Big Brother 15: GinaMarie & Amanda Fight It Out

Amanda and GinaMarie fight

Perhaps both expecting the opposite result at tonight’s live eviction, Big Brother 15 HGs GinaMarie and Amanda cranked up the heat and sparks flew last night on the Feeds. Sign-up now for the Live Feeds to watch all of these events and everything else coming up in these final weeks of the season.

Flashback to 9:20PM BBT 9/4 on Cams 3/4. Amanda returns from her DR session and asks about Elissa. GinaMarie begins to explain their sleeping arrangements and suspects a smirk in Amanda’s reaction. Things go downhill from there.

GinaMarie gets very defensive but Amanda keeps fanning the flames. Amanda tells GinaMarie she’s got an attitude today which gets GM going even more. GM continues to detail her sleeping arrangements with great concern over getting to sleep in Nick’s old bed as GM had planned to give McCranda her room for the night.

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GinaMarie brings up the accusations that she’s bulimic, but Amanda says it was Aaryn, not her, making those claims. Amanda goes on to say that GM got her and is getting her evicted so she wins. Sounds like Amanda is hedging her bets that she’ll be staying.

Things start to go even more personal as Amanda calls GM psychotic for her Nick obsession while GM calls Amanda a whore for jumping in bed with McCrae to get to his power as the first HoH.

Fifteen minutes later they are still going at it hurling insults at one another as the rest of the guys sit quietly around the table trying to stay out of the crossfire.

At 9:35PM BBT Amanda rushes across the room and gets up against GinaMarie who was seated at the table. GM jumps up and gets back in Amanda’s face. Judd gets up and steps between them and pries them apart as the attacks continue.

Things finally wrap up at 9:40PM BBT when Amanda goes back to her bed leaving the other HGs in the kitchen. McCrae comes to check on her a few minutes later as Amanda cries that she doesn’t understand why GM attacked her. When Andy comes in to check on her she starts yelling at him for laughing during the fight. She storms off yelling “F you guys!”

GinaMarie definitely seems to have flipped out with little provocation in this fight, but Amanda’s decision to engage her for twenty minutes and on such an extreme level is questionable. During tonight’s show GinaMarie is set to have the final vote on Amanda’s eviction and I imagine she’ll have a big smile on her face when she breaks the tie and sends Amanda to Jury.

Expect things to continue to heat up especially after tonight’s Double Eviction that’ll lead to another blindside no matter how the vote turns out, but we already know what’s going to happen. Grab the 2-day Free Trial for Live Feeds right now and watch all the action inside the house.

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    • It will be hard since there was so much Fning this and Fning that. I had to unmute the live feeds so I could keep up. Julie will mention it though I’m sure.

    • My favorite part might have been when GinaMarie told Amanda “Just drop it…like you drop your pants”.

  1. I find it interesting that a lot of these big events happen just as someone comes out of the Diary Room… Just saying.

    • I don’t think this one had anything to do with production though. What started it was GinaMarie’s weird possessiveness over her & Nick’s bed and Amanda’s inability not to get all smirky at someone she thinks is dumber than her.

      • I do think it’s odd that drama always comes just after DR sessions. But, GM and Demanda are alike in a lot of ways, They both have attitude, they both think they can say whatever they want, and people are just suppose to take it. The only difference is, GM, for the most part, can usually curtail her anger better than Demanda. I don’t really care for either one of them, but I think it’s horrendous how Demanda walks around with this sense of entitlement and security that allows her to bully everyone. Then go and cry and blame everyone for her stupidity.

      • That’s another thing, why does amanda think she’s so smart? she was a server in a bar before she go into real estate. that’s not a highly intellectual career.

      • How would you know?? What intellectual career are you involved in?? GM has admitted to not being the sharpest pencil in the box, herself!! And if you have watched the show this season, then you should know she is just one step above plant-life!!

      • If you must know, I hold an advanced degree and am a white-collar professional.

        Moreover, I know that you don’t need a college degree to be a server in any eating establishment! Do you have information counter to that? If so, please share it!

