Big Brother 15 Episode 8 Recap: Fights, Fights And More Fights


The power shifted in the Big Brother 15 house and that almost always leads to one thing: fighting. And this season’s first major power shift lived up to Big Brother standards.

The episode opened right after Nick’s eviction and we get GinaMarie’s immediate diary room session and she is hysterical. And Aaryn is furious.

GM heads off to cry in the bathroom and Aaryn tries to talk her down long enough to play the Head of Household competition. And then the vote counting starts. GinaMarie stops crying long enough to start going off on everyone in the house. But she does not know what to say, so Aaryn has to throw words at her to help her out. Yeah, pretty much the worst confrontation ever.

We finally cut back to the Head of Household competition and get to see Helen win again. Her side of the house is thrilled and the other side is as upset as you could imagine. “This is a miserable moment in the Big Brother house for your main man – the Cherokee wonder,” Jeremy says.

Aaryn and Kaitlin go off to talk game, but they’re interrupted by a STILL-SOBBING GinaMarie. Only now she’s wearing a hat Nick left behind. And then we get more hysterical (both definitions apply) Diary Room sessions from her. And then the three Mean Girls decide they do not want to even be there any more. I’m sure no one would mind if any of them self-evict, but they don’t.


And then things blow up in the house over sleeping arrangements. Jeremy and Kaitlin take over Jessie’s bed and then Aaryn starts bullying her about her vote. Jessie tells her former alliance that she was never important to them. And then Judd walks in and Kaitlin tells him to “get the f*** out of here.”

After the spat with Jessie, Aaryn decides to flip Candice’s mattress. Jessie goes back to her bed then Kaitlin starts harassing her again. Candice walks in to find her bed flipped. And then Aaryn comes in and starts acting racist. And then there’s a shouting match between Candice and GinaMarie and Howard literally carries Candice out of the room.

That’s followed by a tender moment between Candice and Howard. They talk about all the horrible things that have been going on and Howard finally calms Candice down. You can tell that all that’s going on is also getting to Howard.

Candice, even though she shouldn’t, consoles GinaMarie over her Nick devastation. That leads to Aaryn apologizing to Candice but it comes out all wrong, of course. She actually follows it up with a Diary Room session that basically says that she decided to apologize to Candice for Candice taking her comments the wrong way. Wow. I’m speechless.

It’s Have or Have-Not competition time. The HGs have to throw spoiled milk at each other, collect that milk in a pail and then fill up a jug. The losing team includes Amanda, McCrae, Jessie and Judd.

Jeremy is feeling a little nervous about the upcoming nominations, so he reveals the Moving Company to Helen as a way to hopefully show that she can trust him. And then Howard reveals to Helen that he voted to evict Elissa despite telling her he’d vote out Nick. So all the dirt is out in the open and the slates are clean. Well, almost.

Howard promises to never lie again and begs Helen to not nominate him. So she tests his honesty and asks him about the guys alliance (which she now knows all about because of Jeremy). And he lied to her right after he said he wouldn’t lie.


It’s nomination ceremony time! Helen decides to give Howard a pass and decides that an attempt at backdooring Jeremy will be smarter than a direct nomination. So she goes with Aaryn and Kaitlin.

What did you think of this wild episode of Big Brother 15?


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  1. To me the fact CBS has to put a disclaimer at the beginning of the show is shocking. They never had to in the first 14 seasons. I feel for them, they must be scrambling like crazy to try to save their bacon. Hopefully they will learn something and do a better job casting BB 16.

    • All those smart people in production and they can’t get rid of 2 girls and instead put on a disclaimer? I’m shocked. Walk Arryn and GM out the door and have 2 others walk in. What is so hard about that? All us fans will be able to keep up if they do that. We survived when they reset the game last year. come on cbs

      • 1. I don’t believe they have grounds to evict Aaryn & GinaMaries, plus, the drama this season(though negative) has been driving up the ratings. 2. Are you serious? They can’t just throw 2 people in all willynilly when the HGs are being watched on the live feeds 24/7, in which anyone can have access to and know what’s going on in the house.

      • Seriously, Spencer and Howard just made the most homophobic comments about Andy on the live feeds but bet money CBS will not air that. Howard complains about the comments but wow he is making horrible comments about Andy. They both make me sick!

