Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 3 Saturday Highlights

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds

It was a critical day in the Big Brother house. Helen’s plans rested on securing the Veto for her side’s use while hoping for a backdoor opportunity. Once the Veto competition was over the tears flowed in every room. Meanwhile the “Hategate” was revisited with more denials in response.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feeds highlights below. And remember that you can check out any of these moments by using the Live Feeds flashback/archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, July 13/ Sunday, July 14, 2013

6:25 AM BBT – Wake up, Houseguests! BB gets the HGs up extra early.

7:35 AM BBT – Amanda talking to Andy. She fears there’s a special deal with Helen, Howard, & Elissa.

8:10 AM BBT – McCrae doesn’t think Kaitlin will use the Veto if she wins it. Amanda plans to scare her by saying she’ll definitely go home if she wins it but doesn’t use it.

9:00 AM BBT – Feeds are back from picking the players. Spencer was revealed as this week’s MVP nominee. GM & Candice are joining the Veto comp. Judd hosts.

9:10 AM BBT – Amanda reveals to Kaitlin that yes, Jeremy is the target and if she wins but doesn’t use the Veto then she’ll go home as retribution for blocking that plan. Kaitlin relays this to the Mean Girls and is sobbing.

10:00 AM BBT – Andy tries to console Kaitlin. He tells her if Jeremy goes home it’s on him (Jeremy), not her. She says she knows she’ll have to use it if she wins it.

10:35 AM BBT – GinaMarie is trying to dance in boots and falls down. She shouts, “oww, I landed on my liposuction scar.”

10:50 AM BBT – Judd yells “it’s time for the Veto competition!” Everyone jumps up and cheers. He adds “I was just practicing.” And thus, Judd was never asked to host again.

11:30 AM BBT – Jeremy promises to leave in a blaze of glory if he gets backdoored this week.

6:10 PM BBT – After more than five hours the Feeds return from the Veto comp. Kaitlin won the Power of Veto. HGs competed in a puzzle race and performed individually, which is part of why it took so long. (Each player took around 10 mins or less, not sure how 6 times 10 mins works out to 5 hours though.)

6:45 PM BBT – Amanda, McC, & Andy worried she won’t use the Veto. Amanda says she’ll try to threaten her again that she’ll go home. McC says it’s disrespectful to the game to win and not use it on yourself.

6:55 PM BBT – Kaitlin confirms to Andy that yes, she will use the Veto to save herself even though she knows what this will mean for Jeremy.

7:15 PM BBT – Kaitlin goes to plead her case to Helen with the help of Andy. Helen is being painfully honest with Kaitlin. Everyone is crying. Helen saying there’s no way around Jeremy leaving. Kaitlin basically asking if she has to vote him out too. The long conversation ends with them coming together and cheering. Weird.

7:30 PM BBT – Spencer trying to get Aaryn to tone down the racist commentary. He’s advising her on what she might need to do to clear up being seen as a racist. Aaryn insists that view is “something made up about me” and “not even true.”

7:50 PM BBT – Kaitlin confirms to Jeremy that he’s going home after she uses the Veto on herself. She’s upset but he’s trying to calm her. He’s actually being very laid back about the whole thing and encouraging her to stay strong. Jeremy is okay with going home this week. She asks if he knows how to spell her name so he can find her on Facebook. He tries, but gets it wrong. He quizzes her on his name. Kaitlin: “G…” Jeremy: “J!”

8:15 PM BBT – Helen updating Elissa on Kaitlin agreeing to work with them. Helen has promised Kaitlin safety from Elissa and now she needs Elissa to agree to that. Elissa is really going to get tired of being used as a tool of these HGs.

9:00 PM BBT – Aaryn says “being a bitch” is working for her and others will want to take her to the F2 as a result.

11:30 PM BBT – Helen warning Candice that Amanda will come after Howard next.

1:10 AM BBT – Amanda and Andy discussing Howard. Amanda has him very high on her priority list. Fears he has more control and support than Jeremy.

1:35 AM BBT – Helen says Kaitlin is owed a few weeks of safety for using the Veto so they can BD Jeremy.

2:30 AM BBT – Judd wants to see some girls go home next after Jeremy. He thinks Aaryn would be an easy eviction.

3:00 AM BBT – Jeremy tells Aaryn he’ll make sure Kaitlin uses the Veto to make sure she is safe.

What a nuts day yet again in that house. Jeremy is currently on his way out the door, but these things change and if the house thinks his spirit is broken then they may take a risk and keep him, but I’d be surprised.

