Big Brother 15 Episode 31: Week 10 Live Double Eviction, Veto, & HoH Results

Big Brother 15 Double Eviction

Tonight on Big Brother 15 we’re in for a very special treat with a Double Eviction heading our way where not one, but two Houseguests will be evicted by the end of the night. This is going to be a huge episode! Join us on Facebook and Twitter right now for updates!

I’ll be updating this post here with the live eviction, HoH, nomination, and Veto results as it’s revealed on the show. Have your Live Feeds ready to go because after the broadcast is over the Feeds come back! Not signed up yet? Get the 2-day Free Trial now!

Big Brother Live Feeds

Meanwhile, join us in the Big Brother chat room as we watch tonight’s live show!

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Live Eviction voting:

  • Judd: evict Amanda
  • McCrae: evict Spencer
  • Elissa: evict Spencer
  • Andy: evict Amanda

It’s a tie! 2-2. Time for a tie-breaker vote from GinaMarie.

GinaMarie votes and… Amanda “get to stepping.” Amanda is evicted!

There were some boo’s in the audience. Amanda responds with “so, I guess some of you don’t like me.” Amanda doesn’t know if it was Elissa or Andy who flipped on her. As she left the house Amanda told Andy “I thought I could trust you.” She tells Julie that was to help/cover him so Spencer didn’t come after him.

During the goodbye messages Amanda learns that Elissa did vote to keep her and Andy flipped. Her mouth drops when he reveals the Exterminator alliance to her.

Big Brother 15 Week 10.5 HoH Competition – ‘Give A Dog A Bone’:

HGs must dig up two bones from their dog kennel and be the first to bring them back to win the next HoH.

McCrae finds the first bone! Elissa gets the next bone. Then Judd.

McCrae finds the second bone! He is the new Head of Household!

I’d expect Elissa & GM to go up on the block. If that happens & noms stand then Elissa will be evicted.

Big Brother 15 Week 10.5 Nominations Ceremony:

  • Nominated: Elissa
  • Nominated: GinaMarie

Called it. Now let’s see what happens at the Veto competition. If Elissa wins then she’ll stay, otherwise she’s going to be evicted in a few minutes.

Big Brother 15 Week 10.5 Veto Competition – ‘The BB 500’:

This is set up just like last season’s Veto comp where Ian won and secured his safety from a blindside. HGs have to navigate a toy car through a track maze.

Andy has a big lead but then everyone other than GM is catching up. GM ends up all the way back at the beginning. It’s very close for the rest.

  • Judd wins! He came out of nowhere and pull off the win.

I doubt Judd will change the nominations as they can keep the Exterminators together and send Elissa to Jury tonight.

Big Brother 15 Week 10.5 Veto Ceremony:

  • Judd announces that he will not use the Veto.

Either Elissa or Elissa will be evicted tonight. Oops, I mean Elissa or Elissa. Wait, I did it again.

Big Brother 15 Week 10.5 Live Eviction voting:

  • Spencer: evict Elissa
  • Judd: evict Elissa
  • That’s enough votes. Elissa has been evicted.
  • Andy: evict Elissa

By a vote of 3-0, Elissa has been evicted from Big Brother 15!

Julie reveals next Wednesday will be a special eviction episode followed by another live eviction show on Thursday. We’re getting down to the wire here!

The Feeds will be back quickly and the HGs will have to soon compete in the next HoH. If you sign-up for the Live Feeds you can watch them prepare with the 2-day Free Trial.

What do you think of tonight’s Big Brother results with the double eviction? The second HoH competition is expected to be played out later tonight. We’ll be watching the Feeds for spoilers on who wins and becomes the next Head of Household!

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    • well that didn’t happen…MAN that McRae is a dumbo…he cant play without his skank beside him…

      • That is a fair assessment of Amanda. She came into this game engaged. Slipped into the bed of McCrae the first week. Had sex all over the house, ran around with hardly a stitch of band aids on and was shown showering with McCrae on national TV. No one adored McCrae the first week. Come on, she was clinging to power for her self. So skank she is!!!!