      • Good. Talk about it. It obvious from the broadcast they are targetting Aaryn, but once she’s out, they might just start addressing the other. One by one maybe.

      • I doubt it seriously and why wait. CBS needs to address it now because the comments Spencer has made are scary.

      • One of the worst was that he said when women say NO, you know they mean YES. NO, when women say No they mean NO. The man needs to look up the word RAPE in the dictionary because that is what it is! Not to mention that he has called women horrible names and said vile things about them and add to that his comments about the torture of Jews from Hitler. This man is a horror!

      • i appreciate your honesty in saying basically “i dont like what he says so he shouldn’t be on tv” but just because someone presents ideas on television why does that automatically mean we should shun them? shouldn’t we openly discuss those ideas like we’re doing now and come to the consensus that we don’t like them as a culture? Isn’t having people with these ugly beliefs on full display for everyone to see a public service? why should we chastize them like children for having ideas we don’t like. CENSORSHIP IS WRONG it is “denying a man his steak because a baby cannot chew it” (Mark Twain) I’d much rather see these people in all their ugliness than hide them or force them away because bad words/ideas scare us

      • What did Howard say homophobic on live feeds? Sorry, as you said, it is unable to be found on the internet at all and I would really like to know more about it.

      • Some of the HGs have grown up watching BB so they think they have to act in front of the camera and make biting remarks in the DR in order to get air time. Now that this has happened I don’t doubt that applicants will be asked how they feel about minorities before being selected for the show.

      • What I mean is they may have been more casual before but now this will be a major issue.

      • The grounds NOT to evict are the 1st amendment right to free speech.

        In fact if they removed them they would have civil rights suits against them.

        You may not like it, but that’s a right afforded to every American.

      • They might just be trying to do it in the background. I wouldn’t be surprise that they try to convince HG in DR to vote for Aaryn. We wouldn’t know. Or maybe we’ll find out.

    • Just to share: We had a disclaimer on Big Brother Philippines as early as the first season in 2005 when people first reacted about the show the wrong way (and was suspended from broadcast for one week due to censorship pressures).

      I think CBS should have done this a long time ago especially back in BB1, where lines were already starting to be drawn. Well I guess it’s better late than never.

      • Yea, but they shouldn’t have to. The place is a pressure cooker, so there always going to have blow up, emotions and arguments. But this year, it’s ridiculous.

      • Being the social experiment-slash-game that it always is, its nound to be inevtiable. Besides, Aaryn’s a target for eviction anyway. Let the houseguests have the pleasure of evicting her and her minions before they reach jury.

        The producer will not interfere unless anyone incites violence. That’s the only way they could kick a housemate out besides throwing your microphone into the pool.

    • It isn’t just the show. They’ve also put a disclaimer on the live feeds. I do believe that’s a first as well.

    • Are you kidding? They are raking in the cash over all of this. Ratings are up & all forms of media are talking about BB like never before.

      The public loves conflict. For every 1 person offended there are 10 that LOVE this kind of TV.

    • I also hope BB16 is a better cast, this whole group of 20-30 somethings is really lacking. Its a very poor representation of this demographic group, do all 20-30’s think and act like this? I hope not. Previous casts have had more diversity, these people are all the same they don’t have the different life experiences that you get when you have a cast made up of a variety of age groups.

  2. People can’t focus on the game, due to the racial things that are happening in the house. I am ready to focus solely on the game and game play. I will be glad when all of the arrogant troublemakers are gone.

    • It’s true. Instead of discussing who has the best strategy, we argue about racism, rape and which one is worst.

      • The difference is that real racist comments were made and real actual peoples were hurt.
        No rape were committed. Nobody was hurt. If it had, police would be there, the show would shut down, and somebody would be in jail.

    • you’re lying if you say you’re watching it for “gameplay” what “gameplay”? the whole game is fighting and lying and cheating. Evil Dick was a brilliant “game player” but he was a sociopath who kept people up at night so don’t bullshit about your “pure” motives for watching this cathartic train wreck

      • And you know my “pure” motives because……you don’t. I watch to see who has the best game play. You don’t have to play the game like a saint to have good game play, either. I don’t mind the lying and people doing whatever they have to do to advance their game, as long as they don’t hurt anyone mentally or physically. May I ask you a question? If BB is a “cathartic train wreck” why do you continue to watch? What are your “pure” motives?

