Big Brother 15’s Andy Herren Interview

Andy Herren - Big Brother 15 HG

Andy Herren pulled off the win on Wednesday night with a 5-2 victory over GinaMarie for the title of Big Brother 15 winner. As a quiet, unassuming HG from the start I think he surprised many of us by making it so far in the game with so little attention on himself despite so many alliances and roles in the season.

I spoke with Andy about his achievements in the game but also why there was so much negativity and hateful things said in the house. Read on to find out what he had to say on all that and more.

Big Brother Network: Congratulations on your big win! Jumping right in to it, a lot of viewers, myself included, were shocked when you evicted Spencer and took GinaMarie to the Final 2. Did you see taking GinaMarie as a risky move?

Andy Herren: No, not at all. I knew that GinaMarie was the last card that I needed to play because I thought the Jury was going to rag on me for not being loyal. I wasn’t loyal to any of the members of the Jury. I voted all of them out when I said I was on their side. So I thought if I could prove that I pledged my loyalty to GinaMarie on night one and then held it up the entire game that that was the last card I needed to play to have a well-rounded game.

It was a little bit of a stretch. I mean let’s be real. If I had had to vote GinaMarie out at some point then I would have had to, but I really did want to keep my word to her. She was someone I trusted and she was really good at comps. So if someone is really good at comps and is never going to put me up then why would I want to get rid of that person?

Even though I wasn’t really aligned with GinaMarie until the Exterminators I was still weirdly aligned with her because I did want her going anywhere. So I needed to do that and I thought I could kick her ass in the debate.

BBN: I didn’t think anyone would want to go up against the speech communications professor for that.

Andy Herren: I knew if I made the debate and did terrible then I should quit my job. So I had to hit a homerun when I got to that point.

BBN: Do you think the votes would have turned out any different with Spencer?

Andy Herren: Spencer claims that they would have, but I think he’s full of it. I don’t think he could have beat me whatsoever. So I still think I could have won. I don’t know if it would have been as wide a margin, but I still think I would have beat him.

BBN: You were so dedicated to McCranda for so long. You turned down Helen and others time after time to go after Amanda. What finally convinced you to flip on them?

Andy Herren: I always knew I was going to flip on Amanda and McCrae, I just needed it to be at the right time. Why would I want to get out Amanda and McCrae when there were still eleven people in the house when the power couple was protecting me? The group of us, we were all so strong for awhile that I didn’t think we needed to turn on each other. Then Helen and Jessie were coming to me and wanting to turn, I thought these women have got to go. They were throwing a wrench in my plans and it is not time to on Amanda and McCrae yet.

I saw Helen and Jessie were so prone to flipping, but Amanda never came to me and wanted to flip the house. Once I realized that I knew Amanda and McCrae were the ones in this larger group that I could trust. So I knew at that point that I had to go with them.

I’ll be honest with you. For awhile I thought of going to the end with Aaryn, Amanda, and McCrae because I thought Aaryn and I could beat Amanda and McCrae in comps. Then when Aaryn got closer to Amanda I got worried that I was going to be playing for fourth place. So I knew I needed to get GinaMarie and Spencer because I knew I could beat them in comps at the end. Then when Judd came back it was absolutely perfect. It was exactly what I needed. I pulled Judd aside, planted the seed that he could trust GinaMarie and Spencer, and then the Exterminators was formed.

Andy and McCrae are superheroes on Big Brother 15

BBN: Early in the game you seemed to have a fun, playful relationship with Elissa. Then as the season went on and she was evicted, you seemed to really go after her. What was going on there?

Andy Herren: Here’s the thing. I turned in to kind of a spoiled brat in the game. No one was ever coming after me. Elissa started to get suspicious of me and I could not shake her. She would listen at the door when I was having conversations. Basically after I voted Helen out I never had Elissa’s trust anymore. So Elissa started to really irritate me because I could not manipulate her like I could manipulate other people. As a result I just started to hate her. She wasn’t giving me what I wanted.

There were also a lot of things about Elissa that bothered me. She acted like she was better than other people. She threw in a lot of little digs at people and then would claim she never fought with anyone. Stuff like that that bothered me. I feel like all of my frustration came to a boiling point and I released it after she was evicted. I mean I regret a lot of the things I said. What you saw was me joking with Elissa for most of the season because that is how I truly feel about Elissa. I hope that she can forgive me because I know that I said some pretty terrible stuff.

BBN: Yes, it did get rough there extending it to family. Have you talked with her or her family?

Andy Herren: In my head, I don’t feel like I ever made comments about her family. I talked about her kid’s paintings. All I was trying to insinuate was that they were from a long time ago. I wasn’t trying to say her kid was an idiot for painting these pictures. I was trying to say I thought he was in third grade, but there was a “K” on the back of one that I thought signified kindergarten. I was like “why do these look like a kindergartner painted them?”

BBN: I think it was taken in the “kid is an idiot” context.

Andy Herren: That is definitely not what I meant. So that’s frustrating to me to hear that. I did not like when people talked bad about her family, because we didn’t know her family. They weren’t there to defend themselves. I feel bad that that comment was taken like that because I very much made a point to not talk bad about Elissa’s family.

BBN: BB13’s Shelly Moore asked us on Twitter to ask you why you were saying you weren’t talking to people in hateful ways, but then there were a lot of hateful things we heard said. Is there anything else you want to say to de-conflict that?

Andy Herren: Yes, I want to say I’m sorry. Anyone that you talk to in my personal life will tell you that I have the biggest heart of anybody so I hate that people think I was this hateful person when I was in the house, but at the same time I said those things and I have to fess up to it. The tension was so high and I really did not mean them. From the bottom of my heart I hope that Elissa knows that I’m sorry and people know that I did not mean to upset or offend anyone including Elissa’s family.

BBN: With all that about Elissa, how do you feel about her winning America’s Favorite and the $25K?

Andy Herren: We all knew it was coming. Just knowing everyone in that house and how badly they needed that money and what good games everyone played, I was frustrated because I didn’t think Elissa played the best game and I thought Elissa had an unfair advantage with all these predetermined followers that I just didn’t want her to win. It wasn’t anything personal. I didn’t think she deserved it.

Andy is the renom on Big Brother 15

BBN: What’s going to be your favorite memory, other than winning, that you’re going to take away from Big Brother?

Andy Herren: I feel bad saying it, but I think my favorite memory is the second double eviction when I voted to evict Amanda and then framed Elissa for it. It all worked exactly as I wanted it to. I planned that so hard core and meticulously. It was the biggest sign of my hard work paying off.

BBN: Down the road, CBS calls and offers All-Stars. Would you do it again?

Andy Herren: Heck ya! I would have to play a totally different game because I think people might suspect me now. I don’t think I could be as low key as I was this time around.

BBN: Let’s talk about “Pop-In Andy.”

Andy Herren: I thought that was brilliant. I hate that I just called myself brilliant. I would put personal items in every room of the house so I could walk in to any room like I was doing something.

Anytime I walked past the cockpit room and the door was closed I popped in. I knew if people stopped talking or told me to go away that I was in trouble.

BBN: You’ve got your big check. What’s the very first thing you’re going to buy for yourself?

Andy Herren: Alcohol. I’m going to get really drunk when I get back to Chicago for sure.

BBN: What’s next for Andy out there?

Andy Herren: I’m not going to frivolously spend this. I’m going to use it as a stepping stone for my future. I think it could really do me some good if I’m smart with it.

BBN: There was definitely a dark side to this season and that took away from a lot of the fun. But when it wasn’t on that dark side we enjoyed it a lot and appreciate you all putting yourselves out there and entertaining us for the summer.

Andy Herren: It was my pleasure.

BBN: Congratulations again on the win.

Follow up this season with a look back at Andy’s preseason interview with us to see where things went from his initial take and plan for the summer ahead.

Andy Herron Big Brother interview:


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    • Yes.
      Elissa Did throw “digs” at certain people and she did think she was better than ‘some’ people in the house, because she was! She never threw digs or dissed Howard, Candice, Helen and Judd, and even Andy. She never said anything bad about Andy that wasn’t game related. She was
      above the racists and disgusting people. She was right about them as the live feeds prove. She is a good judge of character. She got it right on.

  1. I AM NOT IMPRESSED. He is too full of himself…Just like GM & Spencer. Hes making excuses and still lying…

  2. and might I add….”Why does Andy keep pretending to be Elissas friend”???? He clearly has hate & loathing for her…at least he finally told the truth about that..


  4. Andy Herren is such a liar. He lied all during the game and is still such a liar. I would never believe a single word that comes out of his filthy mouth. He knew exactly what he was saying and doing in the house. I hope he never gets another job working anywhere. Big Brother please do not ever put that scum bag back on the show again. You would lose so many of your fans.

      • I sure would like to know??? they will be defending Andy until BB16 or until they fingers fall off which ever come first, because its a lot of us that think that Andy is the RAT of BB15

      • Why bother replying to Ian Mossner’s blog, it’s just a waste of time and key strokes, just let him continue his stupid ranting, remember his key word, “I love Andy” just think about it, same class perhaps, just think about it.