      • Using that logic, is it safe to your an illiterate? Seeing how all your posts are devoid of punctuation?

      • What? Chris, I didn’t realize we were in English class where we are graded on our punctuations or grammar. Come to think about it I am very intelligent thank you. You on the other hand, I’m not to sure. Why don’t you stick to the topic anyway, Big Brother 15 and Amanda as a skank. Okay!!!

      • The topic, as most topics not expressly stated is subjective. To I the topic was not to judge people based solely upon perception. Are you intelligent? I have no idea, I don’t know you. Although one could take your deplorable spelling and punctuation, as evidence to the contrary. Therefore I must wonder, how is someone judging your intelligence, based on perception, any different then you judging someones virtues based upon the same logic?

      • An apt retort to something posted on a public forum is hardly bullying. In fact I in no form whatsoever mead any disparaging remarks towards you. In fact to quote YOUR previous post….in referring to my intelligence, and this is quoting you verbatim. “as to you I’m not so sure” “skank” ect. Perhaps it is you who are the bully, no?. .

      • I am! I call it like I read it. Amanda is an attractive girl. These people hate Amanda for what reason? She is playing game. Did Sandie Simpson sound nice when she called Amanda a skank! so big bro disapponitment I don’t care what you think “boo hoo” you think I am nasty and mean! HAHAHAHAHAHAH loser!

      • GM told him who to nominate knowing she had the votes to stay, she said she was going after Elissia this week because she voted for Amanda to stay, I am waiting for Weasel andy to fiip on GM, and cry when she leaves like he did all the others. he creeps me out i wonder if he and spencer have something going on just saying

  1. Don’t know if you’ll be able se that but worth it:

    twitter dot com/ChrissyChriss2/status/375778973076045824/photo/1

  2. At least when Amanda goes she won’t get a chance to come back. It will be interesting if McCrae or Elissa win the second HOH.

  3. My obsession with tjoa show actually got me out of work on time. Elisa better not get evicted or it will be a waste.

  4. Judd vote to evict Amanda

    McCrea vote to evict Spencer

    Elissa vote to evict Spencer

    Andy vote to evict Amanda

    2-2 tie

    GM vote to evict Amanda (Amanda is evicted)

  5. Well now the interview I’ve been waiting for. the look on the rats face. Want to slap him.

  6. Happy dance! Amanda is evicted! Jump…jump…jump around…jump up and get down :) 2 to 2 vote GM broke the tie.

  7. GM: I love you both. Nothing personal. Amanda get to stepping. Amanda upon leaving asked the rat, I thought I could trust you. The rat said you could.

  8. What Amanda is just said I am not a bully??? Then Just retracted I did bully Elissa, then drove the bus right back over Elissa.

  9. That RAT ANDY, needs to go next. Such a RAT…then he cries every time he votes someone out…so fake

  10. Where are all the conspiracy theorists? I wonder if they know the predetermined winner was evicted.

  11. I don’t think McCrae believes Elissa’s vote was for Amanda but I’m hoping he realizes and puts up Andy and GM or Andy and anyone but Elissa.

  12. Hope Elissa wins veto and Andy gets put up in her place, that little ginger weasel should just go.

  13. If Elissa leaves there’s truly no one left to root for. Maybe Judd, but meh he was evicted for being an idiot.

  14. Andy made the right call flipping and I would have done the same. If he stayed in an alliance with McCrae and Amanda, he would come in 3rd

  15. never been a Elissa fan, but im rooting hard for her, not like winning POV will send Andy out, they will just put up Spencer…..again!

