Aaryn Gries Loses Modeling Contract Over ‘Big Brother 15’ Comments

Aaryn Gries - Big Brother 15 HG

Aaryn Gries came on Big Brother 15 with the hopes of finding a path to stardom but her recent actions in the house have put her on the reverse course in the fast lane.

The 22 year-old college student out of San Marcos, Texas grabbed national headlines when she, along with several other HGs, made a string of racially insensitive and homophobic comments against her fellow competitors over the course of several days on the CBS reality series’ Live Feeds show uncensored live events between episodes.

Houseguests’ comments have included Aaryn saying Helen Kim should “shut up and go make her some rice” and for other HGs to “be careful what you say in the dark, you might not see the bitch” regarding Candice Stewart. GinaMarie Zimmerman has described welfare as “n****r insurance” and suggested hitting Helen in the head to make her eyes straight. David Girton, Aaryn’s on/off in-house boyfriend, told Aaryn his bed sheets smelled because of “black Candice.”

Meanwhile, HGs have called Andy Herren several homophobic slurs to his face, claiming the comments to be jokes. Amanda Zuckerman called Andy “F*ggoty Ann” with Spencer Clawson referring him to as “Kermit the F*g. Aaryn also referred to Andy as “queer” and feared America would vote to support him as they “love the queers.”

Zephyr Talent, a modeling agency based out of Austin, Texas, announced late last night that Aaryn was being released from her contract with the agency in a step to distance themselves from her vile behavior. They released this statement via Facebook:

Aaryn, season 15 cast member of Big Brother, revealed prejudices and other beliefs that we (Zephyr Talent) do not condone. We certainly find the statements made by Aaryn on the live Internet feed to be offensive.

Any views or opinions expressed in personal commentary by Aaryn, either on any live feed from the House or during the broadcast, are hers alone and do not represent the views or opinions of Zephyr Talent. Upon much consideration, we have decided to release Aaryn from her contract with Zephyr Talent.

Gries appears unaware of the depth or consequences of her actions as she expressed concern on Monday of letting down her fellow Texans by allowing unflattering images of her to be captured from the Live Feed views. She made no mention at that time of worry over her disparaging and hurtful remarks.

CBS has said they found Aaryn’s comments “offensive” but we believe it is unlikely they will take action against the cast member based on similar past season events.

You can watch all of these events from the uncensored Big Brother video feeds using CBS’ Archives “flashback” feature on the Live Feeds. Get a free trial of the video service to see what other fans are watching and reporting.

Update: Aaryn has lost a second modeling job. This time with Bella Petite.

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Watch Aaryn Gries’ cast interview with Big Brother Network:


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    • Maybe Aaron’s game will implode if she finds out and she will leave the house, we can only hope. Jeremy also needs to go. He is just a vile human being.

  1. What did she say? I don’t have the live feeds, I thought she was such a sweet girl on the show. That’s horrible.

    • Just look at posts on the front page of this site and you’ll fine relevant articles concerning the ignorant and insensitive things being said by several of the houseguests this season.

    • I will have to go to my flashback on live feeds, and I will let you know, I am sure you can find it on google. I can’t remember the exact wording. Aaryn, David, GinaMarie, Kaitlyn, Spencer and Jeremy have been making some very insensitive remarks about other HG’s. I do know that a comment David made was about his sheets smelling bad because they have Candice’s “blackness” on them,

    • I think the worst part is that she and the others seem to think it is normal and OK to think like that must less talk out loud about it. She and some of the others are totally delusional about their selves and about life.

  2. You don’t get it if people are allowed to say these things in public, on the internet, in the media & and on the airwaves we will soon return to the racial conditions of the 1960’s and before. We all have to be vigilant. Yes no one can stop anyone from speaking freely in private, but we all have to edit ourselves in public. It will always be that way and it should. People are becoming bolder in public that’s why we are hearing so much of it of late. That’s why something has to be done now to stop it cold. We have to respect others feelings. That’s just life!