      • Ian I don’t love Andy and I believe any personal attacks from anyone are wrong but thank you for understanding the whole point of this game is who can out lie the others and who is a great manipulater and Andy proved to be both. And he is $500, 000 richer for knowing how to play BB!

      • $500,000? I don’t think so. After taxes it is approx $325,000. I made more than that when I sold my last house and I don’t have to live the rest of my life with the reputation of being a lying, untrustworthy, backstabbing, mistrustful, hateful person. that measly amount of money is not worth it.

      • He’s still lying. That interview was TODAY. Game over. Lies now make him look really stupid, creepy and highly delusional since we all saw a total contradiction of what he just said in the interview.

    • If you hate Andy because of the lying thats a stupid reason.. its part of the game. I dont like Andy because he was annoying. But he deserves the win out of the 3 remaining people left…

      • Lying and sometimes backstabbing IS part of the game. BUT, his vile, disgusting comments or had said about Elissa and her family are NOT part of the game. What PART of that dont you UNDERSTAND? So that make him a scumbag, vile disgusting person who deserved to be hated on.

      • Tina, I have watched every episode since Season 1. I watch the live feeds. I understand the game. But this “child” took it too far. I believe that is what most people are saying. He is still being a liar and snake, AFTER the game is over.

      • Shirley I completely agree. Like you I have watched every episode since S1 and have live feeds as well. I haven’t read any comments talking about being mad at Andy’s game play, but people are mad and commenting on Andy the person who continued to bash the HGs all the way to the finale and is still continuing to say things after he won. I personally thought Andy’s game play reminded me of Shelly Moore in the beginning and even said so. I thought like Shelly he would be caught. The big difference is that Shelly and Andy are two completely different people. Shelly was remorseful and sorry for what she had done. She even struggled with it before she was found out because she ended up liking Jeff and Jordan so much.. Once it came out she couldn’t apologize enough. Andy is not sorry even today.

    • I don’t care that he lied and backstabbed. That’s part of the game. I minded the way he would talk about all the houseguests, not just Elissa, all of them. If he was with a certain group and they were bashing someone he would join. He can say he didn’t say anything racist and was just in the room because he didn’t want to put a target on himself, but there is something to be said about hearing that stuff, and walking away rather than not saying anything which in part condones it.

  5. First time in yrs I’ve been disappointed in the winner and over all cast. Ifs it’s not toned WAY Down. This is a BB fan plus all I know who watch, will stop. Andy is Still taking jabs at Elissa shame on him. Money is evil in hateful people’s hands.
    I also Believe GM on a game perspective

    • Andy has the right to not like Elissa. Get over it. He doesn’t like her. I applaud him for not bowing down to these Brenchal Army freaks.

      • I have been a fan of BB for each season. Not an Elissa or RACHEL fan. I like a person who plays the game. Maybe you didn’t have the feeds and see the way he badmouthed, degraded and bashed her CHILDREN. Everyone has the right to like who they like, but we also have to right to judge Andy on what he said, did and the way he treated others. He called her disgusting names like Cu^^. Maybe you can explain to me how that’s the game. Danielle Reyes lost the game for calling Roddy a devil. Andy floated, he sat on the fence for weeks and ratted everyone out to Amanda. He never made one move until he aligned with Spencer, GM and Judd. He made that move knowing he could beat all of them. Andy needs to learn humility. You do it. own it and apologize.
        If someone would have called me a C word, I think my hubby would have implanted his fist in the JERKS mouth.

      • NOT a Brenchal Army freak. The same way you say he has a right to not like Elissa we all have the right to NOT like him. I didn’t care for Elissa either nor vote for her. I did however respect her more than any other player except maybe Howard. They were the only 2 who stayed true to their character.

      • What Brenchal Army? She was one woman in there by herself. No family there so why were they brought into it and why did she have to pay for being Rachel’s sister. I think your values are twisted just like Andy. If he had called me the names he called Elissa I would have bashed his face in. For him to talk about her child……come on you have to know that is wrong.

      • Ian you are either ANDY the RAT’s lover or a wanna be his lover.. Go ahead applaud. If you are not wtf is WRONG with you?

  6. I still dislike Andy…who are you to say someone deserves money, because I personally don’t think you deserve to win $500K. Please stop saying you Love Elissa when we all know you don’t….He such a big fat LIAR!!! and a hateful person….

    • Get over yourself. Elissa shouldn’t of had been on the show to begin with. She didn’t deserve anything except a kick out the door.

      • Last time I looked, you weren’t the casting director at CBS. Now like the moron Andy, someone is standing on their soap box and dictating who should and shouldn’t be in the big brother house. Elissa basicly made more than GM. GM gets no stipend and only gets the 50k. Elissa gets her stipend and the 25k. She will also have to pay less taxes. The only way it could have been better, is if Andy would have walked out 3rd.

      • I think the 2 winners get stipend even if they won some prize money. Doesn’t make sense that they would lose it. I’m convince GM get 63K and Andy 513K.

      • Actually I’m pretty sure they do not get the stipend in addition to the 1st/2nd prize money. They’ll get the flat 500/50.

        Now Spencer gets his stipend plus $10K, so he gets $23K.

      • Nope. The stipend is only for those who didn’t receive 1st or 2nd place. By the time GM pays taxes on her money, she will take home less than Elissa with the 25k and the stipend. The stipend has less taxes because its a wage not prize.

      • or do what (Andy the Rat) promised he would do if he hears Elissa’s name as the Americas Favorite Player.. i bet he doesnt remember that either…

      • I can’t believe that you condone that slug for degrading her and calling her son an idiot and a moron I do know that this is just a game and she had a right and made a promise to not bring her family into the game as so many other HG’s before her have and to be slammed for this and called s stuck up C*nt is so wrong and he is supposed to be a teacher and he is talking about kids in this way how disgusting and ugly can a person be and I am so glad that he also no longer has a job that money wont last long having to learn a new profession after the disgusting disgraceful way he has acted

      • Amanda will be an All-Star, no doubt. Aaryn might get a chance for “redemption”. Those are the top choices. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Jeremy, Judd, or Andy, but those are less likely.

      • Big personalities like Amanda and Jeremy that has drawn emotions from the viewers, even negatively. At least that’s what Dan G said who’s an insider….it’s still a business.

      • I think your right but I also think that Aaryn and Elissa could be in top running for that too. They kept the action going in the house

      • I hope they don’t ask Judd back again. He had NO GAME. He was confused the entire season. Nice guy, yes. A better person than most of them in the house, but he did not play a good (or strategic) game.

      • are you kidding? Amanda? They almost had a situation in the BB house this season. Why would CBS put themselves in that position again.

      • From this season, Helen, Amanda, and Aaryn are all stars.
        Aaryn honestly played a good game despite her comments. and MAYBE Elissa is also an all star

      • I’d be up for Aaryn playing again,. so we can see how and if she’s changed. I don’t care to ever listen to Helen again…ever. I’m on the fence about Amanda.

      • No way forget it. Ain’t going to happen. 15 of them are on the black list. Elissa probably not, but I doubt she will want to come back even if they invite her. The only way she would come back is if they had some of pairing for a twist, and her and Rachel would play together.

      • I will never say never Captain because I never thought they would bring Colton back to Survivor and they did. Who knows what goes on in the minds of people who do the casting? Since they brought Colton back I can honestly say they could bring back any of these people who created controversy in this BB season. I’m not saying I agree with it at all, but just facing facts.

      • Except maybe Elissa because of the crap she put up with. She had to fight from day 1 and she lasted a very long time“““ She is an All Star and should be invited back with a cast that isn’t so jealous“` Andy will drink his winnings aup and be broke in a year, standing a street corner begging for money. Maybe every other hour he might get a dollar and then and only then will I be happy with the outcome of this season.

      • I agree. Elissa played with class and didn’t let any of them get to her. I don’t think she thought she was better than the others I think she just couldn’t relate to.

    • If I see him or heard of his name as a cast member, I swear I would not watch the BB that season. UGH I HATE HIM, the rat.. why would i spend 3 more months watching him. NOT

  7. Well it’s not the first time the winner wasn’t liked!! Did you all like Evil Dyck?? I didn’t I thought he was a bully!! And believe me it won’t be the last!! At least it wasn’t GinaMarie or Spencer which is worse???!! Lol

    • I Would’ve slept better if Gina Marie won and that isn’t saying much, She was terrible too. I think the jury should have been able to watch live feeds and none of them would have voted for Andy and he would’ve come in third like he Should HAVE.

  8. ya know Andy you really showed your colors and can’t say I’d be proud of you if you were my child!!! Ellisa won fair and square, people liked her for her and I think because you’s were always terrorizing her that america just showed all of you’s that out of the whole house she was to get it cause know one else deserved it…especially YOU!!!!!

    • She did not win fair and square. She had an unfair advantage from the very beginning. Andy played the best game and deserved it over everyone.

