Big Brother 15 Tonight – Episode 32 Week 11 HoH & Nominations

Big Brother 15 - Julie Chen

Big Brother 15 is back tonight on CBS at 8/7c with the follow-up to Thursday’s exciting Double Eviction episode. When things last left off the HGs were without a Head of Household and just saw Amanda and Elissa leave the house in grand fashion. Later that night the Feeds went to Trivia and the HGs competed to grab the power.

The Exterminators were unchallenged in the HoH comp as McCrae was the outgoing Head of Household. That put them one step closer to sending him home and making their Final Four deal a success. Of course it also kept them one step away from making that happen with the Power of Veto in the way.

Tonight’s show will run us through the Head of Household competition we didn’t get to watch plus the Nominations Ceremony from Friday night. We have the spoilers for both of those events if you want to get ahead of tonight’s Big Brother. Otherwise, enjoy the show and check back here afterwards to share your thoughts and read our recap.

Here’s our first sneak peek at the latest BB15 HoH comp – click to see full-size views:

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Watch Big Brother 15 Episode 32 preview:


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  1. They’re doing open casting for the next BBCan right now in Vancouver. Guess who doing the casting ? That’s right Kassting. Robyn Kass tweeted: “Such a fun day!!!”.
    I answered her with a tweet: “I hope you’ll do a better job than the crew of bozos you brought us on BB15.”

      • Just trying to bring her back to reality (no pun intended). If she was concentrating on doing job instead of having fun, maybe she would get better results.

      • Nah, you don’t want to be mean neither. Let just hope they learn from their mistakes and do a better job.

      • ok, then hope it is. I do know that I will not want to get rope a doped into another season like the current one. I am hope the contracts get change and you get docked for non game related behaviors.

      • I do not want anymore wanna be actors/model/ college brat/ frat or industry contestants. I want real ordinary ppl cast. It irks me how the HGS complain and talk about production. You should be warned okay, if you continue to blatantly do so, you then should be docked or penalized somehow. IMO

      • I would impose rules on language during any live telecasts, like BBAD. If you curse, you get warned and then a penalty. People who tune in to watch are being deprived by all of the bleeping. In fact, if I was an exec at TVGN, I would insist on it. Either that, or move it back to Showtime and stop cutting all of the dialogue out.

        I would also warn the guests to stop the personal attacks, racist comments, explicit sexual dialogue and other disgusting behaviors. Contrary to what the pigs in the house believe, I think most peple are like Elissa and do not want to hear disgusting bodily noises, see cellulite filled behinds and people having sloppy sex on sheets that are never washed when they are trying to get some entertainment.

      • Well said, I am on the same page, my friend. I think I will campaign to have you on BB. You would be someone I would root for!

      • Haha. I wouldn’t last 5 days in the BB house! When Jeremy drank the wine and then told everyone he did so blame him, I would have complimented him on his courage to come forward like that. Then I would have told him not many men would have the guts to admit to a group of people how selfish and inconsiderate he is.

    • Kassting also did BBCAN’s casting last season and that was pretty great. Don’t forget that CBS has the final say on HGs. Kass can put forward any group she wants, but CBS can hack and slash that away in to something totally different at the end of the day.

  2. Spencer pig is HOH, the neutered dog McCrae has veto. Sigh. Please Judd stop being a Sheep and turn the house upside down an be a fierce Ram instead. Blow up the rat Andy’s game. GM the rooster, better make a deal with the pig. Cock a doodle for the pig to grow a pair of balls/ may be Spencer gave his balls to the rat? Blind side/backdoor the rat boy would be a game changer in the house.. I want to see the rat in a trap, with no one to talk too, and I want the HGS to lie to his face. All we need is cheese and a trap, snap goes the rat. GM and Judd please feed the pig a trough full of safety deals. 2 allies are better than one rat. Your next target should be McCrae the wonder dog who just started playing the game, a lot to late.

    • Who is Judd have a F2 deal with? or does he even know how to do that? What about McCrae and GM? I know Spencer and Andy has F2 deal. Andy has F2 deal with everybody, am I right?

      • Can anyone explain why none of these house guests, who all see Andy lie to everyone else, ever compare notes on what Andy tells them? When I watch the interviews with the players from other seasons they all think Andy is a floater and would toss him to the curb. Maybe its different actually being in the house, but no one has even tried to test Andy by feeding him false information to see if he spreads it around – or something similar.

