Big Brother 15: Counting The Votes In Week 11

Big Brother 15 - Judd

We’re in for a “surprise” eviction on Wednesday night’s Big Brother episode, but the HGs are going to face it later today inside the house. The HGs are expecting something is up after finding the nominees’ luggage in the Storage room and they’ve probably been explicitly warned at this point but I might have missed that.

Since the episode will be taped today there would normally be the opportunity for spoilers to be leaked by audience members, but supposedly there will be a fake audience (probably production, etc.) to prevent leaks. With that in mind, we’ll have to be careful with believing too many specifics.

Luckily for us, things look pretty set for the next eviction so let’s run through where the votes look ready to land.

There are two votes this week with the potential for a tie. McCrae and Andy will make up the two votes and Spencer, as the current HoH, would have the duty of breaking a tie. Spencer has told McCrae and Andy that he does not want that to happen and I don’t think it will come to that.

Once McCrae won the Veto and things look set for a Judd renom the discussions have been held over and over. Initially McCrae wanted GM out while Andy wanted Judd out. Andy appears to have won that debate and though they occasionally discuss their options nothing has changed.

Judd has been freaking out over the past few days but has been repeatedly assured he has nothing to worry about. Andy tells him he’s safe. Spencer tells him he’s safe. McCrae tells him he’s safe. There have been a few funny times when someone says something that goes against that, but they quickly cover it up. Last night Spencer told Judd he was worried about GM getting to the F2. Judd exclaimed that he thought GM was leaving at F5 and held his heart after Spencer quickly backtracked.

During tonight’s hidden eviction I fully expect Judd to be voted out 2-0. Spencer will get to keep his hands clean and Andy will get what he wants. Poor Judd will blindsided. Again.

Who do you think the HGs should evict? GinaMarie or Judd?



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    • I don’t think Judd even belongs in the house… He was evicted as part of the game and they bring him back? Unfair. Especially this late.

      • At least they handled it better than the Canadian debacle – bringing someone back into final 4 after giving him weeks to know who did what behind his back…

      • Sure Judd belongs in the house, he won the competition fair and square. No different than if anyone else who was voted out won a competition and came back in.

      • Well why wernt the other houseguest evicted given the opporetunity to play in a comp that can bring them back? An EVICTION is an EVICTION. It’s unfair. I understand, bad season they had to do somthing to spice things up but come on. Luckly he has already left the house so I guess it was just a waste of time. Judd doesn’t do anything but sleep and mumble and have hissy fits so I’m not going to miss him or his shirt.

      • Why does everybody keep whining about things being unfair? It was unfair for Rachael’ sister to be on the show, it was unfair when a hg had to be a have not for 2 weeks in a row, it was unfair when Judd took the money and gave Jess the veto, it is unfair that Spencer won a trip and 10 k and others got nothing, it was unfair to bring a jury member back…… i could go on and on. This is Big Brother people! They make the rules up as they go, that is the fun of it. I suppose if they had a pandora box or diamond power of veto there would be a bunch of people whining about that too

      • Bringing someone back wasn’t spicing things up, they’ve been bringing evicted house guests back for years. Since like season 3, I think. It may be unfair but BB has pretty much made unfairness a part of the game? Pandora’s box was unfair. The MVP (that didn’t announce that America made the choices) was unfair because it put an unnecessary target on Judd. Coup d’etat was definitely unfair.

      • It was a twist, ALL jury member had the chance.. But Judd is worth keeping since he hasn’t done anything to earn the win really

  1. If McCrae was smart he would vote out GM and let Spencer break the tie so Judd can let everyone in jury know how shady they all are. But he’s already proven that he’s not smart so…

  2. Judd does not deserve to be back in the game … and, he did not listen to the Jury House nor Amanda, nor Aaryn nor Elissa about Andy …. Then they should have a Pandora’s Box and bring him back, then gets blindsided again on Thursday … so, he sets the record for being evicted 3x in one Season … :)

    • That would be exceedingly HILARIOUS. Nobody would be able to stop laughing at him being blindsided 3x in a season.

      • And then he would get his own reality show called ‘Third times the Charm’ or such, he’d start pulling down $75K per for public appearances, he’ll start a chain of stores that sell those UGLY shirts, get an addiction, go to rehab, come out and then be the first male co-host on ‘The Talk’ , with Julie — TALK ABOUT UNFAIR!! LOL!!

