Big Brother 15 Episode 12 Recap: America Makes A Shocking Move As MVP


Big Brother 15 gives America a power and you totally do something crazy with it. I don’t know if I’m confused, amused or annoyed. I think I’m a little of both. Good job, America!

Of course I’m talking about America voting Elissa as the third nominee this week, as we found out on tonight’s episode. Of course most people are speculating that Aaryn and Kaitlin got more votes but were already nominated, so it went to the person third in line. Then there are the people who think Elissa fans were confused and thought they were again voting her for MVP. Which makes the most sense to me because how else can you go from winning MVP to winning an eviction nominee?

The episode picks up right up after Judd nominated Kaitlin and Aaryn for eviction. Judd says he decided to make those nominations so he wouldn’t ruffle any feathers. Howard is happy he wasn’t a target and Aaryn is confused as to why Judd called her a “Texas tornado.”

He tells her later that he was just messing with her and that the plain is to backdoor somebody. He tells her that the veto will need to be used so that she or Kaitlin can come down and someone else can be backdoored.

And we get from Amanda’s Diary Room that HER plan is to backdoor Howard. Haha.

It’s time to find out that Elissa did not win MVP this week. Elissa is nervous and freaking everyone out because she’s acting weird.

And then CBS reminds the viewing public that Spencer exists and that he and Howard are still trying to play the game despite their excessive failures. Spencer tells Howard that with Amanda and Elissa gone, the two of them could run the house. Right, Spencer. Keep telling yourself that.

And so Spencer and Howard decide to start the new alliance. “We’re still the Moving Company, baby,” Spencer says. Really? You’re still trying to make the Moving Company a thing? Can I turn my TV off now and stop the recap here? OK, OK, I’ll keep going.

Spencer and Howard meets with Kaitlin, GinaMarie and Judd to propose a new alliance and go after Amanda. The group makes the deal and it looks like they’re good to go as an alliance. But is this one legit?

The houseguests are now ready to find out who this week’s MVP nominee is. And much to everyone’s shock, the nominee is Elissa! Very peculiar, as I mentioned already.


Helen and McCrae are picked to play in the veto alongside Judd, Aaryn, Kaitlin and Elissa.

But before we get to the veto competition, the house has to freak out and try to figure out who this week’s MVP was this week and nominated Elissa. She thinks it’s GinaMarie so when GinaMarie tries to console her she tells her to stop. So then GinaMarie swears on the Bible and then Elissa decides she just wants to go home. Candice reminds Elissa that Rachel was a target every week too and ended up winning Big Brother 13.

Elsewhere, the house is wondering if Elissa nominated herself. Luckily Amanda brings some sense to the table and suggests that it probably has something to do with the twist Julie mentioned during the last live show.

It’s veto competition time. And the players have to crawl through sludge to look for veto votes to submit to ballot boxes. But not only votes are hidden in the mud. McCrae wins $5,000 but has to sacrifice some veto points. Judd gets 18 votes but along with it comes solitary confinement. Elissa finds a ballot worth 20 points but it also means she can’t play in the next veto competition. Helen finds a ballot worth 10 points but it’s paired with a punishment that forces her a curfew of 8 PM.

Helen: 29 votes. Kaitlin: 25 votes. McCrae: 20 votes. Aaryn: 32 votes. Judd: 38 votes. Elissa: 40 votes. Elissa wins the Power of Veto.


Drama alert. Elissa hurts Amanda’s feelings over the birthday spanking she gave McCrae and Elissa gets a pretty bad edit because of it. Of course you don’t get to see everything that happened and I can’t really recap something that CBS didn’t air, so I’m just going to move on right now.

At the veto ceremony, Elissa decides to use the Power of Veto on herself. So the screen starts rolling again with all the houseguests photos and this time it stops on GinaMarie. America, thank you.


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  1. Probably a good idea to nominate Elissa even if she isn’t the target to try and keep the players for veto down. I don’t see Howard or Spencer being HOH if our next comp is a tilt-the-wall. That is better designed for Aaryn and Andy’s body size.

