Big Brother 15: Counting The Vote In Week 11.5

Game Over, McCrae

There’s just one vote during this round of Big Brother 15 voting and that makes for a short discussion but a very important one. This decision will take the game from Final Four down to the Final Three where the remaining HGs will face off in three challenges. Make the wrong pick at this stage and you could sink your game. Choose wisely and you could guarantee yourself a spot in the finale.

As it stands right now with Spencer and McCrae on the block the only vote during tonight’s live eviction show will be cast by GinaMarie. Andy decided to keep her off the block this round and since he has the Veto in his pocket the choice is his to make on keeping her there.

I do not expect Andy to make a swap of the nominees at this point. Spencer is up there for the 8th time, further sealing his Big Brother record, and with the Exterminators holding strong I don’t think he’s worried about his situation.

Since the Exterminators are sticking together when that single vote is cast I believe GinaMarie will vote out McCrae. Andy, GinaMarie, and Spencer all discussed the “when do we tell him” aspect of the situation last night and it was agreed that once the lockdown in HoH was over they would let him know. This move lets them avoid being trapped in a room with an agitated opponent while still letting McCrae know far enough in advance that he can prepare to exit the game.

Now that we’ve discussed what will happen it’s worth looking at what should happen. Andy has his range of choices here. He could save any of the other three HGs and then hope they’d do as he asked for the eviction.

Saving McCrae could be a risky move. The Jury likes McCrae and he’s got a strong supporter there in Amanda. I wouldn’t want to go to the Final Two against him if I was any of the Exterminators. Considering McCrae’s streak of competition wins and ability to hold out in several of the endurance battles he could be a real challenge to eliminate if they don’t take the opportunity now.

If Andy were to leave GinaMarie safe or swap Spencer out with her I think both of those two would do well to evict McCrae. Spencer and GinaMarie’s best shot at winning is against each other rather than McCrae or Andy and with Andy safe as HoH their only option is McCrae.

One way or the other, McCrae is heading to Jury tonight. Honestly, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for him. I wouldn’t have minded him getting to F2 at all, but his choice to isolate himself for most the season with Amanda and sleep the weeks away hurt him. While he slept next to Amanda the Exterminators were formed without him.

Perhaps McCrae would have left much sooner without collateral safety from Amanda’s strong arm tactics, but those may have only extended his stay. He won when he needed to for several rounds, but as Frank showed last year, one false step and you’re toast.

Who do you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother? Vote in the poll!



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  1. McCrae should go. He is likable enough but stuck behind Amanda too long. He could have taken a moment out now and then to talk to everyone. Then I think Spencer and Gina Marie should take each other to the finals. What a strange final 2 that would be.

    • Anyone but Andy. Andy has won HOH and POV the biggest threat at this time in the house. Get rid of him make a strong move, now or never put two brain cells together.

      • But it would be very, very sweet if Andy went out in the F3, missing all the cash. I’m praying for that.

      • I think everyone is praying for that. Please let Andy be the one to go after this week. Cry baby rat!

      • Would be perfect for him to go out in final 3 after winning HOH and POV. No money and also to lose Americas Favorite Player. Well deserved. Also a warning to future players like him.

  2. I guess he can go back to sleeping the rest of the summer away with Amanda…why did Andy have to win HOH. I was so hoping this would be his week to go.

  3. mccrae needs to hook up with ginamarie as you know rat boy is taking nose picker – she can vote out spencer tonight then have gm & mccrae final 2 –
    that would be GREAT!!!

    • No because Amanda will bully jury into voting pizza boy the money. He did nothing the whole game but sleep, hide out and have sex. He didn’t earn the right to win anything.

      • So winning 2 HOH’s and 3 POV’s doesn’t count? He has won more challenges than anyone left in the game. And never stooped to the level Amanda did.

      • Yeah in one week he decided to play. He hid behind Amanda the entire game and didn’t even make one decision. She ran the whole show. He realizes he screwed his whole game all for a little sex with a disgusting bossy witch. Hopefully he will pay the price for being lazy and be booted out today.

  4. Outside of the house Karma is going to be hell for these people. Hope Andy gets the worst of it as a rat. Well deserved for showing the kind of people you were.

