Big Brother 15 HGs Prepare For Fast-Forward Events This Week

Big Brother 15 HGs prepare for eviction

The HGs received an early wake-up call today as they prepare for what they now know will be a “surprise” eviction vote today. We’ve already run through who is going to be evicted tonight, so check out those spoilers here for more details. Once that eviction is done things are going to speed ahead so here’s what to expect.

Today (Tuesday 9/10) the HGs will have an eviction vote that takes them down the Final Four. This vote won’t air until Wednesday night. That also means the Feeds will turn to Trivia later today until the next episode concludes to keep the results a secret. After Dark will still be available tonight, but the footage will be taped from this morning’s events though the HGs are joking that it’s actually night time to support the false scenario.

In past seasons the next Head of Household competition and nominations took place between the upcoming vote and Wednesday night’s show, but only the HoH competition made it in to the following episode. That would make things play out like a normal eviction show and makes sense.

If that’s the case again then when the Feeds resume on Wednesday night we’ll be able to determine which HGs are up on the chopping block. With the projected Final Four it could end up a being a grab bag of results for that with only the HoH being absolutely sure of safety and making to the Final Three.

There is going to be a lot happening in the next few days so be sure to keep checking in here, on Facebook, Twitter, and with our Email updates to get the latest news.

Which HG do you hope to see take power next and who do you want to see up on the block for Thursday’s live eviction show? Share your thoughts in the Comments section.


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  1. I do not want Andy to win anything,he should’ve been evicted long ago. I want GinaMarie to win the big money and Judd to win second place,doesn’t look like tats goung to happen though.

  2. I JUST WANT IT TO BE OVER…They could do the finale this week and I would be relieved…No word yet on a season 16??? If not is kinda strange cause we always know by this time each year. hmmm something might be up..

    • Maybe because of all the controversy this season they are contemplating ending it all?? Just a thought, no factual evidence behind it.

  3. GM would be smart to team up with McCrae………between the two of them one of them would for sure win HOH or POV against the two most unathletic people there was in the house.

  4. GM would be smart to team up with McCrae. Between the two of them one will almost assuredly win POV or HOH and can save the other. Spencer and the Rat are no threats competition wise.

    • Plus it makes sense since Andy and Spencer are working together. Let’s just hope that one of them wins HOH and POV. The only question is will the get rid of Andy or Spencer? I hope Andy, but the way things are going this year it will be Spencer. Not that I want Spencer to win either, but I want Andy to go home first.

  5. Girls just wanna have fun with a dildo, just took a massive dump. Thanks spencer, all hail the burning beard!

  6. Hopefully McRae wins because I think he will want Andy out . If him and GM have a deal then if him and spencer are on block she should vote how he wants. I don’t care at this point who wins besides Andy .. They are all equally vile and undeserving of so much money. Production is st fault as well for letting them go on and on, not that they would listen or care.

    • Christi – I hope McCrae votes Andy out to. He is such a lying little RAT!!! I REALLY cannot stand him or his ego!!!!!

  7. I would like to see Andy gone next. As far as picking a winner, I really have no opinion as long as it is not Andy.

    • You’d really rather see GinaMarie or Spencer win 500K over Andy? I get that Andy is whiny and bitchy and has weaseled his way into the finals…but is that really so much worse than a racist with a 5th grader’s education or a disgusting misogynist?

      • Tracy, me neither, I don’t want to see Andy anywhere near any money. I am starting to wish that Spencer or GM win the whole thing. Just to teach a frakkin lesson to CBS. I want the uproar to be so loud, that if there is a BB 16 they’re going to make sure there is no repeat of this year.

      • Yeah, don’t get me wrong. I don’t WANT to see Andy win it. But if the final 3 came down to GM, Spencer and Andy (after I gag for several minutes on that night’s dinner), I still can’t back GM or Spencer winning. And Heaven help me, of the two, I think Spencer is the WORST. Hate is a strong word to use, but I’m pretty damn close.

      • I agree Captain! We ALL need to roar to loud to make CBS listen!! Need to quit catering to them to for all the beer and wine…also the condom drawer supplies…yuck…production needs to be shook up like american idol and fire production for encouraging the poor behavior!

      • You are right–They cater to these ingrates and they continue to complain! I hate the way that production has given into giving them the things they ask for–and how about having house guests that vary in age and are not on ANY prescription drugs!! Allison Grodener, or what ever that witches name is, needs to be FIRED and the whole game needs to have better casting. I think this year they just went out into the streets and got these bums! There were all the same age and none of them had a drop of personality. Just to show how bad casting was–I still have not understood a thing Judd has said–and I am from the South!! Nuff said!

      • If Judd is evicted, my choice to win would be the Pizza boy, then the Racist, then the Perv. OMG ! this is like choosing Big Brother from Hell

      • No kidding. Do you remember the season Jun won and it was her and Allison in final 2 and nobody cheered.

      • I must admit, you are right. I think I let his whining, complaining and personal attacks recently cloud my judgement slightly. I would like to amend my post and say I really don’t want to see any of them win 500k, but since that is obviously not an option I’m going to stick with no opinion on the subject :)

      • Maybe I’d pull for McCrae, since he is the lesser evil at this point. My only complaint with him is he pretty much played Amanda’s game up until now, but as I said someone has to win so a winner must be chosen.

      • I agree with you Tracy. I’m contemplating not watching the last few episodes if GM or Spencer even get the 50K. I don’t want them with any of the final 2 money and I’m sick that they are so close to it. GM should have been out right behind Aaryn (who should have been out earlier than she was) and Spencer floated just as much, or more, than Andy. He has been everyone’s pawn and I cannot get over that sick child porn “joke” that he made. How could someone win like that? It will be worse than Adam winning over Ryan then getting arrested for selling drugs! Andy can whine and say rude things but I’d rather see him beat those two any day.

