Big Brother 15: Julie Chen’s Exit Interview With Aaryn Gries – Video


Aaryn Gries became the fourth member of the Big Brother 15 Jury last night when she was evicted in a 5-0 vote. Following her eviction Aaryn sat with Big Brother host Julie Chen for the customary interview, but the interview was anything but ordinary.

Confronted by statements Aaryn made in the house, Aaryn denied remembering those things being said or that any of it was said with malice or ill intent. When Julie asked how she would respond to accusations of racism Aaryn had this to say:

“Being Southern, it’s a stereotype. I have said somethings that have been taken completely out of context and wrong and I do not mean to ever come off racist and that’s not me and I apologize to anyone that I’ve offended for that.”

When offered a chance for her final thoughts Aaryn blamed the situation on a misunderstanding of cultural differences:

“I honestly, I feel horrible. I feel like in Texas, we say things that are sometimes we joke and don’t mean it. I really feel bad that this is how it’s being seen and how I’ve come across to people.

I don’t want to seem like that person. I really do respect everyone in this game although we’ve had some really hard times because we’re fighting for our lives in this game.”

Julie closes by telling Aaryn that she hopes she’ll find a new perspective on things once she goes home and sees the footage for herself.

In online comments we reviewed some viewers felt Julie Chen and the studio audience went too far while others were glad CBS and Julie took the time to address the issue. How do you feel about Aaryn’s exit interview and the things that were said?

Aaryn is now headed to the Jury house and will have no additional interviews until after the season finale next month. She will not be aware of the real world results of her actions such as losing her modeling contract until after the show has ended.

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If you missed the interview on last night’s Big Brother or want to see it again then watch the video below. Note that CBS isn’t pulling any punches per the official video’s title.

Julie Chen interviews Aaryn Gries:


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  1. I think Julie did a great job with the interview, she kept it classy. I was cringing the entire time though, at one point I almost changed the channel because it was pretty painful to watch Aaryn.

      • Julies should have been replaced as host many seasons ago. I’ve read hundreds of comments on this site over the years that comfirm this.

    • she’s such a liar. her instinct was to revert to type and claim she never said it! I was glad that Julie was prepared with written quotes!

      • Julie should be fired for using her job as host to promote her biased personal views against a houseguest. What next, support for a one world government and forced RFID implants ?

      • Huh? Did you watchange the same interview as everyone else? The audience booed the girl when she came out, posts all over the internet say she’s a racist, AND people in the house to her she was racist. How could Julie NOT ask her about what was said in the house? There would have been no interview if the subject didn’t come up.

      • The exit interview was staged in an empty studio. Julie’s comments were obviously carefully scripted to avoid the impending lawsuits by Aaryn et al. Hopefully, they will fire the complete casting department and this won’t be repeated next season. (If they survive the lawsuits).

      • Lmao the exit interview was in a studio with a live audience! I was at the live taping in North Hollywood at the CBS studios. Try again.

      • Maybe in the world you live in. Julie did not make anything up. Therefore, aaryn is responsible for her own words no matter how much they reveal her as the bigoted, racist she really is.

    • I feel Julie Chen is a racist for her attack on poor Aaryn. Julie should be fired for making these false accusations against Aaryn on live tv. I hope CBS and Julie Chen are sued in court for this arrogant display of passing judgement on a poor white southern girl who did nothing more than make a few innocent jokes to her fellow inmates. Shame on you Julie !

      • What planet have you been living on, and what tv show have you been watching. I think she took it easy on Arryn, she didn’t even mention turning over the bed or talking like a black person to Candace or calling her Shenekra. She acted like a spoiled brat. She will go thru a lot harder interviews before its over.

      • Lmao this the funniest most ridiculous thinformation I have ever read. Sue Julie and CBS for stating facts? Hahahahahahahahahaha HA!

  2. At the end of the interview, Julie said to Aaryn, when she get out she will be able to look at all the footage and get a better perspective and ….
    I tought she was going to say: …. then we’ll invited you on The Talk.

      • They would have to pre-interview her and if she’s still in denial, then forget it, they would rip her to shred. But if she says she gets it now, then yes, put her on show, let her apologize, redeem herself and earn that second chance.

      • I don’t think allowing her to redeem herself will help anything.
        They should get the other houseguests directly affected to go on and talk about the harmful nature of homophobia and racism and the struggle of living in such small courters while being constantly around it.
        Allowing Aaryn to redeem herself takes away any lessons that could be heard to society.
        The marginalized should have the final word in instances like these, not the oppressors.

      • It’s productions fault for not scolding and warning the houseguests at the first indication of unacceptable behavior. Their lack of enforcing BB rules has lead to this situation, unlike BB in other countries that actually control their game more closely. (For example, the multiple DQ’s in BB canada, and the behavior warnings in BB UK.)

      • Aryan is so deep into her racists beliefs that without going through some kind of diversity/sensitivity training I’d be hard pressed to believe anything she said about now “getting it” .She’ll say anything to try and make herself the poor misunderstood victim.

      • What ever happened to free will. This cuntry is becoming more sharia law like by the minute. The U.S. is finished as a country, now that the constitution is being walked all over and disregarded by even the president. I’m moving to Canada.

      • I agree, even Obama has turned out to be more of a dictator than any other leader in history, Chavez and Hittler included. We’re in big trouble and the dollar is going to collapse, 16 trillion in debt and broke… we are worse than the poorest third world country and act like we are world leaders, what a joke !

