Big Brother Zingbot

Tonight on CBS the HGs are back with another Veto competition and this one was a nail biter as we waited for results which would decide which big target would go home this week. The results were shocking but the competition sounds like it was just as intense with a very close finish.

Not only will we get to watch the Veto comp and ceremony but we’ll also witness the return of the Zingbot! The HGs received a wake-up call from the Zinger himself on Saturday morning that led straight in to the competition.

We’ve heard a few of the zings including a fat joke at Spencer (he specifically said before he was worried about getting one of those), a stalker joke at GM, and a floater joke at Andy. Andy later said he was “enraged” by the Zingbot’s claim that Andy was a floater, but come on, we’ve all seen you, Andy.

If you can’t wait for tonight’s show then jump on over and ready about the Veto spoilers and find who we’re expecting to become the next Jury member.

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