Big Brother 14 Episode 22 Recap: Another Houseguest Goes to Jury

Big Brother 14 episode 22

Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother 14 played out just as we all expected. Dan’s master plan came to fruition and Britney headed out the door to join Ashley in the jury house.

The episode picked up right after Frank blindsided Britney and Ian by putting Britney on the block. Ian took the move very personally as Britney was his only ally and we got the full dose of Ian vs. Frank fights that played out afterward.

Ian and Frank first went at it in the HoH room until Frank told Ian to get out. The fighting continued throughout the day and intensified as Ian started knocking back a few beers.

Meanwhile, Britney is trying to make sense of it all and goes to Dan for some answers. But he isn’t budging. He’s not responding to her questions and is being very cold with her.

The Frank and Ian drama has died down, but Britney is just getting started. Julie led us into a Britney’s “last word” montage and it was hilarious. It was mostly her cutting on Dan and calling Dan out on his staged funeral and how he already won $500,000. Most of her insults were light-hearted because Britney is rarely serious with to-your-face remarks. She’s more the talk-behind-your-back kind of girl.

We get a little tease of Britney campaigning to stay and for a second we think there might be hope for Joe and Shane to throw her a bone.

Before we get to the vote, we’re given a Brigade reunion. Yes, they got Matt, Enzo, Hayden and Lane together for a segment on Britney. They’re all team Britney of course and have even made her an honorary member of the Brigade.

Better than their Britney love, though, were their opinions of Danielle. They all agreed she was a little psycho stalkerish. And I’m sure they were being nice.

It’s time for the live vote and before Danielle and Britney make their final pleas. Danielle says “y’all” a few times and that’s about it because she knows she’s not going anywhere. Britney makes a good final speech and gets a funny jab in about Dan’s ego and his funeral and then makes a Season 10 Judas reference to him.

The Votes go like this:

  • Dan votes to evict Britney
  • Jenn votes to evict Britney
  • Ian votes to evict Danielle
  • Shane votes to evict Britney
  • Joe votes to evict Britney

Britney is evicted and spends a lengthy and hilarious time with Julie during her exit interview.

Britney Haynes

The new Head of Household gets under way and it’s another endurance competition. The last person holding on their rope wins. Before the show got back from its final commercial break, Joe had already fallen off. He will be treated to a punishment for being the first one to drop.

Jenn fell during the closing credits and the rest of the competition played out on the Live Feeds. If you don’t want to wait until Sunday to find out who won the HoH those spoilers are up and ready for you.

What did you think of the episode? Who did you want to join Ashley in jury this week?


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    • Yeah. Shane, Brit, Joe, and Ian could have teamed up. Their only chance now, is that one of them wins HOH and with the live Double eviction, is if Danielle turns on Dan. They could potentially at least get Frank Out.

    • Because you like Britney, right? I don’t see any scenario, gameplay-wise, where the pros for evicting Britney don’t outweigh the pros for evicting Danielle, but if you do, go right ahead and let us know.

  1. Why is Ian so pissed, Heck he has been screwing Frank the last few weeks. I guess he can dish it out but can’t get it. Same with Britney she tossed Dan under the bus, but she is upset that she got screwed. Grow up you two

    • Yeah, these losers, Ian and Brittney can dish it out but, they cannot take it when the same thing is done to them.
      Ian is pissed that Frank outsmarted him and his lies,
      backstabbing and total lack of loyalty to anyone was
      exposed! Good for him! I will be rooting for Frank to
      survive yet, again and since, it is double eviction week,
      I will be rooting for Ian to be the next one evicted
      after his HOH ends!

      • I’m with you. Ian is a little weasel needs to go! He never was on Frank and Boogie’s side. He saids Frank does not deserve to win, he is the hardest player in the game! Dan made the best game play this season last week, But if Frank can get through all of the rest he deserve to win.

  2. I think dan and frank are two great players the way they can turn things around but if frank wants to win this he should take dan to the end while everyone is pissed at dan thell hand the money to frank ..but I would jave liked to seen boogie at the end the villian I love to hate lol good luck yall..

  3. Not a huge fan of Brittany but Im pretty upset she was kicked off sitting next to Danielle. Cant stand that lame chick!! Marsha Marsha Marsh!!!

    • I’m definitely not a Danielle fan. But maybe it means Brits game was even less than Danielles. Neither one of them is exactly a deep thinker. That would take too much effort on their part. It’s much easier to bitch and moan than it is to come up with a game plan to help yourself.

