Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 8 Thursday Highlights


The power has shifted in the Big Brother 15 house and the Live Feeds have gotten a second wind. After a new HOH was crowned and a jury member returned, the houseguests were squirming, alliances were shifting and people were being tossed under buses left and right.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Thursday, Aug. 22, 2013

10:01 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Wake-up time.

10:50 AM BBT – Houseguests are up getting ready for the day.

11:15 AM BBT – Helen is having a goodbye moment with GinaMarie. She’s also warning her about Amanda and McCrae. She also warns her about Andy. Tells her that they had a final two deal and he’s about to vote her out later that day.

11:45 AM BBT – Feeds cut for rehearsal.

1:00 PM BBT – Feeds return. HGs relaxing, having lunch and cleaning the house.

2:00 PM BBT GinaMarie indicating to Elissa that she wants to work with her and not trust Amanda and McCrae any more.

2:05 PM BBT – Andy and Helen are talking. She’s telling him she holds no hard feelings for the way he’s going to vote.

2:20 PM BBT – Andy is now rethinking voting out Helen. He tells Aaryn he thinks he’s making a mistake. Aaryn has decided it’s best for Helen to go.

3:12 PM BBT – Helen sayging goodbyes. She’s crying to Aaryn and telling how much she likes her.

3:16 PM BBT – Feeds go to trivia for the live show.

7:26 PM BBT – Feeds return. McCrae and Spencer have dropped out of the competition already.

7:26PM BBT – Jessie has 3 balls. Elissa has 4 balls.

7:29PM BBT – Elissa caught a 5th ball. Amanda has 4.

7:30PM BBT – Andy is out.

7:37PM BBT –  Jessie falls. She tells Amanda that she hates her and leaves.

7:42PM BBT – Crazy, mysterious visitor runs out to backyard yelling. Security chases him off. It was staged.

7:55PM BBT – Helen sharing notes with Judd. Says GinaMarie tried to save her.

8:05PM BBT – Elissa has 6. Judd 4.

8:06PM BBT – Helen falls and is out.

8:07PM BBT – Candice falls! Judd is back in the game.

8:09PM BBT – Judd catches another ball.

8:12PM BBT – Judd says Jury wasn’t allowed to talk game off camera.

8:13PM BBT – Elissa catches her 7th ball.

8:15PM BBT – Judd falls.

8:16PM BBT – Amanda nearly falls but saves herself.

8:30PM BBT – Elissa has 9 balls.

8:31PM BBT – Elissa catches ball number 10. and wins HOH.

8:31 PM BBT – Feeds cut.

8:50 PM BBT – Spencer telling Judd he had no idea they were going to blindside him

9:18 PM BBT – Elissa tells Judd that Helen, Amanda and Aaryn are why he went home. Judd tells her he has NO alliance right now and will vote out who she wants.

9:48 PM BBT – Elissa tells Amanda that her or McCrae has to go up against Aaryn. Amanda is not happy.

10:10 PM BBT – Amanda tells McCrae and Andy that she will threaten Elissa if she decides to put McCrae up. Amanda starts crying and has ALREADY started the Judd talk. Saying he was MVP and put her up for weeks.

10:20 PM BBT – Judd talking to the others about the Jury House.

10:32 PM BBT – Amanda demands to McCrae that he tell her EVERYTHING Judd says to him.

11:03 PM BBT – Judd tells Andy he’s starting fresh.

11:13 PM BBT – Andy asks Elissa where her head is. Elissa says she is definitely putting up Aaryn. Andy thinks she should also put GinaMarie up. Elissa says she absolutely isn’t putting GM up. Andy says what about Judd? Elissa says nope.

11:19 PM BBT – Elissa and Andy shake on a two-week “deal.”

11:21 PM BBT – Elissa tell McCrae she might put him up next to Aaryn and that he HAS to win the veto. McCrae fighting hard not to go up. He says that putting him up will be a mistake.

11:30 PM BBT – McCrae might be getting through. Elissa says she wants Aaryn out, but if Aaryn is safe she’ll settle for GM. McCrae says if she doesn’t put up GM then GM can win Veto and save Aaryn then neither would go. Elissa seems concerned like she didn’t think of that.

