Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 3 Monday Daytime Highlights


Despite the Veto Ceremony happening and Jeremy going up as a replacement nominee, the Big Brother 15 house has been mostly quiet for the day, save for a few spats and some light HousGuest bashing.

Read about all the moments from the house on our Live Feeds highlights below. And remember that you can check out any of these moments by using the Live Feeds flashback/archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, July 15, 2013 

8:20 AM BBT – Early wake-up call. Must mean the Veto ceremony will happen early.

9:15 AM BBT – Racism discussion going on. I wish Aaryn and GM would just go so we can stop with all this.

9:45 AM BBT – Helen tells Kaitlin she owes her (if she uses the Veto) and will keep her safe as long as she can.

10:05 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Power of Veto Ceremony.

10:57 AM BBT – Feeds return and Helen is dancing. We can presume this means Kaitlin used the veto and Helen put Jeremy up in her place.

10:59 AM BBT – Jeremy and Kaitlin are talking about the POV. He tells her she’s the one responsible for him going home.

11:10 AM BBT – Andy says that if Jeremy acted as civilized and level-headed as he is now when he came in the game, he could have won Big Brother.

11:15 AM BBT – Girls talking about the Moving Company. Candice finally knows she was right to suspect there was a guy’s alliance.

11:22 AM BBT Jessie tells Helen she’s worried about how everyone is being nice to Jeremy and thinks he’s tricking them into keeping him. Helen assures her that won’t happen.

11:50 AM BBT – Aaryn talks about possibly finding a dead body one time. Yeah, weird.

12:27 PM BBT – Andy tells Helen if they want to get rid of Howard next then Candice will have to be nominated too. They say Howard is a nice guy but they can’t trust him and he has to go.

12:39 PM BBT – Amanda, Jeremy and Candice are having a spat about things Candice might have said about Amanda.

1:02 PM BBT – Helen tells Elissa that Aaryn says she won’t target them. Helen has this ridiculous “deal” with Aaryn that I don’t quite understand.

1:28 PM BBT – Kaitlin has been talking about how much she hates Candice and she is making it her goal to get her evicted next week.

2:28 PM BBT – Amanda, McCrae, Judd and Andy name their alliance The Goof Troup.

2:55 PM BBT – Indoor lockdown. Not sure why.

So Jeremy is surprising everyone with his positive attitude and even has a few people thinking that if this version of Jeremy had been playing the game since Day One, he wouldn’t be where he is right now. Will “New” Jeremy be able to get people to change their minds about voting him out? Doubtful, but anything is possible.

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  1. Somebody fill me in on why Candice has to be nominated if Howard is nominated????

    • Candice has to be nominated because if she weren’t, she’d vote for Howard to stay- and they need votes against him (she can’t vote if she’s nominated)

      • She is just want person and 1 vote cant keep him if they want him gone..Their just being mean.

    • I’m wondering the same thing, when Amanda has Mcrae but Helen is not seeing this she is just listening to Amanda and not paying attention to what is really going on with her own game.

  2. Power struggle is already happening within the Rebel’s Alliance. Amanda is playing hardcore, forming “The Goof Troop”(what the hell!) Andy, the biggest “mole” in the house. I don’t think Helen and Amanda trust each other. Players have to pick sides, and that would be interesting to see.There’s so many wild cards in the house…including the MVP. This is a reset.

    • MVP is no wild card. It’s Elissa, every week. She has had such an unfair advantage with this twist because of the *gag* Brenchel fans. I would not be surprised at all if she continues to win it until she’s evicted.

      • I have no doubt she will keep winning. What I’m saying is, if there is a division in the group, she still has to pick sides.Right?

      • why do you say ‘gag’?. I loved Rachael. why is there this automatic hate Rachael club. she is a strong player and not a racist or homophobe like what you have in the house now. its just silly. I love Rachael. period!!

      • Just for pure entertainment, Can you imagine if Rachel was in the house with this group of people? It would be hilarious !

      • remember when rachel targeted ragen with homosexuality related insults in season 12?

      • But now Rachel and Ragen are best friends does anyone believe that Arrayan will walk out of the house and become best friends with Helen, Howard or Candaice?

      • how can you make that call? it was pretty unlikely at that time that ragen and rachel would end up friends… will you please take the blinders off?

      • Its been a curse as much as its been a benefit. Elissa has been a target for half the house because they believed if she was evicted they would have a chance at MVP.

      • So why don’t we at least *try* and combat the Brenchel fans and choose one person to all vote for MVP. I think Amanda would make a good choice (at the moment at least). It could be worth a shot.