    • Why give this trash more TV time? I would not be tuning into the Talk to see her reply or reasoning.

      • I Agree, Julie made her bed and now she has to sleep in it. What a disgrace to all of TV tha such a host is allowed to keep her job.

      • I wasn’t talking about Julie being trash, I was speaking of Aaryn (although I have read bad things about Julie too, but that’s off subject and for a different post).

  3. i just posted n its not here….

    but is all caps gets deleted than delete it….at least mine was a paragraph talking about the show!!!

    • If you comment does not immediately appear then it was caught in the moderation filter. Did you include curse words? That would cause an automatic hold to be placed on the comment.

    • Yep, I found your comment. Did you really need to use the F word so much? I’m not going to approve that comment to be published on our site. You’re welcome to submit a new comment without the foul language.

    • repost it without the swears. I want to see much ignorant nonsense you were ready to spew.

  4. Omg I felt so awkward watching this interview! I know what she said was horrible and she definitely deserves what she has coming for her, but putting her on the spot like that with such hard questions to answer on live television! That sucks! I felt so bad, she was about to start crying!

    • I kind of agree with you she attrack the kid , Yes Arryn said some really stupid stuff. But Julie didnt need to pick it up at all

      • if Julie WANTED TO ATTACK Aaryn she would have brought up the antics of Aaryn & Amanda making snide comments about Asians the nite before her eviction. Aaryn sees nothing wrong in her behavior . What part of that do yall not understand???

      • Exactly, she could have used karate on her, or poked her in the eye with some chop sticks.

      • Or she could have explained to her that there are more Asians on our planet than pasty white folk. She could have concluded her comments with “Have some respect you bigoted racist…you are outnumbered!”

      • wanker69, now you are bordering on being a racist… I am permanently banning you from all the comments that I read.

      • fly I think she read to her the comment about the bowl of rice cause I think in that moment Aryin realized she was in trouble cause Julie is chinese

      • Not in the Texas state I live in – Aaryn obviously lives in a different Texas than the rest of us Texans – she’s an embarrassment to our great state

      • The being from Texas line was a cop out and she takes NO responsibility for words. She’s a loser!

      • I am sure TEXANS are ashamed of her…and she shouldnt wrap all TEXANS in her filthy blanket….

      • Are you serious?! aaryn is a bigot and a racist! She needs to be told that her behavior is wrong. Asians, blacks and homosexuals are not on this planet to help her make sense of her life. They all have feelings and families that love them just like aaryn. She got what she deserves.

      • attacked the “kid” shes a grown woman who choose wrong over right. welcome to reality sweetheart and even more on the nose welcome to reality tv. you dont get to say things willy nilly and not get called on it. honestly i feel like julie did her a favor. gave her a heads up for how disgusted america is with her and why. im glad julie didnt let her get away with such a cop out of “they took it out of context” PLEASE i had a harder time watching aaryn pick apart candice and torment her. your morals are skewed if you felt pity for this girl.

      • if you feel bad for someone being attacked unexpectedly by a prominant media symbol on national television, you have skewed morals. 2 wrongs make a right guys… obviously…

      • I agree, the show didn’t intervene immediately to castigate the HG’s over their unacceptable comments and behavior, so its just way too late to do it after they are sitting in the eviction chair. If Aaryn was smart she would have asked if she needed a lawyer present due to the nature of the comments Julie made.

      • Are you kidding? she said things like I should smack her to straighten out her eyes about Helen knowing the first person she would speak to leaving the house is Julie Chen… the girl needed to be called on her crap! so does Gina Marie

      • In her defense, I think the little ignoramus forgot about leaving the house and sbeing Mrs CBS, Julie Chen. I’ve. Worked around cameras and you do forget they are their after awhile, so the show showed her true character.

    • well what about when she humiliated Candace in front of everybody and put her on the spot? I am sorry but words are a very powerful weapon Once said u cant take it back I would have believed her if she said at least you know being in this game things can get out of hand and things are said in the moment out of what ever emotion is driving u I was wrong I apologize to Candace and her family I am so sorry to have behaved like that I take full responsibility for what I did and said and hopefully one day I can make amends

      She said all of those horrible things she was called on it but did not owned up

    • She put herself on the spot with the thing she said, so nope I don’t feel sorry for her at all, but as human being I don’t think taking her lively hood like her job will help her be a better person, she have to want to change. hell, she still needs to take care of herself.

      • Many companies now have strict policies on stuff like that. Racial or sexual harassment is not tolerated. Quite possible the company she worked for was that way. Where I worked was and outside of work counted.

      • This is true… Maybe this will teach her that she may not have to like differences in people but she will have to respect them.

      • aaryn and people like her will NEVER respect non-white people. she believes that if you are not white you are “less than.” There is no way a grown women would have gone on BB and said those things if she were not a staunch racist.

    • She brought it on herself…What she can dish it out?? But when somebody calls her out its wrong.??? NOOOO NOOOO

    • Hard questions? Stupid stuff? Are you kidding me!?!?That’s the kind of kid glove treatment that has factored into her growing into such a clueless adult. Aryan has probably never been held accountable for much and for the first time probably ever, she was being forced to. The fact that it happened on TV? Its part of going on a heavily watched TV show. Teasing someone about the color of their shoes or hair is stupid. Being disrespectful and disgusting toward someone because of the color of their skin, nationality and/or life style choice is vile and inexcusable. Nothing less. Great job Julie!