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  1. If Kaitlin uses POV as promised, that would guarantee Jeremy being evicted which is great news. Of bigger concern is the split starting on the Rebel Alliance side. Hopefully, it can be repaired until they get all the 5 undesirables, Jeremy, Aaryn, Gina Marie, Spencer and Kaitlyn out of the game first. After that, you can settle scores if you want! I think they can fix it if the nominate Spencer next week. Why Spencer? I pick Spencer because Howard is close to Spencer even at this point so, the Rebel Alliance can calm Amanda down by getting rid of Spencer. Hopefully, that will allow the Rebel Alliance to focus on evicting all 5 of the undesirables. After that, go after each other if they wish! The Rebel Alliance needs to stick together atleast, until all the 5 undesirables are evicted! Then, we can see who really knows how to play this game.

    • If you watched the feeds last night it is Spencer that needs to go. That person is such a bigot and sexist that he is disgusting. The way he talks about women is so vile it is scary. Sorry, the others may be idiots but this man when he says what he says and after listening to him last night is one sick, sick person.

      • He is one of the undesirables that is for sure. However, Jeremy is the bigger threat because he can win competitions! I do not have live feeds to see all that is happening in the house.
        I know that the 5 Undesirables need to all be evicted so that, the game can be played without the nonsense racist rants and bullying that has been happening the past 3 weeks now. Only way to do that is to evict those House guests the soonest!

  2. I’m hoping after jeremy leaves that all the ppl that don’t quite fit in GM, Kait, Aaryn, howard, Candice, and Jesse group together to get rid of Mcmanda

  3. Now all we have to wonder is if production will try to steer the HGs to vote Aaryn out before Jeremy. For BB, Aaryn out would be quite a relief in term of PR.
    I can’t wait to see how they will edit the show tonight.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I’m pretty sure at this point CBS would LOVE for Aaryn to go home since she (and others) has created this PR nightmare. Then the online petitions, negative press, and uproar would simmer down. We will see….b/c a lot could happen b/w now and Thursday. And surprising Jeremy has not been acting like the d-bag he normally is, if he’s smart he should sit back relax and let the others (Aaryn & GM) self-destruct and it might save him. Who knows…

  4. I don’t get these people. If they know that AAryn is making these comments and they all want her out why all of a sudden are they trying to get JEremy out? This is the perfect week to get her out. Although she might be out cause last week the vote flipped. We’ll see what happens

    • IMO the reason they want Jeremy out now is because he is probably the strongest player in physical comps. This is Team Mom’s best chance to get him out. I think next week it will be Aaryn’s turn to leave. She’s an intitled, spoiled, racist brat and she needs to go.

      • What frustrates me is that Helen is blaming it all on Jeremy’s attitude and treatment of other people. While the wine and the hat episodes are despicable, they occured a while ago and he has since apologised, whereas Aaryn continues to disrespect everyone and remains unapologetic. If having such a bad attitude is the only grounds to get someone out, then by that logic, they should be targetting her.

      • Jeremy is only playing nice because he knows his ass is in big trouble. This is the guy who degrades women, bullies them among other things! He is a big bully and nothing will change that fact! He used the f word too on Andy so, if he is nice now—-it is all a facade in the slim hope the other house guests will think better of him and hopefully, gain their sympathies considering the way Gina Marie, Aaryn and Kaitlyn have been acting of late! Those who have seen and heard him know what he is like and another reason is he is good in physical type competitions which is the 2nd reason to evict him!

      • I agree J, is just putting on a front in front of the others to try to gain sympathy. When he’s in the room w/just A, K, & GM he’s talking a lot of sh!t about the others including saying racial slurs himself. He’s an ass and should have been evicted when he wiped his ass w/Elissa’s hat.

      • This is what the game’s about. You have to put on fronts for certain people in the game, otherwise you’ll get no where! He’s playing his own social game, don’t knock him for attempting to be nice when he thinks it might help him.

      • Not knocking Jeremy, he is playing the cards dealt to him and it is a bad deal no matter how you look at it. Just explaining to Arianne that Jeremy looks good because it is a facade but, he cannot hide from what he has said and done in the past. At this point, it is too late for him to hide from his true self which the other house guests already know!

      • I agree with you, J is playing BB. When your alliance is not in control for the week you kiss a** to the ones in control. I think he is playing a good game. He is a pig but at least he is playing and not letting the racial stuff (the racial stuff does need to be dealt with by CBS) get in his way. I did not like him at all in the first two weeks but this week he has calmed down and is playing BB.

      • Spencer is the biggest pig…he’s the one that degrades women and is always making racist comments. I wish they would vote him out. Anyone who calls women the “C” word and talks about dating someone until they have sex with him. And how women when they say no actually mean yes. Jeremy is a saint compared to him.

