Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Remain Out As HGs Move Ahead In The Game Toward Season Finale

Big Brother HGs playing a game

We’re down to the final days of Big Brother 15 and while the Live Feeds remain blacked out today the game has moved far ahead inside the house.

Yesterday the Final Five faced an eviction and we’ve already counted those votes on how that’d turn out. Following the eviction the remaining four headed out back for another competition where just three of them could participate.

Word has it there was no live audience at yesterday’s eviction so don’t expect much of a chance of legitimate spoilers, but let’s run through the options.

Since Spencer is outgoing HoH that’ll leave Andy, GinaMarie, and McCrae to compete to be the new Head of Household. Any rumors before tonight’s show that one of them has won is likely a 1 in 3 crap shoot more than anything. Of course there could end up being some legitimate leaks and we’ll keep an eye out today for those.

All three HGs competing have won HoH with McCrae and GM at two wins while Andy has just one HoH win. They are all fully capable of pulling out a win on this competition.

There isn’t a lot for this next HoH to do with just three other HGs left in the game. He or she will earn safety and a spot in the Final Three, but the other two in that F3 will be decided by the Power of Veto. So the real power comes from the Veto this week as the winner of that medallion will cast the sole vote to form the F3.

Tonight’s show is expected to feature the eviction, HoH competition, and nominations, but is likely to stop short of showing the Veto competition. Our hope is that when the Feeds return tonight after the special eviction show that we’ll learn who has the Veto which will help us determine who is going home next ahead of Thursday’s show.

Which three HGs do you want to see make it to the Final Three? Andy, GinaMarie, McCrae, and Spencer are likely all that’s left in the race to the half-million dollar prize.


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  1. Considering our options are not so desirable, I’ll like MCcrae, GM and Spencer
    Thanks for the updates this and every year. You Rock!

  2. If McC or GM win I mean I don’t want any of them to but first and foremost I would want Andy gone next!! Best thing to happen all season to me besides Amanda going but I wanted Andy gone first anyway.

    • If that’s true that is really disappointing. I knew Judd would go and frankly, he deserves to. He is just terrible at this game. He learned nothing from his first eviction.

      But Andy winning HOH means McCrae is gone next. I was hoping he would be the one to get Andy out of teh house. But, at the same time, McCrae also deserves this fate because he chose to eliminate his only ally in the house and put himself alone against the rest of the house. This was really stupid game play and the odds of him going forward were slim to none.

      • I have not been watching the show just pop in here to read comments I will watch tonight just to see Judd evicted I went on CBS to see if we can vote for AFP and stumbled upon Spencer’s blog poor guy reading the posts on comments to his blog are brutal to bad he cant read them now oh well it will be big time reality check when they go home I hope Julie has them all on the talk and confronts them

      • Not so fast! There’s still the POV to play! McCrae could win that! And even if McCrae won HOH, he would get GinaMarie out, not Andy, because she was responsible for Amanda being evicted!

  3. Usually I have someone I can root for. This year I only kinda like some of the HGs, and the rest I don’t care for. I’m glad that Amanda, Aaryn, and Elissa won’t win. That’s about all I can say.

  4. if andy wins HOH he will put up gm and mc. if either wins pov that means spencer is up and probably gone.

  5. RIP to all that died on this date in 2001 and first responders that died because of complication because of toxic materials.

      • I will be reflecting today on all those life that where lost 12 years ago. I am keeping a minute of silence at all of the appropriate moments.

        I will see you tonight for that eviction show.

    • It was an inside job. Google building seven and its freefall collapse. The buildings came down AND the material was “dustified”. Watch out, the gov. needs a false flag attack before every unsanctioned war.

    • So great of you to post this. I always think of all the people we lost on this day 12 yrs ago. I think everyone needs to say a little prayer for all the loved ones left behind.

  6. The votes should been divided for America’s Favorite HG prize. I don’t know who to pick. Judd, maybe?

    • Why Judd, he has done nothing except be evicted twice. Judd’s BB game sucks and he did not keep his promise to Ellisa.

    • We should all vote for Elissa for America’s favorite player. Think of it as compensation for all of the nasty things these cretins said about her and her family. Think of it as sending a message to Big Brother players that we don;t like the piggish, racist, mean spirited behavior with our BB game play.

      I would recommend to her that she donates the money to charity or splits it with Howard and Candice. To me its the message we send that is important.

