Big Brother 15 Episode 10 Recap: An Eviction, An HOH And A New MVP Spin


The Big Brother 15 houseguests’ plan for a true backdoor came to fruition Thursday night as Jeremy became the third guy in a row to walk out the door.

The episode picks up right after Jeremy was named as the replacement nominee. No one is surprised, of course, but Helen is still jumping for joy in the Diary Room.

And then we get to Jeremy’s campaign kickoff. And he does so in a baby diaper. He starts with McCrae, Amanda and Judd. And they sort of think about it for a second. Or not.

Aaryn starts her own form of campaigning by not being a total b***h. And she’s actually doing a pretty solid job at it. And then she ruins it all by telling Judd that it’s been hard for her “acting” nice to everyone and she should be commended for that.

Jeremy’s campaigning switches to Helen and Elissa. He tells them that if they keep him he will work only for them and his attitude will be long gone. He even says he’d nominated Kaitlin and Aaryn over Helen and Elissa. Helen finds his offer very, very tempting.

It’s time to check in with the houseguests. She speaks with Elissa first about her first week not being on the block. Then she asks Candice about her bed-flipping and how things are in the house.

It’s time to check in with Amanda and Judd’s parents to see what they think of they’re odd-couple relationship. McCrae’s parents are all for it. Amanda’s mom is hoping he’s a secret CEO.

It’s time for the live vote. For the final pleas, Jeremy basically says goodbye. Aaryn says a canned statement. Spencer’s is douchey. Let’s get to the votes.

The Votes

Candice votes to evict Jeremy.
Andy votes to evict Jeremy.
Howard votes to evict Jeremy.
Elissa votes to evict Jeremy.
Kaitlin votes to evict Spencer.
GinaMarie votes to evict Jeremy.
Amanda votes to evict Jeremy.
McCrae votes to evict Jeremy.
Jessie votes to evict Jeremy.
Judd votes to evict Jeremy.


By a vote of 9-0-1, Jeremy is evicted from the Big Brother 15 house.

Jeremy leaves the house and Julie asks him right away if he’s sitting there beside her because he went in the house immediately cocky. He says that’s surely it. She also asks him if the bully they saw in the house is the same person outside the house. He says he is not a bully.

Goodbye messages were lame so there’s nothing to say about those.

Julie then announces to us that America is the MVP this week and that we get to nominate the third HG for eviction this week.

It’s time for the Head of Household competition. This week it’s the “how did America” vote quiz and here are the results:

  • First out: Andy, Amanda, Candice and Elissa.
  • Second out: Aaryn, Jessie and GinaMarie
  • Threeway tie: Judd, Kaitlin and McCrae. Tie-breaker winner is Judd!


Before she says goodnight, Julie gives the houseguests a hint about the MVP twist. She tells them to “expect the unexpected.” So let the constant, mindless speculation begin! Way to go, Julie.



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      • Would rather vote for anyone but especially Helen or Elissa for their bullying last week.

      • They want Aaryn out because she is making big brother look bad becasue of everything she is saying. She said so much trash that is is a dumpster

      • yes, but let’s go around production’s wishes and vote out elyssia or helen or someone else, we have the power

      • Fine then let the Racism stay in the house. Make big brother viewers look like trash for having a chance to kick her out and not taking the chance.

      • it’s still only a vote to put someone on the block, not send them packing. it’s only a shame vote anyway, production will put Aaryn on the block “for” america

      • Someone seems to be an Aaryn fan, making several differnt accounts just encourage us to vote out “Elyssia.” Doubt it’s going to happen, though. You’re outta luck.

      • Nope, I’m not a different account of the same person, and I kinda hope that America votes Elissa. I think Aaryn will be up on the block either way however which is why I’m hoping Elissa gets put up via the MVP.

      • arryn must go. I am spending a lot to vote her as a nominee. hopefully she gets to be nominee and hopefully the houseguests go with America’s wish of voting her out.

      • I do think that’s the case. There’s a strong chance Aryan would have gone up even if Elyssa had won. Judd would have put her up, or Elyssa would have. This is to appease the “Elissa always wins MVP” complainers.

