Big Brother 15: HGs Prepare For Endurance Competition Tonight

Big Brother 14: Walk the Plank

The Big Brother 15 HGs have been on lockdown inside the house since Wednesday morning at 5AM in preparation for the upcoming Head of Household competition. When construction comes this early it typically means one thing: endurance competition.

Endurance competitions are a staple of the Big Brother experience and require HGs to hold on, stand up, or endure whatever torture production has in store for them if they want to become the next HoH, pick the noms, and stay safe from eviction.

What makes these HoH competitions so unique is that the only way you can watch them play out in full is on the Live Feeds as it happens. You’ll be able to watch HGs drop out one by one as deals are tossed around as HGs struggle to keep their grip and sanity.

If you don’t have your subscription yet for the Big Brother Feed then this is the time to try it out. Sign-up now for the live feeds and get the free 2-day trial to watch all the action!

I’ll be here live blogging tonight’s show and any live endurance competition results as they happen, but you’ll definitely want to watch along with us. After an incredibly tense and confrontational week in the house this is the perfect time for a “how bad do you want it?” competition. We can’t wait to see what happens live, only on the Big Brother Feeds.


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    • The problem is Amanda, Judd and Helen all voting to evict someone else on the block other than Aaryn! That is 3 votes to just break even. I am rooting for Candice because Helen and Aaryn could both be up!
      Then, we can add Judd or Amanda as the MVP nominee and strip that group of 3 votes to keep Aaryn safe!

      • I, honestly, think that Andy (because of his size), Helen or Elissa (they workout everyday) will win the endurance competition.

      • The small and thin ones have the advantage obviously even in Survivor because weight puts a lot of stress on the body. I agree that Helen, Andy, Gina Marie, Judd probably are the favorites to win it! Anything is possible though so,
        still hoping for Candice to win or even
        Spencer because he will put up Amanda!

      • I understand Helen and Andy, but why Judd and GM? GM is bottom heavy and other than doing her nails, I am not sure what exercise she gets. Judd just does not seem like he has much energy to me.

      • It is about the size. In past Survivor and Big Brother seasons, the smaller and thinner players usually win the endurance competitions because being put on a ledge which puts strains on your muscles—-the smaller and lighter competitors have the advantage! I think Ian won last season one of this types of competitions on Big Brother. Did not know about Judd being a smoker so, that probably rules him out lasting in this HOH. GM is probably light enough but, point well taken that she might not even try hard enough! I have seen others not expected to win last longer than expected because they were atleast, trying to win! We shall see soon enough who will try hard enough because all you need to do is outlast the others!

      • I wouldn’t bet on Judd. I’ve seen him a little bit short of breath going up to HOH rm. He just doesn’t look healthy to me.He’s a smoker, you know.

      • Ya, they did great in the first endurance comp this season. No, wait McCrea won that and there was no Helen, Andy, or Rachel at the end. Sorry meant Elissa.

      • Not sure but I think I recall Andy saying he didn’t want to win the first week. A lot of players don’t like winning the first week because putting someone up that early makes you a target. McCrae is the favorite based on week one but if Andy, Helen or Elissa win, it would not surprise me.

        It would surprise the heck out of me if Spencer, Candice, Jessie, Amanda or GM win.

      • or, another option, one of them could win HOH, and we nominate Aaryn as MVP. That’s only 2 votes … ding ding ding…

      • Nothing is perfect but, what if the HOH, whoever they may be, decides to flip and nominates house guests from their alliance? All we are doing it stacking the odds of someone making a big move by lining up the possible evictees right in front of their noses! They can choose to ignore it like this week but, if they end up on the block next week—-will the person they saved do the same and keep them safe?

      • You could have fooled me. I thought the person wearing the green shorts was Andy and I thought Amanda was standing by him……hahahaha!

      • So we don’t know if it’s the wall comp? I wonder what kind of endurance it will be?

      • And, making comments about how tired you are of it, only draws more attention to the subject.

      • Rick, she is a hater and a racist, these are directly words from her mouth, and to top it of, she is now blaming the victim of her racist remarks as twisting her own words. This girl is also a lair and have no clue in life how bad she is, she is in total denial.

  1. Elissa has a great chance to win because shes pretty small and she seems pretty strong and focused to win! I hope she does

    • You would think that Elissa has a chance to win an endurance competition because all of the yoga she does help not only her body but also her brain – endurance is as much blocking out the pain as it is having the muscle stamina to stay in one position. But she did not do that well in the Popsicle competition. Should could have thrown that one to avoid being the first to put someone up on the block but I do not recall her ever mentioning that.

      McCrae did well in the first endurance comp and made it look easy. I think he should be the favorite in this one. One thing we can be certain of, GM, Candice, Spencer, Amanda, Jesse and Judd are probably the least likely to win.

      • I’m pretty sure Elissa got off the popsicle in the first competition because she didn’t want to be the first HOH and people to find out her secret plus if she was HOH and the houseguests found out she was Rachel’s sister she’d have an even worse target than she did.

