Big Brother 15: Andy Opens A Beauty Shop – Results Go As Expected

Andy opens a beauty shop

Andy was definitely enjoying his final night as this week’s Head of Household last night on the BB15 Live Feeds. Capping off his reign Andy decided to try his hand at cosmetology with Aaryn and GinaMarie as his test subjects. Considering how things turned out the girls were surprisingly good sports about the whole thing.

Flashback on your Feeds to 8:55PM BBT 8/14 to find Aaryn getting the party started by giving Andy his own makeover before letting him turn the tables. Jump to 9:18PM BBT to watch as Andy works his magic on Aaryn. Ten minutes later you can find GM getting the same treatment with her makeover.

By the time Andy is done we’ve got a couple of ladies ready for hot dates on the town. Well, before DR has them remove all the crazy make-up. Come on, production, this would have been great for a couple of “what the heck?” segments to have them flash up on the screen looking like something out of a horror movie. Ah well.

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    • I agree. I think they did use the same makeup. Again, I stayed up to watch BBAD. When I saw them having a makeup party, I turned off the tv, once again, and went to bed. I’m for sure Andy made his parents proud last night. Andy claims he is a college professor, which we all know is a lie. I just don’t know how this group of house guests are going to go back to their jobs with their heads held high. They are a real group of losers and clueless people.

      • Andy’s College Professor claim is a loose one. He works at a community college in Dupage county in Illinois. You can teach at a community college level with a bachelor degree.

      • Not only that, Andy is an adjunct (part-time faculty member). Part-time faculty members do not hold the rank of professor. I’m sure Andy knows this. However, he chose to lie about it.

      • I don’t know if he ever called himself a professor, I believe he calls himself a teacher. And reality shows love to amp up someones job title. I surprised McCrae wasn’t listed as Pizza Transportation Specialist.

      • You probably should go read Andy’s bio. Why would they make that up? By the way, people who teach at the college level do not call themselves teachers.

      • LOL! You’re kidding, right? Hey, did you see Amaundah’s flash? That was no accident. She did it right in front of the others and the camera to powder herself. My opinion? She needs to keep that thing covered up…
        And she should NOT were a thong! Yikes!

      • Of course I’m kidding. lol No, I didn’t see that. Why is she comfortable doing doing those things? Does she want to be discovered? …well, there’s ‘Over 50 Magazine”..she might get a call from

      • Being a prof is a ranking? That sounds kinda new. I just finished college not too long ago and we always see the teaching faculty there as professors, full-time and part-time, other than calling them “Sir” and “Ma’am.”

      • The college of DuPage County actually has a relatively good reputation. It’s not the University of Chicago or Northwestern U but still decent. I could care less about his title, I think he wasted his HOH by gunning for Jessie! She’s so insignificant. He should have gone for Mcranda and broken up that sick union! He’s likely an Instructor or “Lecturer” which is still academic staff. Lets’ give the guy his moment in the sun folks.

      • I know people who are already teaching in art colleges and high schools for as early as 21-23 years old after finishing college and university (at least on my side of the globe).

        Many of the profs I had who are gay like to wear very comfortable clothes to shows their personality and students like them in contrast to the stereotypical uptight college professor. Although it’s best that you’re a few years older than the kids you teach.

        And depending on the situation, you can either work part-time or full-time faculty.

        Andy’s specialty is in communications so it’s not super over-the-top like philosophy and science. He’s good.

      • I knew he was a college teacher. But professor? I have no clue other than my hunch…which is no. And they DO use each other’s makeup, as well as many other things. Most of the hgs are outright pigs. To see the things they do is shocking and gross. Did you see GM going to town on her face popping zits? Right smack dab in the camera. Eeeewwwww! So did Jessie, Amanduh, and Aryan. Do they actually forget about the cameras?! I couldn’t! And Amanduh flashed her ugly pancake ass…she needs to keep that thing covered up…

      • I think anyone with an bachelor’s degree can become a professor in any college if he/she already have a working experience in the field and is good at it.