  16. I don’t understand why he wants to get rid of elissa I mean she was the one who wanted to save amanda

  17. If Elissa doesn’t win Veto and she gets evicted I’m literally not watching the rest of the season. Done deal.

  18. Well will see if Judd and Elissa are working together. I never thought they were but we’ll see.

    • McCrae can’t win next HoH. But they may send GM next week unless she saves herself. Then will be McCrae.

  19. Ugh, Judd’s not going to use it so bye, bye Elissa. This means I am literally done with BB this year. It’s basically un-watchable once Elissa leaves.

  20. I think Judd will use the veto on Elissa. I will tell you why if he does. I don’t want to embarrass myself telling my theory if it he doesn’t.

  21. Goodbye Elissa, lets see who’s left: Amanda’s bitch, mega clinger, the ginger weasel, an evictee, a man who jokes about child pornography. Wow, just wow.

  22. Well, Andy did end up being different then any other gay guy on BB. And that isn’t a good thing.

    • I would rather watch paint dry well I hope maybe see u talk to u next season I cant watch this anymore

  23. well I guess maybe I will see you next season I am done cant watch this bunch of idiots anymore see ya later

  24. LOL!!! McCrea is getting out the only other person who voted to KEEP Amanda. Talk about delusional. This guy is oblivious. Props to Andy for manipulating this sucker.

  25. 6 women in the jury house………..the reanimated zombie company lives. If Andy makes it to the end he wins easily.

  26. I’m sure McCrae is only targeting Elissa being of his petty disdain of her, at least this disgusting man will be gone next Thursday.

  27. Elissa made a good point. “GM has more jury votes” I hope they realize it and vote out GM but I doubt it.

  28. Elissa is evicted. Well, all the conspiracy theories about BB are done.
    Wake me up when Survivor is on.

  29. McCrae just made the dumbest move ever… Elissa would have been the only person to work with him and now he has no one. The “Exterminators” are going to get him out as he has no chance to play for HOH. What an idiot…

    • So much for all this “McCrea is a Big Brother wiz”. What a sucker. He got PLAYED by Andy and has no idea.

      • He has a good shot of winning it so he probably will but if he doesn’t he’ll be seeing Amanda next Wednesday.

  30. I will see all of you on finale night for AFP.

    With Elissa gone, I no longer care about the rest of th season.

  31. Done with the season and probably done with the show. Cancel BB and use the money to make better tv show for cbs.

  32. I hope the next evictions go like this: McCrae (for making a Marcellas move), then Spencer (because he’s Spencer), and finally Andy (for the irony of him placing 3rd). But, I don’t know who I’d want to win because Judd was evicted and GM is, well, GM.

    • GM has said every offensive thing in the book and Judd uses the C-word like it’s salt and is a certifiable idiot for making almost the same effin’ mistakes that got him sent out in the first place.

      Really doesn’t matter which one wins, cause they’re both terrible.

      • No, now we’ll hear that they had to let Amanda get evicted because ‘everyone’ knew that she was placed on BB15 to win.

      • Really, I’m just saying what will be said. I did not say I thought the game was rigged. However, being that no reality game show is completely real it wouldn’t surprise me.

        Oh, BTW, how does it feel to be fan of a team that is worse than the Chiefs.

  33. mcCrae has a good chance to win the veto………..there’s no one left that is good at competitions

    i just want andy and gm out before final 2 then i can cope with whoever wins

  34. Well I’m anxious to see him lie on the feeds. Bet the feeds are going to be boring now. A fat pig that does nothing, a dimwit blonde, a rat that weasels and lies his way out of everything, Judd that clings to everyone and a hippie that doesn’t have a clue. Real exciting final 5. Good job BB.

  35. This show sucks big time. Hope no one wins this one. They are all losers. I’m sick of this show.

  36. just think of all that eye candy we have to look at in the house……oh wait….it’s just GM? (Barfs)

    • You can blame it on McCrae, but Elissa was the true moron. Elissa didn’t even try to convince him that she voted to keep Amanda because she thought McCrae voted out Amanda. Why would she ever think that.

