Big Brother 15 Eviction Prediction: Week 4

Big Brother 15 on CBS

Tonight on Big Brother 15 another houseguest will be evicted and while it could end up being a semi-blindside for one HG, we’ve been able to get a clear view of who is going home tonight during the live show.

Here’s your chance to contribute your own prediction along with those from other great Big Brother sites. Cast your vote in our poll for tonight’s eviction and then share your thoughts on who will be sent packing.

We’ll be interviewing tonight’s evicted Big Brother 15 HG tomorrow morning so feel free to share any questions you might have.

Big Brother 15 Week 4 Eviction Predictions – Aaryn, GinaMarie, or Kaitlin:

Kaitlin Barnaby
Zap2It Kaitlin Barnaby
Kaitlin Barnaby
Big Brother Fix Kaitlin Barnaby
Big Brother Access Kaitlin Barnaby
Big Brother Source Kaitlin Barnaby
Big Brother Junkies Kaitlin Barnaby
Big Brother Live Kaitlin Barnaby
Kaitlin Barnaby

Who do you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother?


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  1. The only possible way Aaryn could go is if they announce that America was MVP and she received like 90% of the vote. House guests could panic at the last second and not want to upset America.

    • They wont care. They’ll see it as America hating Aaryn and if they ever get the power to pick the third nominee again, then Aaryn will go up everytime. It’s a win-win for them because not only are the keeping the most hated houseguest, but they’re getting rid of an extremely strong one too.

      • They would care because their chances are slim winning the $500,000 or $50,000 2nd prize because everyone wants to win it! However, the viewers will vote for America’s Favorite Player and I believe the prize is $20,000. You would be dumb to piss off the viewing public who has a say on who wins that $20,000! Also, now that they are giving the public MVP powers, if you get nominated and evicted, you lose the allowance you would have gotten if you stayed in the house—-that is a lot of money if you last deep in the game even if you do not win the $500,000 or $50,000 for that matter! Why do you think the house guests want to last as long as they possibly can? The longer they last, the more monies they get from their weekly allowance!

      • That why everybody want to at least make jury, because then they get the maximum.

      • And they may have more monies coming when we get to Pandora’s box or maybe, even free luxury trips. No one wants to go home early because your earning potential ends!

      • I don’t know if they care about most favorite player though, I think they already know it’s elissa

      • Then they would be dumb. You think America going to go after Aaryn again? Nope they will instead go after the people who started coddling her these past few days… Those in the lead for voting out Kaitlyn better hope Anerica doesn’t pick nominee again, because this time America may actually pay attention to the weeks MVP vote rule

      • One reason for nominating other house guests is to see if they can even play this game. Most of them cannot based on what they have done in the game so far. If they cannot play the game then, they deserve to be evicted!

  2. Evict them all and cancel Big Brother. Lets have a new reality show that isn’t rigged by Allison Grodner.

    • yes…the rigging is so glaringly apparent… not fun anymore- I have been weaning myself of this show. Did not get feeds this year..DVR the show and only kind of watch part way. Just not what it once was- Season 7 was good…best ever…it’s over now.

      • A judge in the Storage Wars case filed by David Hester accusing A& E of planting valuable items in the storage lockers said the show’s producers have the “creative license” to craft the show the way they like it! Not to say the voting is rigged because those numbers are audited. However, the producers can change the rules, add new twists, what have you if it suits their desired results! All reality shows are like that obviously. You are in denial if you think otherwise!

      • no- totally believe it- but they could work a little harder not to make it so noticeable- right?

    • This shows ratings keep going up. It won’t be cancelled for a very long time.

  3. I think Kaitlin will be going home, no matter what. Amanda views Katilin as threat and so does her fake alliance. Right now, the person that I’m most disappointed with is Judd. When I saw Judd sleeping in another bedroom while Amanda and McCrea were in his HOH room taking a bath, I knew right then and there that Judd was nothing but a whimp.

      • I don’t think Judd was in the punishment room when they were taking a bath. From what I recall, Judd was sleeping in another room when Amanda and McCrea were bathing. I’m talking about the time when Amanda and Judd were taking a bath and McCrea got out the tub, farted, Amanda laughed, McCrea got back in the tub, and the lovely bath continued.