  3. I believe their is something more going on tonight then what production is telling us. They are going to cut the cameras off until tomorrow… They have never done this before so therefore I believe that Big Brother has twist that none of us are expecting.

    • They do it at this stage in the game when there is a surprise eviction. They did it last year and the year before that.

      • Yes but it wasn’t that for the final 4 House guest. They prerecorded for final 3 house guest on the first of 3 set games for the finale. I don’t remember them do it this way last year with 5 house guest left. So I believe their is something else going on…

      • They did the exact same thing last year. No live feeds Tuesday and Wednesday until after the episode airs Wednesday. There is nothing else going on…

    • They’ve done this plenty of times before. Toward the end of the last several seasons they do and eviction on Wednesday and Thursday. They have to tape the Wednesday eviction early to get everything in. They stop the live feeds for over 24hrs.

  4. Here come the people that say GM needs to be voted out, because Judd can’t win anything, just so they can turn around and say OMG, ONLY FLOATERS LEFT.

    • You are so right. Regardless of Andy’s game play, he has been a floater the entire time. His game play is making an alliance with everyone. I do not like him because of the things he says about the other players. Other than Judd, I would not want any of the current houseguests to win but that is not going to happen. It seems all are forgetting the racist and nasty remarks GM made. Her behavior toward Candace was terrible and the remarks about being adopted went over the line. Then there was the remark about welfare being “N _ _ _ _ _ Insurance”. Those are remarks that cannot be forgotten and she certainly does not deserve to be there much less win. I am very unhappy with this season.

      • I hope McRae wins the next HOH and puts up GM and Andy. GM out and McRae can beat Spencer and Andy at any physical competition they are wimps.

      • B B Fan – This is a difficult one this season because none of the finals at this point are liked and none of them have even made any effort to win any competitions, with the exception of GM. Andy was a disgrace in most of them, stating he was deliberately throwing them. I question if he just knew he could not compete so he offered and pretended to throw them when it was actually his game. With the bowling in the tu-tu his performance was laughable and he was supposedly making an effort. I KNOW it is a game and it is a game of lies and back-stabbing but he is not likeable to me and seems to feel superior. He may win it but it is going to be interesting now to see this final 4 turn on each other. GM is someone who I cannot forget her racist and bigoted remarks and I do not feel she should even be competing after that behavior. You cannot take back a spoken word and those words are out there forever. I will be watching tonight for sure but mostly to see who goes. Then I will complain about who is left (ha ha).

    • The people are about as stupid as they come. Spencer and Andy are always coming up with these hair brained schemes that no one falls for. They are ruining the show this season. If they had any respect for Big Brother, they would self-evict before it gets any worse.

    • Yes and it wouldn’t be as funny if he knew he was leaving I mean dude they’ve already blindsided u once and u gonna fall for it twice be for real!!!! He should’ve packed his stuff up as soon as he was the renom!!!

      • It is kind of hard to believe that they can blindside somebody twice in a season, but I guess you have to look at the hgs this season.

      • He throws temper tantrums all the time. Do you watch the feeds? He’s always getting pissed off and crap, like calm the hell down, man. Go smoke your cigarettes.

      • Linda – You are so right about Andy and the crying. I am stunned at this behavior with him. This man is supposedly a professor, an educator, yet when things do not go his way, he cries. Are you kidding me?! This is a game – not a family death. Good grief. I lost all respect for Andy, Spencer is racist and bigoted like GM and the others who left (Kaitlin, Aaryn, Jeremy, David, Amanda – a disgusting display of human beings). Andy never called them out on any of that which being in a minority himself (gay), he should have. He has to know how it feels to be discriminated against for no reason other than being who you are. This entire group has been a great disappointment. I wonder if BB deliberately looked for the most disgusting HG’s they could find this year as a new “twist”. It sure looks that way.

  5. A Pandoras box with all the jury members being able to re-enter the game and the existing members being shot to the jury house………….Now THAT is a good twist!

  6. Something’s up because earlier they were sitting around table, all but McCrae and Spencer said I can’t believe Jessie hit the reset button. Then somebody said “where’s McCrae?” Spencer said he’s up there talking to her now. Then all went to the living room. GM and Judd were going to go up but never have. Come on Matthew, what’s up?

