Big Brother 14: Willie Explodes At Frank Over Accusations

I don’t remember having ever seen this much action this early in Big Brother, but these Big Brother 14 HGs are not here to disappoint. Instead Tuesday was filled with some intense fighting, arguing, backstabbing, and straight up lying. If you’re not yet watching this live & uncensored on the in-house cameras then you’re missing the real game.

Big Brother 14 - Willie and Frank fight

The main event of the night can be traced back to earlier drama when rumor spread that Willie had slurred and mocked Wil for being gay. Frank made this claim to Joe who spread it all over the house like wildfire. Soon enough Wil was crying and the house was calling for Willie’s head. Only problem here is that Willie didn’t actually do what Frank is claiming. Flashback to 2:13PM BBT on Cam4 for the conversation between Frank and Willie. Willie makes a comment about Wil taking 24 hours off from the game and does it in a slightly raised voice while waving his hands. Willie did not do a limp wrist impersonation or make derogatory comments about Wil. All the same, truth has no relevancy in the Big Brother house. It only matters what people believe.

Jump ahead to 10:15PM BBT on Cam2 to find Willie, Britney, Ian, Ashley, and JoJo discussing Frank’s accusations. They realize it’s spread all over the house as Frank has been telling everyone. His motivation is unknown since they thought he was safe. Problem is that obviously Frank didn’t think he was safe so he caused this drama.

Now for the main event. Flashback to 10:25PM BBT on Cam3 to find Willie yelling, shouting, and waving his hands in the air at Frank. Warning: there’s a lot of rough language being thrown around. Frank calls Willie out for trying to get a split vote so Frank sees Willie as his tie-breaking savior while going after the other side for revenge. Willie avoids the topic, but Joe admits telling Frank this information. Willie keeps yelling and telling everyone to keep Kara and vote out Frank. Meanwhile Frank calls out Willie for promising him safety but turning around and nominating him. Things get real ugly.

The fighting continues for a good 10 minutes before Boogie jumps in and attacks Willie for acting like a king over the rest of the HGs. Boogie hammers Willie on bullying HGs and acting on the suspicion that the Coaches are going to play the game soon. Of course that drama created its own house meeting earlier in the day.

To wrap everything up, Ian comes outside and offers to share his DiGiorno pizza. It’s just what they need to break the tension, but the damage is done. Big Brother 14 is on fire and I don’t see any signs of it stopping anytime soon.

Oh, and Willie dropped the “N” word at 10:10PM BBT on Cam1 when he says “I’ll knock a n—a out… I’m not trying to slur.” You stay classy, Willie!

If you missed this fight then you can still watch it like it’s live. Did you know the Live Feed Flashback works like a DVR? Pick any day, time, and camera to watch it over and over. Check it out with the Free Trial and see what other Big Brother fans are seeing.

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      • So if a white guy is walking through Harlem and he uses the ah version of the n word instead of the er version he isn’t going to get his butt kicked? Yeah right. There is no difference. It doesn’t matter how many rappers use the ah version in how ever many rap songs skiking 

      • I agree with this in a way with how some use it, but honestly if white, you can only use “nigga” and in jest. using it how he did, sort of makes it fair game as violence was the topic.

      • It is sooooo not the same thing!!! I hate both words,but especially the “er” version…..absolutely NO excuse for that word to EVER be said !!!!

  1. Willie said Nigga, “I’ll knock a nigga out” is what he said, slang and common

      • It’s still not right. It’s the same thing, and it’s not a slang any more than nigger is. 

      • So skiking if a Caucasian family is standing in line at Disney world or walking through the mall with their toddler and a group of people there are using the ah version of the word in their discussions with each other and the toddler hears this new word and uses it what will happen then? People will say that toddlers parents are racist and taught their child to hate minorities. They won’t say o it’s ok the little child used the ah version of the n word not the er version. 

      • I’m white and I live in the Bronx , nigga is very common in the hood but not as much as two years ago. I myself think its stupid for a white guy to.say nigga but its not said in a racial slur way

      • considering most rap songs have nicca, nigga in them, those are fine, but as I said before, violence becomes a step over the line when using those words.

        the only reason its acceptable is due to those kids talking around that example child above. IMO, the fault is actually on those people not the parents, and I would tell them that with no problem doing so

    • Typcal white people. I think its funny because white people feel they need to tiptoe around other races, when other races dont care. Now, if willie used it in a deregitory way towards a black person, there would be racism. But saying it passively isnt. Also, keep in mind that this guy is from louisiana.

