Big Brother 14: Week 8 Nomination Anticipation

Big Brother 14 Quack Pack

A new Head of Household is holding the power this week on Big Brother 14 after Thursday night’s live eviction show and subsequent endurance HoH competition. Once we knew who had the power it wasn’t hard to figure out which HGs were about to be targeted for eviction. Of course that wasn’t the only event of the night either. Down one player but not out, the Quack Pack has made its return.

Dan and Ian met up in the HoH room and discuss the Quack Pack getting back together and who they should target. Flashback to 1:42AM BBT to watch the conversation. Both agree they want the Quack Pack back. Dan had been flashing the QP gesture to Shane and Ian during the comp and both flashed it back to confirm support.

With that out of the way it was time to decide who to target. Ian wants to put up Frank and Jenn with Joe as a renom backup. Ian then suggests that the question is whether or not to target Jenn since Frank has another week of not being eligible to compete in the HoH competition. Thankfully for the QP Dan is the voice of reason and asks if they don’t want to go for Frank and have two shots at eliminating him rather than waiting for next week and hoping one chance is all it takes. Frank has survived the block over and over so I’m not sure why Ian would think one shot is enough unless he’s secretly maneuvering to keep Frank in the game. Later Ian announces to the QP that Frank wants to work with him so he’s not trying to hard to hide a potential alliance there.

Jump forward to 2:15 AM BBT to find the remaining Quack Pack in the HoH room for a brief meeting. Ian reminds everyone to start studying since he can’t compete in the next HoH competition. Ian reiterates they will get rid of either Jenn or Frank this week. No one is worried about Joe after his season of disappointing performances. Ian declares tomorrow [nominations] is pretty much set.

Shane, Danielle, Dan, and Ian gather in the middle of the room for a send-off. Ian holds up Britney’s hair band and says, “we may not have Britney anymore, but the Quack is back.” They pull in doing the quack gesture and break.

So there you have it. Jenn and Frank should be nominated tonight with Joe as a renom backup. The QP will have to decide whether Jenn or Frank will be the real target, but they’ve got plenty of time plus a Veto to consider before the next eviction. Keep in mind the HGs do not know a double eviction is headed their way for next Thursday so that’ll be incredibly exciting all over again. Those are always awesome episodes.

The pressure is growing in the Big Brother house and we’re going to see plenty of lying and deception as the game continues. There will be nominations tonight, Veto competition tomorrow, and Veto ceremony on Monday. If you’re going to be on the go then download our free iPhone app and free Android app to get the latest spoilers.

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  1. I would put up Jenn and Joe and then Back Door Frank.Then with the next double eviction, Dan and Joe or Jen who is ever left. But get the two snakes out of the house and let the noobies fight for themselves.

    • Yeah, sounds good but, if Frank gets picked to play for POV, he will save Jenn because he would see the obvious double cross. Now, who will they put in place of Jenn? Ian promised Shane and Danielle safety for this week so, it will be Dan. Now, for the votes: Frank, Jenn, Shane and Danielle with Joe and Dan on the block and Ian the HOH. It probably would make good sense for Frank to bail on Dan because it seems Dan is not playing to save Frank so, if that is the case, Frank and Jenn could vote to evict Dan and knowing Shane cannot be trusted as well, Dan might be in for a rude surprise if he winds up going to the jury house! Wow! Shane and Danielle would have the advantage then, because both Frank and Ian cannot play for HOH and the other players Jenn and Joe might be a longshot getting that HOH! Imagine that. Shane and Danielle with the advantage!

    • SInce when is Frank a snake? He’s by far the most honest (and likeable!) person in the house! And I have news for you: everyone currently in the house other than Jenn and Frank are snakes. I mean, are you kidding me? dan lies with every breath his scaly body takes–get the real king of liars out!

      Here’s to Frank and Jenn in the final two, with Frank rightfully winning over a house mainly comprised of monsters this horrible season.

    • I hope Dan is going to stand by his promise to Frank. I hope he is telling Ian what Ian wants to hear. If anything I think and this is just my opinion that when it come to the POV Dan will do his usual throwing the comp so that he doesn’t have to save anyone.

      • Oh Dan is absolutely throwing this next POV competition. Best case scenario for him: Jen or Frank win POV, Joe goes up as a replacement nom, Joe gets evicted. Ian is blindsided but can’t do much since he isn’t eligible to compete in next week’s HOH.

      • I was thinking Joe could be gone. And pretty much the same scenario was going through my mind Hope our plan works!!!!!!!

      • Thank you!!!! Finally someone realizes what Dan is actually doing. He sticking with Frank he just doing this stuff with QP in order to save his 4 person alliance with Frank. Joe probably going home this week. and then Ian next.

      • Shar on BBAD I saw Dan approach Dani and say Frank has to go and told her he was going to talk to Ian and get back to the Quack Pack. I don’t think he acted like he was going to honor his deal with Frank at all. When I heard that I was very disappointed in Dan. He follows the power just as he has accused others of doing.

