a lot.

      • she killed her child for a chance to win $500,000. I want her gone next week after Aryan (not giving up the hope) this week so that she can go off on a boat with a loser Jeremy and sail off to the open sea and maybe she can have sex with the fishes. very disappointed in her.

      • Again, we don’t know if it’s true and to say she killed a baby for $500,000 is wrong when nobody knows if it’s true for sure. I haven’t heard anyone say they heard Kaitlin say it only that Elissa said she did. Elissa was saying all sorts of off the wall kinds of things. I do agree Aaryn or GM (GM is still continuing with her racist remarks) should go this week.

      • That’s a big if because we don’t know if it’s true or not. What are your feelings of Amanda and McRae who also have been sharing a bed since he won HOH and still won’t get out of the HOH bed even when there not the HOH?

  2. We are watching a house full of losers. At this point I don’t care who wins as long as it isn’t the Aryan.

    • I feel exactly the same way as you do. They are all losers. CBS clearly blew this season. They decided to call out Aaryn as the prime culprit when there are many HGs no better than she is. CBS tried getting her out, but she is still staying. They want to use her because they think she would be an easy win at the end. I guess those racial slurs didn’t bother these HGs as much as the rest of America. Aaryn might have calmed down, but GM certainly hasn’t and she is staying this week as well.

    • Lol sorry “The Aaryn,” that made me laugh.

      I agree. I’d like Aaryn to be evicted this week. Then GM next week. completely destroy the Blonde alliance

  3. I really hope Howard or Candice wins HoH. I want to see Mcranda go up. Spencer idgaf about so…

    • Me too. I want Howard or Candice to win. Either one could mix things up nicely. Plus, they don’t have blinders on and see Mcranda needs to be dismantled. Plus, they won’t be push overs and let them nest in their HOH room.

    • Me too. I would love a shake up in the house. I like drama and such, but not the bully tactics and being racist crap. Having Howard or Candice become HOH would def. shake things up and make the week more interesting. Lets hope the next challenge is physical so Howard can step things up. Time to split Amanda and McCrae up.

  4. So let’s see if i can get all these alliances straight, in no paticular order (most of these are just hot air said to placate others on the live feeds but its still fun to keep track of em):
    1. Howard, Candice, Spencer
    2. Amanda, McCrae
    3. Mcranda, Judd, Andy (Goof Troop?)
    4. Mcranda, Judd, Andy, Elissa, Helen (knockouts)
    5. Mcranda, Helen, Elissa
    6. Mcranda, Kaitlin
    7. Mcranda, Jessie, Judd
    8. Arryan, GM, Kaitlin
    9. Aaryan, Helen
    10. Gm, Kaitlin, Howard, Spencer, Judd (and maybe candice?)
    11. Gm, Ghost Nick
    12. Howard, Spencer, Andy
    13. Andy, Everyone
    14. Howard, Spencer, Mcranda (cause that’s really going to happend…)
    Probobly a bunch that ive forgotten but its pretty dificult to keep track of all these deals.

  5. I have really wanted to see Aaryn go home, but if no one in the house respects themselves enough to vote her out, I may just change my mind. No respect for the people keeping her there.

    • now everyone is saying that elyssa is a nut job that needs to go because what Aryan has been saying doesn’t hit home to their personal lives so they don’t care. well I care that Aryan is a homophobe racist and needs to go and if she stays till the end that will only show not only to me but my children that there is no justice for us in this country as usual and they should always deal with the person immediately and get their own justice because they will never get it against a white person. history continues to prove this in this country. no respect for them but usually people fight when it affects them personally only very strong morally strong principled people fight for other people.

      • I make the effort to get to know someone, not to judge them by the color of their skin. Sugarfoot, you should try that.

  6. of the three –katlin is the smart move –but aaryn is the low life name calling racial dumb blonde that should go, then whoever wins HOH needs to split up macrae and Amanda js

    • Glad someone finally agrees with me! Aaryn the Aryan needs to go on Thursday! The other houseguests need to change their minds abiut Kaitlyn & vote Aaryn out before she makes another racist remark! Just saying!

      • now everyone is saying that elyssa is a nut job that needs to go because what Aryan has been saying doesn’t hit home to their personal lives so they don’t care. well I care that Aryan is a homophobe racist and needs to go and if she stays till the end that will only show not only to me but my children that there is no justice for us in this country as usual and they should always deal with the person immediately and get their own justice because they will never get it against a white person. history continues to prove this in this country am sick of it.

    • thank you @kuhnaz. now everyone is saying that elyssa is a nut job that needs to go because what Aryan has been saying doesn’t hit home to their personal lives so they don’t care. well I care that Aryan is a homophobe racist and needs to go and if she stays till the end that will only show not only to me but my children that there is no justice for us in this country as usual and they should always deal with the person immediately and get their own justice because they will never get it against a white person. history continues to prove this in this country.

