Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Wednesday Daytime Highlights


Things have mellowed out in the Big Brother 15 house since last night. A truce has been called between Amanda and Candice and Elissa is back to acting like everything is normal. But is it? Her alliance doesn’t seem tot think so.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feeds highlights below. And remember that you can check out any of these moments by using the Live Feeds flashback/archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, July 24, 2013

9:45 AM BBT – Wake-up time.

10:25 AM BBT – Andy asks Helen if she knows why Elissa acted the say she did last night. Helen tells Andy she tried to scare Elissa by telling her the alliance was going to kick her out if she acts like that. Andy says but it’s too late, she’s already out. Helen agrees but said she didn’t want to tell Elissa that. Helen also says she told Elissa she should apologize to Judd but she said she didn’t owe him one.

10:40 AM BBT – Judd tells Helen he thinks he’ll get 11th place in the game. She says she bets he wins.

10:55 AM BBT – Helen says she still thinks Howard is MVP. Andy still thinks it’s America.

11:35 AM BBT – Andy and Amanda are talking game. Andy tells her that he thinks Judd made up that alliance story involving Kaitin, Howard and Spencer. Amanda says she doesn’t care because it helps their agenda in the end.

11:36 AM BBT – Aaryn and Jessie are talking. Aaryn says if she wins Head of Household this week she will nominate Elissa and Howard.

12:05 PM BBT – Helen tells Jessie that Aaryn really isn’t a part of the alliance. She’s just a vote for them. She says that Aaryn will not make it to jury. And America takes a collective sigh of relief.

12:25 PM BBT – Amanda giving her alliance orders on who should be watching whom and how things should play out next week since Elissa can’t play veto.

1:20 PM BBT – Amanda and Candice call a truce. Amanda tells her that she’s not targeting her or Howard. Amanda is trying to get Candice off her back.

2:30 PM BBT – Indoor lockdown. Likely building the set for tomorrow’s Head of Household competition.

2:50 PM BBT – Elissa asks the group if Kaitlin is still the target. She says she’s voting with them.

It looks like Kaitlin is still the target and it sounds like Elissa might be next on the chopping block if this group of crazy houseguests don’t find yet another target. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens after Kaitlin goes and a new HOH is crowned. Should be fun!

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  1. Fix the grammar and stop Aaryn-bashing. She’s simply last year’s Brittany with a bad edit.

    • Explain, because I personally think you’re way off, possibly Mars.

    • Aaryn is so polarizing that CBS has to have a warning before BB airs. Um, that happened. Please don’t pull an Aaryn and say “don’t get it twisted”. Brittany is polar opposite. She played twice and CBS didn’t have to warn the viewing public about her.

    • Bad edit???!!! So what was she really saying that we have all mistaken for racist remarks? You must be a lawyer. Maybe you can help her sue the companies that fired her. Apparently, she had a bad edit.

    • Wow, what have you been watching? Is the publicist that Aryan’s Mommy hired actually accomplishing something? I hope not!

    • I kind of agree. Aaryn had her rough moments for sure, but she’s been fine ever since. Let’s move on.

      She actually has a decent shot in this game now because she gets the “oh we’ll just get rid of her later” treatment. She’s been laying low and slowly the other alliances have been crumbling apart.

    • If you watched tonight’s episode, you saw why. But just in case, she took it as a punishment in this week’s Veto comp.

  2. Sounds like Elissa has burned a few bridges. It might be too late for her to stop acting like a princess in order to further herself in the game. Looks like the Mom alliance has bit the dust. For now anyway. Todays enemy is tomorrows alliance. And vice versa.

    • Helen and Amanda could be on the chopping block much sooner than they think! Coddling Aaryn is not gonig to save their asses. Not one bit. I am rooting for Elissa to win HOH this week. Should make for an interesting week if it happens.

      • One side of the house has been in power for two weeks straight now, so it could very well be time for BB to mix things up with a flip in the opposite direction. Personally, I think it’ll be hilarious if Howard wins HOH this week – however unlikely that is, I don’t know, but it would still be interesting to see.

