Big Brother 15: Final Weekend Wrap-Up

Andy reviews the Memory Wall

One last look at a weekend wrap-up here for the Big Brother 15 season. We’re just days away from the season finale and while the pace of life inside the BB house has slowed there are still big events to catch.

Here’s everything you might have missed since the last show but will definitely need to know to catch up. Warning: spoilers ahead.

Final HoH Round 1:
Instead of launching right in to the often awesome final HoH round 1 endurance competition after Thursday’s show production decided to wait. Three hours. When things did kick off it was clear it wasn’t going to last long.

Andy, GinaMarie, and Spencer competed in a “roller disco” competition that had them hanging on to overheard cable pulls being dragged around a ring on skates. Adding to the challenge was the quick arrival of bubbles plus water making a very slippery surface that lead to a quick conclusion.

Despite suffering from nine stitches in her knee from an earlier Veto competition GinaMarie pulled off the win. Spencer fell after about ten minutes while Andy lasted nearly thirty before bumping his knee on a cone and tumbling out.

Final HoH Round 2:
After GM won her ticket to Round 3 on Thursday we were left to see if Andy or Spencer would pull out the win in Round 2. These are typically individual, one-at-a-time comps and this was no different.

Starting late on Saturday night the two competitors spent nearly three hours on the round which left viewers with roughly eighty minutes of GinaMarie playing solitaire on “After Dark.” Exciting.

When the competition was over the results were revealed and Andy emerged as the winner. Spencer was dejected, but kept working both Andy and GM throughout the night that he was their best option at the end. Of course on the other side of that both GM and Andy privately confirmed that they would take each other. I’m not so sure I believe that from GM, but maybe from Andy. Maybe.

What’s Next?:
The last round for this final HoH will be held on Wednesday night during the live finale show. From CBS’ preview video for Sunday’s show it sounds like we’ll get to watch Round 1 and then that least Round 2 for Wednesday night.

During Round 3 Andy and GinaMarie will face off over likely nine questions, one from each Jury member. They’ll have to answer an “A or B” quiz based on each Juror’s thoughts from the season. The winner of that round will then cast the final eviction vote and move on to the Final Two and face the Jury’s wrath votes.

Now that you’re all caught up on Big Brother, what do you think of the potential outcome? Would you rather see Andy or GinaMarie win Round 3 and then would you rather see Spencer or the loser from Round 3 move on to the F2? Discuss!


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  1. GM will need to take Spencer in order to win. Boot out Andy. If, Andy wins; I don’t care who goes because none of the three done anything to be in the final 3 or 2.

  2. Rather see gm and spencer.. Andy has been a tattle tale rat like dan. .. but then again dan made it to f2 And Didn’t get a single vote soooo…but in the end I’d rather see spencer win

      • Hey Jillith. I haven’t posted a whole lot this season, but missed our chats. This horrible season is coming to an end. I still have no favorite and could care less who wins since imo none of them deserve it.
        Hope all if well with you. ♥♥♥

    • So you will rather Spencer a person who says racist remarks win over a rat. Last night he said “Candice beauty radiates like a cross on fire in someone’s yard. The final 3 are horrible!

      • I agree. And the fact that everyone else in the house stays quiet when crap like that is said, they are just as bad. This has happened all season when a racist remark is said no one says a word or they laugh. People need to speak up and then maybe just maybe it would stop.

      • They r lucky I’m not in that house if you think gm can yell I’m like a bull horn and would have shamed all of them …the remarks I heard gm say about ellissas son was bad enuff to make me throw a book at the tv

      • I don’t think he’s racist. I think he thinks he’s funny, believe it or not. He’s more of a creep than a racist.

      • Andy, I guess, played the best game….but it was all about floating from side to side. He floated well, I’ll give him that. It’s a weak way to win…but the choices are feeble, so it’s only fitting. There was no Dr. Will type this season

      • He also won a more comps than Spencer and GM who were true floaters. Andy was at least part of two alliances that worked.

      • Was that on live feeds…I didn’t hear it cause I Don’t get them. . Now I’m really disgusted

      • Yes, it was on the feeds. I stopped looking at the feeds when they started slandering Elissa. I read the jokers updates or big brother buddy updates from last night.

