Big Brother 15 HGs Elissa Slater & Howard Overby To Appear On ‘The Bold & The Beautiful’


Big Brother 15 may have wrapped up last week but fans of HGs Elissa Slater and Howard Overby can keep watching more of them on television. CBS has announced via their end-of-season interviews that both Elissa and Howard will be appearing on another CBS show, The Bold And The Beautiful, in late October.

Howard had previously released the news last week that he’d be a part of the series, but now since her release from Jury sequester we’ve learned that Elissa will also be joining him in the same episode.

Oh, but that’s not all of the Big Brother alumni that episode either. Elissa’s sister Rachel Reilly and brother-in-law Brendon Villegas will be returning as well plus an appearance by Jeff Schroeder for the episode. It’s a Big Brother takeover!

The former HGs will be part of the “Bikini Bar” event where Elissa will play a hostess and Howard will appear as the DJ and host of the in-show event. Howard told TV Guide:

“This is so exciting! A blessing! I got a call out of the blue from The Bold and the Beautiful asking if I’d like to appear on the show. I said yes without knowing any of the particulars… So getting that call really floored me. It’s crazy.”

This appearance won’t be Elissa’s only stop on the show either. Elissa also made it known that she’ll be appearing again the following week with her sister. “Rachel and I also did some scenes for two other episodes where our characters are seen shopping at the Forrester Boutique. [Airing Oct. 30-31],” she told TV Guide. No word on if Howard will make it to that second round of episodes though.

During the post-finale backyard interviews with Jeff we heard Jeremy McGuire tell us that we’d be seeing him again soon but that he wasn’t allowed to say more. With that kind of hinting I expected to have his name on the list of Big Brother houseguests showing up on “Bold,” but at the very least it doesn’t sound like he’ll be part of this group.

We’ll keep an eye out for other Big Brother 15 HG appearances. Who would you like to see out there on another CBS show?

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  1. LOL… Wack job Amanda must be pissed and jealous as hell..See Amanda, Elissa was always better than you and she is being rewarded for her personality.. Maybe Maury will call you for a cray cray shot on his show.. Maybe Pizza Wuss MaCrae can join you once he cleans his room so him mom wont be mad at him LOL

    • I won’t be surprised at all if we see a lot more of Amanda as well as some of the other HGs that made for a controversial season then people think. CBS has shown they like players who do things to create ratings. Just take a look at the Hantz family. Each one has been on CBS shows and one of the brothers has been on Survivor twice. Colton another very controversial person is back for his 2nd time on Survivor. It has nothing to do with good people being rewarded at all. In some cases it’s who you know. I am sure that Elissa as an example was on this season because of her sister Rachel. She said herself she was asked. Elissa’s sister Rachel appeared along side Brendon on the B&B right after her first season and neither had won anything. Rachel was considered very controversial during her first season and was hated by many. She was invited back for a 2nd season and then both her and Brendon went on AR. People need to remember it’s all about ratings.

  2. HA! What do you think about that, all of the Elissa haters in the house..Andy, GM, Spencer, Amanda, McCrea, Aaryn, Jeremy..We will never hear from any of you again..Thank God!

    • Maybe not McCranda. They apply for the Amazing race, and even have a petition online to try to push their application. Obviously if they take them, it will be next year.

    • Amanda needs to give up her dream of being Rachel Rileys clone…She has copied so many of Rachels actions & words…Rachel was a bitch but not a racist bigoted bully bitch as Amanda was.

    • Why does everyone think Howard is so good? He said some really nasty stuff in the house.

      He and Spencer were best buds. ‘Nuff said.

  3. Thank God I don’t watch The Bold and Beautiful anymore, cause I would give it up for sure with Elissa, Rachel and Brenden on it. Congrats to Howard though. I would love to see more of Gina Marie, I think she would be so much different out of the house. No one else deserves to be seen anymore!!!!

    • me too. ugh. i dont care whether howards on there or not, he had zero personality. and miss self absorbed that feels her $25,000 unearned dollars is going to a good caus, opening up “her own busines”, i thought 4 a second when she said that “maybe” she meant Brittany’s baby or any charity, but not so. i wonder if after she opens her “wellness yoga center she will have a discount for ppl “like those in bb house” that shes never been around b4, oh… wait a minute, isn’t she Rachel’s sis, well there goes another “whatever” and ohhh myyyy gaaaaawd, you like me you really like me”. don’t kid yourself, you were voted that 25grand to get back at andy, full on live feeders decision. i’ll take your smart azz, bitch talkin sister who says it like it is over you, anyday.

