Big Brother 15 Live Feeds – Week 1 Wednesday Night Overview

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Last night on the Live Feeds was crazy nuts, as the first nights of Big Brother usually are, so since I was posting a lot of disjointed BB15 information on various places I wanted to pull it all back together here in one spot.

The Feeds kicked off with a few discoveries: the online player wasn’t terribly cooperative at the start and required creative methods to get it running & BBAD is most definitely censored. As for getting your Feeds to work, things should be working better this morning, but if you’re still having trouble, be sure to check here for instructions from CBS. You may have to change your computer’s time zones as a temporary fix.

Then as for “Big Brother: After Dark,” well, that was anything but uncensored. It was immediately apparent that what we were told by TVGN’s VP was not true and we feel very mislead and are sorry for passing along what turned out to be false information. Conversations were constantly being muted to avoid language while Feeds ran uninterrupted. We have already submitted a follow-up request with TVGN to further discuss their plans for BBAD. Considering the state of BBAD we are highly recommending you try the Feeds’ Free Trial to get a complete look at the game.

Okay, on to fun stuff. Spoilers ahead so tread carefully if you are avoiding them and want to wait days and days until Sunday’s episode. Of course you don’t, so read on.

The BB15 HGs were ready to go for the viewers and were doing everything they could to put on a show. We were given a tour of the new Have-Not room which is an airplane & airport theme. The Have-Nots have to sleep on airplane chairs. It looks awful. Brilliant move by Jeremy to avoid that all summer long with his “Never-Not” pass. As for the Have-Nots this week, that honor goes to Helen, Andy, Elissa, Judd, & Howard.

All the girls got doll’d up and put on a fashion show, though it was short-lived in part due to girl-drama between Jessie and Kaitlin. Oh, and David wore a tight, pink dress around for awhile. I’m not kidding. It was really weird, but also lead to exchanges like this.

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Oh, and before he was wearing a dress, David and Aaryn were flirting a LOT. She pushed him down on to a bed and he tried to pull her in with him, but then they remembered the cameras were watching and stopped. We think they’ll get over that soon. Definitely a romance (is it just a showmance?) developing here.

Moving on to the alliances, there are at least two going right now. The Pretty Girls Alliance (TPGA) featuring Aaryn, Kaitlin, Jessie, and Candice. Possibly more involved in that one and it’s already hanging by a thread so don’t count on this one for long. More on that drama in a bit. Then you’ve got The Moving Company with far more potential and featuring Nick, Howard, Spencer, McCrae, and Jeremy. What? No Judd? We’ll keep an eye on that to see who is in it for sure.

Nominations have already been held and McCrae went with Jessie and Candice. Jessie is not taking this well at all and it’s causing more drama in TPGA. She’s upset and complaining loudly about it while creating collateral damage with the other girls. That’s coming about because she’s jealous over Kaitlin and Jeremy’s flirting, or according to Kaitlin, Jeremy’s flirting with Kaitlin.

Jeremy and Jessie had a very long, obnoxiously long heart-to-heart about why she was so upset. Jeremy explained that all the girls are throwing themselves on him, so she shouldn’t just be upset that Kaitlin is doing it. Um, okay. Jessie tells Jeremy, “it hurts when I’m not getting what I want.” Let’s hope she either gets over that quickly or goes home soon.

As for what’s next in the house? The Power of Veto competition is coming up today (Thursday), or at least that’s what the HGs expect. That means we’ll get the MVP’s nomination revealed to the house which gives us the challenge of figuring out who won the power after the voting closed last night. We are expecting Elissa to win that honor considering all the hype around her leading up to the premiere.

Speaking of Elissa, she’s in trouble in the game. As we saw in the premiere Judd had already figured her out and now we know the entire house is aware and she’s no longer hiding it. As for hiding, she seems to be doing a lot of that and appears to be isolated right now in the game. Maybe she’s just laying low because I can’t believe she’s already giving up. Elissa better not be giving up going in to the Veto comp either because according to TPGA, Elissa is the true target for McCrae this week.

Wow. All of that happened in just a few hours on the Live Feeds last night in the Big Brother 15 house. We will keep watching and updating you here on the site, but you’ll want to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email to get all the updates and alerts sent directly to you this season.