      • They must be desperate for comments because he said the same thing when talking about Aaryn. I guess they are down to repeating things and just inserting past HGs names into it. They have said something trashy about every person on the memory wall. That’s why it’s hard to pick anyone when you have 3 losers in F3. Actually it would be great if the jury could hear them talk and for the first time in BB history they say they can’t find a person to vote for. I know that won’t happen, but it would be nice. At some point they will hear all the things that have been said against them and I would love to be a fly on the wall when they do.

      • I did not know that. They are all disgusting and horrible people. The people in the jury house should get the money.

    • I am praying and believe in the power of prayer. May sweet baby Tilly be the true winner. My heart breaks for Brittney and Ron.

      • Big Brother updates : “If you missed it, @britney_haynes’ daughter, Tilly, was diagnosed with cancer. Let’s get #PrayForTilly trending. #BB15”

        She is 2 months old, born July 13th.

      • Thanks again Captain for getting that out. I just saw the comment by WORRIED and saw you had already giving the information.

  3. GM shouldn’t win. That would be rewarding bad behavior. Did everyone forget about her talking racial smack early on? She lost her job because of it. Granted the 3 left aren’t the best choices but Andy and Spencer are the lesser of 3 evils so to speak

    • You evidently missed Andy’s racial comments and egging Amanda on. Spencer is a vulgar disgusting man always playing with himself. Of the 3 GM is the best and that’s NOT saying anything because they are all awful. If Andy hadn’t been on leave of absence he would be out of a job and Spencers saving grace was he’s in a union. GM already lost her job. Lets just get on to Survivor and forget about these people.

      • GM’s racist comments did not end with just that. She has never stopped. She actually got worse as time went on. Don’t know if you have the live feeds, but she even added more racist remarks early in the am regarding Candace. The other two are guilty as well. None of them deserve the money. Might as well do rock, paper, scissors. I’m ready for Survivor as well and hope it’s not going to let us down as well. At least there are no live feeds which now I don’t know if having them this season has been a blessing or a curse.

      • lol Brenda I do believe you are right about it being a curse. I have had them for 4 years now and signed up for the season. Come to find out that was a dumb move on my part.

      • Love Rupert. Remember when he made a deal with Rudy in All-stars. He told the others when they said they were voting Rudy out “I will not write Rudy’s name down”. And he didn’t. I think that’s why he’s never won. He won’t lie and backstab to get ahead in the game. At least he did when America’s vote so he got a good chunk of change.

      • Rupert didn’t want to do Survivor again. I read that CBS gave a million dollar to Rupert’s foundation, to convince him to come back.

        Check Rupert’s site: rupertskids dot org/

      • Glad they did. After this BB they need to be giving to a lot of organizations. Look at how many millions they made on commercials.

  4. Hope next year has better house guest and more entertaining after dark thank goodness we did not have to pay for it

  5. Matthew I noticed in the preview on your earlier post that lucky us get to see Andy crying in the DR again. Oh joy!

  6. Why does everyone think all 3 players are floaters? Spencer, yes! GM took out McCranda and Andy has played both sides of the house all season. Those aren’t floater moves.

    • Andy was a floater, but an expert at it. He got in good with both sides of the house and told what he heard when he wanted to. He didn’t win many comps (2 HOH 1 Veto)(especially physical) nor did he make big moves. Spencer’s only accomplishment was surviving the block all those times and winning 1 HOH and 1 Veto. Gm I think played the hardest. She won 2 HOH and 2 or 3 veto’s but she made the big move to get Amanda out and pushed hard for Aaryn to do it her last HOH. Of course a LOT of people disagree with me too.

      • I agree completely except like I said earlier…Gina Marie would never have put Mcranda up if Aaryn were still in the house because until then GM did everything Aaryn told her to do. Just like GM accused Aaryn of with Amanda.

    • IMO they floated til the end of the game and only stared winning comps and making “moves” when there was no more competition. Gina Marie would never had made that move if Aaryn were still in the house and told her not to.

      • I agree. GM just sat back and said no one talked game to her. She sure liked it when Aaryn thought she was a goner the first time until she won HOH and Helen came to her and offered her a deal. GM and Aaryn would share the HOH bed and talk plenty of game way into the early hours of the morning.

