Big Brother 15 Finale Photo Gallery

Julie Chen on Big Brother 15

CBS has released a gallery of photos from last night’s Big Brother 15 finale event where Andy made a surprising move in taking GinaMarie to the Final 2, but still managed to pull out the win and take home the half-million dollar prize.

Check out the photos below for a look at a not-so-thrilled Jury, Julie taking on the F2, a slightly bitter Spencer, and a surprisingly gracious runner-up in GinaMarie.

What was your favorite moment from last night’s show? We had hoped for a zoomed in shot of Andy when America’s Favorite HG was revealed, but Amanda learning that America was indeed the MVP voter nearly made up for that.

We’ve also got more pictures from last night’s broadcast including shots from the competitions. That “Under the Sea” comp was no joke!

Share your thoughts below on the Big Brother season finale and take one more glance at the night’s events. You can view the full gallery at

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Photos: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2013 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.


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  1. No surprise for me the finale went down just as I thought it would with the confetti flying in the air and the undeserving F2 standing there. @ LeeArmine I did watch. I had hoped that at the very least the F3 would be booed when coming out because they did for Aaryn and Amanda, but that didn’t happen. Even Amanda finding out that it was America all along was no real surprise to her as she guessed by process of elimination and the boos she had received when she was evicted. GM, Andy and Spencer still didn’t get it when they were interviewed by Jeff. GM’s apology was the worst of all and almost an afterthought. She was just laughing and joking around with Jeff and Jeff had to bring it up. She was still more concerned about Nick. BTW Nick was interviewed as well and he is taking GM to the monster truck rally as promised and already bought the tickets. People may not agree with me, but I think at least Aaryn did get it and it turns out that Candace and Aaryn ended up being the closest girls in jury. It didn’t happen right away, but it did happen. Jeff didn’t ask the hard questions, but I didn’t expect him to. Jeff admitted he had said things he was not proud of and all you can do is to say your sorry and move on and try to be a better person. The interview I thought was the best was actually Jeremy. He has definitely changed and he and Kaitlin are seeing each other. They aren’t putting a label on it, but just seeing each other. Jeremy really likes Kaitlin.
    Again, thank you to everyone who runs this site and the best part of this season were the people that are members of this site. @ Matt S thank you for the great conversations we had. @Cyril you always make me laugh, and @Jillith I never seemed to be on at the same time as you and missed you. @Captain I hope to catch you on Survivor as well as anyone else who watches that as well. Hope all of you have a great winter and spring. Let’s hope that BB16 is better than this.

    • Thanks Jacee, I have to admit I’m tempted to come over to Survivor with you & Capt, but the truth is I’ve only been able to pour so much time into these chats because it was the summer months. The fall/winter brings a lot more work for me, but hey, who knows (I really enjoyed the first episode of Survivor and I really like the twist and how it makes voting very different now)…

      • Oh you foul tempter! Sadly my mind works overtime on these type of things though…. If I get in on the conversation I become a social justice warrior (a real one not Amanda Zuckerman style). ;)

      • Oh you underestimate my curiosity… Already went and read some of the postings. The more I read the more I wanted to join in! lol…

      • Oh it is tempting… but I’ll most likely be passing. Who knows though. If one day you find yourself with a huge amount of ”thumbs up” ratings on your comments, it might just be your Big Brother friend here in Toronto! ;)

      • Captain count me in, but where do I sign up or join? Have never been part of a group that followed Survivor and would like to do so. I hope Matt S will join us if even for a bit. Like BB I have watched every season of Survivor.
        I will watch this message to see where I need to go for Survivor to be part of the same group. Thanks Captain. :)

      • No need to sign up, it’s run by Matthew (BBN) and it use the same Disqus forum than here.

        survivorfandom dot com

        You’ll feel right at home.

      • Thanks Captain. Will look for it now. Speaking of Disqus is there a separate place for messages? I only see notifications and Mat St told me he left one for me, but I never saw it. Look forward to seeing everyone on the Survivor forum.

      • A the top of the forum, you have “newest”, and next to it, it says “My Disqus” with a number in a little red box. Click on that. Shows you everybody that answered one of your post.

      • Captain last night on survivor was the best. This is going to be a good season. I guess we need it to make up for BB. I feel sorry for everyone who threw their money away with the live feeds. Obtw, did you see Gervis on survivor during the challenge ? Now he is something else

      • Thanks Matt and will do just need to run to the doctor now and might miss you later so I want you to know I saw this message. I just watched “The Talk” because I wanted to see if anything was said. Julie brought up backstabbing and showed when Andy was apologizing to the jury. She said it must have worked since he received the votes 7-2. Then she went on to ask the rest if they could forgive a backstabber. I think CBS needs to know more about their live feeds. I think Andy made people even madder when he continued to trash these people after being evicted. Again, like the Aaryn case she only called her out and still no mention of what the rest of the F3 continued to do. I understand Julie doesn’t have the time to watch live feeds, but she has a staff to help out.

