Big Brother 15 Eviction Predictions: Week 10

Big Brother 15 on CBS

Tonight on Big Brother 15 another houseguest will be evicted as part of the live double eviction show. Since we won’t know who is in danger for the second eviction until it’s happening we’ll just have to focus on tonight’s first elimination round.

We’ve been tracking discussions on the Live Feeds and things look certain for how tonight’s vote will go and that’s reflected in the predictions below.

Here’s your chance to contribute your own prediction along with those from other great Big Brother sites. Cast your vote in our poll for tonight’s eviction and then share your thoughts on who will be sent packing.

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Eviction Predictions – Amanda or Spencer ?:

Big Brother Access Amanda
Big Brother Source Amanda
Big Brother Junkies Amanda
Big Brother Live Amanda
Zap2It Amanda
Big Brother Fix Amanda

Who do you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. If Amanda is still in the house at the end of tonight, I am legitimately going to stop watching.

  2. Amanda is the first one out, and PLEASE anyone besides McCrae or Elissa be evicted next.

  3. Amanda was looking for the blue hat that Nick wore last night. I went to bed so don’t know if she ever found it. That would create another blow-up. GM is liable to follow her out the door if she pulls it out.

  4. I’m excited because I’m happy amanda is leaving but I’m worried Elissa will leave in the second half which would suck. The only other person I could stand winning would be Judd because he doesn’t seem like a horrible person but he’s just so stupid in the game

    • I agree. If Elissa can get over being angry with Judd for telling her to shut the f up. I know is was very insulting a wrong. Judd tried to Explain why he said that…. and apologized…He did say he doesn’t want the HGS to suspect he wants to work with her.

      I am curious since those of us who keep up with the feeds…the edit show no idea that Elissa is thinking to save Amanda. Curious how the edit will be tonight.

      • Possible, but she would also have to put up Spencer. He won’t vote against Andy they have a F2. Elissa is a powerhouse when she needs to be.

      • McCrae will put him up too, knowing he lied. He has said he trusts Elissa more than him so Andy’s frame plan won’t work

    • Same here. I can’t take anymore of her Bullying. I bet her parents are way “proud” of her

    • Yes she will. The second Julie brings up the Elissa fight or some of the other things Amanda has said, she will break down and hope for some sympathy. She really is a classic schoolyard bully type. She wanted to push Elissa to self evict and all it took for Amanda to want to leave, was putting her on the block with McCrae.

      • GM last night on BADD….The Fight just showed Amanda con not “take the heat in the kitchen.” She literally got out the kitchen.

        Amanda telling Elissa last night that is was karma for her attacking Elissa The comment that Amanda made sounded a bit contrived.

    • If she goes you know the water works are going to come

      I just hope she goes and Andy goes right behind her.

  5. truthfully I am more worried about who is going in the 2nd eviction than I am the 1st eviction

    • Me too. It will be a nail bitter.

      I am sad we won’t have more time as views to celebrate the McCranda break up and Amanda’s eviction.

      • I am scared hope it is not Elissa cause we will be left with the obtuses in the house I don’t think I can look at the rat anylonger

      • I wonder once it get down to just the Exterminator’s how the Rat will escape the trap of being on the block? He will not have game play. Who can he tattle too?

    • Seriously. The first eviction is completely not important to me, but the second eviction has me worried.
      Don’t be Elissa. Don’t be Elissa.

  6. Headed to the store for more beer. Going to be fun tonight talking with everyone here and watching live feeds after the show. Will be an explosive night. Gotta drink with the Captain and all you other guys and gals. Have a good afternoon. Keep us posted Matt. Love your updates.

  7. With Amanda going – How does everyone see the jury votes as they stand today with the the six left?
    I see,
    Candice – Elissa
    Jessie – Judd?
    Helen – Elissa
    Amanda – McCrea
    Aaryn – McCrea (will do what Amanda tells her to do)

    • LOL Amanda telling Aaryn how to vote. I can see the votes going that way.

      Do not forget Aaryn’s pure hate of Elissa. That vote Aaryn might be able to make on her own. Whoa. Jessie could flip toward Elissa is she still feels scorned by Judd. Aaryn probably divulging the make out session with him before she was evicted. Just a thought…

      • I agree but with Helene their and what her and Jud talked about. Jess might still vote for him.

