Big Brother 15: Jessie’s Night Of Drama Filled With A Fight-O-Rama

Jessie's Fight-O-Rama on Big Brother 15

Jessie has consistently been that “wait, which HG is that?” character on Big Brother 15. After starting out in the premiere as a seemingly attention-grabber, Jessie has slid in to obscurity. Perhaps sensing this could be her final chance for drama and camera time, Jessie has brought out the fighter inside her.

Jessie has promised to go out with a bang this week and from what we saw last night we don’t doubt her. Sign-up now for the Live Feeds and watch all of last nights events with Flashback plus everything else that’s about to go down with a free 2-day trial.

The party got started at 10:53PM BBT 8/12 when Jessie called Helen down to play pool but Jessie wasn’t really interested in billiards. Instead Jessie asks Helen why she revealed to Aaryn that Jessie had tried to get Amanda voted out last week. Helen assures her it was public knowledge and she hadn’t revealed anything that everyone didn’t already know. Helen even blames that reveal on Judd. The discussion becomes heated and Helen storms away.

Quick back story: Last week Jessie, Helen, & Elissa discussed evicting Amanda. Helen tried to rally support, but after talking with Andy she decided it wouldn’t work and called off the effort. Now Helen is trying to place full blame on Jessie for those events.

A few mins later Helen heads to the back bedroom and is retelling the argument to Andy, McCrae, and Amanda. Shortly after that Jessie is getting in her side of the “evict Amanda plan” story to McCrae. Oh, but guess what. McCrae has the audacity to have this discussion with Jessie alone! Oh the horror. Guess who doesn’t like that very much and complains about it for the rest of the night after she drags him out of the room where he was doing nothing but talking privately with Jessie.

Jump to 11:23PM BBT to find Helen and Jessie butting heads again in the bathroom. It’s brief, but it happens in front of Amanda & Elissa and ends with Helen saying “you’re leaving Thursday” as she marches away. Commence more retellings as Jessie goes outside to McCrae & Spencer while Helen heads upstairs to Andy, Aaryn, & GM.

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There’s more fun to be had at 11:34PM BBT with Jessie coming up to the HoH room to interrupt Helen’s retellings. Jessie takes Helen to task in front of Andy and details how Helen was “ecstatic and over the moon” for the idea of evicting Amanda but is now denying it as only Jessie’s plan. Jessie tries to get Andy’s support, but he backs Helen as saying it wasn’t a serious discussion to get out Amanda. Andy could be hedging his bets here as he knows Jessie is going regardless of his concerns about Helen’s actual intentions.

After several failed attempts to leave Helen eventually does leave the HoH room. Jessie stays and continues to work on Andy, but at this point Jessie is still done and gone. She’s just using her time here to cause as many rifts as possible. Might as well!

The fights and arguments kept on for several more hours, so I’ll get another post up soon with more details and pics from the second part of the night. Update here.

What do you think of Jessie and Helen fighting? Can Jessie save herself? Maybe if this had come up before the Veto Ceremony we’d see some real action come of it, but as of now I’d be surprised to see Jessie stay past Thursday.

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  1. Helen handled it very badly. There was no need and no benefit to engaging Jessie like that. She should have just said it was common knowledge and then apologized if it hurt Jessie in any way. But Helen, having a huge ego, decided to start lecturing Jessie about how Jessie wronged her. That’s how this discussion devolved into a fight.

    Helen could have smoothed this over simply by saying she was on Jessie’s side and didn’t want to say anything to hurt her. All of these people should take a lesson from Andy on the art of tactful conversation.

    • Grrr, I wish I didn’t have to say this, but you’re right Prince. Andy really has been one of the few people that knows how to stay away from confrontation and yet appear as an ally (made me chuckle when the video edit on Sunday’s show had everyone claiming they are close with Andy).

  2. I love how Jessie is the only one able to stand up to the bullies. I hate the fact that she’s probably going home, she deserve to be in the house more than half those people.

    • But is she being smart? She flip-flops back and forth from alliance to alliance. Yes, she wanted to flip the house on Amanda, but never came up with a plan to get the votes. Even now, she is going after Helen and Elissa, but she is up against Spencer. She needs to turn the house against Spencer, not Helen. If Jessie goes this week and Helen next, it might give her some satisfaction, but in reality it is Andy and Amanda who are evicting Jessie and if she goes this week and Helen next, how does this benefit Jessie. She is being stupid. This is no way to get anyone’s vote.