      • True, but Judd had the key to “his” HOH room. I would have locked Amanda/McCrea out in a heart beat, as well as the rest of the house. Guess that means I am not an ameba and I have a back bone.

    • If we vote for MVP I’m voting for J U double D. He took the punishment. If we pick the 3rd nom, I’m voting for Amanda. All the house guests will put up Aaryn so you’re wasting a vote on her or GM.

    • I’m not so sure it’s whimpyness so much as it is strategy. Why give them any ammunition to use against you? It’s a small thing in comparison to possibly winning 500,000. I’d let them use my HOH room, wear my clothes and eat my food (among other things) if it kept me in the house longer. I would be thinking of the end game. And probably have favor with the jury when the time comes.

      • Amanda and McCrea are going to get rid of Judd the first chance that they get. Of course, they will go after a lot of other people first (hey, I’m hoping that Amanda and McCrea leave before a lot of the other hgs, anyway). Maybe I’m a little crazy, but I would have told all the other hgs that they could not use my bathroom and if they needed to fart, they would have to find another place to do that. To be honest, if I were on BB, I think people would think I was a real nutcase. I would not allow anyone to sit on my bed, I would not allow random people (maybe only those I actually like) to get into my bed, I would Lysol the toilet before I used it, I would wear shower shoes in the shower, I would not hang my towel on the shower door with the other hgs towels, I would never just sit in the bathroom area, I would never get in that hammock without spreading a sheet over it……and my list goes on. hahahaha

      • You know how many HG’s want to evict Amanda if given the opportunity? A lot. Spoward, Candice, Jessie, Judd, Elissa and Helen. They all have said it. I’m not sure about the Ginger Ninja.

      • I wonder if McCrea is able to think without Amanda. I sure hope I get the opportunity to find out. McCrea is such a dunce. He said he could buy x pizzas with the $5,000 that he won. A pizza delivery “boy” liking pizza……hmmmm strange.

      • Too funny. It could be like Survivor, you get one luxury item. Lysol… Priceless!

    • That’s is why we need someone with a backbone to be HOH this week, and school em!

  4. Next week: I’ll donate $100 to any charitable organization if I never have to see Elissa or her liverlips again.

    • Sounds like a good plan. My charity is “Feed the Greed.” I’ll take the $100, if Elissa is sent home next week. Thanks for being so generous.

  5. It would be nice if the new twist was, America gets to decide who goes. I’m tired of looking at some of the hgs……the soon the better for me.

    • They could do a double eviction by letting the houseguest evict one and America evict the other. Man I would love that twist. Think I’ll go to there site and tell them.

    • Hopefully, they do that because I want Aaryn gone as I am sure majority of the viewing public. Considering the way the other house guests are coddling her—-it becomes that much harder to evict her! It creates an unfair advantage for her just because she is a blatant
      racist! She can stay in the Big Brother if she can play the game, if not, she deserves to be booted out!

    • Thank you! She is always pitting ppl against each other with her mind melt conspiracy. Creepy. Plus, McCrea needs to find his lost jewels in the house, and have the life force put back in him. It’s almost like he turned into Amanda’s blow up doll.

  6. It amazes me that these people hate Elissa and wonder why Elissa got MVP 3 weeks in a row… If I was in that situation, and I thought someone was so bad and yet everyone loved them, my first thought would be, maybe everyone hates me because however bad Elissa is… I’d have to be worse than whatever that is.

    • I’d read nothing into it. Certain people, like Jeff and Jordan, and Brenchel, have immense fan bases that will vote for someone like Elissa no matter what she does. Look at Twitter; they’ll attack if anyone points out anything negative about her. If I were in the House with Rachel’s sister, I’d just assume that she’s going to get a certain amount of irrational votes no matter what she does.

      • Well Elissa is a bit loopy and not very good at the game, but it’s made worse by these people who keep on trying to form a billion alliances and such.
        I don’t do twitter much, so meh, but if I were in the house with Rachel’s sister I’d think that whatever votes that she gets from “irrational” voters she’d get equal amounts in both ways since people hate Rachel for no particular reason I ever saw.and love Jeff, Britney, etc, even though Jeff is a tool and Britney, at least in the first season she was on was a horrible person.
        Even that being the case, I’d wonder why she got the vote… because any number of people would likely be liked more than her. I’d assume that she was either liked and people wanted to protect her OR people dislike her but someone in the house is disliked by her that the majority of people want out and she’s most likely going to target them… Either way it’s an useful tool to figure out what’s going on because there are voting tendencies.