      • Look, she did win. She has the check. The fans of Big Brother said she played a better game. I guess there is more of us than you.

      • Andy was not able to win America Favorite Player the top two are never allowed to win it. But you can’t honestly say Elissa played the best game.

      • Andy received less than 1% of the votes in our poll here on the site with nearly 20K votes. I don’t think he was ever in danger of losing out on the opportunity of being the Fav just because he won the game.

      • I didn’t vote for Elissa any of the MVP or for AFP, but if I hadn’t have voted for Judd and Howard I would have voted for her. I can’t stand Rachel by the way. It’s America’s FAVORITE Player not the person they think played the best game. Andy would NOT have been in any of my voting.

      • Andy on every poll came in at 0% zero again in case you don get it he would have never ever won AFP period

      • America’s Favorite Player is NOT about who played the best game. It’s simply who people liked the best. I voted for Candice because I thought she deserved some extra compensation for being treated the way she was the whole season. I did not think she “played the best game.” Nor do I think Elissa played the best game. That’s what the $500,000 is for, even though I find Andy to be a despicable human being.

      • I thought Elissa played a pretty good game. She didn’t run around and call anyone the filthy names. I agree Andy was despicable. The one who really played the game was Amanda
        I wasn’t a fan of hers but she played the game, NIGHT AND DAY.

    • Elissa was evicted , that’s NOT winning, that’s LOSING… duh. Most people i know can’t stand her. Arrogant, airhead. She was the only player who didn’t fit in with the group because she was hand picked due to her association with a previous winner. That’s the only reason she was even on the show… production favortism. LOSER !!!!!!!!!

  9. Well at least the rat knows the “art” of apologizing……Own up to what you have done, apology to everyone, say that your actions were in poor taste, and ask for forgiveness. After doing this, people can choose to accept the apology or not to accept. Either way, after you have apologized (sincerely without making excuses), there is nothing else that you can or should do…. other than, work on becoming a better person, of course.

      • He better invest wisely cause his teaching gigs are gonna be few & far between. Then too if any lawsuits are in the works due to his rantings & defamatory remarks on BB he will need a real good attorney .

      • Capitan, I agree with you 120%, that creepy Pee Wee Weasel Andy is a liar and a fake, wrong person to have won the game for him to now say that he never talked bad about Elissa’s family is way further from the truth, but we all know that his comments are all captured on video, what a dumb ass

    • He needs to apologize personally to Elissa. But, as he has stated, he’s a coward, so who knows if that will ever happen. Meanwhile, poor deluded Elissa still thinks Andy was a good guy and that they will be friends outside the house., I hope she watches some of the live feeds from the period after she was evicted. She would change her mind in a nanosecond.

  10. He, Spencer and GinaMarie have this belief that we all liked Elissa because of her sister and so forth when actually I think for a lot of people she did not come in with a huge fan base (as all three implied) but she turned people around about her. Most of the people I know started out not liking her but changed as the season progressed. I am not saying that in the beginning she got those MVP’s because her name was known, that did give her an advantage and in some ways a disadvantage because it put a target on her from day one but she was likable, not perfect by any means but likable and compared to the rest of them certainly had more of a moral center.

    • I know for myself, I did not vote MVP for Elissa because she was Rachel’s sister. It was because of her, is why I did. I liked her and they were being so mean to her from Day 1 and I felt bad for her that I wanted her to win MVP.

    • I honestly voted for elissa just to piss off everybody else, it really irked me that they are so entitled to the money because they have less money, and with all the terrible things that they did, theres no way in hell I would give my votes to the rest of them.

    • Elissa would remove herself (when possible) from conversations that were racist vulgar or mean spirited. That is why they say she thinks she is better than they are. Elissa did laugh at some of the jokes others made but she laughed at nothing mean & malicious. I would have left and I have left a group that were bashing a person for no reason other than they wanted to be vile & mean.

    • I for one thought the house guest should have evicted Elissa week one when the cast was reveled. I figured Elissa was going to be the producers player in the house to manipulate everything. But since week one of the feeds I seen how bad she was treated and I fell in love with her as a person. She is a strong person to endure what she had to. She wanted to self evict but never did, and that Sunday’s episode where they showed her diary room and she was crying cuz no one liked her, just confirmed shes not a robot, but a person who could bite her tongue. Elissa MVP noms where her choices, if the houseguest had a choice, Kaitlyn might have been evicted week 2 and not Nick. And Howard would have been evicted instead of Jeremy. Elissa won MVP and used it to keep her self alive in the game. Here HOH reign was the biggest move of the season as she called out the 3AM alliance, and split them up while not falling for anyone’s lies. That week Andy cried before he was even on the block and that’s where I lost my respect for him as a player. Elissa deserved to win this season, but Americas Favorite is still a huge accomplishment. I hope to see her in the future, and I hope this experience does not leave that much of a sour taste in her mouth.

  11. Elissa was an elitist snob, and should not have been casted . Andy is a wonderful person. Don’t let people twist your words. People are just politically correct and are quick to judge. I love you Andy!!!!

    • People are just politically correct and are quick to judge
      Elissa was an elitist snob, do you hear yourself? who is judging now? Make up your mind you cant have it both ways

    • You must want a piece of him cause there’s no other sane reason for the full-court press you’ve been making. Good luck to you! He will smile at our face, lie to you, and you will be none the wiser. You, sir, are a fool.

    • Well, Ian…your words “Andy is a wonderful person. Don’t let people twist your words.” Who is twisting his words…all of the vicious and hateful words came out of Andy’s disgusting mouth. I personally heard what he said, along with a million other people on the feeds. We all heard it. That little rat boy can ‘apologize’ and dance around it all he wants, but there was no twisting of his words. He is a vile, hate-filled, bitter ass and nobody will believe his apology.
      Karma’s a b****, Rat Boy. I truly hope he will feel it soon with his job, his family, his fellow teachers, parents of his students, his friends, and his community.

  12. Was positive I would dislike Elissa because I thoroughly enjoyed disliking her sister. She and Howard were the only two people in the house who acted with class and true hurt when all of the bigotry (of which all of the final 3 were a part) occurred. I actually gave Elissa some America’s votes for this. Plus, Mr. Herren, she was the ONLY one you couldn’t manipulate and your lack of loyalty wasn’t fun to watch which gave her huge game props. You led the hate parade for 3 weeks after this woman left…don’t BS us that you loved her. (If you had told me I would vote her America’s fav at the beginning of this show, I’d have laughed my head off.

  13. Lest we forget, Andy proved again what a self absorbed, arrogant little puke he truly is. If there is anyone in that house that did not deserve to win it was Andy.

    His apologies are insincere, just like Andy. He’s a class a phoney!

    Too bad he didn’t lose his job, I can’t think of anyone who deserved it more.

      • Andy owes her family and Elissa a face to face sincere apology if he is sincere. Hiding like a coward behind twitter is laughable. Elissa DID derserve to win AFP…Canadians and Americans have spoken! Deal with it.

        An excuse is worse and more terrible than a lie, for an excuse is a lie guarded.
        Pope John Paul II

  14. Here’s my question: Andy, America voted Elissa as AFP. Your answer in the interview you say you knew she would get it, and doesn’t deserve it blah blah blah fan base. So, why have you not followed through with slitting your throat? It is obvious in this interview you hate Elissa, you can not lie your way out of Andy. So, Andy you say you are going to by alcohol and get drunk. Good, I hope you get psychosis of liver.

  15. Now they all seem to be back peddling…they knew exactly how vile and disgusting they were! Geez they all seem to say the same old BS my friends & family know how I really am I don’t think they do I’m sure they’re just as surprised!!!…Andy & Spencer must have rehearsed the same lines about Elissa that they knew she was going to win AF…and they didn’t want her too…Because they knew how they portrayed themselves and Elissa wasn’t like them she had more class and america respected her game more and not to mention the abuse the poor girl was treated with. I hope Andy, Spencer, GM, Aaryn, Amanda & even Judd are given so much grief & guilt for they’re behavior this year…Please CBS do not bring these idiots back for Allstars…

  16. Andy Herren was a pig. Sorry but I don’t think he deserved to win Big Brother. For weeks and weeks he was a floater and tattled and ratted out everyone to Amanda. Then all the sudden he aligned with a group he KNEW he could beat. You think you didn’t bash Elissa’s kids, why don’t you use the flash back and go listen. You called Elissa a CU&& and then you are backtracking again. Elissa’s gracious husband should have smacked you and Spencer in the snout. Elissa deserved America’s favorite more than you deserved to win.

