Big Brother 15 Eviction Prediction: Week 5

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Tonight on Big Brother 15 another houseguest will be evicted and this one could be close but if HGs get a sense they can’t jump the divide then all votes may shift to a landslide. They’ve got a real opportunity here, but I don’t think they’ll take the chance.

Here’s your chance to contribute your own prediction along with those from other great Big Brother sites. Cast your vote in our poll for tonight’s eviction and then share your thoughts on who will be sent packing.

We’ll be interviewing tonight’s evicted Big Brother 15 HG tomorrow morning so feel free to share any questions you might have.

Big Brother 15 Week 5 Eviction Predictions – Amanda, Candice, or Howard?:

Zap2It Howard
Big Brother Fix Howard
Big Brother Access Howard
Big Brother Source Howard
Big Brother Junkies Howard
Big Brother Live Howard

Who do you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother?


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  1. Why is everyone voting Amanda? I know some would like her gone but she has 0 chance of leaving this week.

    • It doesn’t really matter. Did you see Amanda flip out after being nominated? The paranoia alone is worth the vote! Also, it puts Amanda as well as Helen, Judd that you cannot just float along with your alliance because you can be on the block. Sure, Amanda is safe but, will Helen or Judd be safe if they get put on the block? Or will Amanda be safe the next time she is on the block? At some point, someone is going to make a move and whoever is on the block will go home!

  2. Based on the discussions in the house, Candice has successfully removed the target from Amanda and put it on herself. Considering this is an endurance comp and the group of Spencer, Candice, GM and Jessie has a very slim chance of winning it, they will vote with the house to evict Howard.

    I will be happy to see him go. He sounds like Professor Irwin Corey when he talks to the house.

      • That’s exactly the reason. He hasn’t done anything the entire season. His gameplay is just horrible.

  3. To use Howard’s word, IRREGARDLESS of the fact that people WANT Amanda out, it will be Howard the circle talker

  4. Finally bout time they get out the guy who is in the house for his person because he is a person playing the game in the house of people

    • I don’t either. I love her! She may be running things, but isn’t that part of winning? She has been able to successfully get out some key players without ever being HoH AND she called Aaryn and Kaitlin out on their bullshit and racist comments. I honestly hope her or McCrae wins.

      • I hope its Amanda, McCrae & Judd in the final 3… cant STAND the rest of them!! and omg!! can Helen please get evicted soon!!!!

      • She said he has to go cause ” she cant manipulate him” . Watch the shows she says it plain as day. Amanda said this.

      • Are you farting, Yes the fart kiss right in the HOH tub. And which one of the two was the HOH , oh yeah thats right Aaryn

    • You dont get it?…..She’s a manipulater and only wants Howard out because she or none of them dumb broads cant manipulate him. Thats why America put her on the block. THEY CANT STAND HER AND PUNK ASS MCCRAE

    • I totally agree with you! I’m glad to see I’m not the only person who doesn’t understand the Amanda hate! I kinda like her. Actually, the person I can’t stand and wish would be evicted SOON is Helen. All the Amanda haters say they can’t stand her because she tries to control the house, yet from everything I see, the only one who consistently controls the house is Helen. She decides who gets nominated, she decides who the others are to vote for, and unbelievably, people do whatever she says. People go to her for advice and consultation, like she’s the BB expert. I seriously don’t get it! Why do the other HG’s allow her to control everything? And I can’t stand her holier-than-thou, know-it-all attitude! She thinks she rules the house — and the other HG’s seem to happily follow whatever she says. Helen needs to go!!!

      • Helen also twists the truth inside out to make others look bad when they go against her

    • I don’t get why everyone hates Amanda either, I love her, she’s funny and down to earth. Unlike fake Arryn and Gina Marie!

      • Amanda just lays in bed and jerks off stupid boyfriend.She also has been wearing pants with menstruel blood on them for several days. Funnier than Gina or other girls?Her and Arryn are never out of bed

    • Me neither. The haters are just being angry brats who are clearly total newbies of Big Brother.

