Big Brother 15 Episode 8: Week 3 Nomination Show Tonight

Big Brother 15 - Julie Chen

Update: Tonight’s episode will be delayed until 8:19PM ET due to golf. West coast broadcast will be on time. Adjust your DVR accordingly.

Big Brother 15 is back tonight on CBS a 8/7c with the latest nominations ceremony where Helen, this week’s HoH, goes from two weeks as a Have-Not to being the HG in charge and calling the shots.

Tonight’s show will feature the time between just after Thursday’s show and Friday night’s nomination ceremony. That’s going to include an incredibly active and also upsetting night worth of content including GinaMarie’s meltdown along with her in-your-face fight with Candice that resulted in an offensive run of racial attacks from GinaMarie, Kaitlin, and Aaryn. If CBS is now including this side of the HGs then they’ll have to show that event, but I’m guessing they’ll stop short of showing it resulted in Candice & Howard sleeping on the floor that night after being run out of their bed and bedroom.

It has been a very interesting few days with Helen and her “honesty is the best approach” method as HoH. She has been striking deals and offering safety to other players left and right in some surprising moves. What seemed like craziness turned out to be a well orchestrated plan to get out a big target this week. As things are moving forward and getting closer to the next eviction we’ll soon find out if her risky plan works.

The real BB game continues to be on the Live Feeds with plenty more drama than CBS can fit in to three weekly, hour-long episodes. Want to see what it’s like to watch the in-house cameras, listen in on the HGs private conversations, and see who is doing what? Then get your free trial for the Live Feeds and see what you’ve been missing.

Big Brother 15 Episode 8 Preview:



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  1. Helen looks to be using her HoH well. That is, strategically instead of for revenge (Aaryn)

    • Will it show Spencer’s comments in regard to women like when a woman says no she means yes or the comments he made to Judd last night in regard to Jessie or his comments in regard to Hitler and his torture of the millions of Jews? I doubt it because apparently CBS is as sexist as Spencer is. Disgusted!

      • All this racist and bigotry have got to stop. It saddens me that CBS has allowed these people to remain in the game. It makes absolutely no sense to me. TVGN is now showing disclaimers, which I think is equally as sad. If you are aware of the situation, then why not just take care of it not condone it by saying we are not responsible for what those idiots say or do.

      • It must be a real conundrum for them. If you kick out everybody that said something offensive. You’re going to need to shut down the show and put up rerun of last year.

      • No doubt that is the main challenge of casting calls. How much ”bad behaviour” do you cast in each season? How many ”heroes”, how many ”villains”? If you go too much one way, the show is boring (hello BB-Canada), and if you go the other way you get this season of BB-USA.

      • This is a tough road to travel… At what point do we ‘stop’ unacceptable behaviour then? Why was Chima allowed to stay as long as she did? Why were Willie and others allowed to stay after physically threatening others (in Willie’s case he followed through before finally being pulled)?! These actions are illegal outside of the house, why are they be allowed inside? What about slander & defamation of character then? It’s also against the law. … We all know the answer here: Without any of those being ”allowed” then you simply don’t get gawkers (like me) cheering on the heroes to beat the bad guys each week.

      • Oh, wow! I forgot about Chima! i had to revisit that season. CBS issued a statement that she was booted because of bad behavior. Not sure why GM and Aaryn’s classiness is not viewed the same way. Chima, I could imagine, was likely to physically assault another houseguest, at any given moment. I feel that Aaryn isn’t dumb enough to try that or maybe she is too smart to try it. GM, on the other hand, I think, is capable of it. She has threatened it many times and she said she wanted to smack Candice’s face. I still feel like I am missing something with the whole Mean Girls vs. Candice. What started the whole issue? If there wasn’t a pivotal moment, then this proves that they are indeed racists-they are mistreating her based on skin color and I also think they are embracing that Candice doesn’t fit the stereotype of an angry black woman.

      • Ironically I think Aaryn said it best… ”Guilty by association”. The ”Mouths R’ Us” Alliance simply doesn’t like Candice because she is close to Helen & Elissa. Now add to that Amanda telling Aaryn that Helen, Howard & Candice aren’t happy with the racist remarks, and POW, you’ve got one angry little, self-entitled, 20-something year old girl who can’t control her mouth of her actions towards Candice… At the end of the day, this has very little to do with Candice herself. Candice has been nothing less than kind and fair to Aaryn and the ”Mouths R’ Us” crew…

      • I agree. In the “real world” celebrities have lost jobs for saying stuff like this. Remember Isaiah Washington using a homophobic slur on the set of Grey’s Anatomy? I believe he was gone at the end of the season.