  37. I think instead of kissing McCrae goodbye Amanda should have told him to put Andy up…since he doesn’t have a mind of his own. Oh well…I’ll just skip until finale night to see which loser is awarded a prize that they don’t deserve.

  38. Well, BB just coming on here now. Don’t think I will torture myself and watch. Thanks for all the updates!

    How long til survivor?

  39. I was worried about being out of town on the 18th but not any more…..there isn’t one “decent” person left in the house. The comments allowed this year have been horrendous. I am surprised Julie Chen and her husband have let themselves be party to it. Yes, I have watched every season but I have not heard the widespread bigotry that has prevailed this season and I am really disappointed in Big Brother and CBS for allowing that kind of behavior to go on without consequence. For all the talk of “penalty nominations” not once did management follow through and without follow through it appears CBS “approved” of the behavior.

  40. This is the first Big Brother were all the floaters made it to the end. All the big players have been voted out. So based on who played the best big brother floater – Andy… I hate it but Andy played the whole house. He is not my choice because my choice was voted out but who played the best game by doing nothing “Andy”. Sucks I hate when a floater wins Big Brother…..

      • This is true but from what I can see the only people who can win anything are GM, McRae and Judd. Andy and Spencer suck. The problem is they want to get rid of McRae because he is not an exterminator. Then they are going to get rid of GM because she is a girl. There you go Judd who was already voted out. I believe if he wins this that would make up for everything because after leaving the game and then being put right back in the house to win is a true moment.

    • He’s the only one who has a justification for getting this far, I have to give him that. GM latched onto everyone and then did big moves when people paved a flashy path for her to do them, Judd’s an idiot, Spencer has done nothing except play Pro Pawn all season, and McCrae kept himself strapped in the Amanda Train rather than making his own moves.

  41. Elissa proved how completely stupid and clueless she is tonight….she really thought McCrae voted out Amanda???

    All Elissa had to do was go to McCrae and promise with everything she had that Andy was the one who voted out Amanda, and made a deal with him. It’s really not that hard Elissa!

  42. I don’t get how McCrae and Elissa didn’t get the hint when Amanda yelled at Andy before she left. To quote her, “I thought I could trust you!”

  43. Andy and Judd speaking bad about Elissa saying she doesn’t deserve to Win…come on guys you finally got her out so stop talking bad about her…these ppl are morons…Spencer saying he will kill himself if America votes and give her to get the 25K

  44. Julie gave Amanda an “out” when she said is this how you are in real life? Of course Amanda is going to say no. She definitely DID NOT”let her have it” like she did with Aaron. Softballed

  45. Beyond thrilled about Amanda! But, Elissa No. Wish McCrae had gone next. Sick of him too! Let the rest duke it out. Love Judd! Wish he’d win!!!!

  46. Well that’s it. No one left that I want to win or even watch. McCrae is so stupid. Couldn’t he see that Andy was being way over the top with his amazement that Ananda was voted out? I thought it looked like amauture hour in drama class myself. Now McCrea is going up next and will leave if he doesn’t get the veto. I predict that the rat will now win it. Makes me sick to my stomach!!!

    • It worked on Elissa…she thought McCrae voted out Amanda.

      I mean really??? It doesn’t even make sense, Elissa!

      • Yeah I know Elissa wasn’t the brightest of the bunch biting still liked her better then the rest. The others are just a bunch of slobs and are some of the most horrible people I have ever seen. I guess the only one left I halfway like is Judd but he will be leaving soon anyway. It’s McCrea or Judd going next and then all that’s left is the pig, the rat and burping psycho stalker.

  47. Thank goodness there is Thursday nite football…I let my colleague talk me into watching this…never again. These people r despicable. A prime example of being raised by wolves.

  48. A rat A rooster A dog & A sheep one of these schleppers will win $ 500,000 This is the worst season of Big Brother I have ever watched..