  7. I wish that none could win because none deserve it. I don’t like the fact that all of them have received good edits on the weekly shows. They couldn’t hide the one where GM yelled at Candace that her mother didn’t want her. GM has never stopped with her racist cruel remarks and even if you think she deserves it because she is funny, uneducated and has a good heart think about that. All uneducated people are not racists. How can GM have a good heart when she talks the way she does? Andy the rat talks trash about every one and I can’t add anything that hasn’t already been said about him. Spencer is vile and disgusting and that has been discussed to death. I don’t care who wins because imo none of them deserve it. My only wish is that something is said to each of them. If they are going to sell the live feeds and we see all then they need to acknowledge that we have seen and heard what we have. They chose to talk to Aary and she deserved it, but she is not the only guilty party. If they celebrate like any other year with the confetti flowing it will go along with this whole farce of a season.
    I am rooting for only one person and that is Brittney Haynes daughter baby Tilly. Please pray for her.

      • Thanks Matt I appreciate it. You know we have been on the same page this season. So glad it’s almost over. Hope to see you again next season and it can’t get any worse or can it? lol

      • Well if indeed the ratings are up, I expect more smut tv from Big Brother (with irresponsible edits) next season.

      • Sadly you are right Matt. I am hoping for a different type of group at the very least. We know it will never stop in it’s entirety because it goes on in the real world every single day. It amazes me that it took this reality show to make some people realize that this does go on and I just find the whole thing sad. I worked in a company that was very much like the United Nations. We had people from all over the world and were every color, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. I got to be close friends with them because it was a small company. I am still friends with them. They are all wonderful, good and kind people and to me that matters the most.

      • Matt and Jacee2 you are both right. I also worked with lots of different people and even though it was policy NOT to tolerate it, it went on. We were even sent to classes on tolerance. If you put somebody on the spot they would say they were joking and apologize, but we all knew it was insincere. A black girl I worked with kept a diary of things said to her and I told her if she ever took it further I would testify about any incidents in my presence. Unfortunately she never did. Sadly as you said the world may have changed some but not near enough.

    • So right, on sOOO many levels, particularly GM… & that is why Andy, ‘rat’ or no rat, should win…. yes, despite his bitchery & ugliness, which all 3 possess… GinaMarie going as far as to throw a child into the mix…. Andy still deserves the win. One may not respect his gameplay… the tattling… but it is indeed game. I’m not rooting for any of the 3 however Andy is my preference. Imagine if BB15, the season of racists, was actually won by one? So she nabbed a few comps & put the power duo up at a time when most everyone in the house was on board to do so… it was a house decision… oh, and her BB ‘bunny’ Aaryn suggested she do so before her eviction. A win by her or Spencer, in my opinion, would be the saddest point of the show yet. The willingness by fans, who hated her just weeks ago, to overlook this now is both startling & disturbing….. welcome to our society.

    • Jacee, you speak for me without a doubt! The three MOST vile of all the houseguests have come down to the final three. This season IS a great disappointment for so many of we BB fans. While I sat watching this train wreck of a season, I solemnly promise that, should any of this business show it’s ugly face at the beginning of next season as it did this year, I’m jumpin’ that train asap! Yes, let’s all pray and continue to pray for baby Tilly and her parents.

    • Just hope it’s a legit one Captain. I just read that several have started that are scams and to be careful. Not saying this one is, but just passing along what I just read.

      • There are many tweet that support him. The person is very well known in the BB community and trusted, Run one of the many BB news site like this one here. Many tweeters recommand him. I think this one is genuine.

      • I agree Captain. This one seems legit, but everybody who wants to donate should do more research.

      • Thanks Captain. Good to know. So hard to believe that some people would actually scam people over something as heartbreaking as this. I will check this one out.

  8. Thanks for all your wrap ups, comments, tweets and posts. I enjoyed them all. I especially enjoyed your wit and sarcasm. I hope you will continue next year. Can’t wait for BB16 even if there are changes. Take care and have a great year!

  9. Who cares who wins BB this season! All three suck! Instead, prayers and wishes for baby Tilly, Brittney and Ron.

    • Don’t get fooled Janice. If you’ve watched the live feeds in past seasons racist comments & actions are nothing new (sadly it’s ingrained into most of humanity at one level or another). This season however the people in the house gave each other permission to act and speak freely upon those indoctrinated beliefs. Even worse Big Brother used the racist views of some to promote themselves as ”impartial good guys” who were astonished and offended (as Ms.Chen kept saying over and over on ”The Talk”).