      Future BB contestants need to know that America will not tolerate this kind of behavior in the game again. We want to see game play, but we want it to be about the game and not the personal stuff. Voting for Elissa is the way we can tell CBS, we will support Big Brother if they renew it, but we do not want them to load the house with immature, crass, ignorant sloths.

      • I agree Prince, except why should Elissa donate her money? I think all the slurs, insults, mean, uncalled for rants about her husband, her children and her personal self earn her the right to keep her money…I think CBS should donate an extra portion to charity in the name of all the racial slurs and insults to the mentally challenged, and the audacity of the show to allow their show to stoop to the lows that it did this season… to allow families of the contestants to be attacked in such a way that brought them open to mental as well as physical, hurtful slurs…just not cool CBS…shame on them!!

      • My point was that its not about me wanted to see Elissa win $25,000. I don;t care about taht. To me it is the meaning of her winning to the rest of the house guests and future house guests. If she keeps the money, I don’t care either..

      • Donate or give it to Howard and Candice? Sure they took some nasty comments but so did Elissa, take out that dam race crap and vote on who deserves it..The message would be that Elissa handled herself with more class than most of the others, Candice handed out her share of mouth too as I remember!

      • I am afraid I can’t agree with your reasoning on this. Elissa said hurtful things to others while playing the game and acted like she was royalty and everyone else peasants. I hated the wayshe was trashed and bringing her family into it was uncalled for. But she doesn’t need the money and was given too many special privileges during the game to have earned my support for her. I would like for someone who really needs the money to win. Yes, the HGs were the worst ever, the meanest in BB history,and the most unsanitary. Yes, it will go down as the worst season ever in the history of BB. But, I still don’t believe Alissa deserves AFP.
        However, she has such a fan base due to Rachel, I believe she will win.

  7. Send Andy out next. I want to see him squirm and hold his head like he does when he gets put on the spot as he did when Amanda told him as she went out the door”I thought I could trust you”.

  8. To fill a void left in my soul from BB15, I started watching BBAustralia. It has been great! Everyone is respectful of each other & so far, I have heard no vulgar language & no personal bashing. You also get to see Diary Room Sessions. I am only on Episode 4, but I am so excited to watch more today. Check it out on YouTube. You won’t regret it!

    • i’m watching it too. i’m on episode 37. they do start turning against each other but not so vulgar. a few cry babies too. LOL i wish our BB was like theirs. i love how BB actually interacts with them and i love how the viewers vote out the nominees.

    • oh just to let you know after episode 34 you will have to search for each episode if you are watching on the BBAU00001 chanel because the girl posting has gotten flagged for copyright a couple times. i actually think a few of those episodes she did get posted have been removed too. don’t worry though, so far up to date they are all there just different youtube accounts.

    • I’ve been watching BBAU, too. I’m up to episode 24. They are not allowed to attach each other and you also don’t hear a lot of bad language. Of course, the public picks one of 6 nominated HM’s to go so they have to be likeable to the other hm’s and the public. They seem to be a much higher class of people. I love it and have stopped watching bbus.

  9. I am praying once again to the BB Gods that McCrae won HOH..he has to put up Andy and Spencer. I can’t believe that McCrae hasn’t figured out that Andy is a rat, or maybe he has and is just keeping it to himself for now, which would be smart. Out of the four that are left, McCrae is the ONLY one I would feel halfway okay with winning the game…the ONLY one!

    • Andy is a rat and they all know it. They only have themselves to blame if he goes to F3 or F2. They should have taken him out a long time ago. McCrae also deserves to go. How stupid was he for evicting Elissa when he know the entire house was against him? Did he really think the others were just going to give up their alliance and work with him because he is the great and wonderful McCrae?

      Let me see, I can evict Elissa and go with the house leaving me alone against 4 people and I can’t play for NON next or I can keep Elissa and evict one of them making it 3 of them against two of us. I think I’ll evict Elissa! And I’ll be the only target left! What a dumbazz.

    • From what I have learned the HOH will not be nominating because the 3 remaining will complete for the POV so while the HOH is immune, they have no power and the person who wins the POV will have all the power to vote (since they will be the only one) to send someone packing.

  10. I wish McRae, Spencer, and GM will be F3. Andy has floated himself all the way here, and for that, I don’t think he deserves to win. I’m very disappointed that they are planning on outing Judd. I don’t see how any of them think he would get more votes by jury, when they’ve all perceived him as a snake all season.