  8. I wish they would open their eyes and vote out the BIGGEST RAT there is…..ANDY!!! I Cannot stand him!! He is so Obnoxious and Pathetic!! I don’t want him to win because he is such a CRUEL person and says such mean things about Elissa and the other house guests!!! Andy needs to go home, watch the season, GROW UP and Apologize for being so Mean Spirited!!!

    • Have you noticed on teh live shows and in teh DR Andy tries to pretend he is such a nice guy, even saying he had to evict Elissa because she was unto his game? Then on BBAD, he calls her names, says it was personal and screams I hate Elissa!

      He is such a two faced, cowardly, weasel.

    • What is worse is that Andy tells them he loves them all after he back stabs them… He was so stupid to tell Amanda in front of Julie that it was he that took her down as I assume she would have not known until after the votes and viewing the episodes….. Is this right? They don’t get to watch current past episodes in jury do they? I never remember the housequests being so mean personally….There seemed to be more game talk …. We know that due to the disclaimer before the shows……. so sad………………… =^..^=

    • I i want Elissa to win Americas Favorite only because that little rat keeps on whinning about not wanting her to win it.

  9. Sadly, I’ve kind of reached the apathetic point where I’ll turn the show on in the background while I spend the hour playing on Twitter or Pinterest.

  10. The only one left that would make me happy winning the $500k is McCrae. He was the least offensive of all of them. Anyone that makes it to the finally deserves it. It dosent matter how many HOH’s or Vetos they won or didn’t win. If they survived to the end they deserve the prize. Except Andy or Spencer.

  11. I’m hoping that judd gets to stay, but they need a cook so, GM will get to stay. Hope Mcrea wins final 2, no choice between the other 3. Neither of them are worthy. The least of them is spencer. Spencer for the win of nothing. go back to Conway.

    • and when he gets back, hope he looses his job. does he even realize he said on national tv:”my favorite color is green. my 2 favorite things are green —-weed and money” how stupid is that?

  12. All depends on next veto. HOH does matter, but not as much as veto. If Spencer wins he will put up GM and McCrae, But if one of them wins veto then they come off and the Andy goes up. Since GM or McCrae took themselves off they will be the voter. Spencer and Andy have F2 and GM and McCrae have F2. Move names around for different scenarios.

    • Spencer can’t play for HOH so if GM or McCrea wins HOH then spencer and Andy will go up and GM or McCrea needs to win veto as well but I really hope McCrea wins both HOH and veto

  13. I do hope Andy gets to spend a WEEK in the jury house with all the people that he has backstabbed…Justice will be served…

  14. TVGN showing survivor (old seasons) until new one starts. Richard Hatch on now. Think first all-stars starts tomorrow.

    • I believe he is in jail for tax evasion. How can you not claim Money that the whole country seen you win.

  15. GM needs to GO… andy is the worst player ever, and between all the evils, I would like to see spencer sitting next to the best player of all, McCree.

  16. Twist. Now from what I remember they prerecord the game for the final 3 house guest for first game of 3 games. So why this year are they prerecording an eviction for 5 houseguest left. Doesn’t make sense. The only thing that makes since is that they need to make room in the house to make a big move and to add yet again another player to the house using Pandora or whatever. I have been watching this game since it started years ago and what they are doing doesn’t make sense and from what I have always learned expect the unexpected.

    • Sorry the deadline for the finale mean there is no time to add a house guest and do an extra eviction cycle. Also don’t you think they would be PR spinning a returning house guest if it was going to occur? Sorry but these are the stinky hamsters we are stuck with.

    • They never prerecord for final 3. They always prerecord like they’re doing now. When it’s 5 they do evictions on back to back nights so they have to prerecord the first eviction. They’ve done it that way for the last several seasons. When it’s 3 they show the start of the 3 part HOH. The 3 compete usually in endurance and the show ends but the live feeds show the rest of the HOH comp. Then they tape the next part of HOH between the 2 losers of part one.

  17. I really hope Andy leaves on Thursday. I believe The Extermenators were created for the sole purpose of getting all the “snakes and cockroaches” out of the house. He’s the biggest snake I see. He needs to get to steppin.
    And if I see the Extermenators do their little whatever you call it where they are pretending like that are spraying and killing things I may throw up.

    • I read the comments. Of all of the pigs in the house, I think Spencer is going to care about what people think of him the least. I think Andy is going to be the most upset at how America feels about him and I think McCrae is going to be upset that we think this season stinks mostly because of these people in the house.

      They are going to blame it all on Brenchel’s Army but in reality America just does not like that kind of behavior.

      • search for Big Brother CBS and find the Big Brother home page. On that page, look for the menu for “More”. On that menu you will find the HOH Blogs link.

      • McCrae can think what he wants, but I was never part of Brenchel’s army and I still didn’t like this cast. I remember after the first episode saying to one of my co-workers “Is it just me or were all those people major tools?” I had no idea it was only going to get worse.

      • And when it is all over but the crying Andy will insist that he was just joking and being funny, after all he does do improv don’t you know

  18. So here is how I see things playing out. Judd will be evicted next, McCrae will win HOH and Andy will be voted out. McCrae will win final HOH and take GM with him to the end. Jury votes
    Amanda: McCrae
    Aaron: GM
    Candice: McCrae
    Judd: GM (pretty sure he’ll feel betrayed by all except her)
    So those are the locks and the other’s could go either way.
    Andy: McCrae (feel he will look down on GM)
    Helen: GM (She’s all about a strong woman)
    Spencer: McCrae (same as Andy)
    Elissa: GM (just my gut feeling
    So this leaves us with a 4-4 tie and Jesse left. Honestly I have no idea how or what criteria she’ll use for voting. My gut feeling is she’d vote GM though. So GM wins BB15. If it were up to me I’d like McCrae to win though and then dump Amanda on live television.