      • That is what I was afraid of. I am disappointed too But there is still the POV. But with Frank not being able to play for HOH he is in a lot of trouble. He should have gotten rid of Dan and not let him pull what he did as cleaver as it was. Ok now I will get blasted from all sides on this comment.Better put my armour on!!!!

      • oh no i agree with you. it was riskey but i am hoping he will work his way around it. i think by now he knows he cant trust anyone really. he knows he has to win it on his own.

    • Dan rolls with the punches seems like. He didn’t want to ever abandon the QP but had no choice once he was nominated. The only way I see Dan staying true to Frank this week is if he can somehow convince the QP to vote out Joe as the replacement nominee thus keeping the Frank/Jenn/Dan/Dani foursome alive, then hope they can give Ian the boot on double eviction night. From the sounds of it though, I don’t think Dan is leaning in that direction, but who knows what’s really going on in his mind.

    • Yeah I think Dan is with Frank and Jenn. It’s perfect cause now they have a chance to keep Jenn Frank Dan and Dani safe. All they have to do is throw the Pov to Frank he takes himself off the block joe goes up they have the votes and evict joe. And then the rest of the quack pack will still think Dan and Dani are still with them.

    • I think he’s going to let the other quack packers fight it out with Frank. If Frank is left standing then his F2 deal is still on. If not…it’s back to the quack pack for him.

    • It seems to me that Dan is playing both sides. The alliance of Dan with Frank should be treated like a new employee you hire. He is on probation to see if he can handle the job. If not, he is fired before his probation is over! If he does a good job, you can keep him. In the case of the alliance, see if Dan proves loyal. If not, then, just cut him!

  2. There are only so many players left in the game. In this week, there are 7 players left however, there are how many good players left? There is Frank, Dan, Ian and Shane who can win HOH and POV, that makes it 4 in all. So, once they put up
    Frank and Jenn, they will smell a double cross. So, potentially,
    it could be Jenn and Joe on the block. Seriously, does that
    even make sense? It seems to me that someone is being
    played and that is Ian. There is a chance that one of the
    floaters will be going home next. However, it is double eviction week so, what are the chances that Frank and Ian are both
    going to be on the block with Shane or Dan as the
    replacement for the 2nd eviction? The bigger question is
    who is going to be the next HOH and looks like Shane
    would have the advantage.

  3. What, ok that’s a head scratcher, I would have thought that the Quack pack was dead after Dan’s fake funeral and crossing over to the dark side with Frank.

    Damn that sucks, I was looking for Ian to put up Dan and Frank with the hopes that Dan or Frank would be evicted come Thursday before the double eviction.

    Now it looks like Frank and Jenn are going to be nominated later today unless Ian wakes up. Of course now that Britney has been evicted, I don’t want to see a former player/coach win BB14…this should be an interesting week and you know (nine lives) Frank isn’t going to go quietly.

    • I’m with you I don’t want to see a former player coach win either. I also don’t want to see certain new people who have done nothing win either.

      • I believe that its down to 4 players in my opinion that have the best chance of winning BB14 including Ian, Shane, Frank and yes even Danielle depending upon who survivors Thursday’s double eviction. Sorry but I don’t see Dan, Joe or Jenn winning this season.

    • Ian made a very smart move—NOT! This is so funny, I cannot stop laughing. So, Ian goes to the trouble of winning HOH and there is a good chance that he is going to send one of the floaters to jury with his HOH! Hilarious!
      Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!! Quack, Quack , Ian is a duck!

      • It all comes down to the veto comp. If Frank loses, then he’s going home and Ian has used his HOH well. If Frank wins, then there a solid chance Ian’s week falls apart. If he backdoors Joe, the ultimate floater and F2 partner, then Dan will have completely played him.

    • Unfortunately, Ian doesn’t know how tight Dan was with Frank last week. Hopefully Frank will blow the lid of their alliance after he is nominated.

      • Yes! I hope frank blows it up. Should try to backdoor Frank, though. Go Ian!!!!!¡¡!₩

      • Dan blew up his alliance to stay alive I think Frank should tell Ian the same thing. Get Dan and Joe on block. however that isn’t going to happen

      • I’ll forgive me of I’m wrong but isn’t the plot of this game to make to the end and. Carry home the. If check so if joe goes. All the way as a floaterr then I sayy congrates

    • ian’s nothing but an annoying little effeminate nerd who doesn’t belong in the house in the first place!

  4. OMG – how many times must they fall for Dan’s tricks. Get rid of him now and get Frank into the QP instead. That would be ultimate blind side.

    • Why would Frank ever do that he s been put on the block like 5 times by the quack pack. I think he gets the picture they want him out.

      • Right, especially since they obviously don’t hide their alliance at all, being so tacky and unscrupulous in their display tactics.