      • Leaving you messages all over hoping you will see one of them. I did do that and never found one. Today I followed you back and could see all your comments that you have made and I finally found it that way. Just remember when you receive it don’t look for Jacee – look for Gail W…………….

      • Where are you this year? BB16has started but you’re not online having fun with me this time around…

    • Kaitlin has gotten quite alot of hate tweets. I don’t know what all they are saying to her but she keeps having to respond like “don’t judge me” and “I already apologized” and “you don’t know me – why are you being that way”, etc. And CBS did not edit her to be the worst of the bunch so I can only imagine what the others have gotten.

    • Would love to see Elissa sue Andy for slander. Drain some of that 500k out of his bank account. I think in time, more and more will leak out to the non BB world to show people what a terrible human being he is. You can’t be that deceitful on the show and not be that way in your real life. At least not some of the time. I could just see him being heckled by his students if/when he starts teaching again. As for some of the other HG’s, they are going to have trouble in their home lives as well. Being accused of things like bigotry, racism, homophobia, etc., as we all know are not taken lightly in today’s society. This is not going away.

    • I think if I remember correctly they were already in the house for about a week before the show actually started. Maybe she was referring to that. Just a guess. Will have to recheck the feeds from the first night and see if I hear anything. When Jeff was interviewing Nick he told Jeff that even live feeders don’t get to see everything and that times when we get fish certain things are going on that we never get to see. He said that he cried when he was in the house and he knew it was never shown to the live feeders. I will say we did get way too many fish this season.

      • Thank you for the reply. I don’t ever remember the two of them talking. If they were in a alliance from day one, they kept it a secret. Or was this another one if Andy’s lies?

      • lol It very well could be and I guess we will never know for sure. I would think GM to help her own cause would have said that it wasn’t true, but then again he took her to F2 and she may have thought she could have beaten him with the jury.

  2. Tweet from McCrea Olson: “I knew I was being boring and I’m sorry to all the feedsters….the best way to pass time in the house for me was laying around…”

    Wow. He got lots of input from fan. Felt the need to apologize.

  3. Where is the dang freakin picture of wack job Amanda’s face when they names Elissa as favorite house guest… i want to see that picture!!

  4. ET Online interview with McCrea:

    ET: Well, Aaryn, GinaMarie and Spencer have been fired from their jobs for what they said in the house.

    McCrae: What? Are you sh*tting me? [laughs] Oh wow. Oh wow. I don’t want to call any of them out, but I think Aaryn says the worst stuff. Oh man, they’re all pretty bad though. It’s ignorance across the board. You can’t let ignorant people have a free pass because they’re ignorant, but we were scrutinized 24/7. Sometimes you have to give people a free pass because I don’t think most of it came from a place of hate, just a place of ignorance.

    McCrea throwing Aaryn under the bus. Oh well.

    • McCrae said a lot of awful stuff and who is he to talk about anyone when he was on national television having sex. GAG. McCrae is so stupid Aaryn’s comments were actually the least offensive, but McCrae is so dumb or so up Amanda’s ass that he did not know what was going on. HE IS DISGUSTING! Kaitlin and GM used the N word, and good lord Spencer is just a scarey perverted person, and Amanda what more can you say not to mention the vile things Andy said!! Aaryn the worst NO WAY NO HOW!

  5. Very good blog on how to save BB. I like to hear what you think:

    notesfromasouthernkitchen dot com/2013/09/18/big-brother-season-15-finale-bb15/

    • There are definitely some valid points there. I like the idea of changing up the competitions. They are becoming too predictable. The house guests actually prepare for them now. It might be better is there are more twists in the comps.

      • Instead of 80% of the comp being about who is fastest/strongest, maybe something that favours the intellectually gifted person, or somebody who is short, or somebody who is heavy, or…etc, etc, etc.