  17. Andy you did act like a spoiled child. Your dislike and hate seemed to bubble up from jealousy. Some houseguests were jealous of her money, beauty or the fame they knew she would have after the show. We voted for Elissa because we saw her being bullied and wanted to show our support. We voted for her because she was the only voice for our dislike and disagreement on the racism after Howard and Candice left. We admired her keeping her cool when being bullied. We know what you saw and heard from her that you did not like, but it was obvious to us the viewers and feeders that she was always trying to stay under control and watch her words. She watched her sister go through reality television and knew very well the consequences that awaited outside the house. No one is perfect but no one deserves the slander and hate that was directed towards her on national television. I did not like Rachel or watch either of her big brother seasons. I identified with Elissa’s social mistakes and her struggle to represent her values. I am sure she will grow and learn from her mistakes as I hope you and the other cast members will be able to do given time and reflection.

  18. I happened to catch up on the exit interviews I’d missed. When Jeff Shrodder interviewed Nick, he called it! He said back then, with the MVP twist, it’s too early to tell, but they’re getting out strong players and it might happen, it’ll take the floaters to end. Just what happened! And to Ian, I don’t care if it was about Elissa or whoever, was horribly wrong what Andy and Spenser did. They had every right, if they felt like that, to say they didn’t like her game or something about her. They played literal long-going skits making stuff up as though it had actually happened, on national TV and they did this night after night. That’s not game, that’s just the unfortunate nature of these people.

  19. Man, Andy is so weak and predictable. This happens every time someone runs their mouth and says disgusting, horrible things. They all end up saying “oh that’s not who I really am. I didn’t mean it”. It’s like YES YOU DID. You wouldn’t have said those things and gone out of your way to make those comments if you weren’t truly like that as an individual. They all back pedal. It’s annoying. Who you truly are as a person gets revealed when you’re in the BB house long enough. Andy got exposed.

  20. Can we stop talking about Elissa as this paragon of class and perfection already? It wasn’t true then and it isn’t true now. She was as bad in her own way as everyone else was in theirs.

  21. Wow a mean and hateful person would be Gina Marie or Aaryn. Andy was no where as near as bad. There is some really stupid people in this country.

    • Umm, it is “there are”, not “there is”. Yes, I agree there are some really stupid people.

    • Alex, you must not have watched the live feed as most of us did, why we dislike Andy the Rat, so passionately. Nite after nite after Elissa were no longer in the house, Andy the Rat, brought her name up to start the vile, disgusting comments/talk about her looks, and her family. And for hours. If that isnt so bad I dont know what your stardards are. Aaryn and GM was mostly about their racist and bigotry comments. ANDY THE RAT were personal. NOT a game play

  22. I really don’t understand all the haters that keeo calling Andy a liar. Of course he lied in the house. Of course he manipulated and of course he backstabbed other house guests. Have you ever watched a season of BB? What person hasn’t? Its how you play the game people! I would love to play the game with each one of you that say you hate when the HG lie and backstab others. I would easily win against you! You can’t play the game and win by keeping your word and not breaking alliances. Thats the name of the game!! Just because they played the game the way they have to doesn’t mean they are like that in the real world. The name of the game is not “Let’s see who can keep their word” or “biggest truth teller” comr on people that’s howall 15 people have won the game! If you think you can go in there and not lie to anyone then I want to play with you! It would be an easy win for me!

    • Those who don’t get it, don’t get that they don’t get it….

      Those who dislike Andy don’t dislike him because he lied and backstabbed. Nothing wrong with that. They dislike him because of the awful things he said during the “down-time” this season. He was such a disgusting person during the normal-everyday conversations. He spent hours on end and went out of his way to bash Elissa.

      It’s not about backstabbing people. Nobody cares about that. It’s the person he was during the down time is why people can’t stand this dude.

      • Well said. Some people just don’t understand our dislike for Andy wasn’t because he was a floater. It was his vile personality.

      • And I am not talking about those people that don’t like him for the awful things he said because I agree with that but if you go through these comments more than half of them say that they don’t like him because he lied or because he broke promises. Those are the idiots I was directing my post too. By all means duslike him for personal attacks but get a grasp on reality if you are upset because he was a master of manipulation! A whole lot of comments were bashing him for that alone and they are crazy if they don’t understand why he lied in the game

      • I agree that you can’t go through the game without lying and backstabbing, But his true personality showed through the longer he was in the house. That’s what he has to answer for. If it was me I would beat his butt into the ground if he called me those names.

      • OMG, JUST SHUT THE FRONT DOOR ALREADY… we get it.. you love ANDY.. more power to you.. U must be just like him.. good luck

    • What we are all disgusted with had nothing to do with game play. Vile nasty remarks had no bearing on how the game was played. People like u who condone that type of behavior don’t need to come in here & spout off. Your in the wrong forum… Go to ANDYS site and tell him what a wonderful person he is ..I’m sure hes in need of a friend…

      • You need to go back to being a fly on the wall because you sure don’t know what the hell you are talking about! Did I once say I approved of his personal attacks? No did I say I thought Andy was a stand up guy without faults in the game? No. Did I say I applaud him for his racial comments he made in the game? Hell no! They were unacceptable. What I said if you would learn how to read “fly” was directed only to the idiots that are bashing him for lying in the game. Period. That’s all I was referring to. His game play. The reason I said what I said is because more than half of the comments on here were bashing him for his game play and that was it. Those commentas I was responding too were the ones that did not mention anything about his actions outside of his game. So before you go spouting off on something, do us all a favor and understand what you are reacting too. It.saves others a lot of time and saves yourself from the embarrassment of looking like a hothead idiot!

      • . It.saves others a lot of time and saves yourself from the embarrassment of looking like a hothead idiot.
        I think you are talking about yourself
        there is no need coming in here and insult other people

      • And if u could read Andys game play is not the issue and that is what our post are about. Our post are about Andy being a low life jerk. Understand the difference in “game play” and “personal attacks” which have nothing to do with the game itself. Andy and those that belittled slurred & demeaned Elissa Candice Howard & Helen tainted the game of BB. It will never be the same…

      • Wait just a doggone minute here! I thought Tina said she yawns and well, pretty much ignores all these “idiots”. Tsk tsk missT..Well such is the life of a rat dweller. :)

      • tina, you must really like FLOATERS then.. AGAIN, SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. As Flyonthewall said. go to Andy the Rat, fan page and tell him you luv him. I bet you even there, you would not find that may fans.. he need you there to rationalized his behavior…. lol

      • Did i say I approve of his personal attacks? No. Did I say that his racial slurs deserved an applause? Hell no! Did I say that He is someone I would want to be friends with ? No. So before you go spouting off about something that you evidently didnt take the time to read or maybe you’re just not smart enough to understand “fly” I was repsonding to only those posts that directly said that they did not like how Andy lied and manipulated people to get further in the game. Of course I don’t condone the personal attacks but go back and read my original post again and tell me where I said that I did. As a matter of fact tell me where I said anything that relates to what you are running your mouth about! There are plenty of comments in this forum that plainly say they didn’t like him because of his game play alone. So before you go embarass yourself again for ranting about something someone never said, I suggest you take the time to know what in the hell you are talking about!

      • ok that is enough now you are behaving just like Andy there is no need to personally attack fly or anybody else I personally don’t give a crap about your opinions but you don’t get to come in here and insult my friends

      • Haha! I’m scared! I don’t give a crap about your opinion either and if a forum is where you find your friends then I not only pity you but think you’re an sad case!

      • first that I am a miss 2 that I find friends in forums u talk a lot about me without knowing nothing about me

      • Ella …u know that the full moon brings out the slugs….I guess its another dull nite in bug city…

      • Hey. I call them like I see them. You are boring me with small minded responses. So I am not wasting my time with you anymore. All I do is yawn when I read your comments. Bye no longer worth a keystroke.

      • no worries it’s coming from somebody I never seen in here she’s a nobody I am glad whatever I said bugged her and thanks for everybody who has my back

      • I blasted Ian. Same thing never been on the site until today. Some people can not take a hint.

      • There is no Ian, it’s our regular double-personality local troll. He change his name everyday. Take me 2 seconds to recognize him.

      • You did make a lot of assumptions. Let me quote you; ” a loser that finds their friends in a forum!” .

        You don’t know ellablue, I do. We’ve been here all summer and ellablue is welcomed and appreciated by the regular here everyday. And you have no idea what so ever what kind of life she has outside of here.

        So you, what kind of life do you have, to you come here and troll ? You see, I’m asking instead of making assumptions.

      • I’m so scared! I’ve been threatened by a loser that finds their friends in a forum! Oh no someone help!

      • Well sweetie if I had to depend on my friends on forums you are right. Why? Because my friends are people I can see and hang out with unlike yours but hey all jokes aside I hope you do find a real friend one day.

      • You know your right you would have fit right in with the houseguests. You do nothing but attack people for their comments and we have as many rights as you do.

      • Tina, we have decided, or at least I did, to evict you from the chat room.. Im tired of your rationalization of how Andy is such a good game player. I wish America could have voted him out of the house. I guarantee you, he would not have been in the final 2.

      • Because evidently idiotic people don’t understand the “mechanics” “lol” as you put it!

