Big Brother 15: Week 4 – Counting The Votes

Amanda counting votes

This weeks’ Big Brother 15 eviction is brought to you by the number ‘5.’ That’s what it’ll take to be evicted this week with 9 votes floating out there in BB15 this time around.

With three nominees on the block it is possible for a tie, but just as we’ve seen over and over I don’t expect the third nominee to draw any fire which means it’s unlikely that we’ll have to see Judd step in as the HoH to deal with a tie-breaker.

Right now the house is divided in to two voting factions. One wants to save Aaryn while the other wants to keep Kaitlin. What previously seemed like an easy “get rid of Aaryn” week has turned out to be far more difficult. Last night’s events are evidence of that.

So where do the votes currently stand? At this point Aaryn has the votes to stay by a slim margin of one while Kaitlin has five votes against her for Thursday’s eviction.

Voting to evict Kaitlin: Amanda, Andy, Helen, Jessie, & McCrae
Voting to evict Aaryn: Candice, Elissa, Howard, & Spencer
Voting to evict GinaMarie: …

Aaryn’s supporters believe she’ll support their efforts and throw the upcoming HoH competition. Kaitlin’s supporters believe she’ll fight on their side of the Big Brother 15 battle which is part of her problem right now.

Judd has revealed Kaitlin, GM, Howard, & Spencer are aligned and though he was also included in that group he hasn’t been too honest to them about it. Luckily for Judd he likely won’t have to do any voting this week which will hide his disloyalty to the group.

It’s entirely possible that we’ll see another shift in votes over the next day and a half, but as for now it looks like Kaitlin will follow Jeremy out the door leaving viewers with Aaryn for at least one more week. Be sure to read up on last night’s chaos.

Who do you think will be evicted this week on BB15? Vote in our poll below!


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  1. Lots of time left. They should convince Jessie or Andy to flip. That is all it takes. I am disgusted by Helen and Amanda coddling Aaryn. It is too early in the game to be thinking for Final 2 when there are 12 people left after this weeks eviction.
    Anything can still happen and I will continue to root for Aaryn to be evicted!

    • With the exception of Elissa, I think the Knockouts know that if Kaitlyn stays the house could flip by next week. If Kaitlyn wins HOH and Amanda and McCrae go on the block, Howard and Spencer will have the votes to evict Amanda if the Knockouts turn against Elissa.

      Even though Elissa acted like a complete moron yesterday, they need to keep for for another 2 weeks while they continue to whittle down the other side of the house.

      • The house could flip just the same. If Aaryn wins HOH next week, she could very well put up Helen and Amanda and I could care less because they made their bed so, deserve to lie in it! Amanda and Helen put targets on their backs by their actions so, they will get targeted sooner rather than later. The sheer irony of it all is they are hell bent on saving Aaryn who will be saved while, they get evicted out of the Big Brother House! And the way they have been playing, Helen and Amanda will “never” get my vote for MVP!

  2. Question is ??? Who does Jessee hate the most?? Katlin or Aaryn?? Jessee is always the swing vote and I do mean always…

  3. If some how the”Kaitlin wants to nominate Helen” lie is revealed, could that possibly sway Helen to evict Aaryn? I think Helen is ther best option for keeping Kaitlin.

  4. Jessie will vote however Judd tells her. Judd seems to want the threat Kaityln out. Helen also seems to follow this get out the threat idea. Andy will just do whatever Mcranda says, so best chance imo is to convice judd to convice jessie to kick Aaryn

  5. Kaitlin has not yet missed a question in a “trivia” type HOH competition. But she lost both tie breakers to Helen and Judd. Kaitlin is a huge threat to Helen (and any others that can answer questions). Aaryn has not won anything other than riding Jeremy’s back to an HOH. So Kaitlin is the threat in the game while Aaryn is just a racist pig that no one likes.

    • Aaryn is the biggest threat if you think strategically because Aaryn is being coddled by both Helen and Amanda with the assumption that they will take her to Final 2. Dumbest thing I have heard! There are 12 people left after this week’s eviction. Too early to be thinking of Final 2. Good thing that does to them if they get evicted before Aaryn—-pretty dumb is more like it! Aaryn can get deep into this game if they coddle her believing it would be easy to evict her anytime! If that is the case, they are deluding themselves! Aaryn will be formidable because if she makes Final 2, she can argue that she played the best game because even with her blatant racism—-she still made it to the very end! So much for the you can take Aaryn to the very end and easily win it! And with the mindset of this group of house guests, they might just buy into that argument that Aaryn played the best game if she ever makes it to Final 2!

      • Aaryn has plenty of time to at least make it appear that she’s had a change of heart on her racial outlook.She might sneak in & start showing some latent gaming ability & win it all.I’m just sayin’!!

      • If they let her get to Final 2 then, they are tempting fate and would look pretty stupid if she in fact wins that $500,000!

  6. At least they’re loosing elissa which might be the next week MVP. So whoever won, elissa’s side will reign once again!

    • I hope helen open her eyes and side with elissa, she can easily be the target by elissa for being unloyal if she’s not

      • Amanda and Helen are both not using their heads which will cause them to be evicted even ahead of Aaryn if they do not watch out! They are coddlying Aaryn and that will allow Aaryn to get deep into this game and maybe, even Final 2 because they think she cannot win! Aaryn can argue she played the best game if she were in Final 2 because even with her blatant racism, she still made it to the very end! And with this group, they might just buy her argument and give her that $500,000. Some people are just dumb!