11:50 PM BBT – Andy tells Aaryn that he’s working on it for her and she’s his “number one priority.”

12:00 AM BBT – Elissa tells Spencer she wants to nom McC next to Aaryn. Spencer pushes for GM instead.

12:20 AM BBT – Andy warns Amanda that Elissa is probably going with her original McC & Aaryn plan. McCrae says she has no logic in putting him up. Yeah, she does.

12:50 AM BBT – Andy points out Aaryn evicted the last minority. Aaryn says she’s the last minority because she’s got blonde hair and blue eyes.

12:55 AM BBT – HGs worry Elissa will get a special power this week. Aaryn says that isn’t fair for it to be this week after all of her HoH’s.

1:00 AM BBT – Elissa gets her HoH room. There’s a bottle of liquor and a letter from Rachel. Her basket doesn’t have any sweets.

1:35 AM BBT – Aaryn is the first to bail on Elissa’s HoH.

2:00 AM BBT – Andy tells Aaryn he most wants to keep her and GM. He’s going to work on Elissa tomorrow to keep them safe.

2:05 AM BBT – Judd is goofing around in the HoH room. He’s very excited to be back in the game. Elissa says she’s happy he’s there.

2:30 AM BBT – Andy jokes about making a fake OTEV clue for Aaryn: “She has one of the prettiest faces, even though she’s an overt racist.”

2:40 AM BBT – Andy talks to Judd about Elissa’s plans. Andy tells Judd he should be safe this week and that he’s okay with Elissa breaking up McCranda.

2:50 AM BBT – Spencer warns Judd to not bring up the Grasshopper alliance again.

3:00 AM BBT – Judd says Amanda is the reason he was evicted and he does not trust her. GM and Spencer tell Judd they didn’t know the blindside against him was going to happen.

3:25 AM BBT – Elissa standing strong on her plan to nom McCrae. McCranda scrambling to get her to not do that. Amanda says it doesn’t make any sense since they’ve been protecting her from week one. Heh.

3:35 AM BBT – Elissa kicks them out of her room. After leaving Amanda says Elissa wants either McCrae, Amanda, or Aaryn out this week. Could be. Could be.

3:50 AM BBT – McCranda, Andy, & Spencer in Lounge. They’re very worried about Elissa’s plans. They’re discussing how to talk her out of nominating McCrae by saying the Veto could be luxuries.

4:10 AM BBT – Andy tells Spencer he thinks McCranda would betray them to get themselves safe. Andy says he’s working things to keep both of them safe and get back in good with Judd.

4:30 AM BBT – HGs all getting in to bed. Spencer stays up a little longer.

It sounds like Elissa is really wanting Aaryn and McCrae to go up. But don’t expect that to happen because Amanda has steamrolled everyone in this house and she’ll most likely do the same. Elissa might end up nominating Aaryn and GinaMarie, per Amanda’s threats requests. Or maybe she really will stick to McCrae & Aaryn as she suggested later in the night.

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  1. From watching the feeds I know Elissa has been saying she really wants Aaryn out, but I think it might be gimmick to backdoor Amanda, otherwise I don’t think she’d be so adamant about nominating McCrae. I hope that’s what happens!

  2. Omgoodness Elissa…please please please put up Aaryn & Amanda or Aaryn & Andy…….THINK… THINK…. THINK

  3. I think Elissa is playing a smart game but also a personal game. Whether or not her target is really Aaryn remains to be seen but if she puts up Aaryn and McCrae then that’s great! Aaryn has a great chance of winning POV and if she does win, then Elissa will just renom Amanda. And then how sweet will it be to finally see Amanda and McCrae both as nominees. Either McCranda or Aaryn leaving is great because you take out a strong comp competitor or you take out either of the biggest duo alliance in the house.

    If Elissa could just put away her personal game on Aaryn and make a deal with her, then she could possibly be safe next week. She should make a deal with Aaryn that she promises she will use the veto on Aaryn if she wins POV and back door Amanda IN EXCHANGE for her safety next week if Aaryn wins HOH next week (which is a huge possibility). I think this week has some serious potential so I hope that Elissa sticks with Aaryn and McCrae as the noms and then back doors Amanda and then we finally see that b**** sent packing! What do you guys think??