  2. Week One:  Its looking more and more like a girl winning this season ….. Men acting like boys (kids) ….. over nothing …….  Frankie the Frankfooter & Wee little Willie wont be in the game for long…. the girls will get rid of the trouble makers ….. My MaMa said…Stupid is! Stupid Does. … However! just maybe “frankie the frankfooter and wee little willie” are staging the whole fight …..NO No No! they dont have a game plan …. Stupid Is! Stupid Does! ..Where are the Mentors… Oh !  Maybe eating pizza with Iran ….oppps! I mean Ian ….. and speaking of Ian from the land of Oz …. someone should tell him …. He’s on Candid Camera ….. and the pictures we see are a reflection of himself …..  MaMa said: Life is like a box of chocolates!… you never know what you get tell you bite into it … Ian from the Land of Oz….. How about Ian for President?  The Camera will love him 

      •  Doesnt matter what his game is, if everyone in the house wants him out, its only a matter of time until it happens.

  3. You’ve got to be kidding.  WILLIE DID MOCK WIL – are you blind!!  I went back and rewatched again.  Frank didn’t say he limped wristed it he said  he put his hands in the air and made a high pitched voice.  LOOK AT IT AGAIN!!!!!  Maybe things don’t bother you like that, but I think it is offensive.  I think Frank is straight up and didn’t lose his cool in this stupid fight.  If he goes, there will be nobody to stand up to Willie and our season will be blah!

    • Tears from Wil ….Hum! Sticks and Stones … toughen up or out he goes.  I dont think that Frankie the Frankfooter and Wee Little Willie are the whole show …. in fact … Blah! as you call it …. Ya! thats true, but we still got Ian the Terriible.    and,   Oh Ya!  the Great Mentors …. On Second Thought:  your right…Blah….Blah …. Blahhhhh

    • Offensive? He barely imitated his voice. And the hands in the air gesturing while imitating Wil’s voice didn’t have anything to do with Wil being gay. Go back and watch the whole day again because you will see this is how Willie talks. He uses the same hand gesturing in every conversation he has about anything. This should have been such a non-issue, it’s ridiculous. Not a Willie fan but things got way overblown.

      • You’re missing the point.  Frank didn’t say it had anything to do with being gay – he said he mocked him.  Which he did – obviously.  Somebody else started turning it into a “gay” thing.  It just took on a life of it’s own like things like that do and is turned into something else entirely eventually.  My point is Frank didn’t say it had anything to do with being gay – he just said he mocked him –  and anybody is blind if they can’t see that.

      • Ok so he mocked him. He mocked him for talking about taking a day off from the game and then promptly talking game. I’m not sure why you would be so offended. As stated in your OP. Not picking a fight I just would like to understand your thinking. Like I said the whole thing was way overblown.

      • It struck a cord in me when he said it.  It was just rude. I agree that it was overblown, but Frank said it was overblown as well so props to him again.  That’s what I’m getting at.  Frank didn’t overexaggerate it, somebody else did. I actually like Willie, and would have liked to have seen him and Frank work together for awhile.  I pretty sure it would be more interesting if Frank and Willie both stay in the house.  I actually think they would probably like each other.  Maybe if he’s voted out, they’ll bring him back as a twist! 

      • Thanks for the reply. I understand your view now.
        I agree about Frank and Willie that would have been fun to watch them working together. Unfortunately neither of them can ever keep their mouths shut, especially Willie. Willie is playing way too hard this early in the game. Trying to work too many angles and placed a huge target on himself. He should have listened to Brit and just let it slide about Frank and it all would have been forgotten. It looks like they are both going to be gone very soon which is too bad because they both make life in the house so entertaining. But who knows things change all the time and this group of houseguests flips more than a cook at IHOP.

    • Love, love, love Wil..He is so smart & charming. Having Wil as a best friend is the best anyone could ask for. Also a good dancer!
      Would NEVER offend my gay friends!!! We all live our lives, as we should.
      Just don’t think Willie would meaningly go out to hurt Wil, it’s not his style; he just says what he says from his gut…Granted, he should choose his actions more wisely, but, there are always dif sides to the equation..
      Enter…three people in a room, each will perceive their own idea of what has just transpired…Still stand by Willie! 