      • Plz, Sugar, lighten up a bit. I agree with you, but this is just a game and has nothing to do with your family. It isn’t like the verdict from the Zimmerman trial…be upset about that. Aryan Nation will go home. Nobody has forgotten. And your children’s lives don’t hinge on this show. If you think it does, then by all means-DON’T WATCH IT

      • And, you are starting to alienate people who absolutely agree with you. I’m saying this with all the kindness I have- honestly.

  7. It makes me slightly sad to see that Candice likes Howard, would try to protect him in her game, and Howard will cut her in a heartbeat before spencer. Boo Howard for not being loyal to Candice .

    Also why do all of them hate her so much. Even Judd mentioned not liking her today.

  8. It seems that people will find anything to hate Elissa for. Geez… i’m sure other people have done way worse in this house so far. I think no matter what she will be judged because of Rachel and how is that fair? We don’t know everything that goes on in the house well not most of the people watching the show. I bet if Kaitlyn had a secret about someone she wouldn’t think twice before she told someone else about it.

    • She was way out of line today with the whole bible study thing and getting really angry with McCrae and Andy. There was no reason for her to act like that to her own alliance people,, just because she is ticked of at Howard doesn’t mean she can act like an ass towards people that did not do a thing to do, I really wish they didn’t need her for the numbers right now, or I would say see ya, Elissa! She was totally out of line today. Then it seems like everyone has to bow down and kiss her feet in order to get her to come back to her senses. She has lost my attention in this game,

    • Her diva side came out loud and clear! She is starting to irritate the heck out of me..I get the feeling like she feels like we owe her something because she “agreed” to come and play BB. She was ridiculous today!

      • I hope BB does not edit her to make it look like she was being picked on..because this was all her!!!!

  9. Why is it Judd never has his HOH room. He’s taking a nap in a bed downstairs and washing his face in the downstairs bathroom. Meanwhile Amanda is upstairs shaving her legs. Really irks me.

    • While Amanda’s behavior is over the top, we can’t really blame her for Judd losing his HOH room, well at least completely. Judd is just as much to blame. If he can’t/won’t man up and tell her to get the H e double hockey sticks out, then it falls on him as well.

      The guests need to find their backbones and quick.

      • I totally agree that he is partially to blame, but this is still a social game. Most HOH leave the door unlocked. But I don’t remember past hgs having sex while someoneI else is HOH. Amanda and mc crea did this even after Judd was out of punishment. Not to mention eating mangos in the HOH bed

  10. What the heck is wrong with Elissa? People who are watching the feeds, is there any particular reason she is going crazy or has her brain just short circuited?

    • I think it is because she really does not want to be there, I think she is getting something from CBS and BB for coming into play the game and now she is sick of being there and doesn’t give a crap about her actions.

  11. Elissa needs to leave the game as soon as possible, This girl has lost her mind, she is ruining everyone’s game and doesn’t give a crap about doing it, why is she there? If Helen and her are such good buddies, why is Helen not confronting her right now for what just happened in the house? Elissa just outed the whole alliance of Helen and the gang of seven. She keeps saying this game is so ridiculous, if it is so ridiculous and she doesn’t give a crap about the money, she needs to stop screwing with everyone’s else’s game and go home.

  12. OMG I said Elissa should of been gone week 1 and now she just proved why. If anyone missed it on the live feeds go back to around 3:30 this afternoon and 7:30 tonight. Talk about starting drama and then denying it. I swear she has a for real mental problem and should seek help when she gets out. WOW that girl is psycho big time. I don’t get to watch the feeds until later at night so I flash back a lot and got a look at the real Elissa. I hope she goes next week and I think CBS is getting a look at the real Elissa and if they’re smart they will not manipulate anything to keep her in the house.

    • She’s not real..she was a malfunctioning robot. lol
      …what’s up with that?..I couldn’t believe my eyes. !

      • Yep and all rusty. Left out in the rain too long. Seriously though I hope CBS doesn’t edit this to make her look good. America needs to see who she really is.

      • I’m telling you, I wasn’t judging her in the beginning, but after what I’ve seen tonight, I said, what is wrong with this woman? I don’t think she’s gonna get anymore MVP after tonight. That is, if BB show her craziness to America.

      • I agree. Did you also see how she attacked Andy and McCrae over her religion? Then when they were on lock down in the HOH she went on and on to Amanda. She’s weird.

      • I saw that. That was the beginning when I started to think, This girl must be possessed.

      • When Jeremy called her a major fembot I was mad. But now it makes total sense! Getting some pretty good laughs today!

  13. I never thought I would say it but I am turning on Elissa. At first I saw her as the anti-Aaryn but after today I really don’t care if they evict her next week. She is a terrible game player. She cannot keep her mouth shut, blabs to everyone, confronts people when she should be quiet and acts like the MVP is her personal award for the entire season. Tonight on BBAD, it looks like the entire house has turned on her because she is running around talking like a maniac to everyone about the alliances, the plan to evict Kailyn, the MVP and of course, Aaryn. She is totally forgetting that the only reason she is still in this house is because her alliance saved her. Instead of laying low and showing appreciation, she is blowing their cover by talking to people like Kaitlyn and Howard. Which reminds me, she created this situation with Aaryn by refusing to talk to her and now the house wants Kaitlyn out instead of Aaryn. Elissa continues to campaign to get Aaryn out for personal reasons. Everyone in the house is tired of talking to her. If she keeps this up, in another week she will have no one to talk to and no alliance. What a terrible game player.