      • ..Or maybe not Amanda I guess people don’t like her (oops). But SOMEBODY other than Elissa. Internet UNITE

      • I’m totally on board with Judd. Q: would he just do what his team (Helen, Andy & McrAnda) want or do you think he would make his own decision? OR Do you think both those would lead to the same person?

      • Judd is a nice guy, but he’s a member of “the goofy troop” with Andy and McCranda. I’m not sure where his loyalty is. This is the first season that I still don’t know who I’m rooting for.

      • Cyril the same goes for me. First season since Season 1 that I don’t have a favorite. I guess out of who is left I like Judd the best as a person. I would love to see some real game play come from him to match him being a nice guy. I don’t like the alliance he is with so that does make it tough. Just would like to see someone different get MVP.

      • Yes, I don’t have a favorite yet.. I was turned off by Amanda just last week. I thought I like her. lol I have to wait and see some more game playing.

      • lol Cyril it seems like it is hard this season to pick one person and remain with them. I like Judd this week because he finally started talking more, but that may change next week. :)

      • I don’t have a fav yet either. I think the rebel side of the house is going to break up real fast. To many bosses and not enough followers! Never seen a BB like this one.

      • Amanda and Helen probably have had more game play than everyone else. My concern is the Rebel Alliance being fractured before they evict the undesirable 5. I hope they finish the job of evicting all the undesirable 5. This week is just the start hopefully, with Jeremy. Aaryn, Gina Marie, Spencer and Kaitlyn are still in the Big Brother House. In view of that, the Goof Troup might just put a monkey wrench and lose sight of getting rid of the undesirable 5. For that reason, I will not give it to Amanda, Judd, McCrae or Andy. I will probably vote for Helen again because she cannot play for HOH
        and someone from her alliance if they win HOH or maybe, even the undesirables might win HOH this week and target Helen and Elissa. I think Helen thinks more strategically so, would be the better one to get the MVP.

      • VJMETZ I would love for him to make his own decision and have him surprise us with his game play. I may be looking for a miracle out of this I don’t like his alliance, but who does he have to pick from? I don’t believe in any of these alliances this season since there have been so many side alliances I have lost track. It may lead us to the same person or maybe not. Who would you like to see go after this week? I just picked Judd because I do like him and think most people do.

      • It’s true, I could get on board with Judd. I suppose if I were to suggest anyone else it would be Candice. I think she would make the decision for herself and it’d probably be nice to know America supports her (though I don’t peg her for the win) Obviously I’d like to see Aaryn Kaitlyn or GM go, but it’s also boring and predictable. I like Howard but Spencer bores me, so I guess I’d put Spencer next on that list

      • I think Candace is with Helen, Elissa and Jessie as well as Howard. I think the next target to go would be Aaryn unless something happened today on the live feeds. I haven’t watched any yet. I agree it is boring and predictable. Either Judd or Candace for MVP would be fine with me. Just would like someone different to get it even if the outcome is the same person to go. I wouldn’t mind seeing Spencer go this week. I think he is a snake.

      • I really like your 2nd choice. You know why? McCranda wants Howard out and Candice is really his only protector. I just don’t want McCranda benefiting from Judd as MVP.

      • Good point Cyril. I have no problem with Candace and my votes will go to her. I hope that Judd’s alliance with them is fake. I like him and don’t see that as a good alliance. I was hoping he would be smarter than that. It is a hard season to get that one right person to completely get behind. It’s easier to pick out the ones I don’t care for.

      • It’s still early. I have a feeling Judd will make deals with other HG’s What’s interesting is Amanda seems to be protecting Aaryn, while Helen is protecting Kaitlyn.

      • Judd is just sitting back and will probably make it to the end. Nobody even mentions his name and everyone likes him.

      • Lets do it, lets all vote Candace MVP! I doubt it will happen but people reading this DO IT! (and tell your friends) :)

      • I am really concerned that this Rebel Alliance might get fractured and as a result, some of the racists in the Big Brother House might not get evicted in the process. If someone from the Rebel Alliance pulls a crazy stunt like vote to evict someone from their alliance benefitting any of the racists or bullies still in the house—-I will NEVER vote for that person for MVP nor vote for them as America’s favorite player. I think there is a $20,000 prize that goes with that! Guys finish the job that you started or a lot of viewers are going to get pissed off at you as much as the racists and bullies still in the house! Do not stray from the plan and get all the racists and bullies still in the house!