      • Jessie still has some leverage with the jury vote. It makes sense to deal with McCrae and Amanda who have a Final 4 deal with Andy and Aaryn. Aaryn and Gina Marie will vote together most times. Ask all 4 to keep her one or two more weeks and promise her jury vote and to help evict Helen! If they turn it down, they turn it down! What if they accept and vote to evict Spencer! That is Jessie’s best bet. As long as you are in this game, anything is possible! Even floaters reach the Finals most times because if you played the game—-you want a floater at the end with you! Helen is a lost cause, she has been targeting Jesse even when she tried to lobby to evict Amanda! A move that would have benefitted Helen immensely—-go figure that one out! Helen cannot even keep her mouth shut to allow Jessie to atleast, go for it!

      • Jessie is going home, no matter what. Jessie was eaves dropping and heard them say she was going home. Andy has basically formed an alliance with Spencer and has told Spencer a lot. Jessie probably has accepted the fact that she is going home and has decided to stir the pot before she leaves. I think, at this point, she is doing the right thing.

      • Jessie might still end up going back into the Big Brother House. A huge plus for her is she is not intimidated by Amanda or Helen! The others are just plain scared!

      • @Richie, ur right…Go Jessie…she got them balls not even the Men in their have any….she should return to house.

  3. Yes, Helen handled it badly. However, Jessie seems to have forgotten the POV ceremony has been held and there will be no last minute replacement nom. Her MO this season has been to attention-seek and then pout. If pouting doesn’t get her attention, then start a fight with someone – exactly as she did with Judd. Two favs from this? Jessie listening at doors after swearing yesterday that she has never eavesdropped – then leaping across Spencer to hide under his covers when caught by McCrae and Elissa’s one-liner to Aaryn about a possible fever – “It’s probably just your pants.”

    • Considering what the other house guests have been doing, Jessie is a breath of fresh air! She fights for herself and does not allow herself to be bullied by Helen or Amanda! Helen handled it badly because her lies are being exposed for all to see! Worst for her, she is evicting house guests who can help her game! She could have had Candice and Jessie on her side but, she has only Elissa which serves her right! Amanda and McCrae have a Final 4 deal with Andy and Aaryn which puts Helen in the minority! Helen is big fool and when she is evicted—-she will not know what hit her!

      • I have been thinking the same thing. Even Howard could have been an ally for Helen, if Helen made a deal to save him and Candice. If Helen had Howard, Candice, Jessie and Elissa she would probably also have Andy.

      • Too late for that now. When Jessie goes, Amanda’s alliance got that much stronger! Worst for Helen, now she has been outed and the target on her back just got larger!

      • Absolutely agree. Have to give it to Jessie.. in her rant, she never once attacked anyones’ race, religion, sexuality, or mental wellness.

    • She hasn’t forgotten crap. She found out that she was going home…decided not to bother trying to campaign against Spencer in vain…and now she’s going to tell everyone all the secrets she knows. She was actually relieved to know her fate…and said now she doesn’t have to kiss a**ses, play nice, and try to be loyal to ppl that are never loyal to her.

  4. too little, too late Jessie. but I’m glad she tried to expose the megalomaniac that Helen is.

  5. Helen is all mouth….and threats…so far it has worked for her…but I’m hoping for Spencer and Andy to wake’s too late for Jessie…and Alissa just floates….none of them have the guts to do anything against the two bullies…Personally I would like to see Spencer win…just because I don’t like any of the followers of Helen and Amanda

  6. Helen is one of the worst liars Ive ever seen in the BB house. She’s running out of allies in this game and once Ellissa finds out about Helen throwing her under the bus she might not have anyone left.

  7. Helen is a conniving person but she’ll probably win cuz she has everyone wrapped around her finger. No one will stand up to her because she is “a bully in disguise”. She’ll probably win the whole thing unfortunately. Jessie has balls which is more than I can say for anyone else in that house!!

    • She has not really been playing that smart. Why would you move to evict house guests that could be on your side? That is just plain stupid yet, Helen managed to decimate and evict those house guests who could have been loyal allies of hers and she is that smart conniving person? Conniving yes! Smart No!

    • My observation is different. She has to win the next HOH, or she is could be in danger. She lost a lot of her supporters but Elissa, who needs a lot of tutoring from her in this game.

      • You are right..if Helen doesn’t win HOH this week, or get veto or some kind of power, she is going home. She has told quite a few lies and they are starting to catch up with her..however, what I don’t understand is why is it okay for Amanda to start fights with the whole house and bully everyone and she gets away with it..what is it about this Zuckerman girl? Has she not lied too???