      • You might not like it, but they have a 1st amendment right to free speech.

        In fact if they removed them, CBS & Production could be sued for civil rights violations.

      • Freedom of speech does not mean that you have the freedom to say whatever you want, to whomever you want, and anytime that you want. Freedom of speech means that you can not be charged by the justice system for what you say. It, however, does not mean that you can not be fired from your job, kicked off of a reality show, or thrown out (head first) from an establishment. No one is asking that Aryan be stoned to death.

      • If you’re so right, then why is she still on the show? If the law was on CBS’s side, she’d be gone.

        She is not! Consult a lawyer on this one.

      • His comments last night about Jessie made me sick. All CBS is airing is about Aaryn when there are a few more people that are worse. But Julie took Aaryn’s comments personal (and I don’t blame her) but her husband is President of the network so that’s why they’re showing everything Aaryn does but nobody else. I DON’T agree with Aaryn’s actions but do not think it’s right to only show one person. Everyone should be exposed on national TV.

      • To be perfectly honest, I’m surprised CBS is showing as much as they are. I expected them to edit it all out.

      • Me too, but there would be no way to explain Candice’s tears and Howard’s distress, I guess. I am not looking forward to seeing tonite’s episode. I read about Thursday night’s drama and teared up thinking about Howard and Candice sleeping on the floor. I have sons and I hope that they will exercise good judgement and restraint like Howard did, but I also pray that they are never in a situation this volatile.

      • Hope your sons are not the liar and do not swear on the bible when he is lying up one end and down the other. He is NO Saint whatsoever! Howard is a liar and his swearing on the bible to try and get his butt out of the frying pan is sickening to me. I cannot stand him and think them sleeping on the floor was just Production trying to make it look like something out of nothing. They are not in a volatile situation because every step is monitored by CBS.

      • You have some very interesting points of view. Since all of the hgs are big liars, I hope you feel the same way about all of them. In my opinion, Howard and Candice sleeping on the floor was very real and it should not be trivialized by you or anyone else.

      • I didn’t see the swearing on the Bible incident, so I cannot respond to that. I did see that Howard admitted that his religion and his gameplay were in conflict and that means he is not in denial. Aaryn still believes that she is not making racist or inappropriate comments. On last night’s episode, she said that she was only apologizing to Candice because she wanted Candice to know that she heard her comments “wrong.” If that’s not denial, I don’t know what is. I never said that Howard was a saint, I said that I hope when faced with such a volatile situation that I hope my kids can ultimately do what Howard did, and walk away. Volatile means that a person or a situation is capable of changing quickly, usually in a bad manner. Even though CBS is monitoring the situation, a punch can be thrown before they can intervene and there have been several confrontations that could have come to blows so far this season. Production calling someone to the Diary Room is not really intervening. Just saying!

      • Personally, I see what Aaryn said is a lot worse than anything else. Calling Candice a shaniqua to her face and than tell her to “let the black out”. That’s the most vile and racist attack that was done in this house so far. It was a direct attack meet to hurt.

        Just my 2 cents, Aaryn should go first.

        P.S. Go to urbandictionary dot com and look up shaniqua.

      • Well I suspect that a fair amount of the public outcry over the remarks have less to do with the bigotry itself and is more of a way to protect Elissa. If you look at the comments closely you’ll notice that they cry for Aaryn’s, GM’s, and Kaitlin’s head on a silver platter because they are seen as Elissa’s biggest threats. However, these comments also leave off Spencer, Amanda, and anyone else who has made similar slams. You can’t remove the “bad” and leave the “good” intolerants because they are all guilty.

      • Agreed. But once again this should be a reminder that everything is contextual. People cheer for the bad actions of ”heroes” and we boo the good actions of ”bad guys” because that’s how most people feel justified. I personally feel that it’s an abuse of perception how the show plays into this ”hero vs. bad guy” image to begin with. Take for example Howard. He has shown a lot of patience, grace, and humility in the house (total good guy). But at the same time if we put him in another context, production could spin him as a ”bad guy” because of his alliance and friendship with Jeremy, Spencer and Nick who as a group were pretty cocky, arrogant & self-assured… It’s all context. Elissa is another good example of this.

