Big Brother 14 Week 9 Veto: The Marcellas Effect

Dan Gheesling on Big Brother 14

Winning the Veto when you’re on the block should make for a no-brainer sort of situation. If you’re nominated and you have the power to save yourself then you do it. Anyone would. Well, almost anyone.

So that’s where we are today on Big Brother 14. With so few HGs left in the game there aren’t many options but the choices are clear so let’s take a look.

Shane and Jenn are this week’s nominees thanks to Dan’s quick wit and methods in avoiding the chopping block. In an ideal world for Dan, he or Danielle would have won the Veto and kept the nominations the same leaving open the chance to evict Shane. But now Shane has the Power of Veto after Saturday’s win which changes things. You and I know what we’d do in that situation. We’d save ourselves and no one could blame you for doing it. But now there’s a chance that might not be what happens this week.

There are three scenarios: Shane uses the Veto and Danielle goes up, Shane uses the Veto and Dan goes up, or Shane doesn’t use the Veto and stays on the block.

Flashback to 2:17AM BBT on 9/9 to hear Dan rattle that list off to Shane and Danielle. Shane responds to Dan, “I just don’t want you guys to pull a Marcellas.” Dan chuckles but Danielle says she doesn’t know what that means and if she did know then she’s doing a great job of covering it. Shane tells her that Boogie explained the legend of Marcellas and the ill-fated Veto to him. The short story: Marcellas was on the block, didn’t use the Veto, was evicted by a tie-breaker. That was 10 years ago and people still talk about it. If you’ve never seen it then definitely watch the video below.

Now that we know Shane is aware of the potential worst-case scenario I’d say the chances of Shane not using the Veto are low. Compounding the issue is Shane and Danielle’s absence from the house for the better part of Sunday (luxury prize). Dan’s “mist” is proximity based and can’t work if he can’t get within audible range of his victims. It’s a shame too. Nothing against Shane. I liked the guy a lot when I met with him for our preseason interview, but it’s been a decade since we saw that moment on BB3 and the desire to witness a repeat of such a legendary moment is undeniable.

The more likely scenario is for Shane to come down and Danielle to go up in his place. I won’t be floored if it’s Dan, but I think we’ll see Danielle up there. If that happens then I’ll expect Jenn to go on Tuesday’s surprise eviction which we’ll watch on Wednesday.

What do you think Shane will do with the Veto this afternoon?


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  1. If Shane does not use the veto, he is an idiot. All he and Marcellas had/have to do is ask themselves two questions……what will I gain by not using the veto and what could happen to me if I don’t. End of story!

    • Why would Shane not use the veto? What advantage would it be FOR HIM to keep the noms? If you are on the block and you do not compete to WIN the veto and use it to pull yourself off, then you deserve to go home. Why play the game at all? At least Shane is aware of Marcellas bad move, thanks to Boogie. Danielle is clueless. Play smart Shane. Play to win! That is what he has been doing, hasn’t he?

      • He would be afraid Danielle would go up and go home. But when there are 5 people left, it is time to play for yourself.

      • No he needs Danielle to stay because she’s his best chance of winning final two. No one will even take Shane but you are right about him needing to use that veto on himself.

      • Trust me I want Danielle out as much as anyone else but if Shane was smart he would try to keep Danielle around while looking out for himself of course.

      • I think Dani just might want Shane out now. According to what I read, Danielle tried to kiss Shane twice during their outing and both times, Shane turned away (Danielle kissed his cheek when she was trying to kiss him on the lips and the second attempt, Shane turned his head so fast that it caused them to head butt). Sad, Sad, very sad!

      • Dan convinced Shane he was just a pawn but he wasen’t. Ian, Jenn, and Dan were going to evict him, but crybaby Danielle somehow convinced Dan not to use it and he listened. I think only because then it would reveal his alliance with Jenn. Dan was damn lucky Shane won and not Jenn. I hope this move bits Dan in his ass, and he will be walking out the door on Wednesday double eviction with Danielle following.

      • How is he lucky? Dani probably woulda went up and that actually would be better for him abuse Shane would leave.