      • Helen was on a power trip. She could be annoying. I looked at it, as Jeremy’s exit interview. He has no choice but to hear all the reasons why he’s being evicted from the house.

      • That would be awesome if it was a double eviction and they could get rid of Jeremy and Aaryn.. Only in my dreams could that happen but wouldn’t it be fun to see the look on the brat brocade!! I think Katitlin would calm down, and maybe GM. Then work on getting Spenser.. Who ever flipped Candices’s mattress should go as well and I have a feeling it was the spoiled brat Aaryn. I wonder what her parents are thinking. Probably that she is being treated unfair. After all Aaryn had to learn these racial feelings from someone, so it most likely is her parents.. Sorry it that is the case. But she didn’t teach herself that behavior..

    • You have to understand the HGs don’t see everything we see. They heard about Aaryn conduct by second hand account but they didn’t see it to realize the full impact of that scene. They don’t realize the impact on the viewing public of seeing Candice and Howard having to sleep in the HN room. They have no idea of the firestorm happening on social media and the constant barrage of complaint that CBS is receiving. They don’t know about Julie Chen getting ambush outside of restaurant, along with her husband, by TMZ, to ask her about Aaryn. They know nothing of that. If they knew about that, it would different, I’m sure.

      • Would love it if TMZ asked Chen and her hubby about Spencer and the way he talks about women or the comment he made about when women say no they mean yes. Sorry, but that is the question CBS and TMZ need to be asking. Sorry, but when women say NO, it means NO and to say that it doesn’t means he thinks rape is okay. He is talking about about commiting a crime but CBS refuses to say anything to him and the only reason TMZ asked Chen about Aaryn’s comments is because GM said the comment about rice. That comment was awful but sorry Spencer’s were so much worse.

      • How are you on the same page? you were just defending Aryan a couple comments ago saying she’s not really racist…It seems to me like you really are trying so hard to defend her and say “hey guys look at Spencer or Amanda.. they’re worse” instead of acknowledging the fact that she is a racist bully. You are trying so hard to deflect the attention off your precious aryan. Anytime someone speaks out about racism there’s people like you who try to sweep it under the rug.. well guess what its on tape and its out there and everyone knows she is so accept it and stop living in denial.

      • First of all I DON”T think Aaryn is precious. Second of all I never defended her. READ my post. I said I think a lot of it comes from immaturity and being a spoiled brat. I have never rooted for Aaryn I stated that they shouldn’t single out ONE person when several of them have made racist comments. And YES I do think Spencer is the worst one in that house. And you don’t even know me so don’t include me in your group of people like you. And third I was not even commenting to you so mind your own business. Sorry to everyone else on this site but when people assume something about me when they know nothing it pisses me off.

      • You’re saying you’re not defending her but you keep saying she shouldn’t be “singled” out and that the reason she’s doing this is because of immaturity.. you’re making excuses for her and in turn defending her. Just like you think Spencer is the worst, the majority of America, CBS and BB fans think Aryan is the worst and that is why she is being “singled” out and deservingly so. She has been attacking Candace with racial comments from week 1 and being blantantly rude to her face..That is why she is getting the most flack because she has constantly been attacking ppl with racial comments left and right. You’d have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to realize why Aryan is at the forefront of this BB racial controversy because she IS the one saying most of this stuff.. If you don’t believe me google her and all her racist quotes about Helen, Candace, Howard etc will come up. Also the reason why you can’t compare Spencer and Aryan in terms of who’s worse, one is a racist and bullies people in the house and verbally attacks ppl and the other is a misogynist. Do you see the huge difference? Spencer is gross and a pig but it’s all talk where as Aryan goes after people and berates them and goes for low blows. One is vindictive and the other is just an ass.

        Seriously the fact that I have to explain that to you is ludicrous.. are you normally this daft? Anyways don’t think too hard you might strain that minuscule narrow-minded brain of yours. I’m out.

      • Honey you sound just like a racist yourself with all your name calling in your posts. I have a masters degree in nursing and worked at a major hospital for almost 40yrs as a nurse manager on a critical care unit. I have taken care of people from every kind of race, religion, etc. Everyone has the right to their own opinion and if you wanted to comment on that without the name calling and telling me who I am or am not that would of been fine. But you started this sister and I’m done. You need to grow up and get a life. Who are you to judge??? God does the judging.

      • Take your own advice, sweetheart!
        Oh and cool story bro, I don’t remember asking for your life story though..

      • Good reply…12yr olds shouldn’t be on this site. Take care. You won’t be getting another reply from me so don’t bother commenting. Have a nice life.

