Big Brother 15 Episode 7: Week 2 Live Eviction and HoH Results

Big Brother 15 Week 2 noms

Tonight on Big Brother 15 episode 7, the results of the next live eviction will be revealed along with the results of the HoH competition. Join us on Facebook and Twitter!

This show is going to be awesome to watch. Since late last night the house has experienced a major shift in direction and it’s going to catch one alliance completely off-guard. If you think last week’s eviction was shocking to the HGs then you ain’t seen nothing yet! The Feeds return right after the show so we can expect serious fireworks.

Big Brother Live Feeds

I’ll be updating this post here with the live eviction and HoH results as it’s revealed on the show. Have your Live Feeds (not signed up yet? use the Free Trial) ready to go because as soon as the broadcast is over the Feeds come back!

Meanwhile, join us in the Big Brother chat room as we watch tonight’s live show!

Big Brother 15 Week 2 Live Eviction voting:

  • Jeremy: evict Elissa
  • Kaitlin: evict Elissa
  • Andy: evict Nick
  • GinaMarie: evict Elissa
  • Judd: evict Nick
  • Spencer: evict Nick
  • Jessie: evict Nick
  • Howard: evict Elissa
  • McCrae: evict Nick
  • Amanda: evict Nick
  • That’s it. Nick is evicted.
  • Candice: evict Nick

By a vote of 7-4. Nick has been evicted from Big Brother 15!

Nick Uhas and Julie Chen

As I predicted earlier, Howard did not flip. He was too committed even though it was a lost battle. Spencer however was scared enough and saw the writing on the wall to change his vote and side with the new power in the house. This is going to be good!

GinaMarie crying

GinaMarie is straight up sobbing. Can’t say I feel bad for her at all. It’s so over the top. He was evicted, not executed, GinaMarie.

Julie has an excellent, frank conversation with Nick. For some reason she tells him Spencer was in control, but considering Spencer ran from his alliance in the final hours I’d say that’s not true at all. Julie tells Nick he should have kissed Jessie and he could have at least gotten her vote. Hah!

Big Brother 15 Week 3 HoH Competition – ‘Overnight Delivery’:

HGs have to recall details from last night’s wake-up & watch moments.

  • Round 1: False – Jeremy & Judd are out
  • Round 2: True – GM, Andy, Amanda, Spencer, & Elissa are out
  • Round 3: True – Candice is out
  • Round 4: False – everyone safe
  • Round 5: False – everyone safe
  • Round 6: True – everyone safe
  • Round 7: Tie-breaker! McCrae is only one to get it wrong
  • Round 8: Tie-breaker #2! Helen wins!

Helen got the second tie-breaker and just barely beat out Kaitlin!

Once the eviction show is over the Live Feeds turn back on and we’ll be able to watch the house react! Make sure you’re ready to watch the house react to who is in power. The nominations will be revealed soon, so stay close by!

Big Brother Live Feeds

Don’t forget the next round of MVP voting is open. Who will you vote for? We’ll have a new poll open in the morning.

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  1. My dream:

    Amanda: evict Nick
    Jessie: evict Nick
    Candice: evict Nick
    Spencer: evict Elissa
    Kaitlin: evict Elissa
    Howard: evict Elissa
    GinaMarie: evict Elissa
    Judd: evict Nick
    Jeremy: evict Elissa
    Andy: evict Nick
    McCrae: evict Nick


    I hope Helen wins HOH that way Elissa can still compete next week!! They better get out Jeremy and Aaryn before one of them gets out!! Momma Alliance FTW!

    • Looks like it will be 8-3 in favor of elissa staying, spencer and Howard have made the decision to flip! Gonna be epic!

      • OMG OMG OMG!!!! I CAN’t WAIT!!

        The look on Aaryn’s face is going to be PRICELESS! Even more priceless than Danielle’s face when Dan evicted Shane!!

      • Aaryn may be onto it all, she just told Katylin they don’t have the votes, that this happened last week blah blah whiner blah blah… Oooh can’t wait til one of the “good” side, hoping Elissa, wins hoh… The battle against evil is being won :-)

    • Jeremy, Kaitlin, and GinaMarie: Really? Great company Howard you loser, what’s wrong with you??? You deserve to go out along with these three racist losers. Of course hope all them and Arynn go first.