      • I should have clarified thinking ahead that if Jenna would have won Veto and taken herself down, she out of any of them would have considered putting Dan up maybe convincing Ian and Shane what is really going on, because she stated in the DR she realizes something else is taking place which dosen’t include her.

    • I know Shane will use the veto. If he brought up the marcellas thing then he definitely knows that will happen to him.

    • If it was anyone else I’d say they were gonna use it, but Shane has no idea HOW to play this game and constently and consistency just listens to what others tell him to do. I wish Jenn would tell Shane what’s really going down and Dan has promised all of them final 4 of them F2 deals. Convince Ian to put Dan up, evict him, get Danielle out cause has been she can’t win another comp to save herself, so that would the 3 of them. But again, Shane is brainless.

  2. He can’t possibly be that stupid. I know Danielle will go up but better if it was Dan and Dan gone bye,bye, but I do think he will use it and his girlfriend will be up and sitting in the chair crying again. Jenn will be gone!! I really hope Shane wins the next HOH and puts up Dan and Ian and again bye bye Danny Boy. Don’t let the door hit you on the wayn out. Just my opinion people. So Dan fans don’t get your shorts in a knot. Just saying

  3. I can only hope Dan goes out the door,but he is going to win next Dani would be great at going home but thats not going to happen as she is in a nomance with Shane and somekind of mance with Dan so that leaves Jenn who I wish would stay.Did you watch after dark Shane said Dani was excited over going to the olympic show because she did a lot of that and could tumble and etc. Is there anything she cant do? oh yeh eat,sleep,and tell tale tales of what she can do lol.

    • Hahaha! So Danielle is an olympic gymnast, as well. Also, I find it strange that Danielle’s sister did the video instead of her parents.

      • LOL..i doubt if she could jump 2 feet off the ground…maybe when she was 10. Most gymnast have very tiny bodies. That description does not fit with Danielle. She’s not exactly huge but tiny she is NOT. I’d have to see her somersault out the door when she joins Julie on the couch….that’s the only way i would believe it.

      • But Ian wanted Frank out as much as Dan did so he’s blind to the fact that Dan wants to do the exact same thing 2 him. C’mon Ian then ur not as smart as u want us 2 believe !!

    • Agree. She is so pitiful. Wait til she finds out two gymnasts had an accident on that concrete floor. She will make some kind of personal comment like once hitting her head on cement being in a coma and look how well I’ve done since. Sorry for my sarcasm, I just do not like her on so many levels including passing herself off as a nurse, premed or whatever and her extreme know-it-all- ness.

  4. I say put Danielle up…Shane has a better chance to making it to the end with Dan…Jenn will go home anyway ……..Ian is Dan’s worst night mare I think ……Jenn Danielle & Shane are all just floaters……

      • Dan’s bitterness against Frank made him into this very unlikable person IMO. In the beginning Dan and Frank considered aligning with one another, but Dan realized what a HUGH threat Frank was physical and Dan realized he couldn’t win against Frank. Dan admitted he threw most of the comps in the beginning (so he says). When it finally got down to fewer players he knew he had to step up his game by not just floating by and that’s when Frank came into play for Dan. He was out the door and Frank entrusted his faith in Dan and all he did with that was throw Frank under the bus time, after time, after time. Judas was not the first Dan has been deemed this name. He did exactly the same swearing on the Bible type of thing jis last time around unfortunately Frank didn’t know about it. Seriously if I had a choice between good and evil, God would also be my choice againt Satan. But hey that just me, and I KNOW it’s just a game already.

      • I would give Dan credit for being a great player if he would just lie to people without bringing his family and the Bible into it. He knows people actually take that kind of promise seriously,which is why he does it. Why does Dan get to have the bible in the house anyway? There are no other books in there. He is allowed to use it as a tool to deceive people which seems to be a little unfair.

      • Someone on here said that the Bible is in the house already. I suppose BB thinks that’s the only appropriate form of literature that should be allowed.

    • Get over it already, I’m so tired of reading complaints about Dan and the inappropriate use of the Bible …… seriously get over it already. Dan is one of the best players of BB.