      • well thank you so much for your BB tutorial and enlightenment on how to play the game the insults you could have left out but probably not cause you are not that kind of person

      • Never said he was my favorite did I? No. All I said is he knew how to play the game and he is $500, 000 richer because of it. I’m sure he could care less that he wasn’t the fan favorite when he deposits that check. Did I say I agreed with his racial slurs or personal attacks? Nope. Just said he was good at his lying game which is what it takes to win BB. If he wanted people to love him then he should have been running for miss America where he could had lied only once or twice. But he was on the game where lyinh gets you further along. I evidently took the time to explain the game because clearly people feel as though this game is or should be based on character and morals!

      • Nah. I think I will stick around and get some more laughs from these idiotic posts! Hey but thanks anyway!

      • Why do you call people idiotic just because they don’t agree with you? We’ve had fun all season debating with each other without the name calling. We don’t always agree with each other but we leave out the name calling.

      • On this big brother they should have. Morals were only present from as few of the holuseguests. And what are you worried about we didn’t tell you that you had to read them

    • The lying and backstabbing isn’t what people object to. Did you hear him talk about her child or call her a Cu&&? Your really telling me that is alright with you?

  23. Oh sh*t !..I shouldn’t have read this interview. I just barely recovered from this season, Now I’m sick again !

  24. What puts the icing on the cake & should give him an insight as to how much he is disliked : Shelly Moore made comments as to what a low life Andy is. Can u grasp that ? If Shelly Moore calls ur actions disgusting then it must be true. Who would know better than her.

  25. Andy will loose all his money, I think he is a weasel in real life and a scam artist.
    There is no way he will invest his money wisely who is he to say Ellissa or any one for that matter did not deserve the money? Big brother is a game not charity what an arrogant prick.

  26. Good interview Matthew. Hopefully when he watches the recordings he “can get his head around” the things he said. They are all in denial about what they said. Everyone of them. Thanks again for your hard work.

  27. Andy to look professional you have to act like it. Couldn’t you find something else to wear to the big night. The bow tie just made you look stupid. As I have said you have no class and you are just jealous of Elissa because she has class, she’s professional, etc. You could really learn a lot from her. Maybe if you treated ppl better you would have won the mvp and you would have more friends. You are so pathetic and I hope your parents are proud of you and what you said about others.

  28. I think Andy played a very good game. Yes, he was a liar and a backstabber but that’s the point of the game isn’t it? It’s not who you like and who does what. It’s how that person played the game. You can’t be honest and play Big Brother. On another note, I watched the Yo Show on Yahoo. He was interviewing Aaryn. It was priceless. He was asking her what is she going to be doing now that she lost her job. She claimed she hasn’t heard that she lost her job. She thinks she still has it. Now there’s a hateful bitch and a bigot. He asked Aaryn (himself being black/Asian descent) about the bigoted comments she made about race. Of course Aaryn smiles and says oh I’m so sorry if I offended anyone. Yeah right. Aaryn and GinaMarie were close friends. They both said some horrible things. GinaMarie also lost her job.

    • Oh shut up. I watched the interview and Aaryn look devestated and she apologized. Will you only be happy when the young woman commits suicide? ANDY IS VILE and HATEFUL TO THE CORE, Aaryn is a very ignorant 22 year old kid who has apologized and even Julie Chen and Candice and Howard agree that she is not a racist but just ignorant so get off your soap box and SU!

      • As to who is ignorant and on a soap box, did you see when GinaMarie was talking to Aaryn and telling her to watch her racist remarks? Aaryn sat there and said she didn’t care. So get the facts before you jump on someone else.

      • It was Amanda who had that conversation with Aaryn. I am catching up with the article and reading all the posts and was just going to post to jthoen that you have the wrong person. Thanks Captain for posting who It really was. It still amazes me that Aaryn is still considered the worst offender of anyone. She was the only one got called out by Julie on the show and when she went to the jury house started mending fences with Candace and as a result of that they became the closest friends in jury. I saw the interview where this guy told her he was offended and guess he didn’t watch the live feeds or he would have seen GM as an example continue on with the very things that he said offended him. I remember Judd trying to get her to stop when she was doing it.

      • Sharon you took the words out of my mouth. I totally agree and still don’t understand why Aaryn is considered the worst offender of all these HGs. IMO she was devastated when she was evicted and Julie called her out. She at least went to jury and started mending fences with Candace. The guy who did the interviews must not have seen the live feeds or he would have realized that Aaryn was not the only guilty party and what about the HGs who continued on with their comments until the very end.

      • I think it is because Chen knew the older house guests would fight back just like Amanda, Spencer, Kaitlin, Andy and Gina Marie have all done. They have all acted like what did I do wrong, and when confronted did not act like it was any big deal. I mean Amanda even argued with Chen about her actions. I mean bullies only pick on the weak and age is always a weakness. I agree the guy did not see the live feeds because if you did you totally see that Aaryn’s comments though mean were no where near in the hate context of others. When you brain has not fully matured until you are 25 and that is fact then you are highly influenced by peer pressure and the desire to fit in and I truly hope that Candice’s interpretation of Aaryn is correct, and I believe along with Candice that it is. The others have absolutely ZERO HOPE especially Spencer.

  29. Andy give your money to charity, you don’t deserve it. You were the biggest floater ever and didn’t really play the game. OK , you were an annoying little knat, but that’s not playing. Elissa deserved ever penny of her Americas Favorite award. We liked her because she was real, not a fake liar. I hope you never are seen on Big Brother again, you gave the show a bad name.

  30. It doesn’t matter who won the game, or AFP. BB is a gameshow. I do not like what the HG said this season, and I do not like what the fans are saying. Those folks who are spewing hate are no better than what was said in the house. Hate is hate people. The game is over. Treat others the way you want to be treated and we can all get along.

    • It’s funny you should say this Copper. I agree with you, but don’t you see the irony with HOW you said it?

      Though there are a few people on here who’ve repeatedly said things in a hateful fashion, don’t you see they have every equal right to express themselves as you are now doing? I’d like to think that although I sometimes get a thumbs down from certain people, I at least defend their right to express themselves (even when they take things way too far in my opinion). If you give a little understanding to others, you’ll find you get a lot in return! :)

  31. I personally didn’t care for Andy’s game; nonetheless, he played a good game right up until the final night. Although, I hated his game and didn’t care for him at all. The interviews from the jury is the time to own up to what you have done – which he did – except for Spencer. If he had just admitted that he didn’t take Spencer with him because he felt his chances of winning lowered with spencer. He would have still got my vote, but to give everyone their props except Spencer and then lie about his reasoning was beyond game play. And with that real life showing of his true self – Andy becomes the biggest loser in the game because now the whole world knows that what we seen in the game is the true Andy. A mean rat lying double crossing little cockroach.

  32. I love how when you all are called out for ranting about something I didn’t say that instead of admitting you spouted off about something you misinterpreted you go into attack mode and start on something else! Not to intelligent! Re-read my original post and tell me where I exactly said I condone Andy’s personal attacks or racial comments or where I said he was a great guy with amazing character. I commented on game play only so get your panties out of a wad! He’s not running for president people! It was a game! Sorry you didn’t like him and never did I say I did. Only said he knew what it took to play the damn game! Wow. If you get this upset over something this trivial I would hate to imagine how you would react to something major!

  33. Candice Stewart tweet: “Watching these episodes #Heartbreak #StopHate. So didn’t understand the severity of the issue this season till now.”

    • Now this is why I like Candice… She gave an honest response here. I’m hoping like the others, she also works on her explosive temper and hate issues, but I can see a lot of promise and potential for her.

  34. Amanda tweet: “Elissa and I have made amends and I have no negativity or hate. She’s a great person and I wish her all the best.”

    • Funny how almost EVERY SINGLE house guest is saying the same line now huh? …it’s almost like they were coached or instructed by media handlers, but that doesn’t happen…does it? (Being cheeky)

  35. OMG, FANTASTIC INTERVIEW! You were flawless, thank you so much! The only point I’d like to add is this: his and Spencer’s continuous conversations wishing that anyone who votes Elissa for AFP commit mass suicide. Anyone who cheers for her is gassed “Hitler style.” Repeated comments that proceeds to Elissercize goes to the Hitler Youth Camp. I have relatives who died in the Holocaust. Every time he wished that atrocity on the BB fans, I was literally shaking my head in disbelief. If that isn’t hateful, please, tell me what is. I’d really like to know. He’s delusional. I hope he reserves a chunk of those funds to get some serious medical attention. He played an awesome game but the personal attacks absolutely destroyed my ability to cheer for him. I think he has huge issues. Good luck to him.

    • did he really say that? wow that is seriously not funny not a joke not I did not mean it and if I offended anybody I am sorry so so bad

      • He and Spencer said it REPEATEDLY. I wish he’d just own up because lying about all this stuff when people have seen the live feeds with their own eyes truly makes him look like a disturbed individual. Lying should be part of BB, not life.

      • never ever should you make jokes about the holocaust in any reference to any individuals I have no words they said that and sorry should be enough? maybe Hitler could have use that to with their thinking and got away with it wow that is bad so bad

      • welll Amanda compared herself to Osama Bin Laden made fun of Moses (he stuttered) and raped a man while the cameras were rolling…so what can u say???

