Big Brother 15: Punishments Hit The House, Leaving HGs In Chains

Big Brother 15 gives out punishments

As part of the late night HoH competition for Big Brother 15 the HGs were at risk of ending up with either a punishment or a prize. Instead of the usual method where a loser is stuck with the punishment or picks from a selection of boxes the assignment was decided by this week’s HoH.

Spoilers ahead if you’re waiting to avoid hearing who is the new HoH until Sunday…

Spencer was forced to hand out two punishments and one prize, or at least a potential prize. The first punishment was for on-demand exercising. Whenever a whistle blows this HG will have to do jumping jacks, sit-ups, and possibly other exercises for an announced number of reps. The whistle comes over the speaker along with a pretend drill sergeant barking commands and insults. Judd received this punishment.

The next punishment is for two houseguests to be “chained” together. They’ll have to go everywhere with the other person including trips to the DR, bathroom, or even taking a shower. McCrae and GinaMarie received this punishment. This means GM won’t be able to talk game with her Exterminator partners until after nominations, but Spencer had a talk warning her of this before the chain was in place.

The last thing to be handed out was actually a prize, of sorts. Andy had the chance to win up to $5,000. It sounded like he got to pick between containers and could’ve won from a few dollars all the way up to $5K. The event for this was held earlier today with disappointing results. Andy drew a whopping $94. Ah well.

As for how long these punishments last, I believe both go for 24 hours so they’ll soon be over if Big Brother even makes them go the whole time.

If you were HoH who would you give the exercises, the chains, and the prize money?


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  1. The 2 goats linked. Guess he didn’t want to risk chaining McCrae to Judd or Andy and them talking game together in the shower….as if they’d get any privacy in there. Woulda been alot more fun if he’d chained McCrae to GM while Amanda was still there though. ha ha

  2. $94? Not even a dollar for all the lies he told. How fitting. Imagine of the final 2 are Andy & Spencer?

    If I were in the Jury I would walk off the CBS stage during the live final show & flat out REFUSE to award any cash to this group of trash.

  3. At this point I think Andy is teetering on the edge of losing his teaching job. I know I would not want anyone I know taking a class from this foul-mouthed creep. He teaches public speaking for gawd’s sake!

  4. This was the season of super racists (Aaryan, GM, & Demanda), and now the supreme misogynists are left! WHOMEVER WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR CASTING SHOULD BE FIRED!!!

      • yes please, fire away. I also think the contracts should be written differently. You get docked money for saying certain things, bullying zero tolerance ect.

      • Thats not what I’m saying. If an argument were to spark, 9 times out of 10 someone is going to insult someone. Houseguests will know this, and will stray away in fear that something might come out.

      • Hey Capt. (off topic)I can not wait to read Lavenders post today. Spencer the pig HOH. Going to be interesting.

    • when I think back on all the other BB’s I remember how fun it was to watch and how intelligent and basically nice they all were, it makes me sad..Hope that BB doesn’t go away because of the fools in this one. Next year BB make sure you don’t make the same mistake that you made this year

  5. Are/did McCrae and GM sleep in the same bed together since they were chained? Amanda would freak if she found out!!! LOL

  6. Nobody would get a prize. This is the worse last 5 ever. I can believe our children are being tought by such a liar. How many coattails can be ride. Why does everyone hat Elissa so much. Especially Andy. He was the ass that couldn’t be trusted. Elissa was always on his side.

  7. Did anyone see Andy teasing GM about being a fan of Candice’s when she was Miss Louisiana? She made a joke saying, “…like I look at the Optah Network,” and then, in reference to Candice, ‘I’m only half a (bleeped out.’ It sure seemed to be the “N” word to me. OMG! I hope they tell both she and Asryn that, because of there, being themselves, I guess, they have lost their jobs

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