    • I think her plan is to backdoor Amanda, by putting up Aaryn & McCrae and then having herself in the veto comp, I really like the chances of one of those three winning the veto.
      Even though Amanda hasn’t won anything you don’t take the chance that she could win the Veto if she is the target.

    • Yeah just sounds unnecessary to me. Amanda sucks at comps. Just nominate her and Andy or her and Mcrae and figure she probably isn’t taking herself down. If by some miracle she does then at least one of allies in Mcrae and Andy are going home for sure.

    • I think it’s smart to put up Aaryn and Mccrae. Even if Amanda plays veto the chances of her winning are slim. AAryn is the biggest comp threat. with her gone Elissa has them in the bag. If Elissa can make it past next week she can win the rest of the vetos. & even if Aaryn wins and she has to put up Amanda that would be perfect. There is a better chance of Mccrae winning veto to save Amanda or even Aaryn saving Amanda if she wasn’t nominated and won. If Amanda was up she could persuade any one of those houseguest to use the veto on her. Strategic choice for nominations. I can’t believe I’m rooting for Elissa. I hope her and Judd team up! Love him!

  4. It really sounded like Elissa was dead set on putting up Amanda and McCrae. I think her plan would be if Aaryn comes off, she could backdoor Amanda, so by nominating McCrae instead of someone else it would ensure Mccranda would be broken up

    • Unless Amanda doesn’t get nominated, gets chosen to play veto, wins veto and then takes down McCrae. Just put up the couple and you know 100% that one of them or their closest ally (Andy) goes home.

  5. Nominating Aaryn and McCrea is a good move! Amanda is useless at comps so she will most likely lose the Veto making it incredibly easy to use her as a replacement nom and get her out of the house.

    • Why would she think she needs to backdoor Amanda? If Amanda is the target then put her up against McCrae then make a deal with Aaryn to keep herself safe for the next couple of weeks. I think Elissa really does want Aaryn to go home and I think she is smart enough to see that if she puts anyone else up on the block, Amanda’s crew will vote out the other person and save Aaryn.

      I give her credit for taking a big risk here, but it is not what I would do.

  6. Elissa should stick to her plan of putting McCrae and Aryan up. If her plan is to backdoor Amanda, of course she can’t tell anyone of the house guests; not one of them knows how to hold water and will run back and tell Amanda.

    Aryan wins Veto and then she is replaced by Amanda!

      • Someone said Jessie said to Amanda after she fell off, FU Amanda! Even if she did not win, I still admire Jessie for her spunk! She stood for herself against both Helen and Amanda and even destroyed Helen’s game altogether! Good job Jessie! You have my vote for America’s Favorite Player!

      • Quite Frankly, I don’t have a favorite in any of the players this year, but I do respect the fact that Jessie finally started sticking up for herself. She is going to be my vote as the America’s Choice player.

  7. Elissa wants to backdoor Amanda put up Aaryn and Mcrea thats crazy just put them both up one will go home..If she puts up McCrea and Amanda wins POV then they both are safe..Elissa is pretty dumb .The only good thing is Amanda can’t win competitions but watch her win POV.

    • I think that Elissa likes the chances of her, Aaryn or McCrae winning the veto over Amanda if Amanda even gets picked to be in the veto comp.

      • Maybe. But who would have thought Elissa would win a POV and HOH in succession a couple of weeks ago? If Amanda wins POV, not only will McCrae be safe, but Elissa will not have the votes to get Aaryn out either. McCrae and Amanda will vote to save her so they can wrap up her support in an alliance.

        This is a very risky move by Elissa. Very risky. But at the same time at least she is willing to take a risk. We haven’t seen that since week two when McCrae, at Amanda’s command, voted against the Moving Company.