    • Jessie is out of game in jury house, how can McCrae be talking to her. Could this be a prank by the HGs?

      • What if Pandora’s box was in the jury house this year? What if Jessie was the one to get it through some kind of jury competition? She hit the reset and won $10k. But the reset then resets Spencer nominations. Instead of McCrae and GM going up, Andy and Judd go up!

        Maybe that’s why we have seen no jury house scenes? Didn’t Julie also allude to the jurors still being in the game when Amanda was evicted? Why haven’t we seen any interviews with them after the eviction?

        This may be one of Spencer and ANdy’s stupid jokes, but what if Pandoras Box was opened and the reset button appeared in the jury house?

      • Great, Wow, that would be a huge “expect the unexpected” and bring more excitement to the game.
        May be the reason we have not seen clips from the jury house.
        Thanks Prince for your perspective.

      • They don’t show Jury House until after a few evictions. I’ll bet they show it this week. For the last couple of seasons they’ve been showing the Jury House closer to the end of the season not like before when they would show it after 2 evictions. And we only have a week left so nobody is coming back in the house. Too many people left. That’s why there’s an eviction Wednesday and Thursday.

    • You people should really read BBDish. The HGs are faking things for BBAD tonight. That’s it. Plain and simple…and oh so boring IMO.

  7. Matthew they were told yesterday while Spencer was writing his blog. Somebody in production named Chris called them to living room and said HG somebody just won 10k, NOT just kidding. Then he told them would be eviction Tues. They don’t know there’s also one Thursday. They think maybe President giving a speech or something. That’s the last I caught.

  8. I really wanted GM and Judd to be the final 2. Andy and Spencer have mostly been followers this whole game. McCrae has acted like an obedient puppy for Amanda, so he needs to get voted out, for sure!

    • McCrae and Amanda made a lot of the decisions together that she then carried out. PLUS he did his best all season to keep Amanda in check. He played, just not the game we would have liked him to play.

  9. Get rid of Judd now. He is taking valuable space in the Big Brother House and wasting oxygen the others are breathing!
    They will need every bit of it for their brains to function! For some reason, only Andy’s brains seem to be working at all.
    Maybe, Gina Marie and McCrae will wise up and put up Andy and Spencer up if they win HOH then, evict Andy! That would be the smartest move for them!

  10. Andy, faggot rat, he was okay with McCranda and Aarryn calling him names so he should be okay being call that outside the house

    • Lori,
      There is no excuse for you to talk that way about anyone . You would not like it people called you names about your gender, weight, hair color or anything that may hurt your feelings. You are no better than those HG who had spoke the words of hate.

  11. I really can’t stand Andy, and that is what it looks like most of you all feel, too. Too bad America can’t vote for the winner! If Andy is in the F2, he will at least get $50,000! Shouldn’t happen…he is a rat!

  12. I think Judd Gina Marie and McCrea should be the f3. They should have gotten rod of Andy a long rims ago.

      • I could not stand Jeremy originally. Just struck me as such a misogynist. His exit interview was dialed down considerably and has got some perspective now, it seems.

    • Andy is ranking dead last according to Joker’s HG Poll.Even below the racist trio of Aaryn Amanda and GM and below the dude that touted the benefits of the Holocaust and the guy who wipe his ass with Elissa’s hat… Andy, just keep doing what you’re doing.

      • Even Jeremy has said (now that he is out of the house, granted) that he would never say the things Amanda said to/about Elissa. Lol. Since then, he has said admirable words about Elissa (sounded like he was pulling for her for a minute), liking that she was (his words) “putting people in their place” and wished he had seen that in her when he was in the house. Hindsight offers some interesting perspective.

      • No, not this week. Have you?
        I just saw some on Twitter where he was hanging with Nick, David, Kaitlyn, etc. he said he thought Julie’s exit intervw w.Aaryn was “fair”. I was mostly surprised he was hanging with David but they seem to be buds.

  13. Thats what he gets for Evicting his allie Elissa. I mean really lol the person she was up against put you on the block. Hmm Kharma bit him

  14. Don’t care for the remaining hgs and don’t care what happens except I want Andy the rat gone, gone, gone!!! This year is just simply horrible….beyond words.

