Big Brother 15 Eviction Prediction: Week 1

Big Brother 15 on CBS

Tonight on Big Brother 15 another houseguest will be evicted and after all the drama this week I think we know exactly who will be evicted.

Here’s your chance to contribute your own prediction along with those from other great Big Brother sites. Cast your vote in our poll for tonight’s eviction and then share your thoughts on who will be sent packing.

We’ll be interviewing tonight’s evicted Big Brother 15 HG so feel free to share any questions you might have and we just might use it.

Big Brother 15 Week 1 Eviction Predictions – David, Elissa, or Jessie:

David Girton
Big Brother Access David Girton
Big Brother Junkies David Girton
Big Brother Live David Girton
David Girton
Zap2It David Girton
David Girton
Big Brother Fix David Girton

Looks like David is heading back to the beach to work a little this summer unless he skips that and goes straight to the unemployment line, his normal routine as he told us.

What do you think of our prediction? Share your thoughts below on who you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother!


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  1. if elissa goes i am not watching they are judging her because of her sister come on how anal is that give her a chance to play aaron needs to go and so does jeremy

  2. aaryn is stuck on herself and her mouth needs to go… Jeremy needs to be confronted for what he did..i don’t like too many of the people that were picked this year and the channel that they are on is not good either! kick the ones out that shouldn’t be there and give the ones you didn’t pick a chance to really play the game the way it should be played???

  3. Looks like David is the one that will be going home. They should be sending Elissa out while they have a chance. It would be stupid form them not too.

    And no its not because I dont like Rachel, you have to remember Rachel has a HUGE fan base. Not to mention that BB production likes to play fav’s and we all know that Rachel was one of them. How do you think Elissa got in. Its all about game here.

  4. I don’t even think these people know how to play the game. They’re too busy hooking up and being bullies to one another, they have no time for game play. I think this is one of the worst casts ever. Just a bunch of sex crazed, racist, immature, insecure little bullies. I hope Aaryn goes next, and soon follows Jeremy. I hope the Moving Company Alliance realizes Jeremy is not worth having around, especially with his loud childish mouth, such a disgusting little idiot he is. If he were to have talked to me the way he talked to Elissa I don’t think I’d be in the BB house for long.

    • I agree! And David has the worst hair ever. If he flips his bangs one more time….

  5. I don’t care who goes…but if David goes I can’t wait to see Aaryn flip out.

  6. there is one thing that I wonder about. why did
    nt Big brother check on facebook,twitter and web sites like those and check out the one’s a head a time to see what their mental states where when it comes to racial slurs. these castmates do this often I’m sure for this to be on their minds all the time. Please Big brother, next year check those out.

    • They do plenty of psychological profiling, interviews, tests, etc. CBS doesn’t skimp on the background work. But people hide what they want to hide until they’re in the middle of a conversation.

      • my thought was employers check on face book and twitter etc. these sites people get comfortable and say things that is really on their minds.

      • Apparently the do a pretty sorry job and proof is just look at McCrae’s facebook page. If CBS would of bothered to look they would of known as not hard to find just Facebook them.

      • I just looked at the cover of McCrae’s facebook page. I saw nothing in the least objectionable. What did you see?

  7. I am not at all interested in any of the house guests, and have cancelled big brother after dark, that was really bad!

  8. I think David will go but I WISH it was Jessie going, just because I can’t stand her.

  9. Now that GinaMarie has lost her job also, i think it’s time CBS steps in and does a little housecleaning. At LEAST give them some sort of penalty. David will probably go tonight but the eviction door may be quite busy if fans get their way.

    • Jeremy was in trouble last night from wiping Elissa’s hat on his butt. He was warned by the Production big time. He apologized to Elissa. He looks nervous. I think BB put a scare into him. CBS might be feeling the pressure, because the backlash is growing.

    • I wasn’t aware that Big Foul Mouth lost her job too. That is awesome. Saying that welfare is “n*****” insurance” was just as bad as what Aaryn and David said.

      • It’s being reported on several websites. TMZ reported it not long ago. She worked for East Coast USA Pageant, Inc. “Worked” being the key word. Her company also put out a statement.

      • I think BB needs to call Aaryn and GinaMarie into the DR and tell them what is going on with their employers (past) and then maybe they will self evict.

      • She was a pageant coordinator. Her company claims they were not aware of her views and they don’t consider her a good pageant role model.

      • And they thought she was a good role model before? She is loud and offensive even without the racial slurs.

  10. The only decent players in my view are Elissa, Andy, Howard. I would choose Helen and mcCrae, BUT Helen is a hypocrit, saying something about Elissa lying not being honest about who she is, YET Helen has done the exact same thing as her, not telling people what she does for a living, and mcCrae well he lost her trust for putting her up after she nominated who he wanted her to put up, so screw him. I hope that Elissa is chosen MVP every week! I hope David does go tonight, he is such an airhead, has no idea what is going on in the game as he sleeps 24/7…

  11. Great…get David out, and hopefully in the next two weeks Jeremy and Aaryn will go. Really can’t stand their personalities or how they act towards other houseguests. Jeremy is a complete jerk, and what he did to Elissa’s hat yesterday totally solidified that. Aaryn…well there’s not much to say other than psycho, jealous, MEAN girl. CBS tried too hard to get a good looking cast to fit in with the shallow minded views of society and this is what they got…a bunch of inconsiderate idiots (David, Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlin, GinaMarie).

  12. The only decent player this season is Elissa…I hope she stays. She is BB this year. The others all lack a lot of things…no one is fun to watch except Elissa. BTW BB should start putting all age mix. Always watching 20 something hyper children is making this show very boring.

    • I have to agree about the age thing and that the show is beginning to get boring. I think BB needs to start screening more, and to stop playing favorites. Rachel had her time. Why do we have Elissa now? Can’t believe her bald-faced lies already. I understand strategy, etc. But deceit?????

      • I dislike Elissa, not because she is Rachel’s siste3r but because she is an out-and-out liar. Why do the producers keep sticking us with former BB relatives. Her family won half a million dollars. How much more do they need?

    • I pray to the good Lord above that Jeremy, Aaryn, Kaitlyn or GinaMarie do not get HOH tonight. That will be a nightmare.

  13. Ask David if he thinks his comment about Candice had anything to do with his evicition.

  14. This outcome is funny because I knew he’d be the first house guest evicted the first time I saw him.

  15. Gina Marie was definitely fired from her day job as pagent coordinator of East Coast USA Pagent, Inc. for her racist comments. CBS says it is offended by the racist and homophobic comments by several other houseguests but has done nothing about it. IMO BB 15 should be taken off the air.

  16. It kills me because my daughter went on an open call and she is WAY better than these idiots. She is 23 has worked since she was 15, and RESPECTS all people or I would kill her! Wonder how their parents feel? Was this how they were raised?

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