  3. Aaryn and some of her housemates are going to be walking out of the house with LOTS to answer for. These comments aren’t acceptable!

    • and since they have NO contact…she wont find out till then…wonder what else she’s gonna do before getting the boot…and she will get the boot…lol

  4. I hope a mass culling aka force eviction is in place tomorrow or else there will be hell to pay.

  5. I knew they’d self-destruct and I’m glad CBS is letting it happen. I’m far more interested at seeing how things will play out AFTER the season than I am at watching the season itself. Still I’ll ride it out. McCrae is still my favorite to win at this point and will get my mvp votes (he, Nick, and Amanda seem to be the only ones truly trying to play the game).

    • Amanda is a snake and mcC is thinking with the wrong head— more like fuking thru the game.

  6. Angela Oates Coxwell “I have taught my children to be compassionate, loving, and caring people, regardless of race, sex, or orientation.”

    I’m sure Aaryn’s parents would swear to the exact same thing. The problem is the culture in Texas…we are backwards here and I don’t care what any other Texan tells you. I see it and hear it daily (even in my own family, I’m embarrassed to say). Hell, up until his run for President, our own Governor regularly hunted at a “deer lease” called “N-word Head”. That’s how prevalent it is here. It’s sad and it shouldn’t be that way, but it’s true.

    • Oh and let me state…if you’re from Texas please don’t hate on me for this. I don’t support this kind of behavior and I fight it as I can. But if you live here, you know I’m telling the truth.

  7. This is not new.. these people play all nice and sweet on their interviews and on “normal” time Big Brother. But.. as soon as it hits sun down, the true thoughts and comments start flying out of their mouths. I agree with the tougher skin comment, weather it was meant to be taken a different way or not. People are so whiny and fragile these day’s, these are just words, words cannot hurt you, We are taught that as children. Sweet and innocent “looking” is nothing, those can be the worst people. Each of us have our own opinions of different people, yes, we ALL judge, yes we ALL profile. No one is better than the next person.

    • I would hardly call people whiny&fragile that cannot stomach to hear these vile comments.It’s out of control and needs to be stopped.You have some kind of nerve to even say such a thing.smfh

    • ‘words can’t hurt you’, maybe not physically but it can still be hurtful. People who say things like that (things like, ‘after all, these are just words’) don’t get it because it wasn’t directed towards them. It’s not ‘whiny and fragile’ if someone gets offended when another says things like, well like what Aaryn and the others said to them and I think it’s really insensitive to try and tell someone how they should feel when you’re not in their shoes.

  8. I think CBS should just show at least 1 clip of Aaryn and Gina being racist/homophobic. The backlash is already ridiculous and people already know.

    • if cbs was gonna step in…it wouldnt have taken a week…but i bet they will catch a bunch of flak over it too

    • GinaMarie said that welfare is just “n***** insurance.”

  9. Sometimes we have to learn our lessons the hard way. I guess Aaryn is about to learn one that she hopefully never forgets.

  10. About time she gets what she desveres. Guess she’ll have a surprise waiting for her when she leaves the house.

  11. I love bb and I’m going to watch no matter what and the beasts will be taken out one by one.
    If mcC is a leader, he will hear soon enough the nastiness since Amanda won’t keep him in hoh.

  12. So its ok for them saying things now in the present but saying racial remarks decades ago will bring hell down on you. Ok, am I the only one this don’t make sense too..

  13. Did they forget there are mics and cameras every where? Well folks after all it is a reality show and the HG’s are being real. But oh are they gonna pay for that once they leave…OUCH!

    • Nope, Aaryn & GM definitely didn’t forget. They spoke to the camera and asked for America’s MVP votes less than 2 minutes before making a series of terrible comments.

  14. I have a feeling the right wingers will make her a cause de celebre and try to vote her as special secret squirrel each week.

