Big Brother 15 HG Jeremy Forced To Apologize For Being An ‘Asshat’

Jeremy with Elissa's hat

In comparison to recent events, it wouldn’t take much to be considered a likable houseguest. Apparently that was too much of a challenge for HG Jeremy McGuire.

Last night on the Live Feeds, Jeremy closed out an inspirational speech for David, one of this week’s nominees, by scooping up a hat belonging to another nominee, Elissa Slater, and rubbing it down his butt crack. First we had #Hatgate, then we had #Hategate, and now we have #Asshat (or #Hatgate2 if you prefer the mundane).

Viewers with the Live Feeds can flashback to 6:55PM BBT as listed in our Feed highlights recap for Tuesday night. There you’ll find Jeremy encouraging David to keep fighting just before doing the deed to Elissa’s hat. Ironically, Jeremy was not planning to vote to keep David during tonight’s live eviction show.

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Around 8:50PM BBT Jeremy is called to the DR and stays there for more than a half hour before emerging and holding a brief exchange with Elissa around 9:30PM BBT.

It’s not until 11:15PM BBT that Jeremy tells Elissa what he did, though he scales back the truth and claims less than what really happened. He tells her the hat is being dry cleaned. Jeremy seemed legitimately concerned after his talk with the DR. Later Judd reported that Jeremy was unaware HGs could be ejected for behavior in the house.

These events may sound familiar to long time fans. BB2’s Shannon used Hardy’s electric toothbrush to clean the toilet, but was forced to apologize and replace it before Hardy had a chance to use it.

You keep it classy, Jeremy (and way too many other HGs too)!


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  1. Jeremy is disgusting. I lol’d when he took Elissa’s comment about Giselle being her sister seriously; she was clearly being sarcastic! And, Jeremy has very little reason to dislike Elissa in the first place… I don’t get it.

    • that shows how stupid he is…i mean did these ppl ever watch BB before…Rachel was not a model…smh

    • Jeremy had never heard of Gisele Bündchen. Not knowing who someone is makes it easier to miss the sarcasm. However Elissa completely denied even saying it several times. Jeremy asked her several times, “so I didn’t hear you say that your sister is a model”? and Elissa said NO. He didn’t like being lied to.

  2. I’m ashamed to say that I pre-judged Elissa soley based on her relationship to her sister Rachel, and I’m sorry I did. She is FAR more tolerable than her sister and, frankly, is a breath of fresh air from the stank that permeates this years BB house in the form of most of the other houseguests.

    That being said, what Jeremy did is disgusting and immature and for NO reason whatsoever. What did she do to him? What did she do to deserve that? He’s nothing more than a punk who (like many others there) will have a lot to answer for when he’s finally evicted.

    • He needs to go, she so sucks and acts like a big darn bully can not stand him, he thinks his s$%$ don’t stink!!

  3. He was insincere with his apology and blaming everything else but himself.

    • He has already had to apologize to Helen and Elyssa, This guy is a troll.

  4. Kick him out I agree and there is about 2 more who should go too and let someone else come in that wants to play to win the game instead of this bulling, hateful crap

    • There is a lot more than just two that need to go. Amanda, McCrae, Gina
      Marie, Aaryn, David and the wost one in my opinion is Spencer who
      thinks that Hitler’s torture of millions of people was a good idea and
      applauds him for doing it. McCrae apparently also holds those some
      ideals as is evidenced by his Facebook. These people should all be

      • McCrae and Amanda aren’t that bad. The rest are worse and your missing Katelyn.

    • I would like to see them kick out Jeremy, GinaMarie and Aaron and in return, bring in 3 all stars…..but, I just want to see Aaron and GinaMaries face when they tell them they have been fired….lmao…..what goes around, comes around

  5. Jeremy is just as disgusting as the other racial bigots.I thought when coming to Big Brother you bought your game face with you,not ass face.Good grief.

  6. Im done watching these fools. Ive never seen such ignorant, mean, ugly people. Their parents must be so proud. Im usually a fan now I think there must be the same young kind of disrespectful unconscionable people running the show.

  7. I have liked Elissa from day one,hope she’s still there come the final 3.

  8. Why doesn’t production step in, tell these two racists that they have lost their jobs because of their foul mouths, then maybe, hopefully, they will self evict, I can’t take much more of these two and Jeremy. Enough. Production needs to get this under control NOW!!!!!

  9. I was going to sign up for the live feeds but not now. Jeremy should be ejected. Where’s the class of some of these guests and imagine what their parents must think watching or maybe they don’t care either. Elissa is the only one that I like so far.

  10. I am betting that Julie will come on the air tonight and give a lame excuse for what has taken place over the past few days, saying that CBS does not condone these actions..well, these people are basically employees of CBS, they are being paid a stipend…something more than just doing that is not enough. for this viewer. I usually enjoy and look forward to each new BB season, not this time and I have watched since season one.

  11. He is disgusting and volatile. What type of human being would do that? He is such an @sshole. I would have kicked him in the balls if I was Elissa. I hope this disgusting cast (Aaryn, Gina, Jeremy, David, Katelyn, and Spencer) pay the consequences once there life returns to normal.

  12. I seriously doubt Elissa will ever have that hat on her head again. And who could blame her? Dry cleaned or not…it’s tainted. I suspect that by the finale that she will laugh and blow it off with a bit of class. Which will be a rare exhibition of class we see all season from any of them.

  13. I see McCrea being listed now for stuff on his facebook page… I looked on his facebook page and only found a joke at the expense of neo-nazis that took me a second to figure out what he was saying… Don’t know why the hate on him v.v

    Given that you guys are taking that out of context I’m going to bet that whatever comments Spencer made were also taken out of context. And as far as the supposedly homophobic things he and Amanda said, some view it as such, others do not, if it made Andy feel uncomfortable he should confront them, otherwise I don’t see it as a big deal other than perhaps a lack of judgement on their parts…

    Also glad to see I’m a decent judge of character as I picked Howard as the most likeable person in the cast ^.^

  14. I just had this thought, why would BB leave the ones we have been talking about all week and give them a chance at HOH tonight and then possibly get someone out of the house who is totally innocent of all of this crap that has gone on this week, when they deserve to be in the house?

    • It would be nice if CBS intervened and made an example out of one of the worst HGs. Sadly at this point we can only hope that one of the good people gets HoH like Helen or Elissa. Either ways it looks like most of these morons will never win MVP. If the good people stick together it wouldn’t matter who wins HoH since the MVP will always control the third nom. We just have to hope the good side always has the majority come eviction day.

  15. How are we, when I say we, I mean loyal BB watchers, going to feel if one of these morons gets HOH tonight? I, for one, will not be know that one of these morons could be responsible for getting someone out of the house who really deserves to be there and wants to play the game the right way. Not fair.

  16. I live in Texas and these young people do not deserve to be on this show. Texans don’t act like this. Jessie you are one sick male.

  17. What is wrong with the cast this year? They all seem uncaring about other people. Having a hard time getting into this year’s episodes. Truly disgusted with some of the houseguests.

  18. I was so looking forward to this year’s BB but I don’t know how this cast was picked. They are very rude and ignorant.

  19. I too am having problems enjoying the cast this year. They all seem like a bunch of immature people who are more interested in the socializing than in playing a game. Those who are pairing up so soon will suffer because BB likes to break up the pairings.

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