      • I don’t like anything about Amanda. From what I’ve seen so far from live feeds and other social media, etc.She’s the Pits !..probably worst in the bunch.

  8. Andy showed, again, he is really the best player.
    2 or 3 weeks ago i made a resume on how much alliance Andy had… and he had more alliances than people that where on the house.
    Andy is betting on Amanda-Mcrae since they are a pair and won´t turn into each other… like everyone else on the house.
    So he is making is bet but not revealing it.
    Jessie is uncovering Helen and Andy is just touching Helen side… because Jessie is out the door.
    But Andy will get more information to Amanda… about that.

    Mcrae was very smart trying to get more and more information about the planning of Helen…. But Amanda was afraid that he could be snagged by Jessie.
    And… Amanda is afraid that Mcrae can think for himself?

  9. Well, Helen had managed to evict almost all of her potential allies. Obviously she wanted to evict Amanda in the future and yet she lobbied to evict Jessie instead of Spencer. Jessie the most vocal on Amanda’s eviction. She could be her only soldier. WTF is she thinking? She only has Elissa now, who she always keeps in the dark….I thought she was the smartest, I was wrong.

    • Helen is committing Hara Kiri although, she doesn’t know it yet! She managed to destroy all the remaining house guests that could have been on her side! Yes, Helen is not that smart!

  10. I called it…I said Jessee would blow and while it’s late it happened…Go Jessee Go stand up for urself u may go out the door but u won’t go out a whimp…lmmao

    • That is the way to go out! With a bang! It also strikes fear in the heart of others. Remember they have one person coming back into the game! Let it be Jessie! She deserves another chance at these guys!

  11. Helen needs to be bound, gagged and stuffed into a bowling ball bag. On the other hand, if Jessie gets evicted, then she should be brought back through a Pandora’s Box twist.

  12. I am sick of all of this. How did these horrible people get so far in this game? Spencer is a pig,GM is a sad, suipid ,awful person and Aryan is hideing the real person but she is not fooling anyone, we saw the real girl the first weeks in the house. And then we go to Amanda the worst of the bunch.
    I liked Helen at first but no more, at least she is better than all of the above. If someone comes back let America decide and let it be Judd or Jessie with safety the first week back ,then maybe the season will be saved.

  13. Wish they could get rid of Helen or Amanda. But t
    hey can’t do a replacement this week because Andy didn’t use the veto, (he is such a brown noser)

  14. So all of this just hurts H & E and helps McCranda. I guess that insider leak that Amanda was going to win is accurate.

  15. wow!!!!!!!!!! Just imagine if Jessee is causing this much drama after finding out that she is being voted out Watch Out cause u ain’t seen GM get evicted yet Whoa that is gonna be a real blow up

      • I don’t think they will put them in the same location. .I really don’t They will be brought together on finale nite no sooner

      • Possible. Can you imagine how an embarrassment it’s going to be, after all these years of having one jury house, they need 2 now, so HGs don’t kill each other.

  16. Helen can’t own up to anything. She gets so mad if people lie to her like Howard and Spencer with the Moving Company, they apologized, she accepts, and then she continually uses it against them. She’s lying yet when someone calls her out she denies, denies, denies. AND ANDY LYING TO PROTECT HELEN. WHY?! He needs to pick a damn side already!

    • Cause if he outs Helen he outs himself or Helen will do it for him….. Don’t yall get it HELEN never DOES ANYTHING alone SHE ALWAYS INVOLVES SOMEBODY ELSE Helen will not go down alone

      • I don’t expect him to out himself. Out Helen. If he outs Helen people will get that Helen is the mastermind. Andy can easily save himself because he’s just a vote she’s always trying to get, he doesn’t have a mind of his own and he’s never tried to go against Amanda/McCrae.

  17. Aaryn and Helen were talking and Helen legitimately said that she is worried that Judd will come after her in Chicago…

  18. this season is so bad I wait til the next day then just fast forward to see who is on the block who is hoh or has pov then who goes none of them should win that $$$$

  19. Really,BB15 DOESN’T HAVE MUCH SPUNK..AMANDA MCCRAE….andy just foating lying to both teams, his a BIGRAT…SO AMANDA SHOULD’T WIN OR hELEN..AND ELISSA she needs a reality check…no camparison to RACHEL….she would 0ff be on helen and amanda like parana…and the other GM-Poopsie…they should of been off since week one…..GO JESSE GO….gonna miss” YU”

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