  2. Well CBS finally aired just a small portion of what Elissa is really like. Now if they would just show what Spencer is like. Maybe America will finally realize what a nut case Elissa is and if the MVP continues then maybe they will vote for someone else besides Elissa. I hope she goes up this week especially since she can’t play for veto.

    • First of all just because she’s had two days of insanity, does not mean she’s a nutcase. If she was its better than being a complete racist and having alienate other people because of the skin colour

      • Second of all watch the feeds because she’s been a nut case, wack job, unstable mean girl since day one.

      • both aaryn and elissa need to go. fair enough? both are mean people and don’t deserve to go to jury or win the 500,000.

      • It’s really not advisable to determine which form of hate (or who distributes that hate) is the ‘worst’. Homophobia, racism, sexism, elitism…ALL are forms of hate that need to be stopped. When we start deciding who (and what) is the ‘worst’, we are also arguing that some forms of hatred are ok because they aren’t the ‘worst’. Very few of the BB15 cast are innocent of various forms of hate.

      • Even in real life, you have to pick and choose and a lot of times, you pick your battles. Like telling us a serial killer who killed 17 people is in the same class as someone who killed someone because they were being abused. Not even close. All are wrong and you cannot evict them all for practical purposes but, seriously, who would you rather win the $500,000 the extremely racist or a mild bully. Nobody is perfect but, you have to pick and choose because like it or not, someone is going to win that $500,000. Me, I choose to vote against the worst of the lot—-that is the best I can do because I cannot evict all of them and screen the next batch of house guests to replace them. That is the reality of it!

      • Re-reading through your response, I think you may have missed my point on this one, but no worries. I agree with you that somebody will win 1/2 million dollars. lol…

      • They didn’t misread your comment at all. You were just trying to deflect and you failed. No worries, though, Matt. We all have bad days.

      • lol… whatever you say Mac, Tex, (and the other alias names you keep posting under). I’ve never understood why people spend their time going through the motions of posting under multiple names on here just so they can troll somebody. I can assure you there’s better and less time consuming ways to annoy people to get your jollies…but meh each to their own. Merry Christmas.

      • I think you may have missed my point here, but no worries. I agree with you that somebody will win the 500k. lol…

      • no one said they like aaryn or any of the other houseguests that made racist comments, MORE than elissa. pretty sure most people agree that they are all nutcases. i don’t think aaryn, ginamarie, kaitlin, spencer OR elissa deserve to be there for the things they’ve said, have done and how they play the game.

        go amanda :)

    • If only you watched the live feeds. Elissa was actually one of the nicest people in the house that season. It’s kind of amazing you didn’t think Amanda was a nutcase. You must be the only one.

      • Why are you commenting on something from 2yrs ago? Little slow aren’t you? And by the way I always have the live feeds. I never said I liked Amanda. Didn’t like her either. Elissa was a self entitled spoiled brat. Get with the program there’s been a few season since this aired.

  3. What really happened with Elissa and Amanda? It seemed like Elissa was being mean for no reason, but I assume that wasn’t the case?

    • Amanda took exception to Elissa’s remarks on her one piece bathing suit. She did look like a stripper/dominatrix with a whip in her hand. If she wanted to surprise McCrae, she should have done it privately, I think. There are other guys in the room like Howard and Spencer so, not really appropriate if it is intended for McCrae which it was!
      Elissa should have kept her mouth shut though because she was mean to Amanda. It was best not to have said anything!

    • She is jealous that Amanda has a relationship in the house closer than she does. Amanda took the higher road this time.

    • Elissa wasn´t mean. She was saying what others were thinking.
      And she says that “i would never use that. It makes you look like a stripper”… Amanda toke it like a offensive remark… but wasn´t she doing a dominatrix act on mcrae in front of everyone?

      Jessie and Kaitlin talked about Amanda looking a stripper from some strip bar ready to do a pole dance… but it wasn´t in front of Amanda (and it wasn´t showed on the program) before Alissa say that.