      • Aaryn and Elissa got close at the end. She told Aaryn to go after Amanda, not Elissa. I think Aaryn would vote for Elissa if GM is gone. I think Jessie may as well. It depends on who is left.

  8. as much as I dislike Amanda I think it would be funny to see the look on Spencer’s face if Julie said with a vote of 3 to 1 Spencer your evicted from the house LOL does that make me bad LOL

  9. I never believed the show is rigged, but since I’m biased, I want them to rig the HOH Comp. just today in favor of Elissa..LOL

    • it will have to be a quick hoh and veto so questions for hoh and probably finding something quickly for veto

      • I told production to give Elissa flash cards…in the DR. Oh, wait I can not talk about production.

      • Cyril are you the production voice? LOL I laugh at the HGS complaining when they hear the same production voice, over and over. HGS get grumpy and say production has different buttons, why can’t they change up that voice?

      • haha…I do that too. We are even talking about dressing as Amanda either the daisy dukes, red jacked and beige heels or the veto ceremony outfit daisy dukes, stripped shrit with the hole on the sleeve with those ugly slippers….as a Halloween costume…we really so not like Amanda, we just want to make fun and be rude LOL

    • I would actually prefer she won POV then the HOH for next week. I think at that point she could swing a better F3 deal and maybe even get Andy out.

  10. Elissa goes after Amanda.. we have left a RAT a DOG
    a SHEEP a PIG and a ROOSTER . Would I be racist if I said this is like Chinese New Year calendar???

  11. I really hope Amanda goes. But if this is fixed then Spencer will be going. I want to see and out next. I’m so sick of that rat….

    • I have read a few weeks ago about Amanda was going to be the winner of BB 15 and every time she gets in a jam she will get out of it. The person also said that three days before the final show they where going to post all their proof. Now so far every time she came close to getting out she got out of it. So tonight will be the proof.

    • I really think that IF the show was rigged towards Amanda – she might have screwed herself with her attitude. She created WAY too many enemies in the viewers. I do not think that production can save her for fear of backlash at this point.

  12. Andy said last nite that if the comps had to do with yoga he would kill himself/ or the like lol

  13. I am watching feeds and there is no way that Amanda is 28 yrs old…I had the body of a 28 yr old and I have seen other 28 yr old females in this day & time that are in awesome shape. Shes 28 (??) and Elissa is 27.??? Amandas shape could indicate that shes had a child and never completely lost the baby weight. Then again in her defense she is a big boned kinda meaty girl. (better description ?) I better hush…I simply do not believe that she is 28.

    • thought about that but nooo Andy is the better choice
      The rat lines of communication will be closed and everybody will be playing the game using their own thoughts & ideas.

  14. On nites like this (age aside) if all goes as u want it to: Do any of u run through the house yelling “YES HE/SHE DID IT” and ur totally pumped. Have u just fell to the floor screaming “yes yes yes” and and a family member comes to the door & ask if u are okay or what is wrong? In other words if all goes as u want do u just make a complete fool of urself??? I have done all of the above and it scares my family to death cause they are not expecting my outburst. lol Just my way as a BB fan I guess.

    • The “yelling “YES HE/SHE DID IT” “, I’ve done that, scared the cat, but not much this year.

      • I have to admit I take BB tooo serious at times and make a complete fool of my self in certain instances….But I would not be afraid to bet that I am not the only person that does it

      • I enjoy Survivor and love the Amazing Race (my pick of 3 to try out for) but am not very vocal as to what occurs on either. For some reason BB is different and I am always yelling at a HG or making remarks to the and I don’t do meds

    • I have done it before but when the rat goes hopefully tonight I will jump for joy like a little kid that asked Santa for a certain present and got it

  15. I am disappointed Amanda is probably leaving.. but boy I cannot wait to see her reaction! This is what watching Big Brother live should be about. None of the evictions this season have been exciting as far as the final departure votes go. All the cast mates are so predictable and voting as a house instead of as an individual. Anyways, they will be hit with a double eviction as well.. tonight’s show will be really freakin’ awesome :)

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