    • Andy or RATATATTLEANDY as I called him, said the first thing he is spending money on is alcohol. He stated he is going to get real drunk. Not to be mean or anything but perhaps if he get’s that drunk he may be hit by a bus he continually threw everyone under. I mean that figuratively not litterally.

  36. If anyone didnt deserve the money…it was you ANDY the RAT…You are one of the most Vile, disgusting people I have ever watched…You were the ultimate floater….this was definitely the year of the floater…and had any of the house-guests known what vile names you called them…You would not be $500,000 dollars richer. You say you hope they forgive you??? Well Elissa is classy enough that she probably will. Worst year of BB ever…and your the face of it. Andy the winning floater of BB15

  37. Yes, Elissa Did throw “digs” at certain people and she did think she was better than ‘some’ people in the house, because she was! She never threw digs at Howard, Candice, Helen and Judd, and even you Andy. She never said anything bad about Andy that wasn’t game related. She was above the racists, self centered, disgusting people, and she was right about them as the live feeds prove. She is a good judge of people she hit it straight on.

    • Is she really a ”better” person? I can accept that people may have felt she was ”less” annoying or hateful than the others, but there were still too many things that she said & did that convinced me she wouldn’t be one of the people I’d want to look for in a friend…

  38. Amanda tweet: ” Me and my gorgeous sister @azuckk out on the town! “

    With this picture: pic.twitter dot com/2Q1ZvM5oEu

    I answered her: ” Better keep her away from McCrea. “

  39. Wow, ok let’s all calm down now. We can all agree on a few things here right? First, none of us would argue that Andy’s character (just his character) was admirable. In fact we can even stretch it further and say that Andy isn’t the type of person we’d want around in our personal lives if in fact he acts this way outside of the house… Second, we can agree to disagree on his tactics. Personally I thought his ”in the middle” strategy worked for this season. It wasn’t the typical winning strategy from what we’ve seen in past seasons but in this season’s context it somehow worked…

    So at the end of the day we can all rest on this: Andy was NOT a great person (far from it) but his tactics won him the game… I’m a bit of an idealist so I’m never happy when bad behaviour gets attention or reward. Being honest though I would’ve felt this way if any of Jeremy, Spencer, GM, Elissa, Aaryn, Amanda, Candice, Jessie, David, or Kaitlyn had won.

    Let’s all collectively hope & pray that next season is better!

    • If you take a couples of step backward and try to look at the whole picture of the season, the reason Andy made it to the end and won, is not because he is a good player or his strategy was good. The only reason he won is because of the poor quality of the whole cast. In a cast of good players, Andy’s game would be exposed early and he would be evicted mid game.

      • But that’s just it Capt. What you’re calling ”good players” is based on past seasons. There are no rules on how to win, so each season is contextual to the contestants. So as I said for THIS season (not for past seasons, only for THIS season) Andy’s strategy of intentionally (not accidentally) being the ”middle man” (in between alliances) turned out to be the winning formula. He’s not a person I like, and definitely not a person who should be rewarded for his behaviour, but thems the breaks…

  40. Andy is a typical shady queen. For the record, I saw the feed when he talked about Elisa’s kid. The insinuation was that the kid likely has a learning disability if he’s turning out those kinds of paintings.
    I hate that Andy won. Although, he did play the entire house like a fiddle.

  41. Andy deaerved the money out of who was left… I am a bb fan and have been since i was 12, and understand the game, although andy annoyed me being a RAT… That was his strategy and it worked… The reason andy really bothers me is the way he talks about people…. Who is he to say Elissa doesnt deserve the money…. Yea she may have plenty of it… But its a game where u play for money…. If i play poker w u and win… Should i be undeserving because i have more money than u? Thats rediculous… andy needs to get a grip and own what he has done instead of deny and make excuses, saying he loves elissa is laughable… Im sorry i would never say those things about anyone i claimed to care anything about.

  42. This cast is filled with idiots. The money doesn’t go to who deserves it because it will change their lives, it goes to the person who best played the game. Andy was a goddam floater who did nothing all season. I wished this game could turn out different and the strongest guys wouldn’t have been voted out first. The people who played the game the most was Helen, Amanda, and Aaryn. Forget what Amanda and Aaryn’s comments were, they were still better players than Andy. Elissa also played, but she wasn’t as strong as these three. She really didn’t make a huge moves until Helen left.

    Also Andy is an idiot to say he was joking about Elissa. I am glad he got fired and I hope he loses that money. He is a vile person who can’t own up to what he said. He insulted Elissa and her family yet it was a joke making fun of an 8 year old boy.

    • I’ll have to disagree about Aaryn. Beside the fact she won 4 HoH competition, she didn’t play any game at all. Her first HoH was because of Jeremy, and she let Jeremy choose what move to make. On her 2nd and 4th HoH, she let Helen pull the string and the 3rd one, she let Amanda pull the string. How many times did she say, I don’t want to go against the house. I don’t think I have enough fingers to count them. I don’t call that playing the game.

      • I generally agree. However, aaryn needed to stay in the game. She knew most BB Houseguest hated her because she’s a bigot, racist and trouble maker. I personally think aaryn is an awful person but I think doing what you need to do to stay in the house is a part of playing BB.

      • And add to that, she was thought to be the best person to bring in final 2 which is why she didn’t get evicted until way later.

  43. Hated that Andy one but he did and that’s that. I do however hope for a more exciting season next year. Closer vote gaps for evictions would be my biggest hope. The fact that we could predict every week who was going home sucked. Didn’t even need the live feeders to count the votes. Elissa trying to save Amanda was really the only surprise in the game.

  44. Candice Stewart Tweet: “Love this pic…obsessed with this lady #QueenElissa”

    pic.twitter dot com/4T86EPV6oJ

    We all saw how fit Elissa was, but in that picture, look at her arm. Wow.

  45. CBS needs to go back to basic when it comes to big brother. They need a diversified cast of multiple ages, they need a cast with NO fake breasts, NO fake hair and real people. Skip the want a be actresses and actors. Make them earn what they have. They should have to earn the washer, dryer, microwave, clock, hot tub and extras. You can have HAVENOTS but make the haves EARN the food they get. Come on BB and CBS, give us a group to watch and enjoy.

  46. He didn’t think Elissa deserved MVP?? Well, most of the fans thought he was one of the least deserving to win BB. I was never a Brenchel (built in) fan and probably would not have voted for her, but I felt a lot of sympathy for her after they all continued to bash her relentlessly! And the fact that Andy said he would kill himself and Spencer said he would crap his pants if she won, was just a bonus!! So, they can thank themselves and stop blaming the brenchel army!!

  47. I only wish that I could say al these things directly to princess Andy’s face! He is the worst, Fake exsuse for a human. He is a passive aggressive bully. He said all the things that he said about Elissa with full intent, jealously and meanness. I don’t know why no one in the house never told him all he needed is puppet strings and he would pass for howdy doody. Everything about him is annoying including slinging his head like he has long hair and he doesn’t. So what he won the money and we all know that was the name of the game. If I saw him on the street I would turn my head the other way after giving him the nastiest eye roll in life!!

  48. Please, please CBS NEVER call this self centered, egotistical “boy child” for all-stars. There are too many good players to chose from

  49. Uuuugh, is all I can say about nasty Andy. There is no excuse for the things he said. Who would ever blame Elissa if she never spoke to or looked at him again? Shame on you, Andy.
    Worst winner ever. Worst season ever. Please learn a lesson from Maggie (S6) and drift off into bb oblivion, never to be heard from again.

  50. Not sure why the right name didn’t show up but was trying to thank Matt for the great interview.

    Just wanted to thank you for this interview and for asking Andy the questions that we all wanted to hear his answers on. I love your “Pop Out Andy” reference. When Andy first started playing I thought he was playing a game much like Shelly Moore and like Shelly I didn’t think he stood a chance in winning. I waited for him to be caught. I quickly saw on the live feeds that Andy was nothing like Shelly. Shelly had a heart and when she grew to really like both Jeff and Jordan she had a hard time continuing with her strategy. When she got caught she couldn’t apologize enough and was truly sorry. They are all great friends now which I am happy for. I quickly saw that Andy didn’t have this heart that he says he has because he did this with such ease and the bashing and trashing he did on the live feeds was something I never saw Shelly do. Game play is game play, but why did Andy find it necessary to bash and trash all the HGs long after they left? Bashing has absolutely nothing to do with game play once the HG has been eliminated from the game. He is still doing it now after he won. For any who think I am trashing and bashing Andy right now I’m not because I saw and heard all this on the live feeds and read on this interview that Matt did. I am just commenting on what I saw and read.

    • Well said Jacee2. Wrote a tweet to @bigbrothernet, saying the weekly players rankings were always appreciated. Told them they should do a final season rankings. That would keep us commenting to our heart’s content.