      • I think Amanda was more upset over the one-piece swimsuit comments and the insinuation that she has less than a perfect body. Even if Elissa is being truthful and honest with her remarks, it doesn’t mean that they are automatically not hurtful or mean. It’s like if you saw an obese woman coming down the street and you told her “wow you look like a huge whale!” Yea maybe everyone who sees her is thinking the same thing, but it doesn’t mean it’s ok to just act like a jerk to that person.

      • They were all joking together. Elissa squirming and saying “omg” as Amanda spanked McCreature was what everyone else was doing, (and is the expected reaction). Others also said “how embarrassing” and “uncomfortable” it was. CBS edited it to make it look like an intentional attack. What really happened is that Amanda couldn’t stand the joking any longer because she suddenly realized what she had done on television and truly was embarrassed. She used Elissa as a scapegoat. As usual. She took a bad situation and again tried to make herself out to be the victim. Unfortunately, it didn’t work well since we’ve been watching her behavior for 24 hours everyday. Amanda is entertaining to watch. I hope she comes back for an All Stars edition.

    • She said Amanda should have worn a two piece. She didn’t even know they made one pieces anymore. Considering how downright nasty Amanda is to other people, it’s amazing how sensitive she is. I kind of feel bad for her because her bullying is obviously a defense tactic. Being in front of the cameras didn’t help either. I think the producers encouraged Amanda to be even nastier than usual. Unfortunately, even after this incident with Elissa, Amanda never learned how her behavior hurts other people.

  4. Well, if Kaitlyn goes home tomorrow night, it’s because she believe everybody that tell her she is safe, so she’s not campaigning.

    • This season really is messed up. People not campaigning, people forming new alliances every 5 minutes, people telling everyone else about those alliances then forming new alliances…etc

    • I agree. When Elissa went to her and confronterd her about the secret alliance, instead of blabbing what Elissa said back to the people who are about to vote her out, should should have taken the opportunity to try to sway Elissa to keep her in exchange for safety or something. These people are all big mouths and while they lie constantly to each other, they all seem to be fooled by the lies they hear!

      • Did Raclissa tell Kaitlyn all of her alliances she has? Or would she after Kaitlyn? HELL NO she is just a bully that wants to be just like her sister.

  5. amanda dressed in slutty clothing and howard wearing a bandana, what the hell is going on in this picture? Looks kinky

  6. I’m pretty confident that Helen, Andy, Jessie and Judd are the most boring people on earth. If somehow Aaryn is still around when McCrae and Amanda head out the door – and I can’t believe I’m saying this – I’ll be cheering for her. On that point, people need to be careful – still very, very early, but she’s pretty much playing the exact same unlikable, stupid game that Dr. Will did in his first season…not that she’s “playing” that game, it’s just playing out that way.

    Elissa, Elissa, Elissa – you’d think a girl who got knocked up in high school wouldn’t be so quick to judge.

    • Usually people who have a history of poor decision making make them repeatedly. (Not too many people make one poor life decision and become wise all of a sudden afterwards)… Elissa has a lot of people around her (including CBS producers) reinforcing all the wrong things.

    • What does Elissa High School situation have to do with anything? Are we going to get all moral now when we have 4 girls in the house who have basically draped themselves over 4 guys they met a few days prior? And what High Schools kids are not having sex now-a-days?

  7. The people who voted Elissa MVP probably thought Rachel was a likable person…so not sure tonight would change their mind.

    • Well it seemed to me watching the edit that 75% of the episode was geared towards sympathy for Elissa. She had more minutes of screen time over every one else. It wasn’t until the birthday party where the tv viewers saw a different side.

  8. I think Amanda is a sneaky bigot. She has been trying to get Howard out for weeks , have cold relations with Helen and Candice and now is backing aaryn

    • Why shouldn’t she (or anyone else) try to evict Howard. Its a game. He’s a houseguest like the rest of them.