    • I’m not sure GM would get that many votes if Andy and spencer leave cause they will blame the exterminators all on her and mCcrea wasn’t apart of it and Elissa will know from Amanda that Andy was the one who voted her out and McCrea didn’t know so Elissa may very well vote for McCrea as well…just a thought

    • Elissa has said all along that the way Aaryn and GM treated Candice was disgusting to her, so I have a hard time believing she’ll vote for GM. And once Judd gets to Jury and gets a few cigarettes in him, I’d fully expect him to vote for McCrae because for the majority of the time they were the tightest buddies in the house.

  19. Its outrageous (and sad) that a foul-mouthed pervert like Spencer could end up in the Final 3. Without a doubt this has been the WORST season in the history of Big Brother.

  20. production better go in the house and take all sharp instruments out since andy said that he would kill himself if elissa won afp

  21. EVERY SEASON IDIOTS ON THE INTERNET BLOGS have said how horrible everybody is and nobody cares, the show will go on, best season ever

    • I’m sure you’ve seen all BB seasons. I could name a few of my best season. BB2 Chill town/Will Kirby, BB10/Dan G,Renegade./BB6 with Janelle/Howie/James/Kayser…and there’s some more that’s memorable than this season..Why is this the best season for you? Can you elaborate?

  22. If any one wins,I kind of hope MCcrae, does, he might have been a better houseguest, had he kept his own hands in his pants, instead of Amanda,s. Oh well,whats done is done, if he wins the money,I hope for his sake, he,ll use his head in the right way, and keep the hell away from Amanda.

    • You must only see the good edits of McCrae. On the live feeds and BBAD he bashes Elissa calling her a C word face…he has said he hates her…slams her family and kids… he also bashing other female hgs.. all by himself, his words. He is not a good guy.
      If he does win the money he will spend it fast with Amanda right next to him.

      • I think he’s been around Amanda too long though don’t you think? The whole house has bred people to be mouthy and downright hateful towards each other. Even the person I loved the most this season (Candice) left the house a pretty angry and spiteful person.

  23. Since this season seems to be the worse, it has left me with three questions:
    1. Are 32 year old people capable of being that stupid? Gina Marie announced that she didn’t know San Francisco was in California.
    2. Why can’t I understand a word Judd says?
    3. Why are they STILL talking about Elissa? Hasn’t she been gone for days?
    I say give the prize money to charity.

  24. There is something fishy about the Jury House this year. Have not seen arrivals or anything? Hope they have some kind of power or vote in this as to who the final 2 are.

    • The last few seasons they show the Jury House closer to the end. I have a feeling they will show it this week.

  25. Well at this point..McCrae SHOULD vote to keep Judd, just so Spencer HAS to break the tie, show him and Andy for lying! Then Judd would go to jury house to expose Spencer and Andy

  26. 9/10 comments here are negative either against a certain member of the cast or CBS. It’s like people here have a gun to their heads making them watch the show and live feeds… If you dont like the show, why are you providing rating and viewer-ship? Real question, I honestly want to know.

    • This site is an escape, a recreation, as is the show. Now I have a question for you, why do you post here?

      • I like to discuss the strategy the players are implementing. Seems I’m a clear minority in that sense now-a-days. Sure every season had it’s unwarranted hate towards some houseguests, but it never dominated the comments quite like it does now. Not sure why people are taking offence to my question… I’m just curious.

      • I am on here for the same reasons. I think your delivery tends to be a bit rough. I think the debate aspect is fun, and it’s nice to meet people who have a sense of humor about something like this that really doesn’t mean that much in the grand scheme of things. It’s kind of like a sports event and you’re wearing the visiting teams’ jersey. It should be all good fun if you offer that up front. Again, just my opinion…and I do think, for the most part, we are having fun.

      • It’s just weird to me i guess. But that doesnt really explain why people tune in and support something they hate.

      • Perhaps you have reached the wrong conclusion about the fans. Have you considered they do not hate Big Brother, they just do not like the people in the house and how they are playing it?

      • That’s not really the point. People here have said that they arent going to watch anymore and they hate every houseguest left. They also say that CBS should be ashamed of what they are putting on the air. That would imply they dont like the show this season. So why watch? It’s not like there isnt going to be an S16…

    • I would watch the show, then I’ll come here and share my opinion. Here, we can agree, disagree, debate and criticize ones opinion. I would never tell anybody not to watch the show just because they criticize. I like this forum. It’s fun !…don’t you think so?

      • I’m more asking about watching the show than commenting here. Most posts describe how painful, disappointing and hard to watch the show and feeds have become. I’m just wondering why most people here still tune in. It just doesnt make sense to me.

      • Exactly !..Like what Dan said, it’s an escape, and I could care less, if they watch it, or not watch it, bitch about it, not watch it then bitch about it..bitch bitch bitch ..who cares lol

      • I agree Cyril and is why I !♥♥♥ you so much! I have done my share of *itching, but I have never said anything that the HGs didn’t say themselves.

      • This season is different for me. If Judd is evicted, My favorite EVICTEES in order, Andy..Spencer..GM..McCrae

      • My order is the same as yours although Judd let me down when he started opening his mouth along with the others, but what else is new this season? I was rooting for him when he first came back. and hoped he might hook up with McCrae and go to F2. I guess I couldn’t figure Judd out any better when he returned and he seemed to go in the opposite direction from where I thought he should go. I am expecting him to get evicted. What a disappointing season, but when you are a BB addict you stick with it until the end no matter how bad it is. I wonder if Andy will really kill himself at finale when Elissa gets MVP? He has said it often enough.

      • Sometimes that’s the way it goes… This season has been a lot more bitching than normal, but that’s a sign as to how devoted the fans are and how disappointed they are with the cast.

