Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 2 Thursday Daytime Highlights


Happy eviction day, Big Brother 15! Tonight someone will be going home and if you’re just now checking in on what went down on the Live Feeds so far today, you might be in for a surprise. All day long, the house has been scrambling and flip-flopping and freaking out. It’s been glorious so you will want to get caught up!

Read about all the moments from the house on our Live Feeds highlights below. And remember that you can check out any of these moments by using the Live Feeds flashback/archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, July, 11, 2013

10:1o AM BBT – Wake-up time!

10:19 AM BBT – Feeds return. HGs are starting to wake up and move about the house. Helen and Elissa are studying for tonights Head of Household competition.

10:46 AM BBT – Howard and Spencer continue plotting Amanda’s demise.

10:56 AM BBT – Jeremy confronts Amanda about hearing that she is not voting with him to evict Elissa. She says nobody knows who she’s voting for.

10:59 AM BBT – Helen tells Spencer that Nick needs to go because he is a huge threat. Spencer continues working on tainting Amanda to Helen.

11:04 AM BBT – Jeremy tells Amanda that Helen is talking about her and that she’s voting with her side of the house.

11:11 AM BBT – Amanda and Helen agree to ignore what Jeremy says because he’s just trying to secure the votes against Elissa.

11:13 AM BBT – Spencer tells Jeremy that Jessie is voting to evict Nick. Talk turns to Helen winning HOH and MVP and Spencer thinks they should evict Helen tonight instead of Elissa. Jeremy thinks they should stick to the plan to evict Elissa.

11:19 AM BBT – Jeremy confronts Jessie about her vote. She tells him she’s still voting to evict Elissa, not Nick.

11:23 AM BBT – Jeremy continues his nervous scramble and is now telling Helen that people from her side of the house are talking smack about her.

11:30 AM BBT – Andy is making sure Howard didn’t get to Candice. He tells her if she doesn’t vote to evict Nick they lose this game. She agrees and says she isn’t flipping.

11:40 AM BBT – Feeds cut for show prepping and rehearsal.

1:10 PM BBT – Andy also makes sure Jessie is still on board to evict Nick. She says she is.

1:19 PM BBT – Now Spencer has decided to flip and he’s convincing Howard to do the same. Spencer says that Jeremy is a wild card and he is not a good person to be in alliance with. Spencer tells Howard that he is with him 100 percent and if they get Nick out, they ditch Jeremy and work with each other and McCrae. Spencer also mentions burying his obsession with targeting Amanda. Nick walks in before we can get a read on what Howard thinks.

1:25 PM BBT – Nick is finally starting to sweat. He’s now going around trying to figure out votes.

1:52 PM BBT – Nick gets confirmation from Andy and Judd that they’re voting to evict Elissa (they’re lying).

2:10 PM BBT – Spencer tells McCrae to vote to evict Nick and ditch the Moving Company.

2:15 PM BBT – Now Nick and GinaMarie are both sweating and asking Amanda to help them stay safe.

2:30 PM BBT – McCrae is nervous that Spencer’s change of heart is the Moving Company turning on him. He decides to vote to evict Elissa to cover his tracks.

So there you have it. It’s after mid-day in the Big Brother house and right now it looks like the houseguests have turned on Nick in favor of keeping Elissa. It also looks like the end of The Moving Company is near. If this all plays out the way it’s been planned, tonight’s episode and the fallout on the Feeds are going to be awesome!

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  1. If Nick gets evicted, this game will be turned on its head. The racists and bullies will be sweating like crazy and scrambling like rats to secure their safety for next week especially if the rebels win HOH! Right now, they probably are feeling the heat
    because they feel that there is a power shift going on and they will be on the other end of the stick! If Spencer did flip then, it seals Nick’s fate.

    • Why do people keep talking about HoH like it matters. The rebels would have MVP and numbers. HoH is irrelevant.

      • It does matter. If you are HOH you are safe that week no matter who gets evicted. If you nominate 2 people and you also get MVP—that is 3 votes you nullify and practically ensure someone’s eviction. They cannot all save themselves and you have the renom to put another house guest in place. If one of the rebels win HOH this week and they also get MVP—-the racist and bullies group can really all be targeted all at once and stripped of their votes too guaranteeing one of them goes home. Add to that the fear of those remaining that they will be next to be targeted and will have to fight for their lives to stay will make for a very exciting next couple of weeks if and when it happens!

