Big Brother 15 Week 10: Live Double Eviction Show Tonight

Julie Chen Big Brother 15

Here comes Double Eviction round 2 tonight on Big Brother! The HGs have speculated this could be coming up, but they don’t know it’s happening for sure. Once tonight’s live show kicks off Julie will confirm their fears.

No matter how the votes go tonight’s first evicted HG will be blindsided as both expect to be safe, but only one of them knows what’s really going on.

Stress and anger have been mounting in the house as we close in on the last two weeks of the season. A fight broke out last night between GinaMarie & Amanda over nothing but quickly escalated in to a 20-minute blowout that required Judd to physically separate them.

With Amanda’s fate hanging in the balance and the chance for GinaMarie to break a tied vote this should be a very interesting show to watch tonight!

These are going to be some exciting days ahead on the Live Feeds. If you haven’t signed up yet then now is the time. You’ll can watch everything from now to the end of the season plus everything that’s happened so far thanks to the Flashback DVR feature! Sign-up now, get the 2-day free trial, and then get the rest of the season for $9.99!

Who do you want to see evicted during the second round of tonight’s live double eviction Big Brother show at 9/8c? Join us tonight during the show and find out! I’ll be here live blogging the entire show so don’t forget to join us!


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  1. I predict that the Broncos will win tonight. Youps, sorry, wrong forum.
    I predict that Andy will finally chicken out of defying Amanda and vote to evict Spencer and Elissa in the confusion, thinking that Andy will vote to evict Amanda, will indeed vote to evict Amanda, we will have 2-2 tie. And then GM will stumble in her word, trying to say she want to keep Spencer, will evict Spencer by mistake. And then all hell will brake loose.





    Giddy with excitement because AMANDA IS GETTING EVICTED TONIGHT!!!

    Can’t wait for this one!

  3. Get rid of the snake Elissa. Listening at a door to 2 people whispering. Grow the heck up!

    • Umm, it’s playing the game. How else can you find out what’s going on when everybody is lying to you.

      • Uh huh… or duh to the original poster…I do hope (Jennifer or whatever the alias is today) is listening / reading our post…oh wait does that make her not grown? LMAO

      • Do any of these people realize this is a game where you have to do whatever you can to make it to the end? These comments are more entertaining than the actual program…lmao

      • I stopped watching BB in after the third week I just couldn’t stand to watch this crappy season for 1 more second .I just read about it here way more entertaining

      • This is actually the first year I have watched BBAD and I don’t know if it was better or worse doing that… It is good because you see what is “really” happening behind the scenes but then it ruins the prime time broadcasts because you already know what is happening… This is a bad season; my personal opinion is that there is NOT ONE PERSON on the show that DESERVES to win anything…

      • BBAD was way better on Showtime 2…. now they just cut all the cussing and half of what is said can’t be heard!

      • i know i hate it i can;t hear half of what they r saying unless i blare my tv and neighors don’t like that LOL

    • You saw one ! Just one and you call her a snake? What do you call Andy? HEY !!! What do you call Andy?

  4. Will FOOTBALL be messing up my programming again to where I have to get up at 2:07am Friday morning to watch!? I hope not :-/

  5. For the second eviction I’d love to see Andy go. He is sneaky and has done well at this, in fact McCranda still trusts him.

  6. At this point, I am ready for GM to leave. Even if I could forgive her earlier racial comments (I never will) her conduct last night was appalling.

  7. At this point who cares, Amanda is a loud mouth, Spencer is lazy and has done absolutely nothing all season, GM is just like Amanda just older and had longer to practice her insults, she is 35 she should know better. McRae is Uh, I don’t know, Judd, well know one knows where Judd stands. Andy is a two faced worm, and well Elissa is BB blood, she hasn’t had an original idea since day 1, she gets her ideas from production. This is the worst BB cast ever.

    • I think most of them get their ideas from production, their DR sessions are SO scripted, like all of them are reading. BTW GM is 33 and Amanda 28, not that far apart in age and both equally horrible lol

  8. I will be so mad if Amanda the bulky doesn’t go home and I was rooting for her in the beginning until she became psychotic. Alissa is annoying but doesn’t deserve yhe treatment shd has gotten in there.

    • You should hate every one of the Exterminators then too…they’ve been bashing her and her son non-stop the past few days.

  9. It will be interesting to see where Andy’s true loyalty lies. I could see him voting either way…blaming Elissa if the vote is for Amanda, or blaming Judd (because lots of people think he is with Elissa) if the vote is for Spencer. It probably makes more sense to go with McCranda and Elissa, but the ZingBot’s floater comment seems to really have affected his game.

    • You are the original poster? why are you agreeing with yourself again? You are the multi personality poster.. go away Kim/ Jennifer. Bye.

  10. Well it looks like Elissa’s plan to keep Amanda is going to fail. I hope not but I don’t think the Rat is going to keep Amanda. I thought Amanda could help get Elissa further so it looks like Elissa is all on her own. Now she needs to win HOH and POV and get rid of Andy. Then Spencer and GM need to go next. I’d actually like to see Elissa, Judd and McCrae in the final 3. Wow I never thought I would say that.

    • I guess that’s the best choice we have, right? I think if Elissa and Amanda go home tonight, as I expect, there is no one in the final 5 I want to win. GM is just a loud mouth. Spencer is a pig and from a game play perspective has done absolutely nothing. Andy is a snake and a weasel which I think when combined makes a rat. Judd is such a bad player. He makes deals with everyone, never tells his true alliance he is doing it and just gets caught. McCrae may be sympathetic because of the way Amanda emasculated him, but that’s because he let her. He is just a lazy, empty headed, sloth who follows the path of least resistance. Did I miss anyone?

      In short, none of them played well enough to make it to the final 2.

  11. The jury house is setting up “special room” for Amanda. A padded room and a bed with restrains. Whew.

  12. I finally got to watch BBAD when I got home from work…and I have to say, that fight between GM and Amanda was hilarious. The only person in the house who had the balls to fight back against Amanda was GM, a woman…even though I actually felt a little sorry for Amanda as she was getting pummeled. It was so entertaining as GM predicted correctly that Amanda would run off to cry after smiling her way through the fight. McCrae’s lack of spine, lack of anything, Judd and Andy barely able to hold back their laughter, and Spencer looking so confused that he actually forgot to pick his nose. I was laughing out loud. All these people are so weak!!

  13. So, who wants to be in MY alliance next year? I promise to do the OPPOSITE of whatever production tells me to do.

  14. If Amanda gets evicted (I SO hope she does) then McCrae should be next. They were so said about the thought of leaving each other and not having the opportunity to be with each other all the time ever again. Let them stay together longer in the Jury House! Buh-bye Amanda!

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