  49. OMG!! A HOUSE FULL OF DINKY WINKIES…..My IQ has dropped an extra 5 points over the pass week watching these idiots!!. I’m done watching…I don’t want to end up like the six remaining dimwits!!! I’m going to read a book now.

  50. Im not watching this show anymore. Everyone on here is disgusting, terrible, or a downright floater. I only liked Elissa. It’s really sad how a big group of floaters or the “exterminators” are all thats left. I cant wait to see Andy get evicted. Hopefully he will cry. The only person I would want to see in final two is Mccrae and GM. But even…..they suck.

  51. Andy might fall over and die from laughter when he hears that Elissa thinks McCrae voted out Amanda……..good grief

  52. McCrae is a moron. Unbelievable! Andy and Spencer could wind up in Final 2! I hate this bunch but, I want McCrae and Judd evicted! Hopefully, Judd or McCrae is next evicted!

    • I’m pretty sure it was dumber, he effectively got rid of his only possible ally most likely because of his petty disdain for anyone that “doesn’t need the money”

    • It was a huge waste for him to get rid of Elissa when she voted to save Amanda as promised. McCrae is too dumb to consider that Andy has betrayed him! He or Judd will be next not that it matters now! Andy will make it to Final 2 and Judd and McCrea both will still not have a clue!

  53. Can we have the broadcast of the jury house for the rest of the season cause nobody care now who will win, will be more exiting watching the jury

  54. How came GM keep talking about everybody being on their own when you are in an alliance….DUH!!! you are not alone.

    • Hoping for a tie. I really don’t like Wes Welker. or, as Mayor Thomas M. Menino would say, “Wes Wekler”

      • Not even kidding about that. Google “meninoisms.” He confused Jason Varitek (MLB, Red Sox) with Adam Vinatieri (NFL, Patriots) [both “formerly” of those teams]; he called Rajon Rondo “Hondo,” Kevin Garnett “KJ,” Rob Gronkowski “Grabowski,” Vince Wilfork “Vincent Wilcock”…

      • My favorite one was when he mentioned “Varitek splitting the uprights” amongst great moment’s in Boston’s sporting history. He also tried to reference Lyndon B. Johnson when he said he wasn’t going to run for either a Senate seat or President, I forget which. He of course badly bungled the quote.

  55. Julie’s interview with Amanda was horrible. Why is it that Aaryn is getting so much heat for what she said and Amanda gets away with everything except for the Elissa bullying.

      • Amanda got what she deserved. No one cares about anything negative she said, regarding racism, sex, etc. They only wanted to see her get asked about the bullying. And Julie hit her on that.

        The difference between Amanda and Aaryn is that Amanda knew she’d be asked about it, and she was prepared to answer the questions. Unlike Aaryn, she didn’t deny it. That’s why it came off as soft. If she’d been defensive, everyone would be talking about how Julie had killed her, as she had Aaryn.

        Which again proves my point that Amanda was playing a game, and she knew exactly what she was doing. She admitted when she went too far, but she did it for a reason.

  56. People are calling McCrae an idiot, but he had every reason to believe that Elissa cast the vote for Amanda. Andy did his lie and acted shocked, while Elissa didn’t even try to convince him of her vote.

    Elissa is the true idiot for thinking McCrae voted out Amanda (which is why she didn’t try to convince him of her vote to keep Amanda). As a result, McCrae thought Elissa had just backstabbed him.

  57. Spencer is disgusting, GM is crazy, Andy is annoying as f*ck, McRae is going home unless he wins veto. Guess I’ll root for Judd.

    • He was already evicted though, and he’s playing the same game that got him evicted. I see Judd getting 4th as Andy and Spencer have already decided that he’s the next target after McCrae.

    • I hope Judd gets evicted next! He is a dumbass and has betrayed Elissa who was loyal to him! Andy and Spencer will evict him and he will not have a clue!