      • Its called a tactical vote. It was after the feeds shut off, but my guess is Spencer and Howard (and maybe McCrae too) got together last minute and agreed to split the vote, so that Jeremy would not know for sure which one flipped.

  2. I want Elissa to stay! I enjoy watching her & routing for the good guys.
    + I would love to see Aaryns face if Elissa stays

  3. So now this is how I think voting play out…

    Amanda: evict Nick
    Jessie: evict Nick
    Candice: evict Nick
    Spencer: evict Nick (apparently, he has flipped!)
    Kaitlin: evict Elissa
    Howard: evict Nick (I’ve heard that he has decided to flip too!)
    GinaMarie: evict Elissa
    Judd: evict Nick
    (That’s enough for Nick to be evicted)
    Jeremy: evict Elissa
    Andy: evict Nick
    McCrae: evict Nick

    Nick will be evicted on a vote of 8-3…I don’t really want Nick to go but I will be so excited to see the expressions of Aaryn, GinaMarie, Jeremy, and Kaitlin! :)

    And I really really hope Elissa or Helen will win the next HOH competition!!!

  4. I LITERALLY SCREAMED!!!!! How did they pull this off in such a short period of time?!?! EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED, indeed! Major props to Candice!

    • They got to 5 votes and Spencer was mad at Jeremy and worried about McCrae, and he decided he’d rather be in a 9-10 person alliance everyone knows about than a 5 person alliance everyone can suddenly figure out.

  5. Helen is going to win BB15. She is the best player. Unless CBS manipulates Elissa into winning. It could happen.

    • CBS manipulates everything and I’m getting tired of it. I just hope everyone votes for anyone but Elissa for MVP. CBS sure screwed up this season with MVP. HOH is only good for the room and safety. The control should still be HOH not MVP. Why play any competitions at all because all you get is safety. Let’s just give Elissa the game and get this season over with and start new.

      • I won’t be voting for Elissa MVP this week – Andy and Helen would be most deserving of it – and since Helen won HOH, I’ll be voting for Andy. He campaigned his ass off this week for Elissa, and clearly he succeeded.

      • Well I can’t stand Andy…he gets on my nerves. He’s like a little snake. Still not sure who I’m voting for. Maybe Jeremy just to shake things up and keep the drama in the house. Lol

      • I agree someone else deserves a chance but Candice figured out MC so might give her some votes too.

  6. First of all let me say I do not care for Aaryn and her racist comments at all. I think a lot of it comes from being immature and a spoiled brat. BUT I don’t think she should be singled out every week. Julie even said during the show several houseguests but does she show anyone else??? NO. Why is Spencer not being shown that way? And good job of editing the conversation between Amanda and Aaryn. I watched that entire conversation on the live feeds and Amanda even admitted to making racist comments but everyone knows she’s joking. WTF I don’t care if you’re joking or not it’s still racist.

    • I totally agree because Spencer’s comments are the worst of all of them, but does CBS show his NO. All of these house guests are sick and loved Howard till I heard about his dog fighting thing last night. CBS is sick in casting these people.

      • Oh no I missed it. What about Howard and dog fighting because I really like Howard.

    • The HGs aren’t talking about Spencer or GinaMarie, so there is no pretense to bring it up. Think GMs comments were mainly just with Aaryn and Kaitlyn there. Not sure who Spencer was talking to, but he doesn’t seem to have angered anyone either (inside the house).

  7. cbs manipulation has started, they could not have their girl go out week 2. Nick was the only real player, at best I will only be keeping up on wiki updates, no reason to watch with out NICK

    • I like Helen and Andy but agree Nick was the only one that had not used the Lord’s name in vein, said racist or homophobic comments, called someone a whore, talked about women in such a derogatory fashion, or swore on his religion or praised Hitler and dog fighting or whined the entire season. Nick was playing the game and these others will be like watching paint dry. Hope CBS cancels BB!

