Big Brother 15: Counting The Votes In Week 2

Aaryn counting her fans

Another week, another round of voting on Big Brother 15. This week’s eviction shifts to Thursday so the HGs have one final full day to campaign before votes are set and another HG walks out the door to meet Julie. We’ve been watching on the Feeds and have an idea of who is going to be sent home next. Read on for the spoilers.

After Monday’s Veto Ceremony we were left with a final set of three nominees including Helen, Elissa, and Nick. Nick became the MVP renom after Jeremy saved himself with the Veto. Eleven votes will be split between these three HGs, but right off the bat I think we can toss Helen off the list. No one is discussing voting against her and unless someone gets frustrated and throws a vote her way she should come out clean. The first HG to reach six eviction votes is done and gone.

The votes between Nick and Elissa could be close, but I’m still saying it looks very bad for Elissa. She made a risky decision riskier by renoming Nick instead of Kaitlin who was even more likely to be evicted than we originally realized.

Nick has the support of the Moving Company alliance plus the Mean Girls thanks to GinaMarie’s obsession with Nick that’s never going anywhere, but don’t tell her that. Those votes right there keep Nick safe. They will include Howard, Jeremy, McCrae, Spencer, GM, and Kaitlin.

On the other side of the house, Elissa is currently looking at supporting votes from Amanda, Andy, Candice, Judd, and possibly Jessie. That’s only five and that’s if she can pull all five of them.

Amanda wants to keep Elissa for the MVP control, but McCrae could work on her. Andy really, really wants to keep Elissa and has been working Spencer especially hard but with no success. Candice seems flexible, but since she’s in an alliance of sorts with Helen and Elissa I’d expect her to stay with Team Elissa on this one. Judd is with Andy on this one, but he also really wants to be part of something bigger and if he discovers the deck is stacked against Elissa he could drop support. Then Jessie just promised Elissa support last night, but in a very conditional manner. Like Judd, Jessie really wants to feel included and could jump at the chance to rejoin the Mean Girls who ostracized her in recent days.

If Elissa leaves the game on Thursday as I expect then she lost it on her own terms. She made a solid pick last week with David as the MVP, but blew it twice this week with Jeremy then Nick. She doesn’t know about the Moving Company, but going back to that same well for a renom was her fatal error in Big Brother 15.

How do you think the votes will turn out this week? Is Elissa doomed or can she survive a second week and watch her MVP nom walk out the door? Share your thoughts.


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    • I was not a Rachel fan at all and when I saw Elissa and realized it was her sister I thought, Oh, no! But she is nothing like Rachel. She is quiet and she almost seems incapable of the kind of deceit needed to play Big Brother. That’s the problem with her game. She never should have told anyone she was MVP and she should be telling lies like crazy now to save herself! Why not confide in Aaryn that it was Nick who asked her to put David on the block? Tell her Jeremy voted to evict David too! What does it matter at this point?

      • i know he acts like hes better than everyone else and how kaitlin follows him around is sad

      • I so wish Elissa put her up as the Replacement Nom
        I honestly think Elissa screwed herself this week, and unfortunately might be leaving Thursday
        Poor Girl

      • i hope not she deserves to be there just like the rest of them that applied so what that rachel happens to be her sister shes not rachel cant they even put that into perspective

      • I couldn’t agree more, IDK who that Mike guy is, but he’s got it ALL wrong, AAryn dislikes Elissa for the sole fact she’s related to Rachel, it’s frustrating that AAryn has so much animosity for her and it’s only Week 2

      • that is because of judd he figured her out the first night in the house and started running his mouth instead of useing it to his advantage to help his game play

      • You need to rewind the tape. Candise is the one who told Judd she looked like Rachel

      • Kaitlin has set women back a hundred years in her 2 weeks of Big Brother. Good job Kaitlin.. Good job!

      • so true she makes mischievious look easy she puts herself out there like that

  1. I’m voting for Helen for MVP, maybe she can get Spencer out, and start the packing of the MC!!! ~fingers crossed~!!

    • I was thinking the same thing, unless she aligns with Aaryn and Jeremy. Then I am giving my 10 votes to someone else.

  2. There are four/five females in the house that have developed a bias toward one guy that keeps them from seeing the big picture. Each of those guys are also in the moving company so it actually gives MC a bigger block of votes for whoever they want out of the house.

    The only way I see out of this situation is if someone has the guts to stick three guys on the block next week. I would love to see Jeremy, Nick and Spencer on the block at the same time. Then we can sit back and watch how fast their alliance starts attacking one another. Now THAT would be fun! rofl

    • Actually i’d put Jeremy, McCrae and Howard up. McCrae and Howard would be a shoe in to stay. Jeremy would be shown the eviction door. And if he won POV then Spencer would be his replacement. That way you get rid of one misfit at least.

    • If Helen, Andy, Candice or Amanda win HoH, I’d love to see them put up Aaryn and Jeremy. Third nom could be Spencer. That would be a good week but it wont happen that way.