      • I do not understand why you cannot understand the we all are fans of the game Big Brother but we do not like the way the people in the house are playing it THIS YEAR! In fact, their stupid game play, unnecessary comments directed towards each other and the other stupidity these grownups are giving us concern for the future of the show. We watch because we want to see Big Brother. But the players keep disappointing us.

      • Imo it’s like asking a cubs fan why they still pay to go watch them play year after year but fail to make it to the world series. It’s the thrill of the game.

      • but cubs fans dont despise their players enough to call them vicious names and doubt their motives outside of the team…

    • My fave Big Brother was with Evil Dick…Loved when he went through the house banging the garbage can lid to get everyone up…

      • I enjoyed watching him also, but what really keeps me from loving that season is knowing that he has such a messed up relationship based on spite with his own daughter. She uses him (and quite frankly comes across a little bit spoiled & self-entitled), and he comes across as a horrible dad who only puts on a good show when he’s not in a drunken stooper. Yes, these are probably over generalizations, but it doesn’t sit well within me to see a family exploited by its collapse on reality tv.

      • I agree with you about not exploiting family issues on tv…But since that show was on I hope that they worked things out…But other than that…it was my fave BB that I enjoyed and it was all due to Dick…

      • Oh I guess you didn’t watch the ”reunion” on BB all stars then? Both came into the house claiming to not have spoken to each other in over a year and neither has any intention of breaking that silence. Ouch. :(

      • I seen that…and she was very worried about her dad till she found out that he was ok when he suddenly left…I find it hard to think that they didnt speak all that time…Hard to fathom…

  27. McCrae us going to win he and Ananda will share the dough. It’s all set up. The only reason Amanda got evicted was due to the “leak” about the show being “produced” from start to finish. That’s my prediction. We shall see.

  28. I would like to see McCrea as the next HOH and put Andy the Rat Snake & Spencer the Pervert on the block. Andy voted out so he can face all the people that he screwed over to get where he is. Then Ginamarie Foul Mouth out next. F2 McCrea & Spencer, McCrea wins.

    • If I had to guess, Nick was looking for some cheap publicity for his businesses. Just guessing of course.

      He is clearly NOT into GM and never will be.

      I can see why he went home early. He is obviously a self-starter, ambitious and bright. What was he doing in this years BB house?

  29. I certainly want Andy gone in the next eviction after Judd, whom we presume will be gone today. I do not want McRae winning the money as Amanda will have a big hand in his fortune! At this point, there is no best out of the bad lot as they are all equally bad, but if I had to make a choice, I would like it to be GM/Spencer in f2, which equates to racist vs. perve. Sad state of affairs this year!

  30. Why would anyone want McCrae to win? He laid
    in a bed almost the whole game and did nothing. He didn’t play Amanda”s game, because she didn’t have a game either. Unless you consider eating and getting chunky a game play. GM, was the only person with enough guts to play her own game and not what the house wanted. Sure she is racist, but all of them are, even McCrae.If he wasn’t he wouldn’t have been able to stomach Amanda.He just kept in mind that cameras were rolling.If he wins, he will just spend the money on that skank.Then when he’s broke again, she will dump his tail.Gm played the best game, so she deserves it.

  31. So after tonight it will be down to a rat, a pediphiler, a ditzy racist or a stinky, p-whipped, idiot racist? Not caring for a winner here.

  32. Miss Cleo tweeted today:

    ” If you hear anyone claim to be going to the taping today, it’s probably the same person who said #bb15 was rigged for Amanda.

  33. When does Big Brother Canada come on? The one thing I can say is the Canadian’s didn’t treat each other Anywhere NEAR the way these players have treated each other!!! The way this cast talks about each other and even their so called “Friends” is DISGUSTING!!!! Andy is the MOST PATHETIC but Spencer is a VERY Close 2nd!!! I hope the whole lot of them watch this season and endure what we all had to endure all summer. Hopefully, then they will do a little soul searching and GROW UP…..ESPECIALLY ANDY the RAT, AARYN the RACIST, AMANDA the BULLY and everyone else who were totally DISGUSTING and MEAN this season!!!

    • BB Canada doesn’t start until Feb., but I have started watching BB Australia. I really like it so far and is totally different than BBUS. Just give the first episode a try and I think you will be shocked at how different it is. If you are interested just do a search in YouTube for BB Australia Episode 1.and so on.

      • Interesting. How would you say it’s different? I found the Canadian one a little dry, and to be honest a little too politically correct.

      • Hi Matt Sure hope you make BB Canada. I think you would be great! I haven’t watched enough to say whether it’s similar to Canada or not. So far I am comparing it to BBUS. They have a house that is divided in two – one that they call the halfway house which is tiny with beds half the size of a twin. There were a couple of beds that may be twin size, but the others were cut in half as far as length goes. They have no kitchen and only have bread and water to eat unless someone from the other side decides they want to share something with them. They have a tiny seating area open to the luxury side of the house. A shower which is like a watering can. They have several very modern washing machines and dryers. The luxury side gives them their laundry and they can’t refuse. They are not allowed to cross over to the luxury side even though one of the girls along with one of the guys did on their first night. The girl made it to dip in the amazing hot tub, but the guy just stepped over into an opening in the glass wall. They were immediately called to the DR and the girl had all her clothes taken away from her for 24 hours. The guy had half his taken away. The halfway house has no back yard. Now imagine a beautiful luxurious house next to them which also has privacy from the other side. Amazing kitchen, heated indoor pool, hot tub, good beds and a great back yard. They had champagne flowing and a spread laid out before them that included oysters and all kinds of fancy food. They are allowed – if they choose to give food to the other side, but only after they have eaten themselves. The next day a couple was entering the house. A beautiful model and an extremely handsome guy. They had never met and didn’t know that their task was to get the others to believe they were married. As far as voting the audience is very much a part of it. The HGs are nominated and the audience decides who goes home. I am only up to episode 3, but other people who have watched 40 episodes or more say they really like it. I know this was long, but wanted to give you a feel of why for me it is very different than BBUS. They are expected to keep this house clean and that alone was a big difference from this season of BBUS. lol I haven’t heard anyone who has seen a lot more than I have describe it as dry or politically correct.