      • The “rebels” have the numbers even with 2 rebels on the block. As long as Elissa has MVP and targets the “bullies”, a bully goes home every week.

        Hoh is now like a worse veto. Saves you for a week, but that is it. The rebels simply don’t need it.

        Example: look at the worst case scenario.

        Jeremy wins HoH and puts 2 rebels up. MVP puts up Aaryn. GinaMarie wins veot and pulls Aaryn down. KAITLYN still goes home.

        HoH does not matter until either the rebels break up OR someone new gets MVP and mixes things up OR there are so few bullies left that an HoH win leaves no bullies left to target,

        Still not sure how this is surprising. This is the whole basis of the “rebel alliance” in the first place. A supermajority of votes plus an MVP winner guarantees someone from the other side goes home.

      • Lets put it another way. It would actually be a bad strategic move for anyone in the Rebel alliance to actually try to win HoH this week.

        If its a knockout, their best approach would be to knock out Jeremy, and then try to throw it to GM or Kaitlyn. Then you MVP nominate Aaryn and either backdoor Jeremy or vote Aaryn out. Worst case Jeremy is picked and wins, then you put the 4th one up and still get one out.

        You know a power is useless when it is strategically sound to THROW it to the other side of the house.

  2. This could go from ‘boy Elissa really messed up her second MVP’ to ‘boy Elissa used the MVP brilliantly (even if it was accidentally) two straight weeks.

    • This one could be more like karma working. For two weeks, Elissa has been targeted just because the racists and bullies hate her sister and also want to bully her! And now, the shoe is on the other foot. How satisfying would it be to see Aaryn, Gina Marie, Jeremy, Kaitlyn and Spencer all get their comeuppance! I am sure majority of the viewing public would relish this when it happens. And when the racists and bullies are gone, there would be enough time for game play and strategy as there would be 8 players still left in the game. Atleast, the nonsense of nominating someone because you hate their race or want to bully them would end. It should be about game play, you can lie, promise or what have you and still craft your strategy to win the game.

      • Jesus get a grip. She’s being nominated because everyone knows she’s getting MVP every week. You’re insane.

      • She got it for two weeks because it is a sympathy vote for being bullied for being Rachel’s sister and nothing else! More than anything. If Elissa stays, there is no need to give her MVP because she would have the alliance to protect her. It could be anyone who is HOH and is the enemy of the racists and the bullies which are Aaryn, Gina Marie, Jeremy, Spencer and Kaitlyn. You will look pretty stupid when Elissa is not the next MVP. It is all about getting the racists and bullies out of the house and if you cannot see that, who really cares?

      • know who’s being bullied? Helen, Howard and Candice. They’re getting racially attacked, which is something you deeply care about, it seems.

        I will guarantee you that Elissa will be MVP next week. I hope im wrong, because then there would be a sort of gameplay, but the trend is already continuing (on twitter, facebook, live feeds). Elissa will be MVP.

        Also, HOH doesnt matter when you have MVP and numbers. Any of those “bullies” could have won HOH and someone in their alliance still would have left. The show isnt worth watching for the next 4 weeks, because theres nothing the other side can do to get back in the game. Literally nothing.

  3. I just hope that Helen, Elissa, Candace or Amanda get HOH. I don’t trust Spencer or Howard enough for them to get it

    • I think you are missing the point. HOH DOES NOT MATTER AT ALL.

      This week is Aaryn’s HoH and an ally is still going home. Last week she liked the HoH nominees. Next week could be Jeremy’s HoH. As long as Elissa is MVP and they have the votes, one member of Jeremy’s side will always be on the block, and will always get voted out.

      HoH is only about safety until America chooses a new MVP, or someone decides to ditch the mega alliance.

      Great news if you’re cheering for that side of the house. But could make for some boring shows since the comps are devalued.

      • Thank you. They may as well hold a vote now for america to choose the winner and get it over with. MVP might be the worst twist ever.

      • It would have been a fine twist with no returning or related houseguests. Then its unpredictable who gets it, and if someone smart gets it, they can cause mayhem with it.

        Its a terrible twist when you throw Rachel’s sister in, and half the house decide to use her s basically guaranteed jury.

        Barring a twist or a change of MVP vote, next week is guaranteed one of Aaryn, Kaitlyn, Jeremy, or GM go home.