  4. Shane has always messed over Frank- No surprise here. Double eviction this week- hoping Shane or Ian is out the door too.

  5. my recap of the recap “Dans a monster douche cuz he doesnt answer Britney’s questions. Brit is super funny when she insults Dan behind his back.”

    • Why should he reply to someone that turned on him 1st? What about what Britney did to him? Oh, I guess it’s okay for Britney to do him dirty but he shouldn’t do it back to her??? Yeah right, I’m so tired of all you Britney lovers that feel it’s okay for her to do everyone else dirty but others shouldnt do it back to him. Britney is a coward, she turned on Dan then talked nasty aout him behind his back because she’s put on the block for her own action. She’s needs a lesson in accountability because she obviously doesn’t seem to ink she did anything wrong. That’s why her a*$ is goofing to jury now.

      • Brit never really turned on Dan. Frank said Dan was his target and Brit just agreed. Rembember before the veto comp she said she or Shane had to win, so Ian could use his veto to take off Dan and her or Shane would use their veto to take off Dani. That would have put up Jenn/Joe/Shane. They never would of voted out Shane, so Jen or Joe would have gone home. EVERBODY agrees with HOH because they don’t want to be nominated. Brit didn’t do anything wrong. They had a plan to get Dan and Dani off the block. Dan didn’t have to go after Brit. He could have talked Frank into anything.

      • Yes. You are absolutely correct about that. Britney was actually trying to set it up so that Danielle AND Dan could BOTH stay. It was Dan that completely screwed Britney. She did NOT deserve to go home. Dan needs to go.

      • Britney and Shane were up against the wall after Frank asked them if they,d work with him in the AR. Being that Britney and Shane had mere seconds to decide, of course they said “yah, sure”, so they’d be safe. Frank won and decided to put Dan up. That’s all that she had to do with Dan ending-up being picked to be on the block. I would have done the same thing. She wouldn’t have ever put Dan up herself. I mean, she was still trusting of Dan and Danielle when she was evicted. TOO trusting.

      • Totally agree with you. All Britney fans are like her she can dish it out but can’t take it. And how he doesn’t reply is why him and Will are the best players to ever play the game. You never see them blowing up and control their emotions.

      • Totally agree with you. Most Brit fans think she “didn’t do anything wrong”. LOL…only if you forget about backstabbing Janelle and working to get Dan evicted even BEFORE his master plan. She belongs in the jury house with the other space cadet, Ashley.

      • But Dan turned on the QP the second he got out of confinement. HE started the betrayals. That’s when things weren’t SOLID between them, anymore.

    • What we saw was a defeated Brittney. She has to take a jab at Dan. That is expected. But she admitted to Julie during the interview that she can’t beat the “Genius” Dan. He just that GOOD.

      • Dan is known for being a liar; so is Boogie for that matter. I saw right through them, both, a loooong time ago. Dan and Boogie are SO transparent (and Frank’s just as bad as those two, now.) Why trust liars? Lol! I don’t understand why those 3 are trusted by anyone, at this point. Ian will trust that Dan’s loyalty to the QP will be sincere then Dan will screw Ian. WATCH. Whatever. Just because liars prey on the naive, doesn’t make them good at the game. It just make the, well…. Liars.

  6. wow!!!! ian can walk proud this week. he made the statement once that he doesn’t care if he gets evicte, that he’s done everything he came to do. looks like he can live out his dream a little longer. way to go ian!!!!

    • Good because he is next to go! This is a double eviction week and he cannot play for HOH after his own HOH
      ends. The perfect time to send the arrogant twit to the jury house!

  7. Prediction that Dan & Frank get nominated with Frank being the next evicted.

    Next week they start picking off Joe & Jenn, then turn on each other. Final two Shane & Daniel since Dan can’t beat Shane at anything.

      • Yikes! wouldn’t it be better to backdoor Frank& not give him the chance at veto ? But then i suppose that with the number of hg’s left he would end up playing anyway & if he won he couldn’t be a renom. He’s gonna be hard to evict @ this point ,unless he gets caught cheating again !

      • Obviously you don’t like Frank, but that’s ok. Dan had some input on who to nominate. I have a feeling he want’s to keep his promise to Frank and set up an opportunity for Frank to escape the hot seat.

  8. It doesn’t seem like Dan has much energy. He lays around more than he doesn’t. Maybe he needs a serious health check-up when he goes home.

    • Probably because there’s not much to do in the house. Even when he’s just laying there, you can almost see the wheels turning in his head.