      • Hi Jacee, I’m burying this waaaay back in the messages for you…. Let’s chat on fb. You can find me as Matt Silver (Toronto, Canada). I’ll accept your friend request when it comes in.

      • I finally found your message Matt, but only because you followed me and I followed you back. That way I got to see all your comments. Not sure why when I clicked on my Disqus I didn’t get all the comments. Anyway, I don’t know if you will see this, but just in case I will not show up as Jacee, but Gail with a long last very Polish name. I just didn’t want you to see this strange name and wonder who the heck was sending you a FR. lol

    • lol.. well speaking as one who applied for BB Canada (and will do so again this time round), you have to recognize the differences in Canadian & American culture. Yes, you’ll find less spite, vile language, and things like that, but on the other side of the coin, you’ll find less drama, less intensity, and heck one of the cast members literally slept through 80% of the season! So just like in life, we take the good and bad of each culture and try to enjoy it for what it offers. :)

  34. I hate these creeps that are left in the house!! A woman hater, a sniffley rat liar, a dumb-azz country bumpkin, A Staten Island racist and McCrae, just plain stupid!–what a bunch of losers!

  35. It’s funny to me how people talk about how the HGs treat everyone in the house yet those same people in the same breath talk about the HGs!!!! How are y’all any different from them???? And so what if McCrea gives his money to Amanda he still deserves to win cause he is by himself and he is winning comps when he needs to and by the way he didn’t ride Amanda’s coat tails either they along with Helen Andy a few others were working together so they all agreed on different plans to get different people out which by the way they did its just Amanda used her voice and he didn’t so he wasn’t as big a threat as her which is why she left before him and now he is winning all on his own!!!

    • Yes, because calling out these fools for their crap is SO similar to GinaMarie telling Candice her mother didn’t love her on LIVE television, or Spencer making jokes about watching Kiddie porn, or Aaryn telling Helen to shut up and go make rice. Right. So similar.

      • Calling them out is one thing but calling them names is another and I don’t agree with a lot of the things they said about each other but I’m not calling them names or talking about them either I’m just saying u can’t be appalled by someone and yet u stoop to there level by talking about them amuse it dont matter what words a person uses when they talk about someone to be mean, being mean is being mean

      • I’m sorry I guess I don’t get your point. Are you talking about the “McStinky” stuff from people?

      • I was just trying to say that the hGs aren’t right with the behavior towards the other HGs but some of the comments on here about them aren’t right either that’s all I’m saying being mean comes in many forms and words

      • and there are different levels of “mean.” Aaryn telling Helen to shut up and go make rice or GinaMarie telling Candice her mother didn’t love her are openly insulting. Calling Spencer “vile” and Andy “a rat” are two statements of fact.

      • I try to remember that the people who come on these forums come with different experiences, maturity levels, and ‘hurts’ that have perhaps made them angry (or mouthy, or hypocritical, or…etc). At the end of the day your point is well taken that we all need to look at ourselves Missy, but for me part of that maturing process involves giving grace, (yes, even to the mouthy and seemingly immature). There are people on here who’s comments make my skin crawl because it’s just young, mouthy, yapping… but at the end of the day everyone has a right to express themselves how they want. When we take that away, what are we left with?

      • No I totally agree people have the right to their own opinion and it is a good place to catch up on things just sometimes it get a little annoying when your trying to find out what’s going on and u see people doing the very same thing they are complaining about!!! I’m no saint but if I don’t like what I see hear or watch on TV then I don’t keep paying attention to it just so I can talk negatively about it!!!

      • I get what you’re saying Missy, but don’t you see the irony in now having a comment thread that puts you in the same boat as what you dislike? What I’m trying to make you see is that everyone on here comes with a different ”need” in their expression. For me, I try to focus on observation & consistency (so I partially relate to where you’re coming from). For others, they come here to find comraderie in opinion. Like I said, I don’t like the sometimes mouthy, hypocritical, and rude comments I see on here either, but I believe in defending everyone’s right to have the freedom for such comments… I would also defend your right to say what you’re saying (even though I know I’m going to get lots of ”thumbs down” for doing so)… That’s the nature of online commenting forums.

      • Lol I started off my first comment as I think it’s FUNNY and it got taken to a whole different level I was being funny when I wrote that first comment really I could give two sh**ts what people say about others as long as what they are saying is not directed towards me or my family then by all means fire away!!!

      • McCrea and GM!!! Spencer has floated his way so he needs to go Andy sent home Amanda so he needs to go and Judd had already been sent home so he needs to go!! And McCrea to win it all!!!

    • Oh, boy! Another self-righteous lecture on how to comment in a public forum. I haven’t seen one of those in … about 10 minutes!

      • Ummm no I don’t give a damn about anyone talking about someone else and that’s why I still watch the show still watch the feeds and still read the comments on here I was just merly pointing how how some people are just as annoying as some of the HGs!!! Like I don’t want such in such to win cause of what they said about such in such or I don’t what McCrea to win cause he will give the money to Amanda who gives a damn what he does with it or so what GM talked about Elissa and Andy’s a lier well this is a game and when money is on the line people will say and do things that they would not normally do!! Now as far as the racist comments or the adoption comments or talking about a person child or calling someone a whore now those are out of line and should’ve never been said but aaryn and Amanda both said they was sorry now wether they meant it or not is not for us to judge!!!