    • Yeah that’s the part I am scared of she should just put up McGovern and Amanda that way one of them is defiantly gone but who will want to live with Amanda if she wins the veto I don’t think anyone will

  8. Amanda up and sitting in a nomination chair crying. Spencer comes out to console her so funny i wish i had BB live feeds

  9. Nominating Amanda and McCrae together seems like the most logical plan. Amanda probably won’t win veto but why chance her getting chose to play and then pulling McRae off. If that happens you have to put up Andy or GM. Aaryn goes home but then you still have a super pissed McRanda gunning for you next week. Andy is not a swing vote so he can always be a replacement nom if you put McRanda up and one comes down.

  10. At this stage of the game, smart moves have to be made. We already saw the many dumb moves made by Helen and Judd. Good for Judd that he has a 2nd chance now! The smart move for Elissa is to form an alliance with Aaryn, Gina Marie and Judd. Elissa is taking a huge risk if she does this! However, this could pay off big for all 4 of them if they stick to this alliance and be loyal and protective of each other! Imagine Judd, Elissa, Aaryn and Gina Marie versus Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Spencer! Elissa’s group would be a powerhouse against Amanda and her allies! They could dominate it winning HOH and POV up to Final 4. Amanda has won nothing, McCrae has won HOH but, it was given to him by Nick, Andy has won both HOH and POV while, Spencer won 1 POV. At a minimum, Elissa needs to form an alliance with Judd! The fly in the ointment is Aaryn and Elissa’s distrust of each other and the willingness to work with each other! If they both can get over that—-they can help both their games to go far in this game!

  11. Elissa is Rachel’s sister she is going to make her own decision she has been adament saying she doesn’t respect Aaryn playing Amanda’s game so it would be stupid to play Amanda’s game

    • Elissa should play her own game but, use her head too! Smart moves have to be made as there are 8 people left in the house with two huge threats remaining in Aaryn and Amanda! An alliance with Judd, Aaryn and Gina Marie helps them all and will eviscerate Amanda’s 3AM alliance if they can unite together!

  12. It sounds like Amanda has been crying alot the last hour or so after finding out McCrae will be going up…Sooooo funny cracks me up

  13. Even if both Amanda and McCrea are on the block, they can only save themselves otherwise, if they save each other then, they stay on the block themselves which would be a very stupid move! So, putting up McCrea and Amanda makes sense too. If one gets off, put up Andy in place! I am assuming Aaryn and Elissa can bury the hatchet and work with each other! If not, put up Aaryn as the replacement nominee! That would guarantee one of the huge threats goes home—-either Amanda or Aaryn!

  14. Regarding, “12:50 AM BBT – Andy points out Aaryn evicted the last minority. Aaryn says she’s the last minority because she’s got blonde hair and blue eyes.”
    Is this girl for real? How ignorant can one be? Even her logic makes no sense, Any has red hair and if you want to go for that spin, Any is the minority! What a stupid piece of tr#$% she is.

  15. Lets put it this way if Amanda got lucky to make it to th end.How many jury members would vote for her anyways..Not Candice, Helen, Jessie,Elissa, she may have Andy GM Aaryn and McCrae and maybe Spencer but then one one them would be up against her so the votes don’t look good for her

    • Jessie might be the only hostile vote against Amanda. Like it or not, Amanda has played the best game so far in this game! I say so far because there is still a lot of game play left in this game and a lot could change! Judd, Elissa or Aaryn could start playing smart, awesome games starting now!

      • Bullying and name calling is not really playing a good game..I don’t get these people they are afraid to go up against her..thats not really want you call p[laying a good game..A good game is winning comps being good social like Dan he was good at manipulating people but never bullied.. But then again BB is fake anyways..its still fun to watch tho

      • Not condoning the bullying but, there would be no bullies if the house guests did not put up with it! Jessie stood up against both Amanda and Helen and she was all alone in the Big Brother House! If Jessie can do it, why can’t the others? They allowed themselves to be bullied which is part of the problem. If they just stood for themselves, Amanda would have no power! And they would all be playing good games too!

    • How can someone make it to the final two when they fall apart during competitions? I really don’t think she has a chance getting that far unless she gets help from production. Otherwise she’ll be in jury come the final episode.