      • I think the Capt. is right here Jesse. It’s not about who puts who up. This is about making America FEEL like they have control in getting Aaryn out the door… If you read everyone’s comments, you can see Production knew this twist would make everyone happy (and sounds like it has for the most part). I agree that Aaryn would be up either way, so I’m kinda hoping Judd puts her up on the block and America’s 2nd highest vote is for Elissa! :)

      • That’s true… I forget how dense America is sometimes, and I need to make a habit of spelling Aaryn’s name right! I’m gotten so used to spelling it wrong. Anyway, I don’t think Elissa would leave over Aaryn anyway, so essentially, it doesn’t matter. Personally, I’d send Kaitlin home over Aaryn; she’s a bigger threat. Aaryn’s not as good as she thinks she is.

      • Totally agree. Those that want vengeance will want Aaryn out. Those that want to advance in this game, will vote Howard or Kaitlin out.

      • If Judd puts up Aaryn, and America votes for Aaryn, then second place gets the MVP nom. Imagine if that person is Elissa. Not only is Aaryn on the block (the whole point of this exercise), but the HGs suddenly have no idea what’s going on because the person they assume is MVP is now on the block (she won’t go home). It’s brilliant and would throw the house into turmoil.

        We can only hope Judd puts up Aaryn. He won’t.

      • Hell, it would help Elissa since no one would be able to use her anymore for her MVP vote (which she would assuredly get back as soon as we return to regular MVP rules).

        If only Elissa were smart enough not to tell anyone she’s the MVP next time. But she’ll blab to Helen. She’s not a good gameplayer.

  1. I tried to cast a vote to put Elissa on the block and I got a message that I have reached my maximum 10 votes. Seriously? Is the game that fixed?

    • Jessie could have been a good player if she didn’t try to hookup with every guy in the house. I applaud her for her courage though. She didn’t like how Aryan and Kaitlin were treating her and she had the courage to do something about it.

      • I think Jessie has changed for the better after the first week. I like her a lot now but the first week I couldn’t stand her.

      • I kinda feel sorry for her lately. She seemed to be the most naive player in the house. No strategy whatsoever. She’s just a number to them.

      • I feel like she might be one of the most level headed people in the house right now. When the season first started she was seen as the pretty girl who knew it & used it. I honestly didn’t care for her & was sure she was out the 1st week. Then she turned into a real life human & has proved to be more mature & respectful than other HG’s.

      • Her vote was crucial on Nicks eviction, and she delivered. I think she’s trustworthy and could be a good ally.

      • I wouldn’t go that far. She & Judd are a couple (ish) and I think we’ll see more of her ‘game’ this week with Judd in power.

      • I don’t have any opinion of her one way or the other. But, all she’s done is switch to the other side of the house to get used. She’s just been a floater. Seems like all she is is a number to either side. Maybe, time will tell if she’s up to playing.

      • lol. Editing my dear, editing. Remember how she was portrayed as one of the original self-entitled, self-deluded drama queens at the beginning of the show? ”I think I’m the best looking one in the house.” or ”No guys can resist me because I’m far too sweet and good looking” (oh Jessie, you could’ve actually been a great partner for Jeremy)! :)

    • Agreed. Show CBS how stupid this twist was. Maybe Elissa can thank America for voting for her this time.

  2. DON’T let CBS control this vote. VOTE for anyone besides Aaryn and let CBS know tired of the rigging. Would love for Rachel Part 2 to get her butt kicked out of the house since CBS rigged it for her the first 3 weeks to stay.

  3. This is so funny becasue everyone was so mad about Aaryn racism but know they want Elissa out because America voted for her .

    • Agreed. Come on, you conspiracy theorists! This is your chance to send the house a message they might listen to! Vote for Aaryn, GM or Kaitlyn – or all three (in case Judd nominates them too).

      • I want Judd to nom Kaitlin & GM and America to vote 100% to nominate Aaryn, But even if that happens Aaryn isn’t 1000% for sure out the door. This is a vote to nominate, not evict.