      • It was interesting how the live show pinned all the criticism on Aaryn. Granted she brought it on herself but she is not isolated. I guess they had to address the issue somehow without admitting half the cast are pigs. With all the spiteful things that have been said already I don’t think it will be wise to bring out Zingbot this year. LOL

      • …I think there’s danger in labelling a ”worst” racist… I’m disappointed that NONE of the caucasians in the house have stood up and said ”This is WRONG, stop it now!” Amanda tried in a private and less than subtle way, but this is at the point where Judd, Andy, Kaitlin, Amanda, McCrae, Elissa & Jessie need to call a house meeting, put the game aside for 1-hr, and say: “We’ve had enough of how you are treating Howard, Helen, Candice & Andy! If this doesn’t stop right now, we will cease to participate in this game and production will be forced to answer why this has happened!” Their silence is painful.

      • I agree and I am still trying to figure out how no one knew what was going on downstairs. Most of the seasons, the HOH and pals are glued to the screens in the HOH room-they can’t hear but they can see who is talking. I am also upset for Jessie. Jeremy and Kailtlin laid out on her bed while she was trying to rest made me uncomfortable. She told them she was uncomfortable and they laughed. I think that this is also something that should be included in the “rules.” They invaded her space and she told them to move.

      • Didn’t they say Birds of the same feather flock together? Explain to us how Howard can keep his alliance with Jeremy and Spencer who have said racist things and bullied other house guests on the show when he professes to hate racism. Aaryn, Gina Marie and Kaitlyn also throwed racist slurs against Howard and Candace yet, Howard is an ally of the theirs. Only now that he is in danger that he professes to be truthful
        to Helen and not lie to her yet, he lied again about the Moving Company even though the whole house practically knows about it. I guess when Jeremy who is a bully and hurled slurs also at Andy when he acts like a decent human being is being good. Actually, it is all an act and nobody is buying it! Jeremy is saying things and acting like a decent human being because he knows he can get evicted! He is trying to portray himself as better than Aaryn, Kaitlyn and Gina Marie considering the way the three continue to throw racist rants and bully others. Obviously, the strategy is let the others get evicted and save his ass! Is is all an act!

      • So there is a public outcry over racism to keep Elissa in the house??? Wow, those who are offended have really misplaced their anger. That doesn’t make a lot of sense.

      • No. What I said was only a few of the HGs were being hated on for their remarks, while other HGs were being ignored for their remarks. So you tell me – is racism worse than misogyny and homophobia?

      • First of all Aaryn did not say let the black out. GM said it. And if you think Spencer practically saying rape is okay then you’re worse then any of them!!! Just my 2 cents! And I don’t need to look anything up. You go to the dictionary and look up RAPE.

      • Hey, I’m not condoning anything that Spencer said. I think he is a chauvinistic pig. But you know very well that it is just BS. He would never do it. He doesn’t have the balls. He know he would go to jail. Think about it. That’s my opinion.

      • You do not know that so you are wrong. He is sick as is evidence every time that he opens his mouth.

      • Sorry, but GM using the n WORD WAS the worst racist comment in the house, and still Spencer’s comments are far worse.

      • Yeah I’m with you here. I don’t like most of what comes from the ”Mouths R’ Us” alliance, but to only vilify one person (regardless of how justified) is an abuse of power… I guess it’s true – doin’ the Network Pres. really does give a lot of power – don’t cross Julie!

      • I thought we saw what everyone else was saying. I could be wrong, but I remember the outdoor comments made by GM being being aired. I could be confused though. There have been so many things said!

      • She took that personally but apparently has no problem with Spencer’s comments in regard to women especially where he stated that when a woman says no she means yes. Hey Spencer look up the word RAPE in the dictionary if you happen to own one which I doubt. Sorry, but Julie Chen took Aaryn’s and GM’s comments personally but hey I guess with her and CBS Rape is okay. Sorry but Spencer is the worst and do not get why CBS and Ms. Chen are protecting him, but of course she also loved Frank last year who also made comments about rape and laughed about it. Aaryn is just ignorant, but Spencer is scary! He needs to go!