        Amanda got her butt handed to her by GM and she could not take it. GM let her have the way someone needed to all summer. I for one loved it. amanda is a bully. She’s also the
        worse kind – an insecure bully. She’s a slut who laid down with a 23-year-old pizza delivery boy on national TV! I’m certain her relatives must be gushing with pride.

  2. I just got live feeds on my phone..can someone please tell me how to back it up so I can see the argument?

  3. I think I am more excited about tonight’s eviction than I was last week with Aaryn. You KNOW Amanda will NOT go out with class, she hasn’t had any all season why start now.

    I can’t wait to see her shuffle off to the Jury House, with her dignity lagging far behind.

  4. just get it out there that Andy is gonna blindside Amanda. Judd needs to warn Elissa if he is indeed working with her.

    • It would be hilarious if Judd flip. He could turn the table on Andy and say it’s Andy who voted to keep Amanda. WIth Spencer gone, it would be 4 against 2. Then evict Andy and GM, you have F4 with Judd, Elissa, McCrea and Amanda. It’s 2 against 2. Who’s got the upper hand ? I’ve said for a while that Amanda would be easy to evict at F4. The veto winner has all the power.

      • Judd has been acting weirder than usual lately. However, he’d be a fool to keep macranda. That plauge needs to be removed from the BB house!

      • since Judd went into the diary room he has been giving the camera (production) the finger. He has done it at least 3 times. Wonder what they said to him to make him so mad?

  5. It was so funny when Andy started laughing when GM said that Amanda said she dated the Oscar Meyer Wiener (Spelling?) guy. I had to watch it again and again. It was hysterical. I think when Amanda saw Andy laughing, that’s when Amanda got upset and started crying. Amanda can dish it out but can’t take when somebody gives it back to her.

  6. why would u want to marry person that needs to be told /reminded to take a shower or brush their teeth?? That so called relationship is doomed & is 98% OVER WHEN SHE GETS EVICTED.

    • Or wait til Amanda later finds out that McCrae mentioned (more than once) that he’s been thinking of an old girlfriend from back home. That should go over well.

    • McCrea start saying he want her to move to MN. Don’t know if he’s serious. I’m sure you heard it. No way Amanda will move to MN.

    • Yes, that is nasty. I think McCrea’s relationship with Amanda will end when this season of BB ends. I am sure McCrea’s parents will make sure of that.

  7. And the saga continues. It appears from the photos that there was some contact made. Why weren’t they both evicted? Hard to tell from the photos though.

    • Yeah, it would have been nice if they were both evicted…….two low class….oops, I mean two no class people.

    • They did make bodily contact & Judd separated them. As to why production did not call both to the DR to discuss the matter u would have to call CBS. Could be a penalty nom for both. Who knows they just need to get this season over & done with.

    • No they just got in each others face. I think Judd was trying to make sure it didn’t get physical. He was the only one making contact with both to push them apart.

      • I don’ t have the feeds, so it was hard to tell from the photos. Too bad they both weren’t evicted.

      • This is not to argue with u please understand. Its a comment. U saw it one way & I saw it another. That is the amazing thing about a million +people watching a TV show and they all have a dfferent opinion as to what actually happened.

      • No not arguing, several people this year have got in each others faces like that. So they didn’t get any worse than other incidents I should have said.

      • I watched it on you tube. They just walked into each other and their chests were together (insert big chest joke here). It wasn’t a bump or malicious contact. Not enough to evict in my opinion.

      • I watched it on the feeds and Judd was the only one to make contact…listening to her made me want to just punch her in the face!!! Sorry I know that isn’t nice..that was the first time I have ever wanted to do that to anybody. I guess she just brings it out in people.

  8. I re-watched it several times. Watching the guys reaction was hilarious. Big eyes, heads swiveling like a tennis match then trying to cover their laughter.

  9. Just watched it on you tube and I’m embarrassed FOR them….talking about making a fool of yourself on national TV……

    • Yes, I did too. I was going to suggest that to you in your earlier post. I agree, they were both disgusting. However, I think GM was far worse. Go figure. Where was Elissa in all this? And the boys, what pansies. They could have shut it down earlier, but were too afraid.