      • Actually what would be interesting is if Judd nominated Aaryn & Spencer, and then America’s vote (now that Aaryn is already up) will be Elissa! I wonder if the house guests will vote out Elissa thinking that’s what would make most of us happy seeing how we put her up there… Interesting…

      • Why would America vote Elissa? America has given Elissa MVP twice. Remember that these are probably the same people who are voting this week. Elissa has used her MVP to put up the people who would further her game. Amanda and McCrea wanted her to put up Howard, but she chose to put up Nick, instead. I like Elissa and I hope that she stays.

      • America has given Elissa MVP three times and someone thinks she might get the vote…….come on people…..think
        Thanks for the correction.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate your cheering on Elissa. I’m just saying it would be interesting to see how the house guests interpret America’s 2nd place vote (if it were Elissa) going up on the block. Would they be confused? Would they turn on Elissa as fast as rats because they want America’s approval? It’d be interesting…

      • Elissa has done nothing to earn MVP once. She’s a non-entity in the house. She shows up for MVP and that’s it. She’s getting the edit of all edits, just as her sister did when production gave the game to her.

    • Some fans say the want Elissa out because it is rigged. Spare us the nonsense and just say you want one of the racists, Gina Marie, Aaryn or Kaitlyn to stay in the house. They cry about it being fixed then, don’t watch the show. Elissa gets more votes each time she is bullied and you are no different than Gina Marie, Aaryn and Kaitlyn. I voted for Elissa once because of the bullying she has been subjected to in the house but, if you continue with your nonsense, I will vote for Elissa for MVP instead of giving it to someone else next time out!

      • I said last night that America can be very funny sometimes. I don’t think it’s funny (people not wanting Aaryn out), I think it is very sad.

      • I wouldn’t worry too much at this time. I have a pretty good feeling that most people have their head screwed on right.
        Remember we have Rachel and her following in our corner.

  4. This is funny becasue if you don’t get Aaryn out then the racism will happen again. Aaryn will not change. All you guys on here wanted Aaryn out and now you get the chance and you don’t went to get ride off her. Second of all you guys are the one that voted Elissa too have the MVP so stop blaming. VOTE THE RACISM OUT OF THE HOUSE VOTE AARYN

    • This is a vote to “nominate” not a vote to “evict” – America is the MVP, because CBS realized Elissa was going to get it every week because of her sister.

      • No, but it will show Aaryn how much America hates her – you know, provided BB ever decides to reveal to the HGs that America is playing MVP this week.

      • I think it has more to do with production rigging the game against Aaryn. Yes she still needs to be voted out (not just on the block), but if the house guests hear that this is America’s vote, then most of them will have no choice but to vote her out if they want to be the next MVP.

      • Hopefully it will not be revealed that America is the MVP for the reason you suggest. If it is revealed…then the HGs will surely vote out whoever is nominated since they know that America is better informed than they are…i.e. what is said in the DR/going on behind the scenes.
        I’m not sure if it will be revealed though…since the person with the most votes will probably be one of the HOH nominations.
        And I agree with RedSx799…this was the only way to keep Elissa from winning the MVP again.

      • did production put the words arryn said in her mouth or was it computer generated?

      • She totally needs to be held accountable for her hurtful words and actions. But why let her weakness become yours? Why let editing and Production tell you what people are like instead of gathering as much information you can about a person before passing judgement based on what you see in a reality show? I’m not happy with how Aaryn has mistreated and hurt Helen, Candice & Howard (and not just them, but their families, their communities…etc, etc, etc). But you really haven’t been following the blogs or live feeds if you think she is alone in these offenses. Howard, Jeremy, Amanda & Spencer have made some pretty bad homophobic statements (why don’t we see devil horns over them with sinister music playing in the background)? Spencer & GinaMarie have made some of the most offensive racial slurs and yet we don’t see their heads superimposed on top of a demon. Aaryn is not inncocent of her actions, but nor is she alone in her actions. Context is everything.

  5. I honestly think CBS is only allowing us to be MVP this week due to the overwhelming response of everyone wanting Aaryn to be expelled
    They know we’re going to Aaryn on the block
    And if Aaryn goes off and GM isn’t already on the block, she can go up in Aaryn’s place
    I have to give CBS credit, they know what they’re doing :)

    • Totally agree. They know America want Aaryn out and letting America vote her on the block. They know that it would not look right for Big brother to kick her out so they want American to vote her one the block

      • U guys are exactly right! BB knows exactly what they’re doin b/c when she goes up on the block there is enough votes in the house to evict her. It’s amazing how when the power shifts peoples personalities do too, but it’s too late we have seen her true colors already. I hope Judd does not put her on the block so we can vote #1 Aaryn, then BB tells her it was America’s vote and she realizes what Amanda has been trying to tell her alll along, can’t wait!!