  3. This is the worst season in my opinion. I’m so distracted and into my feelings due to the racism. I do feel for CBS and appreciate the way they are handling it. I can’t wait to see how Julie will handle the interview with Aaryon, when she does walk out of the house. I hope she confronts her for America.

    • I have a hard time imagining Julie been nasty. But then if she doesn’t address it, it might not be better. It could be awfully hard to achieve the right balance. I wouldn’t be surprise if they find a way to skip the interview.

    • Personally, think CBS is doing a horrible job. They are not showing the truth that all of the house guests are making awful racist and sexist comments, but are instead focusing on one young woman. Yes, what she has said is horrible but so is what Kaitlin, Jeremy, Amanda, Howard, Gina Marie (the 2nd worst), and let us not forget Spencer (the sexist racist pig), Elissa, Judd (homophobic comments), and Helen who made horrible comments about Jeremy’s mother, and Andy the little scurrying rat. CBS should be ashamed for protecting Spencer especially who has said the absolutely worst things about women and actually made a statement condoning rape. Sorry CBS but you get a F for the way you are telling this story, and protecting the worst in the house Spencer. Also, Julie Chen is offended by the rice comment but wow she is not offended by Spencer condoning rape or was not offended when Frank last year talked about raping Dan’s wife and then him and Boogie laughed about the thought of it. She was swooning all over Frank when he was evicted last year. Julie Chen is a fraud and a pretty awful human being.

      • It’s all about controlling the PR nightmare as it has become. Aaryn’s basically the poster child of the issue inside the house at the moment. At least in today’s episode, the bullying have also been exposed.

        Had it been a daily 7x a week highlights show that it once was then maybe they would have shown more material.

        Once she and the others are out, the focus will now revert back to backstabbing, scheming and lying your way to win the game.

      • But that is the problem with the way CBS is editing it because she has said awful things but so have Kaitlin, Gina Marie (has probably said the worst), Jeremy (too many to list), Amanda (has said both racist and homophobic comments), Spencer (bigot, sexist, homophobic and racist comments not to mention his Hitler rant), Howard, even Elissa with calling Kaitlin a whore, or Helen (saying awful things about Jeremy’s mother), and others. I mean this whole cast is made up of horrible people so CBS should show them all, and not just Aaryn who they have deemed the poster child because if you watch all of the live feeds she is not the worse but close.

      • Aaryn is the focus because she is saying these things to the other house guests…making the house guests like Candice a direct victim. Not to mention the bullying Aaryn and Kait did to Jesse and Candice. The other comments from the other people are JUST AS TERRIBLE, but are not being used to bully with- they are being said behind the persons back…at least from what I’ve seen. Whore..not so much – so what about that…if the shoe fits. But racial, hitler _i refuse to capitalize his name, and nasty gross rape promoting ignorance from Spencer – SCAREEEY…his mother commented about what ‘a nice guy he is’ WELL MOM…I AM NOT SURE IF YOU SAW ALL THAT, BUT YA NEED TO HAVE A TALK W YOUR BOY.. I KNOW my son would NEVER say no means yes and he is only 23.(OR HE BETTER NOT!!) As for Howard..I don’t have 24/7 so I have only seen him lie- about the alliance. (ie – I feel Helen went way too far w that-crying PLEASE HELEN YOURE IN POLITICAL INFLUENCE JOB! ) UMMM??? BAD ACTING. As for Amanda and the ‘retard’ references..I honestly feel she is getting a real bad wrap – I realize that word is a VERY SENSITIVE word to people, but I feel she is using the word like referring to a bad move…not to the mentality of someone. I think she means what are they doing that for…it doesn’t make sense. She is not using the word to offend people- or to refer to a special need or group of ppl. I think she means an action. Like at times…the word gay is misused in place of I disagree or i don’t understand or a bad move. I realize that is VERY TERRIBLE- BUT it’s not meant to be racial, sexual or bullying to me.

      • Agreed. Sometimes, to get a point across we say certain verbs that may otherwise be considered a derogatory remark to some but as it was based on the intended context to a situation (i.e. Amanda describing Aaryn’s actions), then it is understandable.

        In contrast to Adam from BB9, he was out of line when he said his “retard” comments when he was describing his job.

        Unfortunately, everything will always be taken out of context but not all the time if we look at both sides of the situation, especially in the case of Big Brother houseguests being watched 24/7 by live feeders and the general TV audience.