    • I agree. Andy really didn’t do anything. When he was HOH he did what the house wanted. The rest of the time he just voted with the house.

    • Andy might have floated in the beginning, but he’s made some serious moves and is the reason Helen, Amanda, and Elissa got evicted. His vote could’ve saved both Helen and Amanda, and his lying got Elissa the boot.

      If anything, I think Andy deserves to win the most. He’s played everyone in the house and they don’t even know it.

      • Helen was evicted by everyone except Elissa. There was no risk to Andy there. Yes, he stabbed Amanda in the back, but only because he was in the majority alliance. Once Amanda was gone, Andy was with a 4 person alliance against McCrae and Elissa. No risk there either.

        And they do know it, that’s the point. Aaryn knew Andy was a rat a long time ago. So did Helen and so did Elissa. But each of them chose bigger targets rather than Andy.

        Andy floated with the majority all the time and he never made a big move unless everyone else did too. Andy followed. He didn’t lead anything.

  11. Did anyone watch BB Afterdark last night?? Is there any truth to Rachael paying the house a visit?? There were saying accusing her of saying some mean things about her sister and her fans. Wonder if there is any truth to it?

    • It was more nonsense from them. They were pretending it was night time when it was actually recorded in the morning. They were joking about what a big day it had been and all the big things that had happened when nothing had happened yet.

      There is no truth to any of it.

    • I caught that as well, but I don’t really believe it. I think it was just a jab against Elissa and her family, once again by these vulgar, grotesk, and disturbing individuals! I don’t really care for ANY of these rude people but least bad of them is McRae, so I hope he wins HOH and sends the rodent packing with his $94,

    • In the last hour of BBAD, they were all mocking Jeremy ala Chuck Norris … that is Jeremy (in his mind) could do anything, amazing feats, etc …. It was actually kind-of funny, actually … far cry from what they have been doing the past week in dissin’ Elissa ….

      • I just FF thru most of BBAD as I knew it was all a ruse. They all did a terrible job of acting – probably on purpose. Loved it when McCrae was shinning a mirror at the cameras trying to get a good reflection – which he finally did.

  12. My perfect scenario (as a bitter Elissa fan)
    Eviction 1 – Judd – for betraying Elissa even though she was loyal to him
    Eviction 2 – Mccrae – for putting her up even though she actually tried to work with him
    Eviction 3 – Andy – for being a jerk about her even though she was friendly
    F2 – GM(W) & Spencer – default because everyone else shoudl pay
    My perfect scenario (as a nice Elissa fan)
    Eviction 1 – GM
    Eviction 2 – Andy
    Eviction 3 – Spencer
    F2 – Mccrae & Judd (W)

  13. Couldnt care less on which of those four win. I want next seasons twist to be America votes out houseguests. Then we wont have to watch them all vote the same.

    • I wouldn’t mind trying that but then I think having someone like Elissa in the house would be a problem since she would have Rachel’s fans to save her every week.

      Maybe when it gets down to the final 3, America should decide who deserves to be in the final 2, although that would kill the format of the last eviction. What might be better would be America deciding on who is evicted from the final 4. That would fit with the way they are having two evictions in two days this week. Let the house guests compete to see who is in the final 4, then America votes to evict one person the next day to get to the final 3. That would be absolutely awesome.

      At least then we could avoid the situation this year where the one we want the least to win is still in it. It would also keep us excited about the game until the end.

  14. I guess Judd should have saved Elissa huh? Oops! Im offically over this s re season. The only way id be happy is if Fake Andy goes next

  15. This weeks hoh is not as powerful as previous hoh’s or as final hoh. The winner gets immunity but has no power over the noms. Essentially all three non hoh’s are nominated and the pov is the decider.

  16. I’m more excited to watch the announcement of AFP in the finale than to see who the F2 is. To see Elissa win the AFP is the only thing that’s worth remembering in this season. (to me)

  17. I want believe that Andy won the HOH. I will be in denial until I see it for my self tonight. Then I will be in morning if McCrae is voted out before the 18th. My only happiness left for this show is if McCrae wins it all.

  18. jokers spoiler said the Judd was evicted Andy got HOH but McCrae won veto….just posting what I read not what I know…

    • McCrae wil eliminate GM I bet. But that’s not a bad move for him because he can beat Andy and Spencer in the final 3 comps. Then if he is smart he will send Andy home. MCCrae can win against Spencer easily.