      • U said it ALL Proud American! An eye opener for Me this season is being forced to see how our society lets these bad behaviors roll off our backs like water on a duck. Ppl become uncomfortable and let the issue pass, so the bad behavior is not being corrected. Look at how the weaker personalities r ignoring the bullying and racist comments. No onwants the bully attacking the, so it’s take the easy way out

    • If Aaryn is grown enough to make the comments, she needs to be grown enough to take the backlash. I thought it was totally appropriate. I felt she expressed very well what America wanted to express all this time.

    • it was awkward, I agree, but she said it and how awkward do you think the people in the house felt when she said it? What kind of emotions do you think they felt when they were caught off guard and put on the spot with her derogatory and stereotypical statements? How do you think Julie felt when she said things and stereotyped Asians? How do you think America felt with the trash that came out of her mouth? I myself was in shock and upset. What goes around comes around. She was put on the spot with her own words. Looks like she can dish it out but can’t take. I feel no sympathy for this little girl. Hopefully she’ll learn from her mistakes but I highly doubt it.

    • They barely even touched on it… You can’t let people get away that crap. My friends were saying I would have gone all civil rights activist on her.

    • Please say you are NOT feeling sorry for this racist,homophobic bully…!!!! PUTTING HER ON THE SPOT…??? WOW….

  5. I feel that her apology was sincere. Shes ignorant and close minded but I think that she was sincere with her apology. She should have just owned up to it and apologize for her behavior instead of beating around the bush with it. I wish her the best of luck in the future though, shes OKAY, I dont dislike her like I used to in the beginning of the season but at the same time she is not my fav.

    • I think it is too soon for her to apologize because she does not seem to understand what she did or why it was wrong. Perhaps in a few years she will look back at this and understand better why an apology, a real apology, is necessary.

      I do not think Aaryn is a bad person. I think she is a misguided 23 year old. I think she will feel very bad about what she did at some point. She needs time to grow up.

    • YOU cannot apologize for something that u claim u did not do and don’t remember. When its proven and u are called out on it YOU blame it on being a Texan. DUH!!!

    • I agree out of the game her Candice and Helen will find peace. The lesson learn is a work in progress she will get there.

      • I’m not giving her a pass. It’s just my opinion, I kinda feel bad for her but she brought it upon herself

      • But you are giving her a pass! You posted that you believe that her “apology” was sincere. However, if you go back and watch her first response…it was to deny that she ever made the comments! That’s not a serious apologetic adult. That’s a TYPICAL racist, bigoted child who has never been exposed for who she is. If she were a serious person she should have understood that her words would be brodcasted across the nation.

    • Her “apology” was first a “denial”…then she was just sorry she got caught…BUT when she gets home she has a lot more she is gonna be sorry about….Can’t wait to see the last show…will she be there…oh yea she is a juror…!!!!

  6. I am born and raised in Texas and my friends and I would never make comments like she made and say we are joking or whatever. She made the comments because she is racist. Julie Chen did a great job of calling her out on it. Even Amanda, who I don’t really care for, tried to warn her she was coming out in a bad light and she didn’t care.

    • Amanda has absolutely no business trying to warn anyone about racist/homophobic remarks. She has said things that make Aaryn look like a saint. Amanda is disgusting and a disgrace!

      • Yes, Amanda says something racist then follows up by saying “that’s not racist” or “I was making a joke”.

    • Amanda warned her but too bad she didnt practice what she preached. Shockingly she turned out to be worse than Aryan.

    • Ummmm, BB told her to warn her. Amanda has become the worst of them. She brings up personal stuff and it isn’t in a wide spectrum it is point blank!

  7. Julie was definitely classy and I am glad she addressed it! Aaryn can say whatever she wants but if you saw her in action she was being mean and yes racist. I am surprised she was allowed to stay in the house. She stayed in, did all of Amanda’s dirty work and now she’s in jury house. :-)

  8. I just don’t get how people can think she didn’t deserve it. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I mean, didn’t she ALREADY apologize for the things she’s said to Candice? If she ALREADY apologized, then why does she need to apologize again? Maybe because her previous apology was insincere, and probably this one too. I think that the audience and Julie were too light in fact, she’s lucky all of america wasn’t interviewing her.

  9. I don’t agree with her comment but I do feel bad for her…embarrassed and laughed at/booed on live tv.

    • She learned a valuable life lesson. There are repercussions for your actions and words. If the audience just sits there in silence or are forced to clap,she will think that was nothing wrong with what she did. Hopefully she will think before she throws out the hateful things she says. If not she will continue to be embarrassed through out her life.

  10. Let us not forget that Amanda, GinaMarie & Spencer also deserve to be called out just as Aaryn was last night. GinaMarie used the N word early on in the house…. Amanda made remarks about Asians again just very recently. I am not defending Aaryn but I just hope out of fairness SHE is not the ONLY one that CBS or Julie decides to ‘call out’

    • Before the vote Julie said Aaryn and ANDY had a lot of explaining to do so I think Julie is prepared to hit all of them with those tough (real) questions. I agree it would be unfair to ask only her, but feel Julie is just waiting. One of the things is McRae and Andy are guilty by association. They don’t call her out on it but laugh, which encourages her to continue.