  9. Ok, the Quack is back.(I doubt it) The Quack Pack reunion was held last night and it looks like Frank and Jenn are the nominees. I’m hoping that this is “Act 2” of Dan’s elaborate scheme as he has a deal with Frank on a Final 2….it is getting interesting.

    • Dan had better wise if he is seriously entertaining trusting Ian! Ian has betrayed and backstabbed each house guest that has trusted him like Boogie, Frank, Ashley and Dan himself! Didn’t Ian throw him under the bus and would not use the Golden POV on Dan? Dan should play Ian for the fool he is and then, evict his sorry ass the moment his HOH ends. This is a double eviction week so, the perfect time to send Ian to the jury house!

      • Richie, there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s playing Ian and the rest of Quack Pack. He called Ian ‘a ruthless kid” to Frank. I don’t think he likes him. I myself can’t stand his arrogance.

    • I DO think Dan has a plan. Just not sure in which direction his thinking is going yet. Maybe he will let Ian get the blood on his hands for Franks eviction….which would give him the opportunity to say he kept his promise to Frank. I’m hoping he wins veto and takes Frank off. Then Ian gets ousted during DE. Considering who would be left, Frank and Dan could probably coast to F2.

      • Frank needs to cover his ass and let Ian know he knows about the quack pack and Dan told him. Frank took most of the heat last week and now it is starting to sound like Dan is already ready to get rid of him.

  10. Where is this Britney Kool-Aid everyone keeps drinking? Obviously humour is up to one’s opinion, but I personally don’t see it. This article must’ve said the word ‘funny’ or ‘hilarious’ about 3-4 times. Her eviction interview was far from ‘hilarious’, mildly amusing at best. (Her speech was better, but not a ton). She can be funny, for sure, but people act like she’s ‘always on’ or something. Her ‘evil voice’ jokes about Dan might’ve been funny if she didn’t drag them on so long, and the jabs about his ‘funeral’ weren’t funny at all. Or does ‘dab dab, dab dab’ (in reference to using kleenex while crying) pass for hilarious now?

    I guess I’m not as easily amused, and I guess now I’ll face replies asking me if I think I’m some top-notch comedian, which I never said.

    • Couldn’t agree more. The trick is to substitute the word “whiny” when you see the word “funny” applied to her. It makes for a much more truthful analysis.

      • Yeah I actually didn’t respect a lot of her final comments to Dan and others before she left. Going into the arcade room with Dan and putting on the innocent, sad face when Dan wouldn’t really answer her, acting like she’s done nothing. We all saw her basically deem Dan expendable, ‘oh ok!’ when Frank told her he wanted to target Dan. That whole talk about her or Shane winning POV was BS, but at least Britney ‘tried’ to win it. Was Dan supposed to rely on Shane who wouldn’t buzz in because he claimed he couldn’t spell, when spelling didn’t have a ton to do with the competition? He didn’t have to punch in the letters himself for the ‘Draw Something’ aspect himself, he more just had to look at the drawing and say what it was, and he couldn’t do that. Even if Britney got the clue Frank helped her on, she only would’ve gotten to around 12 points and that wasn’t enough either. Dan tried to take it into his own hands and who can blame him? This is why as part of his master plan, pretending to blame Danielle for not throwing the Veto made sense. Her ‘spots’ question was worth 6 points, Dan had 13, Jenn won with 15. Pretty sure 13+6 = win.

  11. The thing is that the “quack pack” as a group (-Dan) were all involved in “get DAN out” but Britney was the scapegoat cause Frank did not like her and Dan knew that. I don’t understand that when the “group” is in agreement to evict that one person has to take the fall….Like I don’t understand why all HG’s have to vote with the HOH when it comes to eviction…A HG is there to play “their ” game not the guy laying in the HOH bed..All he/she does is nominate..Why play the game for somebody else???

    • But it wasn’t the quack pack…as a group…that sat in HOH and agreed with Frank. Britney was there solo giving Frank her agreement. Then it was HER that took it to Ian and Shane. She’s not a scapegoat. She’s an underachiever that got played.

  12. Brittany got done wrong again,this time by two snakes she saw coming, Dan and Frank, another one is hiding, Danielle.

    • Is she saw them coming, then why didn’t she at least attempt to do something about it. It’s much easier for her to do what she does best….bitch and moan.

  13. I am canceling my live feed account!! I have always liked Britney and she was the reason I watched Big Brother this year. I am so disgusted with Big Brother! Let’s just let the two most disgusting and useless floaters stay. They are not GOOD TV!!!! Joe and Jenn NEED TO GO!!!

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