  16. I know the reason why Elissa wants Aaryn out, but now is not the time to worry about that, Elissa first priority should be to get out Amanda out!!! If Elissa don’t strike now then my prediction that Amanda will win the game, and i will completely lose it!! OR maybe not because if these ding bats don’t get a clue, and keep allowing Amanda to bully them, and don’t get the balls to beat her game, then they might as well line up like the dummies they are and continue to help Amanda win her game.

    • Aaryn’s the best at winning comps and is gunning for Elyssa to leave; I’d say it’s the perfect time to worry about it.

  17. The huge plus in putting up McCrea and Amanda outright is that the huge mental stress it will put on Amanda and we can see how the MVP nominations really affected her mentally! It will take her focus out of POV even if she is playing for it!

    • I think you have to take into account that there will only be two people NOT playing for veto. That puts the odds in the favor of 3 a.m. They make up 50% of the house right now. Granted, if even one of them pulls away from the alliance it will screw things up for the rest of them. That will make it quite interesting to see how the cards fall for veto. :)

  18. BB is fake tho Prime time soap opera thats why they get called to the DR soo much they have a script to follow. I mean cmon when it looks like someone is about to be evicted someone else does.Amanda is really good at playing the villain ..some people only win comps when their life depends on it pleassseeee..

    • They are always being asked by BIg Brother to narrate things in the present tense as well as say their thoughts over house developments in the present tense whenever they are called into the DR.

      It’s been that way for a long time. The only thing that’s scripted is when it’s obvious they’re reading something. And that happens to narrate 1)their responsibilities as HOH, 2)when they win Veto and state to the audience the obvious about the power he/she has, 3)some rare random things said such as Jordan and Rachel reading something off from a board together in BB13.

  19. I really hope Elissa sticks to her guns and nominates Mccrae and Aaryn.

    If she puts up Aaryn and GM, the remaining 2AM will vote out GM and Elissa has no power as HOH to make deals.

    If she however puts up Mccrae and Aaryn then someone from both sides is up on the block and she has a shot at making a deal with their allies.

    Worst case scenario – Mccrae is up and Amanda wins veto (Boo!!!), then she can just evict Aaryn. One racist witch out of the house is good enough for me.

    • Looking at the nomination combos, I think the best one in my opinion is putting up McCrae and Amanda on the block together! Even if one wins veto, they can only save themselves! Putting only one up opens to chance to say Amanda winning POV if picked to play then, using that to save McCrae then, you are screwed! Both of them are safe and you are left with Aaryn and Andy!
      In that case, Aaryn will go home!

      • But Amanda would have to win a POV with other houseguests actually trying to win too. I like the Aaryn and McCrae idea. It will show Aaryn exactly how loyal Amanda really it to her and where her place in the 3am alliance is.

      • McCrea could get off the block if Amanda wins POV and they will go after Elissa next week! McCrea and Amanda will be pissed at Elissa either way. Why not guarantee one of them stays on the block at the minimum? If one gets off, you still have the option to either put up Andy or Aaryn still!

      • Aaryn is a threat to Elissa too. She has made that clear. So Elissa can get almost anyone from the 3am alliance out and it would be good for her game.

  20. Put up Mccrae and Aaryn. Then elissa wins veto takes down Aaryn and replaces her with amanduh. Perfect scenario.

    • It would be perfect but I don;t think it is going to happen. Elissa seems determined to get Aaryn out this week no matter what. She better hope it works because if Amanda wins POV and save herself and McCrae, whoever she puts up as a replacement will go home and Aaryn, MccCrae and Amanda will survive. Elissa will have no allies and she will go home the following week. Her strategy is really a very big risk to her game if it does not go exactly as planned.

      And what if Aaryn win POV? At that point Elissa’s emotions will overflow and who knows what will happen then. Like I said, there is a huge risk to Elissa and I think she knows it. I give her credit for taking the risks no one else in the houses will take. Maybe Elissa’s bold moves will get the rest of the house playing the game too.

      • Amanda has never come close to winning anything without help and I serious doubt McCrae’s going to throw his PoV to her this time. Don’t think Elissa has to worry about that.