      • That would be interesting, but keep in mind people are now more or less in couples so this week will be about new alliances between couples… Aaryn could be the agreed upon threat, but my guess is people will go with Howard or Spencer.

    • I might have to eat my words but my gut feeling is that aaryn is not going home this week. She was portrayed as a “good girl” on tonight’s episode & due to that I think some people who don’t know better will giver her benefit of the doubt & choose someone else. That is if they understand what exactly they are voting for.

      • Portrayed as the good girl?!! ”I hate that I have to act nice to people…it’s so exhausting!” or how about this one: ”Everyone hates people that are cute…because we’re winners and that’s why they hate us”.

      • Maybe I didn’t use the right words. What I meant was that she didn’t look as evil as she did last time. They showed her trying to act nice & wanting credit for it. I have feeds so I know the true aaryan & how mean she is. But for those that don’t have feed or watch BBAD all they know is what was shown on CBS. Some people have minds that are easily manipulated to believe whatever they see or hear. I’m afraid to see the result if those people choose to vote the 3rd nominee because they will keep her safe & I’d hate that majority to rule this vote.
        I do have to say though that my gut feeling is telling me she is safe this week, even if/when Judd puts her on the block. Oh- and she’s not going to win veto so she won’t be saving herself.

      • Not sure I follow you Jillith. You feel the show portrayed her in a more positive light this week? Really? From what I saw, CBS is doing the exact opposite. They’re trying their best to sink Aaryn as fast as possible! Giving US the MVP (knowing full well that Aaryn will be the overwhelming choice)? Like all of the intelligent observations previously mentioned by other commentators, it really doesn’t take a lot of observation to realize what’s going on here… I’m a little disappointed in CBS for being so obvious about it. I want Aaryn out of the game like everyone else does, but I want it to happen through the same process as everyone else.

      • Ya, I ‘m having a hard time trying to write what I see happening. It’s been a loooong, loooong busy& crazy day for me. Been up since 4am & on the go nonstop since & it’s almost midnight now. So I think I’m going to try to make better sense of my thought tomorrow. I just know that what I feel makes sense to me, I need to figure out how to word it so it makes sense to someone else. Hopefully I will have it together tomorrow. :-)

      • She’ll stay because they don’t see her as a threat and nobody will vote for her to win.

        They’ll look for the next biggest threat, Amanda, Howard, possibly Helen (but I think they like her too much right now) somebody that’s playing the game. Floaters are safe, but players beware.

    • I think it’s because of all the complaining about how unfair the MVP twist is. The only thing it’s been is predictable and they were trying to brag how unpredicable it was going to make the show. Egg on their face.

  6. Used all 10 of my votes to put Aaryn on the block. I hope people don’t get mixed up and think we are voting MVP, that could be a disaster.

      • that’s just it, she will ride her sister coat tails and never earn it on her own, plus she is a production sweet heart so regardless of the vote “america” aka production will put aaryn up

      • you mean the houseguests that have voted for her to stay did so because she is Rachael’s sister?. why did they choose her over the guys that were voted out?. think before you speak.

      • OK. We get the picture. You want Elissa out. You don’t have to post the same message 15 times under different names. You must be an Aaryn fan. Besides, even if America does put her up, the house guests have to vote her out and I don’t think that will happen.

      • arryn must leave. if she wins big brother she will lose America and be the most hated winner ever. elyssa did nothing wrong to you or anyone.why do you hate elyssa?

      • Aaryn has got no chance of winning. She can’t beat anyone that’s currently in the game. That’s why she’s being kept around.

    • Doesn’t matter who we put on the block, whoever they deem the next biggest threat will go home. I really think that a lot of them are going to try and have Aaryn beside them at the end. I have a feeling that everybody’s going to have to get used to her.