      • I don’t get the live feeds or am not able for bb after dark that’s awful to hear matt ..I do not condone that kind of talk and if I had paid for live feeds I would have cancelled them..Ivewatched bb since bb 2 And I don’t remember any season where there was racism

      • Janice, sure, remarks have been made here & there, & none are justified, but neveerrr to this degree… so you are right when you say that this will be forever seen as the season of racists… & one may even win… the new ‘favorite’, for whatever reason, GinaMarie. Disgraceful….

      • Yup that’s why I said don’t be fooled by editing. Just because it’s not on the show doesn’t mean it’s not taking place. This season has been the very worst for irresponsible editing.

      • Sadly very true Matt and you know how I feel about what Julie did regarding Aaryn who was only one of the very guilty parties. She even went on Letterman and talked about Aaryn even if she didn’t use her name and even if Letterman asked her. I have the live feeds and I guess Julie missed GM again making fun of oriental people after she appeared on Letterman. I believe it was Judd who tried to get GM to stop. Other times some of the guys knew GM was going to far with her racist talk and you could see some of them giving her signals. I guess Julie doesn’t watch the live feeds. She should if she is going to speak about BB and the HGs. She should acknowledge all guilty parties and all the things that were said and are continuing to be said.

      • Or be equally gracious and less of a bully. Either way, have some integrity and don’t continue what we saw this season (irresponsible editing).

      • Aaryn wouldn’t have flipped Chima’s bed. And I don’t think Jun would have let the fried rice comments go either.

      • Right! Though Helen didn’t actually know about the rice comment, did she? That one has quite a mean streak herself… :)

      • Yup you got it. If the house guests held each other up to a higher standard of behaviour then many of the things that happened this season (and past seasons) wouldn’t have. At the minimum they would’ve been isolated for what they did.

  10. I know this is not twitter but please everyone do this:

    @CBSBigBrother we would like a write-in candidate for the $25k for america’s favorite…. @britany_haynes #PrayForTilly @BB15

    • What a great idea and I just posted my wish below that BB would recognize one of their own and start something. Hopefully, this will help and I will do what you have requested.

    • lol… that’s cute ;) Thing is though, if you have to ‘sadly’ do it then you probably shouldn’t. ;) It’s Andy for me… far more deserving despite what the rabid masses have to say. I don’t subscribe to bandwagon mentality & can put my emotions aside to see the full picture…. & it does not include GM or Spencer… but that’s just me. ;)

      • Jacee2, don’t know abt urs but mine lets me “modify recording settings” so that I can “extend” recording from 1 minute to 2 hrs after the regular hour. That way you don’t have to record diff show. J/s may help :)

      • Thanks so much bbadboy. Mine allows that as well, but I think only up to an hour. I’ll have to check to see if it’s more than that. I was on the guide earlier today and saw that two games were being played. Not knowing if an hour would be enough I just did it the other way. Thanks though as I will now check to see if they upped the time on mine. Appreciate it. :)

  11. this season reminds me like a spoof you know like Scream mocking horror movies ? This was a BB spoof for the real BB show

  12. Spencer on skates – my side hurts! Where’s Dr Will grilling the Jury? Evidently no time tonight?

  13. Tonight’s program would have been the perfect time to, at least, show some of the vile/racist things that GM, Spencer and Andy have said. However, that didn’t happen. I hate that everyone (mainly those that watch the tv program only) doesn’t know the truth about these three. Somebody has to win, so I have accepted that. However, I refuse to support or wish that either win over the other. My hope is that they are confronted about their behavior and my hope is that it is not Julie Chen.

    • Yeap, but they would need a 3 hours finale to show all of that. I’m starting to have the feeling, the finale will also be a let down as it was tonight.

      • Capt, they didn’t have to show everything. What they did to Asyrn (and you know how I feel about her) was just so unfair.

      • I didn’t tought so at the time, and she did deserve to be challenge, but if they don’t do it with the other, I’m sure Aaryn will find it unfair.

      • Yes, of course, Asyrn deserved it. But, so did the other people. I feel they should have called them all out or called no one out. It appears that Asryn was called out only, because she made Julie Chen mad. Each and every one of them should have been treated the same way………EXPOSED.

      • Okay, I’ll wait until then. If it doesn’t happen, I think I will be cool with that, as well. I don’t know them, they don’t live in MY world, and I’m sure life will do what it needs to do……..teach each of them a valuable lesson.

      • I so agree, and ties in with Aaryn’s mother was saying in the statement she made to the press about Aaryn being the poster child for all that went on in the BB house.