    • I saw Dan approach Dani last night on BBAD saying Frank had to go. So much for Dan and any kind of loyalty. I was actually looking forward to a Dan Fank F2. How is Dan any different than the people who follow the power? He has done the same thing. I was beginning to think Dan was not so bad, but don’t feel that way any longer. I don’t understand why Ian is letting Dan slide when Dan is the one who got rid of Brit with his plan. I agree with you get rid of Dan.

      • Well, pretty simple. Ian doesnt know dan is/was with frank. How could he out Dan when he believes he is working with him? Dans a genius dude.

      • Wow, now I have lost all trust in Dan re-uniting in the QP, unless this is all a rouse for yet again Ian and Shane to fall for. Didn’t Dan make a F2 with Frank on the Bible, on his wedding band for his marriage, etc, etc….I’m hoping it is but if not, Dan is the snake of all times, even beating that life-low dude on Survivor (Johnny something or other) saying his Grandmother died to leave for a couple days, but she really didn’t. Anyway, Dan I kinda thought u weren’t as evil as Ian but I may be just as wrong !!!

      • If Dan is betraying Frank, he better tread carefully. While, Frank is in danger along with Jenn, once, he senses a double cross, if Dan winds up on the block somehow, he might end up being the one evicted!
        Shane, Joe and Frank would see that it would be a good chance to get rid of a really good player. They will not waste their votes to evict Jenn!

      • dan and the word “loyalty” clearly don’t belong in the same sentence. The guy is nothing but immoral trash, which makes it incomprehensible to me why he is so popular. He’s nothing but a manipulator and liar–oh yeah, and a catholic.

        I agree, get rid of judas once and for all, and then he can smile and shrug his shoulders every time someone asks him a direct question all he wants in the jury house.

      • dan isn’t trying to be loyal. He is trying to do what is best for him in this game. He genuinely was going to take frank to f2 but it seems almost impossible with frank sitting out next 2 hoh

      • Frank was up in the HOH last night throwing Dan under the bus…I wouldn’t call that being loyal either. Knowone is loyal in this game. Especially if they want to win!

      • I watched Frank in with Ian last night, and he was by no means trying to throw anyone under the bus. He actually flat out said “I’m not going to throw anyone under the bus” But was just trying to talk Ian into working with him again.

      • Watch again Tracy because he was very sneaky about it. He was saying I’m not going to throw anyone under the bus than the next words out of his mouth were Dan told me Britney said we have two weeks to get me out. He said it 3 or 4 times. Then he would say to Ian that’s why I wanted Britney gone. He even said later to Jenn I was throwing Dans name out there to Ian.

      • He wasn’t sneaky at all he was telling the exact truth of why he put Brit up. Dan did tell Frank that and why is it sneaky to tell the truth? Frank did think he had a F2 with Brit and as we both know she had no intention of honoring that. Someone is sneaky when they make up lies about something that either never happened or was never told to them.

      • He was sneaky…Frank even admitted to Joe that he threw Dan under the bus a little. Frank could of said he heard that Britney was going to get him out the next two weeks and left it at that. But he said DAN told him and he used Dans name 3 or 4 times. He didn’t have to say who told him. IMO that’s throwing someone under the bus.

      • dan is the fucking master! He kinda has to go against frank now because otherwise he will leave. Dan really was going to try and keep frank but now if he does it will screw him up too!

      • Don’t you think Frank should tell Ian the truth why he put Brit up. That way frank can clear himself & put Dan up.I don’t want Dan to win cause he already won. Let one of the new people win.Frank & Ian for the win!

  5. This is GREAT!!! I hope Jen or Frank win the POV, take themselves off the block, Ian puts up Joe, and Joe gets evicted by the four person alliance between Dan, Danielle, Frank, and Jen. Can you imagine how incredible that would be? Ian would be pissed as all heck but he can’t compete in next week’s HOH so who really cares!

    And my boy Dan would be covered for the double eviction because the only person who would nominate him is Ian (and potentially Shane, but if Dan can deceive the whole house, he can surely convince Shane not to put him up).

    Team Dan FTW!!!!

    • why take joe out? he doesn’t seem to be a threat to anyone. you saw how long he lasted in the last comp. between .o3 and.o5 minutes. he needs to take out a threat. frank if possible. dan if not.

      • Gator is talking about if Dan, Danielle, Frank, and Jenn decide to keep their word (from last week) to each other. All it would take is Frank, Jenn, or possibly even Dan winning veto and Joe goes home. Then next week they’d have the numbers 4-2. The only person they’d have to beat in HOH would be Shane. With the next comp being some sort of quick mental challenge, Shane’s odds are low.

  6. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the highlight show is regaining its importance. These HGs are changing loyalties by the hour, and the DR is the only place to know where they really stand.

    • Yeah, right. Dan is playing both sides if you have not figured it out yet! He will stay safe, of course. Frank will
      figure it out but, Ian is going to be the big fool wasting
      his HOH on evicting Joe or Jenn! Then, when the next
      HOH rolls, they will evict Ian and be done with him! LOL

    • Dan needs to be careful not to have too many hands in the cookie jar. Brittney did, which is why she got sent packin!