      • Yep agree…and Aaryn is also very immature and spoiled so I think that has a lot to do with her comments. She doesn’t even understand how wrong they are. She even has black friends that’s why I think it comes from being very immature. But Spencer is a lot older and most of his comments are about women. Last night saying I’ll bet Jessie’s (blank) tastes like butterscotch. Just looking at him is scary.

      • In my opinion, all of the comments fall in the same category and they are all equally as bad. I think CBS is focusing on Aryan because she keeps making the same stupid comments. Also, her offending Julie Chen probably wasn’t the best thing to do, either.

    • I hope she continues to play with her head and not her heart. They all come in with one goal and quickly lose focus. Staying focused on why they walked through the BB door is the only way to the $500,000.00.

    • The word is is that Spencer may be losing his job as well for the remarks he made that were caught on the live feed. It too was reported on TMZ. Don’t worry, he’ll be getting his just desert as well…

      • He’s unionized. So like a teacher, it’s difficult for the company (Union Pacific Railroad, Co. in this case) to fire him. It’s governed by a Collective Bargaining Agreement, or CBA

      • But the thing is, depending on the terms of the CBA, they have to have “cause” to fire him. And depending on the terms, what he said, while it is disgusting and reprehensible, may not fall into the “for cause” category. I hope it does….but it may not.

  2. If I am not mistaken, didn’t Helen strike up a deal with Aaryn last week to be in a secret alliance with her?

    • Well how many times have secret alliances been made only to be broken immediately. It’s a different series, but “Boston Rob” was the king of that. I remember one where he made a deal to save Amber when the tribes were reshuffled and broke it immediately after the tribes merged.

    • Helen has made a deal with everyone. She’s getting to be a little annoying.

    • That is part of strategy to make people think you are on their side. Not everyone can pull it off. Take last season where Dan Gheesling almost won last season because he used his various alliances to get to the very end. His very bad mistake was not evicting Ian. The only player in the house who played any type of game aside from him. Even the master manipulators can make serious mistakes judging the sincerity of other players. You probably can tell if someone is lying to you by looking them straight in the eye. If they cannot look straight to your eye when talking to you when you are asking them serious questions then, you know not to trust that person! House guests lie in this game all the time but, their body language cannot lie!

      • Very true. But if you make a deal with EVERYONE then you will eventually be outed to look like the lier that you claim to hate. I think Helen has overplayed her hand a bit.

      • Helen is using the alliance thing to ferret out the truth. Howard was exposed because he lied to Helen when the whole house already knew about the Moving Company alliance. Jeremy outed the alliance but, everyone knew about it at that point. She may still prove to be a formidable player if it goes down to 5 people left in the house and she is one of the 5. More than likely, she will be targeted way before then.

    • It is all to get information. She is in effect interrogating the other house guests on the other side now all wanting a deal with her! Information is power and the more she knows, the better for her to make wise decisions about evictions, backdooring house guests.
      That is smart game play. If you do not know what the other side is doing, you are not playing hard enough!
      She will get far because she uses her head rather than relying on the word of the house guests on the racists and bullies side. That way, you know best who to evict first and a plan if these house guests cross you.

  3. I know a lot of people hate Elissa, but I think she is a good player and an outstanding human being. Elissa has her own mind and can not be easily persuaded into doing things that she does not want to do. I comment her for that. I know she has refused to talk to Jeremy and Aryan. She said that she does not have anything to discuss with them (I sure hope this still the case). That lets me know that her pride is worth more that $500,000, which is remarkable. Is it fair for her to get the MVP every week……probably not. I like her the most and I hope she wins the game.

    • Elissa is an outstanding human being? You know this from seeing her for 15 minutes on a game show? Congratulations. You must have hidden powers that the rest of us do not.
      Many viewers think Elissa is riding her sister’s coattails. If she had not been voted MVP by her sister’s fan base the first week she probably would have been out.
      Elissa has not played the game, she is not very intelligent, and she is only in the BB house because production wants her there for the ratings. Some of us would rather see the $500,000 go to charity rather than to her.

      • I agree, everyone is entitled to their opinion and that is why I gave mine.