      • From my understanding Spenser’s comment about Hitler was that he was a great SPEAKER, which I agree with. I don’t have live feeds but if he agreed with what he did that’s different, the man was an insane idiot. If you look at the videos of him speaking he was almost God-like to the Germans which is how he was able to brain wash them into doing anything he wanted. I know another leader very similar that is a great speaker, yet is the most treasonous leader in history.

    • Cbs’ manipulation was the MVP twist.

      This time, I’d say the votes really were straight up. In fact, if CBS steps in it will likely be to balance things the other way, as the suspense for the next 3 weeks is 95% gone.

      • cbs manipulation was to save both helen julie c. favorite and elissa cbs plant. mvp is only to keep her in the show, if it was that big of a deal to keep elissa they could have gone for helen, but julie c is on her side due to racist comments. their only choice was to force nick out. why else would they start having DRs right after Nick’s signed to the camera to cut elissa.

  8. I can’t wait until the feeds are back up, the drama is going to be amazing tonight!

  9. Power went out 2 minutes before the show started and has not came back on… AAArrrgggg

  10. This show is already getting ridiculous. Everything was set for Elissa to leave. Somehow the annoying person no one likes ALWAYS escapes certain doom.

    They also need to just remove the MVP idea. Two weeks in a row Elissa gets it for absolutely no reason? Completely rigged.

    • I dont think its rigged. This site does an independant poll and she won thathands down, so I find it easy to believe that she would win on CBS poll as well. She is pulling from Rachels fan base, in my opinion. MVP could have been good, but not with a previous player family in the house to pull in votes based on who they are, not gameplay.

      • The whole show is rigged and has been for years. Production pulls them in the DR and tells each house guest who they want to go home and why. I don’t think it is any different than the game shows in the 50’s.

      • how to do you?

        have you ever been in the BB house, not that you could say anyways ( rigged ) as im sure your contractual agreement would say no..

      • As ray says, how would you know if it’s 100% rigged?

        You have to be someone from production itself or have tried out as a houseguest inside the BB house to know whether or not it’s fixed.

        Even if you’re contractually obligated to not spill the beans, you can always go anonymous.

        Elissa was saved because majority of the house chose to save her on their own accord and not because behind-the-scenes people forced them to do so. The past few nights, Amanda’s side of the house have been heavily campaigning on getting out Nick instead, which stemmed from the suspicions of an all-male alliance which turned out to be true.

        No way will production allow that to not pan out by itself.

    • Its not rigged. Just people who vote in these things almosty always pick the wrong people. It helped Rachel “win” the show just like it helped Jordan “win” it.

      • True, but they won BECAUSE it was rigged IMHO, just like CBS has it rigged this year to give Elissa MVP every week. How can she be MVP every week when you can’t be HOH every week? She;s got Rachel’s fans voting for her every week and it has become more powerfull than HOH at this point.

      • if it was then it would have made more sense for telecom companies to complain to the powers that be about CBS for lost revenues as well as about accounting firms for not carefully monitoring SMS votes that pass through them. They would have done so years ago then letting CBS get away with.

        But since no one has spoken about it, then it will only be an unproven allegation.

  11. Wow! Will Helen honor her side deal with Aaryn? Or will the house pressure Helen to nominate her?

    • She would be a fool to trust Aaryn. Also, she does not need any of the racists and bullies. What they should be doing is cleaning the house of the bullies and racists. Then, the game can be played based on strategy instead of using race as the criteria of who to evict or bullying someone and harassing them like they did to Elissa! Get rid of the riff raff now and let us get on with the game without the riff raff, of course!

  12. Yes, I was right! Nick was evicted and Helen won HOH! I hope Elissa uses her MVP and they nominate Jeremy, Aaryn, and Kaitlin!

      • I disagree. How do you know there will be a remon? What if one of the people that Helen puts up wins POV…….now what! Jeremy needs to go up immediately. They just need to take their chances.

