Big Brother 15 Episode 24 Tonight: Week 8 Veto Show

Big Brother 15 - Julie Chen

Tonight “Big Brother 15” is back with another new episode on CBS at 8/7c featuring the latest Veto comp that we’ve only heard about so far but know how it turned out.

If you can’t wait until tonight to find out who won then check out our Big Brother spoilers with all the latest news and events from inside the house.

Things have been tense, but steady in the house over the past few days. Yet another attempt to flip the house turned out to be a flop when HGs couldn’t pull together three simple votes and only ended up angering the target who always finds out.

Once the Veto was settled the smoke cleared, revealing the real target this week and forcing that HG to come to terms with pending doom.

Of course doom isn’t certain this week as we prepare for the new twist to arrive on Thursday where one of the first 4 Jury members will be heading back in to the game. It’s going to be a crazy night and we can’t wait to live blog it all!

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Big Brother 15 Episode 24 Preview:


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  1. Just heard that Amanda’s Xanax prescription has run out. Maybe we are finally in for some fun. She has been on a cocktail of Adderal and Xanax all summer.

    Uppers are stimulants like Adderal & Ritalin that make you hyped up.
    Downers are things Xanax, Valium, & opiates (Vicodin, Percocet, etc), they sedate you.

    Are we looking at another “first” for BB…withdrawal?

      • That was true. She came out from DR crying, because she didn’t get her Xanax, but then she got called again, and when she came out this time she was smiling and hungry…I think they gave her a joint. lol

      • OMG ! Did you hear Amanda talk about sex last night. She has no filter at all. Either she’s high or she just doesn’t care about the camera. It was rated R, or soft X. She is ill

      • I have feeds, maybe that will be on BBAD. Anyway, Aaryn and McCrae was uncomfortable with the subject matter. She just went on and on…..hint(probe)

      • I read a post that Amanduh was asking McC for anal one morning. All this with the cameras rolling. They even did the nasty during bbad. I bet their families are embarrassed! Geez, even I was!

      • She might as well work in Adult films and get paid, but then again, she’s not all that.

      • It was on BBAD but they bleeped so much out you couldn’t follow and they finally went to Helen and Elissa. Guess it was too much work for the sensors lol.

      • From what I understand Adderal has amphetamine in it. That’s why it’s ban in sports. So if you are a person who tend to have anxiety, the amphetamine exacerbate the problem. Then you need the Xanax (benzo for anxiety).

      • She’s actually not supposed to be taking both of those meds. They counter each other, but still give the person a euphoria. My guess? She likes the xanax for the euphoria, and uses the adderall to keep her wide awake. I’ve taken xanax before, and my daughter takes the other. So I know what xanax does. It shouldn’t be allowed in the house, and if she needs it that bad, she should be disqualified.

    • You people have no clue about adderal is. For someone who does not need adderal it does act as a stimulant, but for someone who truly has add and needs it, they have a different brain chemistry and the adderal actually does work to calm them down. So for someone with add Xanax and adderal work together to calm someone down

      • I must say, I am clueless when it comes to Adderal and Xanax, and I’m actually happy about that.

      • I know about them. And it’s suspicious that she takes both of them. My doctor would not prescribe both of them together (I used to take xanax a while back, and my daughter is on adderall).

      • That’s the thing. It seems like Amanda has said on more than one occasion that she’s taking them for weight loss, not because she has ADD. Which doesn’t make sense to me, beside the fact of the amphetamine in it.

      • Adderall improves short term memory in people with and without ADHD. The enhanced focus it gives plus the sense of “I can do anything” is one of the reasons it makes a good performance enhancing drug. And this is true for people with ADHD and those without it.

  2. I’m excited to see the current jurors compete to return. I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be another Brendon-Lawon incident with the HGs screaming out answers from the sidelines. Let the person who wins do it on their own merit and determination. I don’t see Candice having that much influence on the game if she returns, but if she wins she wins.