  15. CBS is doing worse than not showing her being a racist twit. I think they are trying to build some sort of sympathy for her when David is evicted. How come we didn’t see any of the other hook ups on the show, but we see a sweet little piece on how the two blonds like each other? I think CBS knows that she is the kind of person that gets viewers heated and that’s what they want, for people to talk about the show good or bad.

  16. Since BB added the new twist where viewers vote for MVP every week, I think it’s only fair for CBS to a least air if not all, part of the foul behavior of the HG’s Viewers should know the kind of person they really are before voting.

  17. When Aaryn is eventually evicted she is going to be very shocked when Julie tells her that she has been dropped by her modeling agency. Can’t wait…!

  18. I think she will be absolutely shocked at the backlash. I think they all will be shocked that they will be held accountable by the “America” that they keep turning to the camera and trying to persuade to vote them as MVP. Unfortunately when this happens BB will be over and we will not get to see any of it, so Thanks for the info on Aaryn’s modeling contract. That could be all we get.
    I want to see how Julie talks to them TONIGHT!!

  19. I don’t care for any of these people! Obviously they have forgotten that their every move, every word is captured by at least one camera! In previous seasons, we have seen houseguests feel the burn when they go back to their normal lives and discover that they are being outcast because of who they presented themselves to be on national television. Their parents must be ever so proud of raising racist homophobic and insensitive “adults”.

    • Do you mean Shelly getting death threats because she betrayed Jeff and Jordan and things like that that aired before the BB season ended?
      I just don’t remember much more than that.
      If I am off track, please point me in the right direction.

  20. Its 2013 people!!!! There is no way anyone living in the United States of America doesn’t know that saying this type of comments are dead WRONG!! there are no excuses….Whether you live in Texas, the South or any other place….everyone knows you dont talk that way…..

  21. Little miss perky Aaryn will be in for quite the shock when she shows up at Zephyr Talent and they tell her to leave.

  22. My question is: What I CBS going to do about it? Any network that sees this kind of behavior and does nothing about it is just as guilty as the people behaving this way. Doesn’t CBS make money from the people who subscribe to the live feeds? What if their sponsors decide to drop them because of this behavior? I would think that CBS is considering some kind of reprimand for those who made these remarks. If not, CBS is looking at loosing a lot of viewers and money.

  23. Why is Aaryn taking all of the heat? Spencer and GinaMarie have said far worst things.

  24. Having watched Big Brother each and every episode of each and every season to this point, I just made the decision not to watch this season, after having read the article above. Why? Because some of these people are not worthy to be called human beings. They’re gross, vile, and heartless, not to mention racist, sexist and homophobic.

    It’s just too much for CBS to ask us to lie down next to the underbelly of this venomous snake otherwise known as Big Brother 15. I wish everyone else would join me in my boycott, because my leaving won’t impact the show in any way. But at least my eyes and ears won’t have to put up with all the BS that’s going on in that house.

    • I won’t boycott bc I don’t want bb to end, also this could be a great study a social experiment gone bad. There are some good people on the show still gaming who haven’t gone there: Elissa, Helen, mcC, Candice, Judd, nick and Andy. All of the others have drank the koolade. I would have included Howard but he is in some trouble too.

  25. One down, eight to go. Seriously, Aaryn might be the most overtly hateful in the house, but most of this cast has said horrible things either about race, sex, gender, orientation, or disability and I’d love to see them all get some blowback for it.

  26. Aaryn thinks that she is above everyone. If you listen to her on the feeds , she talks about everyone . She makes me sick!!!!!!

  27. CBS needs to air her comments. They also need to air Jeremy doing what he did to Elissa’s hat. Just as a fellow human being, both of these people are are embarrassing to watch. They need to be held accountable for their actions and their words. Don’t hide it CBS. Man up and show everything.

  28. Did CBS notify here that she has been let go? I know they’re supposed to live in a bubble here…but it seems like something they should let her know about…

  29. If Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlin, GinaMarie win HOH, I am going to throw something at my TV tonight. Please, dear Lord, do not let any of those racists morons win HOH!!