    • I don’t know Richard. I kept raising the point a couple weeks back that many people have fallen into the ”good guy” and ”bad guy” trap from this season. Aaryn, who was horrible in her attitude at times seems to be getting 80% of the heat for her character weakness, but the combination of GM, Spencer, and Amanda seem to be getting a little (and I mean barely talked about) attention for their disgusting words & actions. Why? Because Julie Chen and the editing team decided that they didn’t want to show or highlite their words & actions. A total abuse of power which in my opinion speaks to how low the producers have sunk this season. I can already imagine how many people will comment: ”Yeah but what Amanda, Spencer, and GM did wasn’t as bad as what Aaryn did!” (really? Check out all 4 of their youtube clips and come back after comparing)…

      • Production has to step up their game and have more control over bad behavior and cheating and less control over the direction the game is going with all their fake votes and “twist’s” that they dream up which obviously benefit specific HG’s. A new casting department is a must as well as a new producer (bye bye Alison Groedner).

  5. Wow I can’t believe this final 3. The “Pig”, the “Rat” and the “Racist”. I really don’t care who wins at this point. Very disappointing ending to a disappointing season. I guess if I had to pick one I would pick GM. I want Andy gone at 3 and watch him cry like a baby. Boo Hoo I was so close. The only thing about that is now only one of those 3 go through the Julie interview and I really wanted her to interview Spencer.

    • Yeah, I am with you. Out of who’s left I am hoping Gina Marie wins it all. At least she has tried her best in comps and does pretty well in them. Andy and Spencer both turn my stomach. Hopefully lazy McCrae isn’t even in the equation after tonight.

    • Seeing how their ‘sins’ weren’t as talked about by Julie on national tv interviews and on ”The Talk”, I think Julie would continue her hypocrisy and just make a quick reference like: ”Wow, so some things were said that were hard to hear….oh well, tell me about how happy you are to see your friends and family soon?”

    • Which reminds me, I read on another site that Spencer and Marilyn ad not really seeing each other anymore. I read they actually were taking a break from each other after she left him before he went to sequester before the show. I imagine after seeing hm on the show she will probably consider dumping him altogether.

    • gina marie needs the money since she has lost her job and no one will never want to hire her, rat boy needs the money to get out of his garanimal clothes, and spencer needs a nose picking and ball scratcher machine

    • Julie’s interviews have been very lame and tame after ripping Aaryn a new one. Guess Julie and CBS are a little hesitant now with the impending lawsuits.

  6. Assuming McCrae goes tonight I believe I can pick the winners now.
    Final two pairings
    Spencer vs GM= GM winner in 5 to 2 only McRanda voting for Spencer
    Andy vs GM or Spencer= sorry guys but in this pairing I see Andy winning 4 to 3 or 5 to 2 Amanda Ellisa and perhaps but only perhaps McCrae voting against him

    • There are nine jurors not 7.
      I agree Spencer doesn’t beat GM or the Rat.
      GM vs. The Rat would be interesting, I think that the Rat would win but with as emotional the people on the jury have played it wouldn’t surprise me if GM beat the Rat.

      • Oops sorry on the count but the numbers of dissenting votes are pretty solid. Perhaps GM and Spencer realize the jury’s likely votes if they do they should evict Andy if either wins final two, I do think Spencer is playing for second place

  7. Hopefully on the night of the finale, Amanda is told that the viewers put her up for evection because other than that and to see the look on the faces of Amanda and Andy when Elissa wins America’s vote I don’t care which one of these people win after McCrae is voted out tonight.

    • The feeds are back only Andy is sitting up in bed listening to musica while everyone else sleeps. ATTENTION CBS! I will send you $10 right now to watch 1 hour of the jury house tonight instead of the “Live” show.

  8. I have no desire to finish watching this season, and will decide next season if it is worth my time to ever watch again.

  9. I guess I would pull for Spencer. Other two (GM and Andy) hasn’t done anything to merit much. Spencer dodged now 8 bullets. Being on the eviction seat makes anybody crazy but give Spencer credit for keeping his cool everytime.