    • Amanda is going to get off because her bullying is worse than her racism, if that could be possible. She is going to get called out for her verbal abuse of people.

    • She won’t be. Amanda is inline for a huge send off with Julie Chen….Make my day Julie Chen…lmmao

  11. I’m Texan born and raised and I would never ever say any of the things she said. I really don’t like the way she tried to blame it on being from Texas. I was raised right she was raised by ignorant racists. Trying to blame the fact that you are racists on a whole state?? That is just crazy talk. She needs to have a long look in a mirror and come to terms with who she is as a person and realize that it’s not what you look like or where you are from but who you are on the inside that makes you a horrible person and stop trying to blame everyone else. Maybe when she gets out of jury and realizes the effect that her words have had on her life she will be able to stop denying what she said and come to terms with it and be able to finally make a sincere apology.

  12. I think Julie had to ask the questions she did and she had to say the things she did to Aaryn. But I also think the audience should have remained silent instead of booing and laughing. I don’t like Aaryn or the things she said but being the father of two kids I cannot help but feel compassion for her and her family. While she is an adult, she is still only 22 which today is still a kid.

    I want her to learn a lesson from this but I am not seeking a pound of flesh. The rest of her life is too high a price to pay for what she said and did. A good lesson is what she needs and Julie helped deliver that lesson. Now she can go back and think about it and hopefully emerge a better person.

  13. I am surprised that she did not say..”.Well it started with what happened at the Alamo & the Mexicans…” Not being racist just mentioning a little Texas history

  14. well what about when she humiliated Candace in front of everybody and put her on the spot? I am sorry but words are a very powerful weapon Once said u cant take it back I would have believed her if she said at least you know being in this game things can get out of hand and things are said in the moment out of what ever emotion is driving u I was wrong I apologize to Candace and her family I am so sorry I take full responsibility for what I did and said and hopefully one day I can make amends

    She said all of those horrible things she was called on it but did not owned up

  15. CBS was not too easy on Aaryn. Not enough was said so that she realizes the seriousness of her words and actions. Please don’t forget her entire “entitled” attitude as well. I remember once moment when she was speaking to Jeremy when he was put on the block and stated “they just want the cute ones out, why are people so hateful on us?” Really, she thinks she was above the rest. Then she ALWAYS has an excuse which is “not her fault” like she is discriminated against because she is blonde. But the most disturbing part was when Amanda called her out on her racism in the house, she showed no remorse and kept making excuses as well as pushing if off by saying she didn’t care what others thought of her.
    Sorry, but I can not forget all the hateful comments she has made to others as well as her actions. Was it really necessary to flip Candice’s bed and other mean acts she committed? Sure she can learn from this but that won’t happen unless she faces the consequences and last night was only the beginning.
    No, I am not judging here, just stating facts and standing up for the millions of people who are discriminated against because of ignorance.

    • i still find it funny that people still thing flipping the bed was done in racial hatred… People here are so dumb…

      • Don’t assume what people are thinking. It looks like it was partially because of her racism, why Candice and not . . . say Elissa? but mostly because of her immaturity.

      • Because the bed she happened to be sitting on was Candices. If it was anyone elses, it would have gotten flipped. And im not assuming – you said it was racist in your essay like comment.

      • How is this saying it was racist? I stated “Was it really necessary to flip Candice’s bed and other mean acts she committed? I said it was mean. Aaryn has many more issues than racism. Hopefully she will get help.

      • In the context of the topic at hand and your original comment (Aaryn’s racist remarks), the bed flipping was brought up again.

      • Don’t waste your time going back and forth. clearly some people have the same thoughts as Aaryn. Just let them continue to be ignorant!!!

    • You are right. She was raised to feel entitled. She came from a wealthy family and has always gotten what she wanted. Because her family showered her with good comments and love she expected everyone to treat her that way. She has not been in real world scenario’s before obviously.

    • I agree…there is nothing wrong with asking somebody to explain their actions. There is nothing wrong with pushing somebody to answer tough questions they bring upon themselves.

      Tired of hearing (reading) Aaryn ‘defenders’ when all reactions to her were a result of her actions and words. When a shady character does something as dumb as flip a bed, that in-and-of itself is not reprehensible, but given her overall character, everything is (and should be) subject to questioning.

      • I see what you are about. There are a couple of you trolling these boards making negative statements to incite. You are not interested in having a intelligent conversation, just being negative.

      • Where did u crawl out from??? I don’t troll on this site honey I am here to agree/disagree. I try to debate & share opinions. The post to Cindy was a logical question. If u would go back & read u might comprehend that. And if I am being negative are u not as well??? Calling the pot black ain’t u kettle??

  16. One can either take a chance to make a point or take a chance to make a difference. The latter in this case would have been letting go of the comments made and talking about the game. It is unfortuneate that did not happen here. What the BB host and studio audiance did to that girl was small of them.

    • The way that Aaryn treated Candice was very “small” of her. Can u grasp that bit of truth???

      • I know. 2 wrongs dont make a right. You agree, yes? Then live by it. Right now, you’re preaching 2 wrongs make a right.
        Also, having different opinions does not make you a troll. It makes you someone with a different opinion.

  17. Im sure it didn’t hurt with who Julie’s husband is. It’s a pretty easy choice to go after her than to deal with headaches from sponsors and investors.