    • Nominate Aaryn and Kaitlin. One of them get MVP, put up Ginamarie and if one of them wins veto backdoor Jeremy. You probably wont be able to get him out straight out. back door is necessary

  13. oh the faces! could jeramy, aaryn, kaitlin, and gm be annymore glum! they look like their puppies just got run over.

  14. Happy Happy Happy!!! Jeremy , Aaryn and GinaMarie are going down!! GinaMarie crying over Nick, how pathetic!!

  15. OMG the look on Hitler and Jeremy’s face when Helen won…So freaking priceless…woooo hoooooo what a sweet night :)

  16. Well, that about wraps up next week. Jeremy goes unless he wins veto, in which case Aaryn goes. Or they try to keep Jeremy out of veto, he gets in, wins and saves Kaitlyn, and Aaryn goes.

    Hopefully sometime soon america gets bored of giving MVP to the LVP in the house. Even giving it to another of the rebels would mean they at least can’t COUNT on Elissa getting it, and might shake up the alliance.

    All for more bullies going home, but I’d like something in the next few weeks to be suspenseful.

  17. Way to go Helen. Now, you can also get MVP. I will give it to you and hopefully, you get it. Then, you can nominate 3 of Gina Marie, Aaryn, Jeremy, Spencer or Kaitlin. Time for the racist and bullies to feel the heat. Also, make them all have nots too!
    Nominating 3 of them will strip them of 3 votes on their side of the alliance. One of them can be sent home this week! Good riddance to these assholes! You are getting what you richly deserve!

  18. It’s called Karma, baby! And, what is exactly wrong with GinaMarie? Hahahaha! I’m staying up to watch BBAD tonight.

  19. OMG Spencer voted to evict Nick. What !!!!!
    MVP to Amanda. She deserve it. She is very smart.

  20. I love how the commenters on here ALWAYS… they never cease to amaze me…ALWAYS claim “rigged” and crap whenever a vote doesn’t go their way… If the show was rigged, previous HGs would be out in droves speaking up and it’d be a big scandal like the game show rigging in the 1950s. It sounds like sour grapes, but that’s just IMHO. Why the heck do you all hate Elissa so much? She hasn’t done anything to harm you. SMH.

    • This show has always been like that. Week to week, things were often turning on a dime. One week, everything goes against you, next week, everything goes your way.

      • Lol, yeah that’s why I said everyone, because I’ve been guilty of being like that a few times! Haha. So I understand :-) just wanted to point out that the show would get in huge trouble legally if they rigged it, and I don’t believe CBS would take that gamble. Would not be surprised if there’s someone around from Standards and Practices sometimes to check up on things.

      • You also have to remember that CBS is not alone in this. You have Endemol, the dutch productions company who is behind all of the BB around the world. They don’t want their name tarnish.

    • Yeah, when their favorites are in charge—-everything is fair but, when things do not go their way, it is rigged!
      The racists and bullies was in charge for 2 straight weeks, they wrecked their havoc and hate all that time.
      Now, it is time for them to take their medicine. If they can dish it out—-they should be able to take it too!
      Otherwise, be a decent human being and everyone will treat you like one! Act like an animal and be treated like an animal. The way the racists and bullies treated Elissa the past 2 weeks was shameful. If they were in Elissa’s shoes, they would have been whining and crying all this time now!

    • Don’t hate Elissa just don’t think it’s fair to everyone else in the house that she had ties to BB. The MVP was made for her. Boring

  21. “What goes around, comes around!” Thank goodness those bullies did not win this week. The feeds are going to be awesome!!

  22. MVP should be helen, andy, or amanda for pushing so hard for elissa. think ellissa kept getting it to give her a fighting chance, now that she is comfortable this week give it to someone who worked hard last week

  23. Just too bad Helen didn’t get to hand pick the Have-Nots. My picks would have been Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlin, and GinaMarie

    • She is livid. LOL And GM is a mess crying and breaking down like that b/c Nick got evicted. I can’t imagine how she’ll react once she realize she doesn’t have a job anymore

      • I know! Who is she going to blame for losing her job when she finds out? She’s crying like a baby. Is that because Nick is gone or because she didn’t get what she wanted from him before he left? She was sobbing about how each day they were getting closer & closer. It sounded to me she was sad she didn’t get any – not sad that he’s gone.