      • Judd and Howard, earlier in the season, have both mentioned that they would do something about the conflicts between the women, but they are afraid of being seen as getting physical with a woman. Its a hard line, if you get in between them and it does get physical, you could get in trouble just for being in the middle of it, not by production, but by the viewing audience.

      • Right, but they could have opened their mouths and said something. They could have asked them to go to another room with them. But they just sat there scared. Wimps.

      • Or sat there and watched the show. There is very little entertainment in that house, and it looks like it was very entertaining. Haven’t watched yet, but I’m guessing its like an audition tape for BGC.

      • Why should they defend Amanda??? They did not defend Elissa when Amanda was berating /belittling her? Yall are making this to be a double standard situation. Amanda deserved to be defended and Elissa did not??

      • They should have defended Elissa. My comment didn’t’ say otherwise. They could have tried to defuse the situation by merely separating the women into different rooms.

      • Remember when Aaryn & GM was ganging on Candice, Howard picked Candice up and took her out the room….no Real Sensible Person would’ve sat there and let that mess continue…. Just trashy

      • And she was mad he didn’t say anything to the other girls instead of carrying her out. Howard told her flat out, he knew how it would look for a black man to confront 3 white girls and he didn’t want to be seen as the angry black man with the bad temper. Its a tough situation for these guys to be in, because most of the women are so unstable. GM and Amanda being the most unstable of the whole cast.

      • Crazy to me….there is absolutely no way I would there with ANYBODY carrying on like that. They could’ve tried to diffuse the situation without taking sides….

      • Agreed, but having taught junior high in an urban area for over 30 years, I know about conflict resolution. I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on people who have no clue.

  10. I’m confused, so don’t criticize me too much. I must say that I don’t know who I want to go home tonight. A part of me wants Amanda to leave and a part of me wants Spencer to leave. I dislike everyone in the house, except Elissa (only like her, because she hasn’t done anything to make me dislike her). I’m just hoping that one of the Exterminators gets evicted tonight (if not Spencer, then GM during the double eviction).

  11. GM and Amanda are both hateful people but I feel like Amanda knew she was going to start up. But either way I am glad she is leaving I just hope if Elissa does vote out Spencer that McC believers her over Andy. I will pissed if Andy gets hoh and sends Elissa home!! I want him gone please

  12. Not that I like Amanda and that she did deserve to be told flat out that she is basically trash: the truth is: Judd Andy & Spencer had been egging GM on all day about Amanda & Elissa. Elissa was supposed to be the target of GM’s rage. They went so far as lie to GM & tell her stuff Elissa said that she did not say. For whatever reason Elissa decides its nap time which gets her out of the line of fire. Had Elissa been there GM would have went off on her as well and the plan would have been exposed. But as my luck goes that did not happen. At one point I thought GM was gonna let her know but she didn’t. Hopefully today something is said that reveals the truth and Andy will finally get his.

    • If the plan does get revealed to Amanda or McCrae, I think that will solidify Andy voting Amanda out. Amanda has no tact when confronting people about their vote. She would badger Andy until he knew he had to get rid of her because the trust was gone. But it would still out him to McCrae, who might put him up if he wins HOH.

    • GM kinda spilled the beans about the plan during her argument last night (listen to you tube video I – 6:53). Amanda was too stupid to question GM about what she said. I am for sure GM would have expounded,

  13. Everybody was scared. of Amanda I don’t know why but Gina Marie Put her down big time I love it I’m rooting for you GM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I just hope. Amanda goes to jury , and the piss ant cry baby Andy gets exposed for the trader. rat snake he is. If you can’t tell I can’t stand him. McCrae is already doubting the lil dirt bag

  15. What got me about the whole incident was ; “There are 4 /5 guys sitting there & not one of defends me”. Amanda said that. This coming from the person that tortured Elissa for 24 + hrs & nobody stepped in to stop her. Paybacks are a bitch.

      • tweeter opinion: ” Getting in between 2 women fighting/arguing is like trying to give a cat a bath”

      • In all fairness, how many times in the past has McCrae tried to tell Amanda to keep her cool and she just does what she wants anyway? Why should the guys have to get involved when it won’t really stop the mentall unstable girls from going at it?