  5. Shane better use that Veto. And if the house was smart they would get Dan out as he has played the best game thus far (sneaking,lying and persuading).

  6. It would be a shame for Shane to join the ranks of all time dumbest moves in BB history. Even if you know NOTHING about the game….protecting yourself at all costs is what you must do. It’s just simple logic. But logic seems to have alluded all of them at this point. Either way, use it or not, it wouldn’t surprise me. HG have made some very illogical moves this season.

  7. I really hope that Shane is not that dumb not to pull himself off the block because if he doesn’t there is a chance that Dan can talk Ian into getting him out by playing the it will be Dan & Ian vs. Jen & Danielle card, which isn’t the plan that Dan actually has.
    Unless Ian is playing Dan and he really does know that he had to win the veto the other night to stay in the house and he wasn’t a pawn as Dan told him he was, but I would be shocked if Ian puts Dan up over Danielle.

  8. I really think there’s a good chance that Shane won’t use the veto. Because he is very confident that any QP member would stay over Jenn. Secondly I don’t think he wants to piss off Dani because she would go up. Also Shane has asked already numerous times to be a pawn this season. I would really like him to not use it his facial expression would be priceless when he walks out the door like Dustin in season 8.

    • IF that happens – PLEASE OH PLEASE have the cameras immediately on Shane’s & Ian’s faces!!! PLEASE!

      • I don’t think Ian would be surprised because him and Dan already went thru this scenario about voting Shane out but Danielle somehow (??) talked Dan out of it. Jenn was even in on it.

  9. Just for giggles, I’d kinda like to see Shane sit tight in the confidence of the QP. Even that would raise Jenn’s eyebrow. And when Dan/Dani vote Shane out, not only will Shane’s head still be spinning as he stumbles into the JH, Ian will be fit to be tied for them screwing up HIS dream for an all QP F4. (Meanwhile, Jenn will “owe” Dan big time for “saving her” as it will be spun.) But will be too late. Ian will hear the “dahhhh-dahhhhh!” music once he quickly remembers that he (Ian) cannot play for HoH. If Dan cannabalized a QP’er ahead of Jenn, is Ian next? Dahhhhh-dahhhh!

  10. OMG!!!! If dan convinces Shane not to use the veto I will become a Dan believer LOL! I would LAUGH my AZZ off! He will be known as the dumbest player to enter the house of Big Brother and Marcellous would be happy that he wasnt the only idiot in the history of this game.

  11. If Shane doesn’t use the power of veto then he deserves to go home. I have a huge problem however with the fact that Dan threatened Ian by saying he’ll rip his face off if he goes after Danielle. BB should disqualify Dan if he ever resorts to threats again. Ian is merely a man child playing Dan’s game. Anyone that swears on a bible with no conscience and wears red all the time is the DEVIL…Just saying!

    • I also have a problem with Dan threatening Ian. Who does he think he is threatening another competitor on who to vote or not vote for. Ian should approach production about that because they had too hear it, we all did. I would think that lies under some time of rules against another competitor. I’m sure Ian was scared by that statement. That should not be let go at all. Some time of penalty should be held against Dan. You cannot threaten a peron on live T.V. and not be told about it. Seriously !!!

      • Like I said Dan has lost it. I know he’s doing what he has to do to win but their has got to be a line drawn at some point. He’s acting like he never won $500,000.

    • This is disturbing, if Dan did threaten Ian that is wrong – I’m voting for Dan, but that crosses a line abuse is abuse whether physical, verbal, or mental

    • Agree. agree. agree. Dan said he would rip Ian’s face off.

      Why is Jenn not talking to Ian and Shane? It is not like her to give up.

      Where is Jillith? I look forward to her comments.

      Danielle gets more stupid by the day. Today could not even pronounce quadriplegic correctly. Tearing apart apart a stuffed animal?? She is weird and weirder.

    • Hahaha….I’m seeing this after taking a “24 hour break” from BB. I would’ve loved to see that! But in the aftermath, how did he figure out how to use it? That one brain cell has got to be so tired………………………………………….

