Big Brother 15 Episode 31 Recap: Double Eviction Decides The Final Five


After a tense and fast Double Eviction episode of Big Brother 15, we were left with the final five of the season. And according to some fans on Twitter, it quite possibly might be the most disappointing final five in the show’s history. But that’s all a matter of option and neither here nor there.

The episode picks up right after McCrae used the Power of Veto on himself and Spencer was named as the replacement nominee. Spencer reminds us that he volunteered to go up on the block. Amanda, of course, is still confused as ( why GinaMarie wouldn’t put up Elissa instead of herself and McCrae.

GinaMarie against explains to Amanda that she wants to break up the super couple. Amanda’s response: GinaMarie is jealous because she never got to have a power couple alliance with Nick.

Amanda decides not to lay down and die so she goes to her only possible chance at staying. At that is surprisingly Elissa. Amanda lays out a plan to Elissa and how she, McCrae and Andy (even though Andy really wouldn’t) would keep her safe.

So then magically, out of the blue, Elissa decides it’s better for her game to keep Amanda. And then they make an immediate mistake by pitching the idea, including a final four deal, to Andy. And we all know that Andy is now with The Exterminators and he goes to Spencer and Judd with the news.

Andy’s pitches his counter-plan to still vote out Amanda, but blame that vote on Elissa, making McCrae and Amanda think Elissa just made that deal to set Amanda up for a blindside.

And then we cut to the live show so Julie can tell the houseguests about the double eviction. And there’s no time to spare, so Julie asks Spencer and Amanda to make their final pleas. And then the voting starts.

The votes

  • Judd votes to evict Amanda.
  • McCrae votes to evict Spencer.
  • Elissa votes to evict Spencer.
  • Andy votes to evict Amanda.

The vote is a tie. So GinaMarie has to break the tie. And GinaMarie has to break the tie. She decides to evict Amanda. And Amanda walks out with Elissa’s wedding ring. But it turns out that Elissa will get her ring back because they played goodbye messages from Andy and Elissa that revealed their votes.

After the break, we get the live Double Eviction Head of Household competition. McCrae wins HOH and has to make instant nominations. He decides to nominate GinaMarie and Elissa.

It’s time for the live veto competition. And it’s a maze puzzle, just like the one Ian won at this point last season. Judd wins the Power of Veto. And Judd decides not to use it so the houseguests have to vote to evict either Elissa or GinaMarie.

The Votes

  • Spencer votes to evict Elissa.
  • Judd votes to evict Elissa.
  • Andy votes to evict Elissa.

By a vote of 3-0, Elissa is evicted from the Big Brother house.

So that means the Big Brother 15 final five are McCrae, Judd, Spencer, Andy and GinaMarie. Who do you want to win out of that final five?

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  1. I’ll tell you right now, production was not expecting this outcome. Guess that’s what they get for meddling.

    • I think he is beginning to realize that now. The others are practically flaunting their alliance in front of him.

      McCrae, Judd and GM are so stupid.

  2. This is the worst final five ive ever seen on the show! Im so dissapointed in tonights episode. Everytime there is a de a fan favorite goes home. Im definitely done for the season, hopefully when i return next season the de will be gone!

    • I like Double Evictions but its just these houseguest that are so unlikable with their disgusting behavior.

  3. One of the worst final 5’s ever. I’m so ticked off. I just have to take a deep breath sit back and remember it’s just a reality/game show. And a little cocktail might also help with the pain.

  4. McCrae is such an idiot. Nominates and evicts the only bigger target than himself right after she had voted to save his queen bee(otch). And now he’s toast if he doesn’t win pov.

  5. GM with her bro’s…hahaha little does she know she’s the first to go out of them. Reminds me of another boring final when Natalie was with her bro’s Mattie, Adam and what’s his name. (Can’t remember what his name is that was in final 2 with Adam).

  6. What a finish it was 6 girls and 3 guys, now its 4 guys 1 girl this has to be the craziest season ever glad Ellisa and Amanda are gone I love all the people left minus McCrap

    • I think they play HOH tomorrow. Andy and Spencer just doing Elissa bashing. Spencer making filthy disgusting remarks like usual.

    • That’s when they usually show it, after a few evictions. And next week won’t be as much packed into the show so hopefully will see it then.

  7. You must.not of watched.much BB Elissa is no.floater..Andy and Spencer are the two most worthless players in the gam

  8. This is why this year sucked:

    1.Last Year was so good

    2.Ellisa sucked and they thought she would be good at comps like her sister which she wasn’t

    3. The people they got they though would be good at comps (Ellis, Jeremy, Howard, Kaitlin, Nick, David) all sucked

    4. The whole cast was pretty much floaters

  9. Julie Chen’s hypocritical and inconsistent hosting has ruined what was promising to be a good episode!

  10. I have to say I saw this coming, I knew mcmanda was going to win HOH, and I knew he was going to put up the two girls, he wanted a all guys alliance for awhile, stupid move, but he doesn’t seem to be all that smart. But I have to say, if he makes it to the end, he will win the game. And don’t get me started on Judd, I did like him until tonight, he should have told Mcmanda about Andy and used the POV on E, and put up Andy and voted him out. Gm & Spencer would have been toast…. then it would have been Mcm, Judd, E at the end, and Judd would have won.