        Aaryn may have tried to defend herself by saying she’s just getting the b!tch edit, her actions were all clear to everyone.

      • Elissa did not call Kaitlyn a whore. Kaitlyn made that claim after Jessie told her Elissa made a comment about the girls using the HOH room as a whorehouse. Kaitlyn either lied about what Elissa said or she misunderstood what Jessie said. It is sad to me that the entire cast is now being painted with the same brush by some because of comments made by a few.

      • we get it sharon, you’re allergic to the word rape. “Stupid people treat jokes about bad things the same way smart people treat the real bad things” Ricky Gervais

    • I hope she silently hands Aaryn a bowl of rice, and then just sits there. Not a word. I think Aaryn would crack.

      • It’s quite obvious Aaryn lives in a bubble. She doesn’t comprehend that she’s doing anything wrong. It’s not an excuse it’s just the facts. Her thought process is not like most of us. She’s lived a pretty sheltered life in respect to her understanding anybody who is different than herself. People like that never grasp the reality until they grow older but even then it may not register.

        If you think she’ll suddenly have that light bulb go off over her head you could be in for a huge disappointment. I’ve known people like her and they rarely “get it”.

      • The irony of it all is that shy is pursuing psych major in university. Her strategy before coming in was to read people’s faces, but I guess she forgot to read hers as well.

      • Exactly…that’s what I have been trying to say and getting reamed on this site for it.

  4. I guess it is good that Candice and Howard are not “hot heads”. I’m not a hot head either, but if I walked in that room and my bed was flipped over and my clothes were scatter everywhere, I would have flipped over Aryan’s bed with her in it. It might not have been the right thing to do, but hell, it might have been the “human” thing to do.

    • Howard has admitted that his friends had to lie for him to BB about his temper and he has been swearing on the bible that he was not lying and he is so he is not the good son that he claims and just a minute ago on live feeds he made a very homophobic comment about Andy.

      • It is too disgusting to repeat but go to Joker’s and read it for yourself. Spencer and Howard are not nice people.

      • this is getting blown far out of the water, Howard called him a pr*ck, sure may not of been the best choice of curses for a homosexual but its a common enough insult that i seriously doubt was personally selected because of andy’s sexuality, so while it is rude of him it hardly makes him a homophobic and while not justifying howards choice of words, Andy has spent the last few days being extremely two faced and throwing both how and spence under the bus at any given oppertunity.

      • Calling a gay a pr*ck or d*ck is not making a homophobic comment. But saying that you are use to flies being on you, because you are an African, is making a racial comment. Now, that is what Jeremy said.

      • According to everything that I have seen, Howard is not a hot head. His lying on the bible and using the bible might not be a good thing. Dan used the bible in the same way last year. People complained about it, but liked him still. You have the right to take whichever stance you want to, though.

      • Sorry, but Howard has said homophobic comments about Andy and if you support that then that is your choice, but personally think that people that say those are sick human beings, and Dan was crucified for what he did last year by most people.

      • I went to Jokers and read and did not find anything other than Spencer calling Andy a d*ck and Howard calling him a pr*ck (insert i). Is this what you are talking about?

      • Except homophobic comments are made quite often on BB and have always been ignored. It’s not that much of a shock that they aren’t airing those. But this is the first time I’ve heard HGs making RACIAL slurs. Plus, in today’s society, someone being a racist seems to be ten times worse than someone being a homophobe.

        Not saying both kinds of remarks aren’t equally horrible (I don’t condone anything that comes out of Spencer’s mouth any more than I do Aaryn’s), just that society treats them differently.

      • Race and other hateful remarks have been around in past seasons but was never direct or in the case of this season, as heated, in-your-face and most of all more frequent. Plus they may not have an over-all impact to how the game is played in contrast to how racism et al is actually driving story for this season because everyone’s affected by it and as a consequence, so is the game itself.

        Sadly, it would take a miracle for everyone in question to realize the extent of their verbal actions and the consequences they’ve caused.

      • You an idiot. Didn’t you notice how well in control Howard is? I am also a big guy but it doesn’t mean i go around hitting people…

  5. If CBS had any guts they would take BB15 off the air for the rest of the season. The racist and homophobic things these HGs are saying, in addition to comments about people’s mothers are beyond the pale. What are the producers thing of? All this trash for higher ratings.