        They are all afraid to play the game. It always has to be what the house or the majority wants to do. It makes this season really bad to watch.

        In the years to come, the BB 15 house will be known by a few words,; mean, disgusting and cowardly.

      • There are 5 players left, and no one will analyze Andy’s record, and discuss that Andy will win the game if they don’t get him out soon. Well, Spencer did talk about him to GM, but that was Spencer who has F2 deal with Andy. I doubt it if he’s even serious about it. Are they all dependent on Andy taking them to F2?

      • Why talk to GM? She is on the block and not coming off. When he makes a deal with her to keep him safe next week if she win HOH, or when he talks to Judd about it and tells Judd to whisper in Mccrae’s ear how Andy voted Amanda out and wanted McCrae out this week, then I will take Spencer’s talk seriously. All Spencer has to do is put Andy up and have either Judd or McCrae vote him out. Its that simple.

        If Spencer was smart enough to know where he stands in the house, he would take this opportunity to get Andy out while he can. McCrae will go after GM next week.

      • Well, I guess GM, like Judd and McCrae doesn’t feel the urgency to make a move..then they’re just hopeless.

      • Yep, Andy has a F2 deal with everyone. Spencer is a loser and giving the rat sympathy, because the rat does not currently hold a teaching job, therefore Andy get the money and not nominated. Spencer has decided that he wants a quite HOH. Everyone has said this week Andy will win…Duh, can they hear themselves talk? put Andy on the block.. Let’s reshuffle the deck.

      • First the house wanted to hand Amanda the money. Now they want to hand Andy the money. Does anyone really want to win this game except Andy? Seriously, what is wrong with these people?

        Perhaps when they cast the next BB, if there is one, select people who have demonstrated some ambition and personal drive instead of sloths who want to lay on the couch all day and don’t care if they win. It makes for lousy TV, IMO.

      • I am tired of the remaining HGS just staying stuck on stupid. Right now, yeah it appears to be give Andy the 500k. Spencer and GM seem 2nd place. Makes me mad. Judd just give up. McCrae the wonder dog is there to win for his bitch (female dog), in the jury house.

  3. A lot of the players on BB15 have at least over a thousand likes on their FB. Andy has 135 likes the other day. He has 138 as of today. I doubt it if he even reaches 150 by the end of the season…PATHETIC!!

    • Bet the majority of these “likes” were given at the beginning of the season before we knew who Andy was.

    • Why?..What kind of people do you think would talk about somebody’s stepson in a negative way on national TV? Decent people?

      • i can not say what GM has said cause they are all “F” words but its on utube… go to utube and on search bar “ginamarie insulting elissa’s son” and watch for urself.

      • Andy mocking Elissa’s 15 yo stepson who has a business online and successful according to Elissa..Andy said.. ” He’s not successful and probably an idiot”…just one example.

      • OMG. I didn;t realize Andy talked about her stepson too. Andy should be careful, the kid could probably kick his ass.

      • With Amanda, What you see is what you get. You know you’re dealing with a crazy woman. After a while, I became non-reactive of Amanda. There’s something about Andy that just makes me angry. Here’s a guy that would tell Elissa “I love you as a friend” and would go tell Amanda, ” I hate Elissa”…WTF!!

      • Yes, how many times has Andy said, “when I get the chance, I am going to tell her how I really feel about her!” They were in the house together for over 70 days and he never said a word to her about not liking her except to ask her for 2 hair cuts.

    • Stepson or son? She has a son from a previous relationship and 3 step-children that are her husband’s I believe. The kid going into 3rd grade is her son. The other night Andy was talking about a painting the kid made for his mother and how it doesn’t look like something a 3rd grader would do. He never came out with a specific insult but he seemed to be implying there is something wrong with the kid because the painting was more like what a younger child would paint. Andy chose his words carefully as did the others who were all talking and agreeing, but no one said anything specific. The insinuation is that the kid is mentally handicapped, I think.

  4. If you’re looking for the show at 8:00 pm, it’s going to be late due to U.S. Open Tennis. Game not even close to be done and they have to run 60 Minutes before BB.

  5. this is by far the worst BB cast . A bunch of foul mouthed lazy, sloppy players who can’t think of anything better to do than lay in bed and bad mouth Elisa. The final five are the worst of the cast, especially Andy . Hope next year is better or I may have to give up on BB.

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