Big Brother 15 Cast – Houseguest Bios, Pics, & Interviews

Big Brother 15 - HG Memory Wall

The Big Brother 15 cast is here in all its glory and we’re thrilled to be able to share with you our one-on-one interviews videos along with bios and photos.

This season there are 16 all-new houseguests, which we exclusively revealed back in May, and that includes one “familiar face” as host Julie Chen hinted during our tour of the new Big Brother house. See if you can pick out who will be familiar to BB fans.

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We’re incredibly excited about this season especially with all new players for the game. It’s something we’ve been waiting seasons to have again and we can’t wait to see where it takes us.

Meet The Big Brother 15 Houseguests – Compilation Video:

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Big Brother 15 Houseguest Map

Here are all the details you’ll need on your new favorite HGs for Big Brother 15! Dig in to each Houseguest for more details and excerpts from our interviews with them.

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Big Brother 15 Cast – Houseguest Bios:

Aaryn Gries - Big Brother 15Aaryn Gries
Age: 22
Hometown: San Angelo, Texas
Living: San Marcos, Texas
Occupation: College Student
Marital Status: Single
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Amanda Zuckerman - Big Brother 15Amanda Zuckerman
Age: 28
Hometown: Long Island, New York
Lives: Boynton Beach, Florida
Occupation: Real Estate Agent
Marital Status: Single
Read bio & watch interview

Andy Herren - Big Brother 15Andy Herren
Age: 26
Hometown: Aurora, Illinois
Lives: Chicago, Illinois
Occupation: Professor
Marital Status: Single
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Candice Stewart - Big Brother 15Candice Stewart
Age: 29 (will turn 30 yo during the season)
Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
Living: Houston, Texas
Occupation: Pediatric Speech Therapist
Marital Status: Single
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David Girton - Big Brother 15
David Girton
Age: 25
Hometown: San Diego, California
Occupation: Lifeguard
Marital Status: Single
Read bio & watch interview

Elissa Slater - Big Brother 15Elissa Slater
Age: 27
Hometown: Concord, North Carolina
Living: Kannapolis, North Carolina
Occupation: Nutritionist
Marital Status: Married Mom
Read bio & watch interview

GinaMarie Zimmerman - Big Brother 15GinaMarie Zimmerman
Age: 32 (will turn 33 yo during the season)
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Living: Staten Island, New York
Occupation: Pageant Coordinator
Marital Status: Single
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Helen Kim - Big Brother 15Helen Kim
Age: 37
Hometown: Falls Church, Virginia
Living: Chicago, Illinois
Occupation: Political Consultant
Marital Status: Married Mom
Read bio & watch interview

Howard Overby - Big Brother 15Howard Overby
Age: 29 (will turn 30 yo during the season)
Hometown: Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Occupation: Youth Counselor
Marital Status: Single
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Jeremy McGuire - Big Brother 15Jeremy McGuire
Age: 23
Hometown: Katy, Texas
Living: Clear Lake Shores, Texas
Occupation: Boat Shop Associate
Marital Status: Single
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Jessie Kowalski - Big Brother 15Jessie Kowalski
Age: 25
Hometown: Beaumont, Texas
Living: San Antonio, Texas
Occupation: Unemployed
Marital Status: Single
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Judd Daughtery - Big Brother 15Judd Daughtery
Age: 26
Hometown: Englewood, Tennessee
Lives: Etowah, Tennessee
Occupation: Property Appraiser
Marital Status: Single
Read bio & watch interview

Kaitlin Barnaby - Big Brother 15Kaitlin Barnaby
Age: 23
Hometown: Vadnais Heights, Minnesota
Lives: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Occupation: Bartender
Marital Status: Single
Read bio & watch interview

McCrae Olson - Big Brother 15
McCrae Olson
Age: 23
Hometown: Zimmerman, Minn.
Occupation: pizza delivery guy
Marital Status: Single
Read bio & watch interview

Nick Uhas - Big Brother 15Nick Uhas
Age: 28
Hometown: Hilliard, New York
Lives: New York, New York
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Marital Status: Single
Read bio & watch interview

Spencer Clawson - Big Brother 15
Spencer Clawson
Age: 31
Hometown: Conway, Arkansas
Occupation: Railroad Conductor
Marital Status: Single
Read bio & watch interview

So what do you think of the Big Brother 15 cast? Are you excited for the new season premiering Wednesday, June 26, 2013 at 8PM ET/PT on CBS! Don’t forget to grab your Live Feeds now before the Early Bird Sale ends!


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  1. Been waiting for this all day! Can’t wait to finally see all the new houseguests!

    • Guess they don’t want someone who says the word “motherfucker” in every other sentence… Gary was a hoot!

    • In such a diverse country, 3 minorities out 16 HG’s is not that much ((If you were being sarcastic then, lololol))

  2. I wonder if the two lades (Zimmerman) from New York are related? Other than that, looks like a pretty interesting cast of people for 100 days of summer.

    • Yeah I know, but everybody on twitter knew last night that she was the familiar face that was going to be in the house..I didn’t like it last night but since I’ve had time to think about it, she is her own person & I’m willing to give her a chance…hopefully everything wont be about me, me, me, me..that will really turn me off quick..can’t wait for Wednesday!!!

  3. 7 of the 15 house guests live in New York or Texas….i see it dividing already… The ones from new york will be close.

  4. Omg come on big brother really rachels sister, everyone is gonna know as soon as she opens her mouth. She is just a smaller version . Im hoping she gets bumped off the first night and doesnt come back.

  5. Looks like they are going with the Big Brother Canada approach. All but two are single, young, and attractive.

    • BBC had a really good cast! If only it had been produced by the U.S., then I think it would have been a lot better. But just their first season so I guess they can learn from their mistakes!