    • Ratings is not everything. The only way they would shut down the show would be if the sponsors were pulling out.

    • What was said about whose mother? It would have to be pretty bad to be comparable to the racist remarks that were made.

  6. Any word on if Aaryn’s going to be getting a penalty vote on Thursday? What she did to the bed is technically a rule violation, and HGs have been punished for doing far less in the past.

    • I think the diary room talked to Helen to find out if she was going to put Aaryn up for eviction. If she had decided not to they probably would have given Aaryn a penalty. It’s my understanding that a penalty means automatically going on the block. I’m not sure if that’s the only penalty they will issue though.

      • They have done penalty votes for nominees in the past – if I remember correctly Evel Dick received this sort of a penalty (can’t recall what rule he violated, though, hence why I could be remembering wrong). If that’s the case, then they may not announce it until the live eviction.

      • Jen was given a penalty vote after she was put on the block after she broke the rules of eating a burger despite being a Have-Not for that week.

      • Edited my comment a bit because it took me now to realize my entire comment didn’t make sense because of single-word redundancy. :D

  7. missed the end too. Aaryn is one of the meanest people I have ever seen. Can’t wait for to face reality when she is out of the house. This house is so racist, and yet they think they are cool.

  8. All these darn comments and not one about game play! CBS, please do something, this is ridiculous!

  9. I thought the beginning of the show was depressing, but I did enjoy watching the Have Not comp.

  10. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Aaryn flip Candice’s bed – and the racists things she has said. She is truly evil. She should be removed or voted out this week.

  11. The disclaimer was shocking, Aaryn’s continued behavior is shocking, GM’s lack of ability to speak the language is sad (every time that girl speaks…. Merriam Webster weeps.), but the episode was exciting. CBS has assured everyone that even the most casual, non news watching, totally out of the loop, BB fans got to meet the real Aaryn. The power shift was fun to watch. So, all considered, I think it was a good episode.

    • and watching Howard throw sour milk in that bee eye double itches face was awesome. ( a previous comment I made about her did not post, so I changed my swearing technique)

      • I don’t know if Howard threw any of the other challenges, but I believe he did throw this one. He was not even trying to get a bucket full of milk. Plus, it appeared that he was throwing the milk at Aryan and not trying to get it in her bucket. Hahahaha!

  12. I hardly feel like there has been a power shift I mean Elissa is bulletproof………In the history of reality shows she may have the most blatant advantage of any contestant ever.

    • That would be the case if she couldn’t be evicted as MVP. But eventually more people will see her as a threat and she will be nominated and evicted. She seems like a really nice person and I hope that she has the opportunity to play the game on the same level, i.e. not always MVP or on the block, as the other houseguests do.

  13. Good episode tonight. Production must be happy with Aaryn tonight. She’s really playing a good vilain. Particularly when she flipped the bed and was speaking ghetto to Candice. They zoom the camera to her face with her evil eyes, freeze the frame….and CUT..commercial..awesome editing lol

    • I keep hearing about ‘editing’ …can we blame them for editing when the people are giving them the material to edit? Is it not Aaryn acting ghetto ( a terrible job so- attempting to ) ? Did GM not use the n word…and Aaryn and Kait not really bullying Candice- flipping the bed…editing can only be a part…but the other part is on the houseguests !!

      • Dude, you’re missing my point. I just like that particular scene before they cut for commercial. Like watching Soap…got it

  14. The stand outs in this episode to me were definitely Amanda and Howard. Amanda was both hilarious and awesome in the room with the Mean Girls. She kept her cool and by doing so, made that group looks even stupider than they were making themselves look. LOVED IT! I also enjoy her DR comments. Howard is a very mentally strong person and I gained a lot of respect for him. Really interesting episode tonight. People’s true colours are coming out, good and bad.

    • I like Howard’s DR session too. I’m glad they gave him more camera time.

  15. In the meantime, I noticed on BBAD today that Howard continues to lie to people. He told the rebel alliance he voted against Elissa to be loyal to the moving company alliance. Tonight he told Kaitlyn a different story. He never said it was to be loyal to his alliance.

    After Jeremy goes, if he goes, the next target is going to be Howard. I wish it was Aaryn but Howard is making people mroe nervous than Aaryn.