      • Thanks Captain. Great idea and you are always thinking. Just wanted to thank you for including all the tweet info for some of us that don’t have Twitter. I checked out all the great links you provided us with including Amanda’s and McCrae’s web site. You were right it was hysterical. :)

      • Got it. Thank you. I need to get over there before the day is over. Look for Gail W……………sending a request.

  51. Andy really needs to stop the interviews….Each interview that I have read (per) Andy indicates that he is a self serving jerk. He makes excuses for his words & actions or says that he said nothing wrong.( Andy tweeted an apology to Elissa & Rachel and when I last checked neither responded). Its plain in the interviews that Andy is not sorry for what he said cause with an apology he lets us know why he hates Elissa. He may have won the game but he lost at respectability and decency. He is a sad excuse for a human being.

    • In addition to what you said, Elisa never really did anything to harm Andy. That’s what makes his shady, stupid behavior so sad!

    • I have a feeling that if the jury had heard what was said about them before the vote they would have had a lot harder time picking who to vote for and may have had to resort to rock, paper scissors.

  52. You all seem to forget that when America was MVP, Elissa was also put up on the block! Everyone was given a chance to be “liked”, you just behaved so disgustingly that we were swayed to Elissa’s direction because she behaved so well under extreme pressure. Andy worry about your own sorry game & the things that you said! It’s none of your business who America liked! Just know that it wasn’t YOU!

    • Elissa ended up on block only because the top votes getter by a wide margin was Aaryn and she was already on the block.

      • True Captain and I was also a part of one of the chat rooms where people were coming in saying that they just automatically voted for Elissa that week before really realizing that rules had changed. It meant America had the choice for the first time of who went on the block. I don’t have Twitter as I have told you before, but people were saying that even Rachel automatically asked people to vote for Elissa before knowing that, and as you said the top vote getter was Aaryn, but was on the block. The chat room was going crazy with people saying no you don’t want to vote for Elissa as she is going to be the one who could end up on the block.

      • Let me just say that I am not now nor never have been in the Brenchel army. I did think that Elissa getting those votes was because she was squandering America’s good will because she had no game. What I meant was, who the heck was there to root for this season? You have to get to know the houseguests. Initially I thought either Helen or Andy may have been a good bet, but Helen had no game & she kept Aaryn the clear racist to supposedly further her own game & that’s not cool. I did not mind Andy’s backstabbing, lying ways (it’s to be expected), but the way he behaved after he engineered Elissa’s departure was too much! That’s not game & out of everyone left,HE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER! His venom was beyond. Elissa got my vote at that point for 2 reasons. First her grace under pressure and second, besides Howard, who else was there? Also I didn’t like Andy telling us what to do! While on the outside the Brenchal army may have been strong, in that house Elissa had noone. I didn’t like her getting special or negative treatment either way and I think that the houseguest’s obsession with her was a little much. Believe me, there were so many that I initially wanted to like & they all had their moments, but at the end of the day, I don’t want to see any of them again. The things many said & did, I learned not to do by the age of 6!

      • I do agree and that is why I found myself with no favorite at all this season. For me who has watched since S1 that is the first time ever I have watched an entire season and could find no one to completely root for. Just when I thought I found someone something happened to change my mind. I don’t know what happened this season, but I hope it never happens again.

      • Thanks, that’s me too. So frustrating! When they use the term “deserve” it angers me because they did not “deserve” anything!

      • Yes, finding a favourite was hard because once I found one, they also became infected with the superiority complex that HoH brings, or they were infected with the hate that was ”normal” in the house…

  53. The other thing that pisses me off about Andy’s interview is that he repeated his position that some people “needed the money more than others” in reference to Elisa winning the $25K.
    Someone should have told that shady queen that BB is a game show! How does he know what money Elisa has or does not have. I think she went about how successful her husband is professionally. Of course in this country that does not mean that his money is necessarily Elisa’s money (Especially if there is a pre-nup agreement or his personal wealth was obtained before he married Elisa).

    • Sounds like a bunch of people (alongside Andy) were unhappy with Elissa’s wealth & status coming into the house… As for what determined who does and doesn’t ”deserve” the money, I guess that’s up to the individual. I personally feel that most of the cast this year didn’t deserve it.

      • However, if you reread my post andy’s comment was there were many in the house who “needed the money more than Elisa.” That’s different from saying who deserved it from a game perspective.
        My point was BB is not a “social welfare” program. Houseguest enter the house and play a game for a set number of days.

      • That’s only YOUR perspective though Thopper, and you don’t represent the ”truth” you only represent YOUR perspective (and maybe even the perspective of many who share your opinion). Andy’s perspective (alongside many of the other house guests) was that Elissa wasn’t deserving of the money. This may have been because of her status, it may have been because they feel somebody with less money needs it, heck it may even be because they didn’t like the colour of her dress. No matter the reason it’s THEIR prerogative to use whatever criterion they want. THEY are in the game making the decisions, not you, not me, not anyone else.

      • Wrong again…American voters made the decision NOT the houseguest! That’s why andy’s opinion is so stupid. To suggest that only someone who he or other houseguests believe needs the money misses the ENTIRE point of Americas Favorite Player. Again, andy and the houseguest have no idea what Elisa has in her bank account. They know that her husband is a successful professional and she is a yoga instructor.
        Moreover, what if her husband’s money is all in a family trust that Elisa by law cannot touch? That would mean that while Elisa is married to a successful (potentially wealthy) man – his money may not be hers. Stop trying to win an argument you lost 2 posts ago!

      • lol. We’re talking about perspective, not objective truth (and yes Thopper, not the final voting results which is controlled by America)…

        You always make me smile my young and outspoken friend…Wishing you the best and looking forward to your next off the cuff remark.

      • I understand perfectly what “perspective” is. I don’t need help with that. Andy’s “perspective” was that other people in the house needed the money more than Elisa. That’s ridiculous to the extent that the game has nothing to do with “need.” What don’t you get about that. It’s a game show like any other. Contestants go on – they play the game – some lose – some win and then they go home.

  54. I have been reading most of Andy’s interview online, and unlike other contestants that seemed to be sincere with their apology, Andy really suck. He would apologize and then back track and sort of justify his bad behavior, especially his comments to Elissa and her family….I can’t believe this guy !!..he’s just a jealous Rat !

  55. Andy will get what he deserves. In my opinion, Andy’s career is OVER, as an educator and he can forget about becoming an actor (unless he and Pee Wee Herman start their own network). The money that Andy won is not much when you don’t have additional income. He may be thrilled with his win today, but probably will be drinking away his sorrows on tomorrow. I think he might be the only person (final 3) that will do something good with the $500,000 that he won. Unlike GM and Spencer. If GM had won the money, I think she would have used it on cosmetic and materialistic things only (makeup, hair extensions, cars, and trying to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous). I highly doubt if she would have used any of the money to fix her inner self.

    • hmmm Andy thinks he is perfect and makes no mistakes ..But no amount of money will fix what is wrong with Andy…

      • Fly: Right now, Andy is high on life and his win. This high will not last very long. When Andy re-enters the real world, I think he will realize that he is not the “perfect” person that he thought he was.

      • nope he will not think any less of his words actions or himself 6 months or a year from now. If u go back and watch tapes of Andy having conversations u will see the smirk that he always had. He would almost laugh in peoples faces when he was lying to em. Andy is the type of person that takes pleasure in hurting people or seeing someone hurt. Andy is all about Andy and will step all over you to get where he thinks he needs to be. Hes a born backstabber and liar. Hes not gonna change. He will just try to cover it up.

      • Laugh if u will but I think the only person that will learn anything is Spencer…Spencer is afraid and it comes out in his interviews. If he has family that (dads a judge) is legal minded he may be fearing slander suits. As well as the loss of his job. He realizes that hes in some serious crap.

      • Fly I think you are right about Spencer. I think he is truly worried. Not only about the possible loss of his job, but the child porn business. He said that label follows you around for life.

      • It’s funny cause through the show I got the impression that Spencer was becoming hard hearted and sheltered from ”the general public’s opinion” like most people on reality shows. His post interviews however seem to communicate a man who desires to go back a normal routine, and because of that, he fears that his words & actions may have jeopardized his chances of finding peace in everyday life.

      • Well said Lee, all of this season’s contestants (yes incl. Elissa) need to reflect upon who they are and how they behave around other people.

      • Fly the smirk I remember the most is when he got Amanda evicted and framed it on Elissa by saying she was lying. He even talks of that as being the highlight of the season for him and how brilliant a move it was.