  3. Elissa will go. BUT just as BB did with Jen in Season 8, they really should make penalty noms for anyone making racist comments.

    • I agree. I also lost a lot of respect for Howard, who I think is a pretty good guy outside of this game. IMO, he should not have put his game above the racism coming from Aaryn and GM. He should have gone to the “good” side as soon as he heard about those comments. You cannot excuse that behavior under any circumstances or you diminish the importance of it in society.

      • I actually loved what Howard did, and think he got it exactly right. He realizes that Aaryn, unlike some of the others, just does not get it. She does not understand what racism is and needs to be educated on what it really means. He realizes that she is just in simple terms dumb and ignorant and of the belief that her “jokes” are not racist because in her words no one heard. Unfortunately, I think the way Aaryn thinks is how some in America still think and the only way to solve that problem is with education and not hatred.

    • When did Jen make a racist comment and get a penalty nom? Are you talking about when she ate when she was a have not? That was in the rules and I really don’t think it’s in the rules or contracts they signed about what they say.

  4. As much as I like Elissa she made the mistake in listening to Andy’s paranoid feelings. I like Andy too, but he was the one that influenced her into putting up Jeremy right away instead of back dooring him. Also he was the one that talked her into getting Nick out for MVP, because he had a feeling again. Andy is the one that destroyed that alliance with all of his running around the house and Paranoia.

  5. I actually Like Elissa and hated her sister Rachel ,but i have to agree she made a bad decision, in her Mvp noms this week first with Jeremy and then with nick .The chance of her staying r looking very very slim but bb did say that some favorite hg is coming back with news for the new hg so hey maybe bb is trying to pull a stunt not to evict Elissa but who know’s expect the unexpected .. Watching other big brothers from around the world (yes i am an Addict of bb lol) i have to say Cbs is taking these derogotory terms very lightly and im dissapointed cuz in spain one of there contestants said terrorist on the bb feeds and they gott kicked out of the game fast because sponsors were going to pull out and in europe bb is a big thing .. But these people have no idea when they get out how its going to impact there life and i hope that they learn from there mistakes even though GinaMarie is old enough to know right from wrong Aaryn IS YOUNG bUT DAMN when she opens her mouth her beauty just washes down the drain :(

    • I would say Elissa is going to be evicted simply because half the house wants her out and she made the wrong choice on her MVP nomination.

      Now I do have to say Elissa doesn’t bother me at all and I don’t have a problem with her staying, but on the subject of her sister Rachel, she was another story. Rachel was one of the worst HG’s in BB hIstory even though she won BB. And I will leave it at that.

      That said, since Big Brother hasn’t told the houseguests about the on-going debate on their terrible comments in the house and that 2 or 3 of them have been fired, they are in for a hell of a time when they get out especially Aaryn. Sad too because from the sound of it, she had a good career going and a good future. Now who knows.

    • I totally agree Aaryn just is ignorant on what racism is. She is of the mistaken belief that unless you use the N word, like GM, you are not racist and that is just so wrong. She needs to understand that when you make “jokes” about race or “jokes” about someone’s sexual orientation it is wrong. She is of the belief that unless the person you are talking about hears you that you are not a racist. Aaryn needs someone to educate her on what constitutes racism because in that her education is extremely lacking. Young, stupid and uneducated are her worst enemies. I think Howard was 100% last night when he said what he did to Aaryn, and here is hoping that she has a come to Jesus moment and realizes that her comments are racist and issues apologies to all.

      • It was not a joke when she called Andy a queer. She’s not dumb … She’s mean, hurtful spoiled brat who’s floated throughout her life so far on her looks. She doesn’t think she has to be nice … She’s pretty.

    • I think nominating Jeremy was not a bad decision. The problem is Elissa told everyone she was MVP. If no one knew who the MVP is, Elissa could lie and claim its someone else. But Amanda is right. By controlling the MVP, you have a lot of power even if you do not have the HOH on your side. Keeping Elissa and using her MVP power is a very smart thing.

  6. ugh I’m hoping there will be a BB miracle and Elissa will get to stay and Nick goes packing… too bad it doesnt look that way.. I dont understand CBS for keeping the racial, homophobic, mysogonistic people on when there are so many other people that could be on the show.. I’d even consider taking dumb Dave back and get rid of Aaryn & Jeremy or Aaryn & Ginamarie or Aaryn & Spencer ARGH!!!! makes me crazy and i almost feel as if I dont even want to watch anymore.. get rid of the bigots and bring in more back stabbing players!!

  7. the only one that would have a chance to get aaryn out is ellissa but looks like she may be out the door this week but i really hope not if she goes its because the other house guest are jealous because she rachells sister but the only one personally that are racist or said racist remarks that ive seen is arryn and anyone that wants to follow her

    • Then you have not watched the live feeds if you think it is only Aaryn that has made offensive comments. Kaitlin, Gina Marie (the worst in my opinion), Jeremy, Amanda, and the worst in the entire house is SPENCER, and even Elissa sunk down to a pretty low when she called people whores on national television. Most of these house guests are pretty despicable human beings.

