Big Brother 15 Eviction Predictions: Week 11

Big Brother 15 on CBS

Tonight on Big Brother 15 another houseguest will be evicted as part of the special eviction show. The episode has already taped, but we won’t know for sure what happens until it airs tonight on CBS at 8/7c.

We’ve been tracking discussions on the Live Feeds and things look certain for how tonight’s vote will go and that’s reflected in the predictions below.

Here’s your chance to contribute your own prediction along with those from other great Big Brother sites. Cast your vote in our poll for tonight’s eviction and then share your thoughts on who will be sent packing.

Big Brother 15 Week 11 Eviction Predictions – GinaMarie or Judd?:

Big Brother Access Judd
Big Brother Source Judd
Big Brother Junkies Judd
Big Brother Live Judd
Zap2It Judd
Big Brother Fix Judd

Who do you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. Unfortanetly, I feel Judd is going to go, i think GM will go next. Rumour has it Andy won H.O.H. If this is true he will put GM and McCrae up. Most likely that little grease ball will win(please someone get that guy to clean up)that leaves Spencer a homophobe,a dirtbag who let Amanda do all his dirty work,and batfaced Andy whom i dislike the most. Please give the money to charity. Don’t give it to those three. I also don’t like the way they talk about the fans wgo watch the show,i hope they remember they have to face all of us soon.

    • I agree and none of them there actually deserve to win because of their mouths. I have never seen a season as bad as this and cancelled my live feeds as soon as it started when I saw what kind of people they were and didn’t even watch what I had paid for. Disgusting to say the least and Andy sure doesn’t deserve to win.

      • That’s the truth, talking about kiddie porn, playing with his self all the time. Talking about what he would do to other HG.

      • I agree Spencer has gotten great edits on the live show which is wrong in itself. They have shown him to look like just a regular nice guy trying to play the game. Live feeders and people who watch After Dark know the truth about him.

      • Well they can’t show Spencer with his hand down his pants playing with his junk on TV – or sticking the same hand in a bag of M&Ms that everyone is eating from. Sorry, but he is so gross. Between picking his nose, and when I say picking I really mean mining, and playing with his junk all the time, he is not really made for TV.

      • Cynthia must only watch the sanitized CBS BB three nights a week. Otherwise she would see the same foul mouth cretin we see when we see Spencer.

      • I went on jokers site where there is Pages of Spencer talk and what he said about Elissa is just as bad as Amanda’s bullying her he is a pig making jokes about kiddies porn how respectable is that?

      • What show are you watching? Spencer respectable are you kidding, he has bad mouthed and said nasty things about every woman on big brother. He is one of the biggest jerks on this season next to Andy!!!!!

    • I agree with everything your saying Bill. You would think Big brother would have done a lot more to give that large amount of money to someone who needs it and earned it…Andy’s a slime ball. Everyone please vote for Judd to be America’s Favorite,,, He’s from a very poor town. And he did not say bad enough things to loose his job….

      • But Judd was absolutely the worst BB playing in the house except for maybe Candice. Judd was just terrible. The only player to be evicted twice! Judd was actually a nicer guy before he was evicted. When he came back he started doing the same stuff the others were doing – saying nasty things. He quit on a veto comp, according to McCrae and Andy. Judd started out okay, then he fell in with the bad crowd, or as Helen would say, the evil side.

      • I do not believe there were any leaks. There’s a 1 in 3 chance of anyone claiming a “leak” to be correct by chance so those are good odds for someone who wants to spread a rumor.

        It could be Andy who won HoH, but I do not believe the reports of a leak.

      • she was 1. in the bedroom putting make-up on and 2. in the bathroom doing hair then 3. in kitchen with guys painting a piggy bank and 4. I believe they all went to the living room chairs/couches..- did it not show that ?

      • think they said that was taped yesterday morning but made to “appear” as if it was ‘last night’…???

      • GM was there. Complaining about her latest injury. Would love to see a “unexpected” and they say whoever was on block last time can not be this time…LOL That would mean GM and McCrea would not be but Andy and Spencer would be on block ;) Vote out Andy. Seriously over all of them but do not want to see him win anything. Just because he keeps talking about Elissa not winning America’s choice I am hoping she does. Ugh just glad it’s almost over. Survivor here I come ready for that.

  2. The best move ones to evict Judd GM is in bad shape McCrea win be put up and win POV ANd win BB

    • Not this time unfortunately. Andy won both HoH and POV. So it looks like it will be Andy Spencer and GM final 3 and none of them deserve it.

  3. I for one think this BB season has been awesome! Why do we watch? Back stabbing, lies, floaters, racist, rude, foul mouthed, bulling…this season has had it all….I simply can not wait till Amanda, GM and the horrible Aaryn really find out what America thinks of them..BB you brought out the worse in the American culture…aren’t all we watchers proud? Bring on Survivors…..

    • I agree!! Everyones been whining and complaining about this season…but THEY’RE STILL WATCHING! lol IDT it’s as good as some of the other seasons, but I still enjoy watching!!

      • I agree also..This show is about drama, and there has been a whole lota of that this season…

      • We watch for drama, not for people to attack on a personal level, which they did all season. Spencer was the biggest floater, Mccrae was Amandas shadow so he didn’t even play. Judd turned mean when he came back n the house. Andy floated from one side of the house to the other. Gina Marie at least put up Mccranda. None of them really made any big moves. Amanda ran the house til she got evicted. She got out most of the players, then there were only useless floaters left. Absolute worst season .

      • I agree about GM at least putting up McCranda but she was just as bad as Aaryn in the beginning with her comments.

      • I actually liked Amanda until she started going crazy and doing stupid stuff like thinking Howard, Jessie and Judd were such big threats to her.

      • Actually No. I have not watched since Elissa left. I get the spoilers posted to my facebook page is how I know these things. I won’t watch til the finale. Done with it.

    • Even if you like the mean and nasty behavior by the majority of house guests, how can anyone be happy with the game play? Almost every eviction every just goes with the house. Even best friends don;t vote for their best friends even if its just a gesture of support.

      What McCrae did evicting Elissa to go along with the house when there would be only 5 people left was just typical of the stupid people playing the game stupidly all season. This was a really bad season of BB and only those people who liked the morons who are left or who hated Elissa think this season has been good. The vast majority of BB fans think this season has been a major disappointment.

  4. on onlinebigbrother it says judd already got evicted last night, and Andy won HOH, thursday they will evict another houseguest and we will have the final 3 going into the finale

  5. Well at least if Andy wins BB he can get plastic surgery on his face and that operation that fixes ears that are standing straight out like his!!!!!! (desperately needed!)……and if Spencer wins he can get a gastric bypass (again desperately needed plus his mouth washed out with bleach)….. I don’t like Gina Marie but of the four I hope she wins and Elissa wins America’s Favorite…she is the only one out of the last seven houseguest that has a modicum of class……I am a mother of three and if I was the mother of any of any of those foul mouthed males I dig a hole and cover myself up….

    • Do you teach your children to make fun of other peoples appearances? I don’t like Andy or the others, but is because of their actions, not the way they look. These were low blows.

  6. Spencer and Andy are not deserving of the money….I wanted JUDD to win out of the rest left….If Judd was sent home I won’t be watching the rest of the shows. No one let is dersvering, maybe GM…..

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