  16. Wow I’m going to comment on game play because I’m sick and tired of the last three weeks all everyone talks about is the racist remarks. We all know there are racists and pigs in the house. But I want to talk about game play like everyone used to do. Amanda and McCrae sure think they’re the King and Queen of the House. And Andy is the biggest liar but is always saying I’m going to tell this one or that one if you lie again your gone. Wow those three are becoming the bully’s. And it cracks me up how they list who’s going in the order that their going. Amanda was even saying tonight they will threaten Kaitlin if she doesn’t use the veto she’s going. Amanda is the biggest bully in the house.

    • I agree @lavendargirl:disqus no one is talking game at all and I have gotten to the point of not saying much. I think you and I see the game the same way. You sure have Amanda, McCrae and Andy pegged the same way I do. These three are the bullies of the game with Amanda being the biggest, and are running the game like it is their HOH. Did you catch where Amanda said It is their HOH room to McCrae. I guess she forgot her or McCrae need to win HOH for that to happen. Sometimes I think Andy is a triplet on the show because he gets around so fast and is in every conversation. Andy is in several alliances as well as Amanda (not sure if she is including McCrae in all of them). I saw her and Howard having a quick mtg. at the lounge near the pool and think something is brewing their as far as an alliance. Everyone thinks her and Howard are on the outs. I think it may be for show only so they won’t be suspected. Andy is making deals with everyone to cover all bases.

      • Yes, Andy is a little weasel. Whatever way the wind blows, you can bet your last dollar that Andy will be right there. Amanda and McCrea are using him and have said that they will not take him to the end with them (they have to get there first). I will be happy to see him go. Amanda is in charge and she is running the Amanda/McCrae/Judd alliance. I have said it before, and I will say it again, if the hgs don’t get rid of Amanda soon and very soon, she will probably win the game.

      • Lol. Andy a triplet that’s a good one. Now I know why I see him everywhere. Lol

  17. Okay so I guess one small detail have been overlooked by the commenters here about the episode. With all the drama that happened after Nick left, looks like the episode skipped the part where Helen was yelling “WHO WANTS TO SEE MY HOH ROOM?!” along with the “tururururururu….”.

  18. Will CBS allow a racist southern belle continue to hurt the brand? Aaryn needs to be removed from the house, she isn’t just hurting this season but her brand of hate will continue to be a legacy for this show moving forward… is that what CBS wants?
    I called for CBS to remove her in a “Speical Note” at the end of my review last night, join me if you agree!

    • I’d love to see a sudden double eviction on Wednesday and have the housemates “vote to save” one of the three nominees. :D

  19. Aaryn is like those stupid girls that mess up with everyone and thinks she can win… when she loses, just gets into the boys room, raise her shirt and drops her pants “The one that kicks the hell out of those people, can use the things that are still hidden.”

    Kaitlin too is someone who cannot be trusted. Strangely she started good but when she started the relation with jeremy she changed. She started to get into Aaryn mode and just started bullying people. She states that she is a bartender… but with that talking, she must work on a strip bar.

    Jeremy is just going around and use those 2 stupid girls and they are doing a very good work on shielding him… but Helen and Amanda know that if they take out the head of the snake, the remaining won´t get anywhere to hide.

    GM is so strange… she is doing something that even Jessie cannot do.

    • Just have a double eviction and get rid of Aaryn and Jeremy. Problem solved.

  20. It irritates the crap out of me that everyone is so focused on Aaryn’s racist remarks (which are horrid). Gina Marie has said some stuff that was just as bad, as have others. GM was in Candice’s face saying “you gonna get black”. WTF? Who talks like that. I think they should BOTH be bounced.

    GM is being horrible, then apologizing, then being horrible again. And the hg’s are giving her a pass. Why can’t they see that she is just as mean as Aaryn, maybe worse because she manipulates people too.

    • The worst part is that they edited out GM saying the blacks on one side whites on the other during their fight. I don’t know why BB is continuing to show GM and Spencer in a more positive light. They aren’t showing the CBS viewers how bad these people really are, I think they just got too much press and had to air Aaryn’s racist taunts.

      • Maybe cbs is playing up the remarks by Aaryn for ratings and internet drama. And we all fell right into it head first, just like pigs off a cliff.

