GinaMarie Zimmerman Fired Over Racist Commentary In ‘Big Brother 15’ House

GinaMarie Zimmerman - Big Brother 15 HG

GinaMarie Zimmerman might want to put those post-BB celebration plans on hold. Following in the footsteps of Aaryn Gries being let go from her day job, GinaMarie has also lost her job.

Entertainment Weekly reports that East Coast USA Pageant Inc. is no longer employing the foul-mouthed Big Brother 15 HG.

“We have never known this side of Ginamarie or have ever witnessed such acts of racism in the past,” CEO Lauren Handler said in the statement.

“We are actually thankful that this show let us see Ginamarie for who she truly is as we would never want her to be a role model to our future contestants.”

GinaMarie has been repeatedly caught on camera delivering offensive racial slurs aimed at other members of the cast. Her “worst of the worst” offenses include referring to welfare as “n****r insurance,” suggesting they could hit Helen Kim in the head to straighten out her eyes, and Candice Stewart was on the dark side of the house “because she’s already dark.”

CBS has said they “do not condone” these comments, but appear unlikely to take any action against the HGs for their behavior.

Let’s hope for a quick exit and quiet trip to obscurity for Zimmerman.



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  1. Can somebody tell me why Big Brother doesn’t want to show this? It makes CBS look horrible to the live feeders…

    • They edit it out because they probably think a relatively small % of the fan base watches the live feeds. So if they edit out all the bigotry they make it seem like it’s not that bad.

    • They’re not showing it because then they would lose sponsors. Networks give a crap about one thing: Advertisers….and only indirectly the actual viewers.

    • If CBS showed this on live broadcast, then I believe they would be condoning what has been said as well as playing roll of executioner. The people making the statements have already executed themselves, but these are live 24/7 paid for online feeds and cbs has taken the correct stand and censorship would ruin it and may as well cancel the show entirely. Next year, perhaps cbs can add anther prohibited EEO Clause to their contract.

    • CBS is still at a loss. If they show what happened in the feeds, they’ll be accused of monetizing the real-life drama happening inside the house and as Mary mentioned, condoning the HG’s actions.

      If they didn’t show it on the live broadcast, they’ll get the heat anyway for not showcasing it to see.

      BBUK got away with their share of the drama because the highlight shows air late at night although they’re always standing on thin ice with British TV censors.

      At least the audience are smart to give Aaryn her due by booing her. That seems to indicate that everyone knows. Notice Julie Chen, apart from during the live voting, didn’t interview neither Jeremy and Aaryn when they were all on the couch.

  2. Matt, do you think they will tell Aaryn and GiGi that they lost their jobs? That way they can change and actually be a good person in the house?

    Just read the Jeremy article as well, what the hell was production thinking this year?

    • Yea Jeremy didn’t realize that the houseguests could get evicted for their behavior?! did he not watch it last season when the “survivor” brother got booted for fighting?!!

      • that was violence that got them evicted, just like when that guy in an early season pulled a knife I think on Nicol e. BUT, Jeremy was a health issue… Like the bb season where someone cleaned the toilet with another’s toothbrush… that was SO funny, but BB made them tell and same thing as Jeremy..

    • I sure hope they tell them!!! But after that who’s to believe any thing they say afterwards??

  3. I can’t wait to go to there twitter accounts once they leave Big Brother.

  4. I’m all for giving people second chances. But if CBS tells Aaryn and GinaMarie to cool it with the vile slurs and they don’t heed the warning then i say pack your bags and toddle along please. Even if they cool it in the house it’s a bit late. You can’t unring a bell. The damage has been done. And they are about to suffer for it. We usually don’t learn from the good things that happen to us. But the bad teaches us a lesson never to be forgotten. I hope this is the case with these 2.

  5. We all have a facade we wear when we need to in a professional environment….But when we enter a social media event like BB and take off our professional mask….all bets are off with it! She knew she was being seen by millions of people so whomever she was trying to impress…backfired cause it didn’t impress anybody!

  6. Why is everybody down on CBS? I haven’t heard one single word from these morons broadcast during a prime time show. It’s live feeds on the internet people. It’s what we pay for. If they were just telling fairy tales, I doubt any of us would be here to hear them. Frankly, I think such small minded people should be allowed to be
    exposed. Those mean girls are not going to know what hit them when they
    get out!

  7. Is there a possibility that CBS doesn’t want to tell the houseguests to shape up because all of the “behind the scenes” controversy actually helps bring attention to the show? You know the saying…”No publicity is bad publicity.”

    If that’s the case, I think that’s disgusting…but I wouldn’t put it past a mega corporation like CBS to think like that…

    • They may think that way until advertisers start pulling the plug on them. That would change their mind in a hurry. Just ask Paula Deen….bad publicity can make the cash flow run low.

      • site will give you instructions. It’s free. You get to see him live during the show’s scheduled episode. Also chat. It’s a little confusing because of the adds

      • You know, advertisers should stop trying to blackmail the stations…. No advertisements, no buyers!! stations should start working together where if an advertiser pulls their ads because they dont like freedom of speech, then all stations and magazines pull the ads, then maybe we can watch some tv without all the damn commercials.

  8. In my opinion, it just shows that those people were raised that way, they must hear it all of the time.. if they can freely say those words with out feeling bad about saying them.. they are all bullies.. Sure sticks and stones will break your bones, but WORDS LAST FOREVER!!!.. And even tho some house guest didn’t hear what was said a lot of viewers did… is very said that CBS allows such fowl and disgusting words to be said to people are without merit, like someone said…. CBS/BB must condone that type of behavior, if it doesn’t bother them, then it should bother their sponsors… Not only the raciest things, but also the bulling… Is that a good example for the youth to see? Never have I seen this on BB, and I have watched it from day one. Sure when these people were interviewed I am sure they didn’t know it would turn out like this, but come on, and with every thing that is going on with Paula Deen, for something she said 30 years ago and all her sponsors dropped her… why are they letting these bullies stay in the house???? Don’t get it

  9. Guys, Do we still have sites where you can watch full episode of BB East Coast Broadcast?

  10. This is reality tv. CBS statement says it all. censorship should not be allowed. The people’s hateful remarks dont make them racist. Racist is overused and actions are what should label a racist and are what worry my the most. The comments were awful awful awful, but no more awful than calling someone a stupid C*nt, M.F’ing Son of a B*&^*, or how bout just plain old F’ing Whore? This is a competition and battle between people who piss them off. You state/comment on the obvious. You hit below the belt and go for the stereotyping offensive comments for full impact. If we police name calling, let’s police it all and from all sides. arrest and/or cut out their tongues.

    • If you don’t think referring to welfare as “nigger insurance”, is not racist, then you are a freaking moron.

      • Crap. Royal screwup.

        Please remove either “don’t” or “not”.

  11. I don’t know why these cast mates are so nasty to one other cast mate so soon. how can they do anything terrible in 5 days. it would take me awhile before I could determine if this is not a person I would not like. As far as I can tell Alissa seems like a nice girl.

  12. Matt, did you have any suspicions about these racists when you interviewed them?

  13. I have asked for my money back on the live feed. they are making it a 5 min delay so no longer live feed. cbs did credit my acc. I think the is the worst BB every.

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