      • I will wait and see who wins the HOH. If it is Kaitlyn, Aaryn, GM I will vote for Elissa again. She seems to be the most solid as far as sticking to the plan to evict the bad people. If Spencer or Howard wins, I will vote for Amanda. If Elissa wins, I will vote for Helen. Of anyone else wins, I will decide between Helen and Elissa. I think Elissa is actually tired of the MVP since it puts her in a difficult position every week. But she has made good choices so far.

      • I am concerned about Amanda because reading this blog, they were talking about targeting Elissa. Hopefully, Amanda and McCrae use their heads and do not break the Rebel Alliance this early in the game. Lots of game play left and there are still 4 undesirables in the house, Gina Marie, Aaryn, Spencer and Kaitlyn that needs to go even if Jeremy is evicted tonight! If the Rebel Alliance targets each other, it will give the 4 undesirables an opening to help boot the Rebel Alliance Members and continue to stay in the house. Howard is an unknown quantity but, I think he is still tight with Spencer which is why the undesirables all have to go! Then, we can have a Big Brother game played as it should be played without the racism and bullying the past 3 weeks now.

    • I said after Nick got evicted that there are way to many people in an alliance and I can’t wait until they all start turning on each other. Well it’s already happening and Nick has only been gone for 4 days.

      • Yeah, more drama coming soon. Anyway, since you suggested, I did look up the word “rape” lol

      • The best way to minimize a chance for an early break in the Rebel Alliance is to try and ensure no alliance gets a huge edge to make them do something crazy like go after each other! There are still racists and bullies in the Big Brother House that needs to be evicted. And for that reason, I will vote accordingly to try to make sure there is a balance in both groups so that, Jeremy, Aaryn, Gina Marie, Spencer and Kaitlyn all go home! That is job 1. After the 5 undesirables are gone. Anyone can win and I will be fine with it! The remaining house guests can go after each other then, and may the best player win!

      • I agree but I like her anyway! The only thing is, I think it is a bad idea to plan too far ahead. Talking about a final 4 or 2 so early is just ridiculous. Things change too quickly in BB and that kind of talk usually just gets people in trouble. Amanda is already talking about getting Helen out down the road. It way too soon for that. But she keeps McCrae mind from wandering into all kinds of ridiculous plans and schemes.

      • The danger in that talk is it will fracture the Rebel Alliance. It will create mistrust and one or more members might decide they must move to evict one of their members and then, all hell will break loose and now, the undesirables will not get booted out and last deep in the game. That is what they must avoid. Get the undesirables, all of them out then, they can plan on strategy and who to take out next!

  3. Indoor lockdown.
    “Sorry for the inconvenience, but we have to keep Aaryn and GinaMarie inside so we can tell them the news that they have been fired.”

    That’d be nice, but it’s not going to happen until they leave the house. As I have been saying since Aaryn was nominated, bye bye Aaryn.

  4. Too many fake alliances that never last in this house, The Goof Troup really?! Personally I’m getting a bit scared of Mcranda, someone needs to target them before it’s too late. Jeremy better be going home this week, although I would be lying if I said I didn’t find him a little likeable this week, like Andy said, had he been like this since day one he wouldn’t have had so many haters and such a huge target. I love how they’re all saying they need to target Howard next week when, oh yeah, none of them have won HOH yet (although I guess MVP is practically the same thing now). All the showmances are sickening me at this point, GM is still crying for no reason, Kaitlyn almost killed her game for Jeremy and well Amanda is definitely in McCrae’s ear.

    • Jeremy is acting to save his butt and nothing else! His natural self has already been exposed! He even said on TV that he will do anything to stay and he has not seen the fat lady yet. Well, the fat lady is in the house.
      Tomorrow, she will practice her singing and warm her tonsils. Wednesday, she will sing her opera! Music to my ears when it happens!

      • Jeremy signed his fate several weeks ago. The kid is a stupid jerk and played an awful game. He’s all ego and no brains.

    • I am sick of Mcranda (good name) too! Please somebody send one of them home. Let’s see who wins HOH next and if Andy will float with them.

      • There’s no doubt in my mind that Andy will float with whoever wins unless he should happen to win it himself. He is a mole and just goes around gathering info. One thing I don’t understand is everyone is complaining about the Moving Co and yet aren’t they all doing the same thing themselves now? Andy has an alliance with Helen and Elissa and also with McCrae, Judd and Amanda. I guess I am just lost this season with all the different alliances.