  21. How sweet it is to see Elissa win HOH and see Amandutch cry again, I say nominate Pizza Boy and put Aaryn as the pawn person, try and win POV, take Aaryn out and backdoor Amandutch, that broad has to go, then later go after Pizza Boy and the little Weasel/Town Crier Andy.
    It is sure time for revenge, revenge is the best way to pay back your adversaries, let the rain begin, give Amandutch a bucket and tell her to fill the bucket with her tears who gives a f…
    I LMAO last night when I saw her crying and cover herself with a blankie as usual when things does not go her way, I will send her sorry stinking behind to the jury house.
    They should make the little weasel/town crier Andy and Pizza Boy McCrea their next priority to be sent packing to the Jury house.. But for now, Amandutch, start packing, he ha!

  22. This will be the week to watch I HOPE! Elissa is thinking the right thing to put up McCrae and Aaryn. They both are fierce competitors and will fight to the tea to win the Veto making it easy to put up Amanda as a replacement.

    If Aaryn leaves good I’m tired of her winning anyway and being Amanda’s puppet. If McCrae leaves good too the McCranda duo will finally be over. The only mistake Elissa can make is by putting up GM, b/c that’s someone she can get on her side and go to final 2 with and beat b/c the jury would vote for Elissa to win over GM, I think.

  23. If McCrae gets voted out, Amanda’s game would fall apart. But if you vote out Amanda, it could be the best possible thing for McCrae’s game. Elissa won’t put up Andy, because she is still stupid enough to view him as an ally.

    • I’m not sure about this it’s a toss up for me. I don’t recall McCrae making any big moves, but all the people Amanda has wanted out has left. She has had the power he has just been tagging along.

      • The power is in trusting the numbers. He is her number one that she trusts. I think that people are afraid of them because there are two of them and if you go after one, the other is still there to come after you. Amanda is also very abrasive, and McCrae is the one that gets people back on board with her ideas.

      • I agree that McC leaving would cause a melt-down by Amanduh. And, I also agree with Kem that McC is no power player.
        But, let’s face it … Elyssia is not smart enough to play past her emotions. She hates Aaryn the most & wants her out. At this point in the game, putting her on the block is not the smartest move. She should put up the last “couple”

    • I think Elissa already has an idea as to where Andy’s true loyalties lie. And I think the secret is already out that Andy’s a rat once Helen confronted him and tells him that he’s a swing vote..

  24. Elissa has to evict Aaryn, it’s the right thing to do at this point.
    Might I remind you Aaryn has 4 HoH (maybe 3 1/2) and one veto. After the endurance comp of last night, we all know next week, HoH comp will be a fluffy one. If Aaryn get HoH next week, this will become a nightmare. Aaryn need to go out NOW.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat myself, Amanda will be easier to evict when they’re down to F5 or F4. When you’re down to F5 or F4, if you don’t win competion, you’re out. In the last few weeks, you need to win comp to make it to the end.
    So any which way you go about it, Aaryn need to be the prime target. If Aaryn win veto, then you can go after McRanda.

    • You make some good points. However, Elissa is in danger of being nominated next week and evicted herself! Allowing Amanda to escape scot free allows them to keep all of their votes, keeps their alliance intact and a huge advantage of controlling the next HOH! If Aaryn goes, you have Gina Marie and Judd (assumng he uses his head), Elissa (cannot play for HOH) left on the other side versus Amanda, McCrae, Spencer and Andy! If that is the case, Amanda and her allies will evict Elissa next week, Judd the following week and then, Gina Marie the week after and the 3AM Alliance has made it to Final 4! On the flip side, if you put up both McCrae and Amanda on the block, you strip them of two votes, if one gets off, put up Andy. Amanda gets voted out by Gina Marie, Aaryn and Judd! It is crucial for Elissa to have at a minimum a F2 alliance with Judd! That will ensure both of them get far in this game! Having an alliance with Aaryn and Gina Marie as well would be better!
      The 3AM Alliance could get decimated and put out of their misery for good!

      • An alliance with Aaryn will be one in name only. If Aaryn stay and win HoH next week, she will target Elissa no matter what. Aaryn has a fixation on Elissa as much as Elissa has a fixation on Aaryn.