  18. She didn’t go far enough if you ask me! Seriously she went too far when she started making those comments and yet she shouldn’t be called out on that? She doesn’t even remember saying those things? Yea..right I think she will not change and maybe i’m wrong I hope so but by her attitude and excuses it just doesn’t seem likely..sigh

  19. As always Julie kept it classy and Aaryn still dosen’t get it. Bye bye

  20. Just now watching BBAD and can’t believe what McRae is saying to Amanda. He doesn’t care what America thinks of him. Guess he has already written off “America’s player”. Isn’t that 25K?

  21. The day of Aaryn eviction, on live feeds Aaryn was asked by GM does Mexicans do her lawn? and Aaryn said “No gorillas do” then put her head under her covers and both GM and Aaryn started laughing.. she fully understands what she says and just don’t care, just like she said in the beginning of the show she didn’t care how it made her look when Amanda (of all people) brought it to her attention. So, she can cry a river. Also this does not need to stop at just Aaryn. Amanda and GM need to be addressed just as Aaryn was.

  22. I thought it sucked! I totally get what Aaryn was saying. It’s called having a sense of humor and not having a stick stuck up your butt and taking EVERYTHING so dang personal and being so sensitive about everything. A major problem with this country is everyone plays the victim and you can’t say anything off-handed with out it being taken to the extreme by everyone who wears their feelings on their shoulders. Yes, she said them as being a smartass, but she did not say them to hurt or degrade anyone. Ugh! Being “politically correct” is the most annoying thing! Get off your high horse, suck it up and stop being babies that got their feelings hurt on the playground!

    • Nobody is on a high horse. The world has changed. Some for the better and some not. However, racism is no longer tolerated and THAT is for the better.

      • Not everything is racist! That’s my point. Why is it when a comedian is on stage saying crap like that, it’s funny, but when an average white person says it (making a joke), it automatically becomes racist and full of hate.

    • What state are u from??? We might understand ur nonsensical views if we have that bit of info.

      • That matters, why? Because I don’t agree with the race card throwing babies? I realize that arguing with liberals is ridiculous, but your obvious hatred for someone’s mistake is quite outlandish! But that is the liberal way, right? everybody’s a victim until they don’t agree with you. Then it’s off with their heads! Just from reading your other comments. But to answer your question, I’m from Alabama.

    • you said “A major problem with this country is everyone plays the victim” that is all Aaryn did! she didn’t take responsibility for her words or actions! yes, being politically correct does go too far too often but these comments were made with intent to hurt!!! that’s racism. cut and dry.

      • I don’t think it was meant to hurt. She was being “B” at the time and ranting, that’s all. Which is probably why she may not remember saying it or why she told Amanda why she didn’t care. I find it extremely hard to believe that all these people that get so offended by “racial slurs” have never or still never make them. I will call BS all day long on that one.

    • I’ll agree with this. People should have taken the comments for what they were. It’s not like Aaryn’s going to go home and wear a robe…

    • People are complaining about racism and being victims etc. What ever happened to just having respect for other human beings period? I work with college students and many in their generation are very self centered/entitled and do not care about others. This plays into the hate as well and it is because of the way they were raised. They were not taught the value of respect. Now before you start responding, I said “many of the millennial generation, not all”

      • Being self centered does not mean hate. But I will agree with the fact that way too many people feel entitled. The majority of those people want something for nothing, meaning they won’t give of themselves or their time, but expect everything handed to them. And if it doesn’t work that way, then guess what, they are being hated on and everyone not handing out is racist. Now, the college kids that are selfish and entitled are different, they are just brats!

  23. some of you are crazy to defend Aaryn… either there are an awfully large group of racists out there or just a bunch of dumb people taken in by everything. either way, the harshest reality will set in when she finds out she’s lost her job and creditability. I hope Julie is right and once Aaryn see herself she will have a different perspective. (Julie was definitely not too hard on her…lol!)

  24. Aaryn I pray you, Helen and Candice will find peace at the jury house. I believe you did learn a lesson about hatred and you are willing to examine your actions.
    Don’t loose hope you will find peace if you search deep inside.

  25. I was on the edge of my seat!! I could not wait to see this interview and what Julie said was on the money!! Aaryn had no intention of living up to what she said.. she said it..its out there for the world to see and hear. She deserves everything she is gonna get KARMA hah thats right..You may be pretty on the outside Aaryn but you are just plain ugly on the inside!!

  26. Does anyone have any thoughts on the bs answer she gave about her relationship with Elissa & why she was so mean to her in the house? They were friends at the beginning, what?!

    • Elissa did like her in the beginning. Aaryn stated that she felt Elissa should have told her she was Rachel’s sister and she didn’t. Then of course the true Aaryn also started coming out and Elissa didn’t like that.

  27. Wait a minute. Did she not remember flipping out and flipping Candice’s bed all the while looking and sounding like a two year old brat? Sounds like selective memory to me!

    • After living with Amanda she’s probably tried to block out the whole experience…. much like a rape victim.

    • Watching her body language told me the girl was in shock and had no clue how to respond. I actually think her mind went blank and she didn’t know what to say.

      • well she certainly had plenty to say while she was in the house…What made her lose her voice??

      • She was getting her first indication that the outside world was disgusted by her and it shocked her…

      • Being in front of a studio audience getting grilled about something will do that to you…

      • oh that’s right…..silly me…Aaryn didn’t remember saying anything “derogatory”.. goodness where is my memory today???