      • Ok, so you feel the same way a lot of other people feel, they just express it differently. But I think most posts in this forum are not the annoying or disrespectful kind. I don’t see anyone attacking anyone else, other than those who troll for an argument.
        This is a great place to come to vent and discuss the game with other fans. I for one am very thankful for this site despite the occasional over the top comment.

  36. Well folks BB 15 better known as “The Season of the Slugs” will soon be over. It should have been over 2 months ago….CBS really screwed up with this season…

    • They definitely miscalculated about how a mix of young, immature people would work in this show. I think this is what got Elissa off on the wrong foot. I think she expected people like Jeff, Jordan, Dan, Ian, and others who would play the game but not personally. I think she was thrown off when she found herself on the set of Real World – her words early on – instead of Big Brother.
      I also believe this is why they played the game so poorly. Instead of being bold and calculating, almost all of them took the safe root every week. This led to the good players going early and the floaters lasting to the end.

      • I know there’s a lot of Elissa fans on here, but I still don’t see her as being all that different from most of the cast members this season. She was a perfect partner for Helen (two peas in a pod).

      • She wasn’t that different from the rest and the people who think she was so amazing are delusional…

        She is a completely selfish self-centered self absorbed person who didn’t care what happened when she wasn’t winning or the focus wasn’t on her. If Helen hadn’t been running around saving her ass she would have been gone way before her son’s first day of third grade. You can tell just listening to her she is one of those people who are all about themselves and thinks she is better than everyone else on the planet

      • She certainly didn’t look that way when Aaryn, GM and Kaitlyn attacked Candice with racial slurs. Elissa comforted Candice and was the only one to take a stand against the racism.
        You are confusing Elissa’s disdain for the behavior in the house with her thinking she is better than everyone else. She certainly didn’t think she was better than Helen or even Andy. Just because she chose not to accept people farting around her doesn’t mean she was an elitist.

      • But Prince she DID look that way when she was merciless with her comments (the ones that made the show and the ones that didn’t) about the other house guests and how ugly they are and such. Everyone seems to have forgotten that in week #2 through week #4, Elissa was definitely viewed as a bully picking on people like Jessie & Amanda. (But if you don’t believe me go waaaay back on these comment pages and see what people said in the first 4 weeks of the show). You can’t say Elissa is different just because in the past 4 weeks she’s been the victim (of people’s nastiness) instead of her being the perpetrator. That’s been the problem with almost EVERYONE in the cast this year. When they were victims, they seemed sweet & nice. But when they were in power, they were some of the worst villains you could imagine! Elissa was no different (especially when she felt she was in control of the game).

      • Well said Matt and I totally agree. I just wrote something very similar to you, regarding Elissa’s early weeks – only you said it better. :)

      • Sorry guys. You are not going to get me to admit that the racism, perversion, rudeness like farting, etc, is the same as Elissa comments about those very behaviors. The people in the house put her on the defensive as soon as they found out she was Rachel’s sister. From there on she was fighting just to stay in the house.

      • Don’t worry Prince, I know you’re in with team Elissa/Rachel, I’m just pointing out that your argument is ironic because you say that Elissa is held to a different standard (by observers like me), but the only person I see holding her to a different standard is you. I really don’t know how you claim not to have seen her bashing other people, gossiping about their appearance, and being demeaning to them. Now again, I am not saying she is worse. In fact I would agree with you that she has every right to be as obnoxious as the others…but whereas you don’t think she has…I think she has to the fullest, especially when she was being selected as MVP each week thanks to her sister.

        Don’t take it to heart Prince, I’m not saying you’re a bad guy for liking Elissa, I’m just pointing out that your observations are a bit subjective because you seem to have given her behaviour a pass and I suspect the reason is because you’re basing your opinion on the past 4 weeks in the house (which I confess she has been the victim moreso than the perpetrator).

      • Matt I think you and I are on the same page and I was not a Rachel or Elissa fan. I will say that even if I was not a fan of Rachel she did know the game better and will give her credit for that. One other observation I made was that I heard Elissa make comments about other HGs that made me pause because Rachel was not a saint during her seasons of BB. Especially her first. She fell in love with Brendon very much like Amanda and McCrae did and yet I heard Elissa make nasty remarks about McCrae and Amanda having sex. Not condoning the other things Amanda did by any means. Just the relationship part of McCrae/Amanda and Rachel/Brendon being similar.

      • I am not in with team Rachel. I didn’t like Rachel at all and thought her showmance with Brendan was as annoying as all hell. Nor Am I smitten with Elissa as one of you mentioned. These are your rationalizations for failing to see my point of view.

        I know its ridiculous to go back to my earliest posts on Elissa, when I said she was a terrible BB player, which in the beginning she was.

        But we are talking about character here, not BB play.

      • I don’t think we are doing that Prince? I talked about how HGs may have felt it unfair for Elissa to be in the game as Rachel’s sister along with the MVP twist, which she was the only one capable of getting because of having the backing of Rachel’s fans. Also mentioned her not having the same game play Rachel had and yes I do think she came off as thinking she was a bit better than everyone else. She was nasty with some of her comments when she had the MVP power. She didn’t want to sit near Aaryn or GM just before a live show and there were more, but I did go on to say despite that she doesn’t deserve all that has been said against her, or her son. Those types of comments are totally uncalled for and whether I was a fan of hers or not nobody deserves that. Bottom line it was a terrible season imo.

      • Completely agree Jacee! :) I think Prince is a bit smitten with her so he doesn’t think what she did to the others was all that bad (which is understandable). I tried hard for a while to defend Candice’s behaviour (when she got confrontational with the other house guests), but eventually I had to concede that my fave player this season also got caught up in the nastiness that the house bred… I think you, Prince & I can all agree this has been a bad season for casting.