  4. lmmao….somebody get Andys address so we can mail him a knife….maybe his throat slitting comment still holds…

  5. Definitely glad for them, especially Howard. He and Elissa were bullied and subjected to racist comments. Hope they get more. They are the only 2 that stuck to their values the most. Lying is part of the game but they did very little. Good luck to both and take that Amanda and Aaryn.

  6. I couldn’t be more thrilled that Aaryn, Amanda and GinaMarie will poop their pants when they read about this!

    • I read that last month…I guess after trying for a long period he finally gave up….She does not seem to be a very friendly person but she could get that trait from him…lol

  7. Does anyone know if Elissa has been made aware of the comments Andy made about her and her family? I have seen a bunch of interviews with Andy talking about how sorry he is about the things he said about her. We all know he is lying. But I was wondering what she thinks of him saying those things.

    • those last two weeks should be watched if they can get replay of the live feeds, by every person in that jury, especially that last week. ive never seen 3 more hateful and ungrateful hgs ever,

      • Elissa and Nick appeared on the last After Buzz and Rachel was part of the panel that night. Rachel had told her some things at that point and she planned to watch the live feeds. Some of her comments puzzled me because she talked more about Aaryn and Amanda and that they were still playing the game while in jury. Candace on the other hand said Aaryn was truly remorseful and that her and Aaryn became very close. Regarding Andy she said he made her laugh so much. At the time of the show she had not spoken with Andy since the After Party Rachel and the host of After Buzz gave, but I haven’t heard anything since.

      • If Elisa is smart, she she will watch the feeds and move on with her life. andy is definately not worth her time. She has a family that is more important than some catty queen.

    • There a video on youtube, I’m sure plenty of people have point Elissa in that direction.

      Youtube seach: The Big Brother 15 Experience: Bashing Elissa Edition

  8. of course Elissa and others will be on BandB it is a CBS show and Rachel has been on it alot of times now..same with Brneden so I figured others would be too

    • thats ok. mcranda will get on amazing race. they are a real couple like brendan and rach, and jeff and jordan.

  9. Good for them. I don’t watch that soap so I’m not very interested in catching them on it. I do hope that we don’t see Germy on anything. We can’t give bullies a chance to ever become famous!!! I will never support a thing that he’s on.

  10. Saw somewhere that Amanda & McCrae may have earned a spot on The Amazing Race… anyone else know if it’s legit?

  11. If you don’t have anything better to do, read Evel Dick’s blog (June entry about his relationship with Danielle). Wow, Wow and Wow. This just might be Evel Dick’s bad karma.

    eveldickdonato. blogspot. com (no spaces)

    • I read that last June. Such a sad turn events for father and daughter, especially if what he said about he was treated by Daniele turns out to be true.

  12. Hopefully, Howard does not have to recite many lines. That guy is incapable of forming a coherent thought!

  13. I do watch B&B and others have appeared from BB and Survivor as well. Jordan appeared after her season. Malcolm from Survivor was on right after finishing his 1st season. Brendon appeared as the bartender at Bikini Beach and Rachel the server. When they first appeared each had like one or two comments or lines each. I have seen Rachel about three times. One time I believe she had one more line and the other time was only seen walking by. It’s just a 1/2 hour show so not much time can be devoted to them. I don’t expect Rachel, Elissa or Howard to have any huge part on this show. Even a lot of the regular actors don’t get much air time. Elissa won America’s favorite player and Howard’s name was mention as one of the top 3. I wonder if they will ask Judd?

  14. I think we should all thank Eddie McGee from BB1 from starting the tradition of BB alumni appearing on CBS shows after Big Brother. And to think he’s the first one to take acting full-time right out of the gate. :D

  15. A cute video to watch:

    kickstarter dot com/projects/ykyt/you-know-youtube-tour-2013/posts/611149

  16. Nick needs to thank GM for keeping his name alive as most would have forgotten him – now he’s got a tour thing going on across country.
    Amanda is currently visiting McCrae and seems to be very much in love with her pizza dude.