      • Believe me I don’t endorse any of the crap Spencer is saying but you have to look at it with the lens of the game.

        What Spencer says is BS trash talking. He doesn’t address his BS to any of the HG in particular. And we all know Spencer wouldn’t have the ball to really do it. He is just showing his lack of class. That will catch up with him, but it is not really a threat to any HGs in the house.

        What Aaryn did, especially Thusday night, she called Candice a shaniqua to her face. That’s a direct attack and a very mean one design to hurt. That’s why she deserve to go now, before Spencer.

        P.S. Go to urbandictionary dot com and look up shaniqua.

      • They are both disgusting, no one worse than the other. One is discriminating based off gender the other off race. I’m glad about the bad press Aaryn’s getting and it’s well deserved she needs a hard cold look at reality and I hope the same happens to Spencer.

    • Frankly, Jeremy will leave because he is a strong player and as long as you have a shot at big money, it is all right to watch someone be bullied and pushed around by a racist rather than do something about it. Throw enough money out there and people will stand back for just about anything. I am really upset with the Rebel Alliance for allowing Aaryn to continue to take shots at Candice for another week.

    • Aaryn is not a threat. Her social game is what’s the problem. But that doesn’t compare to the threat of Jeremy as a physical competitor. She won HOH with Jeremy on her team and him handing it over to her. I’m sure they can deal with her for another week then take her out.

      • Her social game isn’t even a problem to them. She’s not threatening at all. It’s just that she’s so vulgar.

        I am nervous though that if next week is the endurance where you hang on the the side of a ship or whatever, Aaryn has a pretty good chance at winning it. So does Kaitlin. Unless McCrae pulls it out again…

        Aaryn and Kaitlin dropped right before Jeremy, David, and Nick and they’ll all be gone. So theoretically, McCrae, Aaryn, and Kaitlin should be the final 3 in any endurance comp.

    • It’s because they would rather win $500,00!!! Jeremy is the bigger game threat.

  5. I just hope the rebel alliance doesn’t implode from paranoia until all of the mean people are gone. Once Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlyn and GM are gone, I will recalibrate and decide on a new favorite. Right now it is just good against evil and I am rooting for good.

    • I am with you there. Get the undesirables out, meaning Jeremy, Gina Marie, Aaryn, Spencer and Kaitlyn out then, they can fight amongst themselves. I would be happy whoever wins after that as long as it is none of the undesirable 5!

      • Add Howard and Amanda to that list, and after last night I would probably add all the house guests to that list. They are all pretty disgusting in different ways.

      • Someone is going to win it in the end but, I feel getting the undesirable 5 should be just about right! Then, the game can be won on who plays it the best as it should be! After the 5 are gone, the others can take each other out and may the best player win!

    • So you’re saying the rebel alliance is the good? Amanda and Spencer have made rude and racist remarks also.

      • Good in a relative sense. But I think Elissa, Jessie, Helen, Andy, Judd, Candice and McCrae, and even Howard, have been reasonably good people. I don;t see them being mean and getting personal like the rest of the house. Lying, deceiving, backstabbing is not really bad behavior in the BB house, unless it is done for personal reasons rather than game play. Just my opinion. For the record, I am not include Spencer in the good category. Amanda has said a few things but she is nowhere near as bad as the others I mentioned.

      • I agree with all of those people. And I also agree it’s part of the game to lie and backstab. Amanda is not as bad but she has said a few things that were very rude and nasty. Don’t like her and hope she goes soon.

      • With the way the season has gone, I would not be surprised if Candace or even Jessie wins this. I have no problem with the others winning as well. I feel majority of viewers will reward those house guests that are relatively good via being their favorite player with the cash reward or via MVP votes. And I will also reward those who play fairly and use strategy to win Big Brother. Even Mike Boogie, Will Kirby, etc. did not use racist slurs. Evil Dick and Danielle Donato were bullies though. With bullying now at the forefront at schools. Bullying in Big Brother is just as bad and there will be consequences to it!

      • Let’s be real Amanda and Spencer’s comments don’t have the kind of vitriol and malice behind them like Aaryn’s does. Aaryn is unapologetically racist and in fact doesn’t see anything wrong with what she says/does. She intentionally stoops to racial comments to really hurt Candice. I don’t know how anyone can watch that disturbing footage of her flipping the bed and fighting with Candice and not see a devil. She’s a vile bully and an ignorant child.. honestly can’t believe she’s 22 she acts like a middle school mean girl.

      • Let’s be real Spencer saying he dates a girl until she has sex with him, and every girl should have sex with a lot of guys, and when a girl says no she really means yes, and Jessie’s (blank) probably smells like butterscotch and I could go on and on and on. So that’s okay with you? Maybe you could go on a date with Spencer.