  6. On Entertainment weekly:

    “GinaMarie calls being fired by pageant company ‘a really big stab in the heart’: Plus, Andy and Spencer apologize”

    insidetv.ew dot com/2013/09/19/big-brother-ginamarie-andy-spencer/#more-144768

    • Thanks Captain. Just listened to the podcast and at this point I should just forget about this season and these people, but is it just me wondering if any of the people doing the interviewing of these people have a clue what was said on the live feeds well after most of the jury had left the house? Taking Andy for example and what they talked to him about was only in regards to the homophobic comments made about him by Aaryn and Spencer. Andy was another one who threw Aaryn under the bus and stuck up for Spencer saying he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. What about the comments Andy himself said against Candace and Elissa as an example? All of the F3 continued trashing just about everyone who had been in the game. I just wonder what the jury will think if they do listen to the live feeds? Again, jmho I don’t think some of the people doing the interviewing have a clue why America hated this season so much and why most of us felt none of the F3 deserved to be there at the end. All I can say is I am glad it’s over.

    • Andy is a liar. That is becoming more clear now that he is out of the house. Someone needs to show him clips of the things HE SAID about Elissa and other women in the house.

  7. My god, this is worth it. Spencer interview with ET Online:

    ETonline: But you said a lot of controversial things as well, and as a result, your company released a statement distancing themselves from you. What’s your reaction to that?

    Spencer: My union is involved with this, and I’m extremely apologetic for the things I said. I love my job and want to keep it. Sometimes you just make stupid jokes. It was almost like a fraternity house in there — anything goes, and whether that’s right or not, I made some bad judgment calls and I hope the company will take me back. I am a good employee.

    ETonline: Your local police also investigated you during the course of the show for really heinous things you said about child pornography. Care to clear that up?

    Spencer: I picked up [McCrae’s] mic and was saying goofy things. I’ve heard what a big deal that was, and I do think that was blown out of proportion. And I’m even scared to say that because … I’m actually really paranoid about that right now. It was a bad joke, I admit it, but I would like to say that I was not condoning any behavior or accusing McCrae of any behavior. That’s not me. I know the police department in my hometown got involved, but I was just being stupid. Of all the things to follow you around, I hope that doesn’t follow me about. Good god. Having the word “pedophile” attached to your name can be bad news, dude. I hope it doesn’t haunt me.

    • Union Pacific statement regarding Spencer Clawson’s comments on the Big Brother reality television show

      “Sept. 18, 2013: Prior to Spencer Clawson being allowed to return from his Leave of Absence to active duty with Union Pacific Railroad, a formal investigation will be held under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement to determine the facts involving Mr. Clawson’s behavior on the Big Brother television show and online live feed. Based on the results of the investigation, Union Pacific will determine the appropriate action regarding Mr. Clawson’s employment status.

    • OMG, he really is delusional. WHAT ABOUT THE COMMENTS HE MADE ABOUT GOING TO WORK AS A CONDUCTOR HIGH????? HE was the absolute worse person ever!

  8. Watch this Youtube video (last 2 minutes). Watch the difference between Aaryn and GM.

    youtube dot com/watch?v=Qf0DtoN5cls&feature=youtu dot be

    2 dot to replace.

  9. Tweet from GM: “Hey all the bb fans. I want say I’m sorry if I offended anyone in anyway for my actions . I do love u all.”

    Doesn’t make up, but I predicted she would be apologizing left and right.

  10. Tweet from Kaitlin: “Be kind to the HGs coming back into the real world today, whether their actions were good or bad, today is a lot for them to take in “

    • GAG from Kaitlin who used the N word in the house. Sounds like she thinks she did nothing wrong but in reality her comment was probably the worse.

  11. Was it just me, or was the finale a lot less celebratory than past seasons. CBS did a great job of making the house guests look isolated. There was large separation between them and the front of the stage/audience. The confetti was way less than previous years. No past house guest or family on stage to celebrate. It was a pretty depressing affair all the way around.

  12. All in all, a very disappointing season. There was so much hatred and bad behavior, and I don’t necessarily blame the house guests, I blame CBS. It made for good TV and they wanted the ratings. Shame on them. I hope this season and the general public’s overall reaction to it has taught them something.

  13. Some Andy quotees post-BB finale:

    “I’m going to say it right now: I already feel terrible about my Elissa comments. To anyone I offended, especially Elissa, I am sorry,” he wrote.

    “I regret all of the Elissa comments. It irritated me because she has this air about her where she thought she never did anything wrong. And she did a lot of things wrong… I had all this steam building up inside of me that I had to let loose after she left. I went about it the completely wrong way… I really don’t dislike Elissa either. The minute I walked out of the house I regretted everything I said.”

    What Elissa did to Andy is figure out what a liar and rat he is. Someone like Andy, who is clearly a pathological liar, would find that extremely threatening, hence his emotional reaction.

    Personally, I think his apologies are are just more lies from Andy who has shown he will lie about anything. He got out of the house, saw the reaction of America to his constant Elissa bashing and he is now in damage control.

    Elissa will accept Andy’s apologies, I bet. But I don’t think she should. She should ignore him.

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