        Sincerely, LeeArmie

      • Jillith I have been wondering where you were this year. We had some great discussions last season. Have missed seeing you on here. Can’t remember if I had the same name as last season, but this one automatically came up for me so I am guessing it’s the same. :)

      • So you know Elissa is not very intelligent by seeing her for 15 minutes on a game show? How do you know this? Do you possess some kind of special hidden power? The only power that you appear to have is the power to speak before you think and it is not a hidden one, either. I am sure not many people want that kind of power. Ha! Have a great day!

      • What people do not realise is she got more than Rachel’s fan base. Add the numerous sympathy votes from others who do not have a particular player as favorite. I voted for Elissa the 2nd week for MVP as a sympathy vote due to the bullying she was subjected to by Aaryn, Gina Marie, Jeremy, Kaitlin and Spencer. Even if she was Rachel’s sister—-nobody had a right to bully her! She is not even a good player and if they did not bully her, she might have ended up evicted. Instead, the viewing public rallied to her side when you have outright racists and bullies at their worst the first two weeks! Good the Rebel Alliance are in charge. Time to get the undesirable 5 out of the Big Brother House.
        This racist and bullying nonsense has gone long enough! Time to evict them one by one!

  4. What is the difference between the $26.99 and $9.99 for the live feeds? What do you get on the $26.99 that you do no get on the $9.99?

  5. To Everyone in the NY, NJ & CT area: Big Brother will be delayed because of the golf tournament, Suggest you set your DVRs for BB at 8 and The Good Wife at 9.

    • They just switch coverage to Golf Channel. 60 Minutes just started. So Big Bro will be from 8:20 to 9:20.

  6. There isn’t one HG to care about this season. They are all just awful. I loved this show up until this summer. Now I’ve canceled the live feeds (got a refund) and keep a book in my lap during the three weekly broadcasts.

    • It was good for a laugh though. He was deliberately throwing the sour milk into Aaryn’s face. That was awesome. Man, McCrae was awful considering Howard tried hard to lose the competition.

  7. Screw that.. We need more Aaron, Caitlyn and Ginamarie you bunch of candy arses.. They make for good TV not the other bore fest people.. What lets all cheer for who howdy doody guy ?

    • well if good tv is being cruel and mean and a racist I guess you have your perfect show

    • What the heck…..bunch of candy arses…..What lets all cheer for who howdy doody guy. Does Howdy Doody still come on. I loved that show.

  8. it was so sad when Candice cried I cried to this has to stop this is the year 2013 the United State of America has a black President segregation does not longer exist loosing their jobs is not enough it was very painful to watch something has to be done please

    • That why I hope she will be evicted next Thursday. She has no idea what’s coming to her.

    • We do have a black President and yet when I read an article about him I am shocked at the same types of comments against him by people in the comments section. I know this has nothing to do with BB other than this does still go on and I don’t see it changing any time soon. It is just sad.

    • I agree ellablue, but my original comment was deleted for some reason so I will just leave it at that.

  9. CBS & Les M are going to do NOTHING about removing questionable HG’s. The ratings are up & media coverage has skyrocketed.

    Social media just adds to the coverage & ad revenue it generates for all involved. I bet even the feed revenues are way up. There is no data available on #’s of people subscribing to feeds, but do the math on say a half million people paying $30 for a season = 15 Million $’s.

    And that’s just feed revenue.

    So expect NOTHING in the way of removals & as a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Grodner et al to even encourage bad behavior.

    The public may not like it, but its got them watching & talking more about BB than ever.

    It’s all about ad, ratings & feed revenues. Al are way up so the conflicts will continue & be encouraged by production & CBS.

    • I believe you are right. Isn’t there a saying that the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about? I believe that applies here because it is certainly being talked about and bottom line is money in their pockets. I really believe that this could have been avoided if Production had stepped in right away. If they can call them out for singing they could have certainly put a stop to this. They obviously didn’t want to imo.

      • To CBS & Production, it’s all about money. The public’s feelings have zero to do with they will allow.

        In fact, it seems that public opinion has only enhanced the cash flow.

        That’s why race fans love NASCAR, Football fans love hard hits, fights on the Baseball diamond, etc.

        Controversy is money for just about everything. Networks know it & they love to show it to the public that devours it.

        For every 1 person upset, there are 10 more that love the conflicts.

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