      • Judd already betrayed Elissa by that time! Also, Elissa kept Judd safe when she was HOH! In any case, Spencer and Andy will see to it Judd is evicted and Judd will never figure it out because he is that dumb! McCrae is just as dumb not to figure out that Andy has betrayed him until now!

      • Probably all true. I think she made the move because she felt she didn’t have anyone. I was just saying that her loyalties were available. They have all played a very strange game. There is honestly nobody left that I can back.

  58. Well the big brother house is going to be extremely boring now.
    I’d be content with just watching all the drama that will go down once Amanda and Elissa enter the jury house.

  59. Funny how a group calling themselves the exterminators have a rat in their group. Honestly none of the remaining floaters, i mean houseguest deserve to win. Spencer has done nothing all season but set a BB record for getting nominated, Andy has done nothing but lie all season, GM did 1 big move and has obsessed over Nick all season and Judd has just shifted alliances all season. I’d rather watch the Jury House now.

    • I honestly hate Andy. Even though I know what he did was a brilliant strategical move — tell Amanda his vote is yours when it’s not so you can blame the “stray vote” on Elissa to McCrae. Brilliant — I still hate him.

      • The move was only brilliant because he faked out Elissa as well into thinking McCrae voted out Amanda, which I don’t even think was intended by Andy.

        Elissa is so dumb. :(

      • No Andy is an excellent liar. But how stupid is he to admit to to Amanda in his goodbye message that he voted against her. Does he really think she would give him the money now.

      • Even if he did not admit it, the DVD that Elissa brings to the jury house will show how Andy voted! That does not lie!

      • I don’t think that’s on the DVD, but I could be wrong. I think it’s just the comps. They won’t show anything private, which the vote is.

      • Actually even if Elissa wasn’t an idiot the move was brilliant. He made sure that McCrae still trusts him AND affirmed his loyalty to the exterminators. So he’ll be sitting pretty into the F4 because GM is going to target McCrae.

  60. To all the people saying that BB was rigged for Amanda and Elissa for final two, I say this: WHERE IS YOUR PRODUCTION NOW? If Floater Andy makes it to the end, I will only be watching BB Canada.

  61. The only reason I want GM too make it to the end is the fact that she did the only possible big move. Spencer has a record for being nominated, Andy wasted his HOH on Jessie to appease Amanda, Judd continues to play the game that evicted him, and McCrae has no game and is getting 5th anyway.

  62. Tweet from Big Brother Network:

    “The upcoming HoH comp will be a battle of “who can throw this the least.” Watch GM get this again when the guys all throw it”

  63. Judd wasn’t faking it, he just said:

    “people watching the feeds know Elissa is looney tunes and has a personality of a fish.

    What a gentleman.

    • Judd the dumbass was already evicted for his stupidity! He will get a 2nd chance to be evicted again for Judd 2.0, Double Dumb!

  64. Elissa was decent at competitions, but she was probably the dumbest person on the show and very stuck up. If she wasn’t related to Rachel, she wouldn’t have a single fan here.

    • I am going to get some hate for this Linda but you are absolutely correct. Also she said a lot of mean things too but her fans just over looked them

  65. These people forget that the show ends but their comments are forever and the group of BB 15 their words will follow them the rest of their life. Like I said Elissa left with her dignity self respect and can return to her family & life with few/few regrets. But the rest won’t be that lucky their lives are forever tainted.

    • Exactly! Jeff, Jordan, Dan, even Evil Dick (who was a bully) were never open racist on the show. Lying and backstabbing is part of BB, Racism is not!

  66. To put things into perspective, I wish Candice won instead of Judd. She was much more intuitive in the game and she wouldn’t have worked with Andy or Spencer. And, McCranda would’ve been left with the same fate.

  67. Didn’t McCrae tell Amanda he wasn’t sure Andy would follow thru to vote for Amanda? Then he has a chance to nominate him and instead he puts up Elissa? Not only did Amanda wear the pants in that relationship, but she also had the brain in it.