      • What would you say? Remember, you’re speaking to a studio audience on stage of one of the most viewed shows. Your blind hate is showing, fly, you might want to trt looking at this situation rationally.

      • Agreed, she felt blindsided. But she deserved it. Julie actually held back. You could tell Julie did not even want to talk to her. I’m sure she was informed of the previous nights statement “I hate Asians”.

  28. I think Julie handled it perfectly. I think Aaryn got exactly what she deserves. She thinks she is above everyone else because she’s a pretty girl. By the way, did anyone else notice how bad her eyebrows looked? What was up with that?

  29. After observing Aaryn for 10 weeks I believe she is a pretty naive girl. Her world has been limited to the extent she hasn’t grown in her maturity. After the conversation she had one night with Kaitlin it made me realize they were both immature and used to being the center of attention. The things she said were way over the top.

    You have to realize that hatred, racism, etc…are taught to us by our parents, peers, etc. Even though she wouldn’t admit to it these actions seem to come natural to her. I was taught at a very young age to respect ALL PEOPLE. I have never used slang terms for any person because the only reason for it is to inflict pain. I think one of two things will happen here. Either she’ll learn the hard way there are consequences to negative actions and when she learns better, she’ll do better. Or it won’t affect her in the least because that’s what she knows. When she gets out of this environment she’ll be in for a rude awakening and the shock of things crumbling around her could have a profound affect.

    People CAN change. It’s just a matter of IF they choose to do it.

    • You are right. Being born and raised in the south I was taught respect and was punished for not using it. As a child you hear slang terms, which I repeated and got my mouth washed out for it. Soap is a good deterrent for bad language. LOL

  30. I’ve learned something from this… Aaryn similar to Aryan… coincidence? I think not.

  31. To me, It would be a grievous error for a trained Journalist not to ask those pertinent questions. Julie Chen did her job right.

  32. I am pretty upset she used being from Texas as a crutch. I am a Texan, and in my opinion the people who make racist comments are being racist, the people who make homophobic comments are being homophobic, they are not being “southern” or “Texan”. Sure, you probably hear more of those comments made by people here, but it does not make it ok.

    I do hope Julie calls Amanda out. She is a disgusting human being. I can’t stand the way she talks to and about everyone. She has truly made the game disappointing this season.

    • I don’t know about that. I have met people from just about every state and have heard bad comments from many of those. The south gets blamed for a lot, but I am with you. Doesn’t matter where you’re from it’s not ok.

  33. ok folks last comment on this subject…Aaryn has been evicted Confronted by Julie Chen and its time to move forward…

  34. I think Julie did a great job because if I was Julie my questions would have been a lot more harsh Julie handle the sistuation the best way she can if she did not bring up the racist comments to Aaryn people would have been mad at Big Brother Aaryn is a big girl she can handle herself I’m happy Aaryn know now that America seen all those really mean comments she made an even the night before she still was making negative comments maybe after this her and her family will learn to watch what comes out their mouth

  35. I actually wish Julie had given her more examples such as her ghetto remarks to Candice; Aryn’s behavior was atrocious. Her referring to Andy as a “queer” and how about the Asian remarks on doing nails.
    People have short memories. When GinaMarie is evicted I hope they remind her of what she said to Candice and calling her Shaniqua and the adoption remarks.
    I was impressed with the audience and how they reacted to Aaryn’s continued denials. Nothing was taken out of context, she is a racist and a bigot.

  36. I know this is supposed to be about Aaryn but I wanted to mention that this is the lowest of the low in House Guests this season. Amanda who can cry on cue, is so vulgar and crude and loud and then she thinks she has a prize in McCrea the super floater. Amanda’s remarks are horrid and while she may not have gotten physical as the Hanze (sp?) guy did last year, she is just as violent. I hope they confront her when she is evicted or better yet, just plain expel her for her unsportsman like behavior.

  37. Very classy, yet direct! Great interview Julie. I know she was personally offended by many of Aaryn’s comment.

  38. I honestly hate to see anyone put in an uncomfortable situation, but honestly, she has shown no remorse or even basic understanding of what she’s done/said. Racism is so ingrained in her (and probably her family) that it’s second nature to her and part of who she is, so I doubt she’ll EVER get it. For those reasons, I’m very happy with what transpired last night on the show. Major props to Julie for laying it out in front of her and confronting her on it. And I’m glad there was a “mixed reaction” from the audience and laughing at her ridiculous explanation.

    This girl is in for a very rude awakening once finale night is over. She better go home and think about who she is as a person.

  39. aaryn is such a loser! I was glad she coped to southern
    racism and bigotry generally and texas racism specifically.

  40. While at first I was getting a kick out of Julie’s interview with Aaryn (which by the way I don’t blame any comments or questions); as time went on hearing the boo’s, negative energy and laughs from the “audience”, started to sicken me quite a bit.

    • I felt the same way when I saw how Candace was affected by Aaryn comments and insults toward her

      • I agree! I thought the way she was towards Candace was terrible. In addition to the comments and actions of Spencer, Amanda, Kaetlyn, GM and Jeremy, etc.