      • There is a difference. Britney sucks, Dan is a master. And Frank/Jenn know that dan is a double agent kinda

    • No way he just being a double agent. Your gonna see Ian getting played this week, and him and Dani are probably gonna throw pov to Frank or Dani.

  7. ian needs to put up dan and frank so either one can pull the other off if they win pov then if both stay go with frank or dan and use a pawn if one comes off i dont trust dan

  8. OMG! this is getting ridiculous! They need to backdoor Frank. Don’t they ever learn? It doesn’t make any sense to me. On top of it all, they are trusting Dan AGAIN! If this is the case, they ALL deserve to go home!

      • Shane is really dumb. I dont get what is the point of him evicting Britney. Thats 1 person who will be on your side. Britney said it right during her interview, Shane is disposable to the house, he will be evicted really soon

      • The difference being, I think Brit would have drug him along to final 3 with someone like Ian so she would have gone to F2 no matter who won the final HOH. Shane and Ian would have both taken her. My point here, she would have only cut him at the very end, if she even had the chance (winning final HOH)

      • I dont think he is disposable to Britney. Britney would have brought him into the final 4 with Ian, Danielle. There Shane could demolish the others and made it into the final 2. In my eyes Shane is leaving soon.

    • 6 of the 7 house guests compete in POV. The odds that Frank plays in the POV are extremely high so it’d be very difficult to backdoor him. Just sayin’…

  9. I hope Frank the Phoenix continues to rise from the ashes! He s
    is the only HG that doesn’t flip-flop every 20 seconds. Loyalty goes a long way in this game. I am waiting for him to call out the QP at a house meeting. That would be awesome to watch Ian squirm! Do it Frank!

  10. Well, it appears as though even the BB Network writers are against Frank. I guess it is perfectly fine for Dan and Danielle to lie to Frank. Frank has never lied to anyone. This is very discouraging because I think Frank is one of the top players and for some reason everyone is against him even this Network website here. I think that Frank was given a bum rap for the last HoH comp because he wasn’t giving Briney the answer. Dan should know that Ian can’t be trusted. It will turn out to bite him because if they do get Frank out then who will they have to target? Dan is not a strong physical player and normally neither is Ian. Ian just won the endurance because he is little and the little people can always hang on longer. It is rigged for small people–remember Matt? It all stinks because I don’t think Frank deserves this hatred. The same thing happened to Rachael.

    • I agree with you that Frank is a good player. Hes managed to stay one step ahead so far. But i really don’t see as how Matts article is in any way biased. He simply lays out the facts as they happened. The fact that the posts on here express their dislike for Frank is not Matts fault. Everyone on here has the right to express how they feel, no matter if they like Frank or not. Even you and me…

      • I absolutely never said anyone didn’t have a right to their viewpoint and I want to emphasize that you put those words out there not me. When I read the posts on here from the writers, I do read them as being biased against Frank so that is my viewpoint. I don’t expect anyone to agree with me. So, I really don’t know where you go that from.

      • You said..”everyone is against him, even this website here”. Your words, not mine. It’s as though we can’t have an alternate opinion or that you are the only one thats right. Your allowed to have a bias towards Frank, just as anyone else is. But if you think Frank never gave Brit the answer, then you need to rewatch the show. Why would he be DQd if he hadnt tried to help her? The rules clearly stated that he wasn’t allowed to assist.

      • I have read a lot of Posts that are extremely biased against Dan, even attacking his religion and his wife, but I have accepted that because people have their own players that they are rooting for. But I don’t believe the article writers are biased. They write the facts as they happened.

    • frank has made 4 f2 deals. i know he had to be lying to at least 3 of them. maybe all 4. he DOES lie to people. he also tod britt and shane that they would not be put up. was that not a lie to britt?

      • ok first F2 deal was with shane who has back stabbed him twice, Boogie is gone, then jenn and dan. he wasn’t going to put up brit until Dan told him Brit was with ian that backstabbed boogie and is going to back stab him again. so no lying just things change in game. Ian straight up lied to him and Boogie and If Dan back stabs him he straight an A$%%

  11. Frank just needs to go away. I bet Mike is uncomfortable, how beautiful. considering his dog doesn’t exactly have a bright future in the house right now. loving it. Dan is the freakin’ man. best player ever! Ian steady your aim sir, simply pull the trigger!

  12. I think Dan played it perfect by falling and letting ian or shane win, Dan new he would be safe and Ian and Shane would be going after Frank & Jenn or Joe, I dont see why everyone is hating on Dan, when Dan was on the block the quack pack was ready to cut him loose, Dan was on the block because of Ian so Ian should have played the veto for Dan no matter what and they could have sent Danielle home, Brit was all ready to vote Dan out and she said herself about throwing the veto , Brit said I was thinking of throwing the veto meaning she probably did throw it, they could have easily left all the big points for one member of the quack pack to take Dan off the block, if Brit campaigned she probably would have stayed,

  13. I really think Dan is going to use his alliance with Frank and blindside him at the same time! Frank knows Dan is not to be trusted and is just testing him right now. Dan will never trust Frank as much as he does the QP members, but is playing both sides to see if his plan works and find out who will double cross him, knowing he only needs 2 of the 4 from the QP and one outside it to vote Frank out! He’ll put his trust in Joe to accomplish this! C-ya Frank!