      • That is the thing, it is in both Aaryn and Elissa’s interest to work together! Bury the hatchet and work to winning and staying in the game! This is the only part of Helen’s game talk I agree with because most of Helen’s decisions have been dumb of late! If Elissa cannot really work with Aaryn, then, go ahead and backdoor Aaryn by putting McCrae and Amanda on the block!

      • I agree but when Elissa was talking to Spencer last night she told him that she would not put him up unless he showed her he was not playing hard for the veto or her was working to save Aaryn. He asked her who she would put up if Aaryn or MCCrae wins veto. She said she had another target in mind but would not say who it is. I am guessing it is Amanda.

      • I don;t know. Aaryn honored her deal with Helen and Elissa once before. I think if Elissa went to Aaryn and said, I want to work with you, I think they could work out a deal for a coupe of weeks. What she is doing now is making herself a target of everyone in the house next week.

      • I thought Helen and Elissa made a deal to work with Aaryn last week and Aaryn still went ahead and nominate Helen and Elissa for eviction due to her personal hatred on Elissa, if Elissa had not won the POV, I bet you, she would have been the one evicted. I hope Elissa sticks it to her racist and bigot ass, Ms. Blue eye and Blonde hair, what a bitch!

      • A truce type deal with safety for both Elissa and Aaryn for one or two weeks might work! Aaryn knows Amanda is coming after her soon so, she might agree with that deal as it keeps her safe, possibly getting rid of Amanda as a bonus! If Amanda is gone, Aaryn would have less to worry about. The same goes for Elissa who would have Aaryn left to worry about!

      • Aaryn is too dangerous and too much of threat to bring to F6 or F5. They might not have another chance to evict her. Huge risk.

      • I know it is a long shot, but say Elissa goes with her plan of putting Aaryn and McCrae. Amanda wins veto takes off McCrae. So then she goes to put up GM. I see 3AM keeping Aaryn over GM. I also see Amanda and McCrae trying to keep Aaryn possibly over any houseguest unless it is one of them.

      • Amanda and McCrae want Aaryn out because she is a threat to win comps. So they would have no problem voting her out if it saves one of them or their lap dog Andy.

      • I think Aaryn will go home if that is the case! Gina Marie is less of a threat to Amanda and McCrae and they have brought Spencer to Final 4 with them!
        Why Spencer? If you are with Spencer in a Final 2, you win hands down provided you played some semblance of a game! Spencer would be hated by the other house guests for being vile and disgusting!

  25. If Elissa gets swayed in putting GM instead of McRae, I will be disappointed in her. It will be a waste of an HOH (her famous words!). This is her best opportunity to backdoor Amanda and I hope she does it. McRae seems to be wide awake now and about time! I loved when Elissa said to McRae, play the game and win veto because she knows that McRae has been doing nothing and riding on Amanda’s coattails. The game was finally got interesting.

  26. The tricky thing about Elissa’s HOH is that we won’t actually get to hear what she’s really thinking because she doesn’t trust or like anyone in the house. I’m hoping that she will backdoor Amanda. She seems rather calculating, and I hope that’s true.

  27. I hope Elissa sticks with her plan and puts up Aaryn and McCrae. You know Amanda will want him to try and throw the POV to her. I don’t think he will. Or even better, that plan backfires and Aaryn wins and Amanda is on the block next to him.

  28. If she nominates Aaryn and McCrae she runs the risk of GM winning and taking Aaryn off the block or Amanda winning and taking McCrae off the block. If the latter happens she can;t get McCrae or Amanda out of the house and the next week, their alliance will still be alive and kicking. There is no doubt Amanda will make getting Elissa out priority #1.

    I wonder if Elissa realizes that if she gets Aaryn out this week and she goes home next week, she would have to be in the jury house with her.

    • Aaryn is just a big of threat to Elissa as anyone else in the house. Aaryn would have loved for Helen to win POV last week and send Elissa out. It makes sense to ensure breaking up one of two alliances of GM and Aaryn or McCrae and Amanda. And putting one of each on the block ensures they will campaign against each other.

  29. Aaryn – Amanda – or McCrae. Aaryn 4 HOH’s and a veto win. McCrae – 1 HOH and nothing since. Amanda – nothing ever. Sorry but it makes no sense to take out players that are no threat in challenges.