  4. Was so proud of a woman, would want him to stand up for me–ANYTIME..
    Could feel his angst..he just couldn’t keep it inside, like so many of us girls do!
    He’s just a guy, and lord have mercy, what a guy!!! 

    • He’d be more likely to hit you over the head than stand up for you I think!  Did you actually watch these live feeds????  He wasn’t standing up for anybody but trying to protect his lies.  I think he is basically a good guy, but now he made fun of the gay guy and said the “n” word on live feeds.  Yeah, I’d really like him to stand up for me too – not.

      • Saw the live feeds…protect yourself is what I was taught.
        Didn’t grow up with playing “games” so to speak, which this show is all ’bout.  Evidence human behavior when put in “one” house and all look to out-do each other..Trust is a big thing to me…Biggest test is who to trust!
        Don’t you agree?

      •  Oh my goodness, why are you people so sensitive about what he said about Wil?

        Anytime I repeat something back that my kids, husband, relatives, friends say that is silly or naggy, I always raise my voice a few octaves and they always go “Oh, is that how I sound?” It’s just what people do. In another comment you said it had nothing to do with Wil being gay, just that he mocked Wil in general.

        So why didn’t you say that just now? “He made fun of the gay guy” is inflammatory and suggests that he was making fun of him for being gay. Which he wasn’t. In this case, you’re no worse than Willie himself.

  5. Is willie in the wrong  for saying nigga…it depends on who you ask really. If its black rappers its said alot in there music, if its black people on the street its said alot as well. But if you ask them if its ok for a white person can say it, they will tell you no, and explain why they feel that way. I personaly think its a disgusting word no matter who says it. My neighbor( who is black) and I were watching the feeds when this happen, and he said ” O thats gonna get blown out of proportion”, so we talked about it, and he agrees that most black people feel as tho its ok to say it if your black,, but white people should never say it. I am lucky to have a neighbor believe its sad that his own culture can be so ignorant to there own race to even repeat the word.

    • wrong? it depends but so is white boy and redneck and that seems fine to most hypocrites

      • Yes, because white boys and rednecks were used as slaves and treated like animals. Are you f’ing kidding me? There is a huge difference.. maybe you should pick up a history book. FYI, as a white guy, being called white boy does’t feel very derogatory. 

  6. I was rooting for Frank to go home, thinking that was the smartest move.  But now I hope they keep Frank.  He is the best chance of getting rid of Willie.  Last night he just tied a rope around his neck.

  7. Willie never used the n word in a racist context it should not be held against him…
    i think boogie and dan will eventually control the game they are way smarter than everybody else is in there but it will comes down to which side of the house wins HoH.

  8. Jeez. This season is intense. Willie really didn’t do anything that bad in reference to Wil, but this fight was baddd…

  9. Little Willie got mad and his true colors and gut feelings showed with or without cameras on. As I understand it, the negative “N” word he used was referring to Frank as being stupid not so much a racial slang, that’s why he automatically added the comment that his “Mama taught him…” I asked people why do black people use the term and everytime they said that it is a adjective that describes people an ignorant person. I’m not taking up for his horrible choice of words. I personally think that BB Should apologize to ALL the veiwers, at the very least they should have stepped up and announced over the loud speaker that house guest are not allow to use racist terms.

    • Ok….lets get an apology from the BB producers for every cuss word…vulgar word and derogatory remark made by the HG’s….All of the above are just one of the reasons it’s called “Reality TV”…people are gonna hear/see  things that might offend them…Good fix…turn the show off if u find something said offensive…and just to be clear…The “ladies” in the house are just as bad as the men when it comes to being foul mouthed….I can go to Wal Mart and hear shoppers use bad language and make belittling remarks but I ain’t gonna file suit or call and complain cause it’s the real world  it’s “REALITY”…Last season when  the “baby killing” conversations were talking place I was very offended and sickened by what was said but I didn’t demand that the producers apologize for the actions of a few low-lifes.
       Again it is ” Reality TV”.