        The ONLY reason Amanda finally walked away from the argument was because she felt the others were laughing at her. If she’d thought they found her digs at GM funny, she would have kept going.

    • Sorry, I think Elissa does. I don’t care if she only got on because she is Rachel’s sister, or even if production is helping her. She is the only one with any class.

      • She is so much a diva…The game isn’t about class, it is about playing the game and she hasn’t even come close… As much as I don’t like Amanda, at least she has played the game; it is not a personality contest, it is a contest to make it to the end…

  16. If I were Amanda I would be pissed at McCrae for not saying anything when GM was trashing their relationship. But more so for giggling when GM told him to get checked for STD’s when he gets out.

    • McCrae is such a total wimp. When GM started talking about him and the relationship he should have said something. But this is McCrae. Its why he is a pizza boy.

      • I think it has to do with him agreeing with some of things GM was saying. Amanda does talk about banging lots of guys before she came in the house, and it bothers him every time she brings it up.

    • I thought the same thing. This is a woman he is supposed to love, but he just sat there like a lump on a log. I don’t think s feelings are genuine.

      • The least he could have done was taken her out of the room. GM was being nasty (so was Amanda) and McCrea could have spared her from some of the embarrassment.

  17. So, why is Andy a bad guy again? He’s playing a pretty good game… And he hasnt said anything malicious… Just because he has lied? Isn’t this big brother?

    • Andy has lied to EVERYONE, and floats to whoever is in power. He throws comps so he won’t have to make tough decisions.

    • Gellie, I know you have been watching the same program that I have been watching. Andy has said some very mean things, probably not malicious, though. During most of the racial/sexist conversations, Andy was right there egging people on. The rat is not innocent.

    • He has talked about people behind their backs as much as anyone. He called Elissa the C word which is pretty bad.

      But its not that he lies. Its that he lies and sneaks all the time. He looks people in the eyes and tells them something he knows it totally false. Its like this is the real Andy.

      For me its the fact that he talks big with the guys then wimps out. Oh, yes, He can;t wait to tell off Elissa. Whe,Andy? When she is evicted in your good bye message? What a guy.

      • But really, lets be honest… everyone in there has said something mean towards someone else…
        Also, you should know that Andy is just playing the game… Just because he lies to people in there doesnt mean he’s a malicious liar outside of the house. If that’s true, then Dan, Dr Will, etc are all horrible people. Its Big Brother. People lie.

      • Every time i see Dan, now that his season(s) are over, i can tell that he is a real piece of (work) in the real world as well. He calways seems to come off like a snake oil salesman.

      • And he still yells at the camera, which always bothered me about him. Dude you are wearing a microphone, no need to yell at us.

      • Gellie, according to your comment, you do think Andy is, at least, a malicious liar….huh? lol

      • My comprehension skills are impeccable. You said “Just because he lies to people in there doesnt mean he’s a malicious liar outside of the house”. So, if he isn’t a “malicious liar” inside of the house, then why would anyone think that he would be a “malicious liar” outside of the house? Explain that.

      • He’s being described here as a malicious liar, so i used those words so you people would understand them. Would you like to elaborate further?

      • I don’t need to elaborate further. I gave my interpretation based on what you wrote. If you didn’t write it correctly, whose fault is that, mine or yours?

      • Don’t engage. Responding is like going into the basement when the killer is chasing you, its not going to end well.

      • I tried to warn yall its too early… I did however go against my own advice & answered one of his post I will admit that

      • I think its the talking a big game behind everyones back and then crying like a little girl who scraped her knee when the person he voted out leaves. Overall its the lack of backbone.

      • That’s my only problem with Andy. The backbone thing. Admit that Benedict Arnold is your game plan strategy, but don’t whine about it when you get put in a tough spot.

      • Part of that strategy is not revealing your cards ever. Why would he own up to anything? That would be completely counterproductive to what he’s trying to do.