      • Now hold on there. Elissa was up on the block the first 2 weeks and she was the one being bullied. Did you forget the episode where Jeremy wiped her hat between his butt cheeks? Elissa was the victim right from the start. And I do recall what she said about the house guests being ugly and disgusting. She also said these are people she would not hang around with outside the house. She didn’t mean everyone in the house, she meant the group she was having problems with including Aaryn, Jeremy, etc. But just so we are clear, I would not want to hang around with Spencer, McCrae, Aaryn, GM, Kaitlyn, or Jeremy either. Their behavior would make me very uncomfortable and I would not want to be associated with their bad behavior. Everyone sees what these people are like and say it very openly on these forums, but Elissa can’t?

        I think people hold Elissa to a different standard. She is criticized for saying Spencer is disgusting (which he is) but GM can say she didn’t want to be tethered to McCrae because he is the filthiest person in the house?

        I never heard Elissa criticize anyone’s family. I never heard her criticize anyone’s looks. She made comments about their behavior and that to me is perfectly acceptable.

      • I think she was very different. Notice I didn’t say perfect, but she was definitely different. I think Elissa expected a higher caliber of people in the house, possibly a more mature crowd. What she found instead were the likes of Jeremy, Spencer, Aaryn, Andy, Judd, McCrae, etc. These are all immature babies really.

      • What you see as definitely different, I see as definitely the same. I’m not sure how you see the difference between Helen, Jessie & Helen for example. Now, if you were to tell me which of this year’s cast I was least annoyed by, then I might put Elissa in the top 5, but as you pointed out it’s not really saying much given this year’s cast. ;)

      • I was not an Elissa fan myself Matt. I think and it’s only my opinion that bringing Elissa on this season along with the MVP twist was unfair to the other HGs and could see why people might resent her for that alone in the beginning. She did have an advantage over the other HGs because of Rachel’s fans. No one else was known to anyone at that time and could never have the amount of fans voting for them to get MVP. Elissa getting MVP allowed her to put someone up on the block and actually became more powerful than the HOH. Another reason for the other HGs to be against her. After some of them got to know her like Helen and Candace they became friends. Amanda just used her in the beginning when deciding to take advantage of Elissa winning MVP and hoping to get her to vote who she really wanted out. I just didn’t see Elissa as having the game play that her sister Rachel did. I also found her comments at times to sound like she was a bit better than the other HGs and I found her conversation regarding game play difficult to follow. There were two instances in particular that I remember her being called to DR and then came right out and her game changed. Once was when all at once she wanted to get Aaryn on her side when she was trying to backdoor Amanda and then right after that when it didn’t work she had nothing further to say to Aaryn and Aaryn returned to Amanda. The next time was when she went to DR came out and went to Amanda to save her. I’m not saying she didn’t deserve to play the game or isn’t a decent person, but I could see why things like that could put some people off. Just some of my thoughts on the subject. I didn’t like the MVP twist at all. Elissa certainly didn’t deserve the treatment she received or the continuing bashing she is still receiving from the remaining HGs. Even if she was not my favorite there is no excuse for that. I am all the way to the end of the game with no favorite. I think since someone has to win I would pick McCrae out of who is left. I had hopes for him in the beginning until he tied up with Amanda and then when Judd returned I thought maybe him. Judd then disappointed me. So it’s between McCrae and the fish for me.

      • Noneof what you said has anything to do with Elissa as a person. It is not her fault CBS gave the MVP awards to a HG this year based on America’s vote. That was as much a curse as a blessing for her. He bad game play in teh beginning is not a reason to equate her to the likes of Spencer, Aaryn etc. Her game play improved after Helen left. But regardless, Candice was a terrible player too. But people are not making personal attacks on her for it.

        Resenting Elissa because she is Rachel’s sister and because she gets Rachel’s fans votes is really not fair to her, is it?

    • Unless they fire the casting crew, we could have more of the same next season! What I do not understand is that you have a gold mine and a highly successful tv reality show and you muck it up?

      Reminds me of the James Bond movies of late….I end up watching the older James Bond movies by Sean Connery and Roger Moore as the newer ones does not measure up!

  37. Andy is going to win the next HoH competition, even though i want him gone next. this guarantees Andy a final 3 spot.

    • I think he will win the next POV which is the competition where they have to know the days when events occurred. He seems to have that down pretty good. That means he will choose who is in the final 3. This is why Andy should have gone home today, before he competes in that competition.

      • Where’s she going to get 500k? Jury house doesn’t pay that good and it’s rumored she lost her job.

      • Well I’m sure her pattern with men will lead her to a reality game show winner whom she’ll get a lot of money from… now let’s see… where could she meet a winner from a reality game show that rewards 1/2-million dollars….hmmm. lol. ;)

      • She’ll just keep jumping from guy to guy and maybe even girl until she finds that reality show winner with the cash.

  38. *SPOILER* BB after dark is hilarious, listening to the boys trying to convince us its night time when its really morning.

    • lol. Sometimes it comes across as overly angry, but this one truly made me laugh! Good work Fly! (I can even visualize this happening if it were an episode of MadTV)!

  39. Andy was talking about how badly Judd is behaving while he is on the block. He is asking if he is safe every 40 seconds, according to Andy. Remember when Andy was not even on the block but he suspected Elissa was going to put him on the block? And was pacing the house whining about knowing he is going up and he can’t believe it – every 40 seconds. Do these people have any idea what they are doing themselves when they criticize others?

  40. judd is evicted. andy,spencer,mccrae,and gina marie in the final four. andy wins hoh, and nominates mccrae and gina marie for eviction. mccrae wins the pov and saves himself. mccrae will evict spencer. so final three is andy, mccrae, and gina marie.