    • jewish girl is a bogot? okay. she has been going after howard because he is a liar and a powerhouse of muscle. clearly he can out perform mccray and she knows this. helen thinks she controls the whole house. if people don’t get rid of her before jury she will either win it all or decide who wins at jury. she is not a bigot, just smart.

      • Remember when she claimed Howard sexually harassed her and it turned out to be a lie? She’s not just bigoted, she’s dumb.

    • It is shifty behavior, for sure. I have been wondering why she has a vendetta toward Howard. Ah, he lied, so what. Did it impact her game no. The blanket statement of Howard being a power house is yet to be seen. I think her gig is religious based toward Howard. Note Helen and Candice have similar beliefs as Howard. Hmm. Yes, she is cold to Helen and Candice. I agree.

      • She is playing the game to save her and McC’s ass. Howard most definitely made it clear he doesn’t want Amanda there especially influencing McC… That’s why she’s fighting to get him out. She knows if given the chance he would get her out. It’s a game. Not racist or bigotry or based on religion. Just a game…

      • Yes, Howard is gunning for her , as he should plus, Amanda starting the targeting first. The only ass she is worried about is her own. If she were on the block with McCrea, she would cut the cord in a hot second. McCrea on the other hand would give her the game: that is the game play difference. She was grumpy faced before she attached herself to a likeable goofy guy, who she knew would go far. I find it obvious game play, Amanda showmanced McCrea like a Preying Mantis.

  9. When Elissa smiles it looks as if her face is going to crack. She’s also as horrible as her revolting sister.

  10. I’m sorry but why does Aaryn try to act like Daniele Donato?? I can’t be the only one who is noticing! She wears her tshirt the same way and talks like her in the house and in the diary room. Can’t wait to see her go!

    • Someone said Aaryn was somehow related to the Donato’s. Maybe, it is true and she trying to copy Danielle Donato. She was a mean bully but, not a smart player if you saw Rachel’s season! She got herself evicted early and had no chance at that $500,000. Like Gina Marie, Danielle Donato was obsessed with her showmance with Shane. She wanted the showmance more than the $500,000. Go figure!

      • You don’t know what you’re talking about! Danielle is one of the best players of all time. She was never in the house with Shane, she was always with her dad. In season 8 she got herself to the end by winning competitions every week. Her and Janelle (and Rachel) are the best players!

        Janelle already said Aaryn should join the KKK.

      • What? Dani Donato could get NOWHERE without her Daddy. She was never a great player. And she did have showmances. First with Nick and then with Dominic. She never knew how to play the game. Once her Daddy left, she was a sinking ship. You cannot compare her to Janelle and Rachel, who were both competition beasts.

  11. All of these attacks on Elissa are very unfair!!!!!! I have the live feeds and everyone and I mean everyone in house have personally attack Elissa and her sister Rachel who I think is one of best player EVER in Big Brother. Elissa has been on the block 3 of the 4 weeks. if you think CBS is being towards Elissa you couldn’t be more wrong. They are gearing this season for Amanda.

    • Actually, this season looks like being set up for Aaryn. Why Aaryn because the narrative being pushed is she is no threat and can be taken out at any time. Yet, we have Amanda and Helen and I am sure others seeming out to protect Aaryn from eviction! I think CBS put up the disclaimer so that, she can remain in the game all the way to the end! More and more it looks Aaryn will be safe and not be evicted from the Big Brother House.
      For this reason, all my votes will be against Aaryn, Helen and Amanda from here on in! If they give us MVP again this week, I will nominate Aaryn, Amanda and Helen. Time to shake the Big Brother House.

      • If you remember earlier Helen proposed a secret alliance with Aaryn. Helen is good at manipulating the house and I’m sure that is what is keeping her in so long.

    • If we think CBS is being what towards Elissa? You seem to have skipped a word.

      • “Geared.” It’s not too hard to figure it out. It’s called context. I think you were trying to be snarky, but an adult should actually be able to understand a single missing word in a paragraph full of context. You really shouldn’t be ___ that easily.