      • Its not snobby and arrogant, its just stupid. As soon as she leaves a meeting with her alliance she runs up to the other side and confronts them with what she heard! She has no ability to play this game at all. She lacks tact as well. Her confrontations are like a bull in a china shop. She actually managed to make Aaryn look like the good guy to the rest of the house!

        Elissa is making the mistake of taking the game personally instead of realizing its just a game. Instead of playing the game like Helen or Andy, Elissa is reacting emotionally.

        I am surprised Rachel didn’t prepare her better for being in the house.

    • I have already turned, too. Her game play is bad, or nonexistent. She went bat sh*t crazy like GM does. And I can’t take anymore of what she says and especially HOW she says it (ummm and mmmm, pause pause ummm). Geez! Get her out 1st thing next week!

    • I don’t know that either, I just turned my feeds off and put on BBAD. Times have been off alot this season,

    • @cubadebbie not before the racist homophobe aaryn goes. it may not matter to you but it matters to me that arryn goes. we have other nut jobs there like ginamarie who also need to go but arryn for my family and children needs to go for justice sake.

      • I’m not saying that Aryan shouldn’t go. Even though I am a 48 yr old white woman, I cried over the Trayvon Martin murder. My adult boys are half Indian (eastern). So I understand. I am just as disgusted by all this racist, homophobic behavior. But this is a game, and the kooky drama has got to stop. Aryan has at least put a muzzle on, but GM and Elissa are bat sh*t crazy. Just my opinion…

  14. Her sister Rachel must be screaming tonight,….nnnnooooooooooooooo!!!!…whaaaaaaat are you doooooing???? nnnnoooooooooo !!

    • Rachel has to be embarrassed for her. Elissa looks like a nut job gone wild. This week should have been easy for her. No pressure and no chance of going home. Now, the house can’t wait to get rid of her.

      The sad part is Elissa, in her crazy obsession to get Aaryn out, has made it possible for Aaryn to stay at least the next two or three weeks. Give Aaryn credit, She realized she needed to tone it down and she did. With Elissa going crazy Aaryn has managed to stay under the radar and redeem herself. Elissa’s only chance now is to win HOH or hope that Candice does.

    • I just hope that CBS shows how she has been acting because people who don’t have the live feeds will still see her as this sweet person that she obviously is not. I said from the beginning it wasn’t fair to bring her or any sibling of a former popular player back along with the MVP twist and now we are seeing why that decision was a bad one. This week was designed by CBS to get Aaryn out for what she did and not only did it NOT work because people either didn’t pay attention or voted before even watching the show. CBS made Aaryn look the worse first and then added GM and Kaitlin to the mix. The 3 of them became known as the mean girls. Aaryn has toned down and imo Kaitlin was different after Jeremy left. GM still says things and Spencer is still disgusting and creepy. Elissa winning POV was questionable and imo was meant to save Elissa – again by Production. Now Kaitlin may be the one to go and she is not guilty of anything more than what other HGs have done. Even saying Kaitlin needs to go because she is a threat is not really true. She won one POV and came close in a few HOH comps. Coming close doesn’t make you a major threat. This season is so messed up for so many reasons. I wish Elissa was going this week after what I have seen, but she can’t because she was saved. I would like to see GM go this week over any of the 3 on the block because she continues to say things. Just my two cents.

      • production made aaryn say all the things she said. production made aaryn look bad. aaryn is not a homophobic racist. aaryn is just a sweet white girl from texas that production manipulated to say all the things she said. elissa is worse than aaryn. elyssa is a nut job that needs to go and aaryn is the sweetest girl in there that needs to win half a million dollars. thanks jacee2 for clearing that up for us.

      • You either didn’t understand what I meant or I didn’t explain myself correctly. I never said Aaryn was a sweet white girl from Texas that production manipulated to say racist remarks. She is totally guilty of being a racist. You do notice that the intended target is staying? So yes the plan failed and the HGs so far are letting her stay In the house and for all I know may take her to the end. As far as Elissa goes her true colors came out and she is not what she was portrayed as in the beginning. There are already enough posts explaining how she has flipped out so I won’t post it again. Not sure if you have the live feeds or not, but if you do you can see for yourself. If not then that is why I hope CBS airs them because they should. She is not what she seems. As Cyril said Aaryn may need a PR, but Elissa will need a doctor. I also said GM is continuing her racist remarks, but she will be staying as well. No where did I say Aaryn is a sweet white girl from Texas. No need to say I said things I didn’t.

  15. what is this about Amanda being friends with Allison groener for years and is being fixed to win?

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