        Week after that the only way one of the remaining 3 doesnt go is if one wins hoh, another gets MVPed, and the third is picked for veto, wins and takes the second off.

        Week after that you need Hoh or a veto winner or yet another goes.

        Really wondering if Jeremy or Aaryn do something to self evict when they see how hopeless and pointless it all is. Maybe Aaryn will. Jeremy will probably not freak unless they set him up for a backdoor and hes not picked to play.

      • couldnt agree more. Jeremy, GM, Aaryn and Kaitlyn literally have no chance because of the twist. The next four weeks are almost scripted if Nick goes home this week.

      • I see the logic behind your comments, and but for one factor, I would agree : alliances, relations and frienships change a lot in the house, and within weeks. Last week (or at least at the beginning), the five guys in the MC thaught the had a solid alliance and would make it far in the game, Now, look how it crumbles. So, the same could happen with the rebels, and one who is an enemy today, could become an ally tomorrow (see how Helen is playing it smart, and I would not be surprised to see her working with Aaryn…)

      • Clearly the rebels will not last forever. But they will almost certainly last for a couple more weeks. They will have such a numbers superiority that it would take a mass defection to help the other side.

        It is pretty much a lock (barring an MVP change or twist) that 2 more of the bullies get evicted before any rebels turn on each other.

        I’d say the best hope for changing that is to have McCrae or Amanda beat Elissa for MVP (can’t see any bullies winning it unless the Klan start a twitter campaign) AND decide to wreak some havoc.

      • The rebels don’t NEED to last forever. Just long enough to get rid of Aaryn and Jeremy.

      • You’re probably right, but we’ll have to see how it goes tonight. One thing is sure : either way (Elissa or NIck), it will make a good show.
        BTW, the comment about the Klan voting for MVP is hilarious : don’t tempt them !

      • They wont break until Kaitlyn, GM, Aaryn and Jeremy are out. There would be changes if the power didnt depend on Elissa’s obscene power. There is no reason to disband from that – its a death sentence.

      • Yep, It’s almost a waste to vote for MVP each week because as long as Elissa is in the house she will continue to win. What a bore this season will be with the same MVP each week. Ugh. Shake it up and let someone else win!

  4. Was there a rule change on last nights show ,, the mpv did not put up a second choice the first week the hoh did ?>?? Last nite the mpv did ,,, confused in LA …??????

    • last week elissa nominated david mcrae won saved candace which was his nominations not the mvps so mcrae got to choose who went up in her place if david had been saved the mvp would have chose who the replacement was because it was her nomination this week the mvp put up jeremy he won the veto so sine the mvp put up jeremy and he saved himself the mvp got to choose the replacement nominee since it was the mvps nominee that was changed.

  5. tbh i didnt hate rachel but i see how people might but give me three reasons that some people hate elissa they cant cause she has done nothing wrong and doesnt deserve to be hated by some of the houseguests people like andy helen judd i guess have relized that shes a good person and are fighting for her to stay and i hope she does.

    • I don’t hate Elissa. I do kind of hate the people who voted her MVP. And I don’t think she has shown any social game, strategy, or competition ability.

      She’s not worth hating really. She’s just kind of like furniture. But I don’t like furniture getting permanent MVP.

      Also, she panders and begs for America’s help just like her sister did (well her sister actually asked for production’s help … and got it). Its just annoying. The game is at its best when they let the players in the house sort it out amongst themselves, and at its worst when they use heavy handed twists or America’s votes to shape the game.

      If I’d never heard of Rachel, and there was no MVP I would not have a problem with Elissa. Of course, she’d barely be on the show then …

      • Agree…and we all know production manipulates the game. Just watch the live feeds. The players talk about it all the time.

      • I don’t understand why people think that someone must hate Elissa just b/c she doesn’t deserve MVP every week. I actually like Elissa (which is shocking esp since I couldn’t stand Rachel), but why let ONE person get the advantage of a so-called twist each week. Why not Helen, Howard, or Candice? Let’s not forget MVP stand for most valuable player. Can anyone HONESTLY say Elissa is the most valuable hg??? Come on! The hilarious part is when she goes into the DR each week and looks surprised that she got MVP “Oh my Gosh! Thank you America!” *** In my Dani Donato voice “Shockerrrr!” :(

    • As for the houseguests.

      They wanted her out week 1 because everyone looks for an easy target, and both Rachel’s sister and lying about it make for good targets. And it made her most likely to get MVP (and they were right).