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  1. BBAD is over for me. Too much censoring (can’t even follow a conversation) and the bottom roll (which I understood would be turned off) is definitely still on. CBS, you blew this! Live feeds just aren’t worth it for me — not enough time to make them worth the expense.BBAD is over for me. Too much censoring (can’t even follow a conversation) and the bottom roll (which I understood would be turned off) is definitely still on. CBS, you blew this! Live feeds just aren’t worth it for me — not enough time to make them worth the expense.

  2. Smart move for MCCrae if the target this week is indeed Elissa. Let’s see how POV will pan out.

    • I dont see why Elissa should be a target? Just because she is Rachel’s sister doesnt mean shes going to be just like her. They should give Elissa a chance

      • I think they are worried she might win MVP every week too but that shouldn’t matter cuz she can still be nom’d by the HOH

      • On a strategic point of view, they don’t want to take chances.

        But this should give Elissa the opportunity to prove her capabilities as a player and hopefully in the long-run gain respect for her game.

  3. Oh God…kill me now!….So Jessie and Jeremy have the “i’m too sexy for my shirt” syndrome. I’m keeping my barf bag ready for when these two are on screen. We always have one delusional HG each season. Lucky us…this year we have TWO! Wonder which one will go down in flames first.

  4. Note for Canadian fans: Big Brother After Dark is airing every night on Slice (same channel that BBCanada aired on), so far it looks like 4am to 6am E.S.T. (free of course).

    • thanks! i was worried we weren’t going to get it because of the u.s. channel change

  5. I’m very upset with how after dark is being done this year. At least you can get it. I can’t even get it and I’ve been a fan since season 1 and have been watching after dark since evil dick made the scene. after dark changes the dynamics of what’s really going on and now I can’t get it at all. There is no point in my getting the live feeds as my computer freezes all the time plus I can’t record it and watch when I’m able to. Plus after dark is why I paid for a DVR. I so hope something is done. CBS please fix this!

  6. You guys also stated in bbad post that she said tvgn would have to comply with cable regulations. And cussing isn’t allowed. So really there wasn’t any misinformation, just people who didn’t read the entire post.

    • That’s not the issue. If you’ve ever watched Comedy Central after midnight you know they can say whatever they want. They run movies uncensored starting at midnight. Censoring isn’t required, which begs the question, why is TVGN doing that?

      • Gee, maybe it’s hidden somewhere in the statement that was made”Subscribe to the live feeds while WE try to iron these problems out”. Like mentioned before, I already subscribed to SHOtime and pay extra all year long for a DVR just so I can watch BBAD. I can’t record the live feeds or pause and pick up where I left off when i can. BBAD changes the whole dynamics of what’s really going on in the house. I have been a loyal fan since season 1 and have been watching BBAD since Evil Dick first hit the scene. I think we FANS need to build an alliance, stick together, have each other’s backs and boycott BB15 until CBS let’s us die hard fans know that WE do matter to them more than more money! Want to really impact the game? Expect the unexpected! For the first time ever BB fans are refusing to watch! Come on Julie I know your out there! Please fix this and fix it now, not next year, now!

      • Matt, there’s no real reason that TVGN should be censored after midnight except that CBS owns it and can do what they want to maintain the façade of wholesome family entertainment. The world is wiser than it was in the 1950’s when profanity was strictly prohibited. No one bats an eye at the f-bombs, nudity or sexual situations in this decade. The only thing I can think of is CBS found a way to increase live feed revenue by allowing heavy handed censorship to be done in the mere 2 hours BBAD airs. Unfortunately if that is the reason for censoring, it resulted in last nights live feed problems.

  7. Some girls are ganging up on Elissa, but she’s working with McCrae. I don’t know, Listening to her talk to McCrae I find her to be an interesting player. Opposite her sister Rachel as far as attitude….maybe she’ll get the MVP.

  8. The BBAD was horrible..All the muting was terrible. Hopefully this gets fixed or I am one of many who wont be setting their DVR any longer.

    • There
      is one thing everyone seems to forget about concerning BBAD. You
      mention in a post about paying for the feeds? Well TVGN is a PAY TV network! What ever
      happened to freedom of speech? We pay these cable/satellite companies
      for the right to watch and hear shows as they are, not as how they think
      they should be. Also AFTER DARK mean after the kids have gone to bed.
      If there is a problem on the west coast, put BBAD on at midnight, like
      it is on the east coast.

      8 pm when the regular show is on CBS I understand censorship, but puleezeeee we are all grownups. Let us choose to watch, or not.

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