Big Brother 15 Episode 34: Live Show Reveals Final Three Tonight

Julie Chen Big Brother 15

We’re down to the last three episodes of the entire Big Brother 15 season and that means it’s time to cut another HG tonight for the live show where we’ll see a lot of action and plenty of excitement through the night.

After last night’s episode the Feeds returned and we discovered who had gone up on the block, but more importantly who had won the very last Power of Veto. Tonight we’ll see those two parts played out since they were already taped. Then the live part of the show will feature the Veto Ceremony, the next eviction vote, and then the start of the final 3-part HoH competition with the always highly anticipated endurance battle.

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We’re already very confident on which HG will be leaving tonight for the Jury house, but where things go from there is up to the very last Head of Household competitions.

There will be three parts spread out over the next week. Part one will kick off tonight as a cliffhanger endurance battle. Part two will be a physical skill challenge. The last part will take place next Wednesday on finale night as part of the live show where we’ll finally meet the season’s Final 2 HGs.

When tonight’s show ends the HGs will be neck deep in the last endurance battle of the summer and no one will want to let go. At this point everyone must fend for themselves and it’s all about who wants it the most and can win a seat at the 3rd round.

The only place to watch the endurance competition play out will be on the Live Feeds. We’ll be recapping the events as they play out, but now is your chance to watch all the action and you can do it with the free 2-day trial. Sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds and be ready to watch tonight’s exciting Big Brother competition!

You’ll want to stick close by so we can pass along tonight’s results as they’re revealed plus results from the 3-part HoH comps. Best way for that is to get our free updates and alerts by joining us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email.


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  1. BB15 has been an abomination from beginning to end. This show is in desperate need of a new production company.

    • The more I think about it, the more I think you’re right. After producing 14 seasons they’ve run out of idea. A fresh start would be good. Maybe they should try Insight Productions, who produce BB Canada.

  2. Who would have ever thought at the beginning of the game, the F3 would be Andy, GM, and Spencer? Certainly, not me. I hate to say it, but, as far as game play and strategy goes, Andy played the best game.he lied all the way through, but, it has gotten him to this point. I think that if Spencer or GM get a chance to evict him. they will. The thought of those two winning, that’s another story! I think Grodner needs to make a career move and hand the reins of BB over to someone else!

    • Grodner is probably narcistic enough to think it’s not her fault. Moonvees need to make the move and not renew their contract.

    • Now that you say it, I guess Andy HAS played a good game. Almost everyone in the house loved him not knowing he was a snake in the grass.

  3. out of the final 3, Andy has played the best game. Sure people call him a rat and a floater but he has played the same game all season long and won the most important HOH and Veto in the game.

  4. Hate all three of them ugh! But if I had to say who I think would win the 1st part I’d say GM even though is pretty beat up I still think she’d win the holding on part. As for part 2 I just feel the rat will scurry to the top. But I don’t want any of them to win but as long as GM wins the final hoh and doesn’t take Andy then I will be contempt.

  5. I read all the comments and do agree the fix is in for Andy to win, if not the 18-34 crowd will shout social injustice. Aaryn made racist remarks but I don’t know that she hates minorities, just ignorant. Amanda was a mean girl, she realized it to late and McCrae was a whimp for not dumping her sooner, he was thinking with the wrong brain and realized it to late. He was my pick to win because he is not as disgusting as Spencer, Andy, and GM. All three are nasty, lazy human beings, such hypocrites they are actually worse than all the others they voted out. CBS scooped the bottom of the pond to find these people. Did they all go to the same college and take Andy’s communications class. What a joke !!!!

    • If the “fix is in” then GM wouldn’t be making to the Final Three like she’s about to. Not everything has to be rigged. Andy is moving far in the game because he’s making smart moves at the right time.

      • Matthew, Is this site going down after the finale or will we have the opportunity to personally bash the houseguests we can’t stand, knowing darn well they will go back home and (finally) be able to read our comments that we can direct right to them on this site?

      • Andy is where he is in the game because all the other HG are stupid not so much because Andy is smart.

  6. At this point, I could care less who wins. I’m content since Amanda, Aaryn, or Elissa didn’t win. But I agree, casting this year sucked. I also think the cast should be more diverse. On a another note, I dont know about anyone else but Andy has GOT to be one of the most unattractive people I have seen in a very long time. His appearance borderline scares the chit outta me. I cringe EVERY time he has to go in the DR and up close to the camera. *Gags*

  7. Everyone seem to think Andy played the best game… WELL, with that being said BB15 REALLY sucked a big one this season…

  8. Yep, McCrae, you should have went with your gut!! They just told him everything, that he is going home, he is pissed at himself saying he should have went with his gut…that is always the best thing to do! He said the reason he did not put up Andy last week during DE was because he thought with Amanda gone, that Andy wanted to work with him. Elissa was right after all..said he should have listened to her.

    • Yep I’m listening to it. Too little too late. He and Elissa I think could have swayed Judd over and Elissa was good at comps when she HAD to be.

  9. McCrae packing, cussing himself for not seeing what was in front of him. Said he’s the Brittany of this season.

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