  7. I want Kaitlin to stay. (Never thought I would say that) just because I feel like shes a strong competitor that would go after Amanda and McCrae. I hope Helen flips and votes out Aaryn.

  8. Jessie is an idiot if she doesn’t see the real reason Judd wants Aaryn around.. I find Amanda to be disgusting.. what 28 year old grown woman calls another woman “a fat pig”& a money whore”

      • Yes she did! Only using different words, but it meant the same thing. Both of them are acting juvenile. Which will get them both kicked to the curb sooner rather than later.

      • i was schoked when i heard the comentes come out of Elissa” s mouth –i dont like her anymore — just as bad as a racial slur —

  9. Is Jessie voting to evict Kaitlyn just because Judd said so ? Why can Elissa or Candice convince Jessie ?

  10. Sometime today I want KATLIN to find out that she is the chosen evictee for the week. I don’t care who does it even if’s a production leak in the DR I want it to happen. Not for shock or drama value but because she needs to know. She is not my choice of a final 3 with anybody but she has tried to play the game since Jermrey left. Aaryn on the other hand has done nothing to deserve another week in the house.

    • Yes she has. She has done a 360 on how she behaves. She has been careful about what she says and I think has been acting very mature. Now it remains to be seen if she keeps it up or not. And I want to see another blindside. Very boring if they know they are going. JMO

      • They will get theirs in due time but, Aaryn does not get a pass nor Gina Marie nor Kaitlyn, nor Spencer. I see Helen and Amanda being just as bad at this point for coddling Aaryn—-if they get evicted ahead of Aaryn, it would serve them right!

      • That is nothing but, imitating Jeremy so that, the house guests think she has changed. A leopard does not lose its spots. It is impossible!
        Aaryn is acting and I am not fooled the least bit. She is playing nice only because her neck is on the chopping block just as Jeremy’s was! No mystery there!

      • Like I said we will see if she keeps this up but right now she is acting just fine. Now everyone else…not so much!

      • She has done the 360 because she was told too not because she wanted to.. she has continued to make snide and rude remarks and has indicated to Spencer that she will lie to whoever to avoid eviction. The girl has not change and will not change. She will forever be a racist and a bigot. At least Katlin admitted that Jeremy was bad for her game. Aaryn on the other hand has no remorse for her words or actions and denies she “ever” does or says anything wrong.

      • So you’re okay with everyone else? Aaryn has not said anything she should be sorry for the last week. Like I said maybe that will change but for now I think she is acting just fine. Can’t say the same for the racist/pig Spencer and GM.

      • I do not buy Aaryn’s acting. The same way Jeremy was on his best behavior making everyone think he has changed but, he was playing everyone by his comments to Julie. You are naive to believe Aaryn has somehow managed to change magically overnight! LOL

      • Sorry not naïve…I just am willing to forgive and give people a second chance if she has really CHANGED. But we’ll just have to wait and see if she stays. If she goes back to the way she was acting before then no I will not give her a 3rd chance.

      • She’s said herself several times she doesn’t think she did anything wrong but is willing to act sorry to get people off her back…

      • I understand that. Can’t say I understand why though, since she’s made it clear that she didn’t change because she learned the error of her ways, and clearly only changed in order to appease people for the next few weeks.

  11. I’m a little torn, but I have a gut feeling that Aaryn will be evicted. Just because… Idunno. I really don’t care at this point.

  12. I wouldn’t mind Kaitlin staying at this point since she’s not even going after anyone I like (which is literally just three people, and even then I only just about like them), and she seems set on getting Amanda out, so I’m fine with that, but obviously she’s the best target to get out if they want to win.

  13. Funny, isn’t it? The ROTH (rest of the house) were going to pick off the Mean Girls – 1,2,3. Now the house is split over which one goes first, seriously? Lol. Kaitlyn or Aaryn – Looks like whichever one doesn’t go this week would go next week – no biggie. I can’t believe because this group is voting one way and the other side is voting the other way, that they are really throwing each other under the bus over this.
    Hamsters, you have 3-4 weeks (with next 3 spent getting out the Mean Girls, as you originally planned) to watch, listen, learn, observe…build relationships, plant ideas, etc, to determine who’ll be the last one to go before Jury..weeks to plan your strategy…be it Howard, Spencer, Amanda, whoever. You all want the Mean Girls out so why sweat the small stuff? Showing their hands too early, IMO.

    • The problem is that now people aren’t so sure they want the Mean Girls out ASAP. Sounds like some now think they ought to take one to Final 2 so that they can win. As if anyone should really be thinking about that when they have 10 weeks to go, at least.

    • The problem now is atleast, a couple of them namely Helen and Amanda believe that they can take Aaryn to Final 2 and win it! What they do not take into consideration is that there are 10 other people out to win that $500,000 including Aaryn herself! To think otherwise, is sheer foolishness! What is to stop the other house guests from thinking about evicting Amanda and Helen so that, they can now take Aaryn to Final 2? The only winner would be Aaryn because she will be nice and cozy while, she floats to the Final 2. Sheer arrogance and stupidity is what it is! Watch as Amanda and Helen get evicted. It is coming and they will not know when it hits them! Utter fools that they are, they need to be booted out!

  14. Can somebody tell me how Judd won the HOH comp but Amanda is really the HOH? Did Dan leave some of the “mist” in the house from BB14 and Amanda is using it?


  16. If Ellisa gets MVP again somehow then Amanda and all them are going to go back to her and get her on their side. MVP is probably the only thing that can save her like past weeks

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