    • GOOD! I hope she and Aaryn get a good hit in the head when they find out racism won’t be tolerated, no matter how cute you think you are.

  30. Has anyone tried to follow Aaryn’s conversations? The word “like” is used so often it’s difficult to understand her point…if there is one. That, coupled with the horrific racist and homophobic comments, makes her one of the worst (and dumbest) houseguests in BB history. GM is just a foul-mouthed, low class clown. David is as dumb as a rock. And Jeremy…well, what he did to Elissa’s cap is just disgusting. CBS needs to tighten up their rules, or start to give out penalties to some of these morons. I hope Elissa, Andy, Candice and Helen prevail in this season.

  31. I don’t understand why CBS doesn’t call all of them into the DR and let them know that the racism needs to stop. I know we have freedom of speech in America but it shouldn’t have to be shown for everyone to see. And it’s a shame that all the talk is about racism and not about playing a game called “Big Brother”.

  32. Aaryn is NOT aware that she lost her contract With Zephyr yet…she will after she gets booted out.

  33. Maybe Allison should pay more attention to who she begs to be on the show,when she digs for people in bars across America.

  34. Why should CBS be getting any blame here? They haven’t aired any racist or otherwise offensive content. All sorts of stuff happens on the live feeds that is not suitable for regular TV. They picked players that have sparked passionate discussion inside and outside of the house and showed only the portions they want to on the air – just like every year.

  35. Its not even the 4th of July, then can scrap this whole house and start with a whole new fresh set of people. I enjoy BB but with the attitudes of these guests it takes away the fun of the show.

  36. it’s sad that this season is full of young, insecure and not-so-bright young folks. I think CBS casted some of them for our personal amusement with the likes of David. This dude and i use that term sincerely is the biggest idiot of all times. no one can be that damn dumb…can they? i really wish CBS would show this stuff on TV so that they can set an example on how big racial and sexual insentivity is still big in the world. to the producers i hope you see that you can’t just throw a bunch of young (some what) pretty folks in a house and think that the world will watch. please do a better job with the casting. i always had interest in this show and wanted to be on it bad, but that has changed over the last few years. heck, anytime you can go into a house and have women claiming and fawning over dudes in two days that is just a mix for trouble. lol. no thanks.

  37. You reap what you sow. :) These nasty girls remind me of the friendship alliance in season 6. They think they’re special and loved, but with this year’s twist, they’ll find out pretty soon that is not the case.

  38. We are forgetting this is a social behavior reality show, this is a peek inside a house full of people with different backgrounds, race, and ages, hint the title BB. What makes the show interesting, is the fact that cameras are rolling and they forget, and we get to see the true person. Big Brother, is America.

  39. I really hope julie asks Aaryn about all the racist comments that she made, especially the asian ones. lol cant wait!

  40. Racial and homophobic comments aside, this cast for the most part has no respect for each other, and clearly whomever their role models have been forgot to teach them civility and to respect everyone’s ethnicity and personal choices. Even if the show is supposed to represent people “as they really are”, I can’t imagine this is how they act in their personal lives with their families and friends, but maybe it is – and how sad is that? It’s a shame that BB15 Alison didn’t try to select a little more carefully. We are not watching strategic game play. We are watching bigots and personal attacks. They have lots to learn as they go forward in life. Too bad.

  41. Paula Deen is being dragged thru the MUD over something that happened 27 years ago, that she OWNED UP TO.. but CBS is going to let this ugly hateful AARYN stay?? oh what a world we live in

  42. Why is the standard for the HG different from that of Paula Deen. If your going to hold Paula accountable for something she said 30 years ago, then the same should be applied to BB. So many young people these days are rude and disrespectful. Are you so perfect that you have no flaw’s? Everyone has flaw’s and everyone has feeling’s. If everyone would show a little more compassion to other’s instead of putting them down, this world might be a better place.

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