  3. They can’t evict or nominate Elissa next week, especially if she wins the MVP. She can still nominate one of them making the numbers game too close to call. If Elissa retaliates and puts up Amanda, for example, there are a lot of people who might take the opportunity to get Amanda out of the house and split up the McRae Amanda duo. I think they need to keep Elissa one more week after the evict Kaitlyn. And if it gets back to Elissa that Aaryn is going to put her on the block, they may not even be able to evict Kaitlyn.But, Elissa is to blame for where she is now. She really screwed the pooch yesterday.

    • Pretty sure the MVP can be put up as one of the two noms by the HoH, she just can’t be the 3rd nom.

    • True. Hopefully Elissa recovers for just one more week. I don’t mind the fact she is a target, as she should be. What I want is McCrea and Amanda broken up. You know Aaryn will be up for sure, so put Amanda next to her and let the fur fly!

    • I put the blame on Helen and Amanda for looking to coddle Aaryn. If they want her so bad, it might be a good time to put them on the block with Aaryn if that is what it takes to evict Aaryn. I hate the Aaryn coddlers this early in the game. They cannot wait till all the racists are out and have to spoil it!

      • I’m not sure if that’s a good idea Richie.To have Aaryn sit beside Amanda a power house. You run a risk of Aaryn staying instead of getting evicted. Amanda is a big fish. It’s very tempting to evict Amanda even among her loyalist. She’s not a hard sell.

      • The problem I have with Amanda is coddling Aaryn. The same goes for Helen. If that is the case, if they were both on the block—-Amanda would have to campaign hard to evict Aaryn because now her head is on the chopping block. Granted that Amanda can get evicted in the process. I feel the fissure in the alliance was caused by Helen and Amanda. if they just went along and moved to evict Aaryn this week, that would have kept everyone happy and would have sent the message that they were kosher with the alliance. As it stands now, it seems that they even want to evict Elissa? If that is the case, I would pick Elissa over both Helen and Amanda and let the chips fall where they may!

  4. Remember last week when Helen said we should give Kaitlin a break for using the POV on herself. Everyone was on board. Now all of a sudden they want her out and and coddle Aryan.

  5. If we get to pick MVP, I’m voting for J U double D!. If we pick 3rd nom again it’s Amanda!

  6. Well, ok, Elissa is burning bridge, not good for her.
    But what was that about the veto comp that was rigged ? I didn’t see anything fishy.

    • I guess If you’re name was pre assigned to the lane that has higher numbers.

      • I know, but that’s the only thing that I could think of. It’s her area that the numbers were strategically placed. No evidence, but it’s pure speculation.

      • I don’t buy it. Other found big number. Plus she earn it the old fashion way, she work for it. She jump in the mud and went back at least 6 times, because she rejected a 2 and a 3. My take is that she deserved it.

      • Well, it could have been fixed. I believe they had to go into a voting booth that had a curtain/or wall (hell I can’t remember). But, I don’t believe anyone was able to actually see in the booth. Whose to say that Elissa’s ballots were not already in the voting booth? Just saying…..

      • Yes, it is. But, my point is it definitely could have been fixed, since everything was not in plain sight.

      • Nope. But I think everything was kosher. Too risky that somebody might see something.

      • Agree. My question is why with what everyone, especially Aryan and Amanda did they focus on Elissa for over 10 minutes. Is CBS trying not to show too much of what Aryan says. Now they are showing her as a sweet blond Texan. And why all the air time of Amanda? They didn’t show how her and Mcrea took over Judd’s HOH room?

      • I guess they only have an hour. Must be pretty hard to decide what to show and what not.

      • Aaryn has been acting fine the last week. And it’s about time they showed how Elissa acts like a mean girl.

      • I wonder if Aryan’s Mommy’s publicist had anything to do with it. And I agree with you about Amanda and McCrae taking over everything of Judd’s. Not even asking is rude and going to make people upset with them.

  7. people who are seeing things from the outside in you have to put yourself in their mindset. they are in a house no where to go one thing that happened two weeks ago is forgotten. people get into arguments and are mean everyday then they move on. no one in that house is dwelling on Aaryon or GM or Spencer or Jeremy comments they are focusing on winning 500k. get that through your heads it’s about 500k not getting Aaryon out house. if I was them i would keep Ellisa and Aaryon for long time to always have a target and focus off me. people get real.