      And this week because she got it again, they don’t think its fair for one person to have a perma nomination based on nothing from the game (and they are not wrong).

      As for reason #3, among the various comments going back and forth (and they are certainly not innocent either in this), Elissa did suggest Aaryn was running a brothel when she won HoH and told Jeremy and Kaitlyn they could stay upstairs.

      • Exactly…why should she be able to control who goes each week when she has won nothing except her sisters fans votes.

    • Don’t hate her…just think she had an unfair advantage from the start with her ties to BB. They begged her to do the show now production is doing everything to keep her. She can’t even play the game Helen does everything for her.

  6. Weird time and reason for Spencer to flip. He waited until the one side basically gave up on him then decided to go over to them. Now he’s basically going to be low man in a giant alliance.

    Should make for a couple exciting days, and then a few boring weeks. Unless Jeremy loses his mind and hits someone, or America change who they like, the next few weeks will all be set in stone. The only nomination that will matter will be MVP and the only thing POV and HoH get you is safety.

    Then the stupid mega alliance will crumble, Spencer will get dumped early, and they’ll all learn what a stupid idea it is to save the player America likes best for ratings until later in the season to use her as MVP. Elissa has gone from a pretty useless player out week 2 to be a Production’s box twist or two from making the finals.

    • (I’m repeating here a comment I made earlier) :
      I see the logic behind your comments, and but for one factor, I would agree : alliances, relations and frienships change a lot in the house, and within weeks. Last week (or at least at the beginning), the five guys in the MC thaught the had a solid alliance and would make it far in the game, Now, look how it crumbles. So, the same could happen with the rebels, and one who is an enemy today, could become an ally tomorrow (see how Helen is playing it smart, and I would not be surprised to see her working with Aaryn…)
      P.S. : You can never quite predict people’s behavior, not matter for how long you observe them; that’s what make us watch them and shows like this.

      • The MC alliance did crumble surprisingly early, but it was built on being a secret alliance and the secret crumbled first, leaving people afraid of being targeted.

        The rebel alliance is based on pure numbers and the fact that the other side can win HoH and still lose a player.

        They have to turn on each other in a few weeks (only 4 left not in the alliance), but it would be a shocker if anyone flips again until at least 2 bullies including Jeremy are gone.

  7. I hate Spencer, but it’s probably time that SOMEONE (I wish it wasn’t him) realized how toxic and insane Jeremy is and ditches him. Who threatens absolutely everyone who doesn’t agree with them? Crazy Jeremy!

    • so what, now that Spencer flipped to Elissa’s side, everyone’s cool with him?

      • Absolutely not even close to what I was saying. He’s still a huge misogynistic asshole, but I’m saying if it’s HIM that has to figure out that Jeremy is crazy, then I’ll take it over NO ONE finding out.

  8. If Nick is evicted I will feel somewhat sad because I think he has the potential to be a good player. However, I really want Elissa to stay. I like this “Rebel Alliance” thing that is happening now. I think that someone is going to flip, probably McCrae because of Amanda and/or Spencer because of fear of being lumped in with Aaryn, GM, Jeremy etc.
    Either way it’s going to be a good show tonight because the divide in the house will be even more obvious.

  9. If Jeremy wins HOH, it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have the numbers on his side…or MVP. He will still make life a living hell. I just hope they don’t go back to being intimidated by him. The real deal will be which of the “rebel” crew will turn on the alliance first. Someone has to eventually. If all of the vile creatures that occupy the HOH at the moment are evicted in consecutive weeks then that only leaves the rebels to pick each other off. Hopefully someone has a good strategy to deal with that.

    • He will make life a living hell, and then one of his alliance will go home.

  10. Tonight’s live eviction is gonna be as fun the night Jeff used the coup d’Etat on Jessie and Natalie!

    • Aaryn will likely just cry with the two other girls.

      Jeremy will be the explosion tonight. Actually wondering if he’s going to punch Spencer and be Willie’d out of the house.

    • Gina Marie is balling her eyes out right now. Aaryn is just in disbelief and disgusted with all of the HG’s who lied to her face. She is some piece of work. She is going to find out real soon what the real world has in store for little miss Aaryn! BB is a game of highs and lows, you have to be respectful and not bully people when you are on the high side like she was this past week, you can’t go into HOH thinking that you are better than everyone else in the house and treat people the way her side treated them this past week, it doesn’t work that way. She gets upset when someone looks at her the wrong way. I am confident that Helen will make the right choices..this could not have worked out any better right now!!