      • I definitely enjoyed the season but I think US is going to try and copy them and unfortunately it wont be for the better. Looking at this cast reminds me a lot of BBC in that everyone is pretty likable based on first impression. Due to the age of almost everyone we could easily see multiple showmances form in the first week. Lets face it virtually everyone on BBC had some sort of showmance.

  6. Also can I guarantee Helen is the first one eliminated. Boring as anything and by far the oldest.

  7. I am a huge Rachel fan, but her sister is creepy.. Her eyes are bugging – she looks like a nutjob..

    • are you joking? Elissa is prob the most gorgeous one on the show! she’s beautiful, and has an amazing body! creepy? bugy, freakin nutjob? i bet thats you? what do you look like? makes me wonder why U would say that bout a gorgeous girl?

  8. I have a feeling that GinaMarie Zimmerman and Nick Uhas will grind peoples nerves the wrong way. Spencer Clawson might have a quirky personality. Speaking of quirky…..lets hope that Rachels sister doesn’t exhibit the same quirks she has.

  9. There are 16 house guests they didnt reveal the familiar face. Its probably rachel

    • familiar face is Rachels sister. If your a hard core fan, you’ve seen her many times before, I have.

  10. Wait a second…when did this become “The Real World”? Primarily young and single cast. C’mon. Diversify a bit, will you?

    • Diversity is not limited to just being members of a different race or ethnicity but also varying personalities, beliefs, occupations and socio-economic status in life. :)

      • Tiggs’ post didn’t talk about race whatsoever. He/she said primarily young and single.

      • Oops, my bad. Apologies. Should have written “age” as well but I hope you got my point in the post. Re-editing it now. :D

    • I think they could have picked a far superior cast if they had just picked random names out of the phonebook…. it’s time to fire the casting crew !

    • I think that the over 35 crowd would be good and probably a lot more mature, but no one bickers and makes a mess like a bunch of know it all 20 somethings. :)

  11. I really cant stand all you Rachel hatters get a life if you could be with her (guys) you would so stop f’ing lying. fire back at me all you want no skin off of my nose.

    • I agree. Rachel wasn’t that bad. and I see her sister is already being talked bad about before she even plays the game.

      • I don’t hate Rachel. I just think she has difficulty relating to people so her stint on BB made her look worse than she probably is. As far as her sister goes….we should at least be willing to give her a chance. Just because they look somewhat alike doesn’t mean they will react or behave the same. I don’t think any of us are exactly like our siblings. Time will tell.

      • I wonder how long she’ll last before all the houseguest know who she is? I mean they really do sound and look the same to me. As far as hating her … no … people like her and Rachel make the show worth watching. Come on even if your bashing or raving about them the overall goal is your entertained in some way.

    • I love Rachel Idgaf what anybody says. She made Big Brother entertaining to watch and I cant wait to see her sister compete.

  12. This sucks.. even though there are no returning guests, it is the same.. all younger, mostly single. I liked it a lot more when they had people of all ages like in the earlier seasons.

  13. Who is the familiar face? I know Rachael’s sister is on here but I could not pick her out of a lineup before today and I would think that would be true for the vast majority of fans too. If she is the familiar face someone really needs to update the Chen-bots dictionary.

  14. I agree why can’t they ever bring on some sexy men? The women always look great while the men always look like your neighbors husband.

  15. I like the young cast because their will be lots of childish and fun things happening in the house older people bring older tendencies…and I didn’t even know rachel had a sister so how is she a familiar face!!!!

  16. what if the familiar face is Jodi from big brother 14,she never had the chance to play the game, im just putting that out their. but im really exicted, I feel tht a girl will win either Jessie or Amanda. Also so if its 100 days then will their be a double eviction ever and is their suppose to be more players

    • The “Familiar Face” is Elissa Slater, none other than the infamous Rachel Reilly’s sister. There will most definitely be at least one double eviction since Julie has stated on numerous occasions that both her and the loyal audience love Double Eviction Nights.

  17. Why are there so many good looking girls.. And ZERO hot guys… BIG fail big brother!!

    • Because the casting team are looking for guys with a big heart, plus the token douchebag.

      • No one wants to spend the summer looking at a guy with a big heart… We wanna spend it looking at sexy ass men.

        -douche bag

      • Guys with big hearts always go far.

        Guys with abs, well…they get blindsided/banished/etc in the end: Emmet, Jase, Jesse, Jeff, Brendon, and who else?

      • Frank tried to combine big heart and good looks.. didnt win the game but got America’s vote.

      • I kinda felt bad for him since he’s always up for eviction since the first week save for the times he’s won HOH.

      • Most beautiful women are egocentric and neurotic, should make for good tv if they put out for the boys…

  18. I can see a lot of drama in the house this season with the ladies lol. Anyone remember season 10 how diversely their ages were? Most of the fights that season involved a female. On a side note personally I think the producers did a good thing this year. Considering years past we got mostly all “familiar face’s” they have finally given us the fans 16 NEW players we have never seen play so at least we have that.

  19. Why can’t I see McCrae Olson’s video interview? Can anyone else see it?

  20. Not surprised why Nick Uhas made it on BB audition. He could be an annoying person…just saying to me ..he’s annoying

    • Hey Cyril!!…glad to see you back. If annoying is a requirement to be on BB then Nick Uhas moves to the head of the class. His choice of words makes me want to enroll him in an “english as a second language” class.

      • Curioooooos!!!!! lol we’re back. I don’t know after watching his interview, he should be evicted now. Anyway, glad to see you here…lets go to church!!

      • Lol…something tells me that we’re going to be down on our knees before this season is finished. So put on your Sunday best and pick up Jillian on the way….wonder where that girl has gotten off too? :)

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