  8. it’s about winning 500k not pleasing America and who they like or we should have everyone we like to say till last four, well that won’t be no fun. you have to keep loud mouths and trouble makers to keep target of yourself. it about 500k not about you

  9. It cracks me up when they go to DR screaming, full of confidence. Like Gina Marie..” I came here to play”..shut up ! you haven’t won crap !…and of course Howard,..”Let the game begin”…I’m gonna go play pool and be quiet all day.

    • At least we have that, the DR. Because there was nothing earth shattering tonight. Maybe we shouldn’t read all the spoilers. LOL

      • Oh yeah, they have script to follow. It’s just not consistent on how they really are. Remember Joe/the chef from last year, who screams a lot in DR? lol

  10. Amanda need tos go amanda needs to go amanda needs to go she makes me sick..She thinks she the leader of the house and will never win HOH i’ve never seen such a floater take over the house

  11. I am really disappointed in this show. I used to love the show to the point I made sure I was around to watch every night it was on. In the past, in the back of my head I thought that this show if it wasnt “fixed” it surely “steered” in the direction the producers wanted. After watching this season up till tonight I have no doubt it is. Elissa winning three MVP’s in a row? This whole America MVP thing, really, tell me that doesnt steer the game in ways it has never has before? Lastly not only to we have to watch ho-bag Rachel play the game twice now we get her sister? No wonder ratings are waaaay down. Looks like I have to find a new favorite summer show!

    • The Fly On the Wall Production Co. (owned by Allison Grodnor) has been rigging BB for years, although ts worse this summer than ever before. If BB continues I hope they hire new producers. The show needs a major overhaul.

    • If you hate it so much, why the hell are you even watching it? Apparently, you are not paying attention to Storage Wars which was sued by David Hester for planting valuable items in the storage lockers. The judge in that case said that since, it is a show, the producers have the “creative license” to steer the show the way they see fit! It is relevant to Big Brother because there is a precedent now if anyone wants to sue Big Brother on how they run the show! You have a judge saying they have creative license which means they can steer the show in any direction they please! Does not mean the votes are rigged because those are audited. However, it allows the producers to add twists, changes in rules, etc. to get the desired result they want! So, don’t like it?—-you are out of luck. Don’t watch it. If I hate a show so much, I will just stop watching altogether but, that is just me!

  12. It is gonna suck if they keep Aaryn over Kaitlyn because she is just using the good girl act until she does not need them and then she will go back to the way she was. If we are MVP next week I will be voting for Amanda and Aaryn if she stays this week. I am so sick of listening to Amanda, And with her trying to run the house if she stays along with Aaryn they will be in the final 2 together.

    • I agree that Aryan is a good actress. If she wins HOH this week, I am sure the nice girl won’t be so nice anymore.

    • I am with you and will continue to nominate Aaryn if we are again MVP this week. Will also nominate Amanda because I am sick and tired of her and Helen coddling Aaryn instead of getting her out of the game! A message needs to be sent—-you coddle the racists and you will be next evicted!

  13. I wish Judd would win this year..He’s just a nice laid back guy and has play the competitions hard

  14. I wonder if Amanda is pregnant. She kept talking about making a baby with McC while in the BB house, and now she’s throwing up. Blaming it on the nicotine patch…makes me wonder. Would she be able to stay in the house if she did get pregnant? Obviously she couldn’t be a have not…interesting.

  15. I must say that Elissa was very mean to Amanda about the onesie swim suit. However, when Elissa said she didn’t want to see Amanda or McCrea lick whipped cream off of each other, I couldn’t agree with her more. That would have made me throw up, as well. Amanda and that whole scene was a hilarious. Also, why do they go into that small little stall to cry?

  16. Could you imagine how badly youd want to kill yourself if you got stuck in the same room with both Rachel and Elissa?

    • If I was stuck in a room with Aaryn and Gina Marie, I probably will throw up in their faces. Then, laugh so hard right after!

  17. It looks like Kaitlin is going home. They consider her a bigger threat because of Jeremy.

  18. I would not want to eat anything in that house people picking teeth Spencer digging up his nose and messing with his balls nasty Amanda licking spoon with fingers putting it back in the mash potato yuck no why.

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