  12. Shane is an idiot if he doesn’t use it but I hope he doesn’t! Dan has played a VERY smart game. Has he manipulated people HELL YES!! That’s part of the game!!!!

    • danielle sooooooooo needs to go up. her bragging on everything has got to some point get on some peoples nerves let alone she has everyone baffled of the sweet southern belle thing..even ian said it last night he pegs her as a nice person…she is not a nice person she is a narcissus! all about herself…and not in the way to win the money…really things her lard butt, staring duck face, zip popping neurotic ego poop don’t stink!

  13. Shane is so dumb he wont use it. It would shock me if he did use it . But I think some where along the line he forgot who he was trying to win 500 k for . Even though he taks about how his parents had to borrow money from the gma to buy groceries for their house right before he came to BB . he is sure set on getting Dan and Danielle to the final 2 LOL … He has a hot body and head with my brain .

    • It reminds me of Britney tossing in the towel when she saw the writing on the wall. Jenn needs to rewrite the sentence until it is in her favor. At the very least, i would leave with all the cards on the table. I’d spill my guts if nothing else…just to keep the other hg guessing as to what is REALLY up.

    • J enn needs to grab Shane away from Danielle & head up to the HOH room to spill the fact that Dan was really targeting Ian on DE night ! Then Shane can use his veto , Ian can put Dan up , & turn the game in her favor ! Otherwise its over for Jenn City.

  14. If Ian finds out (and believes) Dan was trying to get him out I think he and Shane would backdoor Dan in a minute but I’m not sure about Danielle. She gets pissed off at Dan when he uses her but then seems to forgive him. If Shane gets in her ear I think she would also vote him out. So, if Shane comes down and Ian puts up Dan it will probably be 2-0 or Danielle may vote to keep Dan and Ian has to break the tie. I think, even though I have backed Dan from the beginning, it would be a great game move. Sorry Dan, you just played a little too dirty. Greed is not a good thing.

  15. oK, please tell me someone noticed that there is an eviction Wednesday. Does that mean there will be another on Thursday or is just that one this week?

    • Tomorrow is the surprise eviction, to be seen on Wed. night. Good question about the usual Thursday eviction.

    • Wednesday is eviction night leaving us with 4, then Thursday is another eviction. At the end of Thursday we will have the final 3 and the start of the first of hoh comps. Then Sunday we will more than likely see jury house and second HoH. Then the next episode would be the final one

    • the final episode is on sept 19th so i think they have enough time to wait til sunday for another eviction

  16. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh danielle is on the block….uh oh..reality check…she knows she is just a pawn…bummer…

  17. okay danielle is acting like ,,,,yet another character she is,,,a actress….poor me on the block…she knows she is safe and is going to run with the camera time for all its worth…pathetic…

  18. I thought Ian was smart and knew all about BB contentants. Was Ian asleep during Dan? Use the pov Shane and Ian put Dan on the block already.

    • Seriously Ian had no problem back strabbing Frank but I seriously think he is afraid of Dan. Honestly Dan has been to the extreme of looking and talking evil. Especially telling Ian he’d rip his face off if he put Danielle up.

  19. As much as I hate to say it I think that Dan will talk Shane into not using the veto. So sad to see this happen but if it does then Dan should win. He could talk a dog into not licking his back side.

  20. ian fancys him self the dr will, boogie equal thats why he was so out for frank he was so angry that mike chose frank instead of him as a cohoard. hes that big of a fan. and he couldnt let that snub be unpunished. i get ian i realy do. but if he realy wants to prove he is what he thinks he is, he will backdoor dan. full disclosure, i dont think he is there equal im saying he thinks he is. so its time for him to put up or shut up…..

  21. dan has played these guys like a fiddle, if ian sends him home this week his claim of being a super fan is realized. this week will tell us what hes realy made of.

  22. shane should use the veto on himself , better safe than sorry. everybody knows that pawns do get sent home,doesnt matter whose left behind , the goal is winning the money . Everybody knows it’s a game & someone is going to have 2 leave,but that doesn’t mean that they can’t all befriends , hating people is a waste of time & energy.

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