      • according to rumors Spencer is the next to go but only a rumor…don’t take it as gospel…McCrae will take GM in my opinion..

      • I agree he will, but he should take Spencer. If GM wins the last HOH, I think she has a good chance to beat McCrae in a jury vote. McCrae may only get Amanda’s vote.

        On the other hand. Spencer would only get Andy’s vote and maybe not even his.

      • McCrae would be stupid to keep GM. She can beat him in comps, Spencer can’t. But, it is McCrea, so count on him making the wrong decision.

  19. JMO, the more ppl complain about the show, the more BB/CBS loved it and kept those people in. Obviously everyone complaining watched the nasty hg anyway. I do hope they do a better job with casting next year so we all can enjoy it.

    • I don;t think BB is keeping anyone in. Also, it sounds like a lot of people have stopped watching until the finale, if you can believe what they are saying not only here but on the other BB spoiler sites too.

    • I stopped watching the moment they sent Elissa out I will however watch tonight just to see the bumpking go out the door

  20. Who do YOU want to win America’s Favorite at the Big Brother Finale? (Total Votes: 122)Aaryn Gries 02% (1 anons, 2 members)Amanda Zuckerman 06% (3 anons, 5 members)Andy Herren 00% (0 anons, 1 members)Candice Stewart 03% (3 anons, 1 members)David Girton 00% (0 anons, 1 members)Elissa Slater 67% (47 anons, 35 members)Gina Marie Zimmerman 03% (2 anons, 2 members)Helen Kim 01% (1 anons, 1 members)Howard Overby 01% (2 anons, members)Jeremy McGuire 00% (0 anons, 1 members)Jessie Kowalski 03% (1 anons, 3 members)Judd Daugherty 04% (2 anons, 3 members)Kaitlin Barnaby 0% (0 anons, members)McCrae Olson 04% (3 anons, 2 members)Nick Uhas 0% (0 anons, members)Spencer Clawson 0% (0 anons, members)

    this is based on just over 100 people hopefully it is a good indication to who the AFP will be

  21. Your right prince, in order for my suggestion to work the cast would have to be all newbies with no connections. Just really hope something changes

  22. Andy is vile, Spencer is a douche, McCrae is a weasle, GinaMarie is a Jersey Girl… That said… GM made the biggest power move putting McCranda up and breaking them apart. But like him or not, Andy managed to convince everyone he was on their side and that is a strategy albeit, icky. LOL. Spencer’s strategy of coasting along is time honored. If McCrae wins Amanda will run thru that money in a week. Would serve him right. I picked Spencer on day 1 and he’s still there and as much as I might despise some of the things he’s said, I to have said horrible things I wish I could take back…maybe not on TV but still have said them.


  24. Oh I hate andy so much. Andy is such a sissy and cries about everything.He is so jealous of Elissa and what she has , and he dresses like a 3 yr old. How did andy ever make it on the show?Bring us a nice looking grown up gay guy that we can be proud of.Even Kittys don’t like red head rats.

  25. Well, it appears our choice in the finals will be Andy, Spencer and GinaMarie…not one I would have chosen. I am still not a fan of GM or her racist behavior and remarks (N___ Insurance) and her bigotry which is what she is about and should not be rewarded in anyway. Spencer as well made his true character known with his praise of Hitler and the child porn remarks that he made out of the blue that were beyond inappropriate. Unfortunately, I dislike Andy but he played them all and he played the game to get himself to this point. Seeing him in the Diary Room did not endear him to me, he was disgusting, but when it all comes down to it, he definitely played the better game as everyone believed him until the bitter end that he was in an alliance with them and them alone.
    There should have been more twists and turns in this game to place the houseguests on their toes. This season’s houseguests were for the majority so lazy, and offensive; very few of them were actually good players.
    The racist, bigots, i.e., David, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Aary, Amanda, GinaMarie, Spencer, should all be called out on it at the finale. Andy and McCrae were guilty for NOT chiming in and telling those who spoke the racist remarks that it was inappropriate and to stop. They should all have some sort of consequence for this terrible display.

    • Pizza boy and Howdy doody will be the final 2. Pizza boy will win and buy a pizza store for Amanda to
      See you next summer BB fans!

      • Janet – You may very well be right. It appears Amanda may need new employment when the game is over so that would be the perfect ending.

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