  41. September 11/2013 – 12 years later.
    I will be reflecting today on all those life that where lost 12 years ago. I will keep a minute of silence at all of the appropriate moments. I hope you join me.
    I will see you tonight for that eviction show.

  42. To me, Andy is the only person left in the house that deserves to win, with GM a close second.
    Spencer, I mean honestly. I don’t even need to say why he doesn’t deserve the money, let alone the title of the winnner of BB15. If any is a floater in the house, it’s him.
    McCrae won the first HoH, and had he continued to play like that, or atleast somewhat more involved than he did, then he would be a front runner for me as well. Unfortunately, he decided to disappear from Week 2 to Week 11. Yes, he stepped it up when he needed to, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that all he did was lay around and sleep with Amanda for more than half of the summer. The bad sort of out weighs the good for me when it comes to McCrae.
    GM may not have been a fan favorite for most of the season, but no one can deny that her game completely flipped after Candice was evicted. She began to win, keep her mouth shut when it needed to be shut, and spoke when she needed to. She outlasted all the other women in the house, and in my opinion can keep up with the guys just fine. She kept it low key when she needed to, and won when she felt like she needed to. Oh, and she gets my vote soley for being the HoH responsible for Amanda’s eviction. Both HoH’s she has won so far, the person she wanted to walk out the door, did.
    Andy, in some ways but not all, reminds me of Dan in some ways, when it comes to social game. Andy made “friends” with everyone in the house he needed to, which just so happened to be almost every other person in the house. That social game kept Andy off the block until just 2 weeks ago, where he knew he would be safe anyway. Granted, the moves he made when he had the power weren’t that bold, but he did what he felt like he needed to do, and look, he’s still sitting in the house. Sometimes making a “power move” gets you evicted quicker, take Elissa and Helen for example. They decided to be power players and make bold moves, and they had targets put directly on their back. Andy is doing something that no one else is doing, ANYTHING they need to in order to win. In my opinon, of the final four, Andy deserves the title.
    In all reality, i’m sure most of American hates Andy because he has played against some of their favorite players. But America needs to take a step back and look at it as though you were a member of the jury. Who would you give the money to? Spencer: the ultimate floater. McCrae, who basically just started his game two evictions ago. GM: aside from her horrible insults and personal attacks at the beginning, her wins and HoH reigns statisfied me. Andy: for the most part kept his hands clean, plays an impeccable social game, and does what he needs to to keep as much blood off of his hands as possible, which we all know results in more jury votes.

    • None of these remaining house guests deserve to win that $500,000! They just got lucky that the other house guests playing was bigger nitwits then, they were! As far as game play goes, it is very sorely lacking! For that very reason, they should just declare this season a “no contest” and give that $500,000 and the $50,000 2nd prize all to charity! Money would be better served that way!

  43. No matter if you like it or not, Andy is the only one who really deserves to win…. think about game play only… who else among the 5 have orchestrated the eviction of so many people, and still kept their hands clean… no one. Amanda did all the dirty work for McCrea, GinaMarie did not do much of anything all season, Spencer was carried along by everyone, Judd had no gameplay, and is lucky to be there. Andy has gone the whole season double crossing, backstabbing, and lying to everyone, and it is only now that McCrae has a “lighbulb” moment and thinks there is something off with Andy… like it or not.. Andy has had an excellent social game while in the house, everyone liked him, and they beleived every word he said. But with all that said, when the jury start talking…I don’t think they will vote for him to win… just my 2 cents….

    • It depends on who he is up against. If its Spencer then Andy wins. But against MCCrae or GM, depending on how the rest of the season goes I would go with McCrae or GM. I am assuming for them to make it one or both would have to win more comps.

      Keep in m ind, its not that the house guests didn’t know what Andy was doing. They did. They made fun of him popping into every conversation in the house all the time. They have talked for weeks about how Andy can’t be trusted. Aaryn said it best. Andy gets away with it because no one sees him as a threat. If no one sees him as a threat then we have to assume as jurors they won;t give him credit for getting them out. And honestly, did he really get them out or did he just vote with the house?

      • Good points Prince. For me, that moment when Elissa was voted out, and she really thought that McCrea turned on Amanda, and not Andy, that was huge, and shows how much Andy is (was) liked..

  44. I want another all star comp. I was really excited about all newbies this year as i was getting very tired of all the vets all the time. I think they could really win their audience(not fans, like us) back with some familiar faces so here is my cast. Rachel(NO BREN), Jeff (NO JOR), Dan, boogie, will, amanda(this year), russel, janelle, hayden, dick, James (BB9). Just my 2cents. could be interesting. I realize this is not enough people, so who would you want to see in an all star?

  45. Since, BB/CBS would not and did not: “SHUT IT DOWN”, from the first week as they, should have! I do not think that: ‘anyone’, of them, “deserve”: the money nor the title of: BB Winner! I think that: BB/CBS, should donate the money to: “Charity”, this year! They created/made this: “MESS”, that went down, all summer! Would NOT, shut it down nor, would they even, “try” to control these: “children”! BB/CBS: has alot of damage control to do before, next year: “IF”: there is even one! This season has been, a true disgrace to: America! No other, BB allow’s anything “near” what was “allowed” this year on, our BB…First, BB broke “their” own rules, by hand picking the hg’s and then, it went down hill from there…The rules plainly state that you have to be, “mentally and physically” fit, and under: no drugs! That is all, this is entire season was made of! Children, who take drugs like candy, drink with them, act like they are less than: 5yrs old! And, not a one of them, have any self respect or a clue how: the REAL world, truly is! They have been the most nastiest/rude/racist/bullies/and on and on……Children that I have ever seen!!!! NO other TV station would have, EVER “allowed” nor carried such a season or show that this year has been! I truly believe that “BB’s” day’s here in the U.S. are numbered! Unless they can figure a way out, of the biggest mess ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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