    • Minus the bullying and inconsistency of Julie Chen herself… If you’re a racist in the episodes she watched, then you’d better be careful because she’ll talk about you not on one, not even two, but THREE national television shows so that everyone can see the villain you are… BUT… if the production team likes you and hides your racist remarks, then don’t worry, Julie will only talk about who you had a crush on in the house.

      • It’s not just that… it’s that she felt the need to talk about Aaryn on ”The Talk” and on ”David Letterman” and in her so called ‘fair’ eviction interview with Aaryn. I’m all for her calling out Aaryn if Julie feel’s so passionate about the subject of racism, but to not even mention ANY of Amanda’s racism (some have argued it’s even worse) is beyond anything decent and moral!

      • Oh I know, that’s what I’m talking about… FIRST they decide not to show Amanda’s racism on the show (even though they showed Aaryn’s & GM’s). Then they decide to roast Aaryn and mention her endlessly but welcome Amanda with open arms?!! This is unacceptable!

  11. Trivia for an hour now. I wonder if they’re playing HOH??? I thought last DE they played the next day on Friday.

  12. GinaMarie deserves it especially after last night lol :-D GinaMarie should win the $500,000 because she was the only houseguest with enough guts to put up the 2 jerkoffs Amanda and McCrae and she decided the fate of Amanda tonight during the tie and got the rich snob Amanda out of BIG BROTHER 15 HOUSE

      • Well then good news for her is that Julie Chen will talk about GM’s interest in sports hats upon her eviction interview! :)

      • I know. Julie nailed Aaryn because Aaryn made a remark about Julie’s race. Guess Julie doesn’t care about the other races or sexual remarks because it’s not about her. Very disappointed with her.

      • It truly is a disgusting abuse of power. She has destroyed one girl’s life, but decided to give a ”pass” to another person who is older and supposedly ”worse” in her racist remarks!

      • I agree. I’m anxious to see the rest of her interviews. They can’t all be in final 2 so hopefully Spencer, Gm and Andy go so we can see what she says to them.

      • I have to think CBS lawyers put a muzzle on Julie. CBS took some heat for Aaryn’s interview. There may be litigation pending from Aaryn’s parents. I’ll give Julie the benefit of the doubt for now. Also, GM made a comment about nobody remembering Helen because all Asians look alike, and Amanda laughed and agreed. So I don’t think it was strictly an Asian thing.

      • Regardless of the motivation, it was a classic demonstration of somebody abusing their power philly! I personally think the producers (and subsequently Julie) were mad that Aaryn didn’t turn out to be the sweet All American Girl she was cast to be (Julie’s own words in her David Letterman interview)! Either way, I am disgusted by Julie’s willingness to destroy one girl’s life (in the name of standing up to racism) while giving a thumbs up to somebody who CLEARLY is racist!

      • I watched the interview twice Philly. If you really didn’t catch the fact that they referred to Aaryn (and ONLY Aaryn) you weren’t watching.

      • Duh, of course they were talking about Aaryn, but were careful not to mention her name. I you would have read the first part of my post, I speculated that MAYBE CBS put a muzzle on Julie because of the backlash about her interview with Aaryn.

      • I just have to say that everything Aaryn said was recorded & documented. There is no way she can back out of it now. What Julie said to her is exactly what aaryn was saying to & about other houseguests. Do you watch feeds?

      • Exactly my point! She quoted Aaryn – she didn’t let her give excuses or let her try and get out of what was done & said… So WHY would Amanda not be treated the same way? People need to watch the Amanda youtube video of the things she said & did in the house.

      • That’s true but I think what were trying to say is that Aaryn wasn’t the only one. Amanda was way worse calling Candace Black Mamba and talking about her greasy nappy hair and so much more but Julie didn’t mention anything. She handled her with kid gloves. JMHO

      • I know it wasn’t just her. I think the only one I didn’t hear bash anyone super bad was Elissa. But again I can’t watch feeds 24/7 so I’m sure I missed something.

      • Yep I think you’re right. I watch feeds at night for awhile and if I hear about anything big I flashback. I’m not sure about McCrae. I don’t recall him saying anything too bad. Just being with Amanda though.

      • No, she demonstrated racist remarks and actions with less (or at worst equal) to that of what Amanda said. You really need to watch that Youtube video about Amanda’s racist rants. Remember Philly just because it’s not on the show doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Don’t let editing convince you who the good guys and the bad guys are.

      • Dude, I have never defended Amanda. She is a racist as well. And how is “demonstrating racist remarks and actions” not the same thing as being a racist. They both have destroyed their own lives, and have NOBODY to blame but themselves.