    • How the efffff would you possibly say that? Last week they were completely fine with voting Dan out and Frank saved his ass. Like really you think he trust the QP more? he is playing the QP right now to save his 4 person alliance with Frank.

  14. Doesn’t Ian still have the veto ball? He could keep frank off the block and hope frank is the one person not playing the veto. then he can use it to remove someone and backdoor frank

    • No, I believe that veto ball was only good for last week. You might be thinking of the
      Coup D’etat from 2009. That power could be used within a few weeks.

      • I don’t think he would of had to put it in the veto box at the end of the ceremony if it was still good. Whoever has the veto has it in their possession until the ceremony is over. Just like Jenn had to relinquish hers once her power was up.

    • please understand there is no special veto that veto is exausted. it had limited power for that one veto comp its not coming back. i dont understand why people think its still active. exspect the un exspected the rules this year are different from last year.

  15. Ian with the hair band was kind of creepy….

    Also Dan sworn on his bible, cross necklace and wedding ring….him reforming the QP seems to go back on his word unless he’s votes for frank just to least keep somewhat his word….

      • So do i. He said he would but things change so swiftly in the house that it would be foolish to stick with a plan that has no hope. I at least hope he attempts to stick with it.

      • Lol..true. Actually i think he’s played a pretty good game. And would like to see him in F2 with Dan. Both of them have put forth a lot of effort.

    • it is near impossible for dan to keep this promise. He wants to but he knows he can’t. Hopefully he tries, but not to the point where it will kick him out

  16. Ian is pretty much the biggest coward bastard. I never liked that fidgety shithead from the start. He better not come back to visit the burgh cause if I see him I will punch his face off.

    • I don’t think the two of you hang out in the same circles. He’s busy studying engineering at Tulane. And you’re obviously busy punching peoples faces off.

    • Dont get tough over the internet… and especially over a person on a reality show. It makes you look hella lame. Plus wtf did Ian do but play the game.

  17. This is the WORST season of big brother ever! The only real threats in this house is Frank & Dan! Shane, Ian,Jenn, Joe & Danielle do nothing. All Danielle do is stalk and whine about Shane. Jenn is in like with Danielle. Ian is smart but has no social game. Frank is the only one that continues to win. Id rather they left Janielle in the game. I pray that next season is better or i maybe through with big brother

      • What has he done since?? Part of his game was not to be seen as a threat so he has been laying low lately. Brittany made more moves than he did she was the one controlling him

      • She may have controlled his vote but he won HOH and POV all on his own. I’m not a fan of his but i give credit where credit is due.

      • hahaha! Yeah, aside from winning HOH’s and POV’s, what else has he done? Not everyone can make big moves every week ya know?

      • the key word here is won im looking for the word win and he,s cutting deals to stay safe when he and britt made deals with people they didnt always keep them. and he should know that deals dont always work out.

      • didnt miss them just cant remember them because they were so long ago. now hes just floating.

    • I disagree, BB14 is far from the worst season in Big Brother History. Its actually been pretty good. Several players have won competitions including Danielle has won HOH, Shane has won a few HOH’s and POV’s, Frank has won HOH’s and POV’s, Jenn has won a POV, Ian has won two HOH’s. And there has been some good game moves including getting Janelle and Mike “Boogie” out.

      Of course on the other end of it, there has been a few moments including the way Big Brother handled the “game reset” and having coaches.

    • In the beginning of the season, this season was just trash. The houseguest were all clueless and just played each other’s game instead of their own. But in the middle of the season there has been A LOT OF great moves. Getting rid of Janelle, Boogie, Britney, Ashley. Plus things are extremely tense in here. Also, you never can get a true target but these houseguest flip flop ALOT. One minute it could be this person going home then in a matter of an hour the next person is sure to go home just by 1 single move.
      Overall this season is pretty good, not the best but its really good maybe like one of the top 5 best seasons.

  18. Ian is supposed to be a brain? He can’t figure out that Dan is a backstabber?
    He needs to put up Frank and Jenn … then backdoor Dan if a veto is used.

  19. The only player with any alliances worth anything is Dani. Shane will protect her, and I think Dan will too for the most part. So she has two supporters, and no real enemies.

    • That because she does nothing!!! Everyone does something for her. She plays stupid half of the time so you can just skate by. That has been her plan since day one

      • It’s working. She cries and cries, and lets the others cut each other up. Like Dan, she is a member of two alliances, but without an enemy.


  20. I miss britney :(… Stupid Dan, stupid shane…
    I can appreciate dan’s move but Shane is just an idiot for keeping dani over Brit.