        Elissa is a yoga instructor. Yoga is all about blocking out the pain. I think she’s going to win. Either her or McCrae.

    • ss to compare Elissa to Rachel but here goes. Rachel could win comps because she had the ability to zone out her surroundings/people and stay focused on the comp itself. Elissa does not seem to have that ability yoga instructor or not. Rachel was very athletic and her body strength was amazing for a female. Elissa is small and agile but does she have the stamina that is needed to do a 3/4 hour comp?? We just have to stay tuned.. Another HG that was good at zoning out and staying focused was Dani Danato that is how she won comps..

      • They both seem athletic AND have the stamina to endure. The difference between them is their mindset. You’re right, Rachel could focus better. Whereas Elissa can only focus for a limited amount of time. And she doesn’t have the cutthroat attitude that Rachel had. Rachel was win at all cost but Elissa is more like if you think your’re safe then don’t bother.

      • Elissa problem is not the endurance… are things they throw at her.
        She hates to get dirty… Remember the competitions? Alissa was always trying not to get her clothes dirty…
        Rachel was like Alissa on the first competitions… but she started to accept those things because she knew that she would be out the door if she didn´t win.
        I think Alissa need to get on the same level to let her “i can´t get my clothes dirty” go down.

      • Rachael could hang upside down for days just by thinking a half of a million dollars Now thats a winning plan

  2. If I had to handicap this competition I would say McCrae, based on his performance the first week, is the favorite followed by Andy, Helen and Elissa. At the bottom would be Spencer, Candice, Jessie, and Amanda. Judd is in the middle.

    This assumes Howard goes home tonight. If he doesn’t and Candice goes, I don’t think Howard can win this one either. Big muscles are usually not good for stamina.

    In any case, the odds are the Amanda-Helen alliance is going to control the HOH this week.

    • Elissa, Jessie and Helen.

      One of those will be the HOH of this week.
      Mcrae got the win on the first competition but he got it because people start dropping like flies. Some because they hated the water, others because they wanted to see who was playing hard for the win.

      And why those 3 girls?
      They are the ones that can hold on to be the winners.
      Judd, Andy and Mcrae will be the ones to go down after Spencer and GM. Even Amanda will go down fast.
      Remember when they where playing on the pool side, Amanda couldn´t make 2 complete runs around the pool. Mcrae couldn´t get the 2 weights up to his shoulders without saying they are too heavy.
      Mcrae didn´t make any exercises after the first week. He is so attached to Amanda that he is getting fat.

  3. If it is an endurance comp I think it’s pretty easy to weed out the people who wouldn’t win and probably easier to choose the possible winners.

    Endurance comps in the past seem to have been geared toward the HG who are small since they don’t have as much body weight to deal with on a plank, pedestal, etc… I was surprised how well McCrae did on the first endurance so he needs to be in the possible winner list. Helen and Elissa are both in good physical shape plus they’re small so it would totally benefit them. The only other HG I would put in the possible winner’s list would be Jessie due to her small frame.

    I’m betting Spencer is the first one down. LOL I don’t see Candice winning because she doesn’t exercise much.

  4. I hope Andy wins this. I want to see him finally pick a side and get his hands dirty.

    • Andy will probably throw the comp. Actually, he should. Andy isn’t on anybody’s radar.

    • I will bet my money on Spencer to win this. Last night he requested DR his favorite food in preparation for this comp. “Purina Swine Feeds”…I know it’s unfair !

      • Yumm. LOL. When I first started reading this I thought you were serious about Spencer going in DR

      • lol..Are you excited for tonight? I’m more excited on the next HOH, coz it could dictate where the game is going. Unless it’s a “follow the leader” again which I’m sick of it.

      • Yep I’m excited. Hoping for a good endurance. Do you have the feeds to watch? I don’t even know who I want to win HOH. Someone who would shake things up. I really would like to see Helen, Amanda and Elissa on the block together. Talk about people being paranoid. I think then we’d see some drama. (my favorite part).

      • Oh, I don’t mind seeing those 3 sitting together at all. That would be hilarious !..yes I do have feeds/my 1st time.

      • The feeds have been on trivia all day. I wonder what’s going on…double eviction?

    • He’s corny. He has been playing dirty. I don’t know what show you have been watching

  5. I’m over this season. Half of them dont seem interested in playing the game at all (GM, Elissa, Jess, Candice) and the other half (Andy, McCrae, Judd, Aaryn, Helen) let Amanda play the game for them. Only Spencer’s on the outside and he has no one after tonight.

    • I think they are interested in playing the game. They just don’t know how to play the game.

  6. GM keeps saying she can’t digest water?! Which is the reason why she gets to drink soda while being a Have Not. How can a person not digest water? Our bodies are 60-70% water I don’t get it.

  7. Whoever wins we know that Spencer (unless he wins) and Aaryn will be two of the nominees assuming America is still MVP. Maybe Candace can shake things up………

  8. Okay so based on the 1st HOH competition, we can expect McCrae, Aaryn, and Andy to last longer in endurance. We shall see if the rest have shaped up to the challenge.

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