      • Jillith, I definitely did not mean that in a negative way. I’m sorry if you took it that way…….I think all of your comments are spot on. Let me clarify……replace you are are a mess with you are too funny!

      • If he ever saw her blow her nose in those shorts like that, he wouldn’t give her any anyway. Ewww…

    • Everybody who gets blindsided on a live show is a sore loser.

      Aaryn is a first class b*tch who likes being the alpha girl, and depending on your perspective is either a full on racist, or has lived such a sheltered existence she doesn’t even realize how offensive her comments are.

      But I think we can give a pass on sore loser. Last week she lost her showmance. This week, from her perspective, her alliance won all the comps and still lost a player. Don’t think anyone would take that well.

  24. I am so excited, I will watch BB again!! I can’t wait for Helen to clean house….. SO fun now.. I will watch everything because I know the awfulness in the house will walk out that door, and it will be even play and anyone can win. I want to see how Elissa plays her game, if it is like her sister, I don’t think I will root for her. I just wanted to her to stay to get back at the three people that don’t deserve to be there…. So excited now… yippee

  25. I think Helen should win the MVP, if that is possible. Also, Jeremy, Aryan, and Kaitlin needs to be nominated. This way, if one wins POV, two of them will remain on the block and not be able to vote……and hopefully Aryan will get cut . Also, I hope Helen nominates Aryan and Kaitlin……you will see this friendship become an enemyship.

  26. Should be interesting to hear what Spencer says or doesn’t say about his vote. He’s definitely a wild card. Helen did say she doesn’t trust him and he could be a bigger target than Aaryn and Kaitlin.

    • Spencer is just going to try to hide behind a big majority for a few weeks while they clean out Jeremy/Aaryn.

  27. Give Spencer some credit.

    I don’t like his move, but he read the tea leaves well. Helen won HoH, so if MC had dumped Elissa, it turns out the alliance would be out and that would have been 3 moving company (im assuming with Elissa out Helen would have gotten MVP … or Candice who is getting a great edit) nominees with Spencer and Howard targets right behind Jeremy.

  28. Yes , so glad Helen won HOH now it’s pay back put Aaryn and Jeremy on Slop LOL :) man I bet Jeremy is freaking out. They need to Back door Jeremy or Aaryn now.

  29. CBS rigged it in Elissa’s favor from day 1. Can’t stand that they would rig the game like this.

    • Of course they did. The rig it every season. Don’t be surprised if they manipulate her into winning the game.

  30. I’m kinda of sad to see Nick go only b/c I think he would have been a good strategic player. But his own Moving Company moved him out! But I’m also going to enjoy the drama and fallout from Jeremy and Aaryn.

    • Also don’t like seeing Nick go, but this season does have more strategic people than normal so might be ok.

      The fallout should be fun, its just the predictable weels of evictions that follow that I’m not looking forward to. If MVP doesn’t shift soon, the next month could be a snoozefest.

  31. Spencer and McRae are idiots. How do you turn on your alliance Week 2? Not a smart move. If they would have voted Elissa out, they would have outed the MC, but they’d still have the numbers to run the house. Then even if someone like Helen or Elissa won HOH, Jeremy, Kaitlin, and Aaryn would still be the bigger targets. Now they are the low men on the totem pole in an alliance that wants the men gone.

    • Amanda will probably protect McCrae as long as possible because she wants someone to follow her around and call her pretty.

    • 1) McCrae has tons of allies everywhere, and his alliance were clearly shaky on him (they discussed cutting him next week a few days ago). So I would not call him an idiot.

      2) Having the numbers is only a supreme tiebreaker if you have MVP this year. Spencer knew that if Elissa was out, Helen was likely to get it. And Helen basically flat out told him that if Elissa went, she’d know how he voted and he’d be in trouble.

      Boring as it is, by going with the numbers, Spencer should get 2-4 weeks of complete safety unless America shakes up the MVP vote. If he can repair some relationships in that time, this could still be a good move.