  18. I hate to say it but it looks more and more like a final 4 of GM, Andy, Spencer and Judd, although I am wondering if McCrae will replace Judd or GM soon. I don’t think McCrae is going to side with Elissa when he finds out Andy is a rat. I think he will give Andy a pass because even McCrae knows Amanda deserved to leave. So for the DE, Elissa will be everyone’s target. Unless she wins the POV she will follow Amanda out the door.

    After that, I am not sure who in the house is left to formulate a strategy. They are all followers. Then again, with Amanda and Elissa gone, who cares what happens next? The last few weeks of BB will be boring and anticlimactic. When the winner is revealed we will all be disgusted.

    Let’s just make sure we vote for the right AFP. For me it has to be Candice, Elissa or Jessie.

    • I think he will side with the majority in an effort to not be evicted. But I don’t think he will have much luck replacing any of the four without a couple wins in HOH or POV. He might be seen as a threat to win with Amanda on the jury.

    • I’m going with Judd for AFP. I’m setting up a computer program to flood the voting (just keep changing your IP address, it’s easy !

  19. After watching the whole argument, it is clear the biggest physcotic ever to play the game is AMANDA ZUCKERMAN !!! She never shuts up and continually feeds all the arguments to keep them going. She goads and insults the other houseguests then expects them to all come to her aid when she is being called out on her actions and own comments by GM. Then when she storms off bawling, hides under some covers in the havenot room , only to then rip into McRae like its his fault for everything. There is no way in helll that McRae should even be considering continuing a relationship after Amanda is evicted tonight. You could just see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice that he is done with her, but is in so much fear of her, that he is just going to ride it out till she’s gone. I pity him.

    • Ii agree that Amanda is horrible, but GM s no better. GM actually started the fight because Amanda gave her a smirk. Neither these ladies are going to back down from a fight.

    • Amanda can dish it out, but she can’t take it. I’m sure if the right person dished it out to GM, she wouldn’t be able to take it, either.

      • Its amazing how that always happens. Someone who thinks they can bully someone into self evicting, like she tried with Elissa, but when confronted by anyone or a bad situation, she is crying like a baby in the have not room.

  20. My hopes fit tonight .. Amanda leaves and Elissa wins HOH putting up Andy and calling him out by asking who he voted for in front of both sides and telling everyone his deal with them. Andy and Spencer up. Although I’m sure GM cut below the belt .. Amanda so deserved it after what she has put Her and Elissa through . I’m sure it’s been boiling up. Go Ellisa

    • That’s a good plan if Elissa wins. Asking Andy who he voted for would, at least, expose him to McCrea.

    • I doubt Elissa will win. Odds are that its Spencers time to shine. I’ll give you ten to one odds that spencer either wins HOH or at least beats out Elissa. DiamondJimOFFSITEbettingdotcom.

      • I must run in different circles than she as I don’t know anyone of her age with her particular set of piercings. That isn’t to say there isn’t perfectly respectable people with her set of piercings I just don’t know any. Additionally, racism is intolerable for me. Lastly, how do you make it to and not know theres a state called Riginia? Wow I hope Nick has a gf come finale!!

  21. just checked out the fight on youtube oh boy those 2 I don’t know which one was worst but again when it’s Andy’ turn to speak I have to turn it off the guy bugs me to no end he reminds me of slime

    • me too. Its amazing how Andy has everyone but Elissa mesmerized into believing everything he says. Elissa get s the air head edits but she seems to be the only one in the house who can see the obvious.

      • and yes u are right I cant see why everybody believes him I mean the way I see it if he was capable doing what he did to Helen don’t you wonder that maybe he can just do it to you to? this people are obtuse

  22. After the fight last night, I think Amanda has now cried in more rooms than she’s had sex in.

  23. It would be great if they made the BB season six months long. Imagine the fights that would take place. They’d have to supply the HG’s with plastic cutlery only.

  24. Some thoughts:

    McCranda should have kept Aaryn over Andy. That one bad move is gonna cost them the game. Aaryn would have stayed loyal and would have won challenges.

    McCrae would have to unbelievably stupid to think Andy voted to keep Amanda. Elissa is gonna go right to him and say adamantly she voted to keep Amanda. Then hopefully McCrae will win HOH and put Andy on the block and threaten the other houseguests to vote him out.