    • Yes, I heard that on one of the websites that were interviewing Amanda. She was going to visit McCrae for about 1 1/2 weeks and she admitted she loved him. They were going to discuss moving arrangements. I think Nick was happy with GM for keeping him part of the show as it promoted his career. I have a feeling that we will be hearing a lot more from the HGs that were considered controversial during this season then the ones who didn’t stir the pot. Bottom line is it’s all about the ratings. People will get something if that’s what they want based on if they know someone or if they caused the ratings to go up. Julie even commented how voting was up by 500% so whether we liked the season or not CBS absolutely loved it.

      • Amanda and McCrae seem to still be going strong. They both have done some great follow up interviews.

        Haven’t heard much about GM – just have seen pics of her and Nick together. She sure jump started his career (whatever that is).

        I agree it’s all about the ratings and the money. Just having BBAD on their TVGN brought in lots of money. Here’s hoping it won’t be so censored next year – geez it’s late night TV.

        I think the hate or whatever will die down – remember how Shelly had to call in the FBI as they were getting such hateful emails, etc.

      • I don’t get TVGN, but did have the live feeds. In the past when it was on Showtime which I do get – on there they picked what cameras to show so you didn’t get to see as much as you did on the live feeds. Of course the live feeds aren’t censored. Yet, we sure did get a lot of Fish. lol This was my 3rd year with the Live Feeds.
        I agree with you and hope that the hate will die down. I listened to some of the follow up interviews done by Amanda and McCrae and really enjoyed hearing some things that we may not have been aware of. Some of the things that happened in the week prior to the feeds even being turned on may have been responsible for some of the things that happened later in the game. I heard one interview done by Amanda that talked about that.
        I do remember Shelly Moore and all that happened to her. IMO some of the fans took that way to far. As it turned out both Jeff and Jordan and her and her family are all friends and do things together. I may not have liked all the things that went on in the house this season, but I don’t wish anything bad for any of these people. I once said that I am amazed that so many people seemed shocked at some of the behavior or things that were said by some of the HGs because this goes on every single day in the real world – never mind the BB house. It’s sad, but very true. jmho

      • This the first time I’ve watched TVGN – didn’t even know I had it but when you have cable – seems like a billion or so channels, lol. TVGN sucked IMO as every other word was censored and I even used CC to help follow their chats. I was so thrilled to watch BBAD on Showtime but that thrill is gone now. I wanted to try live feeds this year but knew I’d be out of state and country for most of August. So I plan to sign up next year. Who did you go thru for live feeds?
        Have seen several sites that offer feeds – guessing they cost about the same.

      • All the site that advertize the live feeds do it on behalf of CBS. CBS is the only one you can buy the live feed from.

        BTW are you on facebook ?

      • There’s few of us here that are friends on FB, if you want to join us, look for:

        Captaine Cinq

        I’ll connect you to the others.

      • I see Captain took good care of you and answered your question. I know what you mean about seeing it offered and I just read something today that indicated that these sites may get a bit of money from it, but it does ultimately go through CBS. Not sure how the money part works, but this one site was thanking people for going through them or donating because every little bit helps them keep up the website. I know for me I just signed up for the early bird special for the entire season as I had done in the past.

  17. Another interview of McCranda:

    Part 1: youtube dot com/watch?v=OFQ4F3WSYYw

    Part 2: youtube dot com/watch?v=18FvnQf0XzY

  18. Amanda is a ” fame hound”. She wants to be famous and get into the acting scene. If she thinks hanging with McCrae will open doors with producers/directors she will use him for that purpose. I don’t see her or McCrae going anywhere and getting noticed by any TV show or production company. And if u have to get a” petition” to “beg” to be on the Amazing Race instead of getting picked through the channels or being “invited” AHHHH DUH!!!! Does that not tell u something???

    • The Reilly sisters are doing it in a different way. They invited Robyn Kass (Kasting Inc) to Rachel’s home for dinner. Kass tweeted picture about the while thing. Who do you think has a better chance to make the Amazing Race ? The Reilly sisters or McRanda ? Place your bet !

  19. I am not at all interested in seeing mean people like Aaryn, GM or Jeremy and love class acts like Elissa and Howard. I would watch anything Candace too. This was the first year I watched Live Feeds and will never understand why Andy felt the need to say some of the hateful things he said about people. It wasn’t necessary, most of America did not have to be subjected to it – CBS kept his hateful ugly side hidden well.

  20. OMG tell that a jokes:

    bigbrotherspice dot com/2013/09/aaryn-gries-russell-hantz-dating.html

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