      • Re-read what I wrote and come back when you actually think of a better response that whatever this garbage is.

      • Read it and still stick by my previous comment. Sounds like your defending Spencer to me. Just my opinion.

  6. Candice’s mother told TMZ that it hurts that Aaryan directs her racism and bigotry at her daughter.
    “She’s a devil” said Mrs. Stewart. Her church is calling for a boycott of Big Brother.

    • TMZ should look for Aaryn’s mother, or any of her relatives. I’m more interested on hearing from them…but thanks for sharing Richie.

      • I’m sure they’re looking for them. I have a feeling they’re hiding. A long vacation to London or Paris is probably very tempting right now.

      • I agree Cyril,would like to see if they are basically the same.The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,as they say.

    • OMG really? Getting a church involved. Let’s get on with the game of BB. This talk has gone on for weeks and I’m tired of it. I don’t agree with the comments and racist remarks but enough already. And some of Candice’s remarks are pretty rude. Just because it’s against a white girl it’s not considered racist???

      • She is retaliating. She is stooping down to their level. She shounldn’t. But it must be pretty hard to be in that situation and have nowhere to run to.

      • Not in her exact words but she made a comment about her being a hillbilly. I can’t remember if she said dumb or stupid. It all happened the night her bed got flipped. So just because Aaryn isn’t black or of another race doesn’t mean it’s not racist. Same as using the word retard which most of them have used. Like I said everyone needs to get over it and get on with the game. You can say every other comment is racist if you wanted to. GM pulled her hood up and asked do I look like a KKK. Now she didn’t mean anything by it but once again people take it wrong.

      • You don’t need to yell the “N” word at every black person or call every asian a “chink” to be considered a racist. There are different levels of racism some more subtle than others but to pretend and turn a blind eye to Aaryn’s blatant racist comments towards Helen, Candice and Howard.. well that’s just delusional.

      • I didn’t turn a blind eye.Your delusional if you think I did. I HAVE SAID I DONT APPROVE OF AARYNS RACIST REMARKS. But their are others that are being ignored for it. She’s not the only one but that is all everyone talks about. People before you comment please READ my posts!!!!

  7. Aaryn is seriously full of herself!!! She thinks she can make t into the final 2!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Being a bitch doesn’t help, dumbass!!!!

    • You know, the funny thing is, I think she will make it to final two based on the reason that she gave. Sad……

      • Nah, I think she’ll be out this Thursday. It’ll be an easy vote. If she isn’t out Thursday, I’m done for the season. I can’t stand that bastard.

  8. This group of hgs are just irritating. I liked Helen, but not so sure if I still do. I just hope that Helen knows Amanda, McCrea, and Judd will get rid of her, Elissa, and Candice the first chance that they get. In my opinion, Amanda and McCrea have not written Aryan off and I believe they might even decide they should take her to the end with them (that’s if they get that far). Also, why are the Rebels so against Candice and Howard hooking up (it would be unwise for them to do so, though). I just find it funny no one cares that Amanda and McCrea are a power couple/alliance. Judd and I know that I’m being mean (I like Judd, though), but listening to him (he doesn’t open his mouth when he talks, just a bunch of mumbling) is extremely hard.

    • Helen is suffering from “reflex crying” mainly associated with babies. lol

    • I just wish Helen would stop promising safety to every HG but Jeremy. She claims that is what she dislikes about Howard (his lying to her). But yet shes not practicing what she preaches. It’s not possible to keep EVERYONE safe until the end of the game. She’s on a power trip this week. Her fake crying is irritating also. If she keeps it up the other HGs will eventually give her something to cry ABOUT!

    • I agree what about Amanda & McCray? How did they forget about them? I say break them up soon.

  9. LOL, so by Kaitlin using the veto to save HERSELF from eviction, Helen is telling everyone to keep her safe for a few weeks? I’m dying. I though Helen was brighter than this. Kaitlin would’ve used the veto on herself no matter what in the end. So dumb.

    • I think they all need to stay focused because the plan is to get them all out over the next 3 or 4 weeks. This week Jeremy goes. Next week Kaitlyn goes, then GM or Spencer, etc. Does it matter which order? They just need to use whatever opportunities they have. back dooring Jeremy this week is the right move. It depends on who win HOH next week but the rebels will get the MVP vote again and I am sure Aaryn, GM or Spencer will be next. Maybe even Howard.

  10. omg me and my sisy love big brother yhhh I want mcrae to win now. I think Jessie should have been with Andy lol !!!!
    -micha from Missouri-

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