      • People eventually grow up… It might take ”forever” from the perspective of those who want vengeance now, but eventually one day Andy will grow up…

  56. I want to thank Matt for the great job he does and all his hard work. I also want to thank everyone who contributes their comments here. I didn’t subscribe to the live feeds and you all kept me up to date with what was going on in the house. Your observations and comments were usually more entertaining than the CBS show and I enjoyed reading them.
    I’m sorry that Andy cannot be graceful even after winning BB. If even half of what everyone posted about his behavior in the house is true, and I’m sure it is, he appears to be a mean spirited, vengeful person. I believe he hated Elissa because she was one of the few who figured out what he was really like and what he was doing and that annoyed him. He said he wouldn’t have been a spiteful juror, however his behavior towards Elissa, especially after she “outed him” says otherwise, he never got over the fact that she could see him for what he was. As to her not deserving AFP because others played a better game….who was he referring to? Spencer, GM, McCrae, Judd??? I think Elissa, Amanda, and Helen played good games. I admired that Elissa never let anyone’s opinion determine who she selected to be nominee for eviction, even Helen was unable to sway her and with the house basically against her from day 1 and having no alliance for the last half of the game ….she still made it to final 6. That was good game playing in my opinion. Pretty much everyone else nominated whoever the house wanted, including Andy, so very little game play there. Andy should have graciously congratulated Elissa on her win and maybe he would have saved some face. Instead he chose to be snarky and mean and reinforce everyone’s bad opinion of him. Final thought….I think that Julie Chen should have called out Spencer, GM and others for their horrible behavior, and not just Aaryn. Missed opportunity.

    • I don’t think they could be grilled (I guess) about their behavior. I think there are legal issues going to arise from BB15. I think that CBS knows this and thats why they did not press the matter. U have to remember that Andy and Spencer bashed Julie Chen along with others..Not a good thing to do when her husband runs CBS…lol.. Time will tell…

      • Wow, they bashed Julie Chen…do these people have a brain? It will be interesting to see what happens, if anything.

      • the fact that they have not been invited to her show the Talk speaks volumes the winners and runners up have always made an apparance

      • So true and I watched “The Talk” the next day expecting to see the winner. She did announce him as the winner and talked about the backstabbing and ended up just asking the others if they could forgive someone who backstabbed you.

      • I have always said the same thing about it being wrong for Aaryn to take the heat for the whole crew of them. Aaryn was guilty, but as you said the vile racist comments continued and became worse after she was gone. My guess is the same as yours that legal issues will come out and that may be why they couldn’t say anything. I hate to say it, but jmho Julie was wrong to go on other shows to continue talking about it after she had that eviction talk with Aaryn. I didn’t hear her mention a name, but anyone watching would know who she was talking about. Perhaps she was hoping that it would stop with Aaryn and never realized how deep it was. Just a guess because I couldn’t figure out why she would talk about it on other shows.

    • I had this big long reply to this, but lost it. I basically said I watched every conversation take place on this video on the live feeds. That’s why I couldn’t understand Julie not mentioning GM after all her comments that still went on after Kaitlin was gone and later when Aaryn was evicted. It didn’t stop GM from continuing with this same type of conversation. I never condoned any of it, but all needed to be called out for being guilty and not just Aaryn. Especially when Julie made it a point to go on other shows to talk about her. There is such a big difference between the live feeds and the highly edited shows. Even TVGN which I don’t get, but did get Showtime when it was on there only shows a certain time slot and the cameras they want to show you. On live feeds you have 4 cams and a quad which is a combination of the other camera views. You can choose the time and date and go back to the same time and pick another camera. I am sure before long there will be all kinds of videos coming out. We already had the Amanda one, now this one and then before long each HG will have their own video out there. I even posted one time that Julie must have missed GM on the live feed when she did more than make a rice comment. Same with some of the people who gave interviews. Like the guy who told Aaryn she lost her job and he was offended by her. I was so annoyed that the weekly shows always gave kind edits to Spencer, Andy and even GM after the one when she told Candace about her mom not wanting her. After that GM got great edits and some people thought she was a riot. She may be funny, but she was just as guilty or even guiltier than some. Captain I see you have even more posted to share with us above. You are keeping me busy. :)

  57. These video are popping up now, Youtube again, search:

    The Big Brother 15 Experience: Bashing Elissa Edition

    • Yep and it will get worse.. The more Andy denies what he said & did the more videos people are gonna post to prove what a liar he is.

  58. Amanda, and probably McCrea sitting there with her, are watching the show. and tweeting every 2 mins about what she see. Pretty hilarious. She just watch the Nick eviction and found out Howard was the votes. LOL

  59. Somebody got a hold of Amanda cell number and sent her a SMS message: “Hope you get your f—-ing a$$ beat down in Minnesota at the f—-ing airport b*tch”

    But she put on twitter a picture of her phone that show the person phone number, She has over 33,000 followers. How much you want to bet that person will need to change her phone number.

  60. I left something out in my previous post regarding Andy. How does he justify saying what he did of why he didn’t think Elissa deserved to win the $25,000? Elissa was one of those votes that gave him the big money. He told us that he has the biggest heart around and imo I would think that even if he thought she didn’t deserve it that he would keep that to himself and just be grateful that she voted for him to win. He has said he is so good at lying then why not lie then and find something to say that would not further hurt someone. Or just leave the sentence out where he said he just didn’t think she deserved it. He obviously could not take back what we saw him say on camera, but this is an interview after the game.. I agree with others that have said this and other interviews that Andy gave are not sincere.

  61. I am thoroughly disgusted by Andy’ s behavior both in and out of the house! I have watched BB since Season 1 when America voted for the winner. And, we chose Eddie! (How I long for those days again)! Winners of BB should be gracious and kind. They should admit when they are wrong and actually ask for forgiveness!

    Unfortunately, Andy is a narcissistic ass**** who shows no remorse for his behavior and nevet will!!

  62. This is hilarious: pic.twitter dot com/MVG8dO0ZKi

    And this one; pic.twitter dot com/dDYWK2pnZm

    The tie was given to McCrea by Jeff S during the “after the show” show.

  63. Aaryn tweet: ” Does anyone have the pic of me & Judd laying opposite of Eachother? I’m obsessed with it!!”

    pic.twitter dot com/KMbaVX9WxH

  64. McCranda want to be on Amazing Race. They started a petition.

    thepetitionsite dot com/154/488/234/get-mccranda-mccrae-amanda-on-the-amazing-race/

  65. OMG this video is absolutely hilarious. Youtube, search:

    Big Brother 15 Harlem Shake – Full Version


  66. Sent to me by bbadboy: ” how I feel about waiting until next summer for another big brother.”

    pic.twitter dot com/5EKe2azwGx

  67. Let’s face it, Andy’s decision to turn on McCranda came about because he was mortified that Zingbot called him a floater and realized that that was what America thought of him.
    Rachel’s fan club used social media to get that $25K for Elissa. The proof is that they voted her MVP 3 weeks in a row, and when CBS changed the MVP to America in the 4th week they continued to robotically vote for her and accidently voted her the MVP nominee for eviction. Even Rachel tweeted “OK, what did you guys just do?”. The last two MVP votes were Amanda, who everybody ‘hated’. So, which is it? Was Elissa as hated as Amanda, because she was named America’s first nominee for eviction, or did Rachel’s robotic social media campaign make a mistake? If she was hated enough to be nominated by ‘America’ for eviction, that doesn’t exactly make her the likely winner of America’s Favorite. But a savvy social media campaign by her sister virtually guaranteed her the $25K.

  68. Andy you can try to paint your words into a pretty picture, but a rat is still a rat as for Elissa everything you said about her and her family was so disgusting! She never acted better then others she just wouldn’t associate with racist! Let me tell you you won’t be remembered as the first gay to win big brother but the first extreme floater to win,

  69. Mike d get ur nose out elissas asa. She made really rude disgusting comments towards hgs. She was right there making personal insults. Unfair advantage and she has no game.

  70. Andy tweet: ” Being a rat is exhausting. After 90 days in the BB sewers, all I really want to do is sleep.”

    Self-deprecating jokes.

  71. People, you have to listen to this. It’s a 2 hres and 28 mins podcast interview with Amanda. They cover everything, from the 4 days before the live feeds came up, the whole story with Howard, the DR, the Production, the conspiracy, to the wrap-up party where Jessie’s mom got plastered and went after Jeremy. Very enlightning.

    bigbrotherpodcast dot com/

    Take your time but listen to it.

  72. If Andy is talking, he is lying. The comments he made about Elissa and her step-son were pretty bad, just like the others. Andy did nothing in this game until he had the numbers and even the thing he was most proud of didn’t really work. McCrae said he knew it was Andy who back stabbed him by voting out Amanda. McCrae went along with it because he was stupid.

  73. I think the thing that bothers me the most with Andy is that he is an educator for college level people – what a poor example he is with his mouth and deeds. He is just Disgusting and hopefully never can find a teaching job – maybe Starbucks when he runs out of money.

  74. Andy is a liar. That’s his biggest accomplishment in life , that he can lie and backstab people. From what I saw on BB, he has no other talents, sucked at comps and started winning only when there were just a few ppl left. I’m surprised that his frds and family are not bothered by the fact that he’s such a back-stabber and a hateful person.

  75. Arin liked Elissa at first till she found out she was Rachel’s sister she said she got mad at her and didn’t like her cause she didn’t tell her who her sister was . Elissa did not have to tell any one that info she wanted to play the game her way and they never gave her a chance

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