  41. I applaud julie for addressing her in the manner she did and felt as though Aaryn once again showed her ignorance with her responses. She seemed like she was shocked by the reaction of America to her racist comments and wanted to fall back on her “Texas” up bringing to let her slide on through. It was an uncomfortable interview to watch, so I can only imagine how uncomfortable it was for both of them to do. I again applause the show and Julie for actually addressing it with her and prayers to Aaryn for her ignorance. On a side note, I REALLY REALLY hope they play her reaction to all this upon her arrival to the jury house! That will really show if any of that interview sunk in the mushy mess of brains in her head ;)

  42. How is people being entertained and laughing at a very young girls life being ruined any better than the comments Aaryn made?? She is young, naïve, and immature, but her whole life is ruined. Shunned by Big Brother fans (a game she has loved) hated by America and lost all her jobs. Her life is RUINED. And for people to seek enjoyment from her misfortune is sinking lower than her level. I agree she has to lay in the bed she made for herself, but there is a point where it turns cruel. I have been a super duper fan of BB since season 1, and I can say am now ashamed to be apart of the Big Brother fan base that has been filled with so much hate this season. It’s sad that this may be the last season of BB I watch, not cuz it is a bad season, but because the fans of the show have became very personal and hateful. So to everyone that enjoyed watching her life crumble in front of your eyes, just know that you are worse than her…

    • well said. it’s pretty funny how people can call her mean hearted, then be joyous when her life crumbles. Speaks volumes.

  43. She could have said “Im the worst human being ever” and people here would still spew hate all over it. There was nothing she could have done to please you guys.

    • THANK YOU! There was nothing she could say that would please anyone. If she said “I’m sorry” people would say “Sorry doesn’t change what you said!”. If she said “I was wrong” people would say “Is that all you have to say?!”

      Some of these fans are ridiculous. Was she wrong? Yeah. Should there be consequences? Of course. But I still feel bad for her. There are people in my own life that I cannot stand, but I wouldn’t want them to be humiliated in this manner either.

      • Well clearly you dont fit in here… It’s amazing how insensitive people can be to insensitivity. It’s ironic.

    • Gellie, here you go again saying things with your emotions without the use of your intellect, you always find ways to defend these ignorant people such as Aaryn and Amanda, have you ever thought about how you will feel if you were at the receiving end of what these girls have said on live TV, Aaryn more or so was warned by Amanda and choose to ignore it, all she could have done right then was apologize to Candice, Helen and Andy, I bet you this whole issue would have been squashed, instead she compounded it more by flipping Candice bed and you are here blaming people for there take on Aaryn’s on doing. No one except Aaryn should blame herself for the backlash that she is getting although part of me feel some type of sympathy for her as I hope that this dumb mistake does not end up ruinning her life

      • I firmly believe that even if she appologized, she still would have recieved every bit of hate she’s getting here now. People here seem to latch on to something they can hate. We saw it last year with Danielle, and we saw it again here with Aaryn.

  44. I think Aaryn is an idiot that doesn’t think before she speaks. It was clear that she was caught off guard with the questions and didn’t know what to say. After this season on Big Brother I don’t think we will ever see from this classless dummy ever again. Bye, it has been a displeasure seeing you on my TV and hope to never see you again!

  45. Aaryn did not deserve the blindside treatment she got from Julie, especially considering the following:
    1. They’ve never done this to people who have said similar/worse things in the past.
    2. Quoting 3 examples out of context is very inappropriate. It is not like she willfulyl went somewhere alone and decided to rant racist stuff to the camera. There were events leading up to these quoates, other people involved making their own comments and goading/promoting the jokes, and the general mood etc at the time.
    3. You can’t ignore the effect when you have someome like Candice constantly referencing her “black ghetto shaneeqwa” side and making race relevant to topical discussion.

    And this will I believe water down next season since I guarantee every new HG will be so overly sensitive and go out of their way to show how nice, open minded, supportive, etc they are.

    • aaryn got exactly what she deserved. She looked like a fool and the audience booed her because she’s a bigoted, racist.
      Moreover, attempting to blame Candace for aaryn’s behavior proves that you just don’t get it. Whenever, a bigoted, racist is exposed it’s good for our society.

      • The goal is to educate ourselves and others about other cultures not ruin a young girl’s life. Now she’s been informed since Julie basically shoved it in her face. She will now go and privately apologized to the people she offended, especially Candice, I’m sure, and then we all need to let her move on with her life.

      • Who ruined her life? Who made the bigoted, racist commments? Oh yeah…aaryn! No one is here to educate anybody else about the world we live in. All people deserve basic respect, especially if they have done nothing in the way of insulting your racial or ethnic background. The BB guest are playing a game. Everyone is not going to like one another. However, aaryn saying that Helen should “Go make some rice,” or insinuating that Candace cannot be seen when the lights are turned out is just blatant racism. Moreover, stating that no one would listen to Andy because he is a “queer” makes her a bigot!
        If her life is “ruined” it’s her own fault. (Which I think is HYPERBOLE) She signed up for BB. She made the comments. She has free will and makes the decisions about how she speaks.

  46. I agree it was hard to watch the interview, but yes I think she needed to beconfronted. Cause now she gets to go into the jury house with Candice and Helen and apologize. I would ha e hated to see how miserable she would have made it for the both of them without this self awareness.

  47. I can’t believe Aaryn had the nerve to bring Texas in to the conversation!! No way does her behavior portray any body but herself!!!! Very bad…

  48. Being a native Texan I am appalled and embarrassed that she would try to make it seem that we are all as ignorant as she. I commend Julie and CBS fir an excellent interview.