        Can you guess the missing word? :)

    • Your statement was almost word for word what mat555 wrote. Is there an Elissa form letter or something? So, another opinion is burped up.

    • The house did attack her almost as soon as they found out she was Rachel’s sister, but you have to admit Elissa has been acting bizarre the last few days. Her comments to Amanda were uncalled for. He paranoia and sense of entitlement are getting sickening.

      You would think someone who claims to have Big Brother blood running through her family would be able to separate the game from her personal feelings.

      • Following that premise, you would also think that she would know how to play the game. Because of production pushing her, she the “entitled” floater.

  12. All of these attacks on Elissa
    are very unfair!!!!!! I have the live feeds and everyone and I mean
    everyone in house have personally attack Elissa and her sister Rachel
    who I think is one of best player EVER in Big Brother. Elissa has been
    on the block 3 of the 4 weeks. if you think CBS is being towards Elissa
    you couldn’t be more wrong. Anyway America is the one that is voteing Elissa for MVP so stop yelling about CBS fixing it. This season is more complain about it being fixed then other season. Aaryan need to go becasue of her racism. Anyway Elissa remarks about Amanda because she she draced up like a stripier. Elissa is playing a very good game by playing a social game.

  13. Rachel haters…… Why do you hate her? How could you be still carrying anger toward her 2 seasons later?

    • Is it that she played incredibly hard, was invited back and ended up with everything a girl could ever dream of getting from being on Big Brother? Let’s see…… winning $500,000.00 (check), meeting a smart man (check), who she connected with on many levels (check), who is well hung (CHECK), who was invited, with her, to be on The Amazing Race (check),and they decided to build a life together and got married (check).~~~~~I am aware that that is not a proper sentence~~~~ but I am tired.

    • Did you not hear the “nails on blackboard” voice belt out all that drama. She could have just played hard. Instead she had to also be annoying.

      • I imagine that all of the house guests personality flaws are amplified in the BB house.

  14. All this racism talk is over blown. Yes what was said wasnt the greatest but come on racism is everywhere and against everyone. Rachel being the best ever, really? The season she won was fixed just like this year is towards Skanklissa.

    • Maybe you have a hard time reading, I said of one the best. You are so blinded by hate to see what is really going on. That season wasn’t set-up for her to win!

    • You have a big problem Bruce .Your comments are uncalled for , immature and your as bad as the prejudice mean girls in the house

  15. Anyone realize that Aaryn is slowly but surely creeping back into the game? She’s in a really good spot in that everyone is giving her the “oh, we’ll just get rid of her later. Let’s go after the bigger targets first” treatment.

    She’s had her rough moments no doubt, but she seems to be laying low and staying out of trouble of late. If she can just lurk around and use the “take me to the final 2 and you’ll win” strategy, she could stay around for quite awhile.

    Once the house guests get over her hatred of her, they might realize it could be beneficial to keep her around.

    I’ve forgiven Aaryn, and in a weird way, I’m almost rooting for her. The ULTIMATE underdog story!!

      • …and it was said after the first remarks got her in trouble…and will oft be repeated.
        Aaryn may be an evil genius, well, at least in the context of this game and under par cast HGs this season.

      • “Genius” seems more than a bit generous for her…she’s just finally starting to let what people have been shouting at her sink in a little bit.

        And everyone else is so involved with themselves that they don’t notice how dumb this all is.

    • Nonsense. A leopard does not lose its spots. People complain about Elissa winning MVP but, here we have Aaryn the racist and everything is cool, she is being coddled by Amanda and Helen so that, she can get to Final 2 without even a sweat and it is cool! Sheer hypocrisy! Aaryn does not deserve any breaks in this game especially that, guaranteeing her safety week after week—-that is utter nonsense!