  15. The only thing that would disappoint me would be if andy won the $500k. Something about him turns my stomach.

  16. Judd could win a hoh… GM is less likely with that hurt knee.. But that rat face cry baby Andy has got to go…

  17. Judd is the real snake, not a fan of Elissa, however what both Judd & Andy have done to her, McCrae should wise up and realize its too late to worry about voting with the house. Tell Judd that he is voting for him to stay and Andy has changed his vote for eviction, however he still has Spencer, so he stands a chance

  18. Spencer doesn’t want to get his hands dirty and wants Andy and McCrae to agree on who to vote out so he doesn’t have to break a tie. If McCrae hadn’t of won POV he’d be gone. They’re all after him so if I was McCrae I’d say screw you Spencer and Andy and vote out GM and make Spencer break the tie. I wouldn’t do anything they want.

  19. I’ve wanted GM to win for a long time. True, she’s not too smart but I think she has been loyal from the beginning. She was only mean to people when they were mean to her first. Generally, she likes to do nice things for people and is very mannered. She even says “I’m sorry” when BB says something like “GM, please adjust your microphone.” She let McCrae and Amanda use her HOH bedroom, she makes up games to keep all the HG’s entertained, she tried to get hair color for Amanda in her HOH basket, she does a bunch of the cooking and cleaning. Considering she never really was in an alliance (Aaryn wasn’t true to her), she has gotten pretty far. That is my opinion.

    • Do you follow this board or watch the feeds? She has said some of the most vile, disgusting, racist remarks of any of the house guests. She has already been fired from her job because of them. Well mannered? She burps, farts and can’t complete a sentence without using the F word at least 3 times.

  20. Even though Andy is annoying, he’s somehow managed to stay friends with everyone and not get caught. He’s had the best social game this entire season.

    • This is the myth about Andy. Everyone says he lies to everyone and doesn’t get caught. But he does get caught. Weeks ago Aaryn said Andy was a rat and couldn’t be trusted. Helen said it to. So did Elissa. Andy got caught lying a lot. Even this week McCrae said he knew Andy was the back stabber but he felt he needed to do what the house wanted – which I guess means the house wanted him to be a moron.

      As Aayn said, Andy survived not by playing a great social game but because he is such a wussie and he sucks at cops, no one sees him as a threat. Of course, Aaryn said it was about him being gay but I am not going their.

      And is a coward and a weasel. He talks big behind everyone’s backs but dries in their faces. If this is how Big Brother is supposed to be played, none of us would watch and BB would have been cancelled after season 2.

  21. I think they are idiots for still not playing their own game!! Who cares about Spencer? McCrae reallyt is an idiot!!

  22. Over 30 hrs w/o feeds, hmn, expect the unexpected is the season. Will just have to wait and see. I’m sure Judd will be evicted. BB has shown America one thing this season. It pays to be a racist pig. That’s who will get rewarded with half a million or 50k. I guess If I want to move up in the world I need to forget my raising of respect others and treat other people as you expect to be treated. Nah, I think I’ll just keep to the way I was raised.

  23. I want GM to stay and get the rat Andy out!!!! He has lied his way to final four!!! Can’t stand him!!!

    • I believe if GM or McCrae wins next HOH they will put up Andy and Spencer, but then GM and MC MUST win veto to ensure Andy going home. They think they can’t beat him in F2, but I think they could.

  24. Judd deserves to be evicted. Not because he got to come back into the house, but because he is an idiot. He alienated Elissa who was the only one who was willing to work with him when he came back, he didn’t spill the beans to Mc about the exterminators or Andy voting out Amanda. If he was smart he could have tried to ally with El and Mc. Apparently he didn’t stop to think that by the time he got back into the house there would be some solid alliances that would not welcome him. No, instead he very quickly joined the trash talking, women hating mob mentality of the house.

  25. Hate to say this but if hoh is before and after, Andy probably has the best chance at winning. i think i just threw up a little bit in my mouth

  26. I have been a bb fan since day one, and I will have to say that this is the worst season ever! These people are awful!

  27. I am positively drooling to see J U Double D’s face slide off of his head when he gets blindsided for the second time this season.

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