  8. Well, it’s about time Elissa “gets to steppin'” now, rather than later before she makes a run for it and wins the whole thing. I’m sorry, but I can not just watch another person of Reilly blood go through this game again and win it. Better to get her out now rather than later. Plus, well she has made a few not smart moves in this game. But if she stays, there’s a chance she’s going to get stronger and she’s going to play even harder. That scares me! I just cannot watch another Reilly steamroll through this game again. So, c’mon houseguests, do the right thing and get her out now. She’s the sister of a former houseguest who I just could not stand watching for two seasons, and yeah, I know everyone says she’s not like her sister, but hello, they share the same blood, which means they are both cruel, mischevious, mean, and ruthless competitors.
    Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean I support the bigotry and racism that’s going on occasionally in that house cuz I sure don’t. But I do like the game play that I’m seeing from quite a few of the houseguests. The racism people is so wrong, but it doesn’t matter to me as much as the actual game.
    Bottom line: I badly want to see Elissa outside talking to Julie on Thursday. Otherwise, I might just have to “turn her off” every time I see or hear her on TV or the Live Feeds.

    • Elissa would not win BB in the long run. She is not a good enough player for that. My issue with her is that she is being evicted not because she is a threat but because of the petty jealousy and obvious issues Aaryn has.

  9. Why would everyone be so mad if Elissa went home, she ONLY got on the show because of CBS’ obsession with Rachel and is only winning MVP because of Rachel, please stop saying your going to stop watching because your NOT going too. If the racist remarks aren’t in their contract stop bitching about Aaryn, she has no shot at winning any way so don’t worry about it.

    • Exactly…totally agree. She will have to pay the consequences for her actions when she gets out. Let’s get on with the game. And it cracks me up because these people that say they’re not watching anymore are always on this website commenting.

    • I TOTALLY agree with you about Elissa. Unless it is an ALL-Star season, they (CBS) should not pick an all new cast and purposely give one hg an unfair advantage thanks to her sister’s fan base. No matter how “nice” she is. She should have been gone last week. These hgs are idiots for evicting David (who can’t even find his way out of a paper bag much less win big brother). Elissa needs to go. I can bet money that she will win the 25K for America’s Choice on finale night so she will be just fine and can go buy some more botox with the money. Hopefully the producers will just let her be evicted and not try and pull bs Pandora’s box or special twist to save her. That would truly piss me off. Why be upset that she’s going home? At least Rachel won comps that mattered. Elissa had a chance to win the veto but she didn’t so oh well, bye bye.

  10. I think we should utilize are America votes for the MVP player. I say we choose Helen. Don’t think she will get HOH>yet. So,why not reward her for not being a racist ignorant ass. You know she will be up again as a pawn, for no reason. What was with Howard talking to Aaryn? Did he want to know what it was like to talk game with Satan’s minion?

  11. I would be happy if Elissa goes. If another Reilly wins, I would say BB nepotism>it’s not right! She should have never been on BB in the first place.

    • Agreed. But I highly doubt Elissa would have won BB anyway. She don’t see to be as good at comps as Rachel was. But who knows

  12. If you’re willing to quit watching the show after 2 weeks because Elissa gets voted out, i have two words: See ya! The show has barely even started yet. Get a grip.

    • Lol…you are reading my mind! She had a chance to win veto but didn’t. And thanks to the Reilly fans she will win America’s Choice on finale night anyway, so she will go home with more money than most of the other hgs. Once she’s gone, votes for MVP and anything else will be more fair.

  13. If Elissa leaves I am actually done with this season. Aaryn, Ginamarie, and Jeremy are so rude and annoying and in my opinion they should be taken off the show for their rude remarks. As of now, I’m rooting for Helen, Andy, Howard, Mccrae, and Amanda.

  14. I hope when Aaryn leaves, Julie doesnt even acknowledge her. Im sure she will get nothing but boos. Also tomorrow when Julie talks to the houseguest she wont even say a thing to her. Im glad she lost her job and i hope when she realizes that her being lost her 1/2 a million dollars she will change. I would ask for her to apologize but she wouldnt really mean it. Just an ugly person. I hope Helen gets her out of the house. That would be icing on the BB cake.

    • Yes! This is perfectly said. I’m not sure that Elissa will make it this week, so i hope Helen can get Aaryn out herself lol

  15. Yes, Elissa will go home but I want to keep watching for one reason and one reason only: when Aaryn and GM are evicted I want to see when Julie tells them they lost their jobs… please CBS allow this to happen as justice to all the people who were deeply hurts by the things those 2 witches said

  16. Get rid of that Aaron, she’s such a racist idiot and keep Elissa. I’ll stop watching this show if Elissa goes and that witch Aaron stays. She makes me sick

  17. I am still flustered as to how people could like Elissa so much. I also HATE Aaryan but seriously.. Elissa isn’t that great. She speaks like a total floosey and doesn’t play a great game at all..

  18. aaryon is making texas people look bad and i dont think she should get to stay in the house. im from texas and we are nice people and im not happy with her or GM at all…..

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