    • Dont blame Dan, Blame Britney and Shane. But mainly Britney. I love her but she should have campaigned harder

      • No I don’t think so. There is some flip flopping of course…but not to the extent of this season. And what’s killer, is that people fall for the flip flop every time! Frank trusts people, every time.

  21. Wow, big suprise Frank’s going on the block again. Ian’s getting a real big head. Can’t wait to see Dan snake him, he knows he ain’t winning 500k he’s playing for 50 and bragging rights.

  22. everyone keeps hating on frank. i just dont understand why hes a player he wants to win. he plays so hard because hes been a target since day one. whats he supposed to do roll over and let your favorite hg have it. who could respect him them play on frank your not doing anything anyone else isnt.

    • Can’t believe Dan throwing Frank under the bus that fast. And Ian not realizing that Dan sold the quack pack out. which in turn got Britney out. they all want frank out cause they fear him. He really is only one that tries to be honest

      • Crazy James was the same way, he tried so hard to be honest, build trust and work with people… But in the end people really don’t want to keep someone they can trust, (Even if they say they do) just someone they can beat.

      • How dont you know that Dan is actually protecting his 4 person alliance with Frank? They are trying to keep it a secret after all. Its actually genius because if he didnt make it look like he not with QP then him and Frank would go up. But now all they have to do is throw the POV to Frank uses POV on himself. They have the votes to save Jenn Joe goes up beause they think Dan with them. Then they have votes to evict Joe and now Ian cant compete in next hoh and its everyone against Shane.

  23. How is Ian so smart, yet soo stupid… If he wants to “Avenge” Britney’s elimination from the house, shouldn’t he be able to figure out why Dan was taken off the block? He sold Ian down the river to save himself, and got Ian’s closest ally sent packing. I hope Frank makes it known what went down last week, because now Britney, and Frank are gonna take the fall for Dan’s actions… I mean come on, could Britney spell it out any more clear at the eviction, she blames DAN! 100% JUDAS!…. But for some reason Ian still thinks Dan is a good guy?! Dan is gonna win simply because everyone bites on everything he says.

    • I highly doubt Ian thinks Dan is a good guy, after all Frank made the renom, he could have easily targeted Joe or Shane. Nope Frank was stupid enough to listen to Dan, now he’s going to be on the chopping block yet again!

      However Ian should be smart enough to nominate Jenn & Joe with the intention of backdooring Frank.

      • how is frank stupid!!!!!!!!??? Dan with that guy till the end he said to the live feeders!!! Watch this week Dan and Dani are goona throw POV to Frank and Joe probably is going to go home this week.

  24. if frank is out this week we are most likely looking at a floater sitting in the f2. no matter who your a fan of ,i cant imagine anyone wanting to see that. and besides shane is just a floater now looking for any side of the house to follow. i want to see if he can make any big moves without brittany or dan.

    • You can count on Danielle being in the final 2…. sadly but I gotta agree you will definitely see a floater at the end. The only people playing the game is Ian and Dan. (Frank is playing a great physical game but he really isnt making any game moves). But if Frank is in the f2 he might win.

      • Actually Frank did make at least ONE move. He decided to go with Dans plan. He didn’t have to. He could have let Dan be evicted. It would have been easier to do so. True it wasn’t his plan but he DID have to talk Jenn into using her veto. That’s at least something. Ok…maybe it was 1/2 a move :)

      • But that ruins his game. Idk why Frank trusts Dan its like trusting Dan with a trust fall from a building. Frank’s best move was to tell the QP about Dan, I think it could buy him a few weeks of safety.

      • i dont think anything can buy him safety he has to earn it at the veto comp and as weve all seen he can. i dont believe frank trust dan, but he knew he had to work with someone because he cant play in hoh comp this week. as long as there are pov comps theres hope for frank.

  25. Frank should have just put Dan out last week.. Ian might have gone after Joe this week.. Instead everybody’s drinking the kool-aid once again.. Dan hasn’t won a thing, and he is the one sending everybody home.. Can someone please get a clue, cause it sure isn’t Dani, Shane, Joe, Jenn, or Ian. Even Frank did his bidding.. Why wouldn’t he throw every competition.

    • I agree. Had Frank used the information Dan had given him, the HGs would have sent him to the jury. That would have undone Dan’s big move and made it frank’s big move.
      then he could have back-doored Brit knowing she had intension of double-crossing him.
      Ian would have been crippled, Dani would still be an emotional wreck and hindering Shane’s game.
      Frank would still have the power with Jenn and Joe’s votes.


    • Why though? What he goes with the people who put him up 5 times already this summer or he can go with Dan who actually told him the complete truth, and even said to the feeders if they did this for him he would go to the end with them….. Yeah dum move……

  26. Bah…Ian should put up Shane and Dan!!! Break up that whole little troika (Shane, Danielle, and Dan), with an eye for back dooring Frank if one of the other two gets removed. I hate to admit it, but if Dan ends up in final two with anyone other than Ian or Frank then he has this one in the bag. None of the other hg’s have a snowball’s chance in h### of winning this.