  10. Willie is southern trash, he gets a small power and thinks he is controlling the game.  His son is the good person of that whole familt.  Willie will be out of the hous ein four weeks. Unless he finds the idol  lol

  11. Looks like all the entertaining players will get knocked out the first few weeks like the past few seasons have gone.

  12. I love that we are all up in arms over Willie using the “n word” when every season there is constant use of the “r word”.  Pot, meet kettle.

  13. Wow can they just eliminate Frank he is just freaking/stressing everyone out at least Joe causes paranoia behind the scenes Frank is just looney tunes!

  14. If people don’t want others to use comments like Willie made than they should take it out of Rap. Anyone who thought it was racist is an idiot. Frank was safe he is the one who was stupid.

  15. im happy to see frank go, but for those saying willie did mock him….I guess….but i put it this way, if someone mocked ME, I have a deep voice, so it would be done with their deepest goofiest voice. that has NOTHING to do with my sexual orientation. so why does the way he talks, or the way he holds his hands as he talks, have anything to do with being gay?

    people getting way too up in arms over nothing here.

  16. why did willie tell everyone he’s russell from surv.’s brother -willie is his own worst enemy

  17. Frank calls himself an expert of the game.. but he probably just got himself evicted. It’s like a repeat of Season 10.. when Dan and Brian were nominated the first week; Dan laid low and Brian created drama. Now Kara’s lying low and will probably be saved! yay!

  18. Willie imitating Wil was no different than you imitating a teacher or a coworker or even a friend, really. He did raise his voice and throw his hands up in the air but you could see the intention behind it wasn’t even remotely close to him making fun of Wil’s sexuality. If anything he was poking fun at Wil saying he wouldn’t talk game and then turned around 5 seconds later and started talking game. Of course Frank is going to take whatever he can and run with it this week in order for him to stay though. Britney shot herself in the foot from the beginning by picking Willie for her team anyway, obviously he’s not going to be an easier player to deal with.

  19. This will give me a new outlook on “fruit loops” I think they both got exposed last night and there is no back tracking now.  If Frank doesn’t go home this week
    Willie and Frank will be on the block next week fo sho…….

  20. Willie should be removed from the house as soon as possible for using any form of the “n” word. Surely there are rules for things like that and this is a time when they should be enforced.

  21. idk why frank was talking smack about willie “to save himself”…willie isn’t on the block against him.  what did he think turning the house against willie would do for his game?!  i say boot frank he’s a perfect fit for booger.  anytime someone says 3 different ways “i’m honest” in a sentence like frank did w/jojo you know he’s a liar

  22. yea im team willie all the the way im black and i saw bbad when he used the n word and he did not mean it in a mean way he used it like all other black people used.. personally i think  its stupid and no one should use it blke or white,, but he would get a hood pass for it,, jus saying

  23.   Willie using hand gestures and a raised voice while imitating another HGs gameplay does not equal him attacking the person (Wil) for being gay.   I really doubt that Wil would have taken it that way had he been there for the actual convo.
       As far as the “n” word, I am not a big fan of that (no matter which context).  But, the truth is, its used by some people as a term of “endearment”. ( I have no idea why, but I have seen it done in real life and on TV)  As wrong as I think the word is, I dont think Willie meant it in any racial manner.

  24. It doesn’t matter what he said people should not give words as much power, people need to stop dropping race cards all the time.

  25. Wil is a hypocrite, he said he wouldn’t stand for anyone making fun of him or anyone else voices, but he did the same thing by mocking JoJo voice @ the dinner table to Ashly on Thursday’s Big Brother after dark.

  26. I’m sorry I may not agree with you, but I’ve been watching no Willie didn’t do MOST of what’s been said of him…I’m not saying he didn’t try to do deals w/ others, but he WAS going to save Frank.
    Second, Janelle and Brit said MUCH of the negative things about people.
    Now, Boogie is calling Willie out ad nauseum about “being a bully” , “trying to bully others” AND HE did the SAME thing re: trading players (intimidation), and SO did Wil!
    Willie was NOT perfect, but really didn’t deserve all the il will- Joe exaggerated everything, and continues to do so. I also don’t get Dan…what is his strategy, if any- threw comp last week- player went home, so he thinks throwing comp this week is good idea?? He can’t expect to play same ga,e as before, because this is a whole new diverse group of people.

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