      • It’s true that she’s got plenty of haters, but that’s not so much hatred for Rachel, but hatred for how unfair the MVP is, precisely because it’s known that Rachel’s fans will always support Elissa. And defenders are much more apt to vote her MVP than haters are going to vote against her. It’s a get out the vote issue that Elissa should always win.

        And who are her haters going to vote for? There were 15 other people in the house to spread out that MVP vote. This week was a perfect storm because Elissa’s #1 target, Aaryn, is America’s #1 target. Thus, everyone voted for Aaryn, while the Elissa haters gave her enough protest votes to put her on the block as a substitute. There isn’t anyone else in the house who has a pro or con base for fans to coalesce around. Thus, we get GM, the only other mean girl not on the block.

    • Everybody that dislikes Rachlissa is voting for 11 different people to be MVE. Rachel’s fans are all voting Rachlissa. Hard to beat those odds. Look at this week, Rachlissa America nom was her because more people dislike her sister and her than bigots and racists.

  7. Does anyone know what all the “alliances are”? There is like 8 5 person alliances and I have no idea who’s in what one…

  8. I would like ..really know why on earth most of you moan and groan about it all being scripted and still keep watching..Why? Why would you do that..WHY?

    • It’s like a car wreck, you don’t want to look but you do. Then you complain, hey, no one is hurt, so why the traffic jam? right? doesn’t make sense. Plus, this year CBS has to warning before every episode for the public to read. You make the choice.

    • Just shows you how many masochists there are among the fans. They like being tormented over and over again. Me, I am here because I enjoy watching this show and enjoying the bad house guests get their just desserts in due time. Sometimes, they last longer than expected which could be frustrating but, since, I am here from beginning to the end of this show—-I figure they will get evicted just the same and relish that fact when it happens! Last weeks Jeremy eviction was awesome, this week, Kaitlyn being evicted is okay. The game play if it is there is the icing on the cake. Most times, there is little game play because a lot of house guests do not know how to play the game. Dan Gheesling should give the house guests lessons on playing before they even set foot inside the Big Brother House!

  9. If Kaitlin goes my question is “Kaitlin, it’s a shame you had to leave over Aaryn, but if it were up to you, who do you want to win BB15, and who do you THINK will win BB15”

  10. How many camera’s in the house? Why on live feed do they not use more of them all? I am sick, sick, sick of always seeing Amanda and McCray!!!!

  11. I can see Aaryn making it to the finals with the way things are going. Everyone keeps saying “we can get rid of her later” and “we need to get the bigger targets out first” or “she’ll always be a target” and Aaryn’s been laying low and sticking with Amanda. She’s being smart and she may just get to the finals. Which would suck because her getting 2nd place would just be horrid.

    • Aryan is evil and she knows how to manipulate, which makes her dangerous. If they don’t get her out this week, I think they will have a hard time, as well. Aryan knows that it is best to keep her mouth shut and to cut out all of the racial stuff, FOR NOW. Aryan is playing the houseguests like a fiddle. For some strange reason, I think she just might win HOH tonight (since the HOH comp appears to be a game of luck)……..stay tuned and see.

      • She has completely stop the racist comment, I have a feeling they told her in DR, either stop or it’s out the door.

    • Well Aaryn is basically a ping pong ball. Right now she has 2 allies: Kaitlin and GM. Kicking out Kaitlin and Aaryn will be one less support.

      So, they are taking out the other players that can get back into the game… and let Aaryn be alone. When she is without friends, she is an easy target to use when somebody doesn´t want to stir the house.

      • Not when Amanda and Helen are both coddling her! She is floating her way closer and closer to that $50,000 check and maybe, even the $500,000 check because if she makes Final 2—-she can say, inspite of my racism, I made it to the very end which means I played the very best game in the Big Brother House. And with the mentality of these house guests, she could conceivably win that $500,000 in the end!

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