      • The only problem the moving company was Jeremy and Nick. Nick was a big turn off because he tried to be too focused on the while failing to build real relationships with others. Jeremey is just a big walking ego with no filter.

    • Agree, agree agree…if they don’t get Amanda out soon that big mouth bully will be sitting in the finals. Wonder how McCrae would do with her gone since he seems to be on a ball and chain with her.

      • Lavendargirl I feel the same way regarding Amanda and her being a big mouth bully. They are going after the bigger physical threats so that may give them a chance to win a physical comp. I think that is why Spencer is getting a pass which infuriates me. Did you see the food comp. where Howard was trying to throw and he still beat McCrae? Wasn’t it Howard who said she just hopped into bed with McCrae because he won HOH? I believe that is why she doesn’t like him or anyone who might say something against her. I think she does like him now or she is a good actress. Just hard to picture her with a pizza delivery guy after this is over. I know people talk about Jeremy and Kaitlin being in bed, but so have Amanda and McCrae. Let’s hope if she goes McCrae doesn’t react like GM did when Nick left. :)

      • In the first or second show Amanda said he cant be a pizza delivery boy that he must be something else. I really think she thinks he is a somebody. Really cant picture her with a pizza delivery boy.

      • lol She is going to be in for a shocker when she finds out that he really is. I heard her talking about something yesterday that were expensive and I thought I don’t think McCrae will be able to buy you those. She had a boyfriend when she came in and look how fast she hopped into bed with McCrae. I didn’t like her or trust her from the beginning.

  5. The reason why BB is not worried about racism, BB not in the top 10 for African-Americans.

    Goto nielsen web page (link is waiting approval)

  6. I just hope they don’t do something stupid and keep Jeremy. The way he is acting now is just to save himself. If he wins HOH again, he will revert to the same old Jeremy. It is his nature. Then he will go after McCrae and Amanda.

  7. Big Brother….It is time to get rid of these horrible racists in this house. I have watched every season and have seen people sent home for much less than what these cowards have done. I hope you do something before ratings start to fall because it is just too disgusting at this point.

    • Let the HG’s evict Aaryn and her minions out themselves. Although I wouldn’t be surprise if Big Brother announces Thursday show as a double eviction.

  8. Goof Troop… Ha ha ha. The theme just started playing in my head. Ah, the good old days of Disney Afternoon…

  9. I’m glad Jeremy or Aaryn will definitely be leaving this week, its about time. Although, I am very frustrated that Howard might actually might be leaving next week. I understand it was wrong for him to lie to helen like that, but I honestly think he deserves to be there more than the other HG’s. He’s a great guy and hes been playing a great game until recently. I would be crushed to see him go so soon. Hopefully he starts showing his competitive side a bit, and starts winning more competitions. I’m praying he wins HOH or MVP next week.

  10. I say stick with the plan. Jeremy goes…What is Helen doing making a promise to save Kaitlin, if she uses the Veto? Kaitlin should pull her head outta her butt, and use it on herself. That is a no brainer, and she chooses not to them later gator. Jeremy would take himself off, obviously. Helen talking with Aaryn is just wrong. Where is Helen’s head, she won’t target you? So the racist or Kaitlin won’t do you wrong. Haha. What kinda koolaide is Aaryn able to mix and you drink. The talk about putting Candice and Howard up next is dumb! Why keep GM Aaryn Kaitlin or Jeremy. Just doesn’t make sense. I guess the hgs like being maliciously attacked. duh know.

    • The longer GM, aaryn, Kaitlin or Jeremy stay in the house, chances are better for the other HG’s in the end. Nobody will knowingly & willingly give money to bad people.

      • I’m sorry but I disagree. Keeping them in the house would be of no benefit. Let’s say one makes it to the end and the others make it to jury. “Bad” people have won in my opinion.
        Plus, that gang will end up wiping the floor with the rest of the house, sending everyone home. You will have too choose who then? GM Kaitlin and Aaryn have all wined and said they don’t care about the game. They all have said they were ready to leave the house on the live feed. Give them their wish and let the door smack them on the way out of the house.
        Aaryn should have been removed from the game after the bed flipping incident, couple with her remarks. GM for wanting to get physical with Candice, should be out too. Kaitlin and Jeremy together are threats to win the game. Just putting the thought out there,

  11. What’s worrying me is the fact that Amanda’s been hanging out with Aaryn for the past few days… even though Mcrae really wants Aaryn out if Amanda decides to make an alliance with Aaryn, Mcrae wouldn’t object because she’s got him wrapped around her finger.

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