  49. I thought Julie did a wonderful, classy job after all she was insulted by Aaryn’s comments too. And she started to deny it until they were read and she realized she couldn’t! I hope as Julie said she sits down and watches the feeds and all so she can see

  50. Actually, she isn’t the only prejudice one in the house. Gm said welfare was n word insurance and Spencer said Kermit the f–. Amanda said she hates Asians and one time a band aid was in her Chinese food and she said Chong face. Idk why aaryn is the only one being targeted they all should be called out. Gina Marie also got fired from her job.

  51. I absolutely cannot wait until the finale when Julie gets to tell her that she’s been fired for being such a horrible person. CBS, please make sure that reaction is on camera.

    • She wasnt fired for being a horrible person. She was fired because crazy people like you called and complained to her employer.

      • Ha. I didn’t call anyone. If its crazy to have little sympathy for racists and homophobes, then call me crazy. Also, say hi to Aaryn for me when you guys are out hood shopping for your next clan meeting.

      • Good one. I must be racist for having compassion for a young lady who grown people are laughing at while her life falls apart. I’m such a racist.

    • Exactly, how pathetic is your meaningless life to find entertainment in other peoples lives crumbling. You’re worse than Aaryn. I feel bad for the hatred you have inside you. Pathetic.

  52. well she is been talked about on omg insider tonight they called Paula dean mini me and she will be talked about even on entertainment tonight Canada I guess this might follow her for a long time I hope she takes the time to see that she was wrong in her comments she is young she can turn it around hopefully

  53. I am from Texas (not born here, but lived here long enough to call myself a Texan) and I am appalled that she blamed her comments on a Texas stereotype?? That girl is going to have a whole lot of apologizing to do…after she apologizes for the stupid comments she made in the first place!

  54. I feel like what Aaryn said was wrong and should never be said but shes been made into the poster child for racism on the show when in reality far worse things have been said and have not made air by other house guests. Also Aaryn not remembering making the comments could be attributed to the fact that the comments were made almost 2 months ago, if someone were to ask you if you said something that long ago would you be able to recall that on the spot?.

    • well she is the one that got out first I am sure if it was GM Amanda or Andy they will have gotten the same treatment She went on a reality show with cameras on all the time she was warned by HG that she was coming across racist shrugged off Julie try to tell her you know you are watched 24/7 she still does not get it and up until the night before eviction she was making racists comments she was not made the poster child for racism but was called out to explain her actions it is called accountability for one’s action’s

  55. I think it was good that Julie confronted her with what she said and all that. However, what was inappropriate was the audience.
    I think some of you are sociopathic with how you are perceiving her and quite frankly I think Amanda and the others are far worse. Aaryn didn’t mean it to come off that way or didn’t recall saying it and you could tell that she was genuinely surprised and felt bad about being confronted with that every time she was.
    While Amanda and others who viewed what she said as racist, joined in, and accepted it and worked with her instead of getting rid of her. That means that they were ok with her being racist… and that make them racist, more so than Aaryn ever was shown to be.
    In the end, when someone is being sincere as Aaryn was, it is inappropriate to laugh at them like the audience was, when they are showing remorse and apologizing, whether you believe them or not. I have been more disgusted by the reaction people have had to her saying what she did than I was with what she said and how she dealt with being confronted with it.

  56. I am also from the south. And although Aaron probably could have avoided the things she said, it is true that some souterners joke about things but don’t really mean it to sound racist. Most people from the south would understand that. I understand that it does come off as racist to many, but a lot of southerners just joke about these things and I feel that some people don’t understand the culture difference.

  57. I am a huge fan of BB and I keep up with the feeds so I am aware of things that Aaron has said and done. I think that the people who are commenting about how she is a racist and are making her out to be a horrible person need to take a look at themselves. You can’t honestly believe that you are perfect and haven’t ever said or done something mean or that could be taken as racist especially in the heat of the moment or while conversations with other people. Do you know this girl personally or just what you have seen of her on tv?? If you couldn’t see past the comments and views of Julie or the other haters in America to notice that unlike some of the other house guests Aaron’s comments and actions weren’t anything more then most normal people do or say. I am a human being and I would go out of my way for anyone and I care way too much for people I shouldn’t some times but I am not about to be a hipocritical closed minded person who thinks I have the right to judge someone I don’t even know!! We have all made mistakes and gotten caught up in something that if the people around us were that closed minded to see past our actions we would be thought of as Aaron is being portrayed. We have no right to judge and yes she shouldn’t have said and done the things she did but that doesn’t make her the person that she is being portrayed as!! I think she was mostly a normal southern girl who had more genuinely nice, sweet and funny moments then racial bad girl moments. Don’t be so clouded by your judgement to not recognize she does have good qualities. To pass judgement and say some of the things that are being said make you look just as bad if not worse then her so stop and look at yourself bc no one is perfect!! And if you think you are above saying something racial, sexist or just plain ugly then your the one who may need some help!!

  58. The majority of these comments are hillarious! Asking for Julie to be fired; blaming her for asking direct questions; repeating to Aaryn what she said in the BB house. Seriously people? Are you employed by A’s PR team? Julie is a journalist. BB fans and viewers were fuming on social media about A’s comments. Julie addressed it as any responsible journalist would do. She stated facts. Poor Aaryn? Really?

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