    This house is gonna be mighty boring if Amanda leaves, irregardless if you like or hate her.

    • It all depends on what Elissa does. I am hoping she does not vote Spencer out and Amanda is evicted on a 3-1 vote with McCrae being the only vote to save her. Then Andy is exposed and Elissa can cover herself by telling McCrae she wanted to save Amanda but she knew Andy was not going to vote with her so she had to protect herself. Since the vote will make it obvious that Andy didn’t vote to save Amanda, McCrae will believe her. However, I don’t think he will side with Elissa anyway. Elissa tells GM and the rest of the house she never intended to save Amanda but wanted her to think she was safe.

      If Elissa does vote to save Amanda and its a 2-2 vote with GM sending Amanda home, then Elissa is dead meat. Unless she wins HOH she is going home. Being a double eviction night, the HOH comp will be a quiz most likely and Elissa has not done well with those. She is usually the first one out. If McCrae wins he will put up Elissa and GM. Then the POV becomes super important. But if anyone but Elissa wins it, I think she goes home. If she does win it, Andy replaces Judd on the block and GM goes home. But I am not as certain of that as I am about Elissa going home.

  25. All of the suspense tonight is not whether Amanda is going to stay. Its about Elissa’s vote and whether Andy will be exposed as a rat. I will be happy to see Amanda go home, but at this point, I would be happier to see Andy on the hot seat. If Elissa puts him there I would be even happier. But I know in my head that everyone will believe Andy’s BS and he will continue to play the rat successfully.

    • Its just too easy for him to blame Elissa in the following hour during the DE. McCrae is going to be thrown for a loop and have a hard time figuring out who it was because they will both say they tried to keep Amanda. It won’t matter if he or Elissa doesn’t win HOH and POV, because one of them will go home.

      • I think Elissa has the advantage here. She does not have to keep up appearance with her alliance, she has none. Andy will not be able to openly state that he voted to keep Amanda. Elissa has nothing to lose. All she needs to do is call-out Andy to Mcrae in front of everyone and ask him who he voted for. It’s up to Elissa to determine Andy’s fate. If she plays it right, she can expose him. Maybe the Exterminators will believe Mcrae since it seems nobody believes Elissa. Or maybe no one will care after Amanda is gone.

      • As weird as this is going to sound, I think Andy has more credibility with the house than Elissa does. Elissa has been really all over the place lately and changing her mind a lot. I think they see her as unreliable where Andy seems to have their trust.

      • It does have to do with the random laughing at nothing and the constant smile when none is called for. They see her as fake, but I still can’t understand how they would trust Andy so much.

      • Andy is working 24/7 and was able to cover all his bases. I have to be honest he is playing a good game. In the past season I have supported and cheered players that are great manipulators and strategist but never a player like Andy. I don’t want him to succeed. lol

      • Amanda told mcrea early this morning that if she gets the boot, she will call out andy in front of everybody… Mcrea said to give him a shove also…. they will know its Andy, no matter what he says

  26. Amanda met her match. It was payback time last night, and Elissa didn’t even have to do anything but to take a nap. I remember GM’s former employer “East Coast USA Pageant INC” were encouraging their pageant girls to watch GM and vote for her, thinking she would be a role model. lol…Well, It was all Gina Marie last night…and it was Perfect !!

      • I’m sure she will be shock but I hope she watches the tape and learn from it, but a lot of this people need some kind of professional help. Don’t you think so?

    • GM is a straight up racist.. nothing more than that… peoples hatred for amanda has made them blind to GM who just racially attacked elissa kid the other night.. pathetic

  27. Does anyone think that Julie will be as blunt with Amanda as she was with Aaryn? I mean will she bring up quotes from Amanda this season. And does anyone know what happened with Judd and Elissa last night? She was upset that he cursed at her, but I never heard him say it.

    • Good question. According to Elissa, she was just doing her yoga when Judd told her to STFU. But she must have said something to make him burst out like that. Was eh trying to tell him about Andy?

      • I can’t figure it out. She was really upset with him and he kept telling her it was to keep up appearances with the house. Are they in an alliance of some sort? I thought that was just to keep him safe last week, but now I wonder who Judd is most loyal to.