    • If he was unsure of the vote he should have put up Andy and Elissa. He wanted GM because she nominated them.

    • Elissa didn’t even try to convince McCrae that she voted to keep Amanda, while Andy acted shocked. Why did Elissa think McCrae voted out Amanda??? McCrae had every reason to believe Elissa lied based on their actions.

      McCrae therefore put up GM and Elissa because based on the info. he had, that is who he thought was responsible for taking out Amanda. Elissa needed to convince him that she voted for Amanda, but instead she believed that was useless because in her dumb mind she thought McCrae voted her out.

    • Anyone watching McCrae the two days he was head of household week one b4 he started his showmance should remember how completely inept he was at playing this game

  68. Is a HOH going to take place tonight. Don’t even know why I want to know this. My meds haven’t kicked in yet.

  69. Well this proves it wasn’t rigged because this remaining crew is not good for ratings. I think production does put things in their heads though. I hope Gina Marie and Andy are F2 only because they have played the best game of those left.

    Also very disappointed with Amanda’s interview. I don’t think Aayrn’s mom is pleased either.

      • Yes none of the remaining ones impresses me much but if I had to choose it would be those 2. Agree that Amanda, Gina Marie, and Spencer should all be called on their comments.

  70. May I remind everyone that floating is a legitimate strategy if performed correctly. That being said, only Jun Song has done that.

  71. Judd did have F2 with Elissa, he made deal with others to throw them off. Then when he found out what she was doing he was pissed. She did it to herself. He might could have saved her if she hadn’t went with Amanda. He told her his goal was to get McRanda out first.

    • He had a final two with Elissa, he should have, at least, tried to talk he out of doing so. Judd was in an alliance with the Exterminators and that was his only alliance.

      • He made one with her his first night back in the house. They agreed then to act like they didn’t like each other and keep apart. He made second alliance later. That’s bad thing with feeds. It’s hard to follow 4 cameras at same time. ring that one.

  72. GM packing Elissa’s. the other 4 bozo in the kitchen having an Elissa’s bashing session. What a bunch of moron.

  73. Cant believe they didnt choose to show the best fight of the season.

    Im rooting for GM to win because Andy is a horrible rat, Spencer is pathetic, Mccrae is a pussy and Judd returned after being evicted.

  74. So happy with the 2 people evicted tonight! It couldn’t have happened to a 2 nicer people (lol). My only hope know is that America isn’t stupid enough to vote Elissa as there favorite player of the season and give her that money!

  75. Definitely done with the live feeds. Between Andy and Spencer i cannot bear listening to another word that comes out of these cretins mouths. How manly of them to keep on bashing El because they were so threatened by a woman who was a better player than they are

  76. I AM SO pissed offffff wow McC who had Elissa as the only ally left…imagine that huh? But yea the only ally and he trusts Andy after that vote!????? He is gone 100% if he doesn’t win veto then maybe he will put the pieces together omg! Andy has played it way too dirty and all the things those 4 have said about Elissa is disgusting based only bc they hate her and her sister!! I still can’t believe he put up GM and Elissa I just don’t get it. Why Elissa would go thru all the trouble to get close to them the past few days for what? I don’t care about who wins now and those 4 deserve to be there bc they are the last nasty players left and I guess one has to come out on top. Disgusting people. Everyone vote Elissa for Americas Player to me that is just as good as winning sure it’s not as much money but to know America voted for you is just as good in my book.

  77. So I must ask all of you conspiracy theories that Amanda was slotted to win this season: what happend to the big plot? Is it in the same files as the government causing 9/11 and the shooter on the grassy knoll(although if I were to believe ANY conspiracy theory it would be that last 1!)

  78. If Andy had an ounce of sense, he would not have told Amanda, in his goodbye message, that he didn’t vote for her. He may have won the battle, but I am sure this will cost him the game.