    • Did anyone hear the conversation between Elissa and GM? Elissa seems pretty adamant about not putting GM on the block this week. Was a deal struck between those two?

  30. Wouldn’t it be cool if this week is Pandora’s box and Rachel replaces Elissa and makes the nominations? I know it would never happen, just wishful thinking. Rachel want Mcranda broken up.

    • No necessarily that, but it would be a good week for a Pandora’s box pertaining to Rachel. Elissa would take a shot at it if she thought she would see her sister. I don’t know any other houseguest that would take the shot at PB.

      • It depends on what the gift is for opening the box. If one of them was tempted by the possibility of winning $10,000 I think they would all take it.

    • Just Rachel coming back while Elissa gets to go to a beach or something for a day with another house guest. Rachel would spend the day in the house annoying all of the house guests. LOL. I know I would stuff myself in the oven and turn on the gas if I was in the house!

  31. I would like to see her put up McCrae and Amanda and then if one of them wins the veto then put up Andy. But hopefully Amanda gets evicted! I can’t stand her!! If they don’t get her out now they may not have another chance. She is such a trashy b*tch!!!!!! No class!!!

    • And I think last night Aaryn told them she would be sleeping the the same room as them too! So they can;t even take over one of the downstairs bedrooms anymore. I am so happy those two are getting knocked down a peg or two. They talk about Elissa acting like she is entitled while they roam the house like the own it.

      Elissa should make nice with Aaryn all week, even if she is the target just to make Amanda go crazy.

  32. Since Elissa’s ally left the building we really won’t have a clue who she’s going to put up and why. She won’t truly confide in any of them which will make this fun for us. I really think she should get Aaryn out because she has shown she’s a very strong competitor and wins comps. Those are the people you want out of the house. It will more than likely be based in her personal feelings about Aaryn instead of wise game move. I know everybody wants Amanda out but if I had to choose between the two I would go with Aaryn. When someone is winning most of the comps you have to remove them since they are standing between you and a half million dollars.

  33. My dream final nominations for this week would be:

    1. McCrae and Andy (because both of them have never been nominated for eviction plus I like to see Andy going haywire)
    2. McCrae and Amanda (risky if one of them wins Veto but it’s a guarantee to break the two up if Elissa has her way to garner enough votes to evict one of them)
    3. McCrae and Aaryn (aside from being a nasty person, Aaryn’s a comp beast and it’s a risk to bring her any further in the game).
    4. Amanda and Andy (So that other 3SAM* members will be forced to save one of them as a group, decimating their alliance)
    5. Amanda and Aaryn (Because for sure, Aaryn has the votes to stay over Amanda. Spencer will sure vote for the bigger threat and that’s Amanda)

    *3SAM=Aaryn, Amanda, Andy, Spencer and McCrae (because it seams Amanda is prepping to fold Spencer in place of Aaryn). The acronym kinda sound off with the members’ but also kinda dirty. What more if one of the A’s goes out and it becomes 2SAM? :))

  34. I hope McC wins Veto and uses it on himself! That would be too funny to see her renom Amanda. If she doesn’t do that, i’ve lost hope in this season.

  35. Amanda is such a hypocrite. The way she reacts to people planning on evicting her when she has been planning to evict them is comical. The other night they were all up in the HOH room talking about Elissa for over an hour. Now Amanda is taking offense at Elissa possibly going after her? In reality, I think Elissa really is going after Aaryn and just wants to make sure Amanda and MccRae vote the way she wants them too.

    Elissa is smart. If she puts Amanda up, the house will vote Amanda out and save Aaryn. The house likes McCrae better so it they have to vote out him or Aaryn, Aaryn will go home for sure.

  36. I don’t think Elissa will be so easy to convince. She’s made a point to do whatever the heck she wants in the past.

  37. I wonder if Elissa doesn’t plan to backdoor Amanda and is just trying to be very cagey as far as vocalizing her nomination choices. Personally, I think I would nominate McRae and Amanda both and just hope that Amanda doesn’t win POV..I would think people would be far more likely to evict Amanda over McRae.

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