  3. Is there a chance for an eviction tonight? Then have the returning HG comp on Thursday – along with HoH?

    • I think he had a master plan all along. He is distancing himself from her. He has started talking back to her. Ex: she wanted to talk about Hawaii the other night (because she has been there) he said I don’t want to talk about it I haven’t been there. She pouted then told Aaryn she thought he was backing away. He and Andy also have a F2 deal they have kept secret. He doesn’t know Andy also had one with Judd and has one with Spencer and Helen. Now Andy has a F3 with GM and Aaryn. I wish none of them could win.

      • I am not so sure about that. At one point Amanda and McCrae hatched a plan for McCrae to act like he was distancing himself from Amanda so they would not look like such a solid final 2 to the rest of the house. Until McCrae actually double crosses Amanda, I will not be convinced that his posturing is anything more than an act.

      • I don’t think its fake on his part. He knows that she is dragging him down cause she is unstable. He is gonna get her out but he has to be careful in doing it.

  4. I AM WATCHING FEEDS RIGHT NOW AND THIS IS ONE MORE PATHETIC BUNCH OF PEOPLE. Helen deserves to be evicted.. Shes sitting there telling Andy how much she loves him and he is shedding fake tears trying hard not to laugh in her face. Aaryn is professing her “goodness” to the world. Amanda & McCrae both bending over so that everybody can kiss their assess.. Elissa telling em all how dam dumb they are. Gina Marie is for whatever reason is trying to keep sanity (FOR ONCE) and Spencer is sitting back letting em all fall apart around him. Elissa Spencer & GM ARE THE ONLY SANE ONES IN THE HOUSE AND NOT LYING WITH EVERY BREATH. at this point….It is so unreal..

    • I disagree only Elissa is sane. I get that personally most people don’t like her. I certainly won’t choose to be her friend in real life but given whos left in the house she’s not racist or doesn’t joke about being a phedophile.

  5. What do you think is the biggest mistake in the game? For me, it’s when they decided to not vote Aryn out the game when they had the chance. Just imagine how different this game would be.

    • The mistake of the game was letting Amanda stay in the game when America voted her MVP to be evicted.

    • All of em letting McCrae & Amanda stay together throughout the show was a major mistake…

    • Definitely a tie between not evicting arryn and not evicting amanda. Of course they had 2 chances to evict amanda so maybe that wins. Either way they both have to go.

      Given whos in the house the only one i can stand winning is Mc or Elissa. However with Mc I’m worry amanda will get all the money anyway. I really hope he dumps her when he gets out.

    • Not getting out Aaryn and Amanda were both big mistakes. But Elissa has made the most mistakes, followed by Helen and Judd. Elissa made a mistake not telling everyone who she was related too right from teh start. Her sister apparently told her not to hide it because they look too much alike. Then Elissa messed up letting everyone know she had money. Then she messed up for good by letting the Aaryn things fester for weeks and weeks.

      Helen messed up by evicting all of her allies and then not getting Amanda out once she started talking about it. But I think the biggest mistakes are yet to come.

      • Helen is jus a big ol’ mess these people in the house fail to realize that there are pecking orders in these alliances and Helen would be the first they would turn on.

      • I sorta remember the first night when they were doing the background of the guest Elissa said that if someone reconized her she wasn’t going to deny it. She was afraid that would be a total target on her back. I believe the reason she told people about her being MVP is to take the target off. As soon as people realized who she was the targets were there.

    • Helen, by not maintaining the balance of power in the house, when she was still influential. Instead, she was instrumental on the eviction of all her true allies and basically, her own eviction.

      • So true. Helen started out strong, but how could you evict the people who were for you? Candice, Judd, Jessie, even Howard! She just trusted the wrong side of he house.

  6. Helen has been working in political arenas so her experience as a BSer has been sharpened extremely fine. Politicians are professional liars.

  7. if everyone in that house is not careful, spencer is going to win the whole thing. please do not let that happen BB. we know this season is the worst ever and hg’s r being told what to do in DR. this is the BB that has made me think twice and a third time about next season. i’m almost hoping for no next season

  8. Helen has been getting on my nerves lately with her dumb game play, but, now that she pretty much knows everything that has been going on..I would give anything if she wins tomorrow night and comes back in the house! That would be some drama!

  9. AND ELLISSA OPENS IT AND GET TO SEND AMANDA HOME do not go ti jury do not collect 200 dollars gfo straight the pschy.ward ROTFLMFAO1111

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