      • Maybe they were waiting on Sp and GM to be evicted? Idk that’s when they nailed A. And at this point, since they made it to finale, I’m guessing CBS doesn’t want to think about it or remind everyone, and can say ” in the interest of time”…. A has at least had time to

      • Right, but she didn’t call Amanda out, and she also made racial slurs. As a journalist, you have to be fair, and Chen wasn’t. Still like her, but she dropped the ball with Amanda’s interview.

  14. Please, GM has not floated, she has played hard, won comps and takes no ones crap! She is deserving more so than the other two. Sooo, she should take Spencer. Either way, amanda and mcray don’t win. It’s a win win.

    • She may not have been a floater, won comps and have taken nobody’s crap, but she has also said some extremely vial and mean spirited things. I lost ALL respect for her when she made the comment to Candice about her birthmother not wanting her as she was walking out the door. As an adoptive mom, I take great offense to that. GM has no idea about the circumstances of Candice’s adoption her comment goes beyond any normal argument a person might have into truly heartless territory.

      • Yeah, I hear you there and I agree, low blow on GM part. But the “christian candy” was not all proper nor was she innocent, watch the whole show, not just what CBS shows you. She said some harsh things as well. It’s easy to paint anyone a bad person when the camera is on you 247. We can go back and forth with the he said she said, but it is pointless. We will not change the game. They were are all foul, and hateful at some point.. ALL..

  15. Well it sure has been an interesting season. First time since season one I didn’t have a favorite until more than halfway into the season. Wanted Elissa to make it to the end. Not much more to comment about so just want to say Matt as always this is the best site out there. I had a great time reading everyone’s comments. Agree or disagree I enjoyed debating with all of you. Some of you made me laugh when I would get so passionate and just a slim few really ticked me off. I’ve been on this site for quite a few years but I am going to try the Survivor site for the first time. I sure hope I see a lot of you there. If not everyone have a great winter and see you guys back here next season. And everyone remember to keep Tilly, Britney and her entire family in your prayers. :-)

  16. Joker’s update: “Spencer just told Andy that he washed ALL of his clothes even the ones in the garbage bags so when he goes home Maryland won’t have to spend alot of time doing his wash.”

    What a considerate guy he is.

  17. This is my first time on the site and despite the horrible season this site made it fun to talk about. I love Survivor so I’ll be on the Survivor site but I have no clue where that is can someone help?! Thanks :)

  18. I wish I had a favorite in one of those three…at this point I hope GM & Spencer make it to d end. I would hate to see Andy win…

  19. I really don’t care for ANY of them but don’t want andy to win and really don’t want gina marie to win either -so guess im stuck rooting for spencer because I feel he has shamed his family enough to where he will get paid back outside of the big brother show !

  20. I don’t like any of them, but Gina Marie, even though loud and obnoxious was the best player of the 3 and of course whomever wins should bring Spensor who’s been on the block 8 times – for a reason

  21. None of the 3 deserve to win. The one thing they all excel at is bashing Ellissa even though she is in the jury. They not only don’t want her to win the favorite house guest but they want to destroy her private life. I think they should be exterminated by themselves. This just goes to show you they are ungrateful slobs that never learned to be a good winner.

  22. I don’t think it will happen this way, but I would like to see GM and Andy in F2 with GM winning. They’ve all bashed others equally bad, and toward the end I’ve become WAY disgusted by the things Andy and Spencer are saying, while GM has been entertaining.

  23. I agree that all 3 skated through the game on the coat-tails of other houseguests but I guess I’d have to say at this point GM would be my choice. Andy didn’t try to do anything until recently and all he’s done is blubber. Spencer – has floated a long using everyone else. GM did too, but I think she’s tried the most.

  24. While I think NBC feels that Andy would make a great character villain for an all-star team, I can’t imagine his schtick would work with people already aware of it. He’s a complete waste of space with no sophisticated or nuanced strategy at all. The only reason it worked this season was because most of the hg’s were too young and inexperienced to see through him (except for Elissa). Dr. Will or Dan would have the rat boy crying and going out the door in week 1.

  25. Boy, this has been the WORST BB ever – bad playing, bad language, bad clothes, bad hair dayz and bat crotch scratching dayz. Not one of them is worth anything, except maybe Helen, Judd and Elissa—but what the gay they are gone.
    Bad game playing guyz

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