Big Brother 15 Episode 27: Week 9 Veto Show Tonight

Big Brother Zingbot

Tonight on CBS the HGs are back with another Veto competition and this one was a nail biter as we waited for results which would decide which big target would go home this week. The results were shocking but the competition sounds like it was just as intense with a very close finish.

Not only will we get to watch the Veto comp and ceremony but we’ll also witness the return of the Zingbot! The HGs received a wake-up call from the Zinger himself on Saturday morning that led straight in to the competition.

We’ve heard a few of the zings including a fat joke at Spencer (he specifically said before he was worried about getting one of those), a stalker joke at GM, and a floater joke at Andy. Andy later said he was “enraged” by the Zingbot’s claim that Andy was a floater, but come on, we’ve all seen you, Andy.

If you can’t wait for tonight’s show then jump on over and ready about the Veto spoilers and find who we’re expecting to become the next Jury member.

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Big Brother 15 Episode 27 Preview:


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    • I’m with you on this one, I always hated Zingbot. Plus the fact that I can barely understand what he’s saying. I get the joke when I can read them later, and often it’s not even funny.

    • Someone explain the phone call that GM had wednesday morning at 1:53pm (est) and forgot to turn off her mic………FAIL #cbsriggedBB

      • Devil’s advocate: Maybe someone in her family died and production allowed her to take a phone call to decide if she’d walk away?

      • She was in the DR talking and they didn’t turn her mic off at first. She was talking about getting called away from beer pong.

  1. Andy is enraged the he got called a floater ah ah ah wait until he finds out whatever else people are calling him and think about him he will probably slash his throath in front of everybody like he says he will do all the time

  2. Poor little Andy is mad because Zingbot made fun of him.
    Geez, Andy grow the hell up already and stop acting like a little boy.
    As Ellablue said wait until he gets out of the house and he sees what the viewers think of him.

      • I agree. I do think they threatened her with it though because she dropped her harassment
        pretty quick (for her) after she was called to DR the second time.

      • I just read a report the Aaryn shared her Adderall with Amanda? She did so, because Amanda asked her? Do you give any credence to the report? Adderall is a controlled substance…via prescription only??

      • search celebritydirtylaundry dot com posted 1 day ago Amanda Zuckerman Disqualified from BB15 for death threat, racial slurs, and bullying-petition

      • nope there is more than that read on.. she lost her job I part from taking a controlled substance Adderall.

      • In the real world, you share a controlled substance you get in trouble with the I was curious why repercussion in the house?

      • Why would you believe such stupid rumors. Come on BB controls all there meds and with all the cameras it’s not going to happen.

      • Don’t kill the messenger. I just read an article and people can just decide on their own. Just like we all have opinions. I am just asking questions.

      • I’m not killing the messenger. Sorry if you thought that. I was just saying how rumors spin out of control. Just asking why you would believe it that’s all. Relax.

      • You need more reliable sources fool. You are still annoying as hell on here. You and Amanda must be related.

      • To my understanding At some point one or the other was storing/ hiding some of their medication so they could take it off schedule ( BETTER PHRASE??) . Not sure the info is crediable but it relates with what u posted.

      • I liked your “schedule pun.” Adderall is a schedule II narcotic. The Aaryn winning on Adderall and the HGS complaining. The Amanda saying about her coke habit and how she was interested in the amped effect…I find curious. Plus the miraculous difficult PoV win? Amanda being awake…I dun know. She was gripping about not being able too sleep, then the Xanax arrived….weird.

      • Happy now??? Correction made, thank you. I will offer your same. Relax. You will not convince me that it is not abused nor addictive. I know you are a nurse and you will be quick to school me.

      • I’m not trying to school you. I don’t get paid enough to do that. I was stating a fact. And I am relaxed just ask Cyril he supplies patron on BB nights. And did I ever say it wasn’t addictive or abused. People can abuse OTC meds also. Just because I made a friggin comment to you about believing a rumor or not you turned this into something besides BB. I just won’t reply to your comments anymore and apreech you do the same.

      • You took the first swipes with stupid rumor and relax. Just because I read a story and posted and was curious. I have the right to defend my position. Did not know that would made you grumpy. To zero to sixty. Yikes. I am sorry if my sarcasm got to you about schooling. For that was snarky. You seemed to be fact checking me, I do appreciate. I am able to use the word convince. What I will say is that I do not always have to agree with your post nor do you have to do the same. I am pointing out the obvious with that statement. If you want to ice me over a bump in the road is your choice. I am moving forward. I will be commenting as usual.

      • Yes it is which makes it a controlled substance. It’s still not a narcotic. But people abuse it and use it for other purposes.

      • Yea, I know it’s not a narcotic. Amphetamine is highly addictive. When I was in High School, there was a lot of that stuff going around, they were calling it “speed”.

    • The way I understood it There is a possibility that Elissa got Pandoras Box and the rest of the house had to endure punishment in the form of Amandas rants & raves I only heard/read it. No proof that it happened but it is a possibility that Allison Grodner met with Amanda in DR. Amanda eluded to it in a conversation with Aaryn..

      • Was that why on BBAD Amanda made the comment she is not to go to the HOH room, when she was on her terror trip, and Elissa had to lock herself in the HOH room, for safety? On the same night Amanda was reading the rules and McCrae covered and said she was bored?

  3. Elissa. Clownie is jealous because you were more make up than he does. ZING!
    Spencer Michael Jackson called and said he had reserved a spot in baby raping hell for you ZING!
    McCra your hair has more grease in it than all the McDonald’s in the nation. ZING

  4. I’m sure zing bot handles Elissa with kid gloves. CBS wouldn’t want to do anything topffend their golden child

  5. Hey Amanda! ZING! (if you don’t get that one, the idea is Amanda gives the Zingbot its material simply by the sheer act of existing)

  6. After seeing tonight’s competition I see why Amanda has to have mcreas balls in a vice, because he can’t hold on to his ball to save his life. Hoh zing

  7. Look like, it’s New York’s turn tomorrow, no BB at 9:00, Jets pre-season is on.
    Good thing I have a back-up.

    • So you’re a New Yorker? Usually it airs like at 3am when football is on. Besides I thought you were having an eviction party.

      • 2:07 actually. But, no, not in NY. I have Directv. Where I am (in the middle of nowhere), don’t get local channel. So I have the NY channel for the 4 network. If I was in NY, I could watch it on channel 55 (local NY chan).

  8. Amanda is a bitch but I would by lying if I didn’t say that the joke she made about Ellisa and Zingbot wasn’t funny.

  9. As much as I am disturbed by Demanda’s behavior, I am also outraged & disgusted that not one person called her on it, or tried to stop her.
    As far as I am concerned they are just as guilty. And Andy’s little speech was also disgusting. If I was Elyssia, I would have said “Hey Thanks, so bad you didn’t say something similar to Amanda.”

  10. If u ain’t got feeds yall missed a lot more that she did…but I don’t wanna go into no detail cause it was sooo bad. and It was totally disgusting on Amandas part. if I thought her a low class slug before I knew for sure after seeing & hearing her in true form. Yall just have to watch it for yourselves…

  11. Amanda’s parents wasted their sperm and eggs to procreate that hideous and disgusting human being. Gina M. & Aaryn are included in that category too.

    • I don’t think Lawon, he of the “hey yeah please vote me out so i can get super powers” ilk is a shining example of the human race either.

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