  32. Why did Nick think that Spencer had so much power? Maybe Nick isn’t as smart as he think he is wait until he sees what really happened.

    • He wasn’t really wrong. Spencer did flip on him, and HAD been very influential with the rebel alliance earlier. I wouldn’t call him super powerful, but despite how the edit made it look, the only one who really knows whether Spencer was the finishing touch or just style points is McCrae.

    • McCrae is awesome and BB is a game of backstabbing. Nick and the others backstabbed David week 1 ,,,

  33. I don’t see why anyone likes Helen? She hunches over in the DR and acts like she knows what shes doing.

    She straight up lied in her speech “I didn’t campaign against either of you two”

    her goodbye speech, acting like she played a role what-so-ever in getting nick out.

    MvP was made for elissa and it’s sad that this “new twist” should have just been her name, and give her a random special power.

    Also the HoH competition shouldn’t be based on luck, it should have been based on what was actually going on. Like the airport stuff, not “guess random # for how many second it take jermy to win veto”

    If it wasn’t based on random guessing, helen wouldn’t have won and Kaitlin would have won easily.

    • And what makes you so sure about that. Helen got all of her answers right just like Kaitlin.

    • 1) Not a very classy nickname for the comment you were going to put up.

      2) Who cares if she hunches over? And she does not what she is doing.

      3) OMG? She lied? In the BB house? Shocker.

      4) Helen thinks she DID play a big role. She didn’t know McCrae was in MC so she didn’t know it took Spencer’s flip to seal the deal. She helped close Jessie and Amanda’s votes, and threatened Spencer too.

      5) The HoH got to the SECOND tiebreaker. The show had 3 minutes of airtime left to pick a winner. If too many people are getting things right, things will get lucky.

      Also, another shocker for you, LOTS of big brother comps are purely luck.

      As for why people like Helen … she is smart. She keeps calm even when in trouble or treated badly. She is civil even to her enemies. She is persuasive to other HGs, and keeps options open. Really the only thing NOT to like is that she has sided with Elissa, which has kept Elissa in the house, which is ruining the MVP twist.

      • Mark, I’m becoming a fan of your comments (even though I don’t always agree with your view of “seeing what will happen in the future and/or predicting how the HGs will behave – after all, did you predict, at he same time last week, that Nick will be voted out ?).
        But, despite that aparté, I like your insight on the game, and I agree with your response here.

      • No, I did not predict him going. As early as this afternoon, I wasn’t sure (until I read about Spencer rolling).

        My comments on the future are just about the next few immediate weeks. And I think that since the “rebels” are not really a secret, and the others unlikely to get MVP, there’s not much that could shake things up short of a twist. Shakeups usually happen because power flips between sides. With 9-10 votes and MVP, the “rebels” have the power locked up. Im sure there will be angling and sub alliances within, but I can’t see why they would fracture unless we get a new MVP.

  34. I really don’t think the Zingbot will make an appearance due to many (rude) zings from Aaryn. I kind of hope he doesn’t, The Zingbot is annoying.

  35. What is up with ginamarie and this uncontrollable sobbing! Did these two do more than just talk that they havent showed?

    I mean they didnt even kiss yet or anything and this is how she acts like the guy was killed or something..

    • I believe they did a bit more, but it was a bit like Shane and Danielle last year. He kind of liked her, she was WAY into him.

      Plus Nick leaving pretty much announced the end of her game too. If your alliance wins HoH AND Veto and still loses a player, what’s left to hope for?

  36. McCrae could probably hit a home run tonight with Amanda if he played his cards right after all that..

    • Who’s to say he hasn’t already? Also, Amanda never knew he was wavering.

      It could go the other way. Jeremy could out the Moving Company, and McCrae might get a night or two of cold shoulder for lying to her (he promised on his unborn kids he knew nothing of a guys alliance)

      • Hopefully only for 2 or 3 weeks. Once we get through the remaining “bullies”, the rest could be really good again (as long as production doesn’t prop up Elissa). But yeah, not looking forward to the next couple weeks.