    • I am 100% determined to be on BIG BROTHER 16 Summer 2014 SO Julie Chen please send my key and I promise to be the best BIG BROTHER player you have ever seen and I will fight hard every step of the way and if I win $500,000 first thing I want to do is help out children and adults who have cancer & help the homeless and habitat for humanity. I will also give sone to St. JUDE and Make-A-Wish. Then after that get a small home and a reasonable truck and invest a chunk into a cd so my money will grow and possibly open a small restaurant in SouthEast Texas with my cousin who is a professional chef.

      • So after all the donations you will have enough to buy a 40 year old single wide trailer, a 30 year old truck, and a 10 year old Britney Spears CD and maybe a burrito from the tex-mex truck down the street. Good luck with your BB dreams, hope you make it! By chance are u the same guy that was here last season saying you were going to be on the show?

  13. Do the ‘idiots” not realize that only “1” of them can win the big prize? I don’t think so.

  14. speaking of “Twitter” I ain’t seen to many Judd supporters on there. Folks back home must be real embarrassed with Judds actions and choice of words about and to women. Still proud of ur boy MOM???

  15. Funny everyone left before tonights eviction had over 1,000 like except andy and spencer that only had a 100 on facebook

  16. Watching BBAD…. where are all the HGs? The house is like a ghost town except Andy in the kithen.

  17. So anyone know when they go to Vegas? I want to avoid the Pig and Rat. Better yet maybe I could throw cheese at the rat.

  18. McCrea in the house, says he can’t talk. Something still going on outside.
    Andy is out of HoH comp.

  19. Still playing..There’s seemed to be some drama going on. Maybe true colors starting to show. We all know they have to fight with each other…Somebody said Andy seemed to be worried.

  20. new power couple in the house and they will even have their choice of beds. Spencer will have Andy sleep in his HOH bed…

    • Tonight GM made a comment about Elissa and Amanda being able to hold hands since they are such good friends. Kind of a tipoff to McDumbo that Elissa tried to save Amanda and everyone knew about it. Not sure it registered but Andy was there. So by now McCrae knows he is next.

  21. OMG ! I had to exit the feeds. His voice is so irritating Andy talking to Spencer, “I’m so happy for you” .let me rub your tummy…shut up !

    • I turned off BBAD. I couldn’t take it anymore. Andy cannot have a conversation without bringing up Elissa. He actually is obsessed with her! But the mean spirit of Judd and Andy towards Elissa is undeserved. She treated both of them pretty well considering all of the things she said to them. I have a feeling they think they need to make her look bad so they can win AFP – which is why I am voting for her for AFP. Its the least I can do to show Andy how little I care about him!

      • I think what we’re feeling right now is consistent with most of the viewers. (not to mention the branchel army) I think Elissa will win AFP

    • I hate to say this but I hope McCrae win the POV so two of Exterminators go up on the block. I wonder if Spencer really trusts Andy. Or does he actually trust McCrae more? WE may see Judd and GM go up on the block.

  22. Spencer listen up; McCrae did not want to win this HOH he wants the next one…and the POV but he wants the next HOH really bad

      • Remember that SPENCER has a brain smaller than his dick. He is a pig that does not appreciate women. He will get GM out.

      • He will put her up but the others will vote out McCrae. Spencer cannot play for HOH next week so he needs to do what the Exterminators want him to do. If McCrae manages to win another POV then GM will go home.

      • Andy is going to tell McCrae the he did vote to save Amanda and Elissa was the one who double crossed them. Andy will say he is at risk and needs to work with McCrae. Of course Andy is really going to vote out mcCrae but Andy’s MO is to lie to people’s faces to make their evictions worse.

        McCrae will buy this BS because he is McCrae. If he doesn’t win POV, he will be out the door next Thursday wondering what just happened. There is something to be said for paying the price of your mistakes.

  23. First mistake was McCrae’s nominee. It was suicide. He could have stop Exterminators momentum. While every body is strategizing he’s in bed sleeping. How in the hell would you observe what everybody is doing when you’re in bed 24/7 He just became careless.

    • Yes, McCrae could have put up Andy and GM and then left the day with at least 1 partner vs the other 3 in the house. But remember. McCrae really is a pizza delivery boy so we need to stop giving him credit for being smarter than a pizza delivery boy.

    • I am pretty sure they don’t like how Spencer, McCrae and Andy have played. Also Judd got a 2nd chance that they never got. GM will not make it to final 2. They have to vote for someone.

      It would be funny if on finale night they all said, we don;t want to vote for anyone because they are both disgusting floaters!

  24. What left in the BB house: 2 idiots, A pedophile, A Racist, and a floating rat.
    I hope McCrae wins IF & ONLY IF he makes it to the end. If Judd makes it to the end and if he wins than its tolerable I guess just because he is the least disgusting out of the exterminators

  25. I do not understand the Elissa fandom. It seems people liked her because of Rachel, but no one even liked Rachel until she teamed up with Jordan. Is there really so much Jeff and Jordan love that being the sister of a former ally is enough to win America’s Favorite?

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