    • Don’t be so sure, one would think that Shane could easily win against Dan in F2… Danielle not so much.

      Shane still has won the most comps this summer.

      • But Dan has made the best strategic move. While winning comps is important….it’s your strategy that has a higher value. If you’re smart enough you can get the comp winners to do your bidding.

  27. Dumb, dumb, dumb, I cant believe I have to explain this to Dan. Put joe and Jenn on the block. Dan could then assure Frank he protected him. You then have a very solid chance of Frank either playing hard for the veto and losing or assuming he’s safe and cruising thru the competition and losing. Then whoever wins the veto uses it on Joe since he’s little to any danger of winning a competition. Frank is then told to pop a squat and no longer has the chance to take himself off the block. Bye bye Frank.

    On the off chance Frank plays for the veto and wins it then of course he doesn’t use it and Jenn gets sent home. You then have one more week to get Frank with him being none the wiser to Dan backstabbing him.

  28. why would Ian trust Frank more than Dan, Dan stuck by Ian that entire week that mike went home, when Mike and Frank were saying Dan was the rat , Dan stuck by Ian and only said something when his alliance wanted to cut him loose, Ian should have used the veto on Dan afterall Dan was on the block because he took the heat for Ian

    • Dan sold ian out to frank and the QP so how is dan different more trustworthy then frank

      • Did you really just make that comment….. So your saying if you took the heat for someone elses actions and then the time that they could save you but instead fine with you leaving this week, you d be fine to go home? Yeah okay that makes perfect sense its not untrustworthy when your alliance is completely fine with evicting you after you took so much heat for them.

      • Of course i made that comment if you read it its there dumbass..the whole QP is untrustworthyif you don’t know that by now stop watching bb your embarrassing yourself

      • Yeah I saw that comment did i not just write about it? Yeah obviously you don’t watch any of the DR sessions or anything on the live feeds. Dan said stright up both on the show thats he sticking with Frank. And said the complete truth to Frank how about I wait here for a bit so you can actually come with a intelligent comeback than dumass because i’m pretty sure the last time i heard that I was riding my dinosaur!

      • then why say ”
        Did you really just make that comment” i watch the live feeds you dont tell me what i do and dont do…he told frank the truth TO SAVE HIMSELF nothing more then that without frank dan would have been gone…dumass?

  29. Get rid of the floaters..They are not working..they are just floating..get rid of them or they just might win the jack pot..and they don’t deserve it.. They haven’t done a thing but fall out of the competition …they don’t even TRY. just suck UP to the HOH or whom ever to get by another week! Lets see the hard working contestants win they are the people that deserve it ! I really like Dan, Frank, Ian, Shane.. My real favorites are of them need to win.. They have done real strategic planning and playing

    • its funny how you describe all of that and dan is one of the biggest floaters in the game who always claims he throws challenges AFTER THE CHALLENGES in the diary room O_o

    • Exactly!!!! I’m so glad someone finally mentioned this! Just for this reason alone–besides his gargantuan loads of lying, deception, and manipulation–judas does not deserve to win! I don’t think any of the retards working with him are even thinking about this at all! Frank, with all of his clean comp wins and relative honesty and likeable personality, easily deserves to win over everyone this season!

      • I seriously hate when people say this. Maybe a little heads up if you dont know but big brother is not a charity case show!!!!!! And maybe you also didn’t realize that this is a reality tv show you can lie in the big brother house and basically do anything you want. And yeah relatively honest means he lies to everyone does. Yeah i agree Frank is deserving I also think DAn is as well the two most for sure and if Dans starts winning like he did in the end he may even be more deserving. But its riduclously unfair to not give him the money on the reason oh he won 500,000 before lets not give it to him again. This is a competition and the best player that season deserves to win on that baises alone not on outside factors. it’s like saying oh the Lakers shouldn’t three peat because they won twice already they should let the other people win give me a break its a competition the best deserves to win end of story.

    • Doesn’t matter if he’s won 500 grand already. If he’s most deserving (and he’s certainly been one of the most deserving to this point) then he should win the money. Period.

    • Why is the 500 grand coming out of your pocket? It goes to whoever wins this season’s Big Brother whether you like the player or not! Like the producers or anyone else cares what you say! Until you are the one paying out that
      $500,000, you just have as much of a chance of changing the rules as you want it if you live past the age of 150. You and I know it isn’t happening!

  30. Frank has to be the smartest, dumbest player ever. He keeps trusting people and they keep stabbing him in the back. I think this time he has run out of lives…..

  31. Gee, who didn’t see this one coming? Of course Dan and Danielle lied…again…to Frank. I had respect for Dan for about 5 minutes. He has definitely proven that he is a bigger floater than Joe. It’s a great strategy, but as a fan of Frank’s, it sucks!!!