    • Nope he sucked at that to unless he was purposely trying to make them look like clowns then he was great

      • LOL! That whole make-up session was…I don’t know. I had to fast forward through it. Then I fast forwarded through all the zit-popping. 3 nights in row sucked big time.

    • They don’t want viewers to be able to tell when they did a diary room session. If they wanted to ask about something days ago, they want you to believe that the interview was that same day.

  1. I’m even more disturbed by an interview I read from Nick Uhas conducted a couple of weeks ago. He claims his feelings were real for GinaMarie in the house and they are going on a date when she gets out (I monster truck rally). He also states she is the sweetest person and cannot believe the allegations of her racism. Doesn’t he watch the feeds? He also prefers to stay out of it because he did not witness it. I missed the first 2 weeks of BB but I thought he was smarter than this, at least that is what they claim. When that crazy piece of t#$% called GM gets out, my advice to Nick is. . . run for your life dude!!

    • It’s not an allegation if it can be proven. GutterMouth’s racism can be proven. I wish her and Nick well. I hope they enjoy their date.

    • I give that date an hour – tops. He will not be able to hear GM’s mindless gibberish while the big trucks are around. However, once they leave the show and he can again hear her ignorant mouth he will want to put his head under one of those monster tires!

    • When he gets to know the REAL GinaMarie, he will run as fast as he can, away from her!!

    • I couldn’t believe that either. He didn’t ‘realize’ that GM’s feelings for him were real?! I do know what I heard him saying about her to others though. He obviously was not into her at all, and said some pretty bad things about her. Every time she went in for a kiss, he would pull his head back and look so uncomfortable. And when they shared a bed, he slept with all his clothes on, a pillow in between them, and he pulled his hoodie up over his head and slept straight on his back without moving. I think he was just being diplomatic when asked that question (I hope).

      Also, he’s been hanging out with David G (Aryan’s old squeeze). There’s pics and everything.

  2. With Jessie’s eviction tonight, let us hope Spencer, Gina Marie and Elissa use what is left of their brain cells to realise that they are the next targets to evict! And that if anyone of them happen to win HOH—-they have the common sense to nominate McCrae and Amanda on the block and if one goes off via POV to put Helen as renom. It is probably too much to expect from these bunch with them preferring to be evicted one by one like lambs being led to slaughter! Oh well, we can always hope!

    • I’m starting the think that if Aaryn or Amanda don’t win HOH, those two should go up. It would be a good way to reveal to Aaryn just where she stands with her 3AM alliance.

      • Our problem is they will probably end up nominating each other rather than targeting the big threats in the house. If Andy’s week was bad, imagine Gina Marie nominating Spencer and Elissa or Elissa nominating Spencer and Gina Marie or Spencer nominating Elissa and Gina Marie? That is probably what we will end up getting and another wasted week to boot!

    • Helen and Amanda on the block together Helen is gone even if they try to back door Amanda she has the numbers she is in an alliance with everyone and everyone thinks that they are in her and McCrea s final 3

  3. I wonder….hmmm …… It seems that McCraes plan to get Amanda ousted is a rouse… Or is it??? He has known for a few weeks now that she was dragging him down and is truly bad for his game. Could the “lie” be exactly what McCrae wants to happen?? At this point he has nothing to lose as to Amanda’s going or staying. If she goes at Helens hand he is in the clear with her. If Helens attempt at getting her evicted fails McCrae is still in the clear. Either way he will not suffer Amandas wrath. Makes perfect sense if he decided to “try” and get rid of her. We shall see…

  4. All the make up in the world could make Amanda look any better–she is so ugly inside it just seeps out! Same for GM!

  5. This season sucks Big time…….They all should be evicted by default……..Bunch of idiots in the house…

  6. I wish that someone would tell Andy that he doesn’t look good in those tank tops…and it’s not just the colors. Don’t you need to have muscles to look good in those shirts? And come on…red and green, blue and red, etc? Yikes! I used to think that GM and Spencer were the worst dressed. My 8 yr old coordinates better than that!

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