    • Gina Maria said some disgusting comments, but not as bad as Spencer. I believe she has played a better
      game than the floater Spencer. I should say her comments were no worse than Spensers. And Andy just makes me cringe.

  10. This sucks….I really wanted Mcrae to win that veto. I hate the other 3. This is actually ONE TIME where I’d actually like to see production step in and do there “magic”…lol.

  11. For the longest time. Many people on these comments were speculating that there was a fix in place for Amanda to win. I think this was a distraction to the real fix that CBS has in place for the very first Gay man to win. This makes much more sense for the new generation of inclusiveness and social justice.

    • Not for sure if he doesn’t win final hoh the other two should realize he beats them in the jury and send him stepping if they don’t or he wins hoh yeah he wins I think

      • But if Spencer wins HOH he’s taking Andy not GinaMarie!!! Between Spencer and Andy the Jury will vote for Andy!!!

      • He may do that but logically he should not, but them again I don’t know I think Spencer loses to either GM or Andy really

      • Spencer is a knuckled dragging, mouth breathing, nose picking Neanderthal. I pray he doesn’t win. I want Gina!

      • Agree about Spencer, out of the three I feel Andy is the best to win because he played both sides till they (exterminators) got McCrae out!! GinaMarie doesn’t deserve it same with Spencer!!!

  12. Julie Chen should be fired for making Aaryn Gries the Big Brother racist. Shame on CBS for allowing this to happen.

      • Sounds like a bit of sarcasm from Brian… but yes, she was projected (and supposed?) to be the All American Girl (pretty blonde with blue eyes, adorable personality, every guy wants her…etc) BUT they got a spoiled rotten self-entitled girl with some racist indoctrination. Now as bad as that is (and it’s bad), how much worse is it for Big Brother to play the role of bully (while saying they are taking a stand against something)?

      • I to think BB is at fault bad casting and then pointing out Aaryn’s vile comments and some of GM’s but not showing other hg’s racist and misogyistic remarks. All of the house guests including Ellisa have said either racist, misogyinistic or mean things about fellow houseguest I say it is the worst cast ever bar none

      • And here’s the funny thing Jeff. At the beginning of this season, the people that ended up being the most heinous in their offenses, were originally cast as ”the good guys” when compared to the ”bad guys” like Jeremy & Crew!

    • Julie Chen has no say who get on the show. She is only the host it’s the producer of the show who say get on the and if someone is doing something bad

  13. Howdy Doody was a puppet but his lookalike Andy is the Puppeteer.Google HOWDY DOODY to see the resemblence..

  14. On the finale, we need Donald Trump to come on and say “You’re Fired!” to all the five fired HG’s. Worst season ever!

  15. GM should turn the tables right now, vote out Spencer, break up the last couple, there is no way Spencer or Andy take her to the F2. The look on both of their faces would be priceless. I believe she wins against Mcrae or Andy, but if she doesn’t get rid of Spencer now, she might not get to the F2.

    • I haven’t seen any evidence this game that she’d make such a move. It would be smart, but I don’t see it happening.

  16. I do hope they all get a big boooooooooooooo!!! from the live audience, when they exit, and look at their confused faces, what I thought I was your favorite.

  17. If I were McCrae, I would lay everything out on the line. If Andy makes the Final 2, he will win. Would she rather compete with Spencer to get GM out (which wouldn’t happen because Spencer intends to go with Andy, I think) or with McCrae, who has shown the past couple of weeks that he can win competitions. To make things clearer, I would tell GM that I will throw her the first part of the final HOH, which is always endurance, as soon as Andy drops. From all we’ve seen, GM and McCrae are probably better suited for this competition than Andy. I’m not sure if I would actually throw it, but I think I would be able to convince GM that I would. In any event, if I were McCrae, I would trust that I could beat Andy in the second part skill. I would be afraid of Andy in the final round, but not in the second. At that point, I would tell GM let the best person win, and that he would DEFINITELY take her, which he would because he has a better chance of beating GM than Andy.

    This all might be a moot point because she seems to be incredibly loyal to the Exterminators, but it is the only chance he has of staying.

  18. This is now Andy’s game to lose. If the final 2 is GM and Spencer, then OMG….How the heck they got this far is beyond me…

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