  7. Was hoping for the HOH comp to be something a bit more skillful rather than another quiz. At least we’ll get to see what kind of blood Judd is willing to put on his hand.

    If Aaryn is put up via MVP will Julie announce to the house that America was behind the decision and what will that make Aaryn think about how she is being portrayed?

    • I rather she don’t until everything’s done for the season. It will cause paranoia among the housemates, especially if they still think Elissa’s MVP. TBH, Elissa need a clean break from being one so that she won’t get bossed around by the likes of Amanda.

  8. hey everyone: If Aaryn goes up because of MVP votes, Howard still probably gets voted out. Nice try, CBS.

  9. Kristine Reichmann thats why i voted for Amanda although i would love to see Aayrn gone this week i would like to see Amanda gone to she think shes playing a good game letting everyone else get dirty while her and McCrae sit in that hammock and be the puppeteer cause if you have too people cuddle up all day and all night in that Hammock and you know they are in an alliances and you rather put up other people…. You know What I guess she do have a good game these people need to think in this game. The both of them have the power if you let them be.

    • No, she just has a bad posture. She need to learn to hold her back straight.

      • what does bad posture have to do with big brother are you also a doctor as well as moderator?. how do you make that diagnosis?

  10. I think America should decide who they would want to win the game and then put up the person who is they’re biggest threat.
    Use strategy not emotions,
    America is getting a chance to play, so play!
    Aaryn is not a nice person, anyone could beat her at the end

    • Great points…Aeryn will not win…and think how boring the house would be without her.
      Now I have nothing against Elissa but I think that she has an unfair advantage winning the MVP everyweek due to her BB connections (I voted for a different MVP everyweek…none of them were for Elissa). Hopefully Elissa will be the MVP nomination (I figure that Aeryn will have the most votes but Judd will likely put her up) and the house use this opportunity to vote her out. Elissa will probably end up with the $ for favorite player at the end anyway so she won’t go home emptyhanded.
      If Elissa gets voted out…maybe the MVP will actually be what it should be…awarded to the player who played the best throughout the week.

      • as a black person I would rather see a boring house than one that hurts me each week. arryn should go.

      • Judging by Judd’s proposed nominations and the landslide vote for Aaryn’s nomination…you should be very happy! I can’t see the HGs not voting Aaryn out especially if they find out the Aaryn was America’s nomination. Can’t wait to see Julie interview Aaryn…

      • hopefully arryn gets nominated and the houseguests respects America’s vote and gets her out. the world is intergrating and there are more minorities in the world than pure whites, whites cannot survive alone. don’t judge people by the color of their skin but by their character. 90% of serial killers are white and am sure you wouldn’t want them around you just because they are white. what does one gain by saying hateful things to people be it white, black, Hispanic or gay?. it makes no sense.

      • One of the rules of this forum is stay on the subject. You’re not. You’re digressing.

      • are you a moderator?. tell me how am digressing. tell me how to talk that you will approve of SIR!!

    • I will never give $50,000 to a racist. That would be dumb. To suggest that bringing her to the very end to guarantee a win is utter nonsense. If you are a house guest who played the very best game—-you bring a floater who did nothing to the end! You win hands down!

  11. The sheer irony that will occur when AAryn leaves BB this week, pretty much due to CBS caving and tossing her out, and then getting interviewed by her male counterpart(albeit the revered) Jeff. One got the power to do whatever he wanted, ones getting the power for an auto send home.

    Lets fix the game in favor of a homophobic Jeff, and let him be mr aftershow interview and put him on other shows, but lets fix the game against Aaryn for her racism, despite “not wanting to get involved”, gotta love production fixing, happened last week with howard too

    Dont let CBS flatter you everyone they arent giving you this power becuase they want aaryn out albeit they know thatll be the vote, but instead they are sick of seeing their “twist” this season be ruined every week when the same person gets it due to he having a sister playing the game prior, essentially ruined the season

    • Yes…I applaud CBS for not awarding the MVP to Elissa this week. This appears that it will be the only way for it to happen with people blinding voting for her and not the person playing the best game. It would be different if Elissa was playing the best…but she isn’t even close to playing the best game in the house.

      • why do you guys think cbs is rigging for elissa? I can tell you I vote many times for her each week and so do a lot of my co-workers and imagine if there are others like us out there. elissa is earning it believe me.