    • yes she is and we can thank Elissa for giving her he opportunity to finish her redemption. When Elissa refused to talk to Aaryn because she thought Aaryn was unnecessarily mean and racist, I supported her even though BB is just a game. But it now appears that Elissa is that way with anyone she thinks crosses her. When she snapped a GM when she tried to console Elissa after she was put on the block, that was really a very nasty thing to do. This is a game, not real life. To get personal with people over the game is what Aaryn did to her and Elissa said many times she did not want anyone to go through what she went through those first 2 weeks.

      • Well, it is real life. These are not characters reading from a script. They’re actual people and we get to watch them on a live feed for 24 hours a day.

    • She lost that barbie face that could take over the house and kick everyone out.
      All the remarks she made on the first 2 weeks where based on that she had a powerful alliance that could take over the house. She had Kaitlin, one of (if not the one) smartest people on the house, Jeremy, one of the strongest guy, Nick the cute, Ginamarie the bad mouth and Howard and Spencer that where playing there game.

      After she started to see that her big alliance was kicked out of the house without hope, she calmed down.
      That´s why i think that sending Kaitlin out the door will make Aaryn to slow down on her trash talking.
      Yesterday morning, GM was saying something about howard boxers, candice didn´t like it and Aaryn keep it to her and just made a smile and says yeah.
      On the 2 week, she talked and pressed on with some offensive remarks on a similar situation (against helen).
      So, she just moved from been the big bad bear to be a small cub that wants to be cuddle.
      Probably this is what she does on her college… When she can take over the situations, she used her pretty face(and body) to get over the things. When the things go wrong, she creeps out to her family to help her.

    • Apparently, you did not see Danielle Donato who was the worst, disgusting player on that very season! And she got booted out deservedly! Rachel won that season and deserved it too!

      • Yeah, Dani over-reached, and did it too early. However, Dani is hot….Rachel is not.

      • Maybe cute as a blonde. With the dark hair, she looked just like her Daddy. Ewwwww. I’d take Rachel over anyone who looks like ED.

  16. At least we can safely confirm that the veto comp was not fixed for Elissa to win. Such a shame that Judd won that punishment for nothing though because of a two-point deficit against her. :(

    • If you see the competition, the best envelopes where below other ones. Judd got his punishment from an envelope that Mcrae kicked when he was dropping to get below the bar. Alyssa got her 20 votes from one that Helen got out when she fell.
      Even Mcrae got one, i think it was 1 point, didn´t use it, got back to the same place and grabbed the one that was on the same spot. And it was the $5000.
      On Kaitlin there was one that was put out right at the end of the pool of the mud by Aaryn and nobody got it. At the end it was still there waiting for someone to grab it.

      • We wouldn’t really know because they’re all sealed up. They have to spread out all throughout the muddy pool at random places.

  17. All I can say is Elissa is either on meds or she needs meds. If not then she is pretty thick. But I understand why she is so single minded about getting Aaryn out. She knows that Aaryn will put her on the block if she wins HOH no matter what deal Helen thinks she made with her. This is partially Eliss’a won fault because she made herself a target with he stupidity this week.

    But I also want to say that all this talk about the POV being fixed is nonsense. She beat Judd by 2 points – the difference between her giving up playing in the veto comp next week and him in sequester for 24 hours. In my opinion giving up the veto is much worse and getting only 2 extra points for it may not be the best deal. McCrae lost by 20 points but he took a 0 to get $5000. Had he found the 20 point card to give up playing in the veto next week, I am not sure he would have kept it anyway. CBS has messed the game up with this MVP thing but I don;t think they gave an edge to Elissa so she would win. She was just lucky enough to find the 20 point car and use it.

  18. Well it’s actually not hard to imagine why Elissa would be voted. For the 1 million fans she has, there are 2 million that don’t like her. So when they vote for MVP, the 2 million can’t come together and vote for 1 person to beat her. The 2 million votes get dispersed throughout the other guest but when they have the opportunity to vote against her, they definitely will show how much they dislike her and Rachel. Makes perfect sense.

    • I never thought of it that way. It makes more sense than such a huge amount of people making a mistake while casting their votes.