  11. If Nick leaves then I hope Jeremy (as much as I dislike him) wins HOH and MVP. Talk about some drama and I do love drama!

    • I’m with you on Nick leaving tonight but I HATE the thought of Jeremy getting HOH. I can’t imagine the power trip he’d be on. He’s bad enough now without any power….but BB drama is always great.

  12. Jeremy is pacing the house right now, trying to intimidate people. His side cannot win HOH, Go Rebel Alliance! I would love for Elyssa to win how smart the “fembot” really is!!

  13. The upshot of this if Spencer and Howard are flipping too is that we don’t have to watch on Sundays anymore unless we care about have not comps.

    That shows sums up the HoH, does a food/luxury comp, then nominations. None of that matters this Sunday until we know who is MVP.

  14. Well I think Spencer, Howard and McCrae flipping is going to bite them in the ass. And I can’t wait to see it. Especially if Spencer goes. They are going from a strong alliance of 5 to a flip/flop can’t trust anyone alliance of 10. Guess who’s on the bottom of the list? Spencer, Howard and McCrae. Good job boys.

    • McCrae will be fine for awhile, he just needs to stop winning comps. Spencer and Howard could have problems as they will be the least trusted of the rebels, and wont have the numbers anymore if they flip sides again.

  15. Watching the show now & just saw Amanda confront Aaryn regarding her racist comments in the house & I can’t believe her reaction. How can any one person be so evil &
    not even care about it?

  16. this season would be awesome if it wasn’t for the bigotry. this was by far the best scramble i’ve seen in a long while!

  17. .Jeremy and Kaitlin have taken over Jessie’s bed and will not give it back to her. Jessie had to take Amanda in the room with her because the mean girls are treating Jessie like crap. Then, Judd walks in, they scream at him. This bully bunch has no idea how the game is BB is played. They are appalled that HG’s looked them straight in their eyes and told them that Nick was safe….Dan Gheesling needs to come in and give them a lesson, because they really have no clue. Hopefully, Aaryn or Jeremy leave this week..and Aaryn has no idea what is waiting for her on the outside. Jeremy has actually been kinda calm, I am a little surprised.

  18. If BB producers and CBS do not go in today and evict Aaryn from this house, then I have lost all faith in the show. What has gone on with her so far is bad enought, but, after watching those feeds last night..there in no doubt that this little twit needs to go. First off, after HOH, of course, the mean girls were all pissed with Jess for flipping..Jeremy and Kaitlin go in and take over her bed, they won’t give it back, Jess comes in with Amanda to get her stuff because they are afraid they may do something to her personal items (i.e. Jeremy and “asshat” incident.) Then Jess comes back in and just gets in her bed, Jeremy is laying on her bed, she asks him to please leave the bed, he refuses, Jess then just gets in on one side and lays there, it is obvious Jeremy is trying to piss her off, such a douchebag, Aaryn was sitting on Howard and Candace’e bed. I heard Aaryn get called to DR, I wasn’t sure why, then when she walked back into the color room, Howard and Candace’s mattress was flipped off the bed frame onto the floor. Aaryn did it. When Candace walked in the room and noticed it, all hell broke loose..she was asking what happened..basically Aaryn said it was her..Candace’s was asking her nicely why she would do that. and this is where the plea for Aaryn needing to leave this house goes: she then proceeds to get smart with Candace, talking back to Candace in her “ghetto black voice,” snapping her fingers and waving her head back and forth.”what ‘cha gonna do about it.? I think I may have even heard her call her “Shaneequa, not postive though,” Candace is incensed, starts screaming at Aaryn, Gina Marie then gets into Candace’s face screaming at her, Howard then walks in, picks Candace up and takes her out of the room..Howard is enraged at them..He takes Candace’s into HaveNot room to calm her and him down. He wanted her to just go up and stay in Helen’s HOH room and not go back in there, she starts crying, she did not want to give up her bed..more when on, but that is the basics of the night..Aaryn Griers needs to be evicted, she is a racist little smartass and should have no chance to win this game. CBS you have to realize you cannot condone this kind of behavior with just going on the air and apologizing, Aaryn has crossed the line and needs to go.

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