  21. The racism on this program is terrible. Unfortunately CBS doesn’t seem willing to step in and stop it.

    • They should rewind the show and issue warnings like UK and AU BB. 3 strikes and your out. However, US BB is doing it their way, they started manipulating the games to evict anyone they want to achieve their goal to get Helen and Elissa to the end. I would not be surprised if the final 5 are Helen, Candice, Andy, Howard, and Elissa or a majority of them.

  22. Aaryn refuses to believe that she has done anything wrong and she continuously says “People take me wrong”. No. What you say is wrong. People understand you perfectly well. If you don’t mean to be racist you wouldn’t say racist things.

    I hope her family and friends, if they are disappointed in her, make her watch herself when she gets home and gets her some psychological help because she is clearly exhibiting a disassociative disorder of the pathological type that likely need professional help to get past.

    • I hate it when people blame the parents for their grown children’s actions. These adults are responsible for their own actions. Aaryn and the other players are the only ones responsible for what they say and do. As a white woman I am proud of Howard and Candice for how they have handled what has been said to and about them. As a Christian woman I am very hurt by Howard using the Bible in the wrong way. Sadly everyone of these players will go home, after they are no longer in the game, regretting something they did or said in the show. I just used and example in kids church about squeezing out toothpaste and then trying to put it back in. The kids
      got it, once it comes out of your mouth you can’t put it back in. I wish the producers would replay to the house guest some of what’s been going on so they won’t have even more regrets when they get out of the house.

      • Upbringing definately contributes to your values. To deny that is ignorant. I honestly believe she isnt doing it in malice, i think she just doesnt understand what she is saying, because thats probably how it’s always been.

        Its a shame, really.

      • If Aryan does not know that what she is saying is wrong, in my OPINION, it is something that she has been doing all of her life. Even a person who has been sheltered knows about racism, so I don’t buy that excuse. So, I believe in this situation, Aryan’s parents taught her what she knows. If her parents taught her that it was wrong, then she would know.

      • thanks? thats what i’m saying. Some places this thought process is common, so when she denies what she’s said, she probably legitimitely thinks she hasnt said anything. Its not so much an excuse as it is a reason.

      • Firstly, I didn’t blame her parents, but it is a known fact that racism is not inherent to people. It’s a cultural construction that has to be enforced by family and culture.

        What I did say is that Aaryn has a mental disorder that is causing her problems in life, especially if she thinks that racism is bad, because it means she is doing something she thinks is wrong and doesn’t realize she is doing it which means she needs professional help. And this particular disorder is generally caused by stressful and traumatic situations so that doesn’t help the case that she has this issue.

        As to using the bible the wrong way and his christianess. I am an atheist. Howard is one of my favorite players, however he needs to stop going around asking “can i pray for you” Do or don’t. You asking is doing the opposite of the christ’s teachings and shows that he has one of the 7 deadly sins, seeking approval from others.

        Also another thing that I don’t like is the misandristic stuff that’s been going on, that happened in that Bed turning thing where they said “He isn’t going to fight with 3 girls”. That’s wrong. Either they meant it conversationally or physically. Both ways are stupid and both express sexism and I’d have stopped them there and made it clear that the reason I’m not arguing with them is not because they’re girls, but rather that they are immature delusional bigots, not worth the time as long as they are going to be dishonest or psychologically pathological about not thinking what they have said is bigoted, but that’s just me.

      • I do believe your upbringing contributes to your values or lack
        thereof, that being said when people blame the parents for things there
        adult kids do they are using the parents as scapegoats. My parents didn’t set the best example for me but I choose as an adult to not follow their example. I am from lower Alabama, I have called black people colored people, Negroes, African
        American, and black. When I was in Elementary School blacks would tell
        you they were colored people. When I was in Junior High School they
        said they were Negroes. When I was in High School they said call me
        African American. When I got out of the military they wanted to be
        called black. I did not call them these names out of malice, these were
        the names everyone (even black people) called them. Everyone noes that when you call someone a name it is how you say it that determines how it should be taken.
        Aaryn unfortunately says what she thinks. She hasn’t learned the gift of thinking before you speak.
        Aaryn is a beautiful girl, maybe she has been the bunt of jokes or been made fun of because of her looks. Hopefully when she gets out of the house she will have learned a valuable lesson, people have fillings and you should remember this when you speak to them or about them.

      • Like I said, in the case of racism it is a completely learned thing and I agree with you that it’s intent, not the words that matter.