    • Dan is a floater…but he is a smart one and the best one ever. He is not like joe or jenn who are just terrible players. If dan wins..He is by far the best of all time on any reality show it will be that impressive and he is looking good right now

      • That’s why I said it’s a good strategy. He definitely is one of the best, if not the best, player in BB history. Joe is so awful, and Jenn didn’t show up until last week, so they barely count as players. I’m not taking anything away from him, but I like Frank, so in my opinion it sucks.

  32. I love how people are bashing Dan for the way he’s playing the game. Lying, backstabbing, manipulating, bretraying, using people to his advantage…that’s how you play the game people!

    • Completely agree. He will do WHATEVER it takes to win this game. Dan is ruthless. Props to him. I wish more contestants were like that. Too many people go soft and become pushovers. Not Dan. Even if he has to swear on his Bible, faith, cross, whatever… He’ll do it all if it means he can win. Gotta love it!

    • I agree, that’s how you play the game if youre a dishonarable piece of white trash….Oh yeah, that’s Dan.

  33. If Dan and Frank both leave with the double eviction the rest of the season would be soooo boring.At least with the two of them in the house it makes its more interesting to watch.So i hope the two of them stay till the end.

  34. Those who are saying that Dan is going against his word with Frank, he isnt..Dan only promised and swore on the bible that he is telling the truth about the Quack Pack he never promised to keep him in the game…He said he would work with him..If Ian puts up Frank, Dan isnt the one putting him up so he isnt going against him..if Dan votes out Frank, he still isnt doing anything wrong because Dan never promised anything to Frank about keeping him if he was on the block..So Dan isnt really lying to Frank…He is being sneaky and playing a game..Not saying I like Dan, but he isnt the one putting up Frank…Frank needs to go, then Jenn, then Dan.

    • Noooo, he also shook hands with Frank and told him me and you in F2. USUALLY, when a honest person shakes someone’s hand on something it’s a done deal. I’m just saying. You can look at it however u want, especially when it’s in your favor for whoever ur defending. My guess would be Dan.

  35. ian is such a fuking idiot. yes he should target jenn and frank but is he serious putting joe up as pawn???? he should be putting DAN up! this is ridiculous these players are so dumb

  36. Does Frank even need to tell Ian that Dan betrayed the whack pack??…I mean quack pack :-) isn’t it obvious since Dan was removed from the block?? The fact that Dan is still trusted by this weak alliance is proof that he’s a great player! Clearly common sense wasn’t one of the HG this season.

    • Dan is very skilled at communicating. He seems to know exactly what to say to get a required outcome. The others just react without thinking.

  37. The best person for anyone to take to the final 2 or 3 would be Dan. Since he won before, no one in the jury would vote for him to have the money again. Frank, Ian, Shane and Danielle are all good players in that order. It would be a shame for Frank or Ian not to go to the end. Ian has a better social game but Frank has heart. Shane seems to have given up and is more concerned about his appearance as is Danielle.

  38. Dan should already be gone, how people are so naïve to believe everything that scumbag says is incredible. He already won it once, he shouldn’t even be in the house to begin with. As far as Danielle the town crier goes, she needs to go too, the only thing she is worried about is how she looks on t.v., and how America perceives her. Get rid of her narcissistic arse. Frank should win, he is the most honest person left in the house.

  39. This year, I find BB more enjoyable, bc I can sit on the fence as an audience, rooting for none of the Hgs while enjoying every moment. I eventually find that anything is possible, anyone of them can turn the table if they are good enough, no matter by social game or physical game. The power is up for grabs as long as they are competent enough! So, haha….

  40. What a terrible cast this season has been. Stupid players who trust other way too easily. I hope this changes or Big Brother should just die.

  41. Was upset with Dan last week but after sitting on it for awhile I have to hand it to him for his brilliant “save”
    Danielle on the other hand it’s getting harder and harder to look at her wand listen to her voice! The fact that she bad mouthed Britt wafted her avictio. Just made me sick! I dislike her to say the least, and her constant need for affirmation is sickening, how do the other house guests put up with it???? Wonder if she will even notice once she is out and watches herself season, which by the way you know she wi, over & over…
    Britt is missed!! Her sense of humor is unmatched. Pray she wins Americas choice!!!
    So for now my vote is for Ian to win if not him the Brilliant Dan

    • If Brit had been smart enough, she should have been fighting for her survival instead of trashing Dan for her last days in the BB house! Brit was basically dumb enough to cast the last shovel of her own grave!

  42. I am officially rooting for Dan. I was rooting for Frank, but Frank is going to go home this week for sure. No way he is going to dodge this one. Frankly, I hope anyone but Ian wins this because he annoys the crap out of me.

  43. In my opinion, Dan is a genius. BB history was made with his “funeral” speach. This is a game, people…complaining about lack of loyalty etc is just silly. Anyone signing up to go on the show knows the way BB works and watching genius at work is good entertainment. Voting Dan out would be getting rid of the best gamer ever, he needs to argue his case to the jury!

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