      • Maybe I worded that wrong sugarfoot…Elissa does win the MVP from popular vote. I don’t doubt for a second that people aren’t voting for her. I just don’t think that she earns it for her gameplay…maybe I am wrong but I believe that Elissa gets votes because of her sister. Do you and your friends really think that she is playing the best game in the house?

      • who was actually playing the best game the first 2 weeks?. we felt she was picked on for being Rachael’s sister. I never understood why people hated Rachael she was a great competitior and a winner. elyssa was automatically picked on. when she won mvp she didn’t need to tell anyone but she needed friends and so she told them and they used it against her for no reason. she is not a great competitior but she is not a floater, she has had a target on her back from day one and that is unfair. why would people want to get her out when there are bigger targets just because of who her sister was?. she has had the best game play (Helen and candaice are also very good). elyssa has kept a level head and by showing week after week that she is mvp and not hiding it has given her life and saved her.

      • First off…I’m a HUGE Rachel fan. I even liked her the first time that she was on…when everyone was against her and she still kept winning competitions…staying in the house a lot longer than anyone expected. I know a lot of people didn’t like her until she was on BB the 2nd time.
        And yes…I thought that Elissa was unfairly picked on the first couple of weeks. But I think that they are all over that now…(well mostly…lol). But we are several weeks into the game now. And her side is in control. She’s not in any real danger (just being backdoored by her aliiance but that could happen to any of them). Currently I think Helen should be MVP…and Katlin is not doing bad…just missed HOH twice. And Elissa is still a big threat. Think about the power she has…winning MVP everyweek and putting up 3rd nomination. That’s huge. No other player has that advantage. As for her gameplay…sorry I don’t see it. She should never have told McRae about the MVP week 1. She was manipulated into using into putting David on the block. But I admit…putting Nick up was great but Helen did all the heavy lifting to keep her in the house. Granted I only watch the broadcast BB…I don’t see the live feeds or AD…but pretty much the only time that I see Elissa is in the DR. So at least to me…it appears she doesn’t have a social game. So…sorry…I don’t see her rating the MVP everyweek.

      • on one hand I applaud them for not just giving it to elissa, but on the other hand this MVP twist could have worked had elissa not been involved in the game in the first place, it essentially ruined 3 peoples games, so production is killing 2 birds with one stone with this manipulation

    • It’s always a work in progress. First was the power of veto where it took a few seasons to fix. Among them is making sure POV competitions are fair after Nakomis’ 6-Finger plan in BB5 exposed flaws in player selection which resulted in doing a blind selection instead in succeeding seasons.

    • @the style nothing you said made sense. you are just babbling.
      arryn is a childish immature woman( yes woman). she better hope to live in her small secluded town forever because with her childish views she will have a hard time in the big wide world.

  12. Are you people kidding me. Im from canada and every bb fan I know is voting aaryn 10 times, and like half the people on here look like they want to keep the racists (unless its just one person making different accounts on here). Some people are just pathetic…

    • not me. I am voting multiple times for arryn to leave. am not juror 37 on the trayvon martin case. I will be voting CORRECTLY and that is that arryn be nominated and hopefully get evicted.

      • for those voting my comment down you know am right and you should be ashamed of yourself and hopefully you have a child, brother or someone you love in the position trayvon was in. karma guys karma.

      • tell me what to do and I will do it sir. unless you are not up to date it is about the racist comments arryn has made and in any research paper or court case other case are brought up.

      • Wow that’s venom filled Sugarfoot… Easy with what harm you wish upon others because it only makes them wish the same upon you. Aaryn will soon learn this same lesson the hard way when she gets out of the house. Don’t let her hatred and weakness become yours also…

      • am sure you are the one that did the vote down matt. its not venom its the truth. it is only venom to someone that don’t live in my shoes.

    • Didn’t know the vote was open to Canadians – I thought we were geo-fenced off from this? …try to remember, that many of us Cannuck big brother fans actually see more ”intrigue” in Elissa going up on the block. Who goes home is actually up to the house guests to decide and I’m ok with that.

      • They open the live feed to Canadians, they might as well open everything else. Go for it.

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