  5. Amanda need’s to go she has been running thing’s at the house for a long time and sneaky about it !

    • I don’t like her bullying ways but you have to give it to her.. she has pretty much gotten out every player she has wanted without ever being HOH… impressive

      • Very true. She manipulates quite well. It’s her bullying that bothers me. It’s not necessary in order to get others to do what you want. Sooner or later that dog she keeps beating will bite her.

      • I never like her method, but I do recognized it is her strategy and it’s working. She was my 3rd nominee to maybe even out the playing field. If they keep following her orders, then they deserve to lose. Eventually, Helen and Amanda will clash and I can’t wait for that to happen. I don’t have a fav. player (yet), but those 2 are the main players as far as I know.

    • I will have to listen to it again at home with the good sound system, but I got a pretty good idea of what they are trying to say. Somebody went thru a lot of work to put that together. A few subtitle here and there would have help.
      Amanda speak like a truck driver. Sorry to all the truck driver out there.
      She is NOT going to make the all-stars.

  6. When Howard was talking to the whole house, it reminded me of the teachers/adults on the Charlie Brown animated specials/etc.

  7. Guys you want Amanda out for being a manipulator….hey newsflash that’s part of the game. Howard is a nice guy, but it appears that he’s incompetent in terms of the social aspect of the game. his speech was rambling incoherent nonsensical nonsense. It did nothing to help his cause and may have hurt it.

  8. I think the HG will evict Howard. But they should take the opportunity and vote out AMANDA!! She is a trouble maker and take out the showmance!

  9. I think Howard will go home. If you asked who I hope will be voted out I would say Amanda

  10. I wish Amanda will go but I know they not going to vote her out.They to scare to make that move.This is the worse Big Brother I ever watch

  11. I would love to see Amanda go, but… No one in that house can see how manipulative she really is! It’s going to be Howard gone… Because he’s the only one Amanda can’t manipulate!

      • And if you’re playing the game correctly you want the manipulator out of the house. The game isn’t just about comps, its also a good social game and Amanda has that which means normally those seem to last quite awhile in the house. Better get her out while you got an early opportunity. I wouldn’t want her in jury either.

      • But the people that get the manipulators out of the house do it by manipulating others to do it. It’s the backbone of the game. Ultimately everyone wants everyone else out because they want to win.

  12. Well, i’m not particularly happy that Howard is leaving. I really like him as a person, but the dude has no clue how to play this game. His speech last night was actually laughable

  13. I love Amanda.. she’s playing the game!! I dont know what Howard and Candice are doing!!! Bye Howie!!!

  14. Who saved Candice? I thought the plan was to have Aaryn break up the 4-4 tie?

  15. I think getting rid of Amanda is a much smarter move because she plays way harder than anyone else, but I expect these house guests to be too weak and scared to pull that move.

  16. I wish people would grow some balls and vote the way they want not the way the others tell them to they promise safety but for how long? I would be asking for a cut of the 500 g’s. do what you want and get the biggest manipulator out now while you have this chance. amanda said last night she didn’t like howard cause she can’t manipulate him.

  17. OT …
    Has anyone noticed that Helen has caught the “YA KNOW” bug?
    Every other word out of her mouth was ya know, ya know …


  18. Amanda is a whore.All she does is lay in bed and jerk off her boyfriend.He is so dumb he doesn’t even realize she making a fool of him.WHo is playing the game all talk,no action.I feel for anyone who paid for live feeds.

  19. I watch Big Brother After Dark.. Why don’t these people learn to OPEN their mouths when they speak.. Amanda and Jude all they do is mumble..its driving me nuts! Also stop the slurping when drinking Andy… its so annoying!

  20. I have watched Big Brother since the 1st season…this has been the most boring and dumbest season ever. I am sick of watching Amanda and McCrea laying around all the time. Doesn’t anything else go on? And I liked Helen in the beginning, but are all these people really letting her run the house??? I like to see two sides that are battling, with other alliances on the side. This is just stupid.

  21. OMG, please let these house guests kick Amanda’s Racist butt out of the house. She is so horrible it spews out of all her pores. Ugly person and what she tried to do to Howard should of gotten her kicked out not to mention wanting Candice dead and Elissa and talking about gang raping Jessie. She is a sick and hateful racist!

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