  19. So did ellisa get nominated for eviction cause she won the mvp? Like it was reversed, instead of her winning and puttin someone else up, she got put up instead

    • Or, are Rachel and her fans so stupid, that they didn’t read the instructions and voted for her?
      I keep hearing this idea from the members of Team Ellisa. They are delusional. She was voted in 2nd or 3rd place by America. I’m actually thinking she got the second largest amount of votes, and none of it was erroneous.

      • I think most of america voted for aaryn but since she was already nominated they moved down the list to ellisa who was either 2nd or third. Unless people really don’t like her change in behavor this week she’ll win MVP next week too.

  20. How many times does Elissa have to hear the same thing over and over and over again before she gets it? Poor Helen was trying to explain to her that getting Kaitlin out this week was the better plan (instead of Aryan). Helen spent over 20 minutes explaining the simple concept, and then Elissa went right back to the beginning, at which point Helen had to start all over again. Is she brain damaged or something? It was just so painful to watch. Even while fast forwarding through half of that convo it seemed like it took forever. And in the end, you could tell by her face that she still didn’t quite get it. I tried to like her, but it is painfully clear that it isn’t going to happen. Yikes!

  21. I did like Elissa but what she said last night to hurt Amanda was really mean, and beyond ridiculous… No one should be mean like that at all. And if she didn’t like it, she should’ve kept her mouth shut and walked out.

    • I think she meant well in intent but the execution was just in bad taste. Nonetheless, think before you speak is the moral of the story here, especially in the game of Big Brother.

    • So Your Telling Me You Didnt Think Amanda Looked Ridiculous? I Understand There Could Have Been A Different Way To Say It But Half Of America Was Sauing It In The Comfort Of Their Living rooms

      • Yeah, Screw Them For Having Fun Right? And Especially Amanda For Being Confident Enough To Don Her Outfit, Knowing Full Well That All Of The House And America Would Be Seeing Her In It. If Elissa Didn’t Like It, She Could Have Left The Room Instead Of Resorting To Attacks Against Amanda. Why Are We Doing The Capitalization Of Every Word Except For The Last one?

    • She just did what everyone was thinking.
      Jessie and Kaitlin saw Amanda on that suit, they got out and talked the same thing on the corridor. Spencer too let a “stripper on the bathroom” when he was on the kitchen.
      Alissa just made a comment about never use something like that… because everyone would think she was a stripper. (well everyone was thinking that amanda looked like a stripper…)
      Then inviting everyone to the room to see her performing…
      Amanda didn´t like it but she got her point that those things should not be made with that audience right there with them. Alissa was pointing that out right from the start…
      The only problem: Alissa talked with Amanda present. The other ones talked without Amanda around to ear.

  22. Not watching anymore but, when it comes to votes it is easier to present a united front if you are voting directly to benefit elissa than picking one of many to target, esp. when those are the target of the house. their votes are divided leaving elissa an easy target. Will CBS switch back to keep her in or let America decide?

    Recommend new show “Get out Alive”, eliminations by someone who knows what he is talking about.

  23. anybody else notice Howard was outlining the plot of A Bugs Life when he was trying to rally that alliance together?

  24. What did Elissa really say to Amanda? I’m curious how CBS edited her to look bad because they did this plenty of times with Rachel.

    • She said that one piece bathing suits are ugly and that she would never wear one. She also said that she looked like a stripper and that if Mccrae licked whipped cream off of her she’d puke. Nothing about her looks. Amanda was crying saying that she knows she’s not the prettiest, thinnest girl ever even though Elissa said nothing about her weight or the way she looked. It was just the outfit… she’s conservative. It was her opinion.

  25. Amanda bad mothers everyone in the house. She is controlling just about every HOH that comes into power. She’s very catty. The fact that as soon as someone said something about her (instead of the other way around) she went immediately off to have a cry fest. She can dish it out but she can’t take it! I can’t wait until she’s gone!!!

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