    • I think the conversation won’t touch on racism or anything like that. It’s going to be entirely about her antagonizing Elissa and bullying. And there’s really no need to pull out quotes since Amanda won’t deny it the way Aaryn did.

    • Julie has been warned by the CBS lawyers to not talk about racial slurs used by the houseguests. They are already facing a legal suit from Aaryn which is going to cost them millions of dollars. If Aaryn wins her suit it may be the end of BB USA on CBS.

  28. do not be surprised if one or more of the HG’s flip and vote out Spencer instead of Amanda as they have been given marching orders from production, then a tailor made HoH competition to give Amanda HoH where she will nominate and get GM or Elissa evicted, this show is being rigged and scripted to make Amanda the winner as she is buddies with Allison Groedner ( executive producer)

  29. Elissa needs to tell Mcrae right before the live show that she is sorry but she can’t vote to save Amanda because it’s not going to do any good, but that she still wants to work with him, and tell him it will prove that Andy is not loyal to him.

    • You are right! If there are two votes to keep Amanda, Andy can tell Mcrae that he voted to keep her and tell the others that it was Elissa that voted to keep her. If Elissa pulls her vote and tells Mcrae she can’t vote to keep Amanda and there is only one vote to keep her, he will then know Andy was lying to him.

    • The exterminators are going after elissa and ncrea and it dont matter which order they do it…. Elissa dont need to play that everybody is voting with the house crap… They know she gave amanda her ring which exposes Andy i may add

  30. If Amanda goes tonight. Who do you think Andy win against if he made it to the final 2? Keep in mind that he has only won 1 HOH and 1 Veto and has been scared to get blood on his hands.
    Spencer – survived the block 6 times(so far) + 1 Veto
    GM – 2 HOHs and big move (McCranda)
    Elissa – 1 HOH and 2 Vetos + Big Move(Aaryn)
    McCrae – 1 HOH 1 Veto
    Judd – 1 HOH but eliminated already
    I say he could only win against Judd or McCrae. If you think about it – it probably makes sense to stay loyal to McCranda, so that way he can at least argue his loyalty.

  31. Did anyone notice that Andy and Elissa went to the HOH room and then the feeds cut to trivia… I wonder what they are talking about with Mcranda!!!!

      • Yeah I know they cut for live eviction but I was just wondering what they might be talking about

  32. Why does Andy hate Elissa so much. Is the fight between Elissa and Judd real? I so want it to be a Elissa / Judd final

  33. I just watched the fight. Holy crap. GM literally ripped Amanda to shreds. I thougth Amanda was going to break down.
    GM is nuts. I can’t even believe people would treat others that way.
    Amanda and GM are insane.

  34. If I was there to play the game I would put Gina Marie and Amanda on the block to see which one will be sent home first.

    • The Diary Room is where production tells certain houseguests what other are saying behind their backs and gives them instructions on what they are expected to do if they want to keep getting this inside information. Also its’ were Amanda goes to give her production BF’s their BJ’s.

  35. Let me get a crazy thing for tonight:
    Andy votes Spencer out. Elissa votes Amanda. Mcrae votes Spencer. Judd votes Amanda. (GM kicks Amanda out the door)
    On that moment, GM and Elissa will have there proof that Andy was the rat in all the game.
    Even Spencer and Judd will get that information by the votes.
    Andy idea of blaming Elissa will get smashed by that game move and he will be without any hideout.

  36. re the actual/factual verbal fisticuffs between Amanda & GM:

    Did anyone notice that every time the word “medication” is used (usually by GM) CBS cuts to the fish?!? WTH?

    Why is it okay to broadcast curse words, accusations of sexual promiscuity, etc… and yet the mere mention of MEDICATION… suddenly CBS goes immediately to the fish! You could play a drinking game by this odd practice— but you’d probably get alcohol poisoning. I don’t get it. Just not understanding the reasoning behind those edits… lawsuits from the BPC (Big Pharmaceutical Companies)?

    If someone has an answer why these strange edits… please inform the rest of us!

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