        I find that the whole black, negro, african-america, colored, or whatever else they were or will be called in the future situation ignorant and insulting. I stopped caring a long time ago what “they” want to be called because it is readily apparent that whatever you call them they will eventually find it racist or a group of them will. We label things. More importantly, if I try everything possible to not commit offense and no matter what I do I still commit offense, the reaction to that is that I stop caring and do what I think is best because catering to someone who takes offense to everything is pointlessly idiotic. And the fact of the matter is if someone thinks they can manipulate you by being offended at everything… that means they think you are stupid or gullible and I simply reject those situations in whatever area I find them, whether they be on the individual level or the “race” level or the sex/gender level or the whole world’s population level.

  23. GM is scary obsessed with Nick. This is beyond a crush and this girl has some mental or emotional issues. This is not the reaction of a normal person. These girls need to get some self respect and stop tying their gameplay or self worth on a guy.

  24. why are people determining the bed flipping act as racist? I dont think they did it because candice was black, i think they did it because candice didnt vote the way they wanted her to…
    Mind you the other stuff was racist..

    • It’s not about the bed being flipped, it’s the fact that Aaryn’s said such derogatory things about Candice and Howard and a small gesture like the bed being flipped just adds fuel to the fire and makes people snap. Aaryn’s comments after Candice asked who flipped the bed over were racist though.

      • yea i know that the comments were racist, but people are saying it was racist how they flipped her bed. Thats silly.

      • Is there a reason why she did not flip Jessie’s bed? The flipping of the bed itself was not racist. However, flipping the bed because it was Candice’s bed, might have been a racial act.

      • first off, assuming that is partially why america is so segregated. looked to me like jesse and kaitlin were in jesse’s bed, so that bed wouldnt have been flipped unless aaryn had super strength. She flipped the bed she was on at the time, which could have been anyones. It wasnt racially charged.

      • Second off, everything that Aryan has done and most of what she has said to Candice has been cruel and racially motivated. Which leads me to believe that her flipping the bed was done for the same reason. Why should I believe that it was not? Aryan had every opportunity to flip Jessie’s bed, as well. If you can remember Judd came in and took Jessie out of the room. She could have made the same decision to flip Jessie’s bed when she was away, but she didn’t. Also, she did not flip the bed that she was on, she walked over to Candice’s bed and flipped it.

      • she didnt. watch the footage. she got off of the bed she was on and flipped it. Jesse was in the room and laying on her bed. Video proves that.

        I understand that everyone hates her, but lets not jump to conclusions. ever think maybe she was mad because candice didnt vote elissa out? No?

      • Not exactly. Jeremy and Kaitlin were laying down in Jessie’s bed so Aaryn wouldn’t have been able to flip it. Her comments after the fact were definitely racist but not the flipping of the bed unless she was thinking “I’m flipping the bed because Candice is black” in her head haha but we’ll never know.

      • aha, exactly. the flipping of the bed was not racist whatsoever. it was definitely just the comments.

  25. I completely agree with all of the above. Quite honestly, I’m surprised that BB would allow an opponent to represent them and their show. Despicable…. and I for one who just love, love BB, am disappointed that BB would continue to associate itself with such a “person” who is classless, ignorant, offensive and in my opinion; prances around and gloats that she is still there regardless of her behavior. Kicking her off would send a positive message to all viewers who are great supporters of the show.

      • yea but he wasn’t completely hated… he was almost a fan favourite. actually, america’s player was almost forced into working with him (voting out dustin, anyone?)

  26. How about Howard saying that he is trying to throw the competition in order to make the mean girls be have-nots? I think that was the best part of the episode! You forgot that part…

  27. Honestly, the plan of this show is to seclude people from many different walks of life, rich, poor, different states, different nationalities, many different backgrounds and then to see how they react to each other. This young girl Aaryn is giving herself a very bad name, and I don’t think CBS has to kick her out for her to learn her lesson. I think that she is going to walk out of that house and learn her lesson when she is fired from her job, and never offered another one because people are so embarrassed by her. I can’t believe that she really doesn’t see her comments as racist, but if she is really that ignorant, she will certainly learn when she is out of there. It is a sad reality that in today’s world people still act this way!

    • Look at Aaryn’s mouth when she is angry. Its twisted and ugly and mean. That girl is going to be so shocked when she finds out what America think of her!

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