    • To be fair had these two blindsides not taken place the season would be just as boring and predictable with the other side in power. I am wondering tho what production will do to make this season more entertaining. It’s gonna suck to see MVP go to Elissa every week now.

  37. I can tell that Aryan will never be one of Julie Chen’s friends. Did you see Julie face after the clip where Amanda was telling Aryan about her racism? Julie said Gina Marie was probably in a corner crying, too. Julie is trying to hide her anger, but she is definitely mad.

      • She doesn’t deserve an exit interview. I hope she walks out to her former employer telling her she’s fired instead of a chit-chat with Julie.

      • They could make next week a double eviction and then there will be less time for awkwardness. Not sure how you’d do MVP for a double though. That could be even better … one show without MVP and see how the HGs react.

      • That’s right. Double eviction.
        If they want an MVP for the second eviction, they’ll have to tell viewers the week before and setup 2 separate votes

      • Well, since she is a human being with human being feelings, I am sure it is hard not to let it show. I think she did an exceptional job.

  38. I want Jeremy to win MVP. And don’t everyone attack me because I have a reason for this and it’s not because I like Jeremy. LOL I want Jeremy to win it and put Spencer up telling Spencer you turned on me your going up. Then Helen and her alliance already don’t like or trust Spencer so maybe he will go next. Vote for Jeremy!!!

    • You put some toughts in that one. But nah …

      I rather give it to Amanda to force her to work with Helen.

    • Seems like a waste of an MVP. He doesn’t have the votes. They may not trust Spencer but if they can evict Jeremy they will, and Aaryn otherwise.

      I’d like to see MVP go to anyone but Elissa, but it won’t change who goes home this week. It will just potentially shake up future weeks, as the “Elissa as a weapon” plan becomes moot.

  39. BTW, anybody notice the silence from the crowd after each vote. I guess they were told to zip it.

  40. The nasty comments still coming out of Aaryns mouth sickens me. Now they are all garbage, don’t deserve to be on the show, & are beneath her. She keeps saying I want to self evict. I hope she does.

    • She really might do it.

      Her comments are terrible, but as for self evicting, look at it from her perspective.

      This week her alliance won all the competitions, and they still lost a player. So no reason to think it would not happen again next week. And then they lose HoH too?

      Not much reason for her to stick it out except stipend cheques and sportsmanship, and I doubt the latter will be a factor.

      • That certainly would show her as a sore looser and validate that she didn’t deserve to be in BB in the first place.

      • Aryan is a big cry baby. When things were going her way, she was happy, but now that they are not, she wants to self evicts (I’m not against her doing that, though).

    • If Aryan is still making racial comments, then CBS needs to evict her asap. It is my understanding that she has been warned. Now it is time to take action. I think Aryan is making the game not some enjoyable and she is making a whole lot of people uncomfortable in the process.

  41. Is sad seeing Elissa win the mvps when she hasn’t done anything but be Rachels sister… making her a floater with extreme power, which is ironic because rachel hates floaters :) the mvp is supossed to be given to someone who is playing well, like mccrae or nick. at least someone shouldnt be able to constantly win the mvp.

    • I think mvp is flawed to start with, and giving it to Elissa only makes it worse. Hoping they drop the twist by jury at the latest.

      • Well, let see how it work in the next few weeks. You might change your mind. This week Elissa will not be in danger, so I doubt very much she will get it this week.

        Plus we had the chance to see the other players at work. We have more to go on to decide who deserve it now.

  42. Seems like Howard tried to blame his vote on Jessie and pissed some people off. Still probably no higher than #3 on the target list, but hes in a bit of hot water.

    McCrae is especially annoyed at him

  43. Somehow Elissa would not be here not thanks to Helen as It seems she did the majority of the legwork.

    Also did anyone else think it was STUPID that when Helen won that everyone whom was on her “side” basically ran to her to celebrate which reveled to the rest of the house whom They should target?

  44. Why even bother voting… Elissa’s going to get MVP as usual until she is voted out of the house. CBS needs to do what they do with HOH, you can’t get it 